The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 10, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1900
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1900. auction at the office of the treasurer, In Peadwood, on the lmh day of November, lt00. at 2:30 o'clock p. lu.. to pay such delinquent assessment, togethter with oosUi of advertising and exypenutee of sale. neil Mcdonough. Sec. (First Pub. Sept. 19, 19U0.) (Frawley & Laffey. Attorneys.) You Can Bank. on jetting the best In the MEA1 Una If you get it of ROGERS & SON They alwayj have a neat, fresh stock to select from, and you can always get just what you want LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, ASSESSMENT NOTICE. U. S. Grant Mining company: place of business, Deadwoou, South Dakota" Location of works, Carbonate, Lawrence county, S. D. Notice is hereby given that at meeting of the directors of the above-named company held at the office of John llaggaley in ueadwood, on. the 4th day of October, 1900, an assessment. No. 9. of one-half mill per share was levied upon tke capital stock of the company, payable immediately to John Maker, tin- treasurer, at Head wood. S. II. Lawrence and State of South Dakota, anil In the City of Spt-arfish. to-wit: Lot No. one (1) of Gib-son') low. actor J inn to tbe plat of Glboon 3 lots la the sub-division of the 8. W. , of the S. V. 4 of section tea (10) Town, sii (6). N. range two (2) east B. H. H-. said plat being recorded in Book Two (2) page nine (;') of plats in the office of the register of deed of said Law-renre county. South Dakota, which said mortgage was duly recorded in the office of the registe- of deeds of said Lawrence county, on the 17m day of May. isys. in Book One Hi:ul:ed and Twenty-six 1 1261 on page two h ::. InM and eighty (20). and which said was thereafter duly assigned to Chirles riersnn. as will appear by assie:r:'-nt of r, cord In said register of deeds' :I1 -e in Hook One Hundred and Forty-two m:i on pace sixty-three (Martin St Mason. Attorneys.) M. A. NO. 1234. AJTLICATIO.N 1'OR A PATENT. S. Land ('mice. Rapid "CTiy, S: D'."OCt" Any stock upon wMch sieid .iskoss- s now the oAner thereof NiTICK IS HKHKHV GIVEN, That the ! (eild. n (late Milling and Milling Company, 1 I t its 1 r asiirer ami authorized agent, 'Charles S. (iwen. whikso postoirice ad- ' dies- is I IniKnl, S 1 1. . ruts Lhis day filed ; us apple at urn ici a patent for the Grov-cr, I'l.-in.'ii . L' St clan. New Year ,uid W...I..H No I Icdo nulling clalina, rearing .il.l unli ur'a, e eniun.l as herein. I'liT s' --tl'.l.leil If W'hitevVIMHi Mil, no; I1: 'iL't. La,. t.iiee (eimty. S. II, and .le-i. Mi-I ! in. t.. I.l initu and lc lal i I il i .-1 .lie in ilil -e as lit. No. Is what yau get when you buy your meata ol ;gus kellar ! The poor man's freind. They all i look alike to Gus, and it is one price ; to all, and too best and most palat- !. -fault exists, and then- l i incut shall remain unpaid on the 7th note and mortcaee to said j jay of November. l'.loO shall become i the sum of seven nun- ,:. . . , '. , ... v-clEht dollars and twenty! l""nt and l,e advertised 1,- saleaml 'or principal and Int. -rest j unless payment shall have been nia.l.' -e notice Is hereby !en i on or bt'fore. will lie ,,1,1 ,,t (63. and wh And whereas now due on s Charles Tier dred and Iw. cents t -Now. ther. that the sal ! THIS SPACE RESERVED "i.irti:e,co will he foreclosed j auction at the office of John liairgalei : :.