The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 10, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

s sst s s j joss TWO LIVES. Assaying m um ana silver Opera House Union Assay Office, THE One Night Only You Get Upon the strength " and condition of an expectant mother depend not only her own life but the life 1 and perfection of her child. Can't Away -A May Eraim nipt 11 oth The lieautiful Five Act Comtdy NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADW000, S. D. Will Give Correct Results of Cold and Silver for 5Cc. fROM THE FACTtJf MOTHER'S FRIEND will ov n ome aV. '!',!s peculiar to fhe pt-rio'1 iirecefiint; I'h.lilhii-th, and will jn p.trc !in: deiii'.-ji.c ni'isru directly in-Ivcd for tl.-- r.;i.,l ..leal. Mother's '''. is a" iisteriKd cure-all, I. tit a Drama, The "Unknown" 'Tern F one U.1 retell ng MrW, ifl'tiic Ii::l!liwiL H';'r.vtd 1)V m,-i ! i i-.i 1 of the Black 117' c tuLaoucd by years oi i L ider the auspicts ,('U 7 mi aim square aecti, for exactly i-7iat yoit are T 1 ' I 1 T V jntiiKi ity 6V.CO.-S; fill S.-1.1 X Club. mils uramauc On, All Samples Jfroagttf to the Office. Established la 1889. TV f IT T o . M. H. Lyon & Co Agents for the Blickenderfer $36 00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. buying. s for fi, is IJoru," Valuable seut Ire-- book, u appJi'-at ion. THE PflAOrltLO HECJUUrOil CO.. Atlanta. 8a. Continuous Performance Pleasing Succes I'opulur price. 25c, 35c. and 50c. We try to irtake an I torwst profit so that the buyer may coma back to us. Reserved seats on sale at the Palace Drug store. A coupon clipped from the Pioneer-Times will count one vote. Subscriptions paid in advance will count- I month', $120 votes. 6 months, $5 200 votes. MINES AND MINING llltlllllflllilfllliitiiiiiiittiiiiillllllillMlllllflllllJllillitiiliMlllitiiiMiMyiguuMltlMitMUiiiinpiiii Our Prices Are All Right. J'ctliies 7 lite? icd ' - ' - J I i i tl, ( t CC l'year, $10500 votes. Weekly 1 year, $2.00100 votes. Delinquent subscriptions collected by the contestants will count the same as advance subscriptions. Contestants will be "4 l( Utth HOLT TERROR SHUT D0WN. kept In the office as a warning to men with money to avoid the tempting roM brick. The show pieces were bought by rich tourists In the far West from 'Indians A few days ago the mills of the Holy Terror Mining; company, at Keystone, were Lji c -o. j illll sine way you jri(j all ttiroi gft out nnsiirpfi'd stock furnished blank subscription receipts aaJ authorized to receive and receipt for hut down upon the order of Superintendent Ranney. An Investigation as to the of m I Third Annual Picnic And Gamses CLAN STEWART No. 140 0. S. C. otLead Will lie held at Beatty's Park, Sturgis, S. D. HtdnDPiinij Annrnct IRth case discloses the fact that the superln moneys. The contest will begin July 20 and end August 25. School opens September 10. Undent would not submit to an Increase who had "obtained the gold In a clandestine way," and were willing to dispose of It at a sacrifice providing the purchaser would not inform on them. The bars show where a fake test had been made. A bit of which had been "Axed" for the THE APPETITE OF A GOAT Men's and Boy's Clothing Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks. Valises, Umbrellas. of 25 cents per cord for cutting wood and still further rise of 25 cents per cord In hauling. The company had been paylii 31 per cord for cutting and $1.25 for delivering the wood at the mill. As to the Justice of the raise, we have nothing to purpose had been applied, and the pieces Is envied by all poor dyspeptices whose taken out of the bar remained In the tool. stomach and liver are out of order. All and for this a piece of pre metal was shown such should know that Dr. King's New in uruuuuj, m&uoi iuiu. Music by K. of I". Band, Fort Meade Or to the man of the speculative mind. Con amy, further than to state mat tne timoer is fallen, dead timber, and much harder Life Pills, the wonderful stomach and liver remedy, gives a splendid appetite, sound chestia and Highland Bagpi;es. Trains leave Deadwood at 8.00, 9:30, and digestion and a regular bodily habit that to chop than green timber. But from a business point of view. Sup CO. vinced that he had a fortune, he took his gold bar to the assay office, and then he awoke. There were also bags of gold coins of all sizes, and from all countrlees, and boxes, bags and bottles of dust from gold insures perfect health and great energy. ZOELLNER BROS. The Pioneers of 1876. intendent Ranaey's move looks like a Only 25 cents at K. O. Phillips' drug store. "penny wise and pound foolish" policy. 