The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 21, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 21, 1900
Page 3
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IE CENT A WUKU THK HILL Or FAR IC ...AT... j - thij hoflfiONIT Tl..monta unuei H TIME TABLE 3 5 DEADWOOD 5 WORD each insertion, when N'T A ... p month, three lines Uootnnnnnt than month, payable la advance 1 I JtL, Is complete New combination in the latest ilesicrns in Wall Paper At jrice rati'rinr from 5 to 51 Their '.it-1 menu the fatrjoae f the WANTED HELP. i "V i ik'v k mm fi "m. iff l l Lincoln Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City, St. Louisand all points east and south Denver Helena , Butte Portland Salt LaheCitv, San Francisco and all points D No : L Siri et Za holier: Bteady work TEf- , nf rarr & Her- Calhoun Bros. 1 1n..nHci' girl. ,11 ro"nti wuu) ; west Trains leave M follows 44- Vestibuled Express dally, Hot Springs. ;TED Proprietors of the $9 per week. E. ork. cents per roll just received at MAX FISHEL'S Neit to Zlpp Shoe Co. store. T i. Hot ;evcrn. Transfer M, iiul miners want . . .J i extia a n fl L ' Are Prepired to Do coin. Omaha. Chicago arm all point3 East. South and West . . 5 SO p m No. 210. Leal dajiv Hvr.. day. nal.J Mounter anrt Spearflsh . . . , No. 2Hf Fr.ert.. 4.tll. .laddin work H- Hills Coal m- i ne Mint man mat keeps that always up-to-date News ta n.l. All l.injj of transfer work on wry short notice. To try them Is to have o-n done pronip'.ly aaJ is ordered. PIANO THICK THE WILCOX PHARMACY . ,.i t,,r general house uu cugemom .... , 1 I Be u-e; ari l mot truck fjr '.he 8if anj .-te I'i.iLh) -i! mn :rig o j lor general house Feldhausen. . rn ; in Aetna Powder Go, kTEU- j pianos Kodaks Mrs. J Full Slock of DRUGS Meu , sell Singer Sew- Sunday this fr..,. , .av. . x,lraJ'H arrive a, '0nHS No. 43. East. 1'as nge.-, d.t.ivh 1: No. 2rt. RprfW. T'- n ,i. -,. except Sunl;i . ' ", . -No. L'w3. Freight Sunday thi- , aeaLs fre.-. OI, aU .... ,' . ' ED N. Parks. ;achine lr I "i m "0 a m P w ,:r arp Ha.1l a I La saw mill. upper Main fTanteii !" I o( steam- OI LS Alt ANI Kodak Supplies CAM ICR AS All Size All Prices Dynamite and Black Porter, j Till-: Whith HorsH Fuse and Caps, i:r hh... Eleetric Batteries, iTTc'iU' .. ,. ' I 111 tile L :.. It-.tttt act '."11 ai e Batteiy Supplies. j-iy . ff. E ADAMS COMPANY I FrRNlsIIK1) :KO,;MS- j way and steamhli 11, gape checkwl to all For Inforrnaiion tickets, cill ,,n or rc General I'as.-enT V. T a n. 1 ' A R N 1 S ... f,r fur General house- I Fit W.'IS 'i' :nah , 11 WTl- '.. 'hU r .. w f olnnpv's ,rS at M.'. Lin avenue IS BKNTI.KV 10 A'f'U j. i Tmle! Art wh I'.tc, nomrrcn lal Ae. nt M Khmii 51 l'p l-TED-A c.Mii-"- --- I" , .n,. f tu.n Vn D C. TRAINS HKTWKKN DK DVV0OD t l A.MAh A 1 VAX, 1 ST HAM UK AT. ! AND I.RAD hmennial ave. I.KAVK IiKADVOOH THEM IS ONLY ONE KODAK THE EASTMAN Dally, except Sunday g 05 waiter at a m KKKCTRIC KKiHT, No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable Cm-First c'aS3 L Fourche hotel. inxity Tally, except Sunday Dally Imily Daily S 39 i n 18:30 a m Pi K! p ni 2 00 p m :i:15 p m l'i eHci iptions promptly and accurately compounded by competent pharmacists. Our SoJj Is .