-t II t.t lot; describeii he above described premises bv the sale of , a Wo-rot!aXi4ji.i bad.. .in. the c4ty, J. 1 I"'', to-' 1- .,:p .' ' 'i .11 M Said lot No IP t Mi I.I4aU.. . , . . , i i.i:n Ll; :.nii: p...',- af lnhtrc--.w'tr--(itJii(. -th-in..JUlta.iS:u-(J,. jf.UUJ !Sl.,J.!aJiU.-.iUI,i?m, FOR unlay, the 24th day of November. i:o,u Cel- . l, .C he 5. .i. 5HITH. at the hour of 2 o'Moi l p. m . to pay said assossme.nt. toiiether with t he costs of advertisement and "xpensos of sale. JciiN n.Ki:ii. se, . 6422 Main Street, . Deadwood. 1 v w.v.'.vv.vv.!.v.vw?ja j . This Space Is . Reserved For . I CORNWALL & CO. I'' and : Tou ii lop i-: ii ii m . p. ,ir-s I .' I '. 1 1 I i ; V. I'-:, v r: . t ' :. No I Cor. of S. . s 1 1 is, N . L 11IK-' - and 3 - : i. v . i i . : I 1" - fl III. I, re S hone. S '.. W. I ' I n i ii al u M h Cor. n r No. I '7,: i . t hence I C II l I,,.c IS inth day of November. 1900. at 11 o'clock on that itay in the forenoon, at the front d" r of the court house In Deadwood. in the County of Law rence. State ,,r f.outti Dakota, to satisfy the amount duo as above specified, includ iil' ; M foes and costs of sale. Dtaed So-it,nilior ""th. IOuO. MATT n.VNKETT. Sheriff - ' Lawrence County. S. P., F J. WAS 1 1 !l WCII, Attorney ' .r slirnoe of paid Mortgage (First I'uh Sept. 2. 1900.) S : .1 W I. ft . i lie N i... ;..V w . fi ih. ii: e l: : v. :iou ft.. io lb,, pla.e of bemiini ii li rl.iinnrL." n s a:.- w. and ,:t fi tv i; ii-oin dise.neii ; tnakiiiL: a total lenjrth . '. I I" s fi alonn I Ii.- picouned dlrec- i Ma rl in A- M.e-oii. l ' i n - i .l A. NO. K'.'.s WI'I.IC TP l. IKK I'ATKVI I llllcl SI. it. s Land I Mil, , . I i ' ; I Soiilh ltakota. Octoln'r I t i . Nii'i'ici-: is nKKioiiv ;ii:. rii.n tile Hookl'lv II. ill Mlllllli; Cii. ,, ,-.i ,i.i 'f the lode line, ali.l i on ! a l ii I ne; p;. FEEDjj And FUELs i . j lion oiKain.s and eMMiiiK under . . 1 1 . 1 l MIMUe i.l the laws of lllc st.n,. ,,f Sim I ll I Ilukotii, with postollice address, Houkcrv i ' .i.l es i-.;kmit limo: it. 'ii !''-, i. l. a I with c. ii !e. nf this Slir : tllelle : 'I ft . ihcnce v. i;: 4 i"i: at S K. No 1 C.rovT N" i:c nu w. K . i.L' .'I ft. til ( Ed w M ASTI!! In the Tin u. Vim CUe. Attorney ) s NOTICE IF SALE court of the t'nilcd Stati-s net of Solllh I lakola. West for the P tii Dlvl-iou Cor No a. wltlu c,,r. No. S, Llkhorn lode of llli-l Slir ; I),, lice N. 4a i:' I-: I:'.".? fi : tin n.-e -s 4.!" an' v. Cuu ft 'o Cur No. r on line '1 1 l'cuil bxle (Sur. o U'7i'l; thence S 41" p.- V 'Jll ft; thence S. 't:: 44' YV il'ssh ft. t, the place of beelnnlnc; clnlnilin la4 3 ft. S. I'l 4' W. from dlscnveiy and l.'i ft N. 4a ! L" V. froni dlscovei y . making a total length of lll'i :t fl nloriis' the presumed dl reel Inn of the Imle line aii-k containing IS. 1 fill acres. KI.KIKHiV I. Old-: - llei-'liinlnu- at the S. I J IlllllillliK. t'lin-aco llli-. ha.s l his da III d its application for a patent for the Chipmunk" and ' llilniau" lisle minim; clam,.. heal illK lld. Kith surface Ciolllld a.s heli - inal'ter sh ii, s 1 1 lint . d in Hear llu;i. Mi,, llik' lINlllcl. Utwreiice Colllily. S ) and designated by the lidd not. and licial plat on Hie in this otll. . a.. Mine-. Survey No in;.', in S,. I,,,,-, ;;n H,, ;i Township ... N K iukc 4 ;, 11 Kaid M. S. heiiiK desciilicd as follows: ('IIII'MI'NK IJIIIK-Iliriniiiiii; nt Cr. No. 1. v hence the collier of scclloli- L '. and :in-.ll T ". N. He a I I'.. 