The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 6, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1899
Page 6
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SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 6, 1899. THE DAILT lOy$ER-TIMES aiiMimuH umuiHHMf itwasii mimiu TWO LIVES. Upon theWi! W" 1 ' 1 '1 Upon i LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S strength iju i".- r very w condition of an &$t 1899. LEAD S. D. AUGUST 6, figfuiilliiflMii iMIlnll .llllHlli Kc but the life Mammoth Department Store ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Scoc'ris are now complete and iu 1 in all Departments. of her child. Lj Mrs. May Doyle, who Is housekeeper for August Hrinsrh, went out to visit frieii'is VAGS VAMOOSE. The nine vagi who were arrested Thursday for not having visible -means of, on Trow creek yesterday, support, were taken down to the rock pile ' Housei bought and sold, money loaned. MOTHER'S FRIEND will ovn-ctMc oil jieculiar to the tKriod ;reCL-iii'jc;. hil "-i;tli, and will pre ;;:cr- t i if tl 1 ie i' .- r rti directly in- ."l.ed for the- -.i u,.h-A. Mother's r ' is tit i .n-'ti.-; cure-all, but a . ,,'itic' !.! a-.'-'i)Vcd by medical a.i'd'iniv and i -;.!, li.iicd by years of general Insurance and notary public. Vic ' tor T. Jepsen, room No. 1, Cotton & An-drews block. Lead, S. U (tf.) J The Midnight club danced at Bender's I park l-'rlday evening. There was a good Dry Goods, Clotbing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. eUOCt ; i 11 1 r 1 bv clrjt1 i '., " T, ten-- L i -is for $i. Valuable ,y ).i Horn," seut free yesterday to work out their flues. Now, a vag Is no more afrai'l of work than ie is of an unrauzzleil bull dog. and when Ihey got down to the quarry bac k of J. K. Searle's residence, they didn't do a thin Hut they promUed to, however, If the officer would bring them cool, refreshing drink. The scampered on in a Surry to a neigbloHn.g well for the water, and returned I," a hurry-In about an lurnoiil and an enjoyable time is re ten .T")!n-,mi,n. THE SAADFICLD HEflUloH CO., ported. Atlanta. 6a. THEO E. GESKEY Real Estate, Loan ' and Insurance, all kinds of Legal writing done. General Agent of the Union Sav logs A. D. Good live men wanted as Tiour and 8. hajf. When ne relurn'sl 10 lDe tramps, sevtjn of them had vamoosed. 'Vy the way, a man had been left In charge "o'lcltors. Ily request, the parable of "The Tt a Virgins" was repeated in the Salvation RANGE HORSES. Barrett & Zimmerman, Midway horse market, the largest range furse dealers in the northwest. Have commodious facilities specially arranged for handling range horses with large corrals and pastures in connection and with their stables midway between Minneapolis and SU Paul, where range horses can 'ie disposed of to a better advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota army barracks last evening. The Dead- Witb unequalled facilities for buvin and selling we as your inspection of " The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. Load, S. JO. of the gang wl-b a shotgun, and when sited why he dl not stop the fleeing criminals, he said b" was afraid that the remaining two would not run, and he would lave to use. the only two shots he had on them. The two that didn't run are evidently satisfied with the grub that the Others adjudged bad. The officers have not practised running much and will not pu-sue the escaped one for a few days yet. Transfer, St. Paul, Minnesota. wood officers Joined them and the parable was nicely exemplified In the presence of a large number of people. L. 13. Orton is receiving goods dally and has the finest asosrtment of jewelry In the city. Don't forget him when In" need of goods in his line. (tf. ) Ensign May, of the Lead Salvation - 1 The F Meantime the officers would like some In ;ous formation regarding some things' that arearmy, returned