The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 4, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST4, 1899. WANTED Ten woodchoppers at $1.25 per young men who had been contemplating WE DEADWOOD PIONEER yATCHES cord by Percy Bros, Two BU. I . DlAiyl0N a course at the college ,and who hid sured him that In the event of his election to the presidency they would enroll their FOR SALE. ESTABLISHED JUNB S, UW. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. names. This is an indication of thi way Rev. I'yle is regarded by those who are FOR SALE An upright piano, new and in Fine.,, his friends, and it also Indicates some profit In this countrty as "old copper." No doubt other cargoes of like character will follow. Habit Is so strong among the Ot-ientalsc that they will probably continue to give up their coin for the customary equivalent in merchandise, ignorant and regardless o fthe coin's increaied worth, until they shall be practically stripped of their circulating medium. Abe situation is likely to be a great deal worse among them than would be our ewn if most of our present small coins should be withdrawn from use, with ao fractional cur- good order. Mrs. L. E. Miller. ((()) ESTABLISHED APRIL T, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. thing of his hustling quantise. He is welj known, for bis untiring efforts, and for his Solid Gold Jewelry i FOR SALE CHEAP Twelve horse-power genuine pluck. There is no task too large toiler and engidi on wheels, in first VIONXER-TIMES PCBUSHINO CO rtnjui condition. Enquire at Electric Black Hills Gold i TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Light house. for to undertake, and he is positively unabashed by glowering conditions. That is why he was elected aBpresldent of Black Hills college. And It is believed by h.s friends that his experience of the past few kAILT Evmt Morning, 201 Mae .110.00 Tear T.OTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition rency available. For the Oriental mind Is not quick of devising substitutes for cus I.M Sterling Silver Nove a a a Months too Month EirT.Tlunl Bverv Thursday. tomary methods; and the American sys Year tem of accounts current with retailers of Mentha W ai special Prices IV T a all sorts' has In Ata but limited vogue At the Second-Class Matter Paisred as Spanish pride is a fearful, wonderful and iext 20 U His addition to Deadwood. beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley spring, In the First ward, is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. FOR SALE Three of the beet ranches on Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over $1,000 Improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer-Tlmes office. Deadwood Postofflce. unaciou n table thing. Eye-witnesses have told thru the newspapers In harrowing words, of the awful scenes they witnessed at years will prove of value to him in his future career. His time will be largely devoted to ouUide work for the college, in order to keep up the financial end of the institution. Prof. Douglas was elected by the tjoard Wednesday as professor of languages I'e has taught in the college for the past year. It is announced thai, one of the first departures of President I'yle will be to establish a department of elocution and music, and thereby make the college course complete. The college will open on lime the first of September, and the indications amoiiK the diseased, wounded, starved and REPUBLICAN TICKET. tupreme Court Judges. DIOHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANEY. ragged "repatrladoe," who after the close A. F. SNYD of the Cuban war were takeu home in a foul pent-up and pestilential Spanish ship, Vj .'T tim1W',:V i-'i n mkvk Main street. and landod at Malaga. There were 1,200 I ")R SALS Desirable residence lots. Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's . of them, and their condition was so de plorable that Bome American and. EnglUh are that tbere will be a good attendance. sojourners at Malaga ministered to their HfHvMMMM At Wednesday's meeting E. W. Martin, Dr. E. E. Clough and Dr. C. B. Clark, all needs by giving them food, medicine and clothing. After this charltty had gone on of Deadwood were in attendance. DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln v. enue, Ingleslde; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISB (tf.) FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at Terry. S. D. For further information for about three weeks, the Spanish officials ordered it stopped, declarin that