The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 17, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY. Jl-r.v THE 1MILY, PIUNEEh-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co, THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. j... i il"t. in i noil th" htislainl (of rl.oi-.- n.ii-t ifstrict his iiffci uon-hi- w :! aii'l ab.-lain I'l oni th" p: t:. .- ut .ommi? Iioni" latt- at n.iht. oi;si 1 j. -oil lit; th" ri-fra:ii of tli" . -on,; h. iia.T ii"anl. It, thi-i ft ort-. Iu'.". thai h"i hole e iit.'i-(-narily ujion tin- "i.-iiy man who will I li. r to th.- altar as th" only om- am. hi-r ai-qiiaintain u likfly to oml liii;;-. -lf i:i .... onlaiii- v. lt!i hei n, of pro)ii"i. now it ia by poi t Hi. -an lotir w ar- ago. li now a : supporter ol uf national ' republo an t i K t . anM ill- J -! 1 -1 I'-pud: air Iliy ai. ,i- a laUe prophet and op. ni .p-i id";-- id. i lainn of demo . hi . I j it..- t-;. . ' oi a I wI o! I '. i '.i i lado. 'I'd.- St. t ; i i i Ololc- for man, ill" leading 1 ii j j 1 atic paper of the north wc.-t, . 1. ii i u i -. th" Kaunas City i!,itlorin a- Crime K- l"-at"'J." ami 'I"- Tin.' o! .Minneapolis. alo demo . i 1 1 . . .-"in-, in. ini". to assum.- a -initial . i ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 Tli-- I'.. -I o! Won .-!.-! . Mas- h:' Ii Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company nuns ff The derangements of the female organism that breed all kinds of trouble and which ordinary prac Uce does not cure, are the very things that give way promptly to Lydla E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Com- means i-ertain sli .if", not doomed bul. il must be adi. .1 1 sappoi ntiui'ii t hllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIIUIItlllilllllllHIl ' ti'd silo had takn all the pi" anti. whiih aip"ar to haw Ihm-ii prait hi.-"I'll.- nii.-tak" mad" by most yo' women is that afti-r (letermiiiins j how th" want a husband to leh. they promptly bele. , the man le likelv to 1 (inform to their nreeoni PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. TKKMS OK SI liS'RIIJTKJN: UAll.Y Kw-ry Morning. Kxi ept Monday, on- "war ' tluM Bli Mouth 5w ODe Monti) 100 WKKKI.'i lnain-'l Kvfiy Thursday. One Yen 2.J Bli Months 100 Entered an Second Class Matter at the no 1 -ii i j ,i i : . on i.-iiin.-, th" Kaa -,t.-, ( it. platloim ami pi'-di'l- tli" real, o! Milan all'l of several d'-mo , l a ' l - . 'illl - --llctl Tim- in on.- .la) lo-w- report -. w.-1 I'm.l Hi" i?"uji aihy of th" I (lit . - 1 .Mat.-.-, pretty lnoroughly )jtt id withj il " in o' I a 1 1 . holler, an'l dissenters' ' 1 m ed ideas of perfection. The result 1- 1 pOUnUt Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Uterine and ovarian necessarily much , issatisfaction "ti both sides culminating freipiently ,n the divone (Olirt unless the wife : sise.-. tier opinions and learns by among ill" iniiori.ini. new ,-ai"i .. ol til" ' I H 1 1 1 I Il looks" like b'Jsllle,.., h" I mm in ess ul .. "i h"a.l"il il"inoi rats Deadwood I'ostufflce. troubles, kidney troubles, ulcerations, tumors, unusual discharges, backaches and painful periods these are the Ills that hang on and wreck health and happiness and v. h ci . W"lh"- "!i.ilo;. "i'- ol wage i.irn si-.- iio' i. hi nn'iia. " an.i mi.-. I in Mo - i .- 1 1 .-. i"ino. i a i v ami biiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiittiiiii in, v- 1 1 . 1 1 1 r . n; 1 .11 , or w age honor . 1 1 . f i ii . ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1: " Hi- I" -1 iiinl perience ihat few men are as e. to live with as they originally siip. "I The lialtinioie unl. however, w more knowledge of human nature tl is often found amonn oihik worn lealizmt; th" cliftlciilties in the way Ih-i I i 1 1 I i 1 1 1; a b.i.-liand whose st. la.