yesterday from Hot Springs unpleasant or tramps, for they have gone, where he had been holding special meet BLACK to" their wits ends to find some way to 1 f ,w . V. t I. n . i, I t , . li C d.i ri t Hills Resort tl fCVl Willi Lumo cum sum " " " " ' - Sumnur Isfled with anything the city sees nt to ings during this week. The ensign says that the new officers for Dead wood are all right and their Influence for good will be felt down there. They arrived yesterday and will begin work today. jjlre. . The famous Hot Springs water costs 75 cents a carboy; the puru Crystal Springs Pi.-dnjcint water, 5ft emu. the odd rated kidney Springs water. 2j cents; fresh Sylvan LaJce Hotel. every day, delivered to any part of the city. Call American Express office. Harrison, 166; Black Hills, 111 5. R. SMITH, Dealer in Carpets, Crockery, Carriages, wagons, Pianos, Organs, Etc A FRIGHTFUL PLUNGE. The Ploneer-Tlmes has frequeutly called attention to the dangerous condition of the Deadwood-Lead county road, showing why th county should take measures for portectlng traveler on that thoroughfare. CAUTION. Deadwood, July 20th, 1899. To whom It may concern: AH persons are hereby notified not to purchase of Paulina McLaughlin certificates Not. 63, 35, 36, 42, 43, 44, 45, 4, 47, 48, 48, CI and Elevation 6,200 feet Dry air. Hot weather unknown. Mountain scenery unsurpassed. Harney Peak by donkeya Boating on the Lake. House Is new and modern in appointments. Send for souvenir views. F. B. COLES, Manager, I .An accident yesterday morning Is another good argument in favor of doing something BLACK HILLS MAPS. Wall Map showing geology and topography of Black Hills of touts Dakota and Wyoming; 13 colors. Price $1.60 62, In the Yankee Boy Gold Mining com With that road for the safety of the trav 1 pany. Said certificates stand in her name on the books of the company, but I am the 1 SEWING MACHINES Pocket Map showing geology same as eling? public. Mrs. Oramoattl and 14-v ear-old son, of St. Onge, were entering Mty with a load of produce and were snsi 1 ss sMssassssaw sssj Custer. 8. D. above, containing a complete description For the best Make I sell a 16 of the mineral and other resources of the real owner of the same. john f. McLaughlin, o NOTICE OF SALE Black Hills; cloth cover. Price $1.25. Pocket Map of Black Hills, plain, con Singer for $32.50. I sell a GOODSEW ING MACHINE lik.e cut WarranJ -He the upper settling dam when JtKtrmvfe. ' hove in sight. The horses' the D.TL tralu ....... , .v . to the track, and they - heads were sJSM . ... ..... t. "P sudden- , avoided a collision bjr bw " , . . . .... 'htened ly. The animals were terribly ii. I will sell at public auction at the Cliff TIME TABLE taining a description of mineral and other resources of the Black Hills, paper cover. House on the Dead wood-8peat fish road, at 3 o'clock, Saturday, August 5th, 1899, one Price 40 cents. DEADWOOD. "Mness and buggy, belonging to Albert E. for ten years for $25.50. Undertaking a Specially. Map of the Black Hills. Price 25 cents. For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES. Lincoln. Dale, to p? narness ana buggy and lsp fobs. .from Maren- 18". to Omaha. date of sals, unless sooner paid. Chicago, 8 1. Joseph. MRS. CHAS. TRAVER. LEAD SATURDAY EXCURSIOONS TO HOT Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and all points west- S. R. SMITH. Kansas City, Deadwood, 8 D., July IE. 1899. St. Louis and all points east and SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Springs and return at one fare. south. ATTENTION. A. O. H. . and continued io back until the whole ru was precipitated Into the pond. At this Jime the dam was full of water, and those , that aw the plunge "thwUglit that the two ptWCWI "f'ould surely be drowned, as they Vers out of sight beneath the wagon several times aa the horses struggled further Into the water. Mr. Oeorge