The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 24, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1900
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY, July 2: '.n(t GOTO FRANK hi ck Ms, SCHRE. YER - UllU THE DAIIY 1'IONEEKTIMES, DEAD WOOD, & D. is THE UNION ASSAY OfFllE :: Uo 37 Lee Street cad wo of'. Spruit" Millinrrv 1 "v Harton Ph. .no 92. the iron-1 - 1 !: Gold aiiL Silver For 5U Cents. I ruin t he r n ! , 1 iron est f,i-sh;uns .-ft- M. H. Lyons, Co. Agents f'ir Un i:. I. ki-H, ,1c ;.;' ;f, nil yp. '.VI I te r, You Can, Bank.. on f'tti'iK tie ! st in the MKAT I ii., if you t;. t it j r" ROGERS & SO N They always have a neat fresh .nek to select from and yon ' ran always get Just what yon j v.-ant. Icsiners. For real milliner v m:i-nificcncc, tor correct mode and recept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seehick. 7 W . DEADWOOD. MINES AMTl MINING I'lliiw niu ifjLiiiiii. 1 dm vrro UnriQtr J I t L. Ill Lit HUUJU I lark l;i..,k ii-.t i....r to U. S. 1 The foremost feature of f'cailwood's milliaery merchandising thiswaek will bv an attractive arrray of "first hatB" and small hata for ' I,, ii , t. strwtfl and shoplng at popular pn.-. s. On Strawberry. This ill- (i i. t iii He i i loinn a hi'. -a I .i ;i I "I vvn, k i I'jpill' III, ::i:v f i ' x i t r w f , xfw p,i; doing. In coniiertion with the Restauraat are ten finely furnished rooms with hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night- Short orders a Hlieclllty. 'I' u). ai .I inunnini; order ill 111:11' I Will In . III plo - I I I nil till- III I lie I p ' Ill i I ' i II;. i a II ;u 1 1; pro 1 1- ael I ha I ;iv I, i tli a - I 1 1 ' a a ,i I . . iia '. In - II ii, r'. (,f 1 1. at The Monarch. ' 'i 1 1.- -In i-li : i, I w . - !, I Ladies Muslin Underwear Sales Day. Sensational Prtefes .1 ler ol i. properl m TIM- hill w as . ..n count "I .if nun.-oie ImmIi. M-ll.-l I" w ; 1 1 ' i ill u li c have I.. IsALES DAY, SATURDAY JULY 21ST .iii-l low .11- hi M I :i in i ; hi b 11, so loin.' as II paying 'i"l" 45C Hi .00 shirt (lra Wit- 70c lor . . SING YOU Prop. Dr. Bismarck von Wedelstaedt Dr. George S. von Wedelstaedt Inn. and lioistim: II: ii 1 no 85c -1 shirt In'' will ii,. I Hi. dra w rr li5.' ( ii iTl t'T- 7."Y ( '11 iW'll I' d' . . HI .0(1 ( ;,.v 11 I'd' HI .2 'n'wn l'i' . 55C 70c 85c 55c 70c 85c 70c 90c $1 10 w it hie a w . 1 1 1 m i ii lie- Inn -Mill i II II' 'I On III.- U'h (he Dakota I in., pro - . 1 111. "l 1 il, at Hi. mine .inly ,,-velo.,l, w hi k . on. .1111 In IT- 1 1 W 1 1 . -1 .-. i.iiiliil survey 1 1 k 1 ims vv .t h tl,. .ii -uine plan 1 1 1 r advantage HI. N shirt for $1 10 l--""1 draw, ,- H2.25 shirt i.,r 1 65 ! S1-l(l ''iH'nii., .v5,- ih'itwcis tor 25C, -f -"lK'ni:-. (i.V drawers for 45q.' HI .N lu'tin il;i w I 1 1 I ml. I lir-. lliol - HJ.oo ( ;,,w ti i.'i 1.4:j .V -shu t I. d' . . . 6UC Special att'iition iiivcn to analytical! ; i-. He- la 1 Ii ami a ,. W . H I, . 111. ill . .- h.-. I to sink aii'l inn re . opi. .il work. 1 l IP 'i: -riii a .- in.., k, oppi.-iio II. & M Depol. T. 1. ; hop,- I!. . L'l'.'. II' '1 1;.-'- p. p, r a. in , L' 1,, 4 ins I 7 to S p. 111 Hc-Mi-a. .' :i City Creek. These o- U arc wa ll tr,.nlv ol line niuliii-. and clco-ant 1 v trimmed w itl; ,iiui . ni i i i u 1 rv, "ti v'ill a i '1 irceiate our jiru'e when nn hac seen lh. and se.'ti re Ii i's t eln nee. I Mlllt Kill Ilia; il M. l.eo.l. Callarhei doim a una! i i . 1 1 Intr Willi 1 1 . 1 1 1 : i rhev now have II feet nijil will hnvi thirty feet before ite. The "KMIU.I I . I W 1 1 It at 1 I, ! .1-1 feet s III, for , 1 1 r ink in it -Hiking tl IS Well ; I -1 " Ini lien in pi.- of ,i nr. a'l. 1 I off Tin how. v i j 1 1 ; 1 1 1 'iplippe.l : 1 U A OC'O Where Thev Main St. Deadwood S. D. with piinipini; am I hoi titi!.- ni.e h i ii. i v inVJL. J SellCheao. .1 a Wo!, eh in r 1 .- hot ha 1 . will son a -hall I" lie - II, ,,, is , ompl. I air will I,, wol k I lis. ha ; I.. . i inking .TV roiel in! then trouble i cut some QUILT FACTORY ep. I I II, I- I. s s . t .11 lie I I lie I II II II I Wl, s 11 11 a lei w 1 1 1; 'I 1 lie. I .1 n -I I, Il loll of .le-h,, I 1,1 .,11 il,.