The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 10, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES,' THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 10, 1899. SHOE8 - -SHOES SHOES SHf Eg... , THE CITY. BOEs.. CUT FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS AT MRS MATHERS. 418 WILLIAMS ST. OPPOSITE M. E. CHURCH. Quickly cure constipation and rebuild and Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. W. L Nell, D. D. 8., resident dentist, ofSoeovr Phillip' pharmacy. J. H. Oranam, D. D. S., dentil parlors 8 Dinner at the Delmonlco toda-'. For elegant dippers go to Zlpp'a. Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. Room to let at the Holzner. Everything new at the Holzner. ZIPP'B FOR FINE SHOES. TO CITY SUBSCRIBERS Pleaee report over First National bank, Deadv ood. Crown and bridge work a specialty. Invigorate the entire system never gripe or nauseate DeWitt's Little Early Risers. Kirk G. Phillips. lata or Irregular delivery to the office. Par Everything new and neai at the Hoi Take your watch work and engraving to mo money to the carrier. Bar. Dark room for camera and Kodaks at A. F. Snyder, the Jewels; Satisfaction Try the Delmonlco, under the postofhee Have your eye examined for glasses Flshel's Bazaar, with complete equlpmen' guaranteed. JOLITZ LYNCH, euocessors to Charle free of charge by A. F. Snyder, the ev Open to every on who may desire to use F. M. Oantx, D. D. 8. Modern Dentistry awe, 686 Main street, dealer In fresh il clan, free of charge. It of all kind. Oa admlnl:ereJ. Eighteen and salt HEATS, FISH and OAMB in sea-Ma. Send your order for prompt deliv ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND MIXED FRENCH MUSTARD, HOME MADE TOMATO KETCHUP, SWEET year' experience. Rosenthal block. Stamp size photographs at Locke & Co's PABST WILWAUKEE BEER 13 MADE ery. Both 'phone. OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE Our Shoe gallery, two dozen for 25c, for a few days only. Payable at time of setting. Call at CALL FOR IT. WANTED A girl for general housework wages $30 a month. Mrs. F. R. Carpen AND SOUR PICKLES BY THE QUART OR GALLON, NEW CROP JAPAN, ENGLISH BREAKFAST AND OUNPOWDER TEAS, PORTO RICO, JAVA AND MOCHA Wants t( If you want a nice lunch at any time. ter. top in and see Cacy at the Lobby. Coffee COFFEES OF THE PUREST ESSENCE, and rolls for a light luach In the morning, I have a second hand store flolng an Immense business for sale. Apply to Joseph AT STANDARD CASH STORE. 48 SHER 16 cents. Ford. 6t MAN ST. CHARLES SASSE'S old reliable MEAT once. Furnished rooms at reasonable rates by the day, week or month, at the Holzner. About one month ago my child, which is fifteen months old, had an attack of diarrhoea aocompanled by vomiting. I gave It such remedies aa are. usually glvin In Bucb cases, but as nothing gae relief, we seut for. physician and it "was under Tiis care George Winn,, the old-time Dead wood STEY PIANO, both stylish and good. MARKET, at 686 Main street. Is no ESTEY to be hackman, who has turned farmer. Is mak had only at Hawley's, No. 639, owned and managed by JOLITZ Mis -' leg t1 'great success of Dig new ventur, by Bullock hotel. LYNCH. Fish,'" game and poultry always feet, wheat six feet and well filled. For an elegant lunch, go to Frank Dark, Lecture by Dr. Kank Woods at Opera t the Derby. Jfer a week. At this time the child had co en o o bouse, Thursday August 17th, the only wo See Dr. Collier, Osteopath Physician ee sick for about ten days and was having about twenty-flve operations of the man lecturer In the United States who has See YOU at Blood who treats successfully all acute diseases been thro the war In the Philippines In season. Order by telephone. Both 'phones. (tf) J. S. McClintock. city bill poster. 