-Un-s- 1 oulil be relied upon t. ill" man whose ane pre, luded the p - j I ; I ! r v ol In- 1 1 -aiisnressinn ilie 111 le ha - laid ilow 11 1 j - Ins -uidai, ll.-i v ; 1 in 1 1 should I." followed ot 1 1 . -1 v 01111 n w oni.-ti holding s 1 m 1 Lydi E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound ' stand I h. win -1 I Main St. Dead wood, S. D, THE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN I !.- int. hi ,..i, ol 1 i . 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 11 a g. 1 s 1 - 1. I-.ll I 1 1 . 1 I- REPUBLICAN TICKET. For l'lcsidcnt WILLIAM M.-KLNLK i. For Vh l'resident - TUKOl'OKi: KOOSfc: KI.T. Mi-mlx'i a ' i'ii(ri- - KHKN W. MAI'. TIN. f I ( . I'MAKUOS H Hl-UKK. of 1 1 uhrt liuvuruui -- c. n. 1 1 1: 1 1 1 1 r i : i . uf m i-ii.-i , Lieutenant (iov.-i ii.h - ;K . W. SNOW, ofjjt-ri lbm:n-i-. icury of S'tat. - (I. ('. HKIKi, of S.lllk 1 i i er- - JOHN .st'lIAMUKi:, of II . 1 ! -in -.. A u.litol- J. i ItKKVl.S of II: ia a . 1 1 n 1 1 1 y ! i rn-r 1 1 - JOHN I. I"l I.K. ..r I!- . ! of" i J. -ti 'i ' i - -. i-: i: l ui.iJNs, ..r n . ..hi ..r s. ii..i .Hi-i I'.iM.. i 1 1 w 1 1 i;s . .(f a . - l : i il ro.l ' '. .Mini . .lull- l Fit NK I.K' 1 H 'U. .. I.,:iil.i. 1 h h. pinion- i. 11 W , .una - - 1 r lli" M 1 -.-1 i 1 1 1 j 1 ; a I I1 ..i 1 1 1. 11 lal I '. a. 1 . l . Mm. I . 1 1 1 1 .mo I I ' , - .-.l"l Will I" .! 1 111. 111 all h 1 on, lud .. haw .- to ii" pi-, avoided S W : f . Ih" -l,,i.- - (I lot -I II IT Ill- w LIVERY FEED AND SALE STAB a 11 . a -1 II.. lo tie ,-t s. 'tan hi lot- I" I UH .1. I. ! Ii" 1 11 1 lie-... 11 Th. ii I ".11 for tin ChxkI Saddle aim n'ivn.g Horses I-urnlshed. ll"a. Teams liought and Sold. Contract? taken to do b,., or to move household goods hud furniture. Dry w s delivered. ado 11 a 1 i . 1.1 1 1 on. in .-w V., 1 1 . i -. - ' : . - lol'hl, ii: I U"a ! iiars in! 1 -am wjr ' r (;il aal ( I: has a wonderful record of absolute cures of these troubles a constant series of successes for thirty years. Thousands of women vouch for this Their letters constantly appear In this paper. Special Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual Convention, Viin IVuple's Christian Union of the Presbyterian Ct urch of North America, Denver, Col.. JUy 25-30. 1300. Hiennial Convention, Knights of l'y-tuiao, Detroit, Midi., Auz. 27. September 1st, 1900. The above is a partial l'st of gome . f the most important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route dttrmi; the coming summer. For : dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc., ( all at ticket office. W. T. ROBKRTSO.N. i Ticket Agent. , J. L. BICNTI-LY, Passenger Agent. in IT lOOiS LIKE BUSINESS. 111 He 1 I: .1 j I I , t ( II' 1 out I 1 ' -.t:ti : 1. ;. 1 . 1 l; 1 1 1 1 1 I .. ,:l, I 1 l,u Hit t...i : 1 Slain! I". I. u'iH, tu" Tie 1. -I at 1 a udom Ii lat".-' siotin, V. Ii" pain- to ii.-,-: Si 1 ml. 1 n I 01 1 .-Inn ! i ! 1 1 1 .111 He- h. ,n . : -" 11 - linl I hat l.l.i lii in in .!?! th. Ki. Il e! V'. 111.. I - -Inn GEORGE BENNER. 509 Main S: iioiiia !. I hon : h 1 I 11 1 'I li.o w In 1 he 1 .-in "i of 1 .-pi and a. l"t it v will I.. 1 1 1 . d 1. .1 a. le I ill K OH Ol. ! 'ill' fmiiriirmmmnrmnfmmmmmmiirmi!'iifN!miirBJ West till- ..II" i la V tia 11 1 pal Iim i' 111 1 1 1 111a in . .11.- lie- 1 a t t l. on i a I i 1 1 1 v"i 1 -I "I "-J - Wei- . on -1. 1. 1 . a 111 pa 1 v 11 111 ,1 11 a .;. 1 -lion- dnl 11. -at l all 1I1, n I-I...I math all I Ii - all'l II: an. a "The decision must he made, as it was made in 189b, between national honor and national dishonor, between j rum and safety. There is but one is- sue. and it is sharp and clear. We ' have full confidence that the American people will decide this question as ihey decided four years ago. "For what he is and believes and for what he would do Bryan deserves . and will encounter a terrible defeat. New York "Times" ( Democratic 1. ' ! I I. i . - a 1 1 I t i 11 : The Ladies Bazaar 1 1 null. 11 Iioni on I, ml lii"' 1 1 1 a I ion alii piny " has h.