The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 5, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY. MORNING, AUGUST 5, 1899 Opera House At the noon hour named above, the chapel was again Ailed with an Interesting crowd, who listened to a fine ba .s solo rendered by Mr. Mills, a gentleman who has been spending bis vacation here, to gain a rest from his work as director One Night Only Friday Eraiig M 11 of music iu Smith college, of Northam, - You Can't Qet Away Assaying 50j Gold and Silver The Utiion Assay Office, NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. 0. Will Give Correct Results of 2Roth Gold and Silver for 5Cc. ton, Mass. The gentleman has a magnifi cent voice, perfectly trained, and the solo was heartily encored, but not responded to by another. Prof. Strachan of Ieadwood, then I J sented his paper on "Moral Training ROM TI1K (ho Utht of I'resent Child Study.' As F usual, his ideas and argumeius were one Trading square deal, scholarly and logical. He is a decidedly "'Lth us yets i for ire ujj On Jill Samples JJ rough t to the Office, The Beautiful Five Act Comedy Dian a, The "Unknown" Under the auspic s of 'he Black Hills Dramatic Club. Continuous Performance Pleasing Succes Popular prices, 25c, 35c, and 5c. Reserved seats on sale at the Palace Orug store. conservative man, who always takes the middle path through all fads and extremes; never losing J)is balance over them and Established In 1889. M. H. Lyon & Co exactly wltat jou U7'e buying We try to make an I 'tones t profit so that the buyer may ,-onie lack to us. Agents for the Blickenderfer $35 00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. finding books in the running! brooks, sermons in stones, and good in every thing. He sees that child-study'may throw linht upon difficult questions in connection with child-training; that it may offer a new impulse tto moral training, and that it may induce a more cordial co-operatiou on the part of the parent and teacher. The afternoon session closed with the business meeting. This evening, Prof. Smith of Vermill r i i i Third. MINES AND MINING j WHimMllllMIIHM IIIIIIIHimilllllHll'l"l IIM..MHI.MIMMIM.,, Our Prices Are All Annual Picnic . And Gamses CLAN STEWART ion, gives an address on "The Stale and Big values liitclu'd t uttk prices. Th at's the way you firid u all UirouylL our unsurpcussi'd stock Higher Education." I I Gen. Beadle, president of the Madison Normal, was a welcome visitor, also i'rof. Cook and wife, of Spearflsh. ot- .. B. a Johnson at HIU Cltr, & O.. Is ex-tlusirs agent ao4 haiAJJ"trs,Jo,tb.s rich vartical frss mlMas gold mlneaaod per properties W the Southern Hills. Several prospects as promising aa lh Holy Terror iu are (or eale on reasonable termi. Telephone or write tor particulars. The reported discovery of gold ore In uhe Detroit & Dead wood shaft In Two Bit, hps been confirmed, and It Is now known that the ore has actually been found, altho to the fact that the Prussians fought with brains and bullets, while the French fought with the latter. This is the highest compliment to the celebrated Germin school system which provides and enforces at least seven years' of education work. At the close of this speech a committee on resolutions was appointed and the department meeting opened their session. The common school department organized and by acclamation elected Mrs. F. C. Tucker, of Deadwood, as president. The first paper on the program, "The SCHUMMER- P.ITXE Y CASE. This now famous case had its origin in Schummer refusing to buy the right to Ilitney's west wall because the parties could not agree upon terms. No. 140 0. S. C. ot Lead Will be held at Ileatty s Park, , ' Sturgis. S. D. Mniii Anpst 1611. Music by K. of P. Band, Fort Meade Orchestra and Highland liagpipee. Trains leave Deadwood at 8:00, 9:30, and II a. m.; returning at Pi : 30, 7:30 and 9:30. p. m. It Is not known at present to how great an extent It exists. Messrs. McCallum, The next chapter opened with an injunction order claimed by Bltney who claimed that Schummer was building on Day, Johnston and Murray were aware of Men's and Boy's Clothing, Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. The Pioneers of 1876. 0f his lot one Inch In front and six inches in Power of Attention," by D. F. Small the rear. ROUND TRIP 65 CENTS.- the discovery at the time they left Dead-wood Thursday. a. H. Merrick, of Hancock, Michigan The next move was made by Schummer to dissolve this injunction pending the Armour, was not presented on account of both writer and paper. "The Most Important Work of the Teacher," was presented by Mr. L. P. McCain, of Terrry schools. This was a very strong paper, a plea for the moral arrived Wednesday, and will remain for trial of the case at the November term The D. C. train will run to and from Lead "to connect, round trip 35c. Two trains from Terry and Central to connect at Deadwood. ) of court. The court modified the in sv number of days, looking over the holdings of the British-American Gold & Cop junction modified so as to allow per Mining company, of which he Is a Schummer to build against Bitney's training of the pupil first and last. He wall In front but diverging to a point five argued that on account of the exclusion of the Bible, the foundation of all text Aetna Powder Co. stockholder and director. He and Lee JHoyt, general manager for the company, Kill leave today for Butcher gulch, to look over the work that Is under way there, and Z-m. 