The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 31, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1900
Page 2
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a! UT5SDAY. JVX.Y 31. l0. THE DAILY PIONEEK TrME, DEAD WOOD S. D. . ,., . ., ' , i 1 rw- I i ! " ONE GENT A WORD hi il It " BE SURE THE RILL OF FARE ..AT... Tin Spanlit Restaurant W. H. MOOH2S Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE New v.ombin;ition. in the late-t ile:trn in' Wall Paper MAX FISHEL'S rowdur DO, -i i . i -oJii a llV'l- rowoer. D.:.. Fust R'setric Bates. Ba'tsiy Supplies. W. t ADAMS COMPANY PAIRING UUNt ON SHORT NOTICE, j 'l k;;. U of f ! a ! ''I W ' I 'A . r i , . I'j-'H.' THE GKOC Tht1 Last Chance ()11N Xkl.soN, T . r i;.- Olvo Ilini r Ocall. palmer house NEW lil lEIUNt ,. .'i:,.V ITK'MTI'K'i; NEW i:i:iui.( , In ' 1 'line, li ,11 with tim Restaurant aie ten liii'ly furnish. ! r lontu with hut and 1 0 1 I water nnd hat Ii Open day and illicit S!i.,it ,,r Icib a Hpelalty. SING YOU Prop. Tiie City Dray LiDeni.'M r We Will Offer Extraordinary bargains through t : I 1 IK- I m i: i , i ir i v ' I-, ! . 3 Ml i :r 3 p. y i I- 1, '1- A i r. ill '"I It I ( ti " M i i '! I1 i ''" i ' .t .8 i f ! 5 I ; u ; ' c i month of July on our entire line of Household Ooods Special Crockery Sale every Saturday. LOST' I., a ! -m ; I. -a'. Hi' "I'j'Wk in ia!j o:ag i.- is r Oil) r r It J. B. LeBEAU Central City, S. D Club Rcstauarnt MS. IL'LIA WAIJhK i ouatr;. , a: t!i v.i i 0EADW00D , . Lincoln Omaha. Chioao Denvi-r Helena , Butln Portland Salt Lake Citv. San Francisco and all points west St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Louisancl all points east and south Tl 111-. ln-i a - N'i II, V st i buled Kipri-w .lailv. Hot Spiuii;H. i uln, (Juialia. t "till auo. snd all pointa Kaaf. South nnd West I SO p in Nn 1 11 I n. ,il .1 tilv ,-. . ;.! un In v. H il l Mi. hi Mi ml Spearllsh 1 !J p in. v. r.Meeht. .i.i'ir .t.-e,t Sun lav. Mill ritj. i ustr and Kdppmont .9 IL' a in Stii..av thli frelnttl I. ivi ai . 0" a n Tialli- arrive 'ullnKS N". ';!' Kst. I'a." 'ngt' 1 . 1 1 1 '" 1". p 111. N' S .-arfi'. Tr.:.n .l.u'v except Sunda . . Nn J..j Kielifhi II r..". a. ai. 1 DO a m S.iii 1.11 i'ii- ' 1 1 ti iiriv.- . . ." L' p m SI. epPiL' 4u,i!i an l rei lmliiK 1 hair ears pin f re- mi all thru trains Hallway ami s'eamshlp tli'kel" ml'l ami Pag-u.iire . hwkeil in all (.mints I'or i nfor 111 a' 1 on time taPles. main and t.-Ke'-. 1. ill '! i" Wlte In J. FRANCIS Ceil, l nc-.-nt-er .-tit. umana. .ntD. w T j(oni:itTSON, TPket gmt. II. HKM'I.KV. r(,mirer 1.1I nt " C. ti.NS I.ktwbbn ..KM.woon i.KWK hKMiw Pa lv r ep' Sunday. 1):Ulv. Imilv. " .pt sUn ui U so', a m Mn I D . I" ,Ti a id l'.' ! : p 111 :1x1pm II a p m . 1 :0 p 10 .i:Cift p ru iiailv Llaily "'"' Daily rjaily " C" P ,u lail . x' e;.t -m : , p m Iall 9 00 p m Pally, except Sunday 10 3" p m 1 hit 1 v 1 1 riTV. , s, r..ijv v J5 a m 1,1 .: v Y. ''..'nan.,,, !.!!! 1.1 1 1 v. . "f Iiftily D.iih. - 'in. . . : . 60 p as K r - -' p m Pally -4i p m 44'. p m p.iiiy mMi i.-i..v 1,1 24 p m 7.22 I' ni . ,,. u m :j p a .. ct-'-n i v MM' I'll I'KI i'T Streets. .. a ! i -! mi'l t'int rrl vp I 'eparU , a a. m. ;.i"- ' ::: j, Ri( IIARDO-X, RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No. 23 City Creek. iers at F!