The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 10, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

1 THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 10, 1899. . 4. . r THE DAILY PIONEEE-TIMES, HlWNNIHNIUUm IMHtf IHNHMMWHWI LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. I LEAD'S George Beers, the efficient bookkeeper at P. A. Gushurst's grocery store for the past eighteen months, has handed in bis resignation to take effect Immediately. Mr. Beers will leave for a short visit at his home in St. Joe, Mo. George Mead, the well known traveling Mammoth DepartmentStorJ 1899. LEAD S. D. AUGUST 10, n (n mii unit ilium ngi riiiir (fun mi nil . ipbmiiiiiiii mil iii "mini i I ANNOUNCEMENT! y Bernanl ef l.ct Mr. am Oar Scocris are now complete and full in all Departments visitors. K. W. Tibbett of Lead went to Bal Pry Goods. I Groceries, A BLACK IULLS GIRL. Miss Charity Martin, so well known by 11 Black Millers, who are most prou of lier successes, has been adding new laurnt to ber name. She Is singing with the Vnlted States military band, one of the .Mountain man, spent yesterday in Lead. While el Hot Springs recently. Mr. Mead broke the record at the Plunge for long di.siaii't' diving, having made a dive under water for a distance (tf one hundred ami thirty-uhe fi-U Mi ami Mrs Maey Tyler l.l' venter-day for S;earlisli. where they ll icnd several ilav . l-'iom there they wilt i;o ' Sylvan Lake for Sunday, where 'hey i x-pect to meet a crowd of Lead yiMiioi pe, pie who will take a Sundav oumiih a' the lake. Coiistabl Stout of t'aduood was a call er in Leatl. Mrs. I'aplain Russell and ilaugbtui uci Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Minft flnri Mill a Clothicg, j Millinery, Wraps au;l Suits. Carpets Trunks aiid Valeses and House Furnishings. finest organizations of the kind in the country. The conductor of the band, Mr. Ellis Brooks, stands at the head of his profession, and is known to all musical people. ' A A ... ... visitors in Lead. Mrs. Sltloy of Iead left yesterday for visit In Ivor. Michigan. Mayor (lushurst of Lead was i Dead mttuher Mrs. U K. Stone enterU'.Mieo n k. e. icLcin v"-1' i l I'ttn rrK, 111., Olle er of young Lieohle Friday eveuhiK at Af the most critlcal of Chicago's suburb ouppueg home on jjtiever street. The gatheiniM wa wood visitor yesterday. Miss Florence Glenn returned from i short visit at J'leduniiu. , Kiss Martin scared a great success. The heartily a most I'linhtful one and wa S 7 With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we asj yVHt'ur4tl,' will Idtro- Ktnir kli'a !' amuse enjoyed by all present. The chi J M fanta-aia success of our Black Hills Jim Cuslck. state mine Inspector, made llelli IUS nient of the evening was cards, refreshnunls were served ami nightingale, These letters are only sarri a trip to Yellow creek. e el yone (ilea of the many constantly being received 1 1 w ard left with feelings of gratitudi Mr. C. K. Seltz of Deadwood patronized by Miss Martin and her manager, but lack the hospitable nostess. the Lead library yesterday. your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. of space prevents any further extracts: "CHICAGO, July 8, 1899. "The Casket." an undertaker journal M. Mlniter of the V. S. assay office ot I lead wood, was a Lead visitor. "My Dear Mr. Brooks: The concert last published at Rochester, New Vim k. run tains In a rece it i:uniler. an . . elh-n Fresh cut roses ana carnations for sale. night was one of a very high order, and portrait of S. It. Smi'h. the well kno".i Mac, the Saddler's, Lead. (tf.) TIIH3 furniture man ai I imhI-m laki-r ot '. il Mrs. Cotton ot Deadwood was taking It jtlso prin.s Mi. Smith' i ' it- -r -.1.1,1 friends thru the Homestake mil Ib. V elevel liit of Vi I'.v, 'At, , .1.1 !. r I want to congratulate you and the musicians. Miss Martin 'covered herself with glory I regret that the chairman did not vrange for her escort to the stand, but not being on the committee myself, I felt a little bit delicate about taking any action." L. B. Ortoo Is receiving goods daily aud akers pan ieuliit l 1; , IsOACl, 63 has the finest asoertment of Jewelry in the city. Don't forget him when in need of goods In his line. (tf.) Dr. Judd returned from a two uie'.:-i visa W'ha' uroi" f ball will be ; ietorinils Hoiu. i tie from t he 1 1 i o be ail mi 1 n -1 ayed on Suibl.i :ike team ami ulaml. ;ohu T; nestako le.itn, 1 1: .1 me I V I he I'leUl d veek is nl John .