The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 3, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1899
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TIITIISJUY MOKXING, AUCIST 3, 18i9. LFGAL NOTICES. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Patri. k triirit n: You a.t that I have expended Warner (Martin & Mason. Attorneys 1 NOTICE OF DY FIXED Full l!i:K!' OK SALE OF REAL ESTATE In the County Court of tin c,,i,i-- , Lawrence, State of South Dakota THE BRITISH AMERCE COLO AND C3PP.R MIKING CO. Assay Offico. In la.s.r and imnrov. no nu upon lb- PUPILS In Vocal proposals lor Oiaaina Trenches. Lavina icnan. x t xfnai jtt her .1 I'hauit No. 1 1. nlcs Mr mining in Catbonatc mining dia- , . , claims. iBitnunen"" waier mains ana covering the Same. trict. least each 1891, In the matter of the Estate of 1'. Scbulx, deceased. Pursuant to an order of sail made on the 19th day of July, a I notice la hereby given that iln . , of Dorothea Schulz. deioa-i .1 ma I. La.w.i.e County, South Dakola. at on.- !. mdred dollars per year upon of ,-aai i lairns lor the years A. D. I":.'. 1!93. 1.V..4, lts'5, lMt, 1897 and all uf which was doue fur the pur- rot Io :. Court, 1S'."3. . 'iters ' . i l !i . ) I. .0 LEK it, IIuY T, Manner No. 62 lima 'wiy, 1 c.i'lw -l, S. Will do H tfl-t,llh H'l.'-UIlt r,f , ,tl, .1 m. ! A-.i-r. u-'iici urn k. 1 rciH,sals will be r tiv the NOTICE OF LEA8B. Notice Is hereby given tu the Daketi M.u I Mining company, a corporation, t 1 as. ,1 unto several different parties t Mcbirlv one thousand (1,000) feet of taa Dakot.i Mid lode mining claim In Stra--birry gub h, Law rence county. South Da kota. All parties furnishing n.atarlahi for use upon said Dakota Maid Mints claim or performing lator thereon, stsj hereby notified that the owner of saNT mining claim will not be responsible BsH any material or labor furnished at the t. st. line of any of the lessees. Da'ed. Strawberry Gulob. Lawreacis . ounty. South Dakota. August Jlth, 1!'. DAKOTA MUD MINING CO.. Owner. By JOSEPH KING, Pre.. 1 nose of bui liii the said claims or linles -ien.-d Until 2 urlili k .1 1 1 1 2 ror dig i int' pipe from i ii i-s . a . SatUI- treiu hes, lllg wat by tlMftrn. and lib d in ; to a cm u: n nf -.i. .l.ii '..f Juh said Couit. on said dav n the 1 I III I d. In ccy pmi-e-M. Wei hil lry tHMin j 1:1s anl if Mild Co proi:-ious of section No. 2324, S'.rutis of the L'nited States, and ieiatory tin ,eto, for the periods ml i r .".l-.t. lv-1 : Dee, ml i r -. Iieeeliib, r 31 st. 1mi3; Decembi-r ting the sam along the the approximate dis-i f..l!ow - sneers order . estat under th. I Revls.-.l S I act-3 am. lendiiiK !. ! 31st. I.' '. '31st, is: I .1 pre '. I low nm . and T" .; -,"""" More Colorado Excursions. o the follovvii in Bio. k '' i Main -.t riuni iii Hal! , 10 I. :.. .m l : speartish li vctfD BAH. I'iciiiiljir 31st, lsiia; December li' limber 31st. ls'.'T, and l)e- 31st, sum to- w it Lois 1. 2. ' the I'iu of . h.n lt for $1 pear flum a ucusi hi mole ' 1 1 1 a i t'ilv ion f, e ii st re el. I1' 1 u ood ls'.', and tht re is due from tc) eentbi r ;;i -t I'm,. t 1 J) Ml. ,Sh(i Dtikdtn. neli , yu r.oi: a,l I lode or misn 1 r s al'nur :,( . ! from M i il.oat D.'io f. Ulllrr 1 le.i sue, I, fic-n i t about 1 " hi.di refer, i is 1 In ma II 1 1 and lo i for fin tb it Slock oiiNT. I And u.. 1 1 ehv list Ulie J U I V furt Ue dav i . tin k Moil feet ilred (Jim lode or on' four hiiirlr. humlr. .1 i Yotl a;. I ti I rift - i , tu-wit: tin Uie said Chance i:.K i laini the sum of four hun-"i dollars, mi the said Chance Mlig r la i I il .i l iho sum of 1 i$l I dollars, or eluln ) dollars