72J Main street. (tf.) "Our baiiy was sick for a iiionih with severe cough anil catarrhal fi-vw. Alihu we tried many remedies she ktpt t?'i!iimr worse until we used One Minute I'oUKb and most chrcnic diseases. Office 41 Lee ooweis every iweive nours, ana we were Those who' heard Dr. Woods lecture In convinced that unless it soon obtained -e- street Lead at the dedication of Woman's clubs lief it would not live. Chamberlain's Col 66i Main StrtTt. three years ago, will be charmed to know ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was rej- "THE UNKNOWN" OPERA HOUSE FRIDAY EVENING. they will agaiu have the pleasure of hear Cure, it relieved at once and cured her in ing Dr. Woods, and on a subject so inter At the Opera house Friday evening, the HERE they are tonGucting a special Shoi commended, and I decided to try it. I soon noticed a change for the better; by its continued use a complete cure was few days."--!). L. Nance, t 1 'riu . Iliuh I J. a w 0 D 1 a ua cn w VI W W o o X X i. v. k k 0 o X X oa cn 1 I tn w W W w estlng to everyone. beautiful five-act comedy- drama will be i School, Buffalo, Texas. Kirk (i. I'hilliui. Sale commencitg July 17th. Iucluded Iif Remember the "Unknown" at the Opera presented to a Deadwood audience. The play was presented to a Lead audience with pleasing success. The characters are house Friday evening. brought about and It is now perfectly healthy. C. L. Boggs, Stumptown, Gilmer Co., W. Va. For sale bv all Dni2irist. this sale are the Celebrated Flarthoim and Douglaj WE GUARANTEE FIRST CLASS Shoes, in TJp-t(.-date Ehapts. composed of the best local talen". in the 'I suffered from piles for twenty-five WORK AT THE LOWEST PRICES. Hills. There' will be pleasing specialties Dr. Bowman has returned Deadwood, to remain permanently and resume but practice, and will occupy his old office over Deetken's drug store. "DeWitt's Little Early Risers did me more good than all blood medicines and other pills." writes Geo. II. Jacobs, of years, and after all so-called cures had CHARLIE & RAMSEY. v by artists. No waits between acts. Popu O O X I failed was permanently cured by one box FOR SALE By William Riley, jr., a fine Prices hs Quo ed Below: lar prices, 25, 35 and 60 cents. Reserved of DeWitfs Witch Hazel Salve." says Eli family horse, and a team of draft horses, seat chart now open at the Palace drug Hlle, of Lumber City, Pa. Be sure you weighing 1450 lbs. The team will be hitched to J. J. Feldhausen's dray for store. O C X s get "DeWitt's." There are Injurious and dishonest counterfleits. Kirk G. Phillips. inompson. Conn. 1'rompt, pleasant, never gripe, they cure constipation, arouse the general inspection. $6.00 Shoes at $4.90 $5.00 Shoes at $3.85 $4 00. Shoes at $3.25 MRS. TALLENTS The Black Hills; or torpid liver to action and give you clean t Pure, clean blood and a hralthy liver BOOK. Last Hunting by Mrs. Anna A good many of Deadwood's people who Grounds of the Dakotahs," are anxious to see Miss Miller's work in result rrom the use of DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the "famous little pills." I). Tallent. the pioneer white woman of the "Unknown will be disappointed, us They cure constipation, biliousness and she cannot appear. the Black Hills, Is out and Is being delivered to subscribers. It is a book of ovrr sick headache. KIRK G. PHILLIPS. THE FINEST LINE OF FALL AND tn CO I I SOT a o o X X TT cn cn w u 0 o X X cn cn 1 I cn cn tr a o o x x cn cn n $3.50 Shoes at $2 75 $3.00 Shoes at $2 35 $2.50 Shoes at $2.10 $2 00 Shoes at $1.C0 BE GOOD TO YOURSELF and good to 00 pages filled with historical and bio WINTER SUITINGS AND PANTS GOODS nnioi. sieauy nerves, a clear