( will The famous Hot Springs waliT costs aptalu of the H' "CHICAGO, 111. "My Dear Miss Martin: Your singing last night was superb, and added very much to the attractiveness of the concert. With my beat respects, I am, "Yours truly, i at his old home In Topeka, Kansas. The regular meeting of the 1. O O. K. lodge of Lead was held Tuesday evniug. ents n carliov; the pure Crystal Pprlngs The Hlewitt of the S. k. SMITH, , Dealer in Highland. 'l'i. Ipdmont vatrr. no ''ents: tb" '-UIrriicd be called at -: Dr. Frances Wood, of Rapid City, will Mrs. Brock Is visiting down the B. H. & Ft. Pierre road. She will be gone several "JOHN FARSON. Kidut'y Spnri(f3 water, Zo icnts; tresn every day, delivered to any part of the city. Call American Express office. Harrison. 166; Black Hills, 111 lecture on Friday evening at the Episco THE DRAMA. weeks. VV. W. Cole of Des Moines and F. Bald pal church on "The Philippines," for the benefit of the church. Dr. Wood has jUBt Following is a brief synopsis of the win of Deadwood are registered at the Carpets, Crockery, Carriages, wagons. returned from Manila, whither she ac dtama, "Rebecca's Triumph," to be given Campbell house. companled the Oregon regiment in the BLACK HILLS MAPS. Wall Map showing geology and topo this evening at the Miners' Union hall, by Mrs. De Alta 011laodnd her company of Pianos, Organs, Etc. , Isaac Lento left by the B. H. & Ft P for capacity of a nurse. Dr. Wood is an ez graphy ot Black Hills of Sowta Dakota his old home in Finlatd, where he will cellent speaker and a bright, Intelligent iad young ladles. During the play, Mr. and Wyoming; IS colors. Price $1.60 woman, and her lecture will be one of tbe irit for a year. Togarty and Mr. Windolph will sing, atid SEWING MACHIN Pocket Map showing geology same as T. 8. Stanley, ot Vermillion, S. D., who aa excellent negro specialty wHl be lntro- above, containing m complete description toed. has been visiting In Lead with her son. For the best Make I sdl of the mineral and otbr resources of the Carl Stanley, left for his home. Black Hills; cloth cover. Price J1-2&. binirer for-J2.,o- I sell a G0d After the performance the floor will be rfeared and a dance given. The play Is to we benefit for Mrs.- OHland, who has so Ohlorodyne Cough Mlxtur will eur Pocket Map of Black HI lie, plain, eo ING MACHINE like cot V that cough, or w refund the money. U P. Jenkins, druggist (tf.) talning a description of mineral and other season's treats. Work was commenced yesterday on tbe foundation of the Christian Science chu"-h on upper Main street. The building, and also the barn to connection with It, will be of pressed tricky with inside finishing thruout In hard wood. Messrs. Bartlort & Phillips have the work in charge and tll put it thru as rapidly as possible. Mrs. Oushurst entertained the membftn kindly assisted the Lead people in many entertainments during the past few resources of the Blaeit Hills, paper cover. Price 40 cents. for ten years for $25.50. Miss Scollard. of Hit Springs, acccio- smooths. . She is desirous of continuing Map of the Black Hills. Price 26 cents. panied by a frlm1 from Omaha, was visiting the mill of Lead. fear vocal studies abroad, and it Is to be Undertaking a Sped fcoped that everyone will turn out, and give For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES. Houses bought and sold, money loaned. 