- i 1 He i - have In, 111 lie I'll t -i '11 hieJi a-- a k'tlL-e h Tie ore which the; tact, some of Jtill to the Ion. it iniiiiiim as ami t In - ha I s fa .TV I 'i n ii a vs FULLER & BROWN, PROPS, I- all 111 ore. which a hirli. and the shoot upon are working is getting day's work. Regular are being made to the MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, M.uiMf... 'urn- of all Mrnls f nullis from 1 lie t -fit-aii-cst to t!in very finest to ftHiii'l in any i imnl i . A No 1 ,r(i eri of qui!' s aii'l make sofa il lov s to 01 h r. DOWN QUILTS vv hu h tin ter with shipment WHO? WHO? WHO ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 1b LEE STREET. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEC STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER EUSCH. 5 CENTS. 5 CENTb. 5 CENTS. GElmES OLD BARN.. I 11 nnf Prtnm-orn.i nnfl DnrrfMnn Tlfin rim'TTtTirv nHJ rtnJJ. 17... tiocly of it Tl,e shaft is imw in mai ter wheh is highly ininera I iz.-.l . ami th.ey have every reason to heliew that when the second contact shall have been reached that a laia:,. am! rich ore body will he em ountc I ' d (In the I'ermison am! IVterson . iind sotni' very rich (in- has l'oen "truck, some of it rn n n in tr as IukIi as $lf0 to the ton. They are now following in some small verticals, which aeem to be niowini; stronger with each day'H work. '11111 the 1 ham "s of strik vmn uuniijuu uuu iJUf'Kiu'i. uuui Ullllllg UUU UUUU.l ill) .j! j I e 11 ipiil.t.- i,f 1 he f imvt j make a speciality, j II Carney Si. old phone. 170 ; your unlcr is respectfully -clieileii. Uolileii Reward sin,.t. r at Diailwoinl The Hailstorm. 1 This mine, which adjoins the Mun arch, on Two Hit, is following a mini ber of small stringers of ore. which! 1 seem to be coming together, and will ultimately develop into a big body of j ore. in fact, il looks now as tho the ore body is not far ilislant. and 1 1 1 1 Boarding Horses by the Day week or Monti: ,i S i'e.'l.'l.lT. s-roRv- Ine a law shoot of ore are extremely Droniislni: A pump ami boil, r are on GATES IRON WORKS the ground and the work of .sinking on the veins which they are following will not be ily clelaye.r. MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL tiny have not ore in place, 'vervthing points to the fact that it is close at hand Work is now being prosoctueil on a tunnel from the bottom of a thir- ty foot shaft, the tunnel running west, j The matter being taken from the workings is highly mineralized, and. 1 'together the outlook is bright for I the futuie success of the mine The tunnel on the Norwich K'oup three claims - Friday last broke into REVERE RUBBER 00. IBUEBSOLL-SEBBEANT DRILL Cfli a very rich bodv of ore, assays from ( Flat Alack Hills I Band W Gold ) I RINGS. F RINGS. ( BUTLER J X. A f which have run as hlh as $la() per ton. The vein when first struck was Security at a lawful rate of interest. Business strictly confidential. Will call at your residence If requested. O. JACOBS. Cigar Stor:i Opposite Bollock Hotel a small one. hut it did not take mm 4 ! Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co- Hoists , than a day's work to demonstrate that The Foot Mine. s mine, the prope'ty of Knul-on . has a t'ai e of ore in its workings assays well and will return a It was one or the most extensive 111 Tin - Co that the district, the entire fact- of 1 1111 nel now he'tin in ore. The tunnel 0, F. PURNELL which is now in under the hill about 150 feet will he continued for another Xveier- All Kl'idsV v Plain SET1 J s( 0VAL ) lmNGy lARIN J jt Deadwood, S. I). Aent for South Dak. :j NEXT COLORADO EXCURSION Is run by the I'.urlington Koute. Tickets will be on sale July L':!rd and 'lth, at one fare lor the round trip (plus fL'.iii.n to Denver, Pueblo and nun ado Springs mid other points. This is your first and last chance this year to secure tiikets to the above resorts at ...... rates. The best train departs daily at 2:20 p. ni. good prolit to cyanide. There is a twenty foot shaft on the ground, from the bottom of wh,, Ii n drift has been staited running along the ore shoot, Ii" owners bcilcve llwit they have a very good thing anil intend to develop III. ore body tl.omlv. and should II turn .mt to be so , n as th. y thinl-it will, a . vnni.le plant of its own w ill I..