The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 22, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1900
Page 2
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TUB DAILY I'loNhKK TIMES, DEADWOOfl, 8. D. Seebick I' 1 I A Chiici s Joy .i.l :'..ivor, fr.-r.tle action, of Hyr-iji of F'"3, wl i ! , ;.itj .f t.': j fit I - . . ! v.. ur '.jlioi.g, ' Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver ilTtfE Union assay offkt. 'I he v 1 I (;0i:' '-art- . iVi. H. Lyon & Oo, tj ... rV.V.V I'or re. i i !Mi!i;r.'-! v v.-niiircnc e, for 1 rr( t'l n it and precept. Deadw ood s e lusi'ists must, ;s m termer years, depend upon Mr. Seel)ick. : . 1 1 ! : i : , 1 ; ; I u : ' I . : p;i : a i it. I'M p;i ; . .4. ..!'.- I' MINES AND MINING. !.. S I'.," I I . i' i. t At i ne ore i usi eauue ui 1 '.!, woo. Is milliniry nirnhaii'li.-dti, thiswok will I., an attractive arrray (if "hrst hats" an 1 Rrm.ll hat fur nwts am Ehoi.lng at . "i .,u I! I! ,y Another (!.( in... nl tin i-i- ni- family chee.-ai ill.' S t . 1 1 1 1 . r I Ca.-h (Jroi cry for a in , M. : :. !. . , i i.i l!,i m . 1 1 i , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i I. i. a' . 'I'll y onl v r, h I: inn i ! i . id im;r I" 'U "'U anil sell . ' 1 i',, T v in,. ;, i'.. ... ii ! hiy iinot !: : M.u yuei ,tc .i nJ Stelli. Wo: K . 1 1 I hi.- i 'mi; ii. !. Mated n, III. I.l.i '.i.r. Ml. J.- 1 1 ii I .1 . ,i : l . , 1 ' i. ii i '. .,!: :.i : :. - An 'I i i ! 1 1 ' 1 ' U I I !i I'M Ii: !: II .'. I, : ., ihi I . o; . 1 1. . n .i .i ... in. l LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES 'III' Si" !,.!!! .:: : 1.' ".- Custom Ore !! n III. I I... ol ;, Moo. . : I I III. i i Ihl. :i' : 1 1 : . i I: U i Li. : f I'.ip. ; - : ii St' -. I: (jnU I'ACIDRY J I r D K 0 ,v HO HcALL V. H ALL'. HEALtY. , 1 1. 1 ; I ..i I .. :. in:; us!. j 1 1 1 ! Iici ii I I III I ' Vill.l. ..I"..' ' (1 V" il, lice. . Ill ' 1 1 the owners In -1 i RS. N. 5 "LrLlf.. Hi. ,.V I. .i.l nl I mil',. I W II. '11 been ' .. LHt; STHc t T. . , LcE STrtttT. 1j LC STREET. ANHAUSER GL'SCH . ANHAUCER BUSCH. ANHAUSER EUSCH. 5 CENTS. 0 CENTt,. rj CE JTS. , -, , 1 1 1 1 tids to Kails Cny .-. lim D0'.VN o n lis S caib mm mm mm m IMGEK-SOLL-SERBEAHT l-iliL mi .i I I'm ate, I . .", del a. : . .' I S 0 1 1 I . , .1 II . I V. h e I vi i o 1 1 m . n i u i ,i i, I. upon a I h.- I,.. is iif Hi', hid I . i, . . it I 1 1 1. ! : : 1 1 , 1 1 1 .- I., m '".I and -l.ipp, i, in. h . !c :: in to .-i.ip Il II: h a I . aim,, I Hi Til" v. in i . . II Lidgei wood Maiiutacturii. , , Hoists .1 I.M Dl l '.11.1 III" win!, en ( unfilled In I U . linu . IT. tire Iciml h dI" Hi.' i',i , bo far dull" on it ha-the sin fin " Tins '.I 0. F. P1IRNFI! kj 1 1 H 1,1 I l:,,t tin till In d d'i of II I I on I III Hi ' pi till will . water. ka'ic lias a pa ci t y I'li.y ui! ,11,111-. e h nun !iat II I . and ; in In fur -1 1 i I, i u . he put I Hie ol the thai s, c-fnnii Hie has .l. iii, uist tat d host copper i i turn (if the Hills outcrop lla" Ire Deadwood, S. !. itin!is in Assays I III 'lit I v 1" 'lie Crown lli'l Mining v ti"i . intend lo .-Mil, tin hall hili v; and i;i " sinne in y ! ait V. i I I NEXT COLORADO EXCURSION I - i 'i n hy the ll.u l m l- ton limit. l a I,, t - wi., he on sale .In ! v .1 an.. I -' 1 1 h. at one fa; .. ii,v ., . , , t , ,,, i i u - ?..' ""i to li.'tiM I'e. Id, i an,! ' " :! SprillL's an, oiti.'i- point'. 'I ll i s is jmr li r,t ,-,11,1 ';, - , ,.. 'his . II' to s, s u;,. ti. ',, ; to the a!"". re.-orts at . . . ii-t. . -J i,.- h..-t train depait-; -i.iilv at j, !; ,n made lines, the f iihiiMt ,l ill K' lli SSIS. Joe (Hlsidera this sum rock ii try i ii n an avirai;" . pr (cut in coppi-r and per tun 'I'lie n nm s. M Hniith A; Co . propose to do Me wiuU ii'ioti the muiiiid ner I en fe, I Til" shall i , llow l ei il' - 'p. 