The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 4, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS:! A PRETTY marriage ceremony I Mr- Charles Dingee. of Lesd, and Mr Mrs. I H 1 1 i i till I -1-H 1 1 i tutu t to it Fannie Werker. of this city, were married J. C. McMilland came up from Sturgts. 1 Clark returned from Hot MONEY SAVED! Springs. II. S. Vim-en i tiMiirnid from the south fin Hills. .111. uij.i .mis Ki.h.iiM 111. i. kHuiH- eiit in S.i'ar'ti-li, for a v iji In. Hum Manner, u ,1,1111,1 armi-d yes last night at the home of tfu bride's parents, Mr and Mrs. A. Large, In the Firit ward. Mr. .,nd Mrs. Diugee and party sl-arted b.r i.. .1 . t later in the evening, amid a show,., ,,' ,Ut, and a nn-diey of invocations. The ..1. ...,y took place in the front parlor i: 1'.,. family - niaknil), , nt home. Rev. (' I: Gnldings. pa-tor of Trinity Method.-' l.;s,,.p.,l . bur, h. pronoun, nig thy Impie-ne winds of the riiual There were p'.-. :, ..11 1 the relatives of Hie bride and i.,m and a limited number of li'Ouiu;, ,.. The In ide appealed in white n, 'ill. .,,! , arri.-l a haii,isi,ni,.bo,i- r.i i St . r Mi:ni.-s..ia. Ihr Hllllillg 'ii inj). II J. Key.-, .Ij.-pui. In r !.i tin. i . i urni d from ins .e ,i Mi-s Hay douh enl I to -pi-mi a nninih, to play Sylvan Ixike Hie llolfl BEST IPoudor We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. .. We also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. Tdis 18 made possible since we have six large stores in which to place themj Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and canh discounts. " We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for CASS. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts. Consequently; you .will find big quet of a!,. . roses, while another h.muuet was l i 1 i at her l.reasi. She w as at It II lllll.lles e-ilne up from U.ipbl Citv, wi'li M.s.,is Lmsiin -ui.1 Iiuin. of Aberdeen O Mis 'dive Graham n, Unci, In, N'ebras-'' . io hi 1 1- vi.sitiiiK hei brother. Dr. !lul-.ilii. tended . b. 1 sL-ter, Miss Nellie Larse, who Win.' abi'e lawn, imr nrellilv ne.,1,. and red r. ... The groom was attended by Mr i : Inn Graham, of Lead The iiiiu- . eiemony was observed, and afterward- dinner was served in ihe .lin ing ro.'in bfieeii silling at the table. The menu in. hid. d salads, cold meats, jelly. Mr. and Mrs Wells of Chi. an, who hud been vi.-itint: T. H I lam tin n 1 and family I' ll fur i heir home. .Mrs Helen M. Sachs and mother took their departure from the city fur SHikane, Wa-hitiion, t,, make their future home. J. II. duller, of Omaha, superintendent b.r tin.- division, and John O'lkinnell, MONEY SAVED W'ATEli I'll'!-: ( iiM'R i r The contrai l f . i- .lignniK ir. m lies ai.J layiiiK almut THUD feet of waler mains v..i awarded to W . M Marker yesterday Th. i e were three probata stil.initted i-:u It in -coniianicd by a certified cheek of ll.iwiii. if Uarker's bid was a8 cents per foot for 10 inch pipe and il cents fur '. nu h npe. man holes and valve boxes flee. ;,u , a, I, for setting alel I ontii'i lihK lire Indian's and $r,n extra for laving j'ipe under i he i re k. Kd Hanschka bid ;.. .cuts for 1" null pipe, 7n cents for ii inch. lor mrh man coffee. n , . ream, several different kinds of cake, i.-e 1 and fruit A large wedding cake adorned the center of the table, and tl'" I'rst i to-is inn with the knife was rem i mad.- l the bride. Adams lers Kvptes coiil- t ICdnemont. a' m for ihe with heail'itia a i rivals i n i !it Tho.. pres. ill, besides the in. inliers of Ihe brides fimilv, were: Mr- OuiniluaP Clothing Shoes, Dry Goods and mother 1, f Mi Dingee: Mr. and Mrs. Henry BY BUYING Collin, the latter beiirg Mr. Dingee's sis jhole. .", for hydranls ..lid J:' ea. h f..i r, ' valve boxes. I e. W ilson. Kenny Co hid JIJ., p r f,,.d Notions at. for In inch pipe and $1 !." for t inch, in. in holes, setting lire bvdranis and valve boxes I WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP I CHASE'S free. The contractors in relilbnn the trench, s must puddle and rani Ihein and replace ihe Berry Block, Deadwood. bv macadam and complete the contract Nov. 1. i l l 1 1 1 f 1 .i-i-f -f- t -f i f. i-a-1 - i - t i-1 ! i -i 4- I-.MIOK DAY NT STl UlilS C'liiniiiiii i s from ihe v.iriinis unions of ihe Clack Mills met in this city Wednesday iiikIii .and decided to hold the next Labor hay picnic at Sturis. Henry E. I'erkiiis and Max lllall. or Slurgi-i. were I'll -enl at Ihe meeliliK of these committee.