I. rain arid a healthy appetite. IF YOU WANT GUARANTEED PURE APPLE VINEGAR OF THE HIGHEST TEST. CREAMERY BUTTER OF THE FINEST FLAVOR. AND THE LIGHTEST WHITEST FLOUR ON THE MARKET AT THE LOWEST PRICES, QO TO THE STANDARD CASH STORE, 48 SHERMAN ST. your friends. When you treat a friend to JUST RECEIVED AT CHARLIE & RAM 6BY'S, LEE STREET. whiskey, give him the best. HARPER graphical sketches and incidents from tne arrival of the first white party down to the present time. Mrs. Tallent has told the story In a most pleasing mauner and Whiskey Is the beverage for your friends The Delmonlco Restaurant uuder the and for you. Sold by Carr & Berry, Dead wood, S. D. post office will reopen for dinner today un A Fine Display of thesn Shoes vi ill beonexl has been most happy In selecting from the great .mass of matter that which is of IGHT HERE Buy no piano until hibit in our show window. R, o o X X cn cn you see the only regular Irritaling slings, bites, scratches, wounds and cuts soothed and healed l,y DeWitt's Witch Ha7el Salve, a sure ami greatest Interest to the greatest number. There are 101 portraits and illustrations, beginning with a splendid portrait of the I w w Bafe application for tortured flesh. Hewn re of counterfleits. Kirk G. Phillips. BLOOM! nutho and ending with portraits of Buffalo der the management of Tom Gan, an experienced caterer, who will coduct the Delmonlco on the European and American plan. Diylng the hot weather It Is the coolest dining room in hi .-it y, free fnmi flic. A Pioneer-Times man who is making an effort to trace his ancestry back to revolutionary time, appealed to Uncle Milt i'm-ney yesterday, supposing that he was E. Hawley, No. 639-by Bullock hotel. CHEESE I CHEESE! FINE OJJ5 NEW YORK CREAM CHEESE, FOR WELCH RAREBIT OR MACARONI. THE BEST IN TOWN FOR 1214C PER POUND. AL 0 c X X cn cn 1 I cn 73 u a o o X X cn cn Bill and Sitting Bull. The portraits are full page half tones and well selected. DR. A. Fr. NAULTEUS, PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND OYNE 001 Main St, many of them being from photographs taken twenty years ago, at the time his SO SOME MILD NEW CHEESE AT 15C. AT THE STANDARD CASH STOKE 48 8HERMAN 8T. COLOOIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street. Dr. Oluthe'a Celebrated Trusses on hand. I SHOFS SHOES SHOES SHOES- SHOES K tory was being made. It is by far the most complete and Interesting history of the Hills published, and will be the standard authority. It represents fifteen or more years of incessant labor. Every Black Hlller should have a copy, which can be procured of the author, Mrs. Annie D. Tallent, Sturgls, or of Robert Tallent. who is delivering the book to Dead wood and Lead subscribers. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Attorney Wesley Stewart was up from young enough at the time to remember almost every one who was mixed up In that row. Uncle Milt promptly replied "Oh, yea, I do rememeber meeting a relative of yours, hut I've forgotten whether Ms nam was B. Arnold or A. Burr." There Is not that cordial feeling for Uncle Milt that there was before this conversation occurred. CAPT. WILLIAM ASTOR CHANLF.R, congressman from New York, I the president of Th New York Star, which Is giving away a FORTY DOLLAR BICYCLE tally, as offered by their advertisement In anothsr column. Hon Amos J. Cummlngt, . 