'ne,r return t-ey "111 leave for Cop- inches weet of this wall in the rear. When Schummer commenced to take down his wall in order to comply with this order It uuui ui puono scnoois, nas done away TOMBSTONES. IRON FENCl with much of the moral training on the Dynamite and Black Powder, part of the 'teachers, who are expected to was found that part of Bitney's basement wall was over on his (Sohummer's) lot, give such training in some measure veTrtek, WOB company s copper ground Is located, with their hands tied. He would lend all MONUMENTS Foreign and American MA.iBLK AND GRAN! and It was Impossible for him to build his wall diverging from Bitney's five Inches In the rear until Bitney should remove the portion of his wall that was on Sebum - Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, mer's lot. So the parties have finally begun the W. E. ADAMS COMPANY. concluding chapter by submitting the matter to arbitration, and Messrs. Max Blatt, Olcs at H. Colmai's 660S Mam St. I. H. CALE. Af noinmnnii T "i William Galvln and Ben Buriis have un dertaken the difficult job of settling the Iff you love your study la the direction of the moral development Instead of the study of anatomy by common school pupils. Better by far study miles conducive of good healtlh; In history study and Induce emulation of those characters "Who would rather be right than president." With malice toward none," "to fight It out on this line," "In the name of the great Jehovah." Mr. McCain thinks that a teacher who may occasionally take a glass of wine, ot smoke "a good cigar" or attend a Bun-day's ball game cannot successfully teach temperance respect for the law of the "Ten Commandments." The paper was a good exponent of Mr. McCain's theory and practice in his con-sclentlous ' school work. The paper was FT THE TEACHER'S INSTITUTE. Hot Springs, Aug. 2. Last night' Elk-kora special train, made up ot six coaches & k baggage Oar, brought in nearly three hundred people from the eastern points of otir state to attend the S. D. E. A. , Among these were a large number of county auperlatendtents, Stale Superintendent Collins, Ex-State Superintendent Crane and his wife. On the regular train were K. O. PhlHIps and wife 0( Deadwood, who are staying a the Evan. Gov. Lee, came down from the northern Hlllls, and tha Misses Mayme and Kate Phillips; these three are guests of Commandant hd lira. Lynn, at the Home. Nearly controversy. Up to the time of going to press the administrators had not made sn award, but the Record knows that they will do exact Justice between the parties FIRST NATIONAL BANK and of course suffer the usual fate of ar bitrators cussed by one and cussed by I UV. .1.1. iki M!N DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. the other. Record. SMOKE ONLY CASH PAID IN SIOO.000 - SURPLUS 8(50.001 LAST QUARTERLY CONFERENCE. The last quarterly conference of the FRAGRANT everyone la the city was out to meet tne'woii received and points were discussed First M. E. church of Deawood for ths DIRECTORS: present conference year will be held to O. J. SALISBURY. T. J. GEDSB.P. B. 9TABK3, P. A. 01 Visitors. ;, . . I by several. We would be glad to present hls morning at a. m. the ohapet ofltoms ths points brought out tn the the college was crowded with the teachers jousslon, but lack of time and specs will morrow morning, and Dr. E. E. Clough, d. A. Mcpherson. presiding older, will deliver the sermon, after which the sacrament of the Lord's supper will be administered. The annual not admit The next paper was the "The Imagina OFFICERS: . a Li DU V'KiJ.Y. tion; the Importance and Means of Its and many of Hot Springs' best people, to enjoy the different numbers ot the program, the first of which was a musical medley ot popular and patrlotlo " airs, Which were heartily applauded at different change of sirs. This was followed by conference will be held at Sturgls, bo Cashier ...-u. a. I AMlat. ashler... J. 8 JOSSiHk J. 8ALISBU1LY ,...T. J..GKIKR President.... O. Vlco-president. nis Wednesday. Asgust It and win Cultivation," given by Miss Arnold, ot Roswell, who claimed that a well trained vivid Imagination may even save, the continue for the 'remainder ot that week. " -- 10 CIGAR ICK Bishop Warren will be the presiding of the address of welcome given by Dr. C.',treo4tn md time of the housewife by near, and a number of dignitaries ot the of a well planned house; that an A.DAYIS'SONS ft CO. MAKERS church will be present. imagination ot a conglomerate mass food ordinarily, takes would lead ,1V, Hargenev the mayor of the city, who explained the predicament in which he found himself.' He claimed to have had a type written copy of his speech, which he was te read, but on looking la his desk JOHN C.WOODWARD &C0J simpler cooking and eating. She held Joseph R. Lehme ' 1212 Farnam St, Omalia, Neb. ror elegant slippers go to Elpp's. Zlpp can tit any foot to perfection. WHITIFSALE DISTRIBUTERS that leaders ot games, schemes, armies, Every thing new and neat at the Hols- could not find It, so he thought it