The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 3, 1900 · Page 12
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 12

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1900
Page 12
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SATURDAY, THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOO D, S. D. !?00. NOVEMBER 3 Is easily cured by nslng Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all druggists. Oii:r JRl-aitforxaa. Mr. McFarlane Surprised. Her. Arthur McFarlane, pastor ot Trinity church, was surprised Thurs-sUy night by his parishioners, ibo arrired at the parsonage In a MX, bringing with them a - supper fit to set before a king, and an abundance of fun and good cheer. We Pl..ila:a Ourselves in Favor of ELECTION RETURNS. The proprietors of "The Brick," Ryan & Riley, hare had a prirate wire put in their place and have engaged an operator to take election bulletins Tuesday night, which will be read and posted as fast as received. Don't wait for messenger delivery, but go where yno can get them hot from the wire. :e andi of Customers from ovmliar: misstatements decorating the streets of the city with' the red.white and blue for today's demonstration. Whoever was superstitious about passing under the ladder was either kept busy dodging there, or in despair, took, to the middle of the road entirely. But by sundown the town was gay with flags and bunting. Henry Murray, chief clerk In the quartermaster's office at Fort Meade, was in Lead yesterday to see his friend, Dr. Goings, the veterinary surgeon, who is an inmate of the Home-stake hospital.. Mr. Murray was formerly quartermaster of the First South Dakota volunteers, and went with his regiment to the Philippines. He resigned his commission and saiU ed for home before hostilities began with the insurgents, on account of his health. ProteJilicn THE FOUR-BUTTON The pastor wa taken completely Dy saprrise but rose lmmeditely to the I cession and jrave his unexpected I guests a most cordial welcome. The evening was spent most delightfully I by all. Mr. M"Farlane in the shprt time 1 In whi' h he has been pastor of the i church ;'i the First ward has made as for i.ver.yoiic wit Ii the Merchant SACK SUIT YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. wee Trade who decs most for Ins m-tomer Fred Haines was an Elkhorn Mrs. Q SHOW Finely Stlectaf A.Morfntfnt ifi many rrlen!s as no nas munuers vi his church and society and is doing of iuIViior (jiinlilic and oppressive , -Hillatod values 1 i I f I I't-ircs. ilon :ind' Iinvers' MlfltS. P'eliibiiion Bed UGf icn ('Oj)lf s I'.ur tiix p Hi arrival. Col. A. J. Kellar came up from Hot Springs on business. 1. X. Hanson, the Squaw creek mining man, left for his home In Minneapolis. Mrs. Lee Phillips returned from Murgis where she has been visiting friends. Mrs. Ixivejoy tame up from Chad-ron on a visit with her daughter, Mrs. II. A. Cable. Max Fishel returned from Chicago and New York, where he has been a good work there. Burlington Fast Train. Coinmi iiciii Si;nda v. November -tlh. the P.rlinfou will put n a fa-t wail train out of Chicago It will l avr there at 8:1.' in the morning and will reach Lincoln at 1 1 the same nit'lit. In time to make connections with the Bla k IliUs and I'adhV coat ex press. The train will also carry pas MALE HELP WANTED. Reliable men to sell our line of high grade lubricating oils, greases, paints, varnishes. Salary or commission Address the Adams-Franklin Oil Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Elfi ipiy Buy As. Yon VoIp. I ESTEY PIANC for my family. Haw-ley is the only regular dealer at No 639, by Bullock hotel. M. Folstad. the tailor. No. C01 Main Men and Boys Clothing Nl wftM ( Iff senders, and tins will maie u possi ble to leave Chi-aero and cot into Dead-wood the next ni?ht at G:1.". makine enly one nisht out. It will make no difference in the I!lack Hills mail, as the mall train leaves Chicago now, after the morning papers have gone to press, but It will give passengers the advantage of only one night out between Chicago and Deadwood. buying