-'. and snblliilted the bid fur llio town ef SiuiKi.-, which was a i-1 1 1 n il The town oil cr.- lo pin up live hundred dollars in prizes for IhMl day reserviiiK the bland privileges, and ailowiiiK thou nions what ground i- neeesssary for drilling contest, etc.. and the use of Ihe race track. Deadwod labor I nion, Iead City Miners I'nion, Terry 1'eak I'nion, Two Hit I'nion. and Central City Miners I'nion, will all combine for the picnic theis year, which will make it a tremendous success. Iast year part of the laboring men went to Wood vi Me. and the result was that neither party had a very large crowd. The famous Hot springs water costs 75 cents ft carboy; the pure Crystal Spring! Piedmont water, 50 cents; the celebrated Kidney Springs water, 26 cents; fresh every day, delivered to any part of the city. Call American Express office. Harrison, 166; Black Hills, 111 l.r. and Mr Art hur Graham of Lead, Miss Hattie Gilinan and .Mrs. Minnie Lumsden, ol Inad.iiKid Rev. Giddings was unalile to reiinnn to dinnet, as another engagement, ai Central City, was imperative lu its demand- upon him. Mr. and Mrs. Dingee will make their home fur the summer on South Mill street', in Lead Mr Dingee is an employe of the Honieslake, and Is an excellent young man in every respect. He has lived In lead 1 wo years and during that time has abundantly proven his merits. He has a splendid bass voice and has been a member of the choir at Christ church almost ever since he arrived In Lead. His bride Is one of Deadwood's most charming young ladies .and the people of this city have known her from her childhood, eptertaln-Ing a deep admiration for her graceful attributes. Before the bridal party had started for Lead a happy crowd assembled In front of the parental home, with a clamor cf cowbells and "other Instruments, and made merry for several minutes, until one of the household responded with a generous donation. In a few minutes a thundering salute of anvils or giant powder was heard near by All this was an assurance to the young people of the deep regard of those who know them. Th. re w ere a number of elegant presents, many of them very rich in design and taste. Several of them were on exhibition DEMOUTH'S "ARK" INCORPORATED. Will sell Goods for Cash Cheaper than any House in the Hills. An Immense Stock to select from, both New and ieoond Hand No. 70 Sherman Street. - - Deadwood, S. D. )lause Greets the of Modern icles. MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It is certainly gratfying to the public to know of one concern In the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The propritors of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, have given away over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; and have the satisfaction of knowing It bag absolutely cured thousands of hopeless cases. Asthma, bronchitis, horseness and all diseases of the throat, chest and lungs are surely cured by It. Call on Kirk G. Phillips, druggist, and get a free 5" CURES at the Iirge residence last night, while ouse Last Night still others were given by Iyad people, and left for the future home of the couple. trial bottle. Regular size 60 cents and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed or price C. L, SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, Another. GOING OCT OF BUSINESS refunded. The western man is a nomadic sort of person, always ready to sever business re lations formed by years of energy and in HEADQUARTERS Removal Sale OF DRY GOODS, CAKPETS. HOl'SE FURNISHINGS OF ALL, KINDS. The fact that we have moved the Liebmann stock to J. C. Haines' old stand, we find BICYLCES, dm-try and. like Oliver Twist. move on." The latest to catch the moving FOR we have more goods then we have room Wonderful Demonstration MR. J. A. PLIMPTON, using two canes, hobbled on the stage for treatment last night, hi had been suffering from rheumatism for 8 years and was unable to walk withltut the aid of his canes. Every for. Our only remedy for thia la, and means BARGAINS. BARGAINS, greater BICYCLE SUNDRIES. AND than ever in order to unload. Two stocks In one, under one roof makes spirit is V. K. Lowe, who has determined to close out his business here and locate In Chicago, where he has offers that promise better returns than he can hope for by remaining in DeadwiMMl. Having decided to make the change, ho will close out his business here as soon as possible, 'legln-ning today, any cash offer will take anything In any of Ihe stores or departments. This means goods at les than cost, too low even 10 quote price-. Watch for fur-'ii.