in all. In i el.y untitled that If within las from the service of this tail to coal ril.iil e your portion . ndi'ure as cu uiMitT with the Iijiuik ea. li of th. years atjuvt otir iuliiest in said lodi s or :t. itl l.ecoioi' the property ; ibii inir 1'ii-owm r, who has adv b. st rt i. 1 state ren ., I not lof s et li III. !l nil" ... f,., H -I ret a undi r- . ' I ' i X i I f. n Its feet c.i 1 1. ad.i., it mav I- M. nit w 11' I lie id -.1 To win nienti. i mining of th. ; made th by sail Statut. s s her. IIO! Ill are to il.a tiis -i r. i t in In 1 1 v from iii a In' It lll f. l '. ill. h pipe. ,1 - in -l a'e l !ii pi i. per lineal I'.nu l i xpciidituri s as required t:.,n Nu. i ' of the R, vised of the I'atilina -M' Laut'lilii 3j. 30. 42, 411. 41. 4.'. I k ill Mi mpli le ami to lii- id fi. !.i Fit NK I .In Id il-'irsj Publi.alio 1'niiid States. ROHKRT Xir.EXT. sii b t o C. .on ' V ' '..' I t u 1 v 21 lv.'. (Fir-t Pub. May 17. 1SW.) All i- rsons pun. Ii:im- ut cs No. 53. s, 4'.), Dl and Mining cotn-ln her name but I am the All', 11 LIN. 1, lu the i anki e Roy Jiiwd Reslairait Formerly tl.r Chicago Meals in the City. Open Dai f'ul Night. OFCKLER BROS- LEADING 1EAT MARKET. ,cr,Hill8 Telephone No 69 ton Telephone No. 3. m.ikii'i.' o ; i' fl i,! le r an. I h ti- with tie Cold stand f all ii'-ii s-.iiy roil- pipes, the si.ttillR of v ti aiii .in. I making s.i n e I iept it to he r to the lop of plp. pany. Pal 1 t t tifirates de I'l'etll K Alt'v ) COMPLAINT .ill.-Ft ill I. Ilennett REI.1KF. S I'M M iS. on Hip l ooks of the company, real owner of the same. JOHN F Mel. I Man n - M.e. Viumii . I NOTH'K To i ;fo: 'l'"i: : Eslaie of Emily M Dud-e d. . a. d 'N.'ollce is hereby IVtll Io 'lo II sk'lu.1 V'linitlislrator of the I'.-t.i Emily M. I lodge, deceased, to ill, ire of. and all persons having claims :o FILED Dakota, County '111 lllfllt v b i Ii r inn an. 1 ' ,! ,., .,.. ,..!:.. - I ' : eis :n vi ri( -' an I lolilesl th SII UI.M'GII, Cnuniy Ju le of mill Tim i uhi is i i s, i vnl to a. 'i epi or re-I. i t any ni iii bids, or in .1 1 v ide the HI- ineleas. or dilllilli.h 1 he dis-laini- alum; llie above streets, 111 which in, mis aii. proposed to he laid. . lli l to le addressed In the Chairman of of the Water Committee, cure First Na- State i, rem. Cireuil Flore in I II M I NOTICE OF s u: I "A i 1 1 sell at public auction at the ClilT I'niiri. Kighth Judicial Circuit, e M. Dangler, Plaintiff, vs. io S. Dangler, Defeiidiiut. said deceased to exhibit them with tin essarv vouchers, wiihin four niniili, tin lie i.l Is" Julv . . I'll I Claren Pub July 23, ISW'.i I ilul Halik. IleadiMXld. liKMiWOOU WATER COMMITTEE. after the first publication ,,f to the said A .1 in i n ist rator. at li in Centennial Prairie, or lo hi Mal'till Mason, at their otlb I C E I). A. hint' i I i.iv Is. Altorney.) SIMMONS. The o, Ibis notice is resldem e s attorneys. . in licad- IC, S H. hood, Dodge de W oiwl . Date the t'ountv July 2!'. lsb: MePHKUSt )N. Chairman f bids for the above work y'elok Thursday, August I). A Mi rilF.HSON. Chairman. i posipimi.l Jy.,.., House on the Dcadwood-Speai fish road, at 2 o'clock, Saturday, August 5th. 1899, one harness and lnik'.ny. LeloimiiiH to Albert K. Dale, to pay the keep of said harness and buggy and lap robe, from March, 1S99, to date of sale, unless sooner paid. MRS. niAs- TI'.AVEK. DeaJwood, S D., July 1.".. lv.i. (MMAIN STREET, DEADWOOD CON I-' :mi ly M. of Admlsistralor ceased. (First Publication Julv 3ii, 1 vee ) B. M. AIKINS, ifORNEY AT LAW The State of South Dakota to the above nanus 1 lefendanl : You ate hereby summoned and required to ajiKwer the complaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled action, which will be AickI in the olliee of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, In and Jor the County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscriber, at hi office In Deadwood, in said Coiinly and Slate, within yilriy days the .service of this summons ukiii you exclusive oT the day of such service; and if you fail to answer the said complaint wiihin the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply to i he court for the relief demanded in the complaint Dated June L'lth. p.fO. GRANVILLE G BENNETT. Plaiiiiirf's Attorney. Deadwood, So. Dak. The defendant in the above entitled action will please take notice that the complaint in said action was duly filed In the odiee of the Clerk of said court, In the City of Deadwood. St. D., on the 2tilh day of June, lwm. GRANVILLE C BENNETT. Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. June 27. ) loom 1 Syndicate Block, The State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial Circuit, ss In the circuit Court in and for Lawrence) county. Jacob Goldberg, plaintiff, vs. A. J. Mcl.aln. whose Christian name Is to plaintiff unknown. Defendant. The Slate of South Dakota sends greetings to the above named defendant: You are hi rebv summoned and required) to answer the complaint of Jacob Goldberg, plaintiff, a opv of which Is hereby servi d upon you and serve a copy of your answer thereto upon the subscriber at mjr nlllco ill tile Post limce building ill the city of Deadwood Lawrence county. South Dakota within thirty days after the Mr-vice et this mi rn tin . os. exclusive of the day of service, or ihe plaintiff will take Judgment against you for the sum of $310 92. wiih interest at 7 per cent per annum from date hereof, besides costs. Dated. June 2i:th. 1899. c E DAVIS, Plaintiff's Attorney. MORRIS & HICKS. House Cleaners and Carpet Fltten. Will clean carpets on the floor with their new process, restoring the original colors; or will take them up and clean the old way. Best references. Call at or telephone Ploneer-Tlmes. WOOD, - - SOUTH DAKOTA NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting of the stockholding of the Oolden Reward Consolidated Gold Jilinliip am! Milling Comjiany, for the pur-iosf of electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing year, and the transaction of siii Ii other business as may eotiie before said meeting, will ne held at the olliee of the Co'iipiny in 'be Cltv of Headwood, Lawrenee t'ountv. South Dakota, on Tuesday. Aouust 1. lvi'.t. at eli'ven o'clock in i he fot eiioon K. H HARRIMAN, Pres't. WM I.KTSON. Ass't Sec y. I First Publication Ju'v 13, 1899 ) I'ltol'iiSALS FOR BONDS The .auditor of Lawrence county. Smith Dakota, invites sealed proposals up to Auk. 10. lVifi. for the pun lrase of $112,-iiiiii of ils bonds described as follows: Hate July 1. IVi'.i, payable in JO years (Edwin Van Clse, Attorney ) SHERIFF'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That by virtue of an Execution to me directed and dellvi red and now lu my hands, issued out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. County of Lawrence, State or South Dalfhta um a Judgment rend, red In said Court In favor of Slyvester C Fargo, et al , and against Clint Dotson on ihe 27th day of October. 1WI. and afterwards transferred by Ihe sheriff's bill of sale to Edwin Van Cise. trustee. I have levied upon the following described real property of said defendant. t o-wil: That part of Mineral Survey No 12uK, as entered for patent at Ihe I'. S. Land Office in Rapid City. S IV. April lu. 1'.''