11 a. in.; returning at 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30. p. ra. ROUND TRIP 65 CENTS. The D. C. train will run to and from Lead to connect, round trip 35c. Two trains from Terry and Central to connect The property produces about $1,000 a day THE BEST REMEDY FOR FLUX fields In all quarters of the globe. An 1m rhen in full blast and It doesn't look much like sound business methods to lose Mr. John Mathlas, a well known stock dealer of Pulaski, Ky., says; "After suffer- portant item in the assay office Is the manufactured Jewelry, of which large quan lnj for over a week with flux, and my at Deadwood. tities are sent there to be reduced to bars. In explanation of this item an employe of physician having failed to relieve me, 1 was advised to try Chamberlain's Colic, TOMBTONRS. IRON FRNf.lNr - " 'WII1M the office said: $1000 a day to save $10. A generous estimate fixes the amount of wood used at twenty cords a day. In view of the further fact that he Holy Terror company Is making arrangements to uae coal for fuel when the B. M. road Is built into Key-tone from Hill City, which will be within, "Jewelry la an article of fashion. Just The Famous Cholera and Diarrhoea Rewedy, and have the pleasure of stating that the half of as much as hats or coats, and when a man ufacturer makes an article in large quan MONUMENTS foreign and American one bottle cured me." For sale by all Druggists. Black HiLks tities without first having tested its pop ularlty he sometimes finds himself loaded nlnlety days. It appears to a business man that It would be better to submit to the . raaise. The wisdom of Superintendent Summer Resort NOTICE. The annual meeting of the stockholders Makblk and Granitb Hanney's action la questioned by a great with stock which he can't dispose of, and he sacrifices the labor and sends the material here and takes his draft for that. It Is a big sacrifice, but he undoubtedly thinks some money Is better than annoy. of the Transit Mining company will be held at heir office In Central City on Tues Sylvan Late ilel. nfflpp Qt N Pnlman'e And! Wain St T t t r a i t? a day, the 15th day of August, 1899, at 2 THE ASSAY HOW GOLD COMES TO OFFICES. o'clock p. m., for the election of a board Elevation (,200 feet. Dry air. Hot of directors and the transaction of such weather unknown. Mountain scenery un other business as may come before the A SWIMMING POOL. AT metting. D. E. MULLEN, Sec. The barber shop and bath rooms under FIRST NATIONAL BANK surpassed. Harney Peak by donksya. Boating on the Lake. House Is new and modern In appointments. Send for souvenir views. r. B. COLES, Manager. " Caster. 8. D. Proposals For Deadwood City Bonds' Proposals are hereby Invited by the audi tor of the city of Deadwood. South Dako ta, for the purchase of twenty thousand DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH) PAID IN 8 1 OO.OOO - SURPLUS 8J5O.OO0 ($20,000.00) dollars of the bonds of the said city. Rate of Interest, srx per cent per annum, payable In 20 years; option to pay after tea years, from September 1st, 189. Principal and interest, natter seml-aannal-fy, payable in New York. Carr A Kerry's building, Main street, has recently changed hands, and is now In charge and under the management of L. J. Hirsh, formerly of Kansas City, Mo. Shaving and hair-cutting are not the only things by which a well-conducted barber shops achieves fame and a reputation. People like to be clean, and