The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 6, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1899
Page 2
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B DAILY riONEEE-TWES, .SUNDAY MOBNING, AUGUST 6, 1899. Hen, our' Illustrated catalogue explains way left, and that is for Europe to re public lands lu flee In reference how we teach barber trade in 8 weeks WATCHES 0iA)jg sume sending us gold for our breads tuffs I est' reports snow mat their districts South Dakota Mailed free. Molers Barber College, Min and merchandise. With gold flowing has. Id round cumbers, 11.,- neapolls, Minn. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, U7fc THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. L ESTABLISHED APRIL T, 1877. on the Pacific coast from the Klondike and Australia, and on the Atlantic coast from 000,000 acres of vacant government land which ,ld subject to entry by qualified ap Europe, and wth the unprecedented pros WORK WANTED Competent woman, by Fine.,; the dav. No. 8 Water street , rear of plicant's. In the reports to the com Ml -sioner of the general land office the lands are specified as unappropriated and wire H tiffin) I perlty from ocean to ocean, there does not seem much ahead of Uncle Sam to worry Fish & Hunter's Planing Mill. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. him. FOR SALE. riONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO Aberdeen News: The labor urobilin is .Solid Gold Jewclr . Bla Hills Gold Sterling SiiyerNj FOR SALE An upright piano, new and In more serious at this time thai, it has been (or many yeais, the trouble being to get men to work in the harvest fields. In thi3 served, surveyed and uusurveyed, reserved and appropriated or entered. Many Interesting fuels aro disclosed in the special reports made to the coinniisi jouer of the general land office. Of the seven land districts in South T)j-kota the Rapid City district is the luri;ist. containing a total of la.lM.'MW acres. Of this 7 S&i.Ua" M uusurveyed land and is good order. Mrs. L. B. Miller. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: fcAILY Eviry Morning, Except Honda One Year W JJ U Month Dm Month mewrui.T Tuund Everv Thursday. emergency the farmer doesn't go arounl LOTS FOR SALE Howards Addition Cms Year J W b Mentha 1-00 At Special Prices His addition to Deadwood. beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining swearing the foundations of the go eminent are slipping from under, but he would have a J.(ht regard for what ihc Hryanius have been telling liim if they would Mend along' ;t few of the "millions of the Dudley spring, In the First ward, at tha la now open jor settlement; see plat and Bartered m Second-Class Matter Deadwood Postoffloe. now subject to entry under the homestead, mining or oilier laws governing the ills Ixwal of government land. In addition .o I his. there arc Ml, "'"7 acreti of unur-veytd public land in the district, which, mm m Axt 2oii prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. dp him stoc k, -ta. k and cmpl ye d" lo h, grain. v. $ Ws&m&fK m thresh hi FOR SALE Three of the best ranches on ka, REPUBLICAN TICKET. Aiprtsa Court Judge. DIOHTON CORSON. .i H. O. FULLER. DICK HANEY. A . F, 811 Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over $1,000 Improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the . fioeer-Times office. hen surveyed, will make a tolal of $,-Ji7.':"T aires of public land in the di-trb t. There arc in the Hal l City llUlrict ;.i;:, .",:,. .o ris of land reserved, 1 , ID.;, .".!'." of whhh ii contained in the lilaek Kills lor-et resei v . and tile remainder is embrace 1 .V bra llan i. f Hi. ii chnre-by se. l.inci William Jennings Ilryan, of has decided to make ("aider J of ('Ui'iigo, the next Kovernor c Other slates having any political do will save time and money ing a piiMal to Mr. Bryan, at Main street in the I'ine Itidge Indian reservation. A 1 TR SALIS Desirable residence lota. total of J.j:!.Ulih acres have bet u enteral and o iking him to come Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's . on INGERSOLL'S BLIND DEFENDERS. While It may bo conceded that a considerable part of the publio condemnation of Neb., w oik. under the various laws. The surveyed land now subject to en , Col. InEersoll developed by his death has In this district is distributed a? follows been couched In terms unnecessarily harsh Butte county, 1,252,004 acres; riioteau TOVES, and singularly uncharitable, It U not th DESIRABLE building lota on Lincoln