The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 14, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1900
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1900. ?5SiSiJS5S!S8S888SSSSSSSS8SS5$!S!i!SSS Thia 8pace la Reserved For CORNWALL & CO. I FEED I 69 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 John Baker, the treasurer, at Dead- 70 23 25 lU.Ou 1.10 11.10 wood, S. D. 71 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 Any stock upon which said assess 1 J 99 18.87 1.99 20.86 ment shall remain unpaid on the 7th 4 J 20 9.10 1.01 10.11 day of Norember,. 1900. shall become 5 J 25 8.75 .97 9.72 linquent and be advertised for sale and 9 J 25 4.05 .50 4.55 unless payment shall have been made 10 J 25 8 75 97 9.72 on or before, will be sold at public 11 J 25 8.75 .97 9.72 auction at the office of John Baggaley. 21 13 20 8.00 .90 8.90 in Deadwood, South Dakota, on Sat 25 13 40 16.OO 1.70 17.70 urday, the 24th day of November, 1900, 35 13 25 10 00 1.10 11.10 at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., to pay 6 11 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 said assessment, together with the 7 11 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 costs of advertisement and expenses of In witness whereof I have hereon- sale. i set my hand and seal this tenth JCHN RAKER. Sec. Robert S. Crawford, and that Saturday, the 24th day of November, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, owit: of the November term, 1900, at the court room thereof, at the court house in Deadwood, in the said county of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated. November 9th, A. D. 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGFI, Judge of the County .Court. (First Pub. Nov. 10, 1900.) And FUEL: day of November. 1HO0. HERMAN- RISCHOFF. Treasurer of the Citv of Deadwood. "s. 1 '" ' ' ' (Seal, i . (First Put. Nov. 13. 1900.1 THIS space " RESERVED Notice Hy order of the board of t,.il'l't'tors !?f . ..J,hR lu Grant, Miiug lomiiany, the date when assessment No. SI becomes delinquent was extended to November l'.lth, 1 9(10, and the day of sale to Saturday, December Sth. l'.UHi. at the same hour and place. JOHN BAKER, Sec. T. J. dowd,: Wafchinater, Dptitioa, Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry ta Order Watch lvxaminer for the Klkhorn R. R. Work aid Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Dead wood. FOR 5. ... snmi. . I '. in Van CUv. Attorney. ) M-U'i:iL S NOTli'K nl-' SW.K 111 the i-;!-. u.t Court of the I T 1 1 1 . 1 Stall's fur it" 1'i-iii.i f South liikot.i. Western Division. Henry ll.iile Coniplaiiianl ASSI:SSMKNT NOTICE. w li Pla'a Cot.: Mining .-ompany; place ;;f nusinrs;: n.T. r." r,o,; s ' n. Notice Is hcroM gnen that at a meet-'ng of the l.o.nd of diciors of the above arncd l oiiLjiaiiy held al ! e;id wo t 1. on the iTth day of Sepicmlai. Paul, an a.ssei8-tnt in i No :') of one mill per share was , ii .1 tipor the ouistandiug st.H'k rf the .oiiip.i, v. payahle iiiitii...i,ttil7 10 N'.il Mc-liot.oi.h. (treasurer, at his other In liead-...ood S H Any sio, k upon which this assessment .hall remain unpaid on the 'Jnih day of Octal, cr, I'miii will t.- del liupient and a.lvcr-iis.d for sale, and unless payment shall have I, .en made I.. 'fore, will he sold at auction at the other of the trows-nri. In I lead .wind, on the loth day of Noiemher, Pino, at 2::!0 o'clock p m . to pay such de-Hn.uciit assrssnunl. togethtt-r w-lth coets of advertising and ex.'pcus.