.', known as the lint ion Placer and described as follows: Beginning at Ihe SE Corner of the claim for corner No, 1, whence the SW coi ner of section pi, Tp a N., R. 4 E B II JOS, FORD, LUOTIOOV EEII. PLANTS FOR SALE Having decided to quit the Hot House business, I will sell about 2000 plants of all varleltles for what they will bring. A. DANIELS, Deadwood Greenhouses wremoving from Dead wood should tliir household goods disposed of e auctioneer. iiMponsini above named: To ihe defendant You will pie: me take notice, tbat the Hiplaini In the above en- RANOE HOJRSES. summons and t i I led ai t ion i of paying after ten years. Jl.nn'o each. Interest 5 inuiii semi-annually, prin-est payable in New York. with privilege I leiiniiiiiiat ions per cent per ii eipiil and inle Object of issue ie filed In the ofllee of the 1 1 on it. com t at Deadwood, M ft l Ii Barrett & Zimmerman, Midway horse market, the largest range horse dealers In clerk of Law ten. pumSt. - HanisanTel. 165 IrlDoiH, James A. Okohqb, MHO. Desdwocxl. H. 11. M & GEORGE n dnrl Pnri' o lnpo nt T nm , bears S 23 deg .Ml mill 311 sec E, 41)34 distant; I hence S 7 deg IK mill W .'2 fl to i inner No. 2; thence N 32 mln W. 1 is 1 ft to corner No. 3, thence 42 deg IT mln E, 745.8 ft to corner No ihenoe N I". deg ill mln W. tisn fi ft b le. to refund the balance re-landinir of all islle of J-'ITTi,-i'iit bonds due July I, 1VHI. i.uiov. South Dakota, at. Dead-l,e i,i h day of Julv, 1899. C E DAVIS, v Homey, Deadwood, South Da- inai'iin o I 10 lie the northwest. Have commodious faotl '..fore fell led J.'ti",,- itles specially arranged for handling range I'laintitV kot a. horses with large corrals and pastures In be II S i Fir -t Puli. July 7th, 1899.) NOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND BEFORE TAX DICED SHALL ISSl'F. To E. K.lly, i lirst name unknown i You a'.- hereby untitled Ilia! mi the lib day of Xneinber. 1V.i."i. and the 2nd day of November D ': the following desrntu d pieces or panels of real estate taxed in the name of K Kelly, and siiuaied in the County of Lawrence, State of Souih I 'a -kata. as follows SE', of NE',. and E'2 of SK'i, Sec. 7 and Sec V Township tl. Itiinni1 4. containing li:n acta . was sold for (axe thin due and delinii;eiil for the years 1.V4 and lv.i.",. at lax sale by llie Treasurer of said county io Law rem e county, and was bv said purcha-er dillv thonci uiier No- in i n d.g coiner No Mil) ft to . (', 6, then e The eoll II t ' IliU i UK mill of said issue. These bonds aft eoldance with the no (piestion Scaled proposals any part of ihem m uu u uuu o luia ui nun, connection and with their stables midway between Minneapolis and St. Paul, where. issued si riel ly In ac-law and there is abso-as to their validity, for these bonds or for will be received at the of ; ortvErrritK. Tli'E i Mix mHlon, D. 0. anil bdwnod. s. 1), range horses can .e disposed of to I bet a.-. 00. Buo ' No. 80 Sl ndlCHte Illock ter advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota ollbe id the llL'il-t "th 1 ounty auditor up to '.c.e No bids will be noon eon - ,i,e nolilied that the undersigneil. s. have expeuileil in labor ami emends upon the Gen. Sheridan lode pa il SUtoand Kulersl Couitn. K Unit, BcT-nae and Bankrupt Lawt a d unless aei otnpanied by a certified Truisfer, St. Taul. Mlnneso a. o iuipu iron 20 sec F. l.'lllti to . ill III r No I 'lie place of beginning. lso all that portion of Lot No 77: no M S No. 77t;i known as ihe Cue U,u i situated between corners No I and No ii of same Iving west of Smith ''reek In Smiih's Gulch, all in Whltewood Mining District. Lawrence County. S. D ud that I shall on Wedmwday. the p:th day of August. A. D. IKie.i. at the hi or of m o'clock, a. m . of said day. at the front door of the Court House In Dimdwood r for two per cent of the amount of iluatei It Ji'.'