The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 16, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes LEAD, S. J). (IJI.ACK lill.L , ! IMD A V. n'i:I I'.IIK U. VMM. 1 1 vi. i:nts. 25th YEAK (Mil - ( 1 . i k s nt once. Ap- 1 i i .ii.r (.1 tin: : tore Id V. I'm r tVv ; ' Ii- i . ; ! I I II tu s.-, the 1 1 T water fnuntain.-lu .! li IP I In' public. : - r ::. . ... i.:.s , : ..'I), .'..!. , d 111 ! . . . . . i iii . in t COUPDEriAiN Unusually Interesting 3 O 6 7 3 4 5 Are Dur V 2 i I-. Ho i.ii-il tl iii x.ii ,).iii;i.M Belt Mercantile Company, i !:' above i 1 1 1 1 j ! 1 ! 1 V have! (rp' lied Arii .uc-i-. ..vUii..'iu.c. .Jit JiUuEac Su., I j ; . r l,:"l : T. . I I . .Ml Tin v i y a ciiiiipii !- litm ul s tuple an I i- V- .-MM-. !;.- . - i ! t i.i. at -. ii ml all , u l , ul' A 1 1 . . i -. i r" Mind-. Til' ;, li.iv ; .lu K I hi', i li; an ! :' Hour. "I'lll ;-!: v ." ' Sncv l'lal.. ." ami ' i .ni." al ii . 1 . in ' 1 ' ! i . ' i. ii .i ! . i. v. !,. .i I . j ; i: i ir w ami i Mm ! . ' ii . ;.' ,!: Iiii .in' M i ii hi a i ;hh ih. ;. . an affn.d to : i ll al a j Tli.-y ndicit lli.' trail- ! m li;.. ii'ii i.i- a in! their In. at inn is j to vor have m i; 1ST .MAIM .- .i ! '. .. i .ii . ; 1 1 1 W a M M.i. i .a .,f l"-i ia ii . - I ' l .1 1 1 I . 1 1 ;; i Hi:. : III : 'I . 1 1 -. I )(.- .lay S l; . -' h I'll y i I . i .lay n mi: ' I. 1 .. Hi .i mil;! i n.' p,-l .'inn. II art II. . . - I I.I I i I : : III .' -, M mil a.i ll- . i ' Ii I A in! u i- 1 1. 1 v . ic.i i in-i I 1 1 1. 1 1 w i- i i hi iic 1 1 cl M li 1 1 1 1 in ;i lldscmtnt a i. r - Imp- I " l'.n - ll ll: i -P. in: .- --I'liilM-r ami : ma. of tli ...I a- t a 1 1, in -I Inr ll-', a i!--r al . ' in.: i a : I I.i li I in . , pii I i ' 1 1 1 a r I y onvi'iiii-nt to residents; a . i, ma 11 e Ihi'd Mountain country when ' ii Lend, c 'oiti o ous I rent ni-nt ami; . i;i:r dealing will always In: found . . in all l"i - il-aliii".-. ) 1 '.Uf ! ..'!' - ,, I ,,i JULIL'3' RESORT. j --- .luims Uebsanic n's Ij r hall is con- 1 J ro.ui: a n i ;ht on: (T.oTiiiNd a'I' c st )j .MAIiK. ' ii I. a I ii.!-- I ' I;, ha. Ii i : : n'i 1 1 1 i ; u i i pi i : 111 1 11-11 1 '' I a l a -Imp i!-in ; tin 'i ICHASES VVHEPL THEY SELL !EAP ' Millinerj, Readytowear, am Cloak Departments Jnst Now. I cr I li i 1 1 lt iliM-iiVil fin' la 1 1- I 'a 1 1 a in I ini ,-p , -.i is lure, ami in a 1 mi nda ncr. llc-anl 1 n i i ( .,; Hals, he vit.v lalosi in Sails, iiiililiicsl ni am! c- cn I hi ml. I i 1 1 I s ami inlanls u,-i IN Dry Goods And Ladies Furnishings h i, i rl 1 1 1 mi I s c'n c.iiiiioI fail In lie ilililcsh,: slinwiiio- of JKJ:sS CHOHS and Tl.'IM. Mixes, i'M!'i: i:ai: ami nosn:i;vi . ( n; l.'l i:i'.( NS , and NOTIONS, CAL'IT.TS. I.'M,.- Ml'olv'TS, 1,1, A N i; I'.TS ami ( 'I ' I ITA ! N - ! U i i I I '.IV Mill I 1 1 i si i I S. Big Brick vSrort' LEAD, S. D i .a .n . in.iiii.'i pto ami .on. W in ii vMiiently n aied In tho basement be-i li- la.nliiln.' hi Hi' ration inn r : 1 1 h J. K. S-arles' meat market,' up. a l.ii .lit lull- ! -.low in tl- Hi t ".tain street. Lead. Business men's : i I, air I-, ma! I- .1 "I1..-s. 1 will t 'll lunche.-. at noon served every day. I mii v.liai ii i i 1 1 ' in i hurt l.a'f -o , ,r.. yon inn always pet the best of' I'l.l t.i l- '.a i ii .i. .1 a . it does 'ii mi- hot mm; is anil the cooking Is Just "as , ii. r a, ;l 1,'im l a-" Wh-r-a' t!i. v .ood as mother used to cook.'The fa- all had a !.; !.ni Ti. and .