connected with the" establishment is one of the beet Turkish bath establishments this side of Chicago. Careful and painstaking attendants are always present to wait upon and anticipate the wants of c us toners in this department, and, as In the plain baths, there IF YOV LOVE YOVR u The proceeds of the boats to be expend DIRECTORS: O. J. SAXISBXTRT, T. X QKISR.P. D. BP ARKS, ?. A. GU3HUK8T ix a. Mcpherson. ed in the enlargement and extension of the water mains la the city, snd in the in creasing of ths storage capacity for water. This indebtedness iss ssMhasissd by sec OFFICERS: tion 4, article 1$, of the state constitution, and by an act of the segtslaturo approved March $d, 1899. Also by a rots of the elec ..D. A. MPHBRS Caahler i k lusMissn... .w. j. oauanuui His niLKnTllKl Witt K Vlcprosddont Assist, aaMsr. ..J. 8 DBNMAN T. J. ORIICR tors held on ths 18th day of April, 1899, which resulted la favor of the bonds 227 is always a constant, ever-flowing supply of clear, pure oft water, the only such The statement which was made by Geo. S. Roberts, director of the mint, at the local assay office last week, shows that ,h yield of gold from the Klondike region amounts to about $11,000,000 this 7ear. and that It will probably reach $1V 000,900 by the end of the year, says the Jew Tork Tribune. Only a small amount of this product reaches the New York assay office, the greater part going to Seattle and San Francisco At Seattle the yellow dust goes to the aHay office, and the San ; Francisco consignments go to private re-tto. iss and V the United State mint. The odd lots which corns to New York Tenth the assay offlco la Wall street. In fcockskln bags. In bottle. In tin cans and In t'.xes, and there it goes thru the process: to wrick all gold and silver sent there I. ' w the various sources Is subjected. . Ia the l ;oelvlng room It is unpacked and weighed and receipted for, and Is treated by the people who handle It like ordinary i merchandise. The . receiving room Is an Interesting place to the layman, la the course of the business day on may see fortunes unpacked and handled there with leas fuss and excitement than one would find at the ordinary bargain counter. Case! containing old Jewelry, bags of coin and flasks" of dust are brought to the place dally, and these ar converted Into tari and finally became colnej -r--r A box received tbeo oos day last week from a pawnbroker establishment was filled with gold watch cases of all styles. Sis against 170. SMOKE ONLY supply In the city. The plunge Is a fea Bonded Indebtedness, of ths city: ture of the bathing part of this elegant es FRAGRANT City hall bonds f 22,500 Bower bonds IS, 900 n Assessed valuation 130,000 Real valuation (est'd) 6.900.000 Joseph R. Lehmer tablishment, and, as Its source of supply Is a living sprint and ever-flowing, there can be no danger from bathing m its limpid depths. An excellent corps of barbers Population , T.OM hold down the chairs, and everyone Is wait Ain't authorise- sy uo election .$ 50,900 Of which the abowo offer is the first Issue. Denomination of bonds, $500 each. Bids Wlii be consider for amounts of S&09 and over. Bids will be received! until t p. m. Saturday., August 19. and must bo accompanied 1212 Famam St, Omaha. Neb. ed upon Just the same, and any complaint Is taken Immediate cognisance of by the manager. ,' The bath department is open at alt hours of the.nlght and day, and any by a certified check for five per cent of Mininrr . Cmpm iinnliw tne amount of tao bis. .-.- W. A. ICKE8, City Auditor. IllSlllllf- ' SJ-VB BBS fl a B Sll IIIIIIUI gentleman of family may be perfectly I0t CIGAR ICK A.DAYIS'SONS & CO. MAKERS xTjuAAAAi 0 vj-viivi til jrr safe In bringing his wife and children to enjoy the pleasures of the plunge, as ears oooooas)ooo ia taken to provide suitable bathing suits, 3 Co. JOHN G.WOODWARD & COJ PACKING Rainbow and full Une manufactured by the tw and while In the bath they will bo free from molestation of any sort The tree privilege of the plunge Is accorded every . Rubber Manufacturinrr Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTERS . COUNCIL BLUFFS.IOWAr . . . 