The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 28, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 28, 1900
Page 2
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the: )Ai. riuM;Rh-Ti.Mi:s. deadugod, p. d LP. EL CAN P L A HIE DEADWOOI) PHlNEK Geo. V. Avrcs ' Eb i Co. 1111; !! r'': ' ! 'I' !:. .1,. ., (. , . h 1 Hardwar A ' i aik!MiiijK; I Supplies.. I ' I t I The Ladies Bazaar Silk V;!is!s ' . -:: Vw I j i ess iMticrns Co; I I i. I J J 1 r i !' .Ml' is Mrs. .Mill, M.;ii) I'vU.ilJ iiiiiuiii)iiaUU4;j:iiUiuajitii;iiiiic..iat4j.,,.ii(iUii::((i' it 1 1 'A i -. (Ic. he I hi i II.' M . 'i ! ' : I,-I u kj .! ii. in i .it i '. ii rum I n :m i.lid hilli rlv I li:i '1 I !. ' '- . : ! . id- d in The ili'iilh of ibi. In 1 il. a:, .it- .1 ;il Ii ! 'l '. Imp. n. !. linini I am ami lb ,n i Wciirhl !r- iM'li -il Ins ilea nniv BLACK HILL.n HABrflFRY No. 4. North Main St. u In. b I'lnlad. .-. i ' - ' 1 ui'1, ill.- in ' I'"- - h- '.oi', an ' fi in. i v an -. . law and Wealth V. 1 t hem ' a Lists that th.. his of 1 llin-t a . row II of as Tl.letri.'t i .in lie :i gM e One b. iMr the -t. i.s..ii "f i h" M) .-r ' b . t ion by "ii. ainl a pi Mar -tration. i of doitiK o ,s the polls iit'rorilitiK to t In' il tsion of I manner "I Ill's Slll'eillv t boms. ettollle I'd tile ! strength to th admini The "Belgian Hare" Belgian Hares" l aill'oiel .-i.:i so .I- t tr.elil I" :i.p.TV IH..U of ! V I ' t" 1' I'll. Ill- illld r i;-ii ii-aii-artl-s -"iiit t'-i-iinss Airhin, s'.-ii" .- faver lie- . xt.-iision. in cur j , it th. sysi-ni nf rural free del ivory "Ill I II lie I I I I I i vecution nf the i . vent VVhib! i.i. this Mak. i. nut !' Visitor- tu our liabbitt idwav- welcome. nil. wtaic pi a- t I'-iilil.', as rapi'liy as de. I. in- ours. I.f-s in favnr of the cn- nt ef a Mai lit.-, with proper p"iial- We ,H- tl.cin I . Kor Uio l-r.-Hst of h cle. k : 111. I V S'i a. i in s L CLEMENT CO 'i. s. prevailing for the purchase within tho slat.- nf all printing, blank books and sta- tii.n. rv ft-r i'- I'so. gp-s- full nno-r to . naet su.-fi legislation .' . -'.ngratulat . tho pooplo of the coun- : OLLY OF CAMPAIGN PROPHETS. . in. try crew of forecasters have be.-n sinbblin industriously ever slllce the two big parties Wcle . tii-lil 'I lu-re have hlaoni-d forth fiom the page of Mime newspaper in n.-aily every locality ol respectable proper lions prophecies of how state would vote in November and how dominant totals would be made. The reveling in (cures and m campaign . onj. t m . V ill. Of Idlll'se. 1 1 1 1 1 I II 1 1 with 111. Teas ing vigor up to the tune Ilia th.-j ci.i.'f t.U ist i. lans and partv the other was a whole m; . the incubator, leader and counsel, and bottler of the grand jury until the statute of limitation for .riminal a. tion 'expired. If then- is an honest news paper in the state that can defend 1 1 itclu .) Ys re 1 1 i in n.obbi" i, t he Mir. h 11 Mail, and demanding of Maj. W illi.' possession of its editor that he n iglit ie m, nine ' or murder ! for having published the TRI'TH. let us b. ar from it. We have said truth ad v im dly. for the inside history of that n, ob will prove it. The. 1 1 -.- on the . ii.n t in. nt Into law of the cur- r. i.. y bill. -.iM.-h piovi.Ii-s the gold -tan.l- .e l .M the n.uictary unit of value. Finan- .-nil . 1 1 . us s i o n s no long.-r disturb the bin- , i !! ' oiulitioiis of our pooplo. The repub- ! laaa pa.ty 'lands for money law.s that) !-.:: li: all tho p.'...o alike, tho borrower 1 j- w.-ll a th.- lender; laws that tend to r -1-1- an-1 ..inalio int. Tost rates in all1 ,ers ef ih.' country,, far I he I'.