The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 8, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1899
Page 2
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! J THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 8, 1899, Men, our illustrated catalogue explains also be rich in the educational privileges ni DEADWOOD PldKEER WATCHES, Dujjg. for her host of young people. The Black how we teach barber trade In 8 weeks Mailed free. Molers Barber Colftfe Minneapolis, Minn. Hills college seems to have both the confidence and patronage and intrest of ahost THE HEATHEN CHINEE. Which I wish to remark And my language la plain That for ways that are dark, ' And for tricks that are vain. The heathen Chinese Is peculiar. Which the same I would rise to explain. ESTABLISHED JUNK , Ufa, THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. of friends. We prophecy a glorious fu ture for this, the only college in the HilU FOR SALE. No citizen of the Hills can afford to do EBTAOUBillfiU AfKU. T. Ull. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. other than become a staunch friend of this Institution of our own Hills country FOR SALE An upright piano, new and In good order. Mrs. L. E. Miller. SoM Gold Jcwdr The young people, seem to be Hocking to PIONEER-TIM ICS PUBLISHING CO Tin in was nis name; Anil I shall not deny Id regard to the same What that name might Imply, this institution of learning. The present k Hills Gold I TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: year, we are Informed, till open Septem ber l'.nh. DAILY Erary Mornln. Exeept Monday 0a Year :...$10.00 But his smile it was pensive and childlike. As I frequent remark to BUI Nye. Sterling Silver LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley spring, In the First ward, Is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. CHANGE OK KED CROSS FLAG. BU Months . Om Month LOO There Is a movement afoot to change wlIKLT Ihum Kitty Tnursaay. It was August the third. Om Tmt -00 the Ked Cross flag. The Red Cross socie And (juitc soft was the skies; ml Months LOO At Special Prjea- JVT a ty Is known far ad wide for its magnlll Which it might lie inferr'd cent work. It seems a nity to change the FOR SALE Three of the best ranches on That Ah Kin was likewise; at Ui slgnum which stands for as much good to Patered as Second-Class Matter Deadwood PoatoftW William i He Way u it that day upon humanity in another way as the name. Andym.' in a way I deenlse. Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over $1,000 improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer-Ttmes office. Ilostetter's Stomach Hitters. It strikes at the root o falmost all illness the stom Which we hail a small game. ach making it strong and hearty. A REPUBLICAN TICKET, tupreme Court Judges. DIOHTON CORSON. H. 0. FULLER. DICK HANEY. A. F. healthy stomach invariably nicans health. And Ah Pin took a hand; It was euchre. The same Hh did nnt understand; 1 R SAL3 Desirable residence lots. If you have constipation. IjujiKSS: iouilys- Guild addltluu. fcJmjutr Baggaley a pesla, nervousness, insomnia, or liver and Hut h smiled as he sat by ..the table. Main Street kidney troubles, try Hosteller's Stomach With amile that was childlike and blanj. nRSl RA RLE bulldlnu lots on Lincoln v. lalfj Bitters. It has cured these ills for hal DO THE OTHHJK FELLOWS FIRST pnne. Injrleside: lumber furnished to I century. See that a private Reven In another column of today s Issue w build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) Stamp covers the neck of the bottle eeee4444J Yet the cards they were stock'd In a way that I grieve, And my feelings were shock'd At the state of Nye's sleeve, reprint the pitiful tale which Truthful James, of California, unfolded some years ego in regard to the shameful treatment FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at I A Year at College Free The Pioneer-Times will give i Which was stuff'd full or aces and bowers. Terry, S. D. For further information enaulre of C. W. Ronan, Prop. (lm.) which he and his