-s of ..ale. NK1L MrlXiNOl'CII. Sec (First I'uh Sepi Hi. Pino I (l'Va.lev K- LalTey. Attortleyi.) (Martin & Mason. Attorneys.) M. A. NO. 12H4. APPLICATION KOH A PATENT. II S. IjmhI Oilier, Rapid City, S. I). Oct. Crnlde. iM'Drsi' A Fletcher. Miniim and Sm.-ltiiiK and The Security Trust an 1 sii Company, lief.iidatits h.roliv itivrn that in pursuance in., el" a .be.-rr in the above .us.- of lh' above entitled, .loraldo John K Carland. Crnneis ' Trust" Conipiia Safe I .- Not in- H ami hy vi entit list i Court II" i Mart i n & M:i.m, Atl.iruys.) M. A. N(i. K'.'.S. AI'I'LlCATKiN Hlli A 1'ATKNT. I'nit.Ml s L.uid ( 'Ml.-... kapnl City, South Dakota, October o0, l'.IOO. NdTK'i: IS IIKIJKIIY (;iKN: That the Hook, ry Cold Mining Co.. a rnrpora-lion organir.l and existing uadrr .,iid I , v 1 1 1 ii.- of I he laws of i In- slate of South Dakota, with postotllce address, Hookc-iy Huilditig, Chicago Ills . Ills iUs day ii-s application for a patent for the "Cliip-ii. unk" and "Cilinan" l.wle mining claim., hearing gold. Willi surface ground as In le- Lobby Saloon has gone thru a thoro course of repair and cleaning and is now one of the nxricost riaco to be found in Deadwood for a social time. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK ludge dated October 1. !!(. ami or a wru venditioni . xpona. .lat.'il October 31. 1 !(". issued fioin and under the seal if said Court, therein ti in.' directed. 1. the undersign"! SH. ial Master in Chancery fur that. purpose appointed In an. I nv decree will sell at public sale to the highest hlihl. r for cash nt the front door or tha (Viiir lions. i in Deadwood. Iawronre Countv. Stale of South Dakota, on Saturday tlir Mh dav of I (.-comber. 1900. at the hour of '.'11 o'clock in tho forenoon of that dav h an entirely and as one property and not in separate parrels, all and singular 'he real property hendnafler men. s-. iti. nl I v desrrlhod. and all the ritht. (Mle. int. rest and equity of redemption of said d. fondants (save the riirht to redeem ii hiii one y ar allowed by law Inari.-r show n, situated in Hear Unite M ' ing Hisiri.i, Ijiwienre Coiiniy, S. 1. and .designated liy the Held notes and of ticia.l plal on tile in this ollii c as Mini; ' Survey No. 1-lGL', in S.slioiiK :!0 and .tl, Townshii a, N. ltange 4 1'X II. II. M Said M. S. Hti2 being described as follows: CIIH'Ml'NK LOUK -lleginnitig at Cor No. 1. whence the corner of section-. 2- and :!il-::l T. .", N. Kg :i 4 K. 11 II M bears S. 77 deg. 67 niln. GO sr, . V. 1733.1 ft.; thence S. 74 deg. 2f min. W. 402 ft; thence S. 2 dep. 19 min. V. 014.8 ft; thence S. 6 (leg. 04 min. E. W.H. MODES Blacksmith and Wagon ftlaker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RF-PAIRINvi UUIMt ON SHORT NOTICE All knulB of Carriage and va oh Wood Work; also Carriags urinshiugs. 11 Rnd 12 Pine St.. - Dear! ivikx. . K. I s. l :. NTICIC IS lIKHEMY-dlVEN. That the Coldrn (late Mining and Milling Company, by its trnusurrr and authorized agent, Cliarl.t S. Owen, w hosr postviltlre address Ik Deadwood, S I) . has thia day filed ils application for a patent for (he firov-rr. l-'remont. Klkhorn. St Clair. New Year ami Vr. dou No. 1 lode mining claims, hearing gold, with surface ground as here-Inaflrr shown, siluale.l Ir Whllewood Mining Idstrict. Lawrence ( ounty. S. D., md designated l.y the Odd notes and official plat, on file in this olllce as Uit. No. 14ii:i, town ".hip ." iiorih runge 11 cast. H. II. M Said lot No. 140!l, hrlng described as follows; OltoViCK I.OMR Ilei'lnnlng nt the S. W. Cor . whrnre Ihe Cor. of Sers 13, 18, 111 and 24 Township a N . Ilange 2 and 3 K. M II. M . hears S S:t" r,7 II" W 7II i rt: I hence N c:' 4 1' K K".SS ft; thenre S. ' "..",' : 4!i.'