The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 27, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PlONEER-TlHES. The R A !LY riv :..ih vi;ai; hi. 1 j r - It m : usually COUPDHi atercsting- 2 Our Le Vnr !! i ST MA M 11 I I. h 2 J . ' ' 1 ' i III I iMl.l i III I . I ill contest, l.l.t . I i- tile (Mil l wllel'e ' ' I ' ' I tinaily Milled, the lu! : ., inn li low it in 1 1 1 i 1 ,.u.l iis Mie tin business iil'iiu a ash is tln'.v ran ail'ord to sell lit a i in -e ii i ; 1 1' " i ii They solicit t hi' t null' ; i om the outside and their lo. uiinn K I be J ea : n 'lot ll i 1IL in And uc have learned UiaL uV rm not -c in a Hast'incut I j. i 1 1 ii i ho cvciuni; iln j ai Ucularly convenient to residents niuilcil ami Mr. Montn in ll,,m 'I"' Laid Mountain country when a . :i. o ol oranges to in,- in l.e.ul. Courteous; treatment ami I r i : ; : i ! j i i -. .-Iiiir was cavi- aw.iv a 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 ' . jut to show 1 1 i a t !i:s heart I'1"" ileal. n' will always he fouml 5 Milliner), Readytowear, And Cloak Departments Jnst Now. I : . r t liinj; deeded for lau I'all and Winter wen i hero, and in alinndaiice. Kloiiiit show in- ,,: Hals, I lie very latest in Suits, nobbiest ,, W'm , and i ei 1 hiiiL; tor Jiilds and inl'ani .,..,,- IN.. Dry Goods ADd Ladies Furnishings ii in all bu.siin. ss ilcalini;. AMI ('.in' ()!TK CI.OTillM. AT COST JULIUS' RESORT. w a ill I lie I i4hl il;n ,-, ali'l so , t : I oil;, vol ;t p;,..e i w n Did il as on! .i'l . "aic'e A Ne .v Engine is Corporation. I ' : .i i . . : ' i ' . 1 1 ' r va v loi il; i 'e.; .' .!:::' Ke'i: anion's beer hail 1. i nn v n : n 1 1 y 10 ated in the basement be- K. S- ai l meat market. neat;. J. CI i "a:n street. I.e-n, lt:c mess men's ICHAS W.ILPC THEY : oF.ll -: Vi? "': i Ml l.i l.e.ul I ' its : oi at i.oi'ii served every day. j i er - inn eau always get the host of j ! "t Mini' - niul tn.i? rookmi; Is Just "a j . 00 1 as mother used to cook. "The fa- . 1 s An!,' iser Ituseu beer constantly j in tap. A quiet, orderly, up-to-date . i'"er ha 11 tors from Co- j a lO'.ieiiii.; uniatry as v..i: as Hi j 1 -eii.' all' 1 ! If ad are Invif. .1 No. 5 East .'lain street, I , 11, ills .;n 1 aiiiml fail III l.c ,1,,. , oh Mne 1 ni: oi 1 m; 1 ;ss ; i !i m : ,. .,, M I N is, I M M:I; i; and IHiSIbi; 1 i.i.M. 1 t ii; o . an. ;i 1 v t f i.i. M il. la- - i . u hi I li. m :- .1 ' j i - r ! 1 1 1 ' ' i i ! ' i i I ai hscr. :. A- : ".u, as li: hi . .1 I in' in ,i i .. lit. i lie r- l.l'e in this OPENING FOR BUSINESS. ha: I. i;i i:i',m. . ,in,i notions. cAwri;'!.. i t'.MIoblS. I IbA N I. IS and CIIMAIXs will 1 1 . 1 oil in isi I 1 'S. 0. essmak 1 ng Deat.i ol Mrs. Collins. Jo i pit Si ot I oi Lead i .. ",-i'iv. il a li'lc;;i ain e.-te,d.iy .staling trio ile.iiii ol his wife, .Mis. vul.i (.'ullins, uhicli orciirr.d ji' nioiiiin ai Urn home of her parents at Curtlami. At the i 'ari.'-ian J 'r- sinaniic l'ar-;' room C. over Monheim's store the Ij1 1. 11 The Confectionery, Cigar and Sta tionery Store of J. J. Kuester Opened Yesterday. Yesterday morning .1. J. Kuester II..