11 II M hears S. 77 dojr. f,7 min. M) see V. 17.'!.'!. 4 ft.; thence S. 74 de. LT. mill. V. 4112 ft; thence S. L des. I'd min W. fillS ft; thence H. fi dep. 01 mill. K. DR. TODD, Physician and Surgeon FAAVCETT BUILDING, No, 11 Mill Street. LEAD, S. D Henry Karle Complainant. flFaneis C Cable. CcorKO A. Fletcher. Trusloe. i, Minim,' and Smelting Cnnipimy. .md The Siviirity Trust and Safe Deposit Coniinny. Hefendants Notice is h, lilt pi ven that in pursuance and ly vir'u.. of a decree in the above entitled ca:-.- of the aliove entitled. Court. lloi-..ralde .lollll K ('alland. .Indue, dated iii inher 1. 1!". and of a writ vendition! i poii.l-. dated Octolier SI. 1'""' issued from ,md under the seal of -laid 'FIRST NATIONAL BANK DISEASES OF THE SKIN AND BLOOD AND ALL DISEASES MEN AND WOMEN. W . Cor.. )'" I he Cor. of Sees. l.'i. in. Pi and L'l T. a N , U L' and :: L II. H. M . lunrs S. 7..' in "a" W ! ft ihence N. 4-f .'.' K l I fl: Hi. nee s. "n r,r K iiil' n : i hen. e s ::: r c. p-i 4 r, to cor. No. I. Ideninal wiili Cor No 4 Fremont lode ..f this Sur: Hi. 'in e S IT L" W. i-.'T fc tiien-.. r.- r.r w. r,':. ft to the place uf l , m i n nl ii l- cl.if ri'im; l.'7i'4 ft N. r: i:, .ind ts 't S :c V. from liseoei . ii -,l,:m.-a total leiicih of L'Vfl I ll al'iio' the pi i snnie.l .1 i i-i , i ion of the lode I nc and col, l.unlm; 17 r.'fl ncre lo me ilirccte.1. I. the un i ll Master in Chancery for I t oi 1 1 1 1 d in and hy said at 1'ill'lic sale to the llifh-cii-li at I he front door of -1 . in I c id v oo-l . I ,a v. rent e DEAD ktVGOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. i 710.7 ft; thence N. 74 den. LTi min. 10. 42!) ft. to Cor. No. 0. identical uith Cor. No Cili'ian loile or this survey; thence N. On0 4S' W. l.'lliiL' ft tl to pi;...- uf In 1; 1 11 1, 1 to; clatlllllli; I l:!n " ft alone, the pre-iiiin d direction of h" of Hie --in. hill' II 1 1 . c 1 1 , , i I - un, I 717 f v HJoofl Poison' .f -Miirh leiola on Salnr-f ii uilier. I 'oo. ru tin' M 1 ill till' fo.-C'lOOll Of United States Depository PRIMARY. HKHONDsRl AND TEK TIAW hTAOEti ii t li r I v from i.iit.r of discovery iir; e i - i - and a- one ih-o "i". ci. ii: i.cin-: it. cl'JIMIo 1 1. 1 1. . s ill ill iinl uni1 coniainlnK an an a or l L'.'.i acres i ;l ft I A i-i :i in eolillnt Willi Zink lode looi'l I eronciiv h Comt. then i der-iiKTled S.. Ilial purio. .leere' ill s, e-l Idd.h r ' the Court It Coiitity. Si. r. .lav l hi- l'i ' hour ..f .-. Ill II .1.1 v. a crlv rtn-l e ' fh.ituhtr III,. I-.. s,.-- . liL-lil. till.- f sa: I .' i-.-d. cPi i ii 'i ,,,.1 n. i, . sa' i propet - -. 11 Ulldn:! I ' ' llllll ill1. I-. . -s and '.'-n I' '.i-e Colli" - , and lies,.-,. I lode "11 il,,-,, .,., ii,,, '" " SI n it ci.