..K ft; theme S. .IS" ,1ft V. 'nli; ft. lo Cor. No. 4. Ideniical with Cor. No 1 C ')' l lode (Sur No 127H); thenre S ,Ts" r." W. 4":i :! ft; thence n r.:t" sr.' V. :ls ii ft; iJience N. 4::" :ui' v. :iiiti ft.. to the pi. -re of l.rglnning: claiming t;,"5 S ft. S 4:i 22' W. and 7,"(l ft. N l.'l" 22' r, Mki BA n FIRST IK 710.7 ft; thenco N. 74 dog. 25 min. E. ami the t.r'in of said decree) in and to the said proi.Ttv li.wrri lied as follows, to-wit' n ii i - I . ided tifiv-uiio one-tiiindnxlllis iM tiini i:i! 'i-e-i or in and In the certain lodes an I iniiiinc claims Kinate in liw-ri'ii. e ('.eiiin- Slate of S inlh Dnkotn. nam-,.! and .1. i:nci:e.t .-is fullow The liich-lui,', I 1,.' e.lnini' i lai'ii. litua'e on fi" i. ... Hill . , in:' ail'ii e'il to ih.. Sittin" DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. 42!) ft. to Cor. No. 5, idetiti oil with C,.r. No. 3 Milium lode of this survey; thence N. 00 4X' YV. 13M.2 ft It. to place of In ginning, claiming LMo Z ft alon Ihe presumed direction of Co of the v in: : t :i ! ft. northerly and 717 ft. south-rlv f:tun center of discovery cir ; and containing an area of 1L'.1:7!I acres i.a in coliill. t wiin .ink ll" in i.l. I a. t. - I not claim. ,1: ana in cetil'it Altona lode (1.004 acres) not claimed; area In ooiiHirl Willi l lid Uepnlilioin hide Hull lode t ; 11 I" .C ". I'ro k a: I ' and Sil'. ' M nr.. 1.".' iv no rill hv Ho THE SINGER . i:iir. I. 1 I. mIo Ill'Mil'L' claim, unull side of ll-ir Untie III ,. .1 . ; ,v the (J .ndvi.-V .ra P semi, l.v tl'c S.iv st .v the Cps-ter lode, an 1 ItichMlo'id I'c'e- the Siiridns lai'ii. -jtn-it, d near the town ,1 I .oiniil. d on t lv nor! h hv I lod... 'asl l.v 'he Coltnail DIRECTORS: j i;nil'l K 'I'AIIKSP. .t. atTSHUHBT. l I I'.US'IN 0. J SALISM'I! i lode minim-1 ,.f Cale.i i. a ! the Tii'T T ic'i-a ai'i'c- I not claimed, and aria it miitliri uiih I l.i. . r ':.''. (.LIU acres) ( laiincd. CII.MW I. "UK lleginnllr' al Cor V.i '. I v ! riii. tl-ei lode, and west lieuoid l,,.l the I-Vai tion lode i I ,1 OFFICERS: President O. I SMJSRIIKY 'Msnlfr is now locaated In the SYNDICATE BLOCK Lee St. near Main, Deadwood. Most popular of all sewing machines. Second hand machines for sale or rent of all kinds. All makes of m-chines repaired. A. N. PARKS Mjrr. I) A McPherson Assist Cashier ....J. S. PENMAN Vice-President ...T J 'iUiKI L 1 ; whence the corner of Sees. 25-2G and :!n-::i T r. N . It. ?, . i: It II. M bears S. 7.a deg. 02 min. fiO sec. V. 1SH0.7 ft; (hence S. 47 deg. 20 min. W. 100 2 ft; thence S. 00 deg. 48 min K.. I ::::. 2 ft. to Cor. No 3. identli-i.l with Car. No. r. Chipmunk lode, of this sin 111. 'lice S. 7:' .', I ' K. 4 1! s . 1 1 ft; thenre N 2 (I!)' W., 1410.7 ft; thence R. 72 r,4' W., 240 S ft. to place of beginning; clalmlne 1 tut; 7 ft. along the presume.! direction or the hxle line. 7.10 ft. notitherly and 676 7 fi. northerly from orti'ter of dls.ove.ry cut; eontairiinir an i;rea of 12 rial acres. N'ariation at all corners lfi" .10' E. Toijil area. "4 1'7I a. res. The l.Ma'iotii of the-..- mines are re corded In the office of the rec"iRter of d' eda E. tmm discovery; making a total length of I In",. 8 ft. aloutr the presumed direction of the lodo line, and containing 16.-S7!l acres. FREMONT LOHlv Ilrginnitig at S K. Cor., Idrntlcal wiih Cor. No. 1 drover lode, of this Sur.; thenre N. 41 3d' W. Una 3 rt; thenm N. 4::" 4a' E.. t;2. 