-notii of our 1 1 1 . 1 1 i its the farnu-r. the laborer, the N... a-, fa- : u: . i and the nn i i hant. Family liquor Store Fine i.ld i f. irni.'t Wiih- -lo '- Sherry, Angelica, ( Port, Muscatel. At $1.50 Per Gallon or 50c a quiii". a tliUK i at ii- !- 1 1 ii Irilniiial by a plurality of 2.3S3 votes for V S. Tay lor, ni.lki'H it necessary ill this presidential election year to choose a pov-ernor to serve the unexpired term of ('ocbcl, now liejnK temporarily car rleil by Iteckhi'in. the riitinint; mate ;f Ooeliel, nail who wan seated In the K ntin ky courts. A mii-take was made we believe, in not nominating Yei kes for governor in 1MI!. According to democratic and re I ublican opinion, he would have been ii stronger candidate than Taylor, would have made the nomination of .lohn YnmiK Hrown. the independent th nioci at ic candidate less embarrass ing, would have supplied a strain of r.ei ve rather more adequate in 1 1 i 1 1 c ireun, stances than was f 1 1 r 1 1 i 1 1 I h Taylor, and wmld have c,i,.M K n tucky a better n',v,. M,,- if he had been able tn retain Ins 'nil than lav lor could have In en epe. ted tn be m iike circuinst uu es. A republican r.eiimial tiuht pie vented the no'iiinat ion of Vi'ili s a year auo. The party is now barmen ions: Yerkes was nominated bv a. clnniation and the republican will l;.i to the polls wi(a the Coeb.-l law as an ' issue anil may expect to be suppi rt.-d ly a fU'cat body of dt nio. t at s. whoj 1 1 managers are pi. pared, on I I' elect loll, to publish t heir but to son lent . 1 i lia Id. . ''Hi p ! n t .1 I -it. 'I hat is a p. 1 1 I of n 'I il i H'.t -. I,,,' do I" I t t .ph. tl- n tl.i ; Fiie i Pure ffiistoy anfl Krandv nm . dub. is and t hi o i - U Mi' ii' Oil I I . ' ' lb w II i in Case Beer Delivered to the House Ft. 635 Main Street Deadwood. ib n: .'' i f til. I., ad vv 111 b : -.1 : - I 1 ! - a Ii' I Il n li a I o not let pr.-judi, e Keep VOI1 from bearing .ludge Claikson le ture on ' ( hristiaii S. i. ii. . ' at lb.- Lead ( ':ty i ip. ia house M. unlay ."iiin :, July -til See Ul ,1 ;, e ,, : , ,. . , I .,; ,. , ... 'v b'l ,n t li ; i - a- Spider Ley. Tli' ic is no war lax on Spab-r -Jeg Tea. heme we a i , selling it far heap er. speaking fnrn a quality standpoint. than anv t. a on the market. The next t ine vou order a bill of groceries, order a sample of this tea and you will be sure ne'.t tine to order a supply of it. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. ;'. r i t . ;. -1 J i U ii ii g ,i i a L;a i ii i I . it i . 1 1 1 oi I hat u ic I- : ! ill . oll.ll: 'I .'11'. t ll.ll I be own -i il. v. ill w a . t i n I'i'-i. What I m eh and lion a I I en l, I I III do'ila pl.-l-i.'llt sii jipei t nl Use' And 5 HIM yet it '. lus to in i nt ei t a in : n western . i ii i n i u n ; r i. s hecaiis. Ollle C.OV FIRST NATIONAL BA 1'ov ntei . 'a i M r. I!rv an.'' oils e litorial elei tri al voti lose p. rscn il fi ii ml of cab ulatei s. ...mei compueteres s,. th of Minnesota trooping DEAD WOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. v. - United States Deposithrv to Hryan. Ai;ain. what bal let bash' These impetuous matlieniiiticians should retain their eagerness for the icalni of jirotihe, y of the c impawn i.nil figure on the winner ' nt xt ear's Suburban or the prospeits or a walking; match between McKlnley and Hryan from their respective domicii. will derive a double satisfaction from teing phlo to vote against Coebelism and apainst Hryan. who stood for Goebel and his hated election law at