The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 6, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1899
Page 5
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4.1 1 U 1 1 1 1 1 tit- U 1 1 It 1 1 U 1 1 11 103 era; a most earnest pie for downright-neea and uprightness of purpose In their Tl GREAT RECORD MODEL HOUSE MONEY SAVED 1 1 work. The earnestness of this man must be a strong Incentive to hia pupils u be likewise. At the close of the meeting the teachers weru tendered a reception by the people Of Surata is Simply a Series Ts kept In model order by a model housewife she clesaa the dishes and kitchen utensils, cleans the floors and wiodowt cleans everything cleanable with of Professional Triumphs. of Hot Spring.), and treated to delightful We save money by Buying Goods for CASHf. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. .. This Eminent Specialist is Now Washing Powder in Deadwood at Hotel Bullock. This famous cleanser quUltly removes dirt or grease. 1 1 nukes e erylhing shine ? like new 11 gi'is i-.c wnr in nan me iv time, iih h.ilt ti e lalmr an-1 at half the F5 refr.'stii.'iits. so you see that even to the last Ilic fl'ort to entertain was not relaxed, nor I lie good feeling lessened. It .-oiiii'ls hke mere form lo speak of ill.- sii.'.ss of this gathering at Hot Spiiims, bin 11 has iruly been a great suc-..-.- to all who raine with the spirit to bud tMo.1 In all things, and we wish it w.-r. piiirli. aide to meet ofiener fui the ex. luiiim- of educational life, interest and aspii.iiinii-. . li ha-l)een the greatest In .ii ni l' offered to the llaek Hils teach -. is. and lliey have one and all expressed lh. ir litany appreciation of the work of tie i. .limy superintendents, as :i whole, and I i Mrs. Thornby and Miss Murrin in partinilar, for the profitable and enjoyable tnuriainnieut. vVe also 8ave money in lbuying goods in large quantities. Ttiis is made passible since we have six large stores in which to place themj' , Our customers receive the benefit of our close " purchases and cash discounts. . cost ol soap or any oincr cleanser. tor greatest eiunuiny buy our Urge package. Equipped vw'.h evi ryi ning essential to the Bus: modern methods of practice, Surata has a. couiplisued greater good, relieved mor. sull.iing, gladdened more hearts and made happy more than other phy i The N. K. Fairbank Company ' .xini lS NEW YORK BOSTON WO sicians have been able to do In years. He We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only T tor CAS 3. Our customers need not pay for other J N L ASSO i PAR W Encaitipmeru u. n. SHI Til UAKOTA Kill r I I'l TIUN. HOT Sl'KINCS, Auk .". live-rouiily institute ami lb -Th l'a Mi occas'ou 91 Sratnra- Recalling the numerous pleasant events peoples bad accounts, Con sequently,-you will find big MONEY SAVED Soul ll al e 1 UckeU CD ' - makes no pretensions to perform impossibilities bin some of his cures do seen) lit-less than miraculous. Many of his most brilliant triumphs are in chronic, long-lingering ca.-es. which other physicians have pronounced helpless. This eminent physician is now In the city for a limited slay of a few weeks, and can be consulted at the llullock hotel mm will piove a most agreeable exernso in .,. OOOd to .!' " iiccssfiil , ineinoi y-lraiuing, and we hope it Is not kola LMueut lonal a.-si i.ii e m things of ill. pa.-1. Aiunli.T luy-a w.ojL wt. -..nt y. -ijuM rV.'llillK elose.l tile w oik of 111 V . fliuiid Mi .,4. ' I" '!" "first an4..Utat nf snrh galhrr progTii.ii. ! inns." Oil . ttoidiug 'I11 ' V. T .day three large parties are going to i, i bus transfers. mMSKTSON, Ticket Agmt. Yesterday morning very im , r. si in ni. 'clings to (rooms In., ij.,). office hours. 10 a. m Clothing Shoes, Its were li.H l,y Hi.' ,l.'.;u tin.'M ol' Hi" i.'ave. Tomorrow we people now M"Sj t siun, iin.l Hi.' run n sr I .1. pan-,. al. Til part ofihr stale will ! arate mid.? were held by 111.' depari innit of t'ave. Tomorrow the people from ine p. m Sural -II. in p.ipns w.-ii- Mn.illrr parlies for (lillereni trips tniuou ..iinN'G NIGHT AMU uai dalU. i has always made it his motto, lo undertake any case that is not curable or at least improvable." "Never Dry Goods and i Bf BUYING I l,t and niitlni.est little thing . K, v. ii l,y Miss lln .1. sup. nn ; i,.. in ol M. a.l.- Hi.- ni ihcrn Hills. Probably sum" o . uf. ... .... i . I.- i. .1,..,. ..ill I... in IImxIwinmI ami l.ra.l lies U'inira new 1116 IMilrall'HI v 'b deemed lit!. III., II , . i... . oiiniy. on ill. ... made is i-.- .o at .j.