-en and il i .-oni"liod 'Ii III 1 s V r v 'il tiii: ,111.1 lii 111. In lal. - Th k 11 H . .ip l.ean audi. lal" 1 .'I'll hi 1. a n pain il i- tin I'-i tno; tl- 1 1 r s 1 I -n 1 1 a 1 1 . 1 1 - i 1 s and sele. I di-pa rt 11 fr -I. ill -walk. Silk WaiStS for this wcvk ai a I..,: New Dress Patterns for spi-mo-Summer Goods in iVivaKs. m,:,. se of it a il- who-l"-t of 1 - Ill oil I llltel I"! "11' liom li III" We- .-rahl" " West til III" I W a - llenlei tl ihm,-,- in th. lll'tl 11 II I II Il'l I 'I 111 .1 ' on-ld 1 a 111 1 ia lulling SEE THE ASUTC BADGER ! B THE MAVERICK, ! fc: And while there you migt.i try a 1 ula-s of his excellent beer, which is ! always cool and delicious. ; m- TKX RANKIN. Prop July 6, 1900. j These statements deliiu- Hie siimxt: W oi k 11 n! 1 1 a 1 ompa 1.1 1 1 1 U 1 ham., anil all laliionalk' fain s dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Cmii a i He- i". cni Ion al w h i"h I In Itn lii iin in Washing "1' il"l"f;afes were Hi" -lit was in the a "III In w a received. III. mana: of the leading demo. 1 al ie 'u w a pa p.u j , , IM1. ,.w.n ,,y lhl. , ..p,, id i, a us of New York and Hie United States s;,,!. however, more attention with regard to the niiestious Involved lKiv,. ,y n,,. lepublicans and the Main Street. Deadwood. E Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood in the presidential campaign of l'.t'Hi. j , lals lo mojs , 1 Indiana than I i hands ol the democrats of the Tain I many stripe and of the so called "anli j 'imperialists." A fund was there rais ; ed lo pay for the reception and to aid the liner widows. Patiick o'Karrcll, troasiir.r of the committee of ar-1 New York or and still mot- my other eastern stale, prominence is likely to he accorded in limn in tios Western is well as to others in their states. locality ago. than was given four years ' 1 'mgenieiits. has. by request. mad(a I statement as lo what became of it. ' Wc Get It! I Yon want III But the east is not going to lie neg " s,'''m from his report that the good-' lected by the republicans In the pies- ! ilv sllni of $1.13 'ob raised, of which ent campaign. Some active canvass- 1 ' l':,vs for carriages, hotel bills, ing will be made in New York Not decorations, etc. The wine bill Is $ Un j much attention, it Is probable, will he There is $14 left for the Boer widows given to Massachusetts and Vermont. I loVf'r of liberty who paid their Let's maku a deal. Our twawl transactions nre strictly oonJilal CO TO FRANK SCHRE.YER No loo Kheimau St. For tho finest and freshest meat.' to lii'. found on the market. His Specialty Is Beef Stew ready for use and put up in small palls. Great labor saver in hot weather. Harrison Phono 92. wHor WHO? WHOf ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEC 8TREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BU8CH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. 5 CENTS. 5 CENT. 5 CEi4T8. tial. We've get the money, m want the monev, so come ud f Certainly no anli republican journal has exceeded the "Times" in vigorous nnd able treatment of broad national questions. None has more effectively taken issue with certain republican principles and policies notably the principle and policy of protection (o American labor ami Industry. in view therefore, of its previous att.l tilde the determination of the "Times'' to oppose Bryan and advocate the reelection of President McKinley acquires a special significance. It appeals with great force to a reading const it ueiicy largely made up of dem oerats of independent tendencies demociats who are in business, or who work for wages, and who, accordingly, will adopt the course which the "Times" has adopted and will choose for