The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 14, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1900
Page 3
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THE D.VILY FIONEEl: TiillJS. D K. I l , D jff CEHMJORD Dr. Bismarck von Wedelstaedt T!n- I:II'' ( awk 5 S. R. : SMITH 0 i'. ..!.k : v ALL KINDS OF, A1 " 1 H l r w way s. hp - x o ' - . j- , cr ? Roarl Wa.o'nn? Snrrifif; Ftn. -i" . . A ' Calhoun Bros. TraDsler Liu ,;e rr.'i ir.J u h, l.inJs of t:anf.T w.. k o.-i ,r- lv-: To try th.'m N t. h ive o-K d.irie ! .ti.ptly aaJ as orJere.l. 1 lAMt 1 lu ( l-tt and most ';. l-iJ!i. :ack far the Bafe aud i.iref li nunin of ianas. 'i'li Main St., Iead.xi i WTlI i ilOUSI- Ft Hill ; The liiut dc-iiahk' l.K.ttim nitluCitv. 1 1- at t tact ii m- ate ij .,... FI KXISHKI ROOMS. KM' NX INC WATKK. STKAM Hi; AT. KIJ'X'TKMC LK'.HT. No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable Wairner Cafe Sciac- McaK, N io ht an.l t Anil i-- si-llitio- thrin in ca-v tc-rtn-IK- li.ui.llt-N tin- t? Celebrated ?.acinc . N I 4- Repoi- ol Co-la.:.-;. IKE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK At U. ad ooJ. i:i t! 1.1 ..1 !'. . . . l : Uwi.iiafl- .-. ;: . ! 1 1 ' i 1 I- S. H-.n-L . s-, ' 1 II ' ami 'hi. n, Stu- 1. -. ... J.,.. UankiiK-h f'lMui i s fi.i:i;ture, and ' - 1 , Other real cm. it.- iwne.j Du from uaUooa.1 bank. t not ii-M-i v am-nt-i . Dite from a.:r..w..i aL'fiits ' i.i'i .... I t, 4 1 .. . .... iii4.i4iii i ..- 1-HH4- .-lamp., .. ; 7 i .", : ; Checks and otb. i cash ;t.-m, Notts of ottwr Nat:on.l Hanks Fractional paper currency, ni. ki-ls and i .'lit-, Lawful Money Kestrve In Daat viz Sp.-.i- Redemption fund with V. S. Treasr, i .", p.-r r.-ni of , u - dilation i . l.i S 1 '.r. tii . , s .u ,,,,-, LI UIIUTIKS Capi'..! fi.i. k pa. IP. fel.O iO 00 pMiiia it SlirpI'M I" U ! I r i UlldlvPl.-d r 1 1 r -. p. - , ;,. I, .. and lav- pa , National Hank N "t - t - t.iit.J : Inii- to i, li,. ; ,i , , l:,;n I'.;.- i,. si ,!.. ; :,; . ,: ; ! i, , i 1 1 c I., Ti ' i oh ,:. . li' I S.. .11- Ha n 1 - , Indu i Inal d'H, :N su' ! 1 1. li i a n 1 . .1 1 Hi- ,ii, i,t ,. posit Tliil" . el lilii al.'- nl il.-p.i-. I 'a.-h i--r . -ti.-i-k nut - tan : -I i ::n a a i." I: . ., : n rmyps. n yy ms. wagons and Carriages. S. R. SMITH LEAD. I have mountain WAC.ONS. three seated hacks and most j' thing needed by the LIVERY PEOPLK. Call and inspect . my stock before buying. s- ,Uu-nH undr thU head ONE PAih insertion, when CE"T 1 month, three lines than "lie ayahle la advance . ,.,n-i. I) i per I" WANTED HELP. general hou.-.1 Kclilhaus-ii. .AN 1 TK'I' ".. . . oil fiinirer Kew- ..-.-n A -n " " , .. N. Parks. ihc saw mill. En-jt Co.. upper Main ,:re- ...-Tl'll ' . J) 1-4.4 'UL .First class waiter at geile Fourfhe hotel. iToPalnng neatly done. Hang-..a waning wall paper special- 13? . . on.arontPfid. W. J. i3ai'sla,-t atvre, Harrison 'Phone No 14. "STED. I'hii" sewing 10 uo at i.u. g Williams street, or win B a"Dd sew ly the day. Call or address. ! for general house-.1. W. Waterhouse, A lI)Jy immediately. WANTK1' work at Fort md wife without L'fcildreii to work on a ranch, at I'miieer-Times or writ..- .1. jtc'nl'. .-'um'is. S. 1). FOR SALE. ruH i-Al.l Team, huKKY ami har-' rt.. foi aL- Ii'-ap. Kti'iuir.- at !swl:. Lai it. j'TTr- A 1 -- ""' K'-ntl- "w - ' ;;e-h in A'tmit. Apply to No. ti Wav r ' "Hor.-e fur Sale. Saddle aniaril. 7 4 ears "Id. u' " hroken. Cheap .":i f.ilre at thi" office. fOR HAl-K I't emlses at 5". Lower .Mail str.-.'t. StiOOOo; half cash, lial-an-" "ti lit'"'. Apply to it. M. Ma-low-y. DUtlKABLK liuilding lots ou Lincoln Avenue, liudeside; lumber furnished to liiil.L KliWlN VAN CISE ttfl Blil-l'IN'' LOTS In Forrest Hill a,:.l:t:i ti .it each. Look at them. L F. llabco. k. FOI: .