1 t T rather patron of ths plain baths. !JlfiJLiTlWCjr--Kubber and Leather Belt, Dressing ann classes and ages. There were tiny canes ' which In their days enclosed pretty ladies' Dynamite and Black Powder, HOSE Rubber, Steam and Water. watches, , and large heavy eases which A Year tl College Free Ths Ploneer-Tlmes will giro suggested the race track or the railway BOILER AND PIPE COVERINX3r-ManviHes, Mag.u tres scholarship at ' ths Lexington 1 Fe 1 ' Fuse - and Caps, 1 Electric Batteries, : Battery Supplies, ; B. a Johnson at HID City. & a, la cadastre agsstt aad aoadanartera tar ths rich vertical free mill lag gold mines aad ov psr properties of ths Boathsra HlHa. Bsr- . Asbestos, and Sheep Wool Cement, Hair Felt, Mineral wow. service; there were eases of the pattern of Jong ago, which had been won smooth In . the pockets of men who were finally com male College, Lexington. hlo to bo Toted to ths most popular girl la tao Black WASTE-White and Colored Cotton. ROPE aBoeblincrs" Steel and Iron Wire, Manila and Sisal pelled to part with them, and sral prospooU as protnlstnt a tat Holy Terror wna are tor sale oa nniail Hilla, Arrangements kavs beea mads with tao president of ths oaUogo to furnish to ths winner of ths Ploneor-Tlmea scholar W, E. ADAMS COMPANY. number showed by handsomely engraved Inscriptions that watches were presents, SB4 prises and rewards for bravery and erses. Tsisphono or write tor parOenlars. POWDER-"IfhVAV Rands" Black Blasting, Dynamite, - ,3 i ship, tor on yoari ..:-s-:;..:-.. ,.;,;. :, Caps, Etc. . . v. ' faithful serrtc. ; if '! Board, room, fuel, lights and sorraaU' NAILS "Pearsona" (Ipmpnf They will all to Into the same, melting pot," the receiving clerk said, 'and ths bar will look Just like the one made f W rm iss a . ' . ' . M a at.s m JUST ARRIVED! We beg to announce that we' haverceived our lrst of young ' 4 ! . , ,.t , -t MJJilitXm laylors Uld Style" ana ouic. R if coin or dust"" t - - . brands. 7 ' : , All of Above in Stock at Oihalia. Next to the box full of watch cases was attention. v'., j Tuition In Literary Department, : Lessons en Plana, . . ' Lessons ia Voice Cull tors and Singing. ' Lessons on Violin. Mandolin, Guitar. ' . ' Lessons In Elocution, Delsarte, and Physical Culture. -r '''vv ;;;.,f jt: ' Lessons la Painting, Drawing, PasteL Lessons la German and French. CUBAN PARROTS. - ; I Which we offer at ONLY $6.00 EACH Si a much smaller box, from which the cot- r had Just been ripped off. This contain. Hoi It a Parrot thAt will latra Xm Ulk r&DidlT and win - BsaiiisssansaaBw', RAIXS-Steel of every description BOILERS-- EnginesAatomatic Stokers. y full atlafaction in Try -way. They an genulna haod-ralMd Ktvelas 4a Ksasan(W.l mwA dtenei u.Ji . ' " d a thick car of dull yellow metal, about ten Inches long, which, when placed oh the r .4 I I fcftT aTr a fluer loC Each parrot will ba mold with a WRIT. r a. I I I eVraHU finiBl alwnn svt sn a fj- a.v . . . . " scales, was found to weigh 1,25 ounces. Lessons la Bookkeeping, Shorthand and T r i wAnaniM iv iaisb- now om paoiouo ana oraar a UIIIINO And shop tools, bolts. Oorrurated Iron, Etc -Tfcat's about $20,000 worth of told." ! SV Type writing. t ru luipurxva xrom oar bow isiana oe jnDa. KlM Mafls saas. " ttk A faA a- 1. . Practlos on ths Piano two hours per day the man at the Scales, "and wo get them . iwira u Lnre. Some of them are For shinm Ant Hiorvf tVnm factoryTe! " "n" gaar I niahBlB s V syw.erws eyw.arv, saaVIUtllBr aUXO GEISLER'S BIRD STORE. ; tB2u3 throughout ths year. not as good as this, too," snd h pointed The scholarship will Include a railroad the Quality Guai tanteed-Special Prices-Orders Mexican rarrois wm aot amvs Decors August 16. ws Davs no agents on road to sell Parrotts tor us. . - : v... to the three big chunks of metal which are (jcket from Deadwood to Kansaa City. aa inquiries Solicited.

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