-ioiieo ana in cm": ' v i in . lode O ft: lie v : , ultiiiliig nt S. E. . No 1. I'll.hnrn N 'C :.r v. i I ft : Ihence lice '.'II" 11',' 1". r.r i: uni 1 rt: on id w ilh us Sur : lln V 17" F. i: l 7 n : them,, s l,,,n, .Mioiia nine tt ieii acresi nor. etainioii; Iv au-l DIRECTORS: T j . i;i: 1 1 : i' p. k. sp hks ;. m. I'lirits'jN Ol'SIU"rti?T 0. J KALlSblK i l.Vi i; -iilli. I i h I lid lie). Ill, Ii. an lode c - I Hot e I a I ,1 lid .Ilea 11 fi . ', nd i n i s I SII Vi' I he rudit lo I i, uti" v. iir a 1 low i ,1 I' v I i w j i.-iid . leer.-. 1 ill and to ll .' I I. '1 ".e. 11s follow S ,1 W il I IV I : " II 11 1 . -1 a 1 1 Ii I 'I. n ei t I :a. acre - "Venereal Diseases" In Their Most Malignant Forms. STRICTURE, RUPTURE AND PILES, RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, : KIDNEY AND BLADDER COM-j PLAINTS. Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bueo, Unnatural I Losses, Sexual Weakness and Impotency in '"Young and Middle aged Men. OFFICERS: President O. I. SALISBURY I ("g.shler. ..!. A McPhero . ..J. S. DKNMAN Assist. Cashier 1 li'il one Olie-tl''dllis I uf in and to Cie certain nee, claims finale In L;o Slate of South Pa kola, iiam-lOc.l a- follows The Tfi. ll-nimr claim, situate on Cn?- Vice-President. ...T. J OKIE It I I lulu-.' S W L'vv fi io ii,,. pi,,,.,, uf l.i eliiiiini;: i In I mini' 7o.", ft N. )'J 47' 1-7. from iliuioerv and L'i::: I fl S I:'" 47' W. r ir rt dl -ci'U-v: plti", lie-' ft S" II" 17.' w . making a total I, n rt Ii of KI7'', I ft along the presumed .lirciiioii of fhe ludcline and ''ont.'ilnliig i:: (;14 acres NF.W VKR L( I ) K 11. 'Pinning nf the S V. Cor. Identical with ('nr. No. Ii ,lin lode i Sur. No. U'lNl; whence ihe eorrer of Suctions '1.1. IK. 11 ;u id "4 T. f N. R. - i'.iid :i K. fl. II, M , lienrs N. V7 .r.S' r,'.'" V. r.'i'ir.r, ft: N. s- .1'.'' V. .TU 7 rt, lo Cor. No 2. idinlkal with for. N'o llopkiies lode I Sur. N'o. 1 2Ts I ; th 'nee N. 7 " '!' V. :ii;r, 7 ft; thence N. 71" 47' K. iR7 ft ffr-to Cor No. 1. Identb-al 'vlth Cor, No, r drover lode, this survi-y; thencp S. i I llllll d t;il.lN l.iiHK llei'innim; al c,,r V,, K wlienre Ihe i i r i ie r of Sees. 2T-2i; .ind .tn "J T .'. N . K :; I. I-' II II " bears S. T"i ileg. 02 min. Id) sec. W. 1S!I9.7 ft; thence S. 47 dog. 26 min. W. 190 2 ft; thence S. no deg. 48 min. K . i:i:ni2 fl to Cor No ". Identical whh Cor. No. f. Chipmunk lode, of this mm tbcuce S. 7. .".I' I'",. ("K.ll ft ; thence N' OH' W.. 14(1(17 ft; thence S. T2" f.4' W., 4i'. V fi. to ,lai f bci;iiiiiimr: claiming 1 mil 7 ft nbuiv, ihe presumed direction of the Imle line. 7.10 ft. miutherly and 07i"..7 fl. norlherlv fiiini center of dlnt'overy i ul : eolilaininf an urea of 11' (I'i'J acre Variation at all corner. 1.. aO' I?. Total area, 1.' sj . tf 7" 1 nCres The liHilliolM if Ihe-ie mini's are re ' r Hill, an I Winn ndia.cnl to the Sittlne i' 11 lode; ''io Kurcka lode minim-' claim I vimr on i'ie smith side of Pear Unite Crei k and l oimdeil ensi bv the Crandvicw-and Silver Terra lodes soiilh by the Pav-iil'o im.'