-'Al.i: Team. 1 1 1 1 K li an. I hat n . l'4ir sale li-aip. 1: I iif :l l u :t li I. am. FOR RENT. KUK lll-:.T. -New tn.- i j ua ho..-e and bath. 'iS li-n. r A For Kent: very cheap, one, two, four. or six rooms furnished or unfurnisli-M. 549 Williams Street. FOR RENT. The On boarding houfe at I'luma, IS rooms in pool londition. Apply to O. 1''. On,'. Pluma. FOR KENT Three rooms. with baths and furnishing. No. M For-pest avenue. t r WA4iAMAAlilMAAAAAAAAAAA 1 ia i; tc.i , L vT We Will Offer Siai,' of S'.ai!i"ia. 4 '.in n t y of Lawrence. SS , m v Extraordinary bargains through month of July on our entire line of Household Goods Special Crockery Sale every Saturday. See Our Bargain Counter. DEMOUTH'S ARK nana .1 Paul., ipi -uleni n I .- -wear licit the :i!"Hi' SUlIl-nii III i-4 li ne In lie- 1. -I li? iii- N.'i-.l-I,iiii-a t. !- ua l P. Mr-f. Nos. 70-72 Sherman st. Deadwood. Dr. George S. yop Wedelstaedt n .v M Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH f r I .1 nun r r a nu n r n LtHU hiiu UCHUdUlU. Ii-. ;ij Aoo.i office at Glllmor House. Hon- il-iys. Wednesdays, and Frl.'.aya. U-ad offloe. 415 Mala Street. Tueedayi. Thursday, and Saturday.. ..t.''A - Beebe & Cleveland THE CROCERS 10a Sherman Streel. Harrison Telephone M4. Are pie)areii to supply your wants in the line of groceries or confection ,,y Willi a complite stock at the low . 4- .-t pries. tli4.y respei tfull - solicit a hai e ol yoar pal rotiaye. Manufaclunnq Best Black Jeweler and Hills Gold Repairer v Jewelery L'TLER TH E 651', Mam Street. Deadwood. S. D c . t. Sh. PATCH lake il li JOHN SOHN licet. ....... 'AL'-'Ji-J WHO ' WHO WHO . ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 1-A LEE STREET. '5 LEE STRtET. 1-3 LE STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. 5 CENTS. CENTt. T, CE.4TS. T. J- DOWD, Watchmaker. Optition, Jeweler 4 Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Ivxarniner for tin- IClkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Leo St. Drathvixxl I . ! " You Should Go to Anna A. Leuhrs No. 74 Shein.a'i street. f your dresani.ikinp. A line rrnrly made ladl.s' c irtr.ents kept r-intly Sr. p; J. N. CORUM Prun". :! ; n' fie j)i;iY SALOO' .-j s a qui t orderly place n at.v diSerert I.r.cs of amusemen respectfully scud's a share of patrcnag". Francis C. JTig', J- R.' Hlckox. U. S .Dep. Mm. City Engineer. Surveyor. CIVIL I MINING ENGINEERS TUCKER HICKOX, ( Surveyors. Rooms 301 and t92 Adamo Block. 4 ,s 1 , Cook Remedy Cc HAS THE ONLY SUhE CURE FOR o)L00D POISON PRIMARY. SECONDART TIOltTIARY lll.OOI) POISOM I'ERMANKN TI.Y CURED IN 1.1 TO 5 HAYS. You can b treated at home for the Bam. vm .si:i.p.ii:. f'i-iii,. I .li ,1 to Mils . i a U. h i.n:. i-ary I'ualii-. HA Urns' Fli '. K p.- iim-.;!: luian:;: Report of the Condition ol the First National Bank N i ' . ' : L.mfu! inelicy r---T4e i:. iv lJ.14.ll - I . . !:"' - ! ' !;.-, P-nip' en f .n 1 h -!i Trtftour.-i 1 ' I" r H u. I.IAI1IL1TIK? M". k paid i:i . Sarphi- fund ndiviib'd prnfiu, less expenses .m l t..v I--'', i N,,:i,c;a; It-: i. !.- - JiiO.OOO.PO . 4i'..u U'l Y. If you prefer to coum here we will lal.4 ai l no i-hnrne If e fail ti cure. If -ll .in. I .nil have tu in and naln. 'Mli'.'MT PIMI'I.KS. r(l.'EK-COI.OR- If I ! or K V K RROWS KALLINO ;r II .NTKI-: l cure. We nollclt tb :; TMI-: V"l!l.!i l'"lt A CASE WE PN- lil l l.t:;i Till". SKILL OF THE MOST . 1 . r il - ai. i Janpcniisi of fiiretpn land, ii.-aiiii.-nt of the tiist taleat - . - intFrr HKMKHY knows f our '-xlHti'nce, no lefijt. thmal 1 m v . . I t , i .r - our t r merit . proinptrd by our 1 i. Mains In ' u1iisb man priii- tin-I'T same (iTIAUANI contract to pny railroad fare aiel Imi.l yi.u have t..,, n M I-: l(( 'C It V. I".M: "i IT I'AT'-IIKS In ni"iili. Soi.ltK I'OTc, t'l.rKHS mi a:iv part of tic OPT, It In Hih III,' K)l piil'iiV .h..i in us. OIKTINATK ' SI-:s ait TI I.I.KS N'OT rrni:. This disease has alvs LMINKNT I'HYPiriANS. Si'Vi-r.