colleague, Mr. Nye, had free scholarship at the Lexington Fe male College, Lexington, Mo., to be voted received at the bands of the abandoned Chinaman. Ah Sin, that almond-eyed malefactor, deliberately put down a right And the same with Intent to deceive. But the hands that were played By that heathen Chinee, FOR SALE A ilA II. P. Otto Gasoline to the most popular girl in the Black Hills. Arrangements haye been made with A Big Cut on engine, tank and reservoir complete. bower which had been dealt to one of his And the points that he made, the president -of the college to furnish to Pioneer-Times. opponents, after first protesting his Ig Were quite frightful to see- the winner of the Pioneer-Times scholar norance of applied euchre. The lndigna Till at last he put down a right bower, ship, for one year: FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine and Cook Stoves tlon which raged In the breasts of Truthful James and Mr. Nye on discovering Board, room, fuel, lights and servants' Which the same Nye had dealt unto me, blower, nearly new, in perfect condi attention. tion, no further use for same, will sell I how cruelly they had been victimized Then I looked up at Nye, must have been awful for the compassion cheap. Exactly Buited to ventilating And he gazed upon me; small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. Tuition In Literary Department, Lessons on Piano, Lessons In Voice Cullture and Singing. Lessons on Violin, Mandolin, Guitar. ate to contemplate. What added to the Tjolgnancy of their sorrow was the fact And he rose with a sigh. Why Buy a Second Hi And said, 'Tan this be? that both of them were masters of the FOR SALE A 4 room house in Hidden Lessons In Elocution, Delsarte, and Phy We are ruined by Chinese cheap labor," And he wen! for that heathen Chinee. Treasure Gulch. Cheap for cash or in Stove When You can get sical Culture. stalments. Enquire of the ow ner, James I game and bad abundance or strong reserve cards up their sleeves. The rule which David Harum laid down for his guidance In "hoss" trading, "Do unto the Lessons In Painting, Drawing, Pastel. Lessons in German and French, Dahl. New one for the samemonl In the scene that ensued Lessons in Bookkeeping, Shorthand and I did not take a hand. other fellow the way he'd like to do you FOR SALE Household furniture, cheap I Typewriting. But the floor It was strew'd an' do It fust," la equally applicable to w i for cash. Enquire at No. 13 Filmore Sttl Practice on the Piano two hours per day Like the leaves on the strand, euchre. Truthful James and Mr. Nye -CUME AND SEEDS throughout the year. With cards that Ah Sin had been hiding The scholarship will Include a railroad In the game he "did not understand." FOR RENT. ticket from Deadwood to Kansas City. A coupon clipped from the Pioneer- n his sleeves, which were lone. Ayres & ffarian Harflware FOR RENT One nicely furnished room, He had twenty-four packs Times will count one vote. Subscriptions paid in advance will count: terms reasonable Apply 729 Main St. Which was coming too strone. Yet I state but the facts; Main FOR RENT 2 New houses, upper I month, $120 votes. 6 months, $5 200 votes. 1 year, $10600 votes. And we found on his nails, which w. St. Enquire of Otto Orantz. .taper, wnai is rrequent in tapers that s wax. Weekly 1 year, $2.00100 votes. Delinquent subscriptions collected by FOR RENT 7 room house, with all mod lost sight of that fact, but It was different with Ah Sin. Hence. It is safe to say that a more deadly blow at their faith In human nature was sever dealt. The cry with which their joint anguish expressed Itself, "We are ruined by Chinese cheap labor!" ran over the country like wildfire and set vibrating sympathetic cords In the hearts of many a member of select euchre circles. The tale of which this cry was the climax was generally regarded as a unique and most interesting addition to the literature of the Chinese question, a question which at the time was at the fore on our. western coast. It is safe to say that nothing which Brete Harte has written, either in prose or verse, has