prosperity, safety and honor as against ruin, recklessness and dishonor. They will support and vote for the re election of William McKinley as president of the United States. In opposing the poporrat nominee little mite for th-e wives of the brave Afrikanders are pot pleasi d with this sample of democratic statesmanship ua. We have on hand a large HWj of unredeemed pledges at priceihf fcelow their cost of manufactin No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office,! Those states are not In the doubtful list '1 here is a strong probability, of course . that New York will be heavily republican, but the republican campaign managers are going to treat It as a doubtful state and will put up the most active canvass In It which that state has known. The fact that Col. Roosevelt is a resident of th state, and that he has promised to make many speches in It. will insure a great deal of political actirlty in that quarter. New Jersey and Connecticut will also recelTe much attention from William A Renier will seek the nomination for sheriff from the repute lican county convention This decis 1 ion was arrived at a few days ago ( and with Mr. Hemer to Je a candidate j meajis to be an active candidate. Mr. I Remer was sheriff of the county four years and no official act of his was j ever criticised. He made a broad-giiaged officer and kept the records of the office as they should be. If FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. the republicans. In the day Immediately before the spilnging of the base money Issue on the country In nominated he would add strength to! the ticket. I DID IT EVER ; OCCUR TO YOU I That you could get Jewelry made up JL'ST AS YOU WANT IT, the arae u you could a suit of cloLht? Well I 1 do that kind of work; have been lo th at my present stand 22 j yean; am pleased to refer you to The laest war news from China is that we and our kindly allies haven t found the laundry check yet and the (toods are still in the shop. United States Depository to any merchant or banker In the hills Parker New Era llro. Iik ks is a I on the ground of national honor, national safety and national prosperity the New York Times llnda itself in excellent company. A large number f democratic newspapers of marked character and Influence haYe already Indicated a similar decision. The press dispatches of July S, as printed In the New York Herald of July 9 embody a ftotable list of journalistic bolters from the Kansas City platform and ticket. The Boston Herald, which leads the democratic press of New England in circulation and influence, announces its Intention to support McKinley. The Philadelphia Record, foremost among the journals of that city in cir- i as to my standing- I make a special i I long-headed gentleman. He saw long ago how fussion was carrying the pop ty of mail order work, write me Juat A ot DIRECTORS: T. j. ORIER. ,P. . SPARKBP d. a. Mcpherson. . j. Salisbury, lHf6 New York. New Jersey. Connecticut and Indiana were the doubtful states, and particular atteition was given to each" of them by both aides. In 1896 New York was tomparatlrely neglected by the republicans because of the certainty that the 45c dollar issue would he sure to send the republican majoriey into high figures. This year the republicans will (five somewhat less attention to the money Issue than they did four years ago. for republican legislation particularly the gold standard act of March 14. 