the same moment. The Goebelites do not intend to amend tho election law under which it was possible fo' them to ov. rconu-In the courts a plurality of 2.3S3 lor an opposition candidate. It is too useful an instrument to be thrown nway -,o long as there remains the chance of using it to maintain control of the state government. Hut the state has been so deeply moved ever the contest of last year ard Its consequences that it is inevitable that the campaign shall be one of un vill'RT- DIRECTORS: t. j. grier, p. e. sparks i' d. a. Mcpherson. J. SALISBURY, i OFFICRS: rv ... WBmni20D TUnnmik About This In addressing Mrs Plnkhsun you are communicating with A Woman A woman whoso experience In treating female Ills is greater than that of any living person, male i-niaiu O.J. SALISBURY I Chler. Vice-Prudent.. T j nmirp Assist. Cashier to the White House. One little f;n t mi sht V' mentioned that the sro.c political generals themselve.-, have m- t vet secured any comprehensive it v of the field and will not for several weeks to come. Movine Heavy I n T I i:-' ""'H I GEO. BENNER exampled intensity and interest anj that It will br't'g tii polls every voter in the strte. Kentucky four vears ao ave twelve of its thirtc-n electoral votes to McKlnley by 'dtiralitv .f2M. The ' ..-.Feed, Livery and Transfer.. li.'ivi' the- hot rortdstcrs in tlif c i t v .n -' ' riirs or s.uMK- horse- r. tlu Republicans of Iowa are talking of the appointment of Minister Conger to succeed the late Senator Gear. This would ! m rather hasty for two reasons fir t. that Mr. Conger may never leave Hekin alive, and second, that if he s apes th- massacre he would doubt . ;s prefer to remain in iTiina and i his covonim. nt the b( uettt of h'- valuable exper.ein e in lb-- diplomat c work that must be per- aimer i whole ote was -14. " 7 7.".. The V and Bucknor votes was in.on-ble, th-3 diasaticried dmoi rati. Koing r.lmost as a body to Mob Ixst year, in a totr.l vot. ; t the ropublimn pluiality, ns a ly the Uomocr.tic election co Harrison Phone 151 539 Main St. ( or femalem She has fifty thousand such testimonial letters as we are constantly pub' lishing shovIry that Lydia Em Pinkham 's Vegetable mm 1 ti. ,i b. a ( "sa.f with i. tlnn, was tho pre-ent tumble l d incident. o I aat Ag'titiabio th i;;v.v;v.-:'.v..-.v.-..v,v.v J- L. MARCOUX S Uew Undertaking I isompouna is aauy re- i,XA lieving hundreds of suf- , ftoVTu CTT fcring women. I fwin wm.M irAU,s Every wman knows k t . Phi'ii'i'in, -. ' i;i ! h 'u. is i' murder of I ell.i! the '.' aim' i s Handing th tie- alive A: e.-.-b st a: . 'spaiing neither men. catlc votes waited on Johti Yo ; ; Brown. Obviously there w a ; :i pin iality of 15.000 voters oppn- i 11. TTiere w ill be a doable in ;iil.-. working against the demon rats in November. The democratic determination to rebuke Goebeli6ra will be ctrengthened by tho democratic opponent of free silver coinage and-Bryan In 189S. Knowing the fact that decent, democrats detested Goebel some wom.i Mrs. Pink-ham has restored to health. Mrs. Pinkham makes no statements she cannot prove m Her advloe Is fraOm Lrdla K. Ptnkham No. 20 Lee Street. j; Are the XiTitiM rind ni(t c -m pi- ' All ICmbalmino; done by :tn "" . Only Funeral Car in the Black Hills ;; Calls answered promptly Telephones ' ., v' eo Day or Night. ' .' .S (linen, rhil. ren nor old people." I cople who r. ally admire such a man pre to be pitied ;,Jhose who profess admiration for political eftect are as tad as the murderous Filipino

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