'her a good bouse, of the Whist club and their friends Tues general Insurance and notary public. Vie tor T. Jepaen, room No. 1, Cotton A An LE - Act 1. Mrs. Delaine entertains our clui). Gyp makes elaborate preparations SATURDAY EXCUR31O0N3 TO HOT day evening. In honor' of her nieces, the S. R. SMITH. drews block. Lead. 8. U . Misses Fern of Omaha, who are visiting Thomas Oats, a miner in the Homestake, with her. The first "prise was taken by Mrs. Florence Fern of Omaha, and the SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Springs and return at one faxc booby prize by Mrs. Henry Monheim ot received a slight injury yesterday in the shape of cut finger caused by falling rook. , Lead. Delightful refreshments were serv 15.20, for the round trip; Tickets good te Tie mm Dicliisoniay ed and a most enjoyable evening passed by Daniel Kinney of Lead, departed yester far "de cookies." Katie's .errand to borrow the "loan of a twljt", Katie and Gyp discuss the necessity of wiping "fate for a 4ne flu re." Gyp "don't want no white Crash here." Rebedca'f gralHude.jMtg ap-fcea.v. "Missus, the cookies am coming." Clarissa receives a letter from "you know .45&cca.',,f Mr. Rokemin'jC accident. ' Bslfcecce loses her ring. MegX! hope tor fysWA,Srajii to Justice, 'And so am mad! Ha! hal Remember." Act r. ""Our Club" has a picnic. Gyp all. return seven days from date of sale. The Elkhorn train leaving Dead word it I a m. is the popular train to Rot Soi-lnsm day by the B. H. & Ft. Pierre for Ross-land, British Columbia, where k will mk DEALERS IN A $40.00 BICYCLE OIVKN AW AT DAILY ft leaves after the close of business bis future home. The publishers of The New York Star, Pled In Sturgis, Tuesday afternoon. the handsomely Illustrated Sunday news Furniture, Crockery Glassw of an Gladys, the eight-year-old daugbter Mrs. Kotzbue. Death was caused by paper, are giving a High Grade Bicycle NOTICE: 1 hereby ftlve notice tnat ail: school' or each day tor the largest Bst of words operation for appendicitis. made by using the letters . contained In THEO B. GESKIT 1 Batata, Loan ators issued and registered prior to Jami-ay 1, 189. by Schorl' District No. . will be paid on presentation at mr office, in T-H-E N-E-W Y-O-R-K 8-T-A-R" and Insurance, all, kinds ef Legal writing no more times In any one word than It Is Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot Gratia City. Interest on same will ceaae snad Katie njttt ; again.,-Mfg visit the Id trystlng tlac'e. J Discovery of letter. Art"'u of Mt'Rokeman. C1flssa re-" fadtese "COT mtmnger of love." "I am $1kfn!Jff thee, lover mine,; lover Salte." "Deceived, deceived! Lost" J. Mr. Rakeiiutn entertains "Our ' oJx" MriL"Delalne" finds "out" thee lv days from this notice. don. General Agent , of th Cnloa Savings As.n. ' . Good live toon wanted a tcltor. , - fovnd In The New York Star. Webster's Dictionary to be considered as authority. Two Good Watchesf. first class tir ekeep- C. K. WlnSDON, Diet. Treaet Central City. Lawrence oeantr. S. n July 19th. 1890. (7-20-lmJ John R. Stone left, for Pottsville, Pa.. ) will be given daily tor second and where he will remain. Mr. Stone leaves Undertakers and Embalmers. static ot they i mysterious letter. Meg JOHN ELMEHK, many friends In Lead who regret his de- -aM !;teiview JCatle receives s let- third best lists, and many otlter valuable rewards. Including Dinner Bets, Tea Bets, China, Stalling Silverware, etc, etc, in order of merit This educational contest partore..,.i-"T"-- ihhra'a version J Gyp's version, Tue House Moier and Repairer. Janes Warwick and Nick Kellaher. both . ring It found. Meg again seeks an In employes, of the Homestake nilie, left yes terview. Startling discovery? "My child An Work Ion WHh Pto-mptaesnnnd '-mrfh in being given to advertise and Introduce this successful weekly Into new homes, No. 3 Main St. Lead South IX terday for northern Idaho, where they ex pect to remain. . " . HIAWATHA PARK. - LEAR 8. TA Irresl MynuUd," ,Happy reunion. h f 'ilB!BBCCA'a TRIUMPH.' :6le Hanson, a Homestake .employe, re and all prises will be awanM promptly-without partiality. Twelve 2 cent stamp wst be Inclosed for thirteen weeks trial snbscription with full particulars and Hat fcRetierrrtmnpfi;-to b given it the ceived a painful cut In the head yesterday. BCinets' Union hall on Thursday evening, falling rock was the cause. Tha doc August the tenth, for the benefit of Mrs.j tors ai tbe hospital dresesd the wound. frill . . j)a Alta