.h mih of ...ui. city. sideri cheek the b Law r. ately Can boll lldc tn. I on claim. ATTENTION. A. O. H. All members of A. O H. division No I. payable to the order of Treasu nif roiinty. to be returned imme if bid is not accepted. th. dna' mining least OHM f-UR U8IDENCK FOR ItiKht is r. 1 are respectfully requested to attend the Ol IT 4 BAKOAIN. bids. For furthe assigned to Mrs. G L Bliss, who is now the lawful hobb r of ihe eertifbale of pill-chase. That said taxes then due and delinquent amounted to $a4 21-Iuu. with interest, penalty, and costs accrued. $2u S3-loii, making total amount necessary to redeem $7." H4-HHI, and in addition thereto, the cost of service of this notice, together with such interest as may accrue a'ter this date, must be paid and. that the right of riMlemption will expire and deed for next meeting of the division to be held in said County and State, proceed lo sell ali served to reject any or all in formal i on address W. A. ZINK. Auditor Lawcnoe County, Deadwood. S. 1) kattttatla l-room tr&mt kuaa. the right, title and intercut of ihe aim named Clint Dotson. or such right, title n lb trm nul Ikrw-aaarwr. interest as he may have had on October 27. ism. or at any lime since, in and to Society hall on Tuesday. August Mb, 1st at 7:30 o'clock p. in. Business of iniKrt-ance to be transacted and a good time expected. NEIL .McIiONOI'OH. Pres. nun.ireii ifliiiintii dollar-i per year for the years lvit; and IV17. which was done for Do- purpose of holding said claim under ihe provisions of Section l:!4 Revised Siatulex V. S . for (he periods ending De-ember 31. istifi. and Deoember 31. 1S97. You are further notified that If within ninety (H0 days from the service of this notice you fall to contribute your portion of said expenditures as co-owner with the undersigned during each of the years above mentioned, your Interest In said claim will become property of the subscribers according to the provisions of said section 2324. tee ana plaou to Waiai th. Peck Oardms. for the above described property to sa:l-said Judgment, and costs, amounting Two Hundred and Seventy-four Holla rSANCIS W. RUBflELL. said land he made within sixty days from the completed servee of this notice. MRS. G. L BLISS. By I.. F. BABCOI'K, Holder of Tux Sale Certificate. Dated, Deadwood, S. I)., Aug. 2nd. lS'.Hb and Ninety-five Cents, together with nil accruing costs of sale and Interest on th? same from Ihe 27th day of October.. IVil, at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, at Public Auction to the. highest bidder for (Frawiey & Laffey. Attorneys.) In the Circuit Court, of the Eighth Jtid-iiial Circuit of the State of South Da kola, wiihin and for Lawrence Clunty. Lizzie Nace, Plaintiff, vs. Eldou Nace, Defendant. THE STATE OF SOl'TH DAKOTA SEND GREETING: To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff which will be filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lawrence County. South Dakota, at the Court House in Deadwood, In EBEN VV NORMAN Deadwood. S. D, July 2.".. (First Publication. Julv MARTIN,. T MASON. 1899. 27, 1S99.) cash. Dated, Deadwood. S D.. July 12. 1899. MATT PLl NKETT. Sheriff of Iiwrence County EDWIN VAN CISE. Attorney for Transferee. TRY MORMON BISHOP'S PILLS for all diseases arising from dlaat pation, self-abuse, excesses or cugarette smokiDg. In use over 59 years Brags back your manhood, cures depleted, wornout men, makes rich nd blood and tissue. Cures wastlngs and all losses, makes you last ugly strong, cures lmpotency, lost power, emissions, loss of memoiy bad dreams, shrunken organs, despondency, sleeplessness, varlcocle anc WMtipation, adds lustre to the eyes, stops nervous twitching of tb .TnM I wi . - . . . 