kv. enue, Ingleside; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at Terry, S. D. For further information With an effective blockade on the ports of Luzon young Mr. Aguinaldo will be cut off from communication with Ins supporters in this country, and the result will be his early retirement from the profession. less true that nioet of those who have, as 001. lba; ('uster, 314.4113; Delano, 2'J,7CO Ewlng, 2j!l,7t); Fall River, CM.'J-Cj ; Hard a result rushed to his defense in print aro Ing. C4!i.H41: Lawrence, 10,411; Martin blinded bv ardor. The fatal weakness of 40,120; Meade, 2S6.387; Pennington, 134 A Big Cut on The last chapter in the spectacular career enquire of C. W. Ronan, Prop. (lm.) 031; RInehart, 501,080; Scobey, 570.U73 of this ambitious trouble-maker is open ed. Wagner, 457.720; Washington, 88.5K5; Zie FOR SALE A 3 H. P. Otto Gasoline bach, r.80.045. Of the vacant land In the Cook Stoves engine, tank and reservoir complete. Rapid City district it is estimated that about .1 ner cent Is timbered, and about rioneer-Times. 26 per cent arid and the remaining 70 pet Clara Barton, the great American woman who is at the head of the Red Cross society, may be obliged to lay aside her work of devotion and mercy because of ill health. Miss Barton's work in the Spanish war Impaired her strength and she is cent agricultural land. FOR SALE 2 11. P. Kerosene engine and The second largest district in the state, Why' Buy a Second Ha; i so far as oubllc land subject to entry is blower, nearly new, in perfect condition, no further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating concerned, Is the Chamberlain district not a well woman by any means. Stove When You can get! with a total of 1,667,843 acres subject lo small mine. V. M. Barker, Deadwood. Admiral Dewey is n? only an expansion 1st, but is the leading cause of expan the departed agnostic's champions lies in their very dependence upon his most admirable qualities. For example, they exploit bis blamelessness In all directions are that of religion; his absolute honesty of purpose, hla broad charity of spirit, bis consistent devotion to what he conceived to be hla duty, bis helpful geniality and open purse, his Imaginative charm, and the perfection of his borne life and Intimate relations. It Is a fact Ignored by such 111 -advised defenders that these admirable qualities furnish strongest warrant for condemnation. A coarser man could not have challenged serious attention. Such danger to society as may have been involved in In-gersoll's leadership of irrellglon lay in this that hla life In general gave plausibility to his theories in the view of many, and that few men could accept his creed without visibly coarsening and drifting toward deterioration as citizens, if not toward actual criminality. This la the secret of sane condemnation, alt ho many seek to make R a basis of de entry. The total area or the (jnamneriain district is 7,!14,000 acres. More land Is embraced 1n Indian reservations in this district than in any other land district In FOR SALE A 4 room house In Hidden Treasure Gulch. Cheap for cash or Instalments. Enquire of the owner, James sion. New one for the same mom -COME AND SEEUS the state or in the northwest, 5,357,467 Dahl. acres being reserved by the red wards of A Year al College Free The Pioneer-Times will give the government. FOR SALE Household furniture, cheap free scholarship at the Lexington Fe The Pierre district contains a total of for cash. Enquire at No. 13 Filmore Stt I male College, Lexington, Mo., to be voted about 1,500,000 acres subject to entry Ayres & Yardman Harflware to the most popular girl In the Black Most of this vacant land, as well as nearly FOR RENT. Hills. Arrangements have been made with the president of the college to furnish to all that subject to entry In the Chamber lain district, is situated west of the Mis the winner of the Pioneer-Times scholar. Main sourl river, the land having been ceded bv the Sioux Indians and opened up to FOR RENT 2 New houses, upper St. Enquire of Otto Grantz. ship, for one year: Board, room, fuel, lights and servants settlement February 10, 1890. fense. attention. V e) Ml In the Aberdeen district there are a to ) tal of 281,456 acres which may be entered Tuljlon In Literary Department, Lessons on Plajio, THE PHILIPPINES AND THE REPUB FOR RENT 7 room house, with all modern Improvements, furnished or unfurnished. Apply to 1'loneer-TImes. by homesteaders. During the last yea LICANS. Lessons in Voice Cullture and Singing. 