3 ft. to Cor No. 3. wltht Cor. No. R, Klkhorn lode of this Sur.; Ihenee N. 43 12' E. 12.r.7 ft: then.e S 43 30' E. 000 ft to Cor. No. r, on line 2-3 Pearl lode (Sur. No. 127n); thence S. 41" 12' W. ft; thence S. 4:i 4f W. 12!iR.S ft. to the place of beginning; claiming 13(14 3 ft. S. 43 42' W. from discovery and 15 ft M. 43 (2' E from dlseovery; making a total length of 131fl 3 ft. along the presumed direction of tho lode line and containing 18. 106 acres. ELKMORN I.oriE Ileginnlng at the S V. Cor., whencR the Cor. of See?. 13. lg, HI and 24 T. a N . II 2 and 3 E. P,. H. M , '.ears S. ;r. 4" 5S" W. 6.-.2S.9 ft; thence N. CI" f.r,' E. 128S 4 ft; thence S. 50 51' E. I2 H; thence 3. 37 1' E. 129.4 ft. to Cor c inu iliim. siniitiil en Custer Hi" i iiile.1 on the north hv li e Suniliis and j i" . r Tail lodei. south hv the Crand View i on th.. west l.v the Knrel-a: the Silver " T'. h'de lllinilll' cliilll .'1'er.d at the I ' .i'.-d S'al.. Land Otic nt Iteadwood It : ' Mav s tsv:;. and dosuriiat. d a.s Lot. No I I, hound.l, noi-th hy the Fracllon I.kIc, wmth ! y the Crandvievv lo.le and west hv the ' FnrcVa lode the (trand View Imle mining cliiini. di'duna t "d as Ix.l No p. it", hound. - on the north hy 'he Silver Terra l.xle. and west hy the Kurel-a and Savatre lo-hs. the Kn-ter.rise lode mining claim, located Vuiritst 17. 1?.. the location certifi.Tite thereof lieing dulv ree.inh-.l In the nfT'ce of the Iterister of Heeds of Lawrence Conn- tv South I la K .it a in Hook 'I page .r.Tl. the east, line of said claim hoin alone the no-th si.le lino of the c.wro ri. McClellnn lode: the Sitting Pull Silver Mine nnd GEO, V, AYERS & CO, Successors to Ayres & Wardmaa Hir iware Company. You Can Bank. on getting the best In the MKA 1 Una if you get it of ROGERS &SON They always have a neat, fresh stock to select from, and you ran always get just what you want. "f liwr.-n.e eountv. South Dakot-t. In Hook 144. p. .100. Book 144, p. r.Ofi. The adjoining claims ate on the north irimttrmnmnimmir LEGAL NOTICES. No. 4, Identical with Cor. No. 4 Fremont lode of this Sur.; thenre S. 43" 42' W 12.r,7 ft; thence N. ,10 M' W. n!5 ft to the place of beginning; claiming 1270 4 ft N. 13 r,.V E. and IS ft. S. 43 fi.V W. from IlKTovrry; making a total length of 1288 4 't along the presumed direction of the lisle line and containing 17.420 acres. Mining Claim, entere.1 al the 1'nlted Sta'rs find nrVo at Pea.lwnid Dakota Territory. January , 1HXJ. and designated n Let 'o the Ceoriro 11. McClellan Irxle miainc i I aim. on Sittip!? Hull Hill, on south s-'do of Hear Untie Cns.h 'he Tilled ei.. mininir claim, lorn'od Sep-t. mher is yf. and the location cert Tico ' e ti,, reof corded In the office of 'he lleiris-ter of Iiec.N of nvrenco County. S.nth riakota. in II. .ok 'i. pnt'e lv: 'he Savage lode n'l i" jir I ii ". .'tit v..i 1 1 'he !'' 'l. d ..,(,.,. j ,;. I ' olj . at .,,. I . '. 1. 1 Ml- n T. rrl'ntv o,',-,e,-i', ml, jiii . -ifii.-.te.l as !t N''i "7? e'iua'ed on Custer Hi" oiiOi '' a"il ad ioi n!',g the s,,cth rlv r Placer No 3ns: on the east. Kurcka P-h unsurveyed. fin the sinith hy Standar.1 No. :t and Standard Kmetlon loles. uti'iirvcve'i and i", the southwest hy Alfona lode, but No. 1261. Any and all persons claiming adveri lv any portion of said mines or surfa.p ground, are required to file their adv. r e claims with the Register of the II. S lnd Office, at Rapid C1t, R. D., during the sixtv days' period of publication hereof, or thev w-ill he harrt-d hy virtue of the provisions of the statutes. a! K. (1 ARDNriR Reglste'. It is herehv o-dered that the 'nregotng notp-e he puh'lshed for a period of (in consecutive days In the T'lon.-er-T mes. n dil'v newspaper pnhl'-hcd nt IX' d wood S T . and nearest paid claims A K. CAItDNKR. Pnglster. (First Vuh. (i-t. nn lonn. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. NOTICK OF DELINQUENT TAX SALE. State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence, ss. I, Herman Hischoff, treasurer of the City of Deadwood, do hereby certitfy the special taxes upon the annexed and following rtrsiTiliert real property, lias heroine delinquent by reason of non-payment. Said imperial tax was the ST. CI,A1K I.ODK TleKlnnlnK Rt S. K. Cor., identical with Cor. No. 1. Elkhorn '(kIo of this Sur. : thence N. aO" M" W. .1 ft; then.,. N'. ;7 r,r,- W. .WS.4 ft: thence '. 57 ' '.'3' 10 (IIS. 7 ft: thence N. 20 16' B. la'' 0 ft; thenco S. r.0 F. 1 ' K 104.1 ft; hence S t.: r,r.' V. 12SS 4 ft. to the place if liei-rr-n I ri r- claiming 705 ft N. 42 47' K. 'rom discovery and "CI 4 ft p. 42" 47' y. from discovery; plus -tos ft. n IS' W., maldn-r a toial lii.i;ih of 13711 ft aloni? 'Im presumed dlrirtioii of tlir lodrllne and out a 1 11 1 111; 13 i:::l .-i.-rrs SF.W PIt l.oni: llrrlnnlni! at the P W. Cor. Hectical vlih Car No 6 Mine lode is"u-. No I2fs.; wh. nre 'he . orrer of S.ctions 13. ix. 1'' and 24 T. 5 N. H. Ci iter hide , i'.ri'e.l t a of tho n i ti intr :n - I.. I. Lot an! . . .e ,e.'.,.l en t ,i'.'!l Is 111. ,1 lo.h Sa ' and th. not u o' th duly levied by tne City Council of:' the City of Deadwooil for the pur- ' pose of constructing sidewalks, due 1 , and legal notice of such levy hav- j , ins been given and that said amounts ' ' are now due and have been due for more than sixty days. ... Now, therefore, in . accordance with i ..- i.e.- ! .VT-..M p,l.. Pl'cipe . Hl'l s,en..i"'i ll:!l 1 1' '"" ''as' 'hn lode th v. -, d cv.-t. r ""' ct'tir'" I'oll H'l' 1 , ,i. en 1 1," - ' it-!.. l- I'.,'' II y,. ct, ri'.ri I n -, : . V.i . tin" 3D eo dwoocl Main SJt ASSKfSMKNT NOTICK. S;iwr (o.i.eii Mining Company, place of ,il- i.. s I ' ad wood. 'S ! I. Noli'.- u lie! "l.v giv. n that al a niectlni; ,t Ihe h.Mid i.f' dir- Mors of Ihe alxn. amcd c.ianiat.y hi M a! llcadwond. oi. te- 4'h day of Ootnb-r. l'""i. ;iii'-m ssmcit No. Si, of or. ..half r. hi per Hli.ue v.: cvied upon th.- outstanding stock of tin on, i anv. paval le i oin to Sh" ridau n '.' Mr.." MC i .p.'ur -h- f"i-e Hall In.'' I , H.e T'f- Trl lole ovni;. ( ,1 t'.e I'-:-. I S -'. I ' I the law and onliriant es of said City of Dea'dwooil. notice is hereby given that said property will be sold at :nv office in the City hall P'l.l ,T o-i the -P-iTl. riu-.eo r, .'-K.w.,1 O -K" May 1. I 1, liratn. v. at Cahi,. S I'., or J U d no L"' Ni 3 "3 th- Flo--,, ,,, American National Bank. Hiilding in the City of Deadwood, ''n,. ng-'.-Tffi'" rr'.-red at : - - .,, .,,) w ,,i s. r . I Kind nm.-e nt AtlV s.,.(( ,j,,n which this a-essmcnt r - : I ST I -liniD The-' UOT DiningCar Line. T'ni'ed ' L T . nlie- 23. l". end dcsi.'-cC .),all remain unpaid on the pith day of '-' and 3 H H. v .,.,irs N s7 r,2" ' ' .'. f tl-erice V s- 2ie W. lifl) 7 ft, lo Cor No 2. 'Ith nli. Ill with for. 3, Ip.t I iiis I..,!,.' tSur. No. h-JKl; th .nca .-J.' '17' ?,' 1 !;' 3i ". 7 .ri: thrnce N. 71 47' K. :-7 3 'i lo Co. 4. i.ieiitp al -vith Cor v. :, ti.-ov" r lo.'... t.: s-iirv-v; thenre S. tMi v K. 7 '2 'I ft: l-.eiti-e S. K" 32' R .1 ft thrive s. 43' V. lf.4- ft. to corner No. ".. identical with Cir numher 1 Fortuna lode (Sur No. 137''.): thence N. 2 35' V. R ft: Mi. n.-e S. ( .'S' W. 5718 ft; then.e S r,'." .',.) w. r,.:il 0 ft: thence S. 44 2S' W. 2r. ft to the olace of beidnnlnK; claiming 'if. t ft ft 7d 43' W. and 415. ft N. v: 40' I, from discovery; making a total lenEth of 1407 7 ft along the ore-sumed direction of the lode line, and coa-tatlnlnR flld acres. WKRDON NO. 1 LODE BeKlDnlni? at tho S. W. Cor., whrcco the Cor of Seca. 13. . 