1 j uouni NOTICE Work on the property of the Ella Eldon Gold Mining Co. is now being doue under contract by A. C. Tipple. Henry Brasch. and .'. F. Gurley, who are solely responsible for labor, materials, machinery, tool and supplies employed thereon, and nelth-r the said company nor the said properties are liable for any part thereof. THE ELLA ELDON GOLD MINING CO BY E. W. MILLER. PRES. NOTICE said County and State: and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at that I have leased Hid Milling com - Not icu is hereby give ti) ihe Dakota Mining pany an undivided ,,i '..lIu trengUians and rsstroas small, weak organs. Stops sll loss. h their office In the Smith block In the City of Deadwood. Lawrence County, South Da one half llllerest IU miii'iifc i bums . The taction. (I Z. Reil the following named Lucy. Mono. Lu. v (Edwin Van Attorney.) NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE. BY VIRTl'E of an older and decree of the County Court of Law n m e County. Souih Dakola. made on ihe petition of the undersigned Matilda Hooper guardian of the persons and estate of Lc-'iie B Hooper. Veiue L. Hooper and Wynne Margie Hoop fc.trV.uon t delay. Price witbla the reach of alL Guaranteed to cure tlSLnt- 4 tor 3M mall. 6rad for free circular. AHdres, r KUtaDY CO.. San Francisco. Cat For sale by N. B. FRANKLIN f rllrau.. .rv- . . kota, within 30 days after the serving of this summons on you, exclusive of the lay of service; and if you fail to answer Penobscot and l ay Fiaiium lode-.- situated mar Green Mo-ini.iiii in Whiiewooil Quartz mining disirui Lawrence County vLraawooa, s. L). said complaint within that time, the plain NOTICE OF LEASE. To all parties performing labor or fur nishing material upon the Toledo a.i 1 South Dakola. and that mi'leu the under. tiff will apply to the Court for the relief Denver Lodes of the Omaha group of il'lo-d ion Ihe propel ij h will hi; said complaint demanded. Dated at Dear. ".ood. South Dakota, the liable 8th day of July. Sf!. ools trill. any labor ma'eiials. machinery, -upi In - in i he. oi I. ing of saiil .tel. a.LviMoJ S D . June 12. John II l.FCV. Owner. FRAWLEY & LAFFEY'. Attorneys for Plaintiff. er. minors, for an order in sell the Real Estate of said minois at the regular May Teitu. A D. lvee of ,a;d Court, to wn on the 2!'th day of June lStd. f shall, on or after the lHth day of August, lvci sell at private sale the real property situate in Lawrence County. South Dakota, d.-o ribed as follows, to-wit: The southwest quar- I ti r of south east, quarter of section twcii- J rOOK REMEDY CO. l. Mm. To the ahOT" named defendant: Take mining claims near Squaw Creek: TAKE NOTICE. That said claims arc being worked under lease, and that the undiiigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or matt rial furnished upon said premises. C. T. TAYLOR, E. C. SMITH. On uers. notice that the plaintiff's complaint In this action was filed In the office of the Clerk NOTP'E OF LEASE" HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR of the above named Court, at Deadwood. In said County and State, on the lOih day labor or fur-Mot rnon Chu f To all parlies j.. t fin tiling nishing materia! upon the 4,o'lo ::!!! ly-mree. i.v.i mm northwest quarter r, northeast qilarier and north half of north west quarter of section twenty-six iii containing 110 acres. Also, northwes Of July 1SP9. FRAWLEY & LAFFEY", Attorneys for Plaintiff. (Frist Publication July 1". 