Petker, who -works near by, and Mr.t Henderson, who 's employed at the pumd house, taw the accident and rushed to the scene, and with ' rare presence of mind let off the water, ax a then, got Into t sond to save the drjwnipg mother and ton. Other help 4oon at bani, and when the twe persona were taken out more dead than alive, atlaatloa was given to the two horses, which were floundering In, "the muddy wa- Trains Leave as follows: All members of A. O. H. division No. are respectfully requested to attend the No. 20f V.3tibuled Express, dally. Furniture Cop Te DickLnson-May Hot Springs, Lincoln, .Omaha Chicago and all points Bast. South and West '.. .2:30 pm next meeting of the division to be held in Society hall on Tuesday, August 8th, 1896, at 7:80 o'clock p. m., Business of Import $5.20, for the round trip. Tickets good to return seven days from date of sale. The Elkhorn train leaving Deadwood at ( p. m. is the popular train to Hot Springs, as it leaves after the close of business hours. Ne, 110. Local, dally except Suiday DEALERS IN ant: to be transacted and a good time expected. Bala Mountain and Spear-fish l:Upm 804. Freight, dally except dun-oar. Hill City. Custer and and Edgemornt 7:60 am 8undays this fHght leevrt at. 1:00 em Trains arrive as follows: NEIL McDONOUGH, Pres. Furniture, Crockery S Glassward NOTICE. I hereby give notice tnat all school or tei-. It was a hard task to sav ttem. No. SOL Eastern Psss'nrr, Dally .11: 10 p m No. SO. Spearnsh Train, Dally, ex : MORRIS HICKS. House Cleaners and Carpet Fitters. Will clean carpets on the floor with their ders Issued and registered prior to Janu but they finally ogt them out The produce cept Sunday U:05 a m ln'lhe wagon was nearly all lost It con ary 1. IMS. by School District No. 8. will be paid on presentation at my office In Central City. Interest on same will cease So. COS Freight, Daily, except Sun Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be bej new process, restoring the original colors; aistea of butter, .' eggs,' cream and spring 10 days from this notice. or will take them up and eleaa the eia day ,. . 11:00 am Sundays this freight arrives.. t:tl p Bleeping, dining and reclining chair cars C. K. WTSEDON, Diet. Treas. Central City, Lawrence county. S. D. way. Best references. Call at or tele chickens, which they were bringing to the Le&d. market, The unfortunate ones were tttn in by Mrs. Alexander Crulkshank, free, on all through trains. Ilallwa July 19th, 1899. . (7-20-lm) phone Ploneer-Tlmes. and steamshlo tickets sold and baggag shocked to all points. . For Information, lime tables, maps Undertakers and Embalmers. JOHN ELMEHK, and were given' every kind attention. The wagon .was pretty well broken up and' one horse may die.; Now who Is to blam? PLANTS FOR SALE Having decided to quit the Hot House and tickets call on or write to J. FRANCIS, General Passenger Agent, Omana, Neb. business, I will sell about 2000 plants of House Mover ail Repairer. Surely not the employes p rth Burlington, all varteltieo tor what they will bring. for the bell was ringing and the engineer was on the lookout and reversed his engine W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent AH Work Dona With Promptness and dispatch . , A. DANIELS. Deadwood Greenhouses. - No. 3 Main St. Lead, South DM to avoid what what would have been J. L. BENTLEY HIAWATHA PARK. - LEAD. 8. D. Commercial Agent,. fearful accident. , The driver of the team Is not accountable, nor It would have helped him had' he been a man, for - the , team take tour share. What's that can't get tt? D. C. TRAINS BETWEEN DEADWOOD That's exactly what roost successful backed up so rapidly that nothing could AND LEAD. LEAVE DEADWOOD. men have thought ear? In life but they be tone. Then the county or city Is re Dally, except Sunday (:06am sponsible. There are places where A train have all found out that they