10 and 24 T. r, N. R. 2 and S E., B. H. M. ben! N. 84 9' 4" W. 6064.9 ft-thenro N. BO .36' W. .1 ft: thence N. T7 20' E. 438.7 ft. to Cor. No. 3, Identical with Cor. No. 4. fiolden Wedge Io. 2 loJe IM. S. 13!C); thenre N. El 5' W. 203 3 ft .awrence county, South Dakota, on he first Monday in December, to-wit: ')e ember 3rd, A. L). I'.lOO, between the ".ours of 9 o'ock a. m. and 4 o'clock i. m. of said day, for the amount of aid delinquent taxes, together with he penalty thereon and cost of sale. November. H'hO. will he dclinqmnt and advert is si for sale, ai.rr uni ss paymci.; shall have been made hefore, will he sold nt auction at the American Natioral Hank, Poadwo.d. S. Ii . on the 20th day of November, lnnn. at 2.30 o'clock p m.. to pay mi li delir.quer.t ass'-ssm.nt. together with .r.stfl of pdvpr!.lntr and exprnses of sale. SHERIDAN MrHR ATNEY. Secretary. NOTICE Hy order of the board of directors of the Silver Queen Mining Co., made on the 10th day of November, 1900, the date when the above as-Kessment becomes delinquent, was extended to Saturday, .December 1, 1900, and the date of sale to December 20, 1900, at the same hour and place.. SHERIDAN McBRATNEY,, Secretary. e,l as !- No. 103- that cTiln tract or r-arcol of land described as fellows to-7.1t Tw-entv fires .f placer, d'unto. 1.'-!ne and Is-ine on H'tir Butte Cr ek. .v. tendinr '' o thousand f.v-t down the cr-'-k from th" cast, end line of Placer Claim No ir.l. the lo-aMon corfifica'e of which i ri-orde..l in "k- offi"e of the rieristrr of Pwds of aid tAwrrnco County. In Hook 27. pag" 22"-. Te l"nq and rcmdi'lotn of this ale are as follows: Snjrt sale to he made ee-eordlng to the rules and practice of. and subject to conflrmatiom hv this Court, an 1 to satlsfv the gmosint due as In said decree provided, to-wlt: the sum of nineteen thousand, four hundred and seventy-one dollars and thre cents 1119 471.03) with Int'Test thereo-n from the date of said decree, and all accruing cowfs of sale or so much thereof as such propertr '"ill bring noon such Kale. The eomnlainant irar become the purchr at sueh sal" tTron pomptetlon and confirmation of naid ale, and after expiration of the year allowed hv law for redemption, unless a redemption shall he made, the Master Is to make, execute and deliver, a deed of said rirorerti" to the purchaser or purchasers or his o- their aqelpnees. find the person or persons holding siieh deed to he let Info ns-seslm of the premises on production thereof Hated Deadwood. S. T . Not. 5. 1100. rwARLrs a rnn. Swlsl Master In Chancery EDWIV VAN CTSK. Sopcitor fo Complainant. Leave Deadwood 7.45 a. m. today and you arrive Denver 11.30 tonight. Om&ha 6.45 tomorrow rooming. Kansas City ...12.35 tomorrow noon. St. Louis 6.56 tomorrow evening.. Chicago 8.30 tomorrow evening. ot No. Elk Kect Amount Penalty ' Tebtl Kro-ila'c and Cost 1 9 20 t 8.00 $ .90 $ 8.90 2 9 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 3 9 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 4 9 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 5 9 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 6 9 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 9 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 10 25 25 10.U0 1.10 11.10 11 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 12 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 13 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 14 