Gllland. promises to be on at th most InteresUng and . artistic- productions , Business was light in, the police court o nd Ore Grusk yesterday. One drunk? and disorderly pal a Gales Rocl etthe season. Th play will be given Py umber of th best known and most talent- ot over SO valuable rewaeds. Contest pens and awards eommeoee Mondan. Jnna 2. and closes Monday. August M. ISM. Your list can reach any day between these dates and win receive tie award to which It many be entitled fcr that day, and your name wHl be printed hi the following Issue ot The New- York Ma. the usual price for a day oil, hat other wise the atmosphere was distinctly civil. 4 young ladle in Lead, and a professional GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 tt Homestake II Co amd, flnr-rll success ,1s assured. pan Toomey of Bpearfiah, who baa but jTba Woodman band and Emo's orchestra wlU oe ii" attendance, f and songs, Und o: TOrtl i .J lately returned from the Klondike, was visiting westerday morning with his many a1wa no.Ialuea WU1 .De iBinntut. :. friends to Lead. ; C.-.-' ' fJ " Mission IS cents. ' special hue mm leaf the Only ens list can be en tared by the ansae person." Prises are on exhibKto at the Star's business offices. Person eecurmg bicycles may havs aholee of Ladled Gentlemen's or Juveniles IStt modes, waler er slse dsstred. Can address Dept ." r rollowlng U the east of characters: reception given Tuesday evening at the Mr. Eokeman--A wealthy lady home of A. W. Coe, Deadwood. In honor of the Grand Worthy Patron ef the Eastern , Miss Martha Morton Mrs.: Delane k widow;, Miss Bertha HaU :jrv-;-4 .ft Star. ' ' IMi , , The New Tort Star. 1S1 W. t9th New Tork' City. 'v'J -': Hebeoca touadlliut' .. I V t I Our New Design will intere T ?. NO OTIIERS EQUAITHfM-' tjlf lira. Alt and Mrs. First, who have been I...... alias Anna Esterbrooks the guests of Mrs. Be Stone, left tor Fre f ! rAUOTJS KIDWAT SHOW.'- . ' Gaiissa Codiman X spinster . ......... Mm. Ds AIU OlllanU mont, Neb. They-wUl ate off tor few days at Hot 8prlngs Coming, at the Opera house. Freeman Bros.' ramoo Midway show arrived yes- Club , .1 Dora Gaines J MUs Lilly Glenn terday and are going to give an entertain G-atoo; ahoos X Sadie Morrell Miss Emma Whalen Jennie Woodman .... Mies Sadie Moore meat this week.. This was one ot the chief attractions of the exposition .that drew r ' Adorned bv the flouestake mididK Ttanbar ........Miss Maud Faust thousands to the Midway the moving pie m Trcmain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospectors Fritnd. race Greenwood :Uss Kosa AUlnson tore 'machine showing Dewey's victory at Dr. Magnor, a prominent dentist from Chicago, has Just located In. Lead. Dr. Magnor Is graduate of one of the leading schools of dentistry. nd comes highly recommended. He has offices In the BrrU tell block. ' ' lh '' ' ; The late arrival of born the Elkhorn and Burlington trains, the former being four hours late, and the latter' two hours and Maria Cray Miss Margaret Dittos ; . Fourteen cauiogues de'scribe our'Mining 'Machinery. Onrle Green Miss Emily Cullom Manila, destruction ot Cervera's fleet, battle el Santiago, bombardment of Mataa-nas,' and almost an endless variety of eonv Katie Connor An Irish girl OTTO F PURNELL Sole Ant n . n Il mm I I I is si llllliu I r- to -scenes, comprising 10,000 feet ot moving Forlh.B!ack Hills. El H 1 l iEllllJ I .......... Miss Grace Herlihy Cyp A colored girt ....Miss BtheT Heald JMeg A Tagrant Miss Maud Miller pictures, valued at the enormous sum of Ufa. I E.U II1UI- $5000. All explosions brilliantly colored? Offict Opposite Bullock Hotel a half, put a decided damper on Mill street yesterday. Even the postofflce building wore an expectant look, and what can be c The Pioneer-Times Is en sale at L D. ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO. 1 Watch tor the date' and don't miss It o One rVVn -'p CM;hC ure said of the faces of some ot the . young Xaoobs Baiar. where yon can also get men, to say nothing of the girls fie Caest smoke In town. . ' (tt)

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