goods. Harry Murray, thief clerk at the quartermaster's department at Fort Maede. was in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitfield of Rapid City, arrived in the morning over the Fort Pierre road and left for home in the evening. i Mrs. M. Ritchey of Bellefontaine, j unio, arrived on the Uurlington for a visit with her son, II. O. Bennett, of this city. Hats. anfliasiwea Gloves, 5ocks Stockings, FOR, IHp BiU AND LITTLE FOLKS. ASCAN1HDATKS fen your palrun.i-, ut-:nv ZOELLNER BROS. CO. THE CITY The Pops and Their Friends Will bo awful hungry when they come In on the noon trains and the first thing will be, "Where can I get a (rood dinner, all home-cooked for 25 cents?" Go to the Wagner Cafe between the Keystone and Denver Market, where the ladies of the St. Ambrose church, noted for the excellence of their cooking no less than for their works of charity, will serve dinner and supper. Born To the wife of Lew Lawson, November 1, a daughter. Mrs. W. T. Robertson, who is suffering with typhoid fever, is improving slowly. Seven teachers took examination yesterday in the county superintend THE PIONFEirCLGIHIEKS CF 1676, MAIN STREET, TlEACW COD, 5. D Filed for Record. Wilmot G. Thomas to John Gray, lot 2, in block 6, in the Hidden Treasure addition to Central City; $25. Nels Nelson to John E. Moberg. the Jenny Logan lode; Jinoo. One release of mortgage. 647 street, for your fall suit. Six thousand years have we waited for the greatest blessing ever offered. It doubles your joy and halves your sorrows. That's what Rocky Mount ain Tea does. 35c. Ask your druggist. This is the Beaaon when mothers are alarmed on account of croup. It is quickly cured ty One Minute Cough Cure, which children like to take. Kirk d. Phillips. SPIDER-LEO UNCOLORED JAPAN TEA, WITHOUT ANY WAR TAX ON IT AT STANDARD CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN STREET. Min-ne-kah-ta water for kidney trou les. Try ft The best Mocha and Java coffee, delicious drink, with no dregs, only 2jc per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery, tf All tho fruit.i and vegetables of the season at the lo est prices. Standard Cash Grocery. Cold weather is coming. A. C. Morris, four doors above Hattenbaeh's will Mack your stove, clean the prpe and put them. THE AROMA OF OUR 25c MOCHA AND JAVA COFFE IS UNSURPASSED TRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY 48 SHERMAN ST. F. M. Gantz. D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of a!, kinds. Gas administered Eighteen years o" experience. Rosenthal Block. F. D. Smith handles Dothing but th hMt grsdtt smithing coal. First and Foremost in the Held of medicine Is Hood's Sarsaparilla. It possesses unequaled merit and cures all diseases cause or promoted by impure or impoverished blood, including rheumatism, dyspepsia, catarrh. All liver ills are cured by Hood's Pills. 25c. th;.t nil an you Funeral of Mrs. Charlson. Tho funeral of Mrs. Alex. Charlson t; n cost ' suit 01 will givi ran srli want i.t 0 1 an;. 1 .1. To convince business, we r.ark, so you ovrioat on main ij the woo. I. mark. Char's. Dead SAUERBRATEN AT THE j WAGNER CAFE TO-DAY. I Taken this month keeps yon well all the year. Greatest tonic known. , Rocky Mountain Tea, made by Matli-i son Medicine Co. 33c. Ask your 1 druggist. j Mrs. Mooney has just returned j from New York, with all the latest I ideas in lace, ana embroidery. Call ent's office. V. A. Hampton, city ticket agent for the Elkhorn was ill yesterday and unable to attend to business. Mrs. F. C. Tucker is recovering from her serious attack of typhoid fever and is able to be up. First papers were issued yesterday to Peter Senjo of Austria and second papers to John Oleson of Sweden. The Adams Express company la comfortably settled in Its new quarters on Lee street and has one of the pleasantest and most commodious offices in the city. . New counters and desks have been put in and all the furnishings and appointments are new, fresh and up-to-date. The new walks of vitrified brick In front of the First National bank and Russell & Higble, are completed and it Is