1899) LOOD POISON PRIMARY, SECONDARY 0 TERTIARY BLOOD POISOA PERMANENTLY CURED If 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b quarter of Jontheast quarti r west half, of northeast quarter, northeast quarter of TAKETv'OTICE I ill wol k d limb r b a-Mgloitd im ners . ill ii any labio pei for. in I northeast quarter and northeast quarter of NOTICE 6f FORFEITTJRH. To Elijah P. Fowler, administrator of the estate of Ellen Shannon, deceased; Thomas Donovan, James Donovan, Mary Parker, Llzile Donovan, James F. Donovan, John T. Donovan, Minnie A. Dono hat said claim is be- I 'ha' t h-' ti n del -a l.c respor'-ible lor 0- ni.tteiiaf furnished i I'I'h'KY. d S.-'EN It V'l) Owners. upon salt i.rii'ii..'. i.ovihwesr. quarter of section t w enty -eigl.t tereated at home for the I2M, also southeast quarter of southwe ; nan r- and we-l half of southeast qui I ' I I o II EN It Y I Martin & Mason. Attorneys ) SUMMONS MONEY DEMAND COM PLAINT FILED. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, s In ('ircuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. James A. Ogden. Plaintiff. Under same GUARANTY If von prefer to come here we wl van and Charles Donovan, heirs at law of t"r ..'f sietion l . ri!y-om l21i. ll of said land being in Township seven i;i north, of said Ellen Shannon, deceased; John H. Shannon, administrator of the estate of Edward Shannon, deceased; Mathew Shan range onp 111 east B. H. M . u Ltwr. 1 vJJ road fare and hotel bills and no charge If we fall to cure. II 'Jt PArr.S5CUBT' IODINB POTASH, and sOU have aches and pains, AS mOttUl. 80RB THROAT, PIMPLES, COPPKR-COLOR-'h ttlT?,1 00 n-p Pt Of the body, HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING i ounty. Mouth Dakota, on the following D.i-.cs, Attorney -'I'.TTI.F. MENT OF .AC. terms, lo-wlt: Cash, or part iash ami non and Joha Shannon, heirs at law of Edward Shannon, deceased, and to their NOTICE diet 1 1 'NT JBSTiu. ""wjj POISON that w. GUARANTEE to cure. we solicit u rHAT.T.lENlJR: THE WORLD FOR A CASH WB 'STKI Itt 'TlON. i of the County ot S iih Dakota of t.ual ai'coun: and vs. Electric Gold Mining Milljng Company. Defendant. The State of South Dakota Sends Greeting to the Above Named Defendant: You are heieby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named Plaintiff, which )!1 be filed in the has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE and each of their legal representatives er assigns, and to all whom it may concern: You are informed tbat I have expended In labor and Improvements upon the Spring In 'he i'iiiii. y La w n m e St ai Nli'iee of sett!,. di-tfdt-ITTtft !JTaNT pHYKCIAN. part time with approved security Bid? or off. rs must be in writing and may in-left at the office of Edwin Van i'it o,i Lee street. Deadwood. 5v D. or fib d in tin QfTke of the County Judge, or delrv. i... tu Ihe undersigned personally Dated, this 27th day of July. A D Is" "MATILDA HOOPER and Lloyd lodes or mining claims, situ of William W. In the Matter of :.te entitled ! atea in nniiewooa mining aiatrict, IB SM.I. in?P'wtairpbIls) men. Kings and Emperors of foreign lyjwttmbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the best Jt nations could could employ, but we hse a SECRET hiT!1 to oanelTsa. rjnrin FOURTEEN YEARS Ot OUT omee or me i leriv oi me aooxe enuiieu ddings. Dm None. ,s I . given that Edgar B. i-trator of the estate of. 1100 upon each ot said claims for the year i.uanllan of the Persons and Estate of Clough. the a MiU II. . m. . , - . n n Imlt.l. IMir to Imitate 1898. all of which was done for the purpose Dm... IT"? wbiw William W. Giddings. deceased, has rend the Minors aforesaid (First Publication July 28. 