- .1.7. W II I! iiiy. ire prepared to do first (lass itress making. They rnga::e none but e I rin ; erien. oil person's in the luisine-s, am opened his confectionery, cigar anil ,vb.. Wl.,-(. she lias heeu :,tajiii an notion store in hi.s new brick block m veral months. Alaska Nujyets. Tlii ic is a 1 1 ! s 1 1 1 , i v in tin- wmdou,. i' Weill l-'.nk'.-. c -I ailli-llllll'llt . fin. I' ' tin- 1 1 1 1 - I li. i'.: '.el:, iliat have ever .'ill work is riiaranteeit to he first- I nn Mill Klreet. Th.. interior nreseiits . Ml, i minis :i,i ; a lam.' nillillx r i, Bio- Brick Srore 'ass t:-'l"i-s from the surrounding i ii:n:iy glv.-n prompt attention '.111 1 ''?--!- ; 1 Wanted! Wanted! j J. ; ' S :n : : h. e -or 1 . . laeie.v V: 1 S:..l'a. ifli; ('UN tile i.i' lie.- ' M'.i'e fe;- : LEAD. S. D liieiiils in I ..-id. whoie .lii' ic.i.l'il , - v i . , . . 1 1. t) li,'..' an- lor einht cais with In T iari'lil.,. Kov. :;.. ,, . ,,, (n: , i,;,- who t- Ciorg.- Soft ami wil... It-v. Scoll y nium. , Horn Aia-n.c Tin- imstor of the Con-.i . . i. ..ii.n ,.,,,. -,. x ...... , .mi .no i lunch of Lead din 1114 t ii.u I nr She nut and i.iaiin-il (i.miv.e CidLns I'mkc ten ..! -i-i.iy i-aMiini: until ic inlly a iueiiibcr of liic In 111 mi I 1 1 1 , . of Ivt, 1 'brooks tV t'lnliii-i oi tiii 1.: .. .,'. i) li.oii o, l ie. 11:101. 1 s Inn, ; lid t Ik y made liieir hull!, hi'ie 1:1; 1.1 ... I ii- -1, 'id. iv abotiL a j. :ir ato. when .. . r (hi .;. Vv'. I he. . .,. i,:e. N o. is in health bewail 10 tail and a i haii 'e ei 1 l.eil na 1 : t c , 1 i a (limate he, atue neessaiy. She bail. The O.m .. 11 S'ar il.en.a, i.iii,. In en ailiii;,' for owr a year and death laic, pia--. tin Ti'e a- , ..ii.e ; ai Mas aused from lie.n I f.iiluic. Jo- the Mine- t'11 .n liaM : ejih Siolt was called to Coiti, nil a Marl in t' is n 1a k 1 11 4 plans week ago. when it was thought she to leave lor la.lainl wiihin a shin 1 uas dying, but she grew better, ami time in: a v- ; w in liaeinl-. a very neat and attractive appi arame and the furnishings are deiidrilly up-to-date. The fchelviiiK is all of quarter sawed oak, and was made by the M. Winter Lumber company, of Sheboygan. Wis. On either hide a .4 one enters are to be found the finest and latest designs ot gla.-.n show eases, and In U'e hack an nrli.-dic lasbicr't. window gives an added biisiiie.-.o like appearance. The lurm- soda fountain that Mr. KuoKter li ml in his former stor and which was saved from the lire of hist March, adorns a ion venlent njot and is surrounded by ar tlstlc furnishings in the same quar ter sawed oak material that i one S.Cu.u: OCu hhM, '.C 1 V v.l ii. joii are ijuviik; aim uuiu bar-i mint, eail at liia pla e ol business. 1 Ji;: t abu . e Miners' Union bio ii, Main .-I reel. LEAD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Mr s:,.,o i'..oii-n...i .,.,.,., i,',-:,i-,,. 11.. - 1 1 . 1 ... ,. ... . .. 1 i.,.a Iiife and Accident tletes the hulani e ot the fnruishinBs. , , , 4 ,1 1,1 1,... -leased was J7 voars ol age, her birth . 11 . ; I.i : . is doing as nicely as ana the well arrange show windows ....... . , , . . , , ' T. . . , , i i ea.v being last Sunday. She is -a iiieni couhl b- wished tnr at the Load hos rr m a e r,l on ,1 1 ,1 mi,f,tl 11 tl It v lf rllQ- ... Steve Zkrkca , . ,T . . ... .. i ber of the Eastern Star and Kathhone : pital. flaying the lino of notions and toya Sisters lodges of ...ead and of the' (hallos ,.l)n kiuson is looking utter! j Congregational church. She loaves the book work at I lie Lead hospita ; Wants to m'i' Vou u 'lien voti tre ..Insurance.. GESKf Y & MONAHAN X.orxLCl, 0"ULtl3L EaKota to mourn her ceath a husband a temporarily an I will do the coil.