The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 16, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16. Ifloo. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOO I Our jRlatfoir-iraa M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. iP7s Pledga Ourselves in Fi?:r cf 3 df ( uinci's limn ivri v!i;t l inisi:il( nicnls W ;irc iH'ithcr advertising a great Slaughter nor a groat Removal Sale, hut wt an pi,e)ar'l lo sell !IliT THERUR- BUTTON rsACK"suiT,:::"rr::; W'e 5how a finely Sekvltd AsMrftmnt "V" j r-- r.r. p. 'AM : i I - I '. v . -As . FI RST-CLASS GOODS mm. - - ii i ii - - - . , mi mi - - Ml 7ft TT)c' riTT.i i D T.T V f i ; T'i.!T:s. Vc InVitoi" olVerin- mm1s ai ui .,r e- l!iai, a i', 1" i ! i- ! 1 1 ' ' .: h i ; I li:i t ih Mi n !i a nt c,i n 11 cr to ! I "nods fur less t h.i a u-l i : i i ,-i in l ip ,i i, e , ; m !i . - i i i , u h' ; '. :i ;n 1 1) ii ii ir i ii i ' i id ipic v. : at to li II le 1 H I i.(i The !' i Mi i i i Mil' - 1 1 i 1 1 1, 1; a f a 1 1 ides will co'i vinee t lie u I I : - I !:a ! ve itiletid to lo ii 3 '': . J ill' I as . c ;i i! crt i sc i ! 1 I 1 V ':'J'v4 I.ldli's' Km 1 1 .! ticH'e I ' i - t!i,i rv Oil' I ' 1 1 IPs m Gff rlog tire vpry c'ossf t Priffs a Srn riK J fyni? & t 1 - ' i 'it ; '- t t i ! :i '. fur 'in ; v u.. iliii'- hid 0ii!3-Mvca n . : i 5 vt. iKf iW?il All Over $111 (in. $1 I 00 ;ind Q Cf) $13.50. at only U OU iGioves, Socks Stockiiisj Ladies, Misses, And Childrens1 FOr,TH: BIG I,.) ! )ri'lL; ; 1 LK.s AS (WNDI DATI-S foi mir pal loin: : i wcnie - i.;i.f p ' 9 All better Touts ami Cnpes are reduced at the same rate Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Suits. IK Suits mate out of i?ood quality homespun, at only s.oo A bettor art! le all wool at $7.20. This suit would be heap at $12 00 MaWAV.V.W.V.'A I'AV.W. Ladies' Outside Skirts. 25 Black Mohair Skirts at $1.90 20 filai k Cheviot Rk h ts at J2.70 ZOFIL B ROS. CO. ii THE- PI0M-EH 'I LCI 1. 1 1 1 S (I iC-, UNDERWEA i 1 AC W j i , MAlKEIIiEET, All our S-l T.'i. $ hi) ami f .' .'ill Skirts go at onl S3 75 Remember we will compete with any I v ; i LL i ' Tho Famous For Only 'jc i pric e s Re s p e c tf ully, CAR WILE. i"all te!i .lmi:e '.'7 fur mi i r h mh :'e .--fut-f r. Pi ompt nen ice. D. I ' I. '. EtiTEY PIANO, t-fth - fyli In:: 1 to !. !.:ul (iii:.v :: I S;iV. i- y N'.. ! !;!;,' i. in 'i i l. I :' on have ( si . n a i iiilil in t 'i j :nnny Hi ci(iui ;.ou mn ii a'i'.r l.n'.v iLiati'l'iil mm hers are for )ne Miieite i'oiiuIi Cure wl.i li mvi-s relief a ; -nun a.'- it ii aiiaiiuistei ed. It irii-Kiy ; i in e.s i ii'.i 'lis. colds, and all llnoat and ' Inn:; t:o,iiiles. Kirk G. Phillips, i Mln-ne kali-ta water lor kn.i.ev C nu i ilea. Try tt. ! F. M. Gaiitz, D. 7J. S. M'lili'in P"i-tlHtrv of nl, kinds. Gas adiniii'stcreil I Eighteen years o ex pet Wic. lloH-n-j thai Blcok. I Min-ne-kah-ta wati r for the stomach ! it- , WE SELL i Lowney's Candy. j Clio. ola e Lion-Bons, Dipped AI- j monds and Assorted Nuts. j CARWILE. IF YOU READ, THE AROMA OK OUK 25c MOCHA AM) JAVA COFFR IS UNSURPASSEDTRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN ST. All tho fruit.? and vegetables of the neason at the lo vest prices, Standard Cash Grocery . Doth HKil.i : .-. ,i i i . Mli : .- i.l i oontcrlVits . on. mi! ft -i .ii. I !!:.-! ii, I'll will lint i : i oii ii li:i ' . n u i ii I !i!i' .-! i i u I ) : : 'i i!.