. iit by the Custer lode, and north bv ihe Hichmond lode: the Surplus Imle minim? clslin. aliiuitcd near the town of Calena. and twmndi'd on the noi'th by the Tiirer Tall lisle, east bv the Corm.m lode, si ill ' b by, the Fraellon lode, and west by ihe rii-linioiid lode: ihe Fradioii hxln mining claim, siluatid on Custer Hili GEO. V, AYERS & CO, Successors to Ayres & Wa-dman HarJware Company. ; DISEASES OF EYt, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOM ACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL 1 TROUBLES. DR. TODD'S SUPPORTER FOR THE SURE CURE OF RUPTURE. ! NASAL CATARRH: Or. Todd's original cleiitlf)r cure. Including i remedies and cjeatmeiit in ordXaarf J i'mk. Op per montJi 1 Consultation fr. i ;;:i.j r.::i fsxzzssst ssw? i liouiiilisl mi the north bv the Surplus and Tii-'er Tail Pne. south bv the Cr.ind View and on the west by the Kurcka: the Silver Terra. Irxle nilnlnir claim, entend nf the IMC s' K. lv: r, ft: thence S sc S2' K .1 ft Ihence S. 22 4"' W 1.1 1 ft. to corner No. .. Identical wlih Cnr. niinilier 1 Fortuna lode (Sur. N'o. 1L'7i'.I:' I hence N. 2 35' B. r...r. ft: Ihence S. so- r.s' V. .171 S ft; Ihence fi (l!i .1(1' r,i;i', u ft: (hence H. U 3K' W 2i;.1 rt to the place of beginning; claiming (I'd s ft s -i; 4D- w. and 415.9 ft. N. SI0 40' K. from diseovery; nmkln a. total length of 1 407 7 ft along the nr, sunned direction uf (Im lode line, ami cuk corded in the olnre of the retripter of d edii uf Lmri'iiri' cuunfv. South Pakot-i. in Hook 144. p. r.nti. Honk 144. p. ..fib-. The adjiuniiii; clnlniM are on the north Placer N'o T...S. on the east Kureka b-du. utisurveyed. en the south by Standard No. 'land Standard l-'rnctloii IimIim. uinurveyed. rtfm ' t'liil'il States Land Office at Peadwood. i. j T . May S la, and desprnativl as Lot No I aiil. hounded, north bv the Fraction lode, isonih by 'be Crandvlew hsl" and west j by the Kureka lode- fhe Crand View I lode mltilnK claim, designated a.s 1d I No .ICi b'.iindi-l on the north by the Miss Harvey TEACHER OF PIANO. Silver Terra lode. and wist bv 'lie Fureka and Savage bsles; the Kn-terprise lode minins-' claim. lo-aied ilKllst 17 P"". the location cerlitinilc thereof In inc. dlllv record 1 ill 111'' "(lief of Hardware and Mining Supplies.. lallnlng 7.b acrw. WKKno.V NO 1 I.ODK-Ri ginning at the S V. Cor . wh, nee the rtor of Sees H. I1. in and 24 T V. R. 2 and 3 V... 11. II. M. lM'iirM N si" y 4" v r.nfil.n ff theneo N. r,n :ii;- w l rt: thence N. "7 20' K. 4.';s.7 rt. to Cr. No. 3. Identical with Cor No 4 Cold, n Wedj;,' "n 2 l"de IM. S. 1. 'Hull-. I'', lieu N. 11" ir,' YV. Iis 'j ft. Ihence N V I .' K. lfn; r, rt Ihence N. ni' B lie: I ft: thnice s .-,' I ; k. 407 2 ft: ihcn.c s. c:' r y nc,:, : n. i, cr v0. '. I leniie il a j !i fur N'o ' ..- Viar bid" uf lhis eurv.v, tb, i,,-,, S !-,' ,y 1177 fl. lo Hi,- pla . ,,r benuiplne; -lalin- and on the solltliw otit by Altonil lode, mir. No. 12cl. Any and nil rerfni claiming adveri'ly any portion of Raid mines or purfn! ground, are required to file their adver-e clalmn with Ihe Register of the V. S Iiiid OfTlee, nt Itapld City, S. p., during Ihe sixtv davs' period nf publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the statutes. V K C, A nPN'Ert. Rcirlste-. It is herebv ordered that the foregoing not Ine le piihllshefl for a p"r'od of CO consei-iii i ve days In the IMoneer-T mei. a l.i 1 1 v newspaper tubb-hed nt pe.idwfx-xl, S I I Olid nearest said el-ilms. K. fl A 't DNF1R. Register, i First I'ub. (l. i no. 1'ino STUDIO, 30b mDAMS BLOCK. DEADWOOD, S. D the Iteirl-lei- of ll Is nf I.awreliee Ciiin ty. South Pakoiii iii Book ' pace "'71. Hi.' east line ir said elaiiil beine alonif (lie north side line of the tb oruo II Mi-ciullan lode; the Si'iinc Dull Sll'.'