The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 8, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1900
Page 8
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER g. THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, DEADWOO - Trouble With Hi Eye. E4 M anion, superintendent of the Gopher mining company, ' in the city b&Tin hi eje treated. Erw Sine luc explosion at Yellow Creek la which ilr. Kan'cn ba. tu fa' i b4 to start in with, and then went down the democratic ticket and marked most all fce candidates. He evident-1 ly intended to compliment a few re-' publicans with his Tote, for Mr Mar-; tin. Mr. Star. and one or two others j bad been voted for. ( Fifteen enthusiastic republicans tejebrated the hjg victory by a baa-; quel at the Bullock !a-u niiht There 1 were some candidates present "oat most of the tasT--' r- wer ;ust We Fledge Ourselves in Favor of THE CITY Lady wants bookkeeping to do until Haines new store opens. Inquire at the store. Marriage license was Issued yesterday ( Grg! B4ri and . Rja Nor-njandie, both of Lead. The Olympic club will give iu reg-jiar fortti(?htly cat - e at the :yr., tomorrow night. 11 burned, bis eye Dare giTen aim 1 1 CMSidf-rabk troable. and when be of "Customers from oYert bare- aijd une to Deadwood a few days a?o iitney were so bad. it vu impossible ! tor him to do any work. With the ! medical attention r-eiv-d h'-re. they are improving satisfactorily. j That South Dakota U fast takin? her plat among the two or three j great creamery f-'-atea of the uniot to ' elevate y-irs more ir.? fror.-. the a.- acx:c. on of fo . .v h;?i : TP E F0UR-B1JTT0N TT-r SACK SL'IT; cn -iM , i - Ha;h Mo-;:ton ho had Lis L.p d, 'ProteJiiion Free Trade Prohibition ; lain republic ' h " : z. a - j r a of pro.-per;'. y very etart. Th- Silvi- lit'-Hw-et '.; game a little getting alos? :o a'.ei :a the- foot. o.-r o -":i..- ag'. misstatements fur Lvervmie with the Mer w he iloes must for Lis t. u.-Te.n.- of iLfericr jualiti'-s. iudatl v,:; -and ujijiressive high jiri-e-. uf ilic P'i'If's turlt-n a ml P.u;. IIui'D'-ar tax rr"tits. i.. 5 ill long been &iui.-:u-.a uj an unii; f and tommisiioti Ken. A demoi:'ra- i Si - tlon of this fact l a handsome :!-.-inedai r'eivltT'tiy' FT F R.t. ' "b":" -termaker at the Smith Creek cream ery, in Iiru!'- county, froni the j r awards at the I'aria r-i; for a tub of butter cade hy l.zu and to Paris last Ausin. Mr R-:r.v whotti a graduate of the Ioa 4airy department, naurally f" ! very proud of the honor K'-forrri .-':. v,l Item. Buy As Yo.u Vote, mmi T.r- In t a.; u, a z. - at A V. ' r: a ESTEY PIANC YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Men and Boys Clothing the Drinkill of Hpearf-h i- in J. w graded iir.-i ed :- I'.-cded several hundred feet f iril-.-- .;, the g'-'h. M -! M.r.n:e Halt:n-r i- dari?.-rc;-: ... at r,'-r f.orri-- ,a C r.'.-a. -.!. '.hi A poison and cva;i boprs are t- rta.ned for her recovery. Prof C: j&k. ho had tharg-: of the a.v.a'cjr E.-j.-:ca! show g.v-n h-re a v.- -lay! ago. is preparing to sr:1. e an-o'h-r at Spearfish toruorrow rii-'ht. A p.- ture of Cta'it.'.ey K'-rrien. who -nt the run.c-T in iKa!'! h:i kUler Mrs. iVn Cook, appear- in the New York Tribune, with the Co -li.rr.hia frxjtail t-am. . Harris Krankiin received a telegram from New York ye.-.terday, ' stating that no- ks had already ad-van' ed from three to four points kino election returns had been re-ceived. Mm. Henry Frawley entertained the ladies of St. Ambrose Catholi" ihur'h last night at her home on In-, glenide After a very pleasant game ' of rards a delightful luncheon was ! served about three o'cloc k. i a iai i.r.- or .--'r et a-. ,,c at A , r- - M. r'o.stad. the 'aiior. V, Vim .-.t --et for vn :- ' Those beaut. ful hats at Acker-mann's. trimmed by Miss Peters, one of New York's bet tr.mmer.-: a:-- all th- race f'ires iizzy hp-;!s '.red feeling. !