1S;!') have started up is; today not one of them ' 07 upreeedeated SUOCI ered and presented for settlement, and) tiled in sard court, his final account of his Pourt at Deadwood. South Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers, at their office. In the Martin & Mason Block, in Deadwood. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the Plarntlff will take Judgment against you for Twenty-four Huddred Elghty-seren of holding the said lodes under the provisions of section 1324, Revised Statutes of the United 8tates. and acts amendatory thereto, for the period endln. December (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Willard G. Dodge, deceased. .Notice is hereby given by the Under administration of ihe estate, the same being ready for distribution: and that Thursday, the 10 day of August A D., 18f9. being a day of a term of said court. 31. 1898. and there Is due from yon the sum of 175.00 upon each of said claims. to-nic of the July term, A. U., 1899, at 10 Dollars and Fifty Cents, with interest at the rate of 7 per centum per annum, from the 1st day of June, 1899, .besides the signed Administrator of the Estate of Willard O. Dodge, deceased, to the creditors You are hereby notified that If wtthia ninety days from completed publication of o'clock A. M . at the court room of said una nouoe you rati to contribute j of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the court at the City of Dead wood. In said Lawrence County, has .been duly appoint costs of this action. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., this trd day of June, A. D. 1899. ' proportion of aaid expenditure as oo-vwn-er with the undersigned during he year necessary vouchers- within four months af ed by the said court for final settlement cf said administration account, and for dis ter the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator, at his residence i3 Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, njf CO. has permanently cure J thousands and has T?08 tor tpeedr enrea, honesty and Integrity. Deception, no free sample catch v NOR C. O. O, METHODS. 1 .ABS0!-0TE PROOFS OP CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED .. Jgm, on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES 'UlON DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. 14 KIEDT COIPiKT. 1928 Iiscnic .Temple, Clicaio. HI. on centennial trairie, or to nuj attorneys. Martin st Mason, at their office in Dead-wood, in the County of Lawrence, 8. D. , above mentioned, your tnteres in said claims will become the rroperty of tLe subscribers, your co-owners, who kavs made the required expenditure as required by said SeetJoa UU. Central City, f. D, May t. KM. V'- B- LeBBAU. COELLNBK BROS. tribution of the sssets of said estate, at which time and place any person Interested in said estate may appear and Die his ezceptloifs In writing to the said ac- -count and contest the -same. . FRANK J. .WASHABAUOH. Ceooty Judge. tuJZUi rUXns Plaintiffs Attorneys To defendant above named: Complaint In aoov. action was filed In the office of the Clerk of the above entitled Court at Deadwood. 8. D., on June ZOth. U. 0t?lTft iftiwaiwHir. Attorneys. (First PabUcaUoa. Jons tl. UN.) I Dated July 29, 1899. CON F. HOOD, Administrator of Willard O. Dodge, deceased. (First Publication July JO. 1899.) Dated July lth, 1899. A. A. JACKSON, (First Pah, Hay 1. UH (First Fublicatiea July uu. IXM-l .

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