to receive outside assistance was beneath the dignity of the Spanish army. As little other assistance was forthcoming, the poor re (lm enquire of C. W. Ronan, Prop. A Big Cut on THE INTERNATIONAL AUTOMBILE RACE. France clams to be four years ahead of America in the manufacture of automobiles, and naturally expects to win. So did England in '7a, and Spain in 'i8-We'll see about he race. ReBUltl is the real criterion. Judge automobiles, medi turned soldiers were left to sutler and Otto Gasoline If. P. starve. reservoir complete. FOR SALE A Shi engine, tank and Pioneer-Times. The Clevelanders have boycotted an ice WATER RATES. The water rate I hat have been in operation for the past, twenty years should be readjusted by the city council or com-, mlttee on water. Instead of taxing the expense of fire protection to the water comumera it should be taxed against the property. A tax of $1.00 per year upon each of the 38 Are hydrants should be collected from the propertjrt thus protected. Bath houses and the Olympic club Should pay $10 per month instead of 12.60, 6 and $6 as at present. Ten dollar per month would be a reasonable rate for livery stables. Rates on some of the business blocks should he raised, and lowered on others. When the rates are properly adjusted it will be found that owners of motors are paying a fair proportion. If not they can be raised as the case may be. This, of course will take ttlme and the committee having the matter in charge are living It Intelligent consideration. Meters do not teem to be practical. Cook Stoves cine, or anything else by their works and man for leaving ice at a saloon tnat sola liquor to non-union men. And now If any FOR SALE House and furniture. En quire of Mrs. Edward George, upper you will not go astray. Take Hostetter's Stomach Bitters for instance. Behind it there is a fifty year record of cures of Terravllle. stomach illls. There are innumerable wny Buy a Second Hand Stove When You can get a imitations of it, which by their failure to FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine and do as they promise but enhance the valu grocer sells sugar to that Ice man he will be boycotted and so will everybody who happens to buy a pound of butter or a wedge of cheese from him. The intricacy of the Cleveland boycott will, however, prove Its outdoing. The whole thing will get In a maze that will defy the original Chinese puzzle maker to unravel, and the absurdity of the thing will strike somebody and start a snicker. blower, nearly new, in perfect condl of Hostetter's Stomach Btiters. It will ! tlon, no further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly Buited to ventilating cure dyspepsia, inaigesuon, constipation New one for the same money, biliousness and nervousness. See that small mine. W. M. Barker.Deadwood private Revenue Stamp covers the neck the bottle. FOR SALE A 4 room house in Hidde .COME AND SEE US. Treasure Gulch. Cheap for cash or in o Seven Day Excursions. VIA BURLINGTON ROUTE. stalmeuts. Enquire of the owner, Jame Dahl. To Hot Springs and Custer. Tickets on Ayres & fardman Hardware ft. sale every Saturday, good for a whola FOR SALE Household furniture, cheap for cash. Enquire at No. 13 Filmore Sit week. Only one fare for the round trip Minneapolis Tribune: The atmosphere In South Dakota Is filled with rumors of railroad extensions, reminding- one of the halcyon days of yore, when the Omaha was about to build to the Missouri river, the Great Northern was Just ready to extend its line sout'h westward, and the Milwaukee had plans all laid to parallel its own lnes In several directions. The most encouraging feature of these rumors Is that they are aways Indicative of a good crop year. You should, by all means, take tbe 1:1 w I WWo I train as it la the only one that arrives at the above resorts before dark In time for FOR RENT. the evening gaieties. Mai ) if FOR RENT 2 New houses, upper St. Enquire of Otto Grantz. TAKE YOUR SHARE. iJft'hat's that can't get it? CAPT. BUNSBY BRYAN Bryan's remark that Lincoln placed h man above the dollar, while Mark Hanna places the dollar above the man, Is ooe of those utterances which Bound well but mean nothing. In fact, much of the output of Bryan's fluent tongue recalls the Inverted eulogy which waa pasaed upon another gentleman of his sort "he had nothing to say, but he said It finely." It Is to be noted, however, that Bryan at bis best that la to say, when he Is excoriating the Rothschilds and other English persons who are supposed to be partial to gold has never