58,167 acres have been entered In the dis Senator Burrows, of Michigan, who Is Lessons on Violin, Mandolin, Guitar. trict by settlers and the State of South Da Lessons In Elocution, Delsarte, and Phy FOR RENT 5 room house with bath com-1 kota has filed on 14,653 acres. sical Culture. Shoes With a Reputation plete, new paper and paint. 12 per mo. The Mitchell district contains a total of 57 Centennial Ave. 20.941 acres of vacant land which Is now Lessons in Painting, Drawing, Pastel, Lessons in German and French, i , an antl-expanslontet, says that If the end tha Philippine war is not in sight next year, "the situation will be to the disadvantage of the Republican party." There la a verry strong probability that the war will be ended before the national conventions, early next summer, meet. The increase which la being made In the army v point la that direction. The trouble subject to entry by qualified applicants Lessons in Bookkeeping, Shorthand and FOR RENT 17-room boarding house, va This land district embraces the older portion of the Btate and the report hsows Typewriting. cant by July 20th. Enquire of O. F. Practice on the Piano two hours per day that government land is becoming de Ong, Pluma. I Our Boys Seal-Skin Seamli throughout the year. cidedly scarce in many of tha older settled heretofore ha been, that Otis did not have The scholarship will include a railroad counties. For instance, Aurora couiity r enough inett to garrison the towns which WANTED Six good farm hands. Apply I ticket from Deadwood to Kansas City. containa only 160 acres of vacant govern .... ware captured. This trouble will not exist to Stearns Lumber yard, upper Main St. SHOES! A coupon clipped from the Pioneer ment land which Is yet subject to entry , when this, campaign next fall opens. ,t Times, will count one vote. Bon Homme county. 40 acres of grating FOR RENT House with nine rooms, in t Are noted tor their wearing qualitj Subscriptions paid in advance will count land; Clay county, 56 acres of grazing land . Eve if Us wag sbod; chaoceuo be under way, however, when the next national conventions toeft .thfct condition ""would not cluding bath. For particulars Inquire I Douglas county,. 68 acres tf gracing land Hutchison, i9 acres of broken land; Jer excellent for school wear, at 27 Van Buran St. , I . iecessartly Jnjur4 " Jhe , ytOlwtJ, i It I month, $120 votes. I months, (5200 votes. 1 year, $10600 votes. Weekly 1 year, $2.00100 votes. auld, 1,200 acres "of grazing land; McCook would simply provoke an Inquiry as to was responsible for the war la the first 1 acres of swampy land; Moody, 40 acres L. C. VERPLAS' Delinquent subscriptions collected by Furnished rooms at the White House, Bath anS Electrio lights. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine view from every of swampy land; Sanborn, 2 acres of swam place, and that would exonerate the i the contestants will count ths same as ad py land; Union, 71 acres of awampy land 6t publican party. The men who wanted the BiTo. eo Sliorinan room. treaty, defeated and who voted against It vanes subscriptions. Contestants will be furnished blank subscription receipts and Of the 20.941 acres subject to entry in the Mitchell district, 19,200 acres are embraced .,rHj authorized to receive and receipt for NICELT furnished rooms at lit the land ceded 'j the Yankton Indian in 1895 and la situated 1 In Charlea Mix moneys. ' -when It came op In the senate are among the' persons who are responsible tor ;the i vwar. All of those except, an Insignificant fraction are democrats, A large share of rates at Noble block, 721 Mala street The contest will begin July 20 and end MRS. OARR. county. The total acreage of lands wtered August 25. in toe fitiliell d'rti'ct during the lrt School opens September 10. FOR- RENT Three furnished rooms suit year was about 20,000 acres. ' . I able for housekeeping. Enquire of Ole The Huron dletrlct containa 1M.721 acres FULLER BROS & McCU Lackous or at No. SI Taylor avenue. 1 cf vacant government land which it tub Ject to homestead entry. This land is die trlbuted rn the following .counties: Ilea ONE GENT A WORD FURNISHED ROOMS For housekeeping, (GEDDES OLD BARN.) Nfii rarridirw ami Bnirnips M MM the responsibility for the war also belongs to the men who opposed the bill for the csreation of an army of 100,000 men.; "These, .too', were almost all democrats. ' ? Hers are some facta which will tarns -out In a very impressive, way next' sum -sner If the war la the Philippines should be still In progress at that time. These facts will be destructive to the democratic party. Many men were claiming from the , beginning of the war against all purpose to obtain any territory from Spain. ' These In the Miller block, 41 Lee street. die, 471 acres; Faulk, 15,661 acres; Hand, Hu.;.. u.... u,, th. av wpek or month -n 14,181 acres;, Hyde, Itig acres; Potter. 