.r Mm.- and MiniiiL' C' inn .ntcred al '!',e l'llpe.1 S' i'. s .1- . - ' '''. .w , I Held wood I'll!"' I T'H--V 1 s ' and ,, - "ll. I ' . .1 :l 1,1. ,i on-. torv, .tan1 I.i No : ' .; :. Co-.-" It M-i I. i 1 .on sin, .ii, d on si,: i lu-1. liu:: 'r... I. 1 . 1 "." '' f nun d! , ,i very ;,nd ''I' W . plus 171 2 'I tr 'a total I. nili of 1 ft .inn d dir. , Cuu uf the lode I'Hng I" I", a r.. .-iil.ilimi f.'i ill IF (: I i 11 AS.sK-SMKNT NOTI '"I-:. lb "envrr. Colrt, r P i' ui lo.' ':m I'm fl N I'l.ii I ft s : w . i. .,!,. iloie-' lie- . b"" and e,, MiKUclj.- 'Iil ' Iv foil ''I'll'!'!? Th.. Io- .on i e'- pl.e e of Silver Queen Mimntr Company ...b' milliner lv.. and . .rd' ! in th" ' "f 1 , . Hill, on the rtlili'l lember 1- her-.f !' le,- ,,f l lii'kotn. ,1' 'Ii. Ul'lv lol ,1 in Deadwood s I ,lsj,e-S. I. adV.en.l.. S ll. 1, I Nii,-,. is hereby i vi ii -hat at a mrellni; .., I nf lie- I of dir. lors of the abnv. ,1 . natiied . lU.ii.anv. In Id a' 1 lend .vo,..l. on I conl. .1 in ;! on of '1 111 acr. s. tnltics a;-" ic- the L, r .r ,,f ntv, S II . In L:'"'. L'v7 and 2S!I, ul'l.-, ' !" II'" led.' mire Stiles L' ! - ; I S , - ", t I - U' I, bal e v a s ; 11. .idi 11. .i , lb" 4'h dav !''". d i i N'o. :: i . uf uiie- luil f ' nt I lls-l.llldiilL' -Im k of the I respectively levied Upon 111' ILH ';C ; Territory, ' ' I He Lot 'j soiilh of It'- -h"!.;.n ntiKWitiv t.itvitkb' ll.illlidiaJcl.Y to h..; ',i?ilic' I bid" '111,.' 1.luitll ami .e-L M s 1 1. No. 1 and and west. M b Pint n. y. at Cabi a. S 1 . or .!. W. Cos,, hi the UneiKan Naiion; Hank. Cu ;lor iir - 1 ij,tcs nre on th" north i::'ti; r.-a i. c p. n . c ff. Fortuna lodes i on the south S. lu:v i White S'ar) M. 3. III' ,r b Me d :, 1,,,' No ''I'' -itu'i r'tid toui'd.'d on lb of the C" . minine ' Cu-icr 1 1 ' 1 bv the M i' i lode, ea ' ' ' the noi-'' ' ' v ... I pea I wood. S. P. Anv sto, k upon which this asscs.-mo'it shall' remain unpaid on the loth day of November. 1 i. will be d ,1 i nun" ii t and adv, rlis-'d for sale, and lllibss payini'l-. shall have been mad.- before, will be sold at auction at the American Naiiornl Hank, .' Lee-Glass Ardreseen ; - Wholesale Hardware Bicclesand Sporting CoccJs. 121!-21-2 HARNEY ST.. OAHA J. C. CARSON, Agent. h-M nt urtlce Bi. i LEGAL NOTICES. , . . iMaititn & Mason. Attorneys.) 1 In the County Court of the County of Lawrence. State- of South Dakota. OTICK OF APPLICATION FOR The it i bide suinh bv the .Suv.ii: .lie Hieb'u.'nd' and en I ),,. Neptune I.kI" near Mi" ir i : th" Cnrmaii lode inininL' I . d on Custer Hill som.'t i me- tin: R'lll Hill, and Ivim: east town of C DiningCar Line. claim, s e i ' known i- Si of the lle.e-L' 11 McClellan lode the N, n- I 121.; i l;ii" i al lodc-i M S. 1 .: (Colden Wedtre No L'l and M S. 1 :-! lAgmto N'o. 4 Iixb'l. Any and all i i-'oiis claiming adversely any jwiriiou of .'iii iiiimv or surfaco pround are riqulr"! to file their adverse claims with the Register of Iho t'nlted Slati-s Lund (idice at Kapld