-r announcements It the largest in the state, so here Is a The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills.. chance of your life to sret Just what you want, at your own price. inie his foot came down it would cause This is no fake sale but a genuine sa :-Tlfico sale. A glimpse at our store room will convince you at one that we mean b irnlinu 1 A I linn 5 him Ihe most exerutiating pain. He was treated by Ihe Surata Remedies and In forty niinults discarded the canes and stamped and walked about Ihe static wi'h- ffl U it I luM On all Dersonal property of value. A large stock, of j unredeemed pledges atsur- Erisingly low prices. All usiness strictly confidential AT SYLVAN LKE HoTICL Mr. and Mrs. John L. Pyle and children, Ilwiini: Miss Kthel Phillips. Miss Ma'lie 1; .-on, Mi-s Jessie I'achelin. Miss Pratt. Mi-s Lizzie Rebbe. Spearfish; Mrs. A. G. Clark, Redriel'l, Norman McAuley. Joseph Palmer, Hill City; V. A Hampton. Miss Mainaret Hampton. Miss Florence Hall, Mr S. Lawson. Mr. D. C. Haker, Dead-wood. Accompanying the last two named were: J. H Johnston. New York;. M. Mc-Callum, Chicago; Robert II. Murray, Detroit, Mich.; W. H. Day. Peoria. III. what we say. Remember the place. J. C'. HAINES, Inc. CIS Main st Dead wood, S. D. . ' o CAPT. WILLIAM ASTOR CHANi.l'H. congressman from New York, is the presl dent of The New York Star, which Is giving away a FORTY DOLLAR BICYCLE daily, a offered by their advertisement In another column. Hon Amos J. Cummtngs. M. C, Vol. Asa Bird Gardner. District Attorney of New York, ex-Governor Hogg, of Texas, aDd Col. Fred Feigl of New York are among the well known names in their Board of Directors. - TI11 Deadwood Lou Office. 21 Lee Street. 2 in s power over disease. Mr. Plimpton lives al d to testify as to the above, is birth, had his eyes straightened in l.'3 spelt life Opera House. His friends could hard-age with a badly crobsed eye. was cured ell known hack driver. e for Ladies this Afternoon at 2 30 nd Mother.' Select, Re- nnnnrmnn .nnnnnn-nnrjinjuuinnnnnnruinrinnnnfliuv nn mm VOTING COUPON CUT OUT T HIS and help some worthy younj lady to secura 7ar' schoolim HOOK AND LADDER The Hook and Ladder company met laft evenltrgT'na-Tidth them were many of Deadwood's best citizens. Louis Fiscbel was brought before the, company, charged with selling Spanish flags on the 4th 0 July. He was found guilty and a fine assessed against. Mr. Horberger, in his usual Phllanic style spoke a piece; It did not receive much encouragement. Judge Moore was present, but his prayer which caused the death ef seven South Dakota boys and the wounding of twenty-four others was not uttered. Taken altogeth THE BEST REMEDY FOR FLUX Mr. John Mathlas, a well known stock dealer of Pulaski, Ky., ays; "After lufler-la3 tof over a week with dux, and my physician having failed to relieve me, I waa advised to try Chamberlain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rewedy, and hare the pleaaura of itaUnf that the half of all ln one of the best colleges In America Good Education Absolutely free of Cost The "PIONEER-TIMES" has mads arrangements to present to the most popular of Its young lady readers, that is the one who secures the highest number' ol Tetee, a free scholarship for one entire year In the Lexington Female College. This offer includes absolutely free of cost, board, room rent, laundry, tuition In literary branches, nuflc, art. elocution and physical cal tare. one bottle cured me." For aale by Druggists. for Men Only f the sex Explained.'1 Oil Paintings. No man . The Bullock. MRS. LIEBMANN. er, the meeting as a good one and all enjoyed It. Choice Cut Flowere and Potted Plants, alwan on hand. Orders for funerals anl Wnu lb mrac of lL Yoong Lady jtm wtah te te te hers. Earlv ( aociety emblems promptly filled. o VOTE i Ite I NAME. LADIES OF DEADWOOD I haTa Just returned with Silks, Linens, Stamped Goods, new designs in elegant lln of sofa pillows. Classes afternoons In any part at ths city. Call mornings at room 8. first Boor above Lowe's Dry Goods Star. One hour lessons, 25c; three hoars. Wo. For elegant dippers so to lpp'a Zlpp can BtanyJoot t erfectioo. ETerythlnc new and neat at the Address Pioneer-Times Free Scholarship Barean. tion Free! 8 :S9 P. M . SUNDAY INCLUDED.

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