1L C. Col. Asa Bird Gardner, District Attorns? of Nw York, ex-Governor Hogg, of Texas, and Col. Fred Felgl of New York are among th wU know nam la their 'Board of Directors. m Th Rev. W. B. CostUy, of Stockbrldg. Oa., whll attending to his pastoral dutle at Ellen wood, that stats, was attacked '-cholara morbus. Hs says; "By chanc I happened to gt hold of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ' and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I think It was the mean of saving my llfa" it relieved me at ones." for sal by all Drugflsts, v ..." E LOWE is GOING AWAYI Retiring From Business Bdtiness arrangements elsewhere necessitates the Selling of the Entire Stock of the Great Depart-ment Store of the Bee Hive Deadwood.' Consising of about $100,000 worth of the Best Merchandise made, in Dry Goods, Carpets, Millinery, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Cloaks, Notions, Etc' WHCTt OTHCKSrAIL CONSULT 0tfBG SEARLES & SEARLES Sturgls. Charley Moody of the Sturgls Record, was In ths city. Miss Nona Carter, the teacher, left for her usual summer vacation. Col. William M. Pratt of IPedomnt was la ths city between Elkborn trains. J. W. Munn, chief clerk to General Passenger Agent Buchanan of ths Elkhorn, was in town between trains. Horace W. Yates, of Lincoln, assistant chief clerk of ths B. as M. railway mail service, returned yesterday from a week's fishing on Sand creek In company with his brother, Bruce, and Mrs. T. B. Hammond and son George. ' NOTICE TO BUILDERS. -.Sealed proposal ar Invited antif 1:00 a. m., August 14th, 1899, at ths office cf th undersigned, in th Deadwood street' Walt building, for ths furnishing of all materials and performing all labor required In th construction of a TWO-STORY BRICK AND STONE, STORE AND OFFICE BUILDING, 65xlM feat, to hs built tor Charles Waits, Esq., at Deadwood, 8. D. Bald proposals to cover ths cost : of all excavations, foundations, brick, stone, steel. Iron, plats glass, lumber, plumbing, steam beating, and all Skilled and common labor, as required, to construct and complete saM building. ' " Plans and specifications can be seen at th above named office. , Proposals, unless accompanied by a certified check of at least i per cent of th amount of ths bid, will not be considered. AU checks to be returned after ths signing of ths contract'- . ' Th right to reject shy or all bids Is reserved. . -' - ' , " " O. C. JEWETT." Architect, r .' i- : Representing Charles Waits. Mala Office1 Lincoln, Ksb. - SPECIALISTS IN Korvea. Chrwat 4k4 rrtvat g WEAK MEN SALE BEGINS TO-DAY and dis i All private dli order of bmb. Treatment by mall ; eooMItatlaa free, Hvphilie ear for life. All forms ef female wmk- K Ik !! GOODS IIIISI BE SOLD ) J H and Disease of Me- VI w Ml ' i Ihisla iklibUjmMUis. the greatest Bargain Bale. Ton should come miles to attend. ' nWs a to gwtntee to esr all esse erM o( U dop. turoM. rbtrX. torn a. live, blood, Pkiasnd kidney disease. Lot Maabood, Meat JmiMlon. lii.lnK-de. V srlreeele, Gonorrtwe, W.ceU Pic. if and KertM lire?, lllabetM KH-htV T)-M.. PIOO.OO f'lf W Of : 1 11 F: imrJF tBEEHIVE' Deadwood, South Dai. CATAHK.f, fctlk.1 MATIM,DISP1'S1A r kY fklll.(3 cannot cere. . -L. H w " - o ti uiu ot uu,:i iZSSulJlS gUQitsV I i tWlsTUt' SV l"""""" w saawsa 1 S i ' l hipui inn mil, i.M( Mtw ME KSMM -';f-- ' mi - n I, n - , ( ' ";v '' ',, W r : ...... . pCVf I rt of sny one claiming U rn- . i . -y .tt-.--. "' i.-'Si.f . . jt .- , (t W -ft vr-i A3', tin - resent lis la Dead wood or th Hills, as w - have no representative away from . the house or mala offlco. -. . ' Direct sll letter. Vc., to Dr. Searle. gearlee. - ... Drs. Scarles fc Searlcs J .3 O ST. LINCOLN. NEB. " i i TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM ' Effectually yet gently, when eoatlv or billons, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken th kidney and liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening- them, to dispel head-aches, eolds or fevers, as Syrup of Figs, mads by ths California Fig Syrup Co.

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