$heU Baiaar Main St j Leave or TIE TABLE a jrtisemenU under tnU head ONE rNT WORD each insertion, when It 33 tliau uuc uiuuwi, mice wut-a month, payable la advance. run 11.00 WANTED HELP. i 1 1 r tun " hiiu an 1 leiai : , N 'i,l. ii.. ,!;!.'d at till- SI -V J -.irtis c 1 " ;.. In'- ! 1 1 l . ; , I'M 1 1 1 n i ' II ( ;. II 1 li'll '! '. i i t 1 1 1 1 t' lit ' ii U in fannlv of t ' IHiial ili'i' 'VAN i : Mi ll to m'U .... i -.: m.i ! I'.iinih. (ioml wave- At.pc. .,: : I a iii uln A v." V I III I KMii'l l' lli '"I v.i : 1 , .',,. r.illlM'WOlk. I'M i n ' ,- Ii (V Hay-. Ii., .: . repairing nwally done Ilaiu-Idk an 1 cleauinK wall paper special-tics Satisfaction guaranteed. W. .1 Milni w. Harrison Thone No II. VA Yi'lil i Man ami w w iinai in In "work on a ran- li I a at l'miii'i'i' Tinn ; i . ' .' Sim aly. SnirgU. S. I . W AN ! CI i At one. '1 ii- ,h.:. ; -iiini iiccii .ci ' " i .' in .-ii . I,, n ;. i ., at unci' to i ii It in 'Ii'ii i'ami mines at I'a- tola St-ady w..ii. and liihi.-st iU''- Ai'l'ly :n l ii i uii in' ailill'('s. .In!.! "a A Kin-iiT, I'aitola, S. 1 '. t: FOR SALE. t-1 ) ft A ooil n.-liUu in' -I'liMi in August. Apply In No W'at.T .--trci't. t lull SAI.I-: I'l-t'tnls.'S at 5.'. l.owf-r MaiM strtM't. $11110 00: half cash. Iial-ati.i- nn tltae. Apply I" H M Ma loii'.v. Dl:SlliALtl.K building lots on Lincoln Avenue, Ingleside; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISK. ttf) Uni, DING LOTS In Forrest Hill itmn at -. .-irh laiok at them. I v i, FOR RENT. FtiR KK.NT - A live rooin . irtlai;-. aln a five room house, conn r .h fli i son and Monroe streets. Innlesile. 'ight rtMlill Ton IIKNT.-A modern . . ., . , , ,. nous.', on Inglcside. Apply at l'e- Month's Ark, Sherman street - - KOK KENT. Six-room house, tie! I p per Main street Apply to John Raggaley. - -- ron KENT. --New five-room house. 62 Lincoln ave., Ingleside. FOR RENT. Five or six room house, nice location housekeeping. John T. Roberts, N. 9 City Creek. FOR RENT. 7 and 8 room houses, cheap. Apply to B. Mullen. FOR RENT. Four-room house with hath, opposite Gilimore house Kn uire at Gilimore house. VOll RENT. New five room house and bath. 68 Denver Ave or Rent: very cheap, one. two. four. orix roomi furnished or unfurnish- 649 Willlama Street. FOR RENT. The On? hoarding house at Pluma, 18 rooms In pood condition. Apply to O. F. Ong. Pluma. R RENT Overland hotel, Sherman o street; newly plastered thrunut: f'Htric lighu. steam sewer I'Tinections, etc.; 24 rooms liespi.-s office, dining room and kitchen Apply to Jcn Baggaley, Agmt THE CLIFTON HOUSE Hot Springs. S I' thorouRhly cleaned h n i r. ii -v.i'e-l n to the Dublic pat r jnit-e, ir l.v-int,, cool, airy rooms in r!o r. t. '' ith the Mlnnekah'.a bath h t u" r1 ' ' accommodation?. res"n.r ' ' '"" s one dollar a day or fh.- MRS. HENRIETTA " : Prnti'li To Water Consumers, -'-.' requested not to j.jt::;;.'