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 15 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 16 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 17 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 18 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 19 25 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 20 25 25 -10.00 1.10 ; 11.10 27 23 25 12.50 1.35 13.85 28 23 25 12-50 1.35 13.85 29 23 25 15.00 1.60 16.60 30 23 '25 12.50 1.35 13.85 31 23 25 12.50 1.35 13.85 42 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 43 23 25' 10.00 1.10 11.10 44 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 45 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 46 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 47 23 25 10.00 1.10. 11.10 62 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 63 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 64 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 65 23 25 10.00 1.10 1L10 66 23 25 10.00 1.10 11.10 67 23 25 10.00 1.10 1U0 68 23 25 iO.OO 1.10 11.10 Notice There Is over $13,000 of state school money on hand In the county treas cry to loan on school bonds an i, im proved farm lands in Lawrence couu ty. Application for loans should be filed In this office soon. W A. ZINK. Conntv Audltov thenoe N. 4 45' E. 106.5 ft; thence N. 5 31' E. 1027 4 ft; thence S. 50 iV K. 407.2 ft; thenre S. 67 3' W. 365.7 ft, to Cor. No. 8. lientleal with Cor. No. 2 N?v Tiar lode of this survey; thence S. 41 B3' W. 1177.9 ft. to the of beginning: claiming 100 ft N. 47 50' E. from discovery and 1026 4 ft S. 47' 50' W.. plus 471.2 ft S. 31 37' W., making a total length of 1497.8 ft along the presumed direction of the lode line and containing 10.445 acrsi. Magnetic Variation from 14 49 to IB 30' E. Containing a total area of 84.151 acres. The locations of these mines an re corded in the office of the Resls' of Heeds of Lawrence County, S. D., In Book 151. pages 288, 289, 290, 287 and 289, reapeetively. The adjoining claims are oh the north and east. M. 8. 1276 (Pearl. C. 6. D., C. O. D. No. 1 and Fortuna lodes) on the south and west, M B. 1038 (White Star) II. 8. 1268 tMlne et al lodes) M. 9. 1396 (Golden Wedge No. 2) and M. S. 1394 (Agate No. 4 lode). Any and all persona claiming adversely any portion of said mines or surface ground are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Rapid City, 8. D.. during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the statutes. A. K. GARDNER. Register. IT 13 HEREBY ORDERED. That th foregoing do tie be published for a period of stxty days In the Dally Pioneer-Times. aewspaper published at Deadwood. 8. D-, and Bearcat said claims. - A. K. OA RDNER Register. .. (Martitn & Mason, Attorneys.) In the C6unty Court of the County o'f Lawrence. State of South Dakota. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the matter of the estate of Cynthia A, Murray, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that P. D. Prlngle et al. have filed with the clerk ASSESSMENT NOTICE. U. S. Grant Mining company; place of business, Deadwood, South Dakota. Location of , works, Carbonate, Lawrence county, S. D. Notice is herehy given that at meeting of the directors of the above-named company held at the office of John Baggaley in Lteadwood, on the 4tli day of October, 1900, an assessment. No. 9, of one-half mill per share No Other Line MaKes as Fast Time. of thia court, a petition, praying that was levied upon the capital stock of i letters of administration of the estate - . . Jt..-. A. a - l. 1 A

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