-torr:a' h. kidney and liver troubles. Keep you '!! all h" .ar. Ko' ky Mountain Tea taken this month. 2jC. Ask your drugeNt Direr t from New Yorl-: with New York's ideals and styles. Miss Peters, city. !. B. Herdman was a Burlington ar rival. John R. Wilson went to Hot Springs J. C. Spencer came in from hin Wyoming cattle ranch. James Secoy and George L. Griggs of Galena were in the city. L. E. Parrljib, the railroad contractor, came op from Rapid City. lira. Lovejoy left for Center Junction, Iowa, to see a friend who, is seriously 111. - Mrs. Clunk, whose husband la Id charge of the minstrels, went over to join her husband at Spearflsb. Mm. Wentworth Carse and baby left for Cbadron, expecting to go from there to Omaha to visit friends. m f, if Ml, -; Hals. Cps Sits aid Herwei Gloves, Socks Stockings, FOP. THE BIG AND LITTLE FOLKS. ..SC.MIHATES for roiir palr-,iifl?f (-;i.-- ZOELLNER BROS. CO. THE PIONEER "CLOTHIERS CF 1876, 8 head trimmer at .V Hermanns, is Mrs. Patsy Carr re-eived a tele- ..-. with great sue e in suiting, gram yesterday from Miss rene Mil- tfK. tastes of the Ivadwood ladies , ler, formerly pianist in the Carr it, SPIDER-LEO JA-irry orchestra, saying the had ar- ps TEA. WITHOCT ANY WAR rived safel in Bremen, Germany, and TAX ON IT ST V D !M (' ASH DEADWOOD, S. D 647 MAIN STREET, a? 1 was met there by nc-r father. j Mrs. Gregory, daughter of Mrs Cox of the Firn ward, who re. ently underwent a severe operation at the hospital, and later was. placed tinder tbe care of Mrs. Lawton. the magnet Ic healer, is rapidly improving, and is around again for the firtt time since early lat spring Dr. Moffitt has gone i: to the s; Buttes country for a few day-hunting tour and to gather together bis shattered nerves, which .were entirely unbalanced when he read the reports of Tuesday's election in the "i"h: too John. 1 won't Ton .-or row I unles- y.j'i ct .1 anv iO'i.e If'.e to; ri;v mother To convince you that busineis, we will give you rark, so you ran sole t ar.;-overcoat you want at cost, main is the mark. Chase's wood. Cc me more Ro'-ky MouDtain Tea sihle woriian. Ask your GKO' KHY S SUKHVAN .-': HEFT A special invitation i- -x'-rid-d to ;. on by Mi-s O K !. v. i r of the A nermann Millinery Parlors, for you to 'all and examine the;,- --'-ir.: line of millinery. The b'-.-t Morha and Java coffee 4"-ii iOijrf drink, with no 'Ii--'-:, only 2', jer ;,o'.:.d at the Star, iar-i Ca.-h O'O- tf The !". worth L-.iUi- will giv a social at the Methciin' i m r r : on Friday e. ntnsr. Int-n-nring gan-es. with lively contests have been arr-itige-l. A I'fK.-d time is promise'!, so come and bring your friends. Refreshments wiil be served. Cold weather is coming. A. " M orris, four doors above Hattenhach's will Mack your stove, clean the prpe and put them. 1 THE AROMA OF OUR 25c MOCHA AND JAVA COFFE IS UNSURPASSEDTRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN ST. Mr. Gore, the blind populist orator, left Chicago, Intending to go from there to his home in Texas. Mrs. J. E. Sullivan went over to Spearflsh to take part in the amateur minstrel show to be given there Friday nlgbt. N. H- Scbenck came down from Camp Pennsylvania in . Rutabaga gulch, where be is working a force of men and went over to Spearflsh. E. J. Blake, consulting engineer of the C. B. c Q.. bis assistant, Mr. Cartledge and I. 8. P. Weeks, chief engineer of the B. It M. left yesterday la Mr. Blake's private car. Charles Henley, the Central City assayer, Fred Hurkman and L. F. PTaybeck of the - Portland Mining company, left for Rapid City to take a coarse at tbe School of Mines. Mrs. Charles Bartlett and daughter. Miss Mary Bartlett of Essex, 111., arrived for a visit In tbe family of tbelr cousin, Charles Pearson of Spearflsb. Thejr were met here by Mr. Pearson and went over to Spearflsh at once. ?.:rs. Mooney has Just returned f.