- 'ii II.W.'i Wilrli I i.i:'.i'i S.i! i . I'll.' in r- !IKil . in I'alli'.'le for urni" pili-;, mir.. e 7. in ii and all s-kii. -IUh a .!:. I:rk ' Phillips. f-'. D. Smith h;ai(llcs uottiing hut ttii mm. k; -.til.' mil luiik' : i'-tl "As an ai'lirlc of iiii'iil. ' li a :ii i i r-Ri'inedy- stands at tin- head of the list" says .Mr. W. .M. 'Hcrmelt. a wi ll known banker of Leesburg, Florida. Try this remedy when in nred of sui h a medU'inu and you will be of the same opinion, it is pleasant to take and always cures. For sale by Kirk G Phillips, Druggist The best Mocha and Java coffee, delicious diink, with no dregs, only 25c per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery, tf Cold weather is coming. A. C. Morris, four doors above Hattenliuch's, will Iriack your stove, clean the pipe and put them. THECITY The Bullock hotel has just put In a line line of Turkish cigarette In the lobby. Mrs. Harvey Hughes of Spearflah, Is the guest of Mrs. J. W. Fowler of this city. Born Wednesday, November 14, to the wife of Louis Sundel, Burnham Hill, a son. Phil Hanak, the well known representative of B. Liver & Co.. the wholesale bar fixtures firm of Omaha, is in the Hills again looking after the Interests of his customers. Tr.en Uon't toryet tha! v e ' ai ry a compete, lino of all tic late.,t. Magazines and Periodicals. CARWILE. Corner Lee and Sherman Sis. Wanted. or six experienced tie M. J. BAILEY, Custer, I.akota Tribe No. 1 of the Redmen will hold a meeting tonight to teach a number of palofaces how to hunt, after which it will give a dog feast In approved style. When you want to go to Central, whether lt be day or night, just go over on the street and climb in Teller's hack. Rich, Warm, Healthy blood Is given by Hood's Sarsaparilla, and thus lt protects the system from colds, fevers, pneumonia and other diseases that quickly overcome a weak and debilitated system. The favorite cathartic Is Hood's Fills. 25c. . men S. D. Five wanted, tf. -0- I .'1 1 s. F. D- Suiun can save you moiie.. on lumber. All he asks is a ( ham e f fi'rp with :cn. No. C71 Main street Is where you should get your a'.'. suit. Folstad, tho tailor, Is there. Attention, G. A. R. Pist meeting Friday evening at 8 o'clok. We have not had a good meeting in two months, and must have one that night . E. E. CLOUGH. Post Commander. from New York, with ail ih'' late-ideas in lace, and einlui'i li'iy. 'al and inspect her new goods. The Greatest Money5aving Event of the Sense SS is is S3 is is is 1ST-ISP n 9 l&TEWI Tail oALE ve -riv rt seiorabo t timo only as our newquarteri Wil' r:ady for occupation in about t;.tj flays On. SS a is limit td a lid g o1h h-vo iio value wil h us ju3t at ' bis time. ' """tt'-'irfl ;r td'r n't3 3 jxwdmvoili-e gjoefs we 'have made pric st.ui ."o ver than ever. is S3 S3 ' S3 S3 S3 ,., Dry Goo4s, Carpets, Stnts. Jackets, Capes, Furs and Sioes. If you tiaveti'c as yet called at this great Sale, we are going to give ycu an opportunity to do so within the next ten days, this a means moneyta you and a bi saving on a bill of seasonable me chandiee. Respectfully, S3 . JOHN C. HAINES, DEADWOOD, S. D. S S A m " 4 " INC, INC, ? :88:!8:S:S::JS:8i:S:!S:88:38:S:S8:J8:a:ffl:S:8S:S Many people worry because they A GREAT BIO ASSORTMENT OF fragrant as ripe rruit fure as a mountain spring Hoary with sge i believe they have heart disease. The CHINA WARE TO CHOOSE FROM THE GIVEN AWAT TO CASH PUR and a blessing to men when rightly CHASERS AT THE STANDARD