surppassed Capt. Jack Bunsby, that ' consummate master of .Impressive expression. Candid critics must admit that Bryan's "Lincoln placed the man above the dollar, while Mark Hanhi places the dollar above the man," is aot a marker to Btmsby's "If so be as how. Why not, therefore? or to our own Inimitable Judge Mm-pay of pioneer days, whoa style t lnterrogaUttt wit net' es ' was "It so. That's exactly what moet successful FOR RENT 7 room house, with all mod ern Improvements, furnished or unfur men have thought early in life but they have all found out that they are pretty nlshed. Apply to Pioneer-Times. Fired with patriotic ardor, the members of several girls' clubs In southern Kansas have formally pledged themselves never to marry except to men who served with Fun-ston's fighting volunteers in the Philippines. The chicken-hearted stay-at-hom are kindly Invited to say how they regard this sort of "Imperallstm." sure to get what they deserve Lf they ask Shoes- With a Reputation for it; and they are equally as sure not to FOR RENT 6 room house with bath com get it if they don't ask for it. plete, new paper and paint $12 per mo. If you want anything ask for it through 67 Centennial' Ave. the Pioneer-Times want columns. These columns are read by the peopl who can and will gratify your wants. i Our Boys SeahSkin Seamless FOR RENT 17-room boarding bouse, cant by July 2th. Enquire of O. Ong, Plums. Explorers in Wyoming have discovered the remains of a lizard seventy feet in length, .. which when alive must have weighed 80,000 pounds.. The learned populist will, doubtless explain to his little boy RANGE HORSES. Barrett A Zimmerman, Midway horse or "Mr brief whin and .at what tolme?" addreas'.ais evening . will WANTED Six good farm hands. Apply market, the largest range horse dealers in be short." ' that this mighty creature was the progeni to Stearns Lumber yard, upper Main St the northwest Have commodious facil SHOES! Are noted lor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. tor of the modern trust octopus. ities specially arranged for handling range horses with large corrals and pastures In On second thought the democratic man FOR RENT House with nine rooms, In connection and with their stahlsa midway agers who want 1450,000 to establllsh eluding bath. For particulars Inquire free silver newspaper may probably con at 17 Van Buran St between IflnaoapoUs and St. PauL where range horses can Se disposed of to a hot-' ter advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota L. C. VERPLAST. elude to .save their money and -use It to hire brass bands. It Is wind, not editorial Transfer, 8t PauL Minnesota. treatment that their cause needs. 3Ter. OO Olioniian St. Furnished rooms at the White House, Bath ana Else trio lights. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine .view from evsry MMMMIMM ! H room. Wilth the sale of toe property of . the Ruskin Co-operatllve colony, In Tennessee, there Is an end to a Utopian project la an ONE GENT A WORD FOR RENT Six-room house, Just newly ao-t'ptopian age. The enterprise wouldn't ENDORSED BY ROOSEVELT . Some of the yellow Journals have resumed upon Secretary of War Root Joe war-fere of abuse that drove Mr. Alger from , the eeMaet The attacks promise, however, to be barren of results. , The reports from Washington Indicate that President McKinlery, General Miles and Secretary of War Root are working In perfect harmony and promise to do away, with all coaflict- Ing features In connection with the man-agement of the war department. ''' H ! -, Governor Roosevelt of New York has added his testimony J.o the character of Mr. Root, as follows: 'Llke every man who wishes success to the administration, and therefore 'to the' American people, la the great work now Deforest, I am overjoyed at the appointment of Mr. Root. He to the exact type of man which all Americana should be most desirous to see as our public servants. He Is disinterested, of singularly keen Intelligence absolutely conscientious. papered and In Una order, at $1S.OO work elmply because Its members wouldn't month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 401 William street, or at T0UN0'8 office, Lee Advertisements onder this head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run lees than one month; three tines, $1 4 FULLER BROS &MeCUMSE street (tf.) Mr. rarnegle evidently feels that he misses something if he allows a week to past without having endowed at least one public library. And It must be said that per month; payable la advance. (GEDDES OLD BARN.) . a 111. nn NICELY furnished rooms at rates at Noble block. 