47,060 acres; Spink,' 1,278 acre. A total Advertisements . under this head ONB hi f 'm FOR RENT Two furnished rooms at the of 84,720 acres la the Huron district is . Bolsner, suitable for office or cham CENT A WORD each Insertion, when ma less , than on month; three lines, $1 00 embraced In the Crow reservation. The ber. per month; payable in advance, y total acreage In the district, exclusive of the 64.720 acres embraced . Is the Crow men would have given ud - Porto Rico. FOR RENT Two rooms opposite the Bui- 5! They would give It up now.' notwtthetand-' reservation la 4.279.724 acres, mak WANTED HELP. lock. Enquire at Pioneer-Times. ing a tottal of 4,279,734 acres which have ing tea cession by the treaty, If they could been entered by settles. 2pp IS SELUIIC unng mis aoouu All these persona are WANTED Good girl for general' house roji rent Two large, nicely furnished I work. Mrai F. R. Carpenter. ' The Waiertown district . Is one of the smallest In the state, and lb lands there rooms, suitable for housekeeping. U Lin. coin Aye Ingleside. . ' have bee.i rapidly Died npoi because they , democrats. The Bryant, ! Qormamv.Yaeta, Oockrells, Slopes and the rest of the' men 'who have been howling against expansion nd all of those who srere In congress VotedTgalnsI all meaauros.lcATOteSrTo -strengthen the hands of the government In wanted Housework or washing and ro a:r-.g it best in the sta-o. : i. t t: . . : Shoes for Almost Not. Ironing by the day .Enqnlre at No. U FOR RENT A new tenement on Ingle-1 Filmors. .. .... -..' '; , sldej-4 rooms besides hails, cloe Ehrope Is not to fill .its depleted sjotl ' . . ., . . n fist kipp h nlmur shoe dealer of Dedv01 reserves this year from the United States, nam ana wood house, electrio lights,! . l. . , , . k.inr have V ue war are the persons who are esponet-.tle'for the conflict, and they, with a few Wanted A laundry girl at and ail modern Improvements. Build- the Bells tbo for two months past this country has uufc (x mar ousiDees. rie . ,, jell the shoes, "snod shoes" at the prices he win Fourths hotel " ng aoeoiuteiy frost proof. Rent til perl trifling exceptions, are democrats. It Is month. F, Knowles. , . a reasonably certain that American sover WANTED By small family, no children. Nothing wffl be reserved, everytW" commsnoes) August 1st and continues unOl lsit ' y Si i LE ( It been close to the exporting point . The few millions of gold we have sent to Europe have been special transactions, ipvolvlng DO profit, but. probably a loss, to those engaged la them. Even such transactions, however, are now unlikely,, while no one elgoty -will be acknowledged throughout the whole of the Philippines before the a furnished or partly furnished house on WANTED HISCELLANEOTJi beginning of next summer, but if, on the sold. Forrest Hill. Address with full par other hand, the war should be still under ticulars, Pioneer-Times. v ; est of r This im so fake sale, for I will surelf I WAlnm-fieeond Hand Goods at No! h - V I1 looks for gold export sin the regular way. way It would be the democracy and not the republican party that would be the BUerman BL 8. L. Cooant. . Europe Is dally Increasing Its debt to this inii,lA responsible 'acent ta work hoe business this tall, and my less M Oomt early before the stock Is broken. country, and the crop movement soon to , sufferer In. the ejection. " for the South Western Life Association. begin will again swell our favorable bal LOST Good pay for right man. Address J. 8. McCormack. Gen l Agt, Hot Springs, S. D. i -" ZIPP, E. c. ance of trade to enormous figures. Foreigners cannot send us back our securities la payment c4T their debt for we pav ab PUBLIC LANDS OF THE STATE. The registers of the seven United Slates land offices situated In. the stats of South "Dakota have Juat made a special report to the tommislsoaer of 'the general land bt- XWT-Between Ingleside and the Dlvm. Lflttrnnrl - - BOUW fT J sorbed two-thirds of the floating foreign holding. 1 There Is, therefore, only me fio nau a small white gauss fan. Leave at Fioheer-Tlmes. .' WANTED Ten weodchoppers ait $t2S per onrd by Percy" Bros, Two Bit- ! . ' . . I 1 I

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