'I'll,' ( Dill "l'l V ill p the water tt mu the , i , k ih, mill i:eilham' at tin I 'i u n i tm -at I si le toi ily Acpimst the Gilt EJj". ' DID t III! pe 1, d Vl'stel '. i FUNNY HUV'VJ TJATURE. A I.IMIt- t.r ! tin I I I I list rn I Some ol 1 1 I 'i c ti I in r I'llUNI'N. Yotiii. t.i. .in n. cr tell u here to look f.,i' an nlly in tin ,r ee alfiiiis. A few ;il ici n..iis :m.i en. ,,f in leaving ' h. i in i, resilience in th-upper - i i t ni t he , ity. He walked unsteadily, he will ii. v.T he paler, and il was e id; ul II. at he mis m -r, ;it tr.,,1-M". II" s. : l . I n a i, , , the In isU ii ii-' ' a "Ii of ti.. , ;. I , in , i.i.i n w ho im ns t .e hml-e ,11,, the 1 1 ; I I Li i 1 1 1 I'. tlii,ir:! ti. -il. toi' i.;..l I., . a .1,1 eiill;, .le.lmn tl fail.., r l'..r i . n'hs ' Hello' W hat s tl,.- V Sieh V" at,, I the .,. tr.-fii l.-iiia ii lii inly plat cl s. ill t In- way of lie retreating lover. " i a're ii, .1 lit lo e,, , j ,1S Kr,t iiiiui,,' ii. an i mu.' inside. Take a drop of i "i. U iiat do ,,u tin .'1, risking y.iur hie like this;" i "Not th, p. vii," in ii faint vei . "I'll never i iit. r that house aain. ! Your ilrtiicliter jnt r. fused nie." Now the lath, r had told lu r a score I of times to :'! f rid of that chap," but he is sympathetic and choleric. "What," po'ttnliiif.' the walk with !iW j cane, "refused you'.' Jilted you' Put I you in this awful state? The minx! Sl'e'll bear from me! Look as thoui;h , I you were dyiuu'. poor fellow! lluw : The. the and nier and eslcrilny scut out t group a uatinn load of supplies n m n I -ii Family liquor tore MONEY LOANFO ON COLLATERAL IMi Kruli. and will heuiu extensive piep arations at om e. It is the i ii t -tit ion to alnk a twenty live foot shaft upon tie vein and should the present Ii i nil ( ha actor of the ore keep up this shaft wil be continued indefinitely. For a mi no iiil, an.! M.llnm ii an I i l e d lo ln-eph H Moore h.loi , .. e Fmv iM CY.iili.rni.'i Win. -: .id Hie n. r C "HI ' Security at a lawful rate of ititeiest. Business strictly confidential. Will call at your residence if requested. D. JACOBS. Cigar Store Cppcsite Enl! Hotel. herry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel Ik il. lit..-. . lie I I t upon which so litt'e work lias lie, n done the Kile is ceit:iiul a wonder. ills,, was out 1, !' It le t lii i tor .oil inter at 7 p, r At $1 50 Per Gallon or 50c a quirt. ti. in, d :, I the plain' est. I loin i ( mil t iv th il f ,.f 1.7 .7. In. ui;ust :M. IV Fim oil Pore Wm anfl Rramly rrom $3.1 I'l'iU -Join na tut- y times have you asked her 7'" Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. 635 Main Street Deadwood. '' 'nee." "i mly once? Ttiunderatlon. man IT! Net I asked her mother TiO.OOO times ' before she'd have me! h's In the j bl 1. Come in here. No, take a walk ; arm.nd the block and then come. The1 Idea of that girl thinking that she ! knows her own mind! It's absurd!! Brace up. now. We ll bring her to ! time." Ami It looks as though they would, j The old gentleman looks sheepish, the j girl laughs often without apparent I catvse, an 1 the youth calls regularly.- j Detroit Press. The Iron Hill Leased. The Iron Hill Mining company has leased to William A. Kemor. all of Ita mineral properties for one year. Mr. Kenier having resiKned from the board of directors and the office of vice president of the company, did considerable work last fall in the way of exploring for new ore bodies, quitting work in February of this year with excellent prospects. Mr. Hemer was anxious to have the company relume work but this would have necessitated an assessment, something the directors were not in favor of hence the present lease. Work will be started at once on the 160 foot level In the south drift, where a good face of silver-lead ore shows up. running: about 30 ounces in silver and 25 per cent lead, and if sufficient ore of this grade can be opened up. it means good times again for the Carbonate Camp. Flat Black Hllls Band Gold J ft. fc 0 W 7 f J SETI ) n c?v l RINGS. I' j FLOAT. Messrs ItugK and partners, lessees of the Keddy mine on 1'oornian. have a