a pleasure to walk on them. The only pity of It Is the stretch of old plank walk that lies between. It is like eating terrapin twice a week and living on cold boiled potatoes between times. The Bryanltes were busy yesterday who died Wednesday at her home at the Half Way house on the Spear-flsh road was held yesterday afternoon from R. W. Lewis' undertaking rooms on Sherman street. Dr. C. B. Clark, pastor of the First Methodist church officiating. Interment was made in Mount Morlah. Mrs. Charlson leaves a husband and three Httle children. Supper, ITjc Wagner Cafe. Pure Whiskey HAKl'KIt Perfect Whiskey HAilPKK Every bottle nun r-antced HAUI'EK. Sold byy Can I'erry, Deadwood, S. D. fail tele) hone y 7 for uniformed mea-etjjier. Prompt Hervicp 1). 1) I Co. ESTEY PIANO, both ptylishand to be had only at Hawley's No. HZ'J. Pv Bullock" "hotel. HOME COOKED That is what the dinner and supper will be at the old Wagner Cafe today served by the ladies of the Catholic church. Min-ne-kah-ta water for the Btomacn. fry It "THE NORTHWESTEhN LINE" Is the short line between DEADWOOD ana SIOU CITY, SIOUX FALLS, ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS and DULUTH. Please bear this in mind. .. MRS. E. P. SLYFIELD. Osteopath and Masseuse, 14 Van Euren Street. The following so-called di-'ases art successfully treated by my mode o: treatment: Asthma, Atrophy of I.irnhs. Milk Leg, Catarrh. Neuralgia. Constipation. and inspect her new goods. Sauerbraten at the Wagner Cafe Bryan day. A CHEAT BIG ASSORTMENT OF CHINA WARE TO CHOOSE FROM. GIVEN AWAY TO CASH PUR Neurasthenia. Coldness of Extremities. CHASERS AT THE STANDARD ParaysiH An Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands, who think themselves ill, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition Dyspepsia, Rheumatism. Stomach Troubles, Dropsy. UASU UHiMSitt. it Dizziness, Sciatica, Dysentery. Torpid Liver. Female Troubles, Varicose Ve ins, fioitre Heada'hes, Hay Fever. Indigestion. Insomnia, Jaundice, I,iimbairn. Al cohol baths in connection. ta rne King or o ceni cigais is me i I irtihuDH Try one. tf M . J. Werthheimer & Bro. Sauerbraten, the original German dish, will be served at the Wagner Cafe by the Catholic ladies Saturday. Girls, If you wish to be a June bride with red lips, laughing eyes, a lovely complexion, take' Rocky Mountain Tea this month. 35c. Asy your druggist. We must cut down our stock before we move into tho Adams block on November 20th. You can get bargains at DeMouth's Ark. Don't believe all that is told you, but g aud see Cba:-e'a clothing and read the prices. It will surprise vou. Clothing was never sold so low In the Hills. Chase's, Deadwood. Call for the coft mark when you go to Chase's to buy clothinT; they have a special sale on over. oat ; and FUits of clothes, pants for men :ind boys. The ladies of the Catholic church have leased the Wagner Cafe next to the Keystone for Bryan day and will HORNBERGER'S CREAM OF WHEAT FLOUR IS WITHOUT A PEER TRY IT. STANDARD CASH GROCERY iS SHERMAN STKKET. Do not bc scared it your heart "troubles you. Mcst likely you suffer from Indigestion. Kodol iyspersla Cure digests what you eat anl icNteighe worn out stomach perfect rest. It is th only preparatljj known tha'. completely digests all classes of foods; that is why it rurrs tMe worst cases of indigestion and stocinche troubles after everything el.- bai failed. It rr.ny be taken in conditions and cannot hv'.s hut fin "j School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates, for the entertainments yet to come: Dr. Henson, November Mndelssohn Male Qur.rtet. December 'i. S. M. Spedon. February 13 kVW.W.'.iV.V.V.'.V.V.'.V.'t J. P. HYMER, Olympic Block, Deadwood. S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Collodions in al! par'-" Bla- k Hills er an-'-.'