-IkI.. .. . ,. l v 11 is .10 be sincerely hoped tha This .iiisti.ui has often been asked, "Are Surata - cure permanent. a.s they are done Iterj P'11 ' su8ar"coaleu lttu" 1 'vie rr.ispnny. hc-i-miiiik ano i.n- .. Notions at health, thai manges , .lorsmg i miniy i n i'oh.u.i . ... h iiSii,.Sfiiess Into energy, Ci.mlord. .if I nmn .oiiniy. ami "Kiglnh '' so qui. My'." That they are permanent .... I n a no one will alt. nipt to ueny ane. Liu into 'mental power. They're Onid.- K.nni mil ions ." l-y Miss 1'i.n.r. of II ii visits lo tee other Hills lowiu will a, p asau' as tlnir stay here lias h-e:i. ,1 S,iings people have been ready lo ,w tiieir cordiality and hospitalily. and shall r. ineiiiber them as a Jaw factor I b.- success of this gathering. the following testimonials and investigate OUAOH'O WHERE THEY UflAuLU SELL CHEAP T L,,! m building up tne neanu. uu-, sulh iy. , i- them : To the I'ublic: jdUperbox. Sold by iurn u. i-un- .lier l ely .li-.ii, sum-, i lib .1. parimciii jjf closed its miik1 wnh a business .-session. in This is to certify that 1 have been i r. j an r The ciillllll.ill scbuol drpiil lllii ill oprir u. wilh a pairr on "Art in the Public Carr & Berry Block, Deadwood. f i t lift ft? t f t I I I I i l Hill 1 Ubest REMEDY FOR FLUX cross-eyed ever since i wa ' old. and am now 13. Wednesday night I attended "Surala s" lecture and had my job! Mathias. a well known stock w Pulaski, Ky., says; "After euffer- THE HHi Cl.OSINO (ll'T SALE. The statement that W. E. Lowe is closing out is bona fide, and means that he Is now offering some immense bargains in his lines. Everything must go. and the Schools," wrilt.n by Mr Swciimui. of Vi borg, but was read by the secretary. Mis Wheeler. eye operated upon on the stage. My eye a week with flux, and my I i.ll.J t ..nllfiirll mn 1 was made perfectly straight in secouos Following this. Miss Mi Ki-.hi. of t'anovi' Win iavlng ;aneu . ,,f cash purchaser sets his own price. The K. I)., read her paper on "The i:sc ilnied to try Chamberlain s colic, to the great surprise of my parents and friends. 1 ran be seen and referred to any time. LEE MILNBR- This was one Ko.xls Included in this offer are not shelf Memory in School Work." U mil Diarrhoea Rewedy, and hare Loiura of stating that the half of Htu cured me." For sale by all of the best papers given during the ass..- "" a" oul OI uul ' u 6 elation, and won many pleasing expre,-, M- bowe purchased in the east this sea- son. The bargains in the dress goods de-sions of commendation. , , , t, ,. ,, . ii, ,i . partuient are especially in viting. Mr. Mr. Editor: near Sir:-I wish to make a statement that I was successfully operated on for ivieuioiy. wiih ii, " - ... pil s definition, "Is the thing you forget Lowe keeps everything pertaining to the UDIES OFDEADWOOD cross-eye at Surata's lecture at the Opera ,.v ., v.. .. t . wur ,.liv since dress, lor lauies, vu...-.. M hist returned with Silks, Linens, house a few evenings ago, and my eye W ILH, lliUI U.-V-.i.c a " " t . . ...., ,P and and there was never the opportunity to Uooodi, new designs In elegant lint, DEMOUNTS "ARK" INCORPORATED. Will sell Goods for Cash Cheaper than any House in the Hills. An immense Stock to select from, both New and second Hand. No. rb Sherman Street. - - Deadwood, S. D. tne anveui oi uuvno, all the inventions which tax the memory dress fashionably and at so low a figure as iw. Classes afternoons In any is now perfectly straight. I had been cross-eyed ever since I could remember, today. The establishment also has a large i the city. Call mornings at room and am now 24 years of age. ine op line of carpets and wall paper, and there ks than in the days of the minstrels, when all records were preserved and perpetuated In the tales, poems and songs of .h ,M.,r members of the families. Then, tion was without the leasf pain, and has Vwr above Lowe's Dry Goods Store, koor lessons, 25c; three hours, BOr. are patterns that cannot be obtained else caused me no Inconvenience since. I shall where In the Black Hills, all going dirt o ,n "down with! cheap, ine munnery w me . Removal Sale memory work and up with reasoning." has richest and most tasteful In the city be glad to give the particulars to anyone . , E. J. RYAN. interested. HE WAS MADE TO WALK. DRY GOODS, CARPETS, HOUSE bfflNGS OF ALL KINDS. The YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS at we have moved the Liebmann Mr. J. A. Simpson of No. 26 Water .tret Deadwood, was made happy by greatly weakened the memory by allowing It to fall Into disuse. The reader held that