-n'-l i:!i i -n-s Anheuser-Busch beer constantly I in- a. ".I ih-v v.miil ::. t var .p i', d on tap. A quiet, orderly, up-to-date' ii-- t-r.-t :-i:.. C. r.Jian beer hall. Visitors from tli- . -urrounding country, as wel! as c i r J - i 'I'l-' S-'ix t'i'.v Tim-.-, of iv ;,,,.s i:,., .rally of Lead are Invlt-d No. 5 East .Main Street. ! is tr I" -a! ha s ever ;. i .' in a i ll dill I. d . I' h ii ni ii V.'.i, . 1 a i- - in whi. a -i- ii I iii ' I'. 1 1 1 1 . i I. li " m i . . prom in- n 1 1 In cm i t -in i ' n ' .. " a lu 1 -ha n '' 1" . I., i I !'i i. II, i i'-: I I new s - . !: 1 n i ! i I rieiiil ' i i I . a 1 I ' -ay; : ' . : I ':. k m. I v i ' Ii i ii in, : . u l una! - a c ('.-III !' ' i-i'I :'l.' V. !i - ;1! ('.'!!:"' I I 1 1 1 1 v r i 1 1 - i v. . a 1. 1" 1 1--i. : ill of I.i - , 'i . : Ii v:i i r ' '.d Id k w.i reported . a Property for Sale. Th- ni!--' 'ni v brick liui-lim: on ' l:ei by t'har! And-r ii. ha. k of th- l-'imt N:it!'nal bank, : i i i t -d Inr : a !- or r-nt. flood bus i" s In -at '.liu. Co. id t-ri'i M-ati l-e . iiT". 1 .ndv to Air. An : lvon fnr i th-t I'.ti ticiilars. pi l'i;if ,.,'d I h "t t " ''el I'-' ' uiie la vote v .-t j.,' tt 'or. -j(,--u. .... Doors Open Tomorrow. Tomorrow mornliiK at !:!! lli-doors of Henry MWnlioim's dry Vdf Btoro will bo thrown open again to the public. For tho past two days tin y havo been closed no that tho force would have an opportunity to arrange affairs within, that they might be able to more readily wait upon the crowds that will undoubtedly take ad vantage of this cx optional opportiinl- I ty. J. M. Richardson, an expert in tin-line of selling and closing out large business enterprises, lias arrived from : Iowa and will have full charge of the sale until the entire stock is closed i out. Mr. Monheim has arranged for ' tho pleasure of the trade to hold entertainments at tho store upon each , Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. V call our reader's attention to the display advertisement in the Pioneer-Times announcing this auction sale. ! Wanted! Wanted! ' P. Smith. 1 ia -cessor to Koney k. . i.nlii. v. iil pay the liighe.-l pi i-e for ' ':e 1 1 1 anta I ah. t h- l-'ors, '.. :, '' by Anaii In 1 a ly. cm- of ill- .,: long , j ;ii i i ' 1 1 i i ' i -r i- i veil In 1 h-Aincii an p.cipm will be pre-i-ii.d h-i, - lal-ii: of this ceil v the Ul 'I I 11' "!,;f T ,:,,i!V Ii;v,av',rfr.,':ni,h:.,.l S.cend- and Furniture, Etc -nod wlii'ii 111- .lews Y.-re ham lied ' I from t In"' Ail: I r ia n mid tlerman pro v inees. It i.; bardly tie es.-arv to V.Ticn c:"i aie l..iiy,ng and wan' bar-. an i. at 1,... pia e u! hu aims-. :.,.m !. be oMcially in .tailed m .t V., .i,. day evening, and the occa ma l-ii uly celebrated. Wjter Ntxt Wick. The machinery and pump:. ;.i ilm I Ionic- I ii,- p nil. pin ; m.ii ;. m a . e i,., linislu il and will ice slai l-.l n Ia c-t c .nidi i c,..'. Kail pail ; of I lie ma j. i n c i y woi k ; al : , I a I o r 1 1 ;. a i : , r a da . u-Iwo's le.-l, Urn li;.-t of tlm week Will find water In in ; panp. d r., i. ,- iclc- into Whiii'wooi.l ill I and dnwn that .'