. :' in the United States. . . Investments and proper f-f N on Residents carefully attw'rd to. FIDELITY BONDS. a great Slaughter nor; a great Uemoval Sale, but we We are neither advertising are prepared to sell FIRST-CLASS GOODS 1 Harn- floth telephones in "f" I4iirt. Kirk G. Hiilllps. PjellnB of safety prevado 'M hn : that uses One Minute Cough Cure, the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate result. It is Infallible for coughs, colds, croup and ail throat and serve dinner and supper of home -cooking at the usuat restaurant price ' of 25cents per meal.. .An attractive feature will be a dish of the genuine 1 JtithyerLOWEST LIVIJS'G PIJICES. We are not offering goods at cost or U&s thai, "cost, for everybody is fully aware that no Merchant can offer to sell goods for. less than cost and make expenses. We do not want to bum bug people The following prices on onlyji few articles w ill convince the public that we intend to do just as we advertise. frjasay f1 "O lung troubles. It will prevent consumn-tlon. Kirk O. Phillips. Mrs. Melick Is prepared to give the electric scalp treatment, facial massage, also remove superfluous hair by so- phone in re iiieu. . tr. . MRS. C. W. MATHER. fAt Wilcox Phjirmicv.l Makes all kinds of Designs and is headquarters for cut flowers, Roses. Carnations and a'l ether flowers of the season FUfJNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE tzxrziz svrcvj v.v.v;. J. B. LE BEAU. The Central Jeweler. Is Her!i"rter For Black Hins Gold Jewlry, Any design, made up on the shartetf notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just whit ' you want and he will quote yon prices by return mall. REFERENCES Any bank or mercantile house In the Hills. electricity. We carry a fine line of I WiftB Officii MiFfftW Prices on Ladles' Fall Jackets, the very newest styles, all our coats that we" " have sold at $7.00 will gs at this sale for only German SEuerbraten. Cream of Wheat flour, the best on earth, sold exclusively at the Standard Cash Grocery. tf The "NORTHWESTERN LINE," F. E. & M. V. R. R., is the direct line between Deadwood and OHAMA, CHICAGO, all eastern points. Folstad, the tailor for your fall suit. No. 671 Main street. tf RAILROAD TICKETS for man and woman to St. Joe or St Louis for sale at half price. Address Box 882 Lead, S. D. tf Removal sale now on at DeMouth's Ark. powders, hair tonics, wrinkle emoluments and bust developer. Room 8. over Deetken's drug store. Prof. Hall's dancing class meets every Thursday evening In Firemen's hall. First ward, from 8 p. m. until 10 p. m. Social dancing from 10 n. m. and until 12 m. A cordial invitation is All Over flO.00, ,11.00 f 11.60. at only 9,50 extended to all. Residence at White house. F. D. Smith ran save you money on lumber. All be asks la a chan 9 rue I TX7- : f fl-ire with vou. Ladies, , Misses, And v Childrens No. 671 Main street is where you BUS H '&. G E RTS All better. Coats and Capet - are reduced at the same rate Ladles' Ready-to-Wear Suits. '. 16 Suite male but of. good quality homespun, at . only-. -" DS5.00 A better article all-wool at 67.20. This fult would be ; cheap at fli.00 . . , ' ' ' should, get your fair suit Folstad, the tailor, is there. The meat method f cleansing the liver la the use of the famous little pills known as De Witt's Little early Risers. Ear? to take. Never gripe. Kirk G. Pfilllirw. It Is well known that De Witt's ' Witch Ladles' Outside Skirts. We Carry The Largest Line of Supplies Hazel Salve will heal a barn and stop. the pain at once. It cures ec ma and 25 Black : Mohair Skirts at $1.90 20 Black Cheviot Skirts at $270 I I I i I UNDE RWEAR. skin diseases andugly wounds and sore. It is a certain cure for piles. Counter feits may be offered you. See that you t HP . ' i'V ' All our 64.75, 5.00 and 65.60 Skirts go at only $375 ret the original De wilt's WlU-ti Easel W. L. Nell, D. B. d resident den tist, has more', his office to Room 19, Syndicate Block. L4 Best on earth o "rone. Touch and Durability. . Kemember we will compete with any LOST A black water ananlel nnn K For School Children Carried la the west Our stock cosnplete and without a peer. months old. Ions black taJL small Jbuhch white hair on chest.- Liber al reward for return to MsJonev's 'S BAZAAR. Assay Office, Deadwood. Dead'rc'1 Main Street, BURT ROGERS.

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