moral training is greatly aided try the committing to memory of the lines or deeds of heroic or admirable characters. ). C. Haines' old stand, we flud more goods then we have room I). E. McPherson went to Hot Springs. being made to walk without his cane. Prof. F. L. Cook and wife of Spearflsh passed thru town on their way home. C. L. SlEWERS, that he had been obliged to use for years He had been a great sufferer from rheum-attlsm. and it had made him a cripple m r s.mnson was treated at Surata's lec General W. H. H. Beadle, president of pi only remedy for this is, and lUflGAINS. BARGAINS, greater mt Id order to unload. lOocki In one, under one roof makes i attest in the state, so here is a ofyour life to get Just what you it roar own price. isaofake sale but a genuine sac- .v. c.o. a Mnrmal nchnol at Madison, left LIIO -lo. - ' ture Wednesday night, and in a short .. k . ihle to walk and move about Gunsmith, Locksmith, for home. without pain, to the great astonishment of T. R. Stoncr. of the Brick Store of Lead his many friends who were in me aua. left for Chicago to purchase new goods ale. A glimpse at our store room HEADQUARTERS Faith in the matter to be memorized is a strong element in memory training. Mrs. Tucker, of Deadwood, followed this paper with a talk on "An Artistic School Room for Every Teacher." She threw out many hints and suggestions for the framing, arranging, and placing of pictures; color, and placing schemes for curtains, stands, flowers, plants, and other decorations in rooms of different shape and lighting. The morning sessions closed at 12 o'clock to meet at 2 p. m. for the last general assembly session, which opened with a solo by Prof. Mills, which was so persistently encored that he could not refuse for the store. BICYLCES, f BssTtnce you at once that we mean Surata makes a specialty of all disease. Mrs. Mary A. Samuel of Kirksvllle, Mo., FOR r"jr. .v. Fax Nose and Throat. -a- is visiting her brother, Capt. Reynolds of UI LUW SJ ' tarrh. Deafness, and all nervous chronic the place. J. C. HAINES, Inc. the Stearns Co. KB LOSS ui I It. Deadwood, 8. D. H. F. Emmons. United States geologist. and private". Manhood. Blood. Taint, Syphlllls. Gleet ,h. stricture. Spermatorrhea, Sem BICYCLE SUNDRIES. left for Hot Springs, intending to go from AND GOING OUT OF BUSINESS inal Weakness or Loss of Desire of Sex- there to Helena, Montana, .... D-r in man or woman. All pecu. atattrn man Is a nomadic sort of H always ready to sever business re- nv Irvine, pastor of the Baptist The Most Complete Bepair Shop in the Hills tar female troubles. Irregular Menatrua- church of Vermillion, arrived in the city. ioenrrhea. Displacements. Hon. J. F. McClung, states' attorney 'or . ' fldentlally and successfully trdeat- Meade county, is in the city. ed. Most cases can receive home treat to give another number. Prof. C. C. O'Hara. of the School of Mines, then gave his paper on history of the "Early Explorations and of the Progress of Geological Investigations in the Black Hills." This paper reminded one that "education is - appreciation-enjoy-mBt." Without a knowledge of the geol ' formed by years of energy and ln-FT Ud, Hke Oliver Twist, "move r Tkt latest to catch the moving Lowe, who has determined "ftmt his business here and locate In where he has offers that promise iMbtm than he can hope for by XUVTIXUXTLTLTU inrUTJlTLrLTU uxmrtnnmnnnnnmuinmmrmnnnAnnfvii niinTT t n i unn 5 ment after a visit to the doctor s omce h,r 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. daily iinr ..i.M 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. Charges low j v. Drisklll and wife and children, of Spearflsh, passed thru Deadwood on their way home from Texas. Mr. Drisklll's baby has been seriously ill for some time, but Is much better now. mm mm aud reasonable, according to circumstances to Deadwood. Having decided . ogy of this interesting region, can one get and ability to pay. Consultation tree . o " " MY COUNTRY. On all personal property of value. A large stock of jj the fullest enjoyment from a trip thru in, Black Hills? We think Prof. O'Hara can enjoy It to the fullest. CHURCH SERVICES Vint it about time that the grown-up ... . f ihls Intelligent country cease the change, he will close out his aere as soon as possible. Megln-31 Way. any cash offer will take nny-1 any of the stores or departments. eans goods at leas than cost, too f" to quote prices. Watch for fur-' aoancmenji. unredeemed pledges at surprisingly low prices. All business strictly confidential "The Attitude of the Teachers Towards ... Kvr Piamole, tne Ta. ruction." was First M. E. Church Services both at 11 . a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school at 12:15.1 acting UKe cnnuim- - f th. Memphis Evening Scimeter. Scientific lempeiau.c nf a miner read by-Prof. R- B Tha neidwuod Lail OfflCI. . .,her of others, including sons o. i i.e oi."