- r allow the water to nn a!i n account of low water in v": i 00J- Violations of this-.:: lne sliuttlng off of the entire hv:-e P. BLACKBURN. Supt City Water Works. I , . I 1 la one of the oldest and most popular plac-t's in the city. A full and (omplote stock of th.' most lioii-o Wines, l.i'l'iors and Cigars im-lanti i'.i: r.. .l M. "X "" !I.AU-.. I'rcp. , i .v j j j. .i t - 1)1 II I FACTORY Tl PL IN. DOWN 01MI.1S 1 .. SURE CURE FOR 1'KlMAltV, SECONDAJtT N ILKI IARV UIX)OU POISON I'KKM ANENTLY CURED IN 15 1U jr. nYS. You can k ' h a SKCRKT RKMEDY knoa h A it S of our ailateoco do l Imitate our trwUment, prompted by t'LRKS a.M) pinukukem ruiu ' PARKER'S I HAIR BALSAM Gntil'l iml rawtlfi-t It.- I llr I'r tiMt' a ,u . ur it I r.,w1'i NVver Fn lo JHratore (my Hair to it Vo .thfui Col- r Pre mi J r -tnitf 'nl han ti,.ng i yr-ij at ltfittA. TTTfT" Kiq11 Dyspepsia Cure Diycsts what you cat. .: : . i. j- i 1 1 : id aiiri aids t . p, -'ii iijiiH t . i.r .Hid ruoon-: . vi,,,',-t, i i i k.-. -t i tu or- . I i...i -t d' -covered digest- ;it i ' ' Nooth. r preparatioc :i ." t , 'h it in riln ienry. It in mi-.'- f ,..-v.-ah.lKra.aiK:iit If cures ' i'-. a, ii,lik':-tion, lieartbura uN tiee, Sour Stomacji, Nausea Sick IleadMfbe.fJaatralgia.Cramps.anc otlier r"s:iltsof imperfectdigestioa. PrcparrdbyE C. DWitt C. Ctjlcajav. For Sal by K. Q. PHIMJP3, U eorapli'ti Calhoun Bros. it M ! 1 I 1 Ii!' Wliiii. H"! Ni. K'i : T!:i' M i i I . V VYainier Cafe - ' ' W. ,:- N :;:. i t . . !;.-: t ' 1 ' t ' 1', . . W.C SPINDLER. Prop COTO FRANK SCHREYER No "" Mhi Si I "i "i.- 1 ai.'l I : - -1 , i 1 ' : 1 ' 1 1 1 I . 1 1 t ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . H'S Speci.ilt, I IP - S I '.v a ' ma ! 1 1 Harrieon Ph no 92. moeuoTned on collateral Security al a lawful rale nt iiitinst. llnsines-s .strictly eonlldential. Will call at your residence if requested. D. JACOBS. Cigar Store1 Opposite Bullock' Hotel. We Want. . V011 to understand that wo are un der bniall exiense und tan do better by you on MEATS of all kinda than any of our competitors. Give us a chani e to prove our assertion, by glv- ing us a trial order. ; JOLITZ & LYNCH O C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. OmiDWOOD. B. D. V.V.V.'.V.V.V.'AV.V.V.V.'.'. THE FINEST MEATS AT Gus Keller's Market 43H Main BtraaC Iaa4wa. i.VtUtAVM,tW'tK j WHO? WHO.' WHO ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEE STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. 5 CENTS. 5 CENTi,. 5 CEelTS. - P Vnur S1p Xt-t-.l PATCH lake il to JOHN SOHN NO. 5 LEE STREET. vi : : i 1 ' 1 . ; - 1. 1 . ! ii:?i'.TrH - 4M You Can Bank.. ROCERS&SON 1 hey fc'.a-ays have a teat fres'a Etock to select from and you can always get j'.nt what you want. LEE STREET, - DEADWOOD t r 1 ? See Our Bargain Counter. DEMOUTH'S ARK Nos. 70 72 Sherman st. Deadwood. Cook Remedy Co HAS THE ONLY I III l I 1h a o)L00D POISOtl 0 :!.i si:n. r kinds . . . .AI..- ) I. i'.;.-"h'il.; Koods, plaiim, s.if'-s. He 'i s.if. 'y ::d dispatch I'hoii.- !1S li-'si'I. i'laia- l!"-. ' Tlio ,i.rcficlo 1 M: i i , i-' I . i k :. m ', 1 ' k'i ii'. ii u!nr.' yii K'' 1.! '! ilrlak Ln ...Mi I'lroiuih.i tie icti.'ry a Annaim n Ilil-'ih-VOU .vllow Pee r A at-e Pin a constunily on 111' Par I'..' ! P: 11: i ..: 'P -.1 - a 1 r: in 1. I. 1 : 1 ' . 