are pretty sure to get what they deserve tt they ask Dally 8:30 am would only have to back up' about 1 two Gates' RobI and Ore Crusher Daily, except Sunday ...10:30am Daily 12:13 pm tor It; and they are equally as sure not to feet to cause Just such a disaster any day, get It If they don't, ask for it. Daily 3:00pm Dally,, except Sunday 8:15 p m when a.rallllnr -yh as the-Homoetakt If yoa want anything ask for It through company has eoostuuted along the ''big Dally, except Sunday 4:20 p m GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Coa the Ploneer-Tlmes want columns. pond would. Solve the problem for, all. Fully Described In our No. 1, Catalogue. ( Dally 6:30 pm Daily, except Sunday ........t... 7:00 pm Dally, except Sunday 8:00 pm Dally :00pm These eblomns are read by-the people time. f i htf can 'and will gratify y our" wants. 4-- 4k ins i o, - - T ' . OnWAi II ITaaafsi Yanilinlirn Dally, except Sunday ..'.....10:30 p m ' Fresh ent roses ana carnations for -sale. , ,. .Leavb lkad crrt. '1 - " fac, the Baddler,' Load. . - , ,.-,, a x Seven Day Excursions. VIA BURLINGTON ROUT. Dally, except Sunday ............ 8:38 am Mark Knight; Joe Beedall's .trusty etarkJ artUIAL TlMt IKUncii ;:r ; .' ' Our New Desirm will interest you. , - t I . V 111 a . To Hot Springs and Custer. Tkcaeu ma s I a Dally ' I:Hib Dally, except Sunday ............11:00 am Dally 13:60 pm ' Miss Edith Cook, the teacher, was a Lead sale erery Satnrday. -good tor wWs uaiiy, connects wita aastern -' visitor yesterday. --!: -S i-. r.--'.-lc- week. Only ooe fare tor the round trio. passenger 1:25 pm Ton should, by all means, taks the t:M The Pioneer-Times ts on sale at Li D. Dailly, exoept Sunday 1:40 pm Dally, except mnday 4:46 pm Dally 1:66 pm Jacobs' Bazar, where yon can also got train ar It is the only one that arrives at the above resorts before dark In time for tliS finest smoke it town., . (tt) 1 ! h ' a : H ! i Gates' High Grade Rolls ; , V.;.. NO 'OTHERS ' EQUAL THEM- Gates' imiiroYa J anari;. 1 They are the Standartf. ;t Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co . Dally, wxespt tanday T:21pm Dally, a- Dunday t:33pm Dally .....'1:31pm the evening gaieties, t y . f ' Will Nelk. a clerk at JY-A. Bergefs, left Daily, except Bunaay .10:66 p yesterday for a visit thru the southern inns. ..; ". , ; " . .. THERE'S NO CHANCE i FOR. AN ARGUMENT ' r.&IILT.RJL A. C. Davis, of the Bailey Lumber com as to whether Ploneer-Tlmes want ads THU NORTHWESTERN LINK. pany, rlsited, Deadwod9 yesterday. DEPOT: Betweea Deadwood and Pla Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friend. Streets.-- - H. C Jensen, the cigar manufacturer, ' ' Arrives. Departs. -went to Spearflsh on business yesterday, CUorodrn Conga - Mixture will ur pay or not. . v- ' , : They always pay if they ask anything consistent. - There are so man people la the Black Hlls that somebody Is qualified to fill any sort' of a want. .w .. -v r, , ' ' it yon want to find a position, or someone to fill a position; if yoa want to find that cough, or we refund the 'money, ORKS I P. Jenkins, druggist. ' A (U.I Throng trains to urn ana . . , Chicago, St Paul, Mia- . ! ea polls, with closes, ooo-neoUoas for . all , points . west and souta, as Fremont and Omaha Us m Ip DEPOTS Lower Mala Street. Whltewccd, tarcta. Rap- Id. Chadron and later mediate poinU l:tt S a 1:3 a -F : Iff Office Opposite Bullock Hotel Ull IllUU ts Alex. Hampton, the Elkhoro ticket msixA, was doing the city yesterday the loser or the Under of an article; tf Ills more than usually radiant countenance ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLM these days la due to Increased travel over Belle Fourche 3:3S a m 11:00 a D Wbltewood only ...... T:M am 4:46pm you want to find 4 landlord or a tenant, try a Ploneer-Tlmes want sd. IU line. sxcept sunaay. a

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