BUSH& GERTS chances are that their hearts are all right but their stomachs are unable to digest food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and pre used that's HARPER'S WHISKEY Sold by Can- & Berry, Deadwood, S, D. CASH GROCERY. tf We must cut down our stock before vents the formation of gas which makes the stomach press against the we move into the Adams block on November 20th. Tou can get bargains at DeMouth's Ark. Winter Pasture. I have 1280 acres of pasture land, well wstered snd Dlentv of erasa. I heart It will cure every for mof In digestion. Kirk O. Phillips. ; Tou can't afford to risk you life by allowing a cough or a cold to develop Witts Little Larry Kisers are the best liver pills ever made. Easy -rsZu We Carry The Largest Line of Supplies will feed during storms. I can accommodate 100 head of horses this winter, at 81.60 per month. To convince you that we mean business, we will give you the cost nark, te you can select any suit or orercoat you want tt cost. Coupde-main is the mark. Chase's, Dead wood. ..... ... . M. Folstad, the tailor. No. 601 Main street, for your fall suit W. L. Nell, O, D. A, resident dentist, has moT4 his office to Room 19, Syndicate Block. V ' The "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. E. ft M. V. R. R., Is the direct line between Deadwood and OHAMA, CHICAGO, all eastern points. . Folstad, the tailor for your fall suit. No. 671 Main street - tt Don't believe all that Is told yon, tut go and see Chafe's clothing and read the prices. It will surprise you. Clothing was never sold so low In the Hills. . Chase's, Deadwood. , Call for the cost mark whea vnn Into pneumonia er consumption. One Minute Cough Cure will cure throat end lung troubles quicker than any A. H. COQSLEY, Whitewood, a D. " other preparation known. Many doc r J i.e. iT v -f'i , ' 7 . ,-4 r1 tors use lt as a specific for grippe. to take and never gripe. Kirk G. Phillips. . HORNBEROERS v CREAM OF WHEAT FLOUR IS WITHOUT A PEER TRY IT STANDARD CASH GROCERY 4K SHERMAN STKS.ET. Mr. Mellck Is prepared to give the electrlo scalp treatment facial massage, also remove superfluous hair by It Is an Infallible remedy for croup. Children like It and mothers Indorse i jw. ;w. "lzS-h '-r-1 Cure Your Cold While You Can. Is It not better to cure vonr cold it Kirk O. Phillips. SPIDER-LEO UNCO LO RED JA wnjie you can. In Its incipency, rather thana take the 'chances of its resnltine PAN TEA. WITHOUT ANT WAR In pneumonia, catarrh or consumption, . Best on earth foi Tone, Touch and DurabUlty. TAX ON IT. AT STANDARD CASH electricity. We carry a line line of GROCERY 48 SHERMAN STREET. au oi wnicn diseases begin with a cold and mar be nrevented b-r curln a For School Children sss,u?vr.,Jrr " every cold at the start? Chamberlain's Cough: Remedy can always be depended upon. It Is Dleasant and powders, hair tonics, wrinkle emoluments and bust developer. Room 8. over Deetken's drug store.' ESTEV PiANC for my family. Haw-ley t the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock hotel. go to Chase's to buy clothing; they l ave a special sale on over' oats and fits of clothes, pants for men and f Oysters! Oysters! Oysters! Served In any style, or sold by the ran. at Frasler'a Vienna Bakery .Mian street. tf FISHEL'S BAZAAR - Main Street.- Deadwow Deadwood safe to take. For sale bv Kirk O oys. PMllipa, druggist, ..

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