100n has given the finances a solidity which j what you want and I will quote you I prion by return mail, or if in this ulist party into the democratic party.! and sounded a note of warning and ! OFFICERS: UcpbarN Prealdsnt O.J. SALISBURY I Caabler !' A section, call on me. J. B. LaBEAU. Manufi( tu:er os lUack Hills Gold Jewclery Central City, S. D. Aaaist. Cashier Vice-President T. J. ORIER abandoned the barnacled old derilict ', i before it was engulfed in the waves of,! democracy. A populist and a democrat ' are now one and the same -repudiation , , free-trade Tammany, ice trust coal trust. Aguinaldoisni and all. The populist and free silver parties have gone the way of the green back party info Palmer House the arms of Tammanv. culation and the only outright demo- they did not have four yar-. ago. Ex-cratic daily in the Pennsylvania me- j pansion will probabily get more atten-tropolis refuses to support Hryan. be-! Hon from the repnbliiaii' !n H'Oc than cause -he is not a democrat, but a j n,o i-rne ourstinn although this. too. populist ' i xv1 ,.iV0 prominence While the The observer of Charlotte. N. C .. , ,,isf Active fart .iT the carr.p-iVnini always democratic hitherto announces .-crk vMl be don- in the est. the that II wifl not support Hryan. because . ;, i will not bo neglected, and New gWiv.vwv.w.v,v.v.v;.v.v.'.'.v.-.-.'.- N irk l'.l "k ne.t d....r te T i5 Av-ay i irlic-. J. L. MARCOUX S ne is not a rtt man lor president; in : York, i-i particular, will re c:vc . :rlv charge of the craft be would run It and . lligent attention Vesuvius Has Lost Its Cone. This fiery crater, now suddenly si lent, w as explored -by .- ientinV met who il:-. e i-r.'.l ;!;,u the cone bad di-appeared. Several theories are propounded as U, why the el option ceas ed. also regarding the disappearance of th" cone. The i;.-ueral belief is thri' it was due to salisidi n. e. It was as unexpected as are the stomal h dis New Undertaking P ;ors upon the rocks. 0 Of tue several democratic dailies j A WISE YOUNG BRIDE, published in Baltimore not one has ; A young woman of naltimore. just yet shown a decisive Inclination to ! fifteen years of age. has decided to xi;v BriLDixc !: ::v:v rrKxrrrRi:. nf-:w ri:i)Dix(;. : In connection with the Restaurant :ire ten finely furnished rooms with k! hot and cold water and bath. j T Open day and nit;ht. Short orders a specialty. ' SING YOU Prop. I g Dr. Collier !:: marry a man old enought to be her grandfather, for the reason that he orders with which people suddenly support Bryan. The Galvestion-Dallas News, tho leading democratic daily of Texas, exhibits a tendency to bolt Bryan. does not drink and does not flirt with . find themselves afflicted. Slight synip other women. While the exact age:toms are nosle. ted until dvsnrpsia U No. 20 Lee Street. Arc the Xcatcct ami niot cim l i All Kmbalmin tlonf ly an ; Only Funeml Car in the Black Hills- chronic The remodr t i.i-n lo tetters Stomach Hitters. This val OST FCPZT,'M liable medicine is unequalled in all 1 i- V 1 11 cases of constipation. Indigestion, bil-! LEAD ANTJ DEADWOOD. of the respective bridegroom Is not known, the wisdom of the bride in selecting him is certainly to be commended, and promises well for her future happiness. As all young women contemplating matrimony should do, (his particular member of the fair sex, after much thought upon the sub- The leading Independent or antl-Coebel paper of Kentucky, the Lexington Herald, will oppose Bryan, and it la said to be certain that a majority 'of the antl-Goebel democratic papers of that state will oppose the national ; dmoraUe ticket. . i' The Denver Republican, which stfp- Telephones; jiij'yN lousness, or malaria, feTer and ague, it brings about a healthy condition of the bowels, and improves the appetite. Be sure to gire It a trial. Calls answered promptly Day or Night. Deadwood office at GUlmora House,. Uon-daya, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Loaa oom, US Mala Street. Tuesdays, Tharadaya aad Baturdara, ..V.VAI ZK5S5f----m ' II s MJt X UUU a Us la Proprietor. ua wut snomy m lI The ore ia belns ahlpped V ' Daadwood, ft. 0. creased.

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