-.lid t(i he the finest in the city. Try a glass yon will come again trMng neatly done. Hang-C cleaning wall pper special-iruaxanteetl. W. J. DaJly, except Sunday Dally . ., 1 ,n 'PhnnA No 14. Corner of Sherman and Deadwood Slreets -9 p m 5 : j'J p m 7:00 p. nj vyre, niu feTpuuTsewlng to do at No. Daily The City Dray Line JNO. FELvDHAWSEN, Prop, makes a specialty of moving all kinds of heary machinery. ALSO Is prepared to do all kinds of moving of household goods, pianos, safe, etc., with safety and dispatch. Office Phone 118. Residence Phone 1S6. Tlae Arcade I'KTKK lC' KUM), Pro!'. Wagner Cafe Serves Meals Ni-ht and Day. Best Cafe in City. W.C SPINDLER, Prop Williams street, or wm 80 oul Lew by the day. Call or ad- Club Restaurant. Under the Management of MRS. JULIA WALTER wife without iiaMan-and Daily, except Sunday... 8)0 p m 9:09 i ri! Daily, except Sunday 10 30 p m LEAVE LEAD CITY. Dally xcept Sunday 8 35 a m T , 55 a B Dally. n."(i Sunday n o a m f'" 12-M P m Uallv, (.inneit- Eastern paaonRer n ,5 p m Dally 3;4o p m Dally, eicept Sundav 4 45 p m Dally 6;24 p m to work on a rancn. in- JMreo it Pioneer Times or write J. Beebc & Cleveland THE GROCERS l()i Sherman Street. Harrison Telephone 144. Are prepared to supply your wants in llie line of groceri-s or onfetlon iy W. H. MOOH2S Blacksmith and kdr, Sturgls, S. D. 'Is serving the best rD At ouce, 00 men. The iersigned need experienced ivelers at once to work In their nwalH ever served In the city for the price, 2."h Delicacies only procured at tho tables of tho host hos- Ij wher you get that delldmis drink known througho" the country aa Anhaua-er Buach you ncnr beer. A nice luoca constantly on the bar. Ikwt branda of drinks and cigars always on hand lve atreet. Dead wood. Wagon Maker Iter mines at i-acioia. oieauj Daily Dally, except Sun. lav Dally Daily. ee'U Sundav : 22 p m S 22 p m f.-- p a 10 .".T, p rr kand highest wages. Apply in j HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE- j teh les In tho country. lioj or address. juimsuii n. fcVkVnvwvvvv.AkV j PAI RlNvJ D0NL ON SHORT NOTICE ' 1 ' are a familiar thing on her tables. AU kinds of Carriage and Wag J. P. HYMER A trial will convince otn leaders that i-r Panola. S. 1. tf FOR SALE. rALE Team, buggy and for sale (heap. Enquire at on Wood Work ; also Carriage i4f,r table will Hull the tastes of the F F M K H THK NoltTIIWKSTKKN LINK DEPOT Helm 1 11 De&lwood and Pln Streets. Arrives DeparU Trough trains (o Omaha Chlcano, Si. I'aul. Minneapolis, with close connections for all points west and south, at Fre Furnishings 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwood. S-D mont fastidious C7.", Main St , I o;idw mj.I. C0lLCri0NS--ADJUSrUVrS- FIDELITY BONDS. twith's bam. SALE A good gentle cow All klndi of bond! written: Appeal t- mont and Omaha II a m Spa)1 .phmnt rnnlevln honrim for aieoutora h in August. Apply to No. t O. C. JEWETT, DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU That )ou could net Jewcli made up Jl'ST AS VIM WANT IT. ilin sanir as jou could a suit of clothe" Well 1 do Quit kind of work; have been In the business at my present stand -1! years; am pleased to refer you to to any merchant or banker In tho bills its to my stJuidiiiM I make a Hintdal-ly of mall order woik, write me Juat what you want and 1 will quote you prices l,y return mail, or if In this 8.', tluli, call on me J. B. Le BEAU, Mjiiur... luirt , Mack IMI-. Irurlrry Central City, 8. D. DEPOT: Loww Main Street. j admlnistratora. All JudlclaJ bond eie- U hltew.H).!. SturRlH. lUpid fhadron j Cuted without delay. Don't ask your Iter street. iiiii luiei mt:uid(.e puiuis 10. io a. m. -ARCHITECT. se for Sale. Saddle animal. 