high grade car of ore ready for ship nient to Kansas City. They are ship ping about a car a week. H. P. Cheairs, the assayer has recently been favored with much business from mining districts outside of the state. Yesterday he received a number of samples from Colorado, Montana and Idaho. Most of the samples were for copoer- and the balance for gold ar.d silver. j It is reported that Charles I'pliam. Frank rtlan and other Keystone hovs who went to Cnpe Nome to imt'.e their fortunes, nte already on their way back, and will hereafter he satisfied with Keys;',ne as a sold Mocuiiii: CLOSING OUT SALE OF BINDER TWINE ,0 or We quote as follows, on board cars at MINNEAPOLIS, in 50-pound bales only I'istrict. Deadwood, S. O. rds. Manila Twine, per pound, ha-.vide 1 e the Tie Holy Terror .omi'Miy st: ui 1, a ledge of ore four feet on th" s,a i ft level. The ( .1; r,ir po'i. '.v'llch has been iu:" in lir .f I." Month, his st. o .v Pump Arrives. I One of the newuraps for the Amer- ! ' lean shaft came In yesterday and will j be taken out to the company's work j logs Just as soon as transportation , can be arranged for. This is one of I the three pumps ordered hy the com- i i d On board cars at On'a'.ia, cent j.i Our Manila Twine runs from .",s. pound, ; fresh from the mill, bavins ! 1st, lyj.i, and we are sure that it w ill i s This tw ine is our wc I known Y.v. puaranttcd, as it alwav- has been, to the user cr purchase pr ce and i rt-i-l Can you get as strong a uaranty as th, Tommy's Triumph. "Please, sir." asked Tommy of his teacher, "what is meant by the 'soothing weed " "Hoes your father smoke. Tommy?" skeil the ten her. "Yes. sir." answered Tommy. "And v. hat does he smoke':" asked the teacher. "'-'- a "' . ;.'i Tommy. "Tol iie, o. you menu. Tommy." cor-rifted teacher. "W ell, tobacco Is often called 'the soothing' weed." Rut it U tobacco. Tommy, not iiacca.' 'i . te is uo such word inihe dictionnri ." "Yes. there is. sir." cried Tommy. "Y'oti're mistaken. Tommy, there !s not," said teacher severely. "Tint." h added, with a sufM-rior s:nile, "if you can show w the word 'bacca' In an English dictionary I will let you home sn hour earlier than usual." Tommy seized his dictionary, hastily turned over the leaves and pointed triumphantly to .the -word "Dacca "a fruit having seeds." Teacher floored and Tommy trluro-phant-Londan Answers. t v - ,ii n . ' am! i' is reported th-t l oth miHs '.vi'l l e ' acain m a few days Wliftlur tte strike t; i new ne or a ontin Jul -on of the old vein er wr-it'cr it is very rich, we have tr en ;il le to nseertain. bat it is be a. that it is of the u i icl richness of Holy Ten or ore. Minei. Specir.1 Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual Convention, Young People's Christian Union of the Presv vterian Church of North America, DeD r , Col., July 25-30, 1900. Biennial Convention, Knight of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27. September 1st. 1900. The above is a partial l'st of some of the most Important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the coming summer. For dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc, call at ticket office. - W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent pan a few days ago, coming from DenTCT. The other two ordered from Jaoesville, Pa., and should be bar sometime this week. The pumps re of the Cameron patent and will be ' capable of handling a very much larger tow of water than is now 'coming into the workings. At present the water coming In amounts to 400 gallons xct' mlnnte, but with the new pump Order at once, as our supply will n, t 1 1;' Montgomery Ward & to ORIGINATORS OF THE MAIL ORDER BUSING5 CHICAGO Thou hast strange notions for one so young, a mbetitlnte to think that thou art the same as Rock Mountain Tea, made by the Madison V -4ne 8l cSb tr&5 rH rS tr& C& 1 Co. 35c. Ask yonr druggist those now on the grama mis

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