-or.. New York, with all the latest ideas in lace, and embroidery. Call and inspect her new goods. W. L. Nell, D. D. 6., resident dentist, has move-l his office to Room 19, Syndicate Block. A GREAT DIG ASSORTMENT OF CHINA WARE TO CHOOSE FROM. GIVEN AWAY TO CASH PURCHASERS AT THE STANDARD CASH GROCERY. tf We must cut down our stock before we move into the Adams block on November 20th. You can get bargains at DeMouth's Ark. Pioneer-Times of yesterday. A hack drawn by black horses and filled with young men wearing tall, white hats with black crepe bands, passed thru tbe principal streets of the city yesterday bearing on the side the Inscription, "Pop Pall Bearers." It came from 8. R. Smith's undertaking establishment. Mr. Swain of Preston has a copy of a rejected ballot that is a curiosy-The Intelligent voter marked a cross in the circles at the top of tbe tickets D- Wins Little Early Risers are the best hver pills ever made. Kny to take and n-w-r gripe. Kirk G. I'hillips. CaJi teb- hone !7 for tiuifarmt.'d meb-t ! Prompt service. D U. T. Co. ESTEY PIANO, both styiishand to be had only at Hawiey's No. 03'J. Li-" bulio k hotel. j Hoth makers and circulators of ! counterfeits commit fraud. Honest j men will not deceive you into buying j worthless counterfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. The original is infallible for curing, piles, sores, ec- I MRS. E. P. SLYFIELD. Osteopath and Masseuse, 'i Var Buren Street. The following so-calU-d d:?-:a-e- ar successfully treated by my o; treatment: Asthma, Atrophy of Limbs. Mk Leg. Catarrh. Neuralgia. Cor.-:.;'. ". Neurasthenia, Coldness of Fxtr- rr. Paralysis, Dyspepsia. Rhet;r.-.a'.:rai Dizziness, Stomach Troubles. I': .;sy Sciatica, Dysentery, Torpid Liv- - Female Troubles, Varicose Veins. Goitre Headaches, Hay Fever. In-I:i:-:on. Insomnia. Jaundice. Lumbago. Alcohol baths in connection. WANTED. A good competent girl. to for general housework. Apply Mrs. J. L. Bentley, Ingleside. Kirk G. zenia and all skin diseases See. young maiaen. that thou takest the genuine Rocky Mountain Tea, marie by the Madison Medicine Co., if thou likest thy fair face. Ask your druggist. 33c. Don't believe all that is told you, but go aud see Chafe's clothing and read the prices. It will surprise you. Clothing was never sold so low in the Hills. Chase's, Deadwood. Call for the cost mark when you go to Chase's to buy clothing; they have a special sale on overcoats and suits of clothes, pants for men and M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. We are neither advertising a great .Slaughter nor a great Kemoval Sale, hut are prepared to sell School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the entertainments yet to come: Dr. Henson. November 15. M-ndelssohn Male Quwiet. Decern ber . S. M. Spedon. February 19. iViVV.V.V.V.VM J. P. HYMER, Olympic Block, Deadwood. S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC Collections in all part- r t!.-Black Hills or anywh '' :r- I boys. Fragrant as ripe fruit Pure as a mountain spring Hoary with age and a blessing to men when rightly used that's HARPER'S WHISKEY. , I'hillips. i f. D. Smith bandies Dothlng but th t)W Krsd smithing coal. , F. M. Ganti, D. D. S. Modem rn- tlntry of ab kinds. Gas administered. j Elsthteen years o experience. Rosenthal Blcck. If you have ever seen a child in the agony of croup you r an realize how ciateful mothers are for One Minute Cough Cure whic h gives relief as soon as it is administered. It quickly cures oushs, colds, ami all throat and lun? troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. iliti nt- kah ta water lor kidney- trou de. Try It All tho frmto and vegetables of the reason at th lowest prices, Standard Cash Grocery. Mln ue kah-ta water for the stomach Pry tt. Many people worry because they believe they have heart disease. The chances are that their hearts are all right but their stomachs are unable to digest food. ;JfCodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and pre Sold by Carr & Berry, Deadwood, S. the United States ' D. - j Investments and proper of Mn Resi- FIRST-CLASS GOODS The "NORTHWESTRRN T.INR " p carefully attenoea i. FIDELITY BONDS. E. & M. V. R. R.. Is th direct line be otftco sr. : M:'.t-- tween Deadwood and OH AM A CHI- Both telephones in CAGO: all eastern noint, i 'Phone in residence Folstflil thp tnil nr fnr vnur fall i .'