!1' - - McClenon. of Madison. ailU a- aa 21 Lee Street. 3 Epworth League at 7 p. m. All welcome. C. B. Clark, pastor. r nadwood- editors, comuanuy u another of the good things SOIIIC va reiterate the cry in connection with this jnnnnnnnn crvn of the program, and brought out several Congregational Church Morning service t 11 o'clock. Topic of sermon, "Riches of Ck,nd. war: My country-may v.k. fm different members, especm.., k. but right or wrong, my from Deputy Superintendent Schelllnger. Mercy." Eph. 2:4. Mrs. Remer will sing a solo entitled "Ecco Homo." Mrs. Maud country. That cry. that sentiment, will of Pierre, who declared that one mi... - MacPhetridge will be at the organ. Sun be found fully alive In the heart a rv American man. wo- day school at 12:15 p. m.. Prof. Strachau, VOTING COUPON crcri' OUT rPTTTS m. child. If our country should be a good teacher though a user ot tooacco, .d offered himself as an example, candidly confessing that he used the weed, the he did not considr It a necessary qual superintendent; Y. P. 8. C. E. at 7 oclock. . . h . usurper, or foreign foe f HUJONS GIVEN AWaT. etrtiinly gratfylng to the public to concern In the land who are to be cenerous to the needy and The propritor of Dr. King's DIsmih tor conaumptlon, coughs '". Uve glvea away over ton mll- tetUei of this great ttedlolne; tk satisfaction of knonini It 1 Maur esrea thousands of hope- "s, ActluM, tronohitls, botmbom ilieasee of the "throat cheat aad iwelr cured hy tt Call on 'nip. rutflt, and get a tree Kegoiw aUe M oento and VOo narantoed or price and help some worthy young lady to -cur. a year's. KhooUng No evening service. Ladies Ala socmj will" meet at the parlors of the church on Tuesday afternoon. J. M. Barron, pastor. men worthy of our.t.ei. but apply that ... a K...tiful sentiment to the tnrol- ification. -m... iuiMr drew out livelier discussion tl,ng of the righU of th. Filipinos! whose . trrlna to usurp! and who First Baptist Church Services today as ,k. other, but the majority will still follows: Prayer service at 10: w a. m,, hold that we can never come too near to ennot harm our country, except where preaching at U a. m.; Sunday school at degrade It ouseive. in wamng. tie example of the great teacher wnose -nn,and. "Be ye therefore perfect." is m Junior meeting at I p. m.. In one of thJst college. In America Good Education Absolutely Free of Cost. The "PIONEER-TIMES" has made arrangements to present to popular of its young lady readers, that U the one who secure, th. higheat number of rote., a free scholarship tor one entire year In the Lexington Female College. Thi. offer include, absolutely free of cost, board, room r Uandrr. tuition in literary branches, murlc. art. elocution and phylonl cl turn. them. To-uxe Ptrlouc . Vn Union meeting of the Young People's o- nt fulfilled by coming short of It, . i. hut to insuii ii. Hrtles at the M. E. church at 7 o clocit; . m - College chapel was again Gospel and song service at 8 p. m. at the U in th. mire. Are the opinion, of our thousand, of gallant volunteers who . . .v.. rountxr and know where. .., -H-itJve listeners to the ck uim ... f .hi. ueoessful and profita- 110 BOT TOOU THB GTJN church. Subject: "Christ's Mesas ge w You." A cordial invitation extended to all to attend these services. C. L. Kirk, pastor. hi. aeration. In th. absence of President of they .peak, to o. - "0 tea that hit a & Steadman, J1 toch, h the CltU War. It biased editor, who cannot Writs tb. aao sf th. Y-g Lady y- " T B Pray, of Steven. Point t Ml. in Wisconsin, who was expected to Tw1lloLl Of Jteriole Ueen that u treatment Trinity M. B. Church Sunday school at T) VOTESe' small rut E. A- hu URS. LIEBMANN. stive an address on om. w reaching at U; Junior League NAME. w twenty rears. Then Bncklea Jl,lT red him. Cure out 1? . of duU. senT. -tter p. m, Epworth League. 7 p. m, and pres. of duUes, seni mMtin Wednesday Address Pioneer-Times Free.Scliolarsliip Bureau. Choice Cut Flow and Potted PU always on hand. Order, for funeral, and "w. holla, felona, eorna, akin , pile earo am earth .ociety emblem. prompUy nueo. cure tnarantead. Sold y lrh Cratwut.

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