done mere to commend him to the general reader than these artfully artless lines. Which is why I remark ern Improvements, furnished or unfur And my language is plain nished. Apply to Ploneer-Tlmes. the contestants will count the same as advance subscriptions. Contestants will be furnished blank subscription receipts and authorized to receive and receipt for moneys. That for ways that are dark, And for tricks that are vain, FOR RENT 5 room house with bath com The heathen Chinee is peculiar plete, new paper and paint. $12 per mo. Shoes With a Reputation The contest will begin July 20 and end Which the same I am free to maintain. 67 Centennial Ave. August 25. BRETE HARTE. School opens September 10. FOR RENT 17-room boarding house, va RANGES HORSES." OFFICERS OF SOUTH DAKOTA EDU cant by July 20th. Enquire of O. F. CATIONAL ASSOCIATION. Barrett sV Zimmerman, Midway horse Ong, Plums. market, the largest range horse 'dealer In At the business meetings of the general Our Boys SeahSkin Seamlei the aerthwesC Have oommodloaa facil association and of the various departments, WANTED Six good farm hands. Apply Itlea specially arranged for handling range the following were elected officers for next. to Stearns Lumber yard, upper Malta St. horses with large corrals and pasture In SHOES! connection and with tnelr stables midway year: . President 9. C. Hartranft, Brown coun-ty. Secretary Mrs. Mary Cowan, Iroquois. between Minneapolis and St, PauL , where FOR RENT House with nine rooms, In Are noted lor their wearing qualM range home can h disposed of to a bet- cluding bath. For particular Inquire I tar advantage thaa elsewhere., Minnesota Cor. Sec. J. A. Dickson, Yankton coun at J7 Van Buran St. excellent for school wear. Transfer, St Paul, Minnesota. OrVS IT A REST.- Periodically and same times semi-pert od-Ically somi person or persons agitate the question ol a removal of the U. 8. land fflci from Rapid City, Last year an 'effort was made to have It removed to Deadwood nod this year an apparently Blot old gentleman of French extradition rtarted a movement to have it brought tip to Whltewood1 and In a, moment pf mental aberration a number -of prominent ' dtliana together with the mayor of Dead-wood and county officials signed tha old man's petition. Tha following letter addressed to the petitioners by the commis ty. Treasurer Mi Alice Shouse, Plankln- Furnished rooms at th White House, o MORRIS ft HICKS. House Cleaner and Carpet fitter. ,L. C. VERPLASl Mtn ana JHeetrio lights. Rent $10 per I tori. ? HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DB-. PARTMENT. - month per room. Fine view from every I Will clean carpet on the floor with their No. QO iaeroa.&ii St. room. new proca, restoring the original eolor president Alexander Strachan, Dead- 1 win take them ap and elaaa the eU wood. NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable I way. Beat references. 011 at or oecretary miss. Nettie A. Green, Mil- 721 Mala street. phone Pioneer-Times. rates at Noble block, MRS. OARS. sioner of tha o, L. o., should settle - tha ' question, and tha land office should be bank. DEPARTMENT COUNTY SUPERIN-- "- TBNDKNCB. X given a rest, until Deadwood gats a pub n ODE GENT A WORD " President J. Barnard, Codington count. FOR RENT Three furnished rooms suitable for housekeeping. Enquire 0f Ol FULLER BROS & MeCUMS Secretary Miss Morrow, Brule county. Lackous or at No. IS Taylor avenue. ' The election of officer of the common school department wtia deferred until the Advertisements under thla head ONI (GEDDES OLD BARN.) CENT A WORD each insertion, whan rua FURNISHED ROOMS For housekeeping. Christmas meeting. New CarriatrRs anil fifr lies. Best Drivi ni s3 thaa en month; three Hoes, ti ft In the Miller block, 41 Le street lic building and then It will ceone here of Its own accord. Until than let It stay " trhara It la. . '.' WASHINGTON, June 19, 1899. Refer. r ring to the communication transmitted by you on tha 10th Instant, relative to a' , change In tha location of the U. 8. land offlce from Rapid City to Whltewood, fl. - Dak. J hare