might !wers people ot excessive, or well trained COUNCIL BUFF3.IOWA aer. fcsva been taken by someone and told the imagination; that without such little pro- audience that anything particularly bril gress would be made. The study ot geog raphy, history and languages are especial Mining : General Suppli ly the means of developing the Imagin liant heard at the meeting' today from any one else, might be taken from his lost manuscript. Dr. Hargens kept his audience in such good humor that they wondered how the prepared speech could have been I better than . the Impromptu ative powers or faculties; that with these wall developed we can enjoy much more. The little girl who said that St Paul and Minneapolis were two black dots on . tthe map needed to have her Imagination developed to enable her to people the cities PAOKINQ Rainbow and fuU line manufactured by tbe Rubber Manufacluring Co. . v-in-r (nntn . i r i TU nin? and Lstt" HEALTHY OLD AGE. taaua. Bsirros Oo. Ana., Aug. ft. In rears eld and bave besa saSeriM wtta Cbaara el Life. I had aoodios spells so bad tea oae thought I eoold live. My hnsbsad got me Wise of Caraai sad it ssvra Bay m- 1 " aaetaer persoa staos taking it, . . KBS. I. n. TOWUBETD. and nil Its streets with, all kinds of Ufa, Industry and beauty, else ah must miss one.' He Informed the visitors that latch strings, were bung out tn great chunks ot freedom and good cheer tor them. He himself had been a teacher but bad dropped from the ranks on account ot the email pecuniary Inducements offered the -wage-earner ot a family; besides the Inadequate pay of a teacher in consideration DCiLt LXVi u ivUDDer ana reamer o HOSE Rtifeber, Steam and Water. T3rTl TiTl a -arVv -n-rnv.. ir-T tr TtTWn ManvilleS, most ot the enjoyment of knowledge, Sympathy is aa outgrowth ot Imagination. On la enabled to sympathise by being A.t,-of- ,cu twi r Hair Felt. Mineral"! able to picture scenes of sorrow, auffer-lug. or Joy.. A properly trained Imagina Of-thw-werk and responsibility demanded tion enables on to see all parts el thonu, He .spoke of the aeemlnsj In aa Intricate plan of. any great work and ROPEKoeiblingir Steel And Iron Wire, Manfla and tlerence of the public who trust their most precious 'possessions in the hands of thus prevent serious mistakes being worked out by those who have the plans teachers, ut never go aear ta get personal knowledge ot the oars and direction 7 POWDER-f'Laffin & Rands" Black Blasting, . . , Caps, Ktcv V i WATT.R MTJCarsrnaw fVment mated. to carry out, not to conceive. It . being 11 'clock the last paper tor this session was carried over until tomor exercised by the teacher, nor to encourage the earnest trainer ' of thetr chill drso's t r ft a th devout wish of netrlvall people to Irvt to t rip old are. Now of m wnt tetfe young. Thit itntveml dtsirt cm b realized U Carebetakenof theatilth to rry and middle bfe. A little precaution then wDJ add many years to our existence. Death can be kept a way l long time. rUppy.bealthy old are will be the lot of the woman who promptly , ' correct the ailments which afflict her sex. ta youth. Wine of Cardui will taketne female child safely over the dividing bne between girlhood and womanhood. As wife she needs It to help her through the trials of 1 pregnancy and childbirth with as little discomfort as possible. At th Change of Life It will help her over the dangerous place that appears ta , Th pathway between 40 and SO. Then will come many jreara of truly blissful existence, She will grow old slowly and gracefully. 'To the last she wiD preserve that charm and beauty which are always characteristic row morning. ' ; t character. . , .. ROOFlNQ4 TiNTyk)rt Old Style" and other Ths department of supervision were ' This speech was respoodbd to by Prof. Smith, of Parker. He said the eastern hoMln a meeting at this Urn in the M. , -l of Above in Stock at Omaha. ' X. church. delegation would return to take up their 8. C Hartrenrt. ' superintendent ot Brown county, presented a strong paper a the "Relation ot County Superintendents UlUr AIT1M1T KPUTatlfe work with renewed life and Inspiration. Musio followed this response and then rams the annual address, giivea by the t real dent of ths association. Prof. 8. L. ' Brown, of CentervUle, whose trend of thought was for the higher education of ot penecuy neaiwy grandmothers. 'It is for women alone to decide whether they wiD be healthy or Sick. The remedy for their sickness to close at hand. 9ar ad vte hi mm vwntrtn neetel RAILS Steel of every description. r ' BOILERS Engines Automatic Stokers. MINING And shop tools, bolts, Corrugated Iron, Etc to School Boards." ei ration, addrfwa, aiTlng nmptoma, U4W HihT . VtoflUTTlMMMia Foncaanon, superintendent ot McPh county, on "The Relation ot County uiiuii w, taaoaaoo, Taa- Superintendent to Teacher and Pupa.' lARCI BdTTLES OP WIN E O P CARDUI OLD FOR f I.OO BY DRUGGISTS. all, which meant the greater power of nations a was evidenced by the -winning A These general discussion of theso pe- auaUty Guairanteed-Special Prices' adjouramrnt of every battle by the Germans in ths i papers took till noon, so Franco-Prussian war. which was credited till I p. m. was In order. J ana inquiries Solicited.

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