The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 3, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PKWEEB-TMEB, TBUKSDAY MOUSING, ACGCST 3, 1809. LEXINGTON fay STABLE t R. SMITH, Manager OLLEG r . c , ji .-. ;:.-r.-ca 55. LEXINGTON, MISSOURI. FORTY-FOURTH SESSION, f. c i ; j garo on !v 5J5S SOI) X KIOA. r. V-'- j I KJ J J r 1399 This I 111 1:1 - ! t'i. .! i.-s: ,i i 1 mi u mi' iii en: t! .-v!i.) N for ;! i- 1 tn. I s A'irii n Axiici.iti n is the hrest and int i i. iiin)! f,i. ,,un; L uliu west (! .lie Mississippi River. -'t J A 'i !i ; CO, f ; , ... '3 .. 1H Ot .. mi .11'-.. I i.i i tuwtT - ,,!,',',l.',", ; Steam, Gas . : titer Sipplifis of c.mds. Vr ui- It. 1m tii fof 1 li.i ii. li rii-1 Vt gLYOKh Pi-: N AND Nt in- .iniUl, en-., . kvoK :r . I lloU'-WOI iJ Fa c 1 1 1 ty F r o m ziB -j id L 52j2 i j i i. i. i :i ii iii i. ir ii , A University Scholarship is 1 ' 1 1 1 Rivfin tree each year to the mil graduate who nas the highest grade, which admits to any of the lending Univer- klRSH 1 I Berlin Qnivorbity, Cornell !Umva.sity, Chicago Ua'.vor- siiy, jMissomi Stp.f b'tV, K!.rh'.l!"f 'V. ii Wis-c ..;:,t o-.ato Univrsity, Wil- OH AH A r.d !- .'''' J . w-v -w " .'IL30M fiKES P 'M 'htk- .h.. A Prosperous Year . , t Vr Tbe ,,, ,H.,,,1 ,a,t fn" with a .ar.a. UV dntT ' ' l! 1 . :;J,i'lWWl C" r In.. had to b. rented In U . r" "Wtt WKtJ'JJU1 fct -I'1 " MlRlVC- J 11 Wtts BU overflow; a fact of which t.W t . " -Z1 4 rry.V " 1 sc hools have had the privilege of boaaUna. flornr. -;it-Lav,(;() ' V; rk l.-'Iiool of h:;. t-ivu, () ij-.v York I'itv. iios al Cou- FHANK -CHRYR1 , sorva-o y of rv.u ic Bern i r i i o ii i- i. 'Ofin m ; iloyul Cocss. va- I'lnns were Immediately fonped for trnni nun n t mihia- jry of Mu3 c, Pra!?u Aus- tria; lAetropclitan Co lege of Nb. c) Slu'iin.,.') St. enlargement of the buildings, and theaa plans have had a successful result Two valuable and capacious lots bars baa purchased and added to the Campus, a most doubling Its size. Additions will ba 1 H. MOORE Mu-ic, New Yo It City; Chicago Art Sohoo!. Chicago "!J1 ; and Other .JLe iding made'tp the buildings, which will Hnr irprZJZrrnrrSprrr tnem tccommodate over one hundrai 1, I "jl 'I- i.l 1 1-J.I, I 1 I.I 1 1 i,tJ. ho.rdln ncblla. :cksmith and Wagon Maker, IliSfHI AM 31 4Frl4L RE- M DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. j Undj of Carriage and Wacon M Work; also Carrlaca Fur- The Henshaw . . European Hotel Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN. Prop 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb : CO TO : Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in 'he City. : CHAS. C. BOH L, Prop 3L HOME SOHOOIL- TTOJEC GIRLS. Electric Lights, Steam Heat, Hot and Cold Vat?r. LEADING LADIES' COLLEGE IN THE WEST. (irndiiiitcs nre prepared to do advanced work in the great Eastern Universites. IlETAKTM I0XTS Classical, Scientific, English and Business. -COURSES. Modern, Progressive, Thorough. A substantial 'Literary Course is emphasized. THIS COLLEtJE stauds for THOROUGH SCHOLAKSH1P, jliEI'INEMENT, and NOBLE W OMANHOOD. BOMB DEPAKTMENT UNSURPASSED. gS' ' -: Missouri Conservatory of Music. ANNEX OF LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE. II Pine Street, Dead wcod, I. D. TJE DERBY It Headquarters For X Liquors and Cigars, !s W. H. CARTER ProD w w w ww ww www J. P. HYMER. Hons and Adjustmsnts. Notary Public. nl Agent Id Black Hills for U. 8 J ud Ouarantr Co. All klndi ol and Judicial bonds written iUiy. Please get my rate befora Itn friend to ilgn your boud. fU tor life Insurance policies. Inaplo Block, Deadwood. 