-- :. kejHT LOWEST LIVING PRICES. We are not offering goeda at cost or less thak cost, for everybody is fully aware that no Merchant cin offer to sell goods for lews than cost Anil mal-A Av-rtAnaj A A .Jr. a. a. . i MRS. C. W, MATHe, As U;trw Dharrnarv.) ww w j . . n..nnc MpcMnm, ' t- w uui Duui to num Dug people. The TojWing prices on only a few articlew w ill cmvinc ctmvince the public that we intend to do suit. No. 671 Main street ff RAILROAD TICKETS for man and woman to St. Joe or St Louis for sale at half price. Address Box 882 Lead, S. D. tf Removal sale now on at DeMouth's Ark. just as we advertise. vents the formation of gas which ! WeWfriie te Fry 't'esi? t Pn'cts I heart. It will cure every for mof in Lutes' rail Jackets, the very neweet strlea, all our coats that we Mve sold at 17.00 will ce at this sale for oslr Makes all kinds of Morai ud---and is headquarters for cut flowers, Roses, Carnations and all other flowers of the season FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE J. B. LE BEAU. The Central Jeweler, Is Headquarters For Black Hills Gold Jewelry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just whst you -want and he will quote rou prices hy return mail. REFERENCES Any bank or mercantile house In the Hills: digestion. Kirk O. Phhlips. THB NORTHWESTEKN LINE" is Uhe short line between DEADWOOD Annual Meeting Masonic Benevolent Association The annual meeting of stockholders of the Masonic Benevolent Association will be held at the office of the secretary on Saturday evening, November 17th, 1900, for the election of a board of directors and transaction of such other business as may be presented. A. W. COE, Secretary. aoe SIOU CITT, SIOUX FALLS, ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS and DULUTH. Please bear this in mind. HORNBERQ ER'S CREAM OF WHEAT FLOUR IS WITHOUT A and All Over f 10.00, 111.00 fll-M, at oaly 9.50 D Ladies; Misses . And -T Childrens; fl S THE I BUSH & GERTS PEER TRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY 4 SHERMAN STRKET. Mrs. Mellck Is prepared to give the electric scalp treatment, facial massage, also remove superfluous hair by electricity. We carry a line line of powders, hair tonics, wrinkle emoluments and bust developer. Room g, over Deetken's drug store. K. D. Sniim ran bare you money on lumber. All he asks Is a chance All better Coats aid Capes ar rednoed at the same rate ..Ladles' Rdy-to-Wir Suits. .11 Suits male out of good quality homespun, at only r OSSaOO A better article all-wool at '! $7a This suit would he - - - cheap at .tli.00 -: ' Udtes OuUlde Skirts, -. ; 25 Black Mohah Skirts at $1.90 We Carry The Largest Line v ! ! i I -I- W i.Uu .... i. t fl'-tre with yen. No. 671 Main street is where you should get your fall suit Folstad, the tailor, is there. You can't afford to risk you life by allowing a cough or a cold to develop Into pneumonia or consumption. One Minute Cough Cure will cure throat 20 Black Cheviot Eklrts at $2,70 UNDERWEAR. AH our 4.?5, 15.00 and $5.50 $3,75 Eklrts go at only. and lung trnuhlfts quicker than anr- of Supplies other preparation known. Many doctors use it as a specific for grinne. Best on earth foi 'rnn Tnn tt is an infallible remedy for ctoud. Eemember we will compete with any Children like it and mothers Indorse it. Kirk O. PhiUlns. For School Children Carried in the west. Our stock Is complete aad without peer- Eespectfully, . prices Oysters! Oysters! Oysters! Served in any style, or sold by the rn. at Fraxiers Vienna Bakfery flan RSHEUS BAZAAR. Vain Street,

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