- ere, ted to treat its ore. V 100 feet. Every foot of progress mail, shows the ore body to he n-t I inn bet ter, hut how wide It Is cannot now b said, for no attempt has be 11 mail, to crosscut the vein. The Shamrock is another mini' in Deadwood, S. D. The. this district that has ami is showing up well well. Seven carle:. d of ore have shipped from this ouml n hi 'i been 1 nave returned 11 net protn to tin own Family liquor store Fine old California "Wine- -u. ' herry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel. PASSION PLAY. The Original Oberammergau. . i I'uiler the inaiuiKeiiieiit of Or .lolm 11. Selieier. mul the lectures of Hie two professors, .lucob Willi ami i Charles II Itrey, will he i vt-n at the, Opera house at Doailwood. S I).' Iiursday niKht. August ;t. ;m,l l-'riday. ' August luth. evenitiKs. at S o'clock. j This is the original ( )lu rum morgan j Passion Hay. in moving, living pic j At $1.50 Per Gallon or 5l'c a quar File old PmffMiiy anfl Fraiidy Iras $0!- Case Beer Delivered to the House Free 635 Main Street Deadwood. ers of $50 a ton. 1 he work now being done i ; catch the shoot of ore that leaves the old work lngs and which cannot be far distant from the place where they are now engaced. ne Shamrock is one of the best propositions in the gulch and will soon be again making regular shipments'. - The Zoellner and Harker shaft, on the Strawberry side of the divide of la now down 3 50 feet, and as soon as machinery to handle the water that has come into the workings can he placed upon the ground sinking will be resumed. There is every Indication that the ore body for which they have been looking is close at hand,- the rock in which they had been working when drhen out by the water being highly mineralized. lures, -tod unit atiu persons on one picture, copied from the scenery at Ober-amniergau. Havana, Germany, hy two renowned photographers, by order o1 the King of Huvaria. This scenery was afterwards subjected to Edison's scientific manipulation and by him made Into living, moving pictures, re BLACK HILLS RAB8RY !::: .'U producing the realistic features of tie great original passion play. whUh is tne astonishment and admiration of the nost learned and cultured people No. 4. North Ma.' n St. The "Belgian Hare" ' Mnki" a (ircat I'll. Belgian Hnrcs of Europe and A met ica I !, Fi a, si s . , 1, " pictures of the ,ife II miracles, sufferings mil ' t.nur K.ihl.iirv ila Wecilll,'. . consist ing of of Christ his dea'h. toiri th boly pi a cs ' inisjun: );,. : l. t. i,, ih.l-s.Tle at FMi- VV. Uh- 'I I Kr Ha- imi... -.'I.' r l.r. : ..f n . I t- y 1ST l- 11', er with pictures of the made sacred thereby, served seats. $1 ; g c Wasp No. 2. The boilers and engine will be put In B8lt,on by next Thursday, and the other machinery, which is on the road will be erected Just as soon as it ar-rlres. The cyanide tanks, which f were ordered from Portland. Oregon, are now here and as soon as the hoops, which were made especially for them. Iron. o,"i( Tiikets on el's F.azaar. C-owds alv ys atti nc this play, so soon in ki ts in tim Custom Ore ;ind lome early. A rare opoprttinity he blackness of Monday is for gotten when the housekeeper views on Tuesday the snow comesthey will be placed in position. These tanks were an especial order, and were made from selected Oregon fir. Everythng about the mill has been selected with arMew to worth and there will a cheap piece of machinery or a deftctlTe timber in It. There Is not any but the necessary work to keep the mine in 'good shape being done Just now, hut so soon as - - ' . . r ' ; . . . The popular "N western Line," F. E. & M. V. R. ..11 sell tickeU July 23rd and 24th. to Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo, at one fare plus $2 for the round trip. Call at Elkiorn passenger station for all particulars, regarding limits, time cards, etc. We are now pn. pared to treat ai- Cyanide process at reasonable rat - Golden Gate Mining & Milling Comp'' First Ward, Deadwood S.D. drift of linen that has been washed white with Ivory Soap, It floats.

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