-tream for lil'leeii inil-a. uii-i- it will be caught and lirnipdit I-. conduit into this city. Congregational Church. Itev. .1. A. Solandt, the in w pa tor ol th- Con'-Terat tonal chnieli will arrive today from West Stafford. Conn . and will fill the pulpit Sunday, tlm 1 S t h , both morning and evening. Tli-i liu i ' h will la i ' a 1 1 ; haw- i - u 'a :' M-rvi. -a in all lines :' c hu r-li w-; Mrs. It. A Windolph I ; r--; i. d some better Kditor Connors of th- Press at. Pturgis, was in Lead for a short time yesterday. W. H. Frin k leftover the HtirlingtoTi yesterday for a months isit at his home in Denver, Colo. Mrs. Hallautync. who has been suffering with nervous prostration tor , some time, is improving. Tho Ladies' Aid Society of tlm Haptist church will meet at the home of Mrs. Alex Stewart this afternoon at 2:30. i The different drug stores ot the i ity ; where they serve the soft drinks, soda water, etc., during the warm months, are now nodding to the will of the i weather king and have put in read- i V.iimi:-' I'ninu bio 1 , V.aai inenlinn th- yn t that ill- arl':.;!' In:, :.:i t i:i lim I'n- ('' Ann :i an dra- .h-'t a ma i i v rdi i and his plavs have ! ia c! LEAD. STJUTH DAKOTA. MARRIED. A. J. Danser and Miss Maude Christian were united in marriage yesterday afternoon at the M. E. parsonage 1 in Deadwood by Dr. Clark. The groom I 1 i, p. id, . -nee. -. e in. Kurnpe and A. mi ri a . Tl." play as ; i mi in our cily will li- i.'iv. n und-r the manage iiieut of Mr." 'I'e "arty, who has 1 n mo t -, c -s-fiil in managing mil deal and dramatic performan es her-. II- Sti-:'i-; Zicrkca SIDiI-OAR PS CI 1 1 ," i o; l ili-i s Lu J'.L'O M bLTo QULt.NS vV A K t. a i d G LASo ,V ARC UNDEiiTA :; It Ai.D EMBAl,i L;b HCTU ti E i- r.A -INC .. A Spt'-n.Vt,. A3LNTS TOR W H I T C SEWING M AC H I N E May Furnnurc Co, HEADQUARTERS F-CR Wall Paper asscii i la-ni in l iic city. All new st vies in WINDOW SHADES is a resident of Lead, having come to this city from Wyoming several months ago. The bride arrived on yesterday's Elkhorn from Aberdeen, this state. The newly wedded couple will make their residence in Lead. will also upr-ar in one of the leading V;inM'iscn Van when Veil, ire inies, Iming Ins last appearance be- j ( ' lore a Lead audience. 111 i'-"V'l 111 i f f ni r- LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And It yoj I new his price on thesr roods you would v.alt to see him I've Got I;! You want It Let's net, Tog:etber Yours for business, STEYE. I lieli Cinitliiiied on Page 7.) . Dressmaking. At the Parisian Dressmaking Par-roorn ;. over Monheiin's store, the are prepared to do first class dressmaking. They engage none but ex perieni eel persons in the buslnes., and all work Is guaranteed to be first class. Orders from the surrounding country given prompt attention. lui South Lead Elect Officers. Wednesday evening occurred the regular election of officers of the South Lead Hose company, and the following Is the list of the honored ones: 'L. A. Fen, foreman; L. R. Kneale, first assistant; A. E. Farwell, second assistant; M. C. Knight, secretary;, E. F. Irwin, treasurer; M. L. Magnussen. Dan Kennedy and O. K. Jepsen, trustees. These officers will Henry Schn.tze'a assay oifice and la- Alex. Rose makes a .-: .al'.y o. trees and shrubbery .f m.y k.::l a"-- boratory is located in the basement o? fnnst's nov block, lad. anct he is pre pared to fill all orders in his line, tf size. Cut flowers mi ii.n. l. "' solicited from all paiN of tl." '"!i--...ain street, Lea 1. n n - Watch This Space for the Announcement of the. ..... 85 -

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