8. D. "rrUon, 13; Black Hills, 103. .J. DOWD, PRACTICAL chmaker, iewe'e- m r- ' ' ' r ? - AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mountingcards and photo supplied send to Lincoln P otograpn Supply Co. Lincoln, Neb. fP. O C. JKWF.TT, ARCHITECT. -'5SaTBsTxCt; Room 19 Syndicate Block. DKAWVllilll, S. D Crafty : wn OPTICIAN. is Jsfsler? Mide to Order, terror the' F.E. &M. V. W OM call and I will guar '''UsfacUon In work and rREET . - DEADWOOD. S. D. MU iiC, FACULTY OF I HE MISSOURI CO SERVaTORY OF .rviaae a wen Man of 1 sWJTI yuea i Facilities -fire Unsurpassed in the West. E1W211 Cbnjirvatory Scholarship Awarded Each Session Pnifessors are graduates of the greatest ("onsen atones of the' I'nih-d States and Europe, and are the pupils of the great Glass INDAPO Anireesi THE UkatAT est teachers of the world. HINDOO RtMtDY FannrcBBTnB above w I 'SV . Tr .7 1, SS. Z 2T ffff. Morr STATBM EINTTS, riiror Dd tiw to .hrnnkm organs. nd a"'"" ,,B, Prof. F-dolph RlcLter a pupil of the Th- Voice Culture will be under the la The Increase la the number of plane) p pile baa made It necessary to employ an ardware Company. olesale Hardware. Teles and ' orting Goods. - OMAHA """ludloiM Btook, C CARSCH" Airent. HlMMtMIUIl famous Theodore Kullak, will remain a structlon of a graduate of the Metropoll- fourth year as director of the Conaerratory tan College of Music, of New York City, cf Music'' He was formerly director ot the Miss Lucy M. Marts. Mls Marks is a Kansas City Conseryatory of Music His pupil of Herbert W. Green, one of the .'VsW. Ill - WArt WILCOX PHARMACY Deadwood a. 1 il)M)HHI tittt""4 other profeaenr of muale. Prof. Fraaa A. Nunrar, a graduate ef the Royal Oaeaeer-Tacotr of Prague, mat tar tlx yeari Mrta tor 1? tha Moclcai Faealty 1 ttaKsar-Una W'-Jejaa Ualreralty, aaa m chosen to fill the plaoe. Ha will tw 4 A commodious building has been purchased for the accommodation of the Musical Department It has teen organized Into a Conserratorr. and will be known as "the "Mlaaouri Conaerratory at Music" Lexlngt n College will thus be the onlr female school In the wee; which wUI bare a aeparately organized Conaer-Tatory ti a home ot 1U own. world's greatest specialists In the voice. connection with the Conservatory Insures thoroughness and progress. He I almost without a peer as a manager of a musical department. T e efficiency of this department which has been very popular in the past wlU be Increased. EHHYROYAL PILLS HiaTV . ... tiuM. Lon."A valuable addlUoa to the eorpe o. I 11 vi ttnoataU KHIef fr lid ZJVZ?. M.1L 1 O.OOO Tr-umonial o llillard, nj Douglass Stt. A. NEBRASKA: LSADUIQ HOTEL 0 THE WJT. 1-U ari,ulis. ,,, jsjrt and ESlpoiition are Prominent Dopartmonts.! t For InformaUon or for Beauatul HlustrateJ CaUlogue. sent free to any addreea, v-rlte to. Beantifully Sitnated on l Beaotifal Street. r. ia honra Oonotrboja ana JAMES A. BEAUCHAMP, President, Lexington, Mo, diactuuvM f TO the "ImrJf'V-1 ararr Health Record Unsurpassed. 1 iiirw Tw,,i- Pricey I- t"f rt ItAEKEL & SON. 1 v ii. -

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