- -tin:; j baby l.oy two oars of ago. her pa ( of a.iounls .ii'C.5 and two brothers. Mrs. .loli i i'. Manning wili leave The funeral will take place thi.-. , if i Lead this inm uing lor ( alilornia. to In the large glrss cigar case can be found one of the best and well selected lines of cigars and smokers' materials that is carried in Lead, while the same can easily be said Of the confectionery department. Special attention will he given to the stationery and book department. Mr. Kuester is one of the siibst.eai il in search oi WINES. LIQUORS. OR CIGARS ternoon nt Cortland her Ii ii . lei ml who in ded i .. .- . v i wim h,i., in-, ii liiild I l; I 1 1 111 til" III'! oi Ml in i lor- High School the Winners ii huslness men of Lend. was a vie- Saturday, the prizes that had i Um of tho fire of last March ami hisjii'.orel by lfe:-iv Monbi im fie lb huslne i proiertv was destroyed, but Ami ii -.iia i-ticw his uruv mi thes- ( ' 'on 'vii'inl nam to see ti I it. i I i've Got i.! You Wfii" I , j -t'- . T -:;-;! V-cj' j idiii's im- !.;iine, sti:'i:. j person presenting the lari;e-t neio licr "f ticket?, ttrhich were given will A' . Koae tre i:d ski;, .'.i.-.i Cut f.e', solieited flolll Uric: c. I I ed I'.i II II e . le, I on e-tcl b'. ': !' il Me 11 I- . I '." lii.C A. Kiem ' sii!i. ,J hi. saaipb- ( :--. sample nnna inlo tee I'm .011.11111 l.,iii,lin on .M II sli'cel aii.i oneii 'd I i is:.-i ue-.s e I ' id a '. lee. i r il -1 i li-lt I Do . ni l."! on l'ae , . i I'-i.'y S -'iii.tzi '.- assa olfu i and la- j loraioiy is .u -1 in the bust inent .if a est to w !de. k . i .. ana li- is pre ; to 'ill ail on! r- n, !ns ,,iie. tf ! he dtd tin eondilioiis gru. ot' ,t!4y and p.uieeded to have a building take the place of the former one that would be a credit to the citj. :li - H...S- TP a 'i d i a ei . i Aii,' ouch; a a- i '!-. t diuni n. i. pure pi ! ain street. I. I It". - 4'. - is IIIIH)1W 1 I I II lll III IM II l w. A ij7W fo) IF S3 is a 88, S3 Us is TIip Greatest Closing, om Sale of Dry Goods, ( arpets, Millinery and Furnishing Goods. The greatest the Greatest SAi RIFICE of an up-to-date sioek ever seen in the SJaek Hills. But 88 88. 88 88 is going away xxcL everytliing xxxvxst Tdo sold. soon el& possible. HZ 88. SALE COMMENCES SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 1.7, A"- a.m. is 88 88. at !or what they will bring. At Goocis wilt be sold, at Cost and less. 88 88 88 I 1 "HF 1 I and M Ate. Jk W II W a, 88 7 Every Afternoon All Evening; at 2 and ? p. m. nfnent Free Entertai every afternoon and evening, : Richardsonrthe special Iowa" Balesman and entertainer will conduct the Sale; firing your purse, no goods will be charged. , Very Truly. . Bid asked from tAa tnda tor the tock la whol or la lota to nit, also fixtures and lease. HENRY MONHEIM,lead, s, d. :88?8:8i:8i:?8:8i-?8:W8888:88:88:88:t8l8-8l 88:S 88 88:88:8i:8i:88-8i:S:8g:888888'88:88 88:88:88:88:88:88:88: S

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