City, S. P., during the sixty days' porlcd of publication hereof, or i hoy will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the statute. A. K. CiARDNEll. Rovlmer. IT IS HEREBY ORTEREP. That the foregoing notiie be published for a period of sixty dayj in the Daily I'loneer-Tlmea, a newspaper published at Deadwood, S. P., and nearest said claims. A K (7 RONER Register. tune No somed im Ininine ' . i,di'. Situated on Custer Hill s Vnoun in Sittinu Hull Hill, he Sitting Hull lode on the west il'o lod" mining claim. Ivintr par the Ch Peadwood. S U 'Ul the 3'ith day or November. I'.l'ii, at 2 "0 o'clock p. m., to pay Hi"h delir.r,"ei t ass"ssment. together w ith ccsts of fdveriini' and expenses of sale. SMERinW McRRATN'FV. Secretary. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Miehal McMonagle, de ceased. Notice is hereby given by the under signed administrator of the estate of Michael McMonagle, deceased, to the creditors of, aarl all persons haVing claims against the said deceased to allel and adjoining the Sitting null Ind" on th" iv.- l the Ticer Tail lode niini.ic clnln. eti'ered at fhe Cnited State's La-1 OfTlee a peadwood. P T.. May 1. 1'' and desiL-iiat.d as Ixt No .ISa: Ihe Florence lo." mining claim, entered at 'he I'nltod 'nt-c tand Offlce at Peadwood. T T September 179. and deienai-ed an !.' No. K3: that, certain tract or parcel of land described as follows, to-n u Twentv lo-res of placer ground. Ituate. I.'-Ing and t-dne on Rear Rutte Creek. 'V-tendini: two thousand feet down the crk from th" end line of Placer Claim N'o 1fil th" location certificate of which is recorded in the offlcA of the Keeistor 'f Peeds uf said Ijiwrenee County, in Rook exhibit them with the necessary 7.45 a. m. today and you arrive Denver... .-, 11.30 tonight. Omaha......... 6.45 tomorrow morning. Kansas City 12.35 tombrrow noon. 27. Pflc" 12". . .. , dc .-nis nnd conditions or ini vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at his residence, 21 Burnham avenue, Dead wood, or to David Brown, his agent of Deadwood, In tbe County of Lawrence. S. D. Dated September 27, 1900. JAMES ATCHISON, Administrator of the estate of Michael McMonagle, deceased. (First Pub. Sept. 29. 1900.) LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the matter of the estate of Cynthia A. Murray. Deceased. Notice is hereby given that P. D. Pringle et al. have filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying that letters pf administration of the estate of Cynthia' A. Murray be issued to Robert S. Crawford, and that Saturday, the 24th day of November, A. D. llioti. at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, beini? a day of a regular term of this court, to'wit: of the November term, Hliiti. at the court room thereof, at the court house in Deadwood. in the said county of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated. November 9th. A. D. 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of the County Court. (First Pub. Nov. 10, 1900.) Hows Sold aln to be made -o the nilesi and practice, of. aad confirmation hy this Court a -i 1 -.