to inform you that It appears that the arguments presented are aubstantlally the same as those used la the spring of 1898. for a change of the per month; payable la advance. - .vSned Boarding Horses by the day week or mom, -r FOR RENT Two furnished rooms t th , . EDUCATIONAL. ' A New Bra for the Black Hills Educational Interests. . WANTED HELP. Holiner, suitable for office or cham ber. WANTED Good girt for general house- mere aeems tovbe a new era for the work. Mrs. F. R. Carpenter. - higher educational interests of the Hills. FOR RENT Two room opposite th Bul- Th Black Hills college, which has passed offlca from Rapid City to Deadwood, which was carefully looked tnte by an Inspector t lock. Enquire at pioneer-Times. w ANTED Housework or , washing and thro the struggls of nine years, I now taking on new Ufa. . The people of the of this office In May, 1898, and whose re Ironing by the day ..Enquire at No. 11 rua RENT Two large, nicely furnished I commendation that no change in the pres Hills, who have shown 'their progreastV Filmore. ' . '""-V-: ' - rooms, suitable for housekeeping. 61 Lin ent location of tha offlca fee made, , was Interest Is every line, are now demon- coln Ave., Ingleside. duly approved by thla office. sirs ting in a material way their purpose In th establishment of an Institution of Wanted A laundry th girt at Belle The conditions as now represented are . Shoes, for Almost Nothing. Fourche hotel similar to those formerly presented,, ex FOR RENT A new tenement on Ingle- learning that will equal any like Instl- tlon in the east of Deadwood U I ZIPP, the pioneer shoe dealer WANTED By small family,. no children. boup , Letter of Inquiry are being received by ,v. -1 i xr-.o. hftire bsve T00 eept that Instead of Deadwood, the town of Whltewood is now named as the location for-the office, and as there . appears to be no sufficient ground for removing aide, 4 rooms, besides halls, closets, bath and wood house,- electrle lights, and all modern improvement. Building absolutely frost proof. Rent 111 per a furnished or partly furnished house on ost par- shoes, "good shoes" at th price he will 11 a .. ... ..i . . thtna m Forrest Hill. Address with full Uculars, Pioneer-Times. tha office from Rapid City at present. moo in. r. Knowle. President Pyle from all over the Hills as to the yearly cost and aa to when the college Will open its work of the year. The commercial department Is to be -the equal of any school In the west, the musle so action in the matter will be taken by vA.rnBiL A responsible axent to work WANTED-MSClttJJWiEOUS. course embraces sis year of work and for the Soath Wester Life Association. Respectfully, BINGER S. HERMANN, , Commissioner. Good pay for right man. Address J. 8, equal to any conservatory course, The erHlegs course Is equal to any, east" or west "The people of the Hills win WANTED Seoood Hand 3vwi. . v. w I orniac, uen i Aft, Hot Spring, 8. "1 I XNotiMng Will be reservea, ) - ' commences August 1st", and continues until 1 sold. , ' This U no fsks sateT'or I will lurely f '. shoe business thU fall, and my loss will oor Corns early befor th stock to broken. c. a zipp, , enerman St. S, L. ConanL " i - - - f - feel that this,' the 'richest , one hundred WArmir-TMtwoodchper at tUS per mile square In the world, and the richest, and most beautiful in scenery, ani -that f-. LOST oor roy Percjf Broe. Two Bit ' , ' THE NEW DELMONICa Tom Han has leased the Pelmonlco Restaurant under' the postofflce, and will open to the public Thursday. August 10, tor dinner. The new manager la first-class cook. The restaurant will hereafter . be ivin upon the European plan. ' j has those wonderful Hot Springs,' th Carlsbad e America,- and rich, even su LOST-Between Ingleside' and the 6r. . South preme. In climate, favorable for tha devel mA e. . - m I Deadwood, , - WORK WANTED Corn pet sot woaaa, by th day. No. I Water street , rear of Fish ft Qunter' Planrfif Min. v au a email whit giu, fan tsar,! opment of th mental power of man, should at noneer-TImes.

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