721 Mala street he is keeping up a vigilant lookout. New Capp. an! Buries. Best Driflni art miw WANTED HELP. MRS. GARB. Boarding Horses by the day week cr montna y"" For his three speeches In Indianapolis the other day Mr. Bryan la reported to here wanted Housework or washing and Ironing by the day ..Enquire at No. 11 FOR RENT Three furnished rooms suitable for housekeeping. Enquire of Ole . Fllmore. - .: received $500. And amusement managers agree that they were , both worth the Lackoue or at No. 12 Taylor avenue. girl at the Belle I money. t .. 1. - - , v Wanted A laundry ' Fourche hotel SHED BOOMS For housekeeping. FURNIS In he Miller block, 41 Lee street Gen. 'Jacob Coxey, of Ohio, has bought a ' steel : mif," There la more money In WANTED By small family, no children, - furnished or partly furnished house on operating a- plant like that than there Incapable of doing a mean or ungenerous act. possessing great tact and Judgment and etfie fearlessness 1n standing for the rl(ht. We can guarantee that under him no shadow of wrongdoing will be allowed to exist. '- He has always sacrificed his time and his' means to his sense of public duty, r wholly without thought of reward, j FOR RENT Two furnished rooms at the par- f ls in running a windmill." ., Forrest Hill. Address with full tieulars. Pioneer-Times. Holmer. .suitable for office or cham her. :. i NEW COLLEGE PRESIDENT rAij!ii situation ny young lady as housekeeper. Inquire at Miller, block, FOR RENT-Two rooms opposite the Bul Rev., Pyle Ejected to the . Head of the 2IPP ipiypjgi r Shoes for Almost Nothing. ZIPP. the pioneer shoe dealer of Deadwood U go'" out of the business. Never before have you shoes,, "good shoes" at the prices he will e 'nem out Nothing will bo reserved, everything roust go Sa,e commences August 1st end continues until last Plr sold. : . , , Miss Held. lock. Enquire at Pioneer-Times. rareanally it is a treat loss to me to have him leave New York, for there is no man upon whose advice and help f have so much relied In my work si governor, and . ... . . .. Black Hills College. ; At a meeting of the board of trustees of wnnirai gin wanted for general j ' uvi m. .civt K7JllIlgS v i two large, nicely furnished housework. Apply to Mrs. Chas. Zoell ner, No. ', Van Burea 8t be has been -unfailing in generous response to every call I have made upon him. He rooms, suitable for housekeeping. J Lin coin Ave., Ingleslde. - - nrmu-a responsible agent to work Is the type of what a .clean and high minded puMio servant should be."." ;? 1 o - , - . for the South Western Xitt Association. weanesaay. Ker. w. J. ryle. who haa been nastor of the Sturgis M. E. church for the past two or three years, waa chosen "presl-, dent of the college, and will enter upon the position at oce.t The board has arranged to guarantee the salary of the president, and he will therefore not j be . a new tenement oa Ingle wooa pay ror right man. Address 1. a The rise In the value of copper tor man McCormack, Gen'I Agt, Hot Springs, 8. slde. 4 rooms, besides halls, closets, bath and . wood house, electrte lights. fake sale, for I will surely get out of tM Iss. This Is no ufarturlng purposes seems likely to create a perplexing condition of affairs in India ana au modern Improvements. Build Ill be your ' men, our liiustretea catalogue explains Ing absolutely frost proof. Rent 111 per shoe business this fall, and my loss Come early before the stock is broken. bam pert d ty the condition that has proven such, a burden to all former heeds of the Institution. Rev.' Pyle was ..informed monta. r. Knowles. how we teach barber trade In I weeks. Hailed free. Molers Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. , . . ' of the action of the college board yesterday C: E. ZIPP, and China, .where the vast majority of the little business transactionaof many millions of people have been from time Immemorial conducted thru the medium of ma!l copper eoins. 1A ship arrived In New Yark .a 'few days ago with 259 tons of. those .coins, gathered up to be sold at a morning as the Elkhorn train passed thru . WANTED-MISCTLLANEOTJS.' the town of ''Sturgis, and he announced that he " waa -going out lnto'ths country : , : citith Dafcotft. II WORK WANTEp-Competent woman, by the day. No. Water street , rear of Fish A Hunter's- Planing MilL Deadwood, WANTED Second Bead Goods at No. tt near Sturgis Immediately, to see some ooermaB Bi. 8. I Conant '

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