8' 1 ' 1 'i i 1 ' 1 J. P. HYMER COLLECTION A3UiTt -"Vi ) FIDELITY BONDS, All kin U or nmi. Is wrltien Appeal it-tachmfllit. replevin bondu Uy Hie-u'nr. ailnilnlatrator All JudP lJ Puuii ei-cuted ulthnut delay Hunt ut jjui Metiil to dlun for you unlll you gt out rate IxxlKe otllrera. treaaurera, an utnelal boDila apeclalty Olympic Hlork. Dt-adwooil I'Lona Harrlaoii, 138. Hlaek HIIIa. mi Phon In realdema. Harrlaon. 88 Lee-Glass Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. 1219.21 IIARNKY ST.. OVAHA tJ. C. CARSON, Agent. IXadwood Offlre Syndirate Blk T. J. DOWD, Watchmaier. Optition, Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner fur the Elkhorn R. K. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lit St. IK-;nlw(Kl. you QU Qq to Anna A. Leuhrs No. 74 Sherman street. for your dreMmaking. A line of reaay mauo tauir. n.r " 1 1 vy " Btantly In stck, at reasonable prices Visitors always welcome. .................. J. N. CORUM Proprietor of the Lohp.v Saloon Keeps a qui'-t orderly place wit', many diflerent lines "f amusement ar respectfully ')iici!s a share of yo i' patronace. Francis C. Tjcer. J. R. Hickox U. S .Dep. Mm. City Engineer Surveyor. GIVIL ;; MINING ENGINEER" TUCKER A HICKOX, Surveybra. Rooms 301 and 302 Adama Block. liMMB In nun for the naoM priie under name GUARANTY. If you prfer to nine here we will cuctract to pay railroad farn ami botel Pill, ajid no chance If e fall to eur. Ii you hav takn MKHCI'nY. IOWNK !'OTasii. and mill h i . e achta and paloa. MUCOUS lATCIIF-S Id muuth. SOOKK TIIHOAT. f'IMI'I.rt-. cnpPKR-roLOit. KI) SPOTS. PI-K11S on any part of tr PikIv H a I It or KYKHKOW'S FALLING OIIT. It In thla Itliori POISON that (il ARANTKR to cure W aollcH the most DRSTINATK. CASKS and t'HAU.BS UK TIIK FOR A ('ASF WK CANNOT CCRF Thla dlcwiK ha aUaya MVFFI.KIi TDK bKII.I, OF TUB MOOT KM IN EST PHYSICIANS. Kevaral of our mtmt promlnnit publlr una Kln;. and Kuiprora of fornlun land havn auecumtxHl to thU dl ern when uudr tb" trralnient of the bBt talant unlimited wnalth of naUona could rmploy. f nurulTM rmrlnr FOURTKEN i twenty dlffiirnit conrma hare atarted up to tun unpTerf-ealenlen lurrni, xnnmy one o: iiiw irumiu. m uuamnB. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful CompettUr, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has per manently cured thousands and bai world-wide repuUtlon for apeedy rurea. honety and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FRECJ8 AMPLE CATCH NOR C O. O. METHODS. . . . Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF GES aent aealei In plain package on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES - ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. lito COOK REMEDY COMPANY1 1928 Mhom. TtuiDie' CfiiCcEO, 111. mm i',? i Cut i EEEWMI.HJ JJlL'el Do nt Be Fooledi Take tlitf lirnuinc. CTiloal ROCKY MOUNTAIN Tf A t I u ',r.! ii v ' . n -ico,-r. VSkI cine Co.. y, . VV. It C Ja- keep. ',u uvl Our Irate r it r k cut 5 ' i r, hulk. A't "I n . m 1 1 -1 1 lute. Ask j ,.ui JrL.Kfc-t ...... www V t a . v.W. i Mkir M'iM 1 .I I W 1 fa X .g I K! ill-r-.irv- -r- t i , :-.Ar- r rJf. :..- I - v STt.j .p , ' ii- -ir:-, ', ii. tin -tilere Pn-l. of A I 1, I.-:-i-t-. re o ei ?1)H . Y th I x i all t

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