- the amount due as in said decided, tn-wit: the sum of nine-isand. four hnndrru nnd ever-..ll.irs and three rents 'tlf' 471 ''"') . -est thereon from the date of . and all saceruing costs of sa'e a. h thereof as such property will (W. H. Parker, Attorney.) SUMMONS RELIEF COMPLAINT FILED. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, as. Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial IrculL Georgia Reeder, FlavntifT, vs. George M. Reefer, Defendant. The State of South Dakota, to the above named defendant: You are l.ereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above nam-f,d plaintiff, a copy of which Is hereby served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon ' the eubasrlber at hla oibce In Peadwood, Lawnace county. South Dakota, within thirty days after tha s-' ice ' tots buminujjs on von. ?xcluI"e of the day o' such service, and ff you fail to ariswer this complaint within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the court 'or tha relief demand" d la the complaint. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., this 24th day of September. A. D. 1900. WILLIAM H. PARKER. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Above-named Defendant: Tou will please take notice that the summons and complaint In this. action was filed In the offlce of tbe elerk of tha above entitled court at the court house In the City of Dead wood , Lawrence CJnty, South Dakota, on tha 22nd day of September, A. D. 1900. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Attorney for Plaintiff, plrat Put. Sept. 25, 1900.) The are a cord in snbjee to aati rree t teen ' ty-on. with natd d or so brine may ' fpon dale, lowed demr make prop-: .St. Louis.... 6.56 tomorrow evening. Chicago..... 8.30 tomorrow evening. nun such Rale. The complainant sal - come the purchaser at rdetion and confirmation of said 1 after expiration of th year al-v law- for redemption, unless a r-n shall ho made, the Master is o vecute nnd deliver, a deed of said . s to the purchaser or puroha-crs r thidr nssienees. and the pers m ASSESSMENT NOTICE. New La Plata Gold Mining company; place of business, Pead ood. S. D. ' Notice la hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of the above named company, held at Peadwood, on the 17th day of September, 190, an assessment (No. 9) of one mill per share wai levied upoc the outstanding stock of the compa.-y. payable Immedlatalr to Nell Mc-Doriounrb.. ttreasurer, at hi offlce In Dead-wood, S. D. Any stork upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 20th day of October, 1900, will be delinquent and advertised for sale, and unlets payment shall have been made before, will be sold at or r . , . l. M Jt n V, - 1A Inlrt No Other Line ' Mftkfts as Fast Time. (F. J. Washabaugh, Attorney.) FORECLOSURE NOTICE. Whereas, Robert A. Keller and Luella M. Keller, hia wife, did on the 13th day of May, lSf-8. mortgage to the Bank of Spear-f. sh a corporation, to secure a certain no9 given by Robert A. Keller and Luella M. Keller, the following deacribed real e-Ute, lying and-being in ths County of rtr p' -:ens nr.niiiE pin-n ntu iu ,'- .e. i""-poese-:ion of the premises on production there.' PaI Peadwood. S. P.. Nov." 5. I" CHARGES-A. COE. Ppeclal Master In Chancery EPWIN VAN CISE. FSollcltor for Complainant.

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