7 friend to sign for you until you gt rates. Lodge officers. treaaunra, official bonds specialty. old, well broken. Cheap K:i at this office. The Last Chance That old popular Sherman I street resort, is now under the charge of I j Johx Nklson, j who solicits a share of your patronage. GML Him a. Call. New Waite Block. DBADWOOD, B. D. S !') a. m. A iri vfs 1 lepa it s Deadwood .... 1 : 50 pin !:10a. iu Whitewood only '?,() a. 111. 4 It.'i p. m Except Sunday. Palmer house SALE Premises at 66 Lower Olympic Block. Deadwood. Phone Harrison, US; Black Hlli. 101 Phone In residence, Harrison. 88 Lee-Glass Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware t 1 street, $600 U0; half cash, billon time. Apply to R. M. Ma 1 I - THE FINEST MEATS AT New Clark H, k ncit i,.,.r I'. IEaBLE building lots os Lincoln aut, lngleide; lumber furnished Bicycles and WW. EDWIN VAN CISE. (tf) A -say I Mice. NKW BriKDINC. XKW KFRNITUKK. XKW BIO DDI Nil. . Gus Keller's Market Sporting Goods We Will Offer piXO I.OTS-In Forrest Hill Ion at 5 each. Look at them. 0.iAHl. In connection with the Restaurant . 1219-21 23 HARNEY ST., (42 Main Strsst. Dadwotf. Babcoct J. C. CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate Bit are ten finely furnished rooms with hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night- Short orders a specialty. FOR RENT. HES'T. Six room house. SO') I '11 Main street Apply to John In 4 linur flnnoTThir'n an ! ill -Iiitrkri'Kf rum tll(1 iir:iiar5'' triit-, ;.r--f-t"t -v fsni:t Mi'1 i ':. j .-i i wit hoi, t :t. ti l-rn faley. JMDT T. J. DOWD, Watchmaker, Optition, Jeweler IT;. eh, r.f AM. JiniK i-'-. Extraordinary bargains through month of July on our entireline of Household Goods Special Crockery Sale every Saturday. RENT N.w five. room house, lU'Oln ave . Incleside. 0 iKENT. Five or sir room hoiiKe jtrTww mi i sTaajr -i location housekeeping. John SBSL SING YOU Prop. SECOND-HAND TYPE. Bourgeois, Brevier, Nonpareil, tied up and in quantities to suit purchaser, at ten cent3 per pound. Ploneer-Tlmes. H. Richardson, RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No. 28 City Creek. Leave orders at Flshels Bazaar Main St IWrts. N 'j Citv Prpek. lllL'Ilt I !TV.H1J , i i-i-.. .IV : 1 Mil -I lr.", LI ENT, 7 and li-ronm bftiiM...s See Our Bargain Counter. I' Apply to H. Mullen. I ,.r i,.-,,.,el , H slriclly prlvalf i ,,' , ". a ii , m u I ,,, a i' r if) 1 1 lit after ui '.! f,., ,11.. -I i, ,n b-1 . 1 ni e.irtu St., Denver, Colo. KENT. Four room house with DEMOUTH'S ARK opposite Oillmore house. Kn- v Gillmore bouse. Black Hills Jewelry te Order. V;itch lOxaminer for tin- !01khrn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. !.,v St . Dct.hv I. Nog. 70-72 Sherman st. Deadwood. RENT.-New live room DON'T BE FOOLED! P e and bath, us Denver Ave. IAAAAMAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAA UMtAMUsAJsAsAAAMMMAA U;-very cheap, one. two. four. Take th gfnuine, orljlnel ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Dr. Bismarck von WedelstaeJt Dr. George S. vonWedelstaedt f 1 rooms furnished or unfurnl3h- Made only by Madison Medl- "illiams Street. Cook Remedy Cc HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR vudnon. mh. II i well. Our trade "nn each package. ft I'M Cine Co., Of kerf yu ? rrark cut'n I'rioe. .1 REXT. Tl cents. eit. s,id c Onir hoardini' You Should Go to in Inilk. rn, Ask ,,ur tl ' ii t i t at Plt;n:.,. is rooms in good on A; p: to O. 1'. Ong, .... Anna A. Leuhrs V.V.-.N. m iim mm .'uNDAKT m .."Ii I'm I. SON i ' : v: IN PAHKEll S HAIR HAi.S A M l.N'T. i IfeiS V L,J W V k 13 M m W with For- ura! h i.e. No ivnue. ii bi - inn wIL If u w - ! " t !j : ii-. .1 1 . .'a ne.'it. sew r . I Ha .ins I,. j ... s " and kitchen. A- c 1 1; tha N 1ST i - r ' !- rn.: Kodo 7'c ! V.-'l' 1 1 e . i . , i Paiey, Agent. any : . r (hall to ; iim t;s a t: -uea roonj3 for rent at No. aLh!mS Street N'? objection oasekeeplng J. N. CORUM Prunnetor of tMP Loi:i;v Saloon Keeps a quiet orderly place with many different lines of amusement and respectfully solicits a share of your patronage. Francis C. Tucker, J. R. Hlekox, U. S .Dep. Mm. City Engineer. . Surveyor. CIVIL ; MINING ENGINEERS tt Can Bank.. JWtto the beat la the MEAT u you get it of r;-. r o-:r ::' r i ;r.tri".' i-jNIU : :. V. -.j- . 1 Km r '-run of for.-i r :i lani 1 . . .-''! to ,! i ili-t-a.-'--'veu whn .; ! V''mnt nf th !' talent . ' : r. -... vn)-h tf nut Unn coul'l employ. 1 , v- !i.,vp h SKKKT KKMK1 Y kr.ow o:i!v !) ouTflve-i Inirinx MJt'KTREV H:H.- of our existence no thv a. r.'v f Iffprpr.t fonrprns have Ftart'nl up o lmta! our treatment, rni'" y oiu unprwAtipnTM F'lcfpia; toiay not on1 of th remains In buslnees. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor. THE COOK REMEDY CO. baa per manently cured thousaji.ts an.l ha world-wlde'teputatlon for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREES AMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLJCD GES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. litres.- COOK REMEDY COIPilT 1928 tmu Teie Cticw. DL Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you cat. 1 1 arti : . ally ill re t s t h.- f ood a Dd aid s Nature mi -trenthening and recorj-structii t- i he exhausted digestive organs. It i-: he latent discovered digest ant and !"ti :c, No other preparation can apt. roach It in efficiency. It instantly relievesand permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea Sick Head acbe,GaJtralfla,Cramps,D. all other resu 1 is of 1 m perfect d igeatloo. FrtpOTd byCC. DeWttt AC. CejlMfl. Tm UIm K. O. PHIiLlPB, JOLITZ 6l LYNCH p Your Sin x, i t PATCH Take it to JOHN SOHN Jfo. 5 t trert. Wtem It wUl b. tton. with mttiatm a4 O13PAT0H. WiwTT mm nd you lWJtW what you TUCKER A HICKOX, Surveyors. Room 101 antf IDS AdatM Stock. O.-ifi, ..s. J nl IUf BH1 UJ lit iiu-rei,l M. O .TONS. (Hrst Pub. July 12. 1900 ) gyndlcaU block, Deadwood. . D. secretary of any allv rewFTper jwoTlrtiM at ik-mwooo i t,awrDce county. South Vakota, tbe said Plea.e notify the change of address.

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