-il ff our rnc-t ; if rr j - ri t j u( !i- h'i s 1 r UTlihf-d to till - 'll-'-'l -vi' wh- n ntiliniltfl wpnlth of n -i i tt u I I -n i v, in!v to nirH-lvi'H. Iuri'i I'm r I? 'I I " I " t u i n 1 v d i ff tTvn t ciin ro t n ; havn a. r t r- ,-, , . , u n Tjrv'fHlcnt"i RMf fp; tfKlay net i -.- We Stand Alone Without A -Till: COOK REMEDY CO. has per reputation for speedy cure., FOI; I - an , : land hotel, Sli.u inan '.:--t. in wly plastereil thruout; I ' fi";;c- iiuins, steam h.-at, sewer ! .. ccr.Le. tii, us, etc.; L'4 rooms liiii!. s offi. ili'uii room and kitchen. Ap- ' , ply to Ji .n Baggaley, Apfnt. ! ' TWO furnished rooms for rent at No. I 1 374 Williams street. No objection to light housekeeping. I : For Rent Five roomed house furn-N.. Single Successful Competitor, (j W. C SPINDLER, Prop tw.wMv.v.yW'WiWiit Lee-Glass Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting CooJs. 1:'ir-l:l -Ti HARNEY ST., ONiAHA J.C.CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Office- Syndicate Hlk. J. P. HYMER COLLECTIONS HO IUSTWENTS- SOT A FIDELITY BONDS. All klndi of bonds rltten: Appeal attachment, replevin, bfhids for eie-outors adnilnl.trator. All Jii(Jlclal bond, eie-cuted without delay. Don't ask you! friend to sign for you until you gt our ralea. Iodne officer.. treasurer., an. , otllrlal bond, ipecl.lly. Olympic Hlock, Deadwood. I bone Harrlaon. 138; Black IIIlLi, 101 I'lione In roatden.e. Harrlwin. 88 The Last Chance That old popular Sherman street resort, is now under (lie charge of John Nklsox, who solicits a Khare of your patronage. Tf? .. kVVV,,,V,VVV,V W. H. MOOEE BlaCkSfTlith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE PAIRINU DONE ON SHORT NOTICE, All kinds of Carriage and Wag on Wood Work; also Carriage i- ti rn ishi riRh 1 and 1 'I Pin" St., - I w-ad wood, S. IJ. - - () ( . 1 1'AYKTT, ARCHITECT. N.-.w Waitt B'dcK DKALW'tV.-!- r. ! MIDY THE cimcct WIPATQ i AT Gus Keller's Market tUtt Maia .Strtat. PiUwMi I j NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED- manently cured thousands ami haa honesty and integrity. application. NO BRANCH OFFICES BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. 1928 Masonic remole Cbicaio. E DON'T Be Fooledi Take the genuine original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TCA Made only by Madison Mdl- ' cine Co.. Madison, W. It keep you well. Our trad W mark cut on each packagr. Knee. .15 crntv errao!4 in hulk. A-Jtrrt no uhtl- x lutr. Ak ur dru-:tKt ished 114 nnr mnnth Mn Q Stowart I ' street. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. OUR CATALOGUE expalns how we teach the barber trade. Mailed free. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. DR. FLORA H. STANFORD Homeopathic physician. Office and re- 'nce. 374 William. .treeL Morphine, liquor and tobacco habl'f "ated. WV c'tilllhill.Tt li .11 -the l.Ttes-t ilei-j-p- Wall Paper t '-' - ranyiny I r. iu 5 : :enN per r.,11 jUs,t MAX FISHEL'S N"t to Zipp Shoe Co. store. Tbe- same man that k . ; at always up-tt.-laie Xev. tand. 35 t I I i WV- "XI PARKER S 1 W -W'-P? HAIR BALSAM &f1f 2:.:;,v;;,; . j. U : ' jGESsent sealed In plain packages on ONE MILLION DO. LARS mm ?M mm company Ajfc ... i fnT-uH 1 li'lui'U .i.-. in I.t a '-L-;i tic iy y, r in,' nf.vr ttf r( i - St fVnvrr Coin PALMER HOUSE ::i:v.' i'i"f':.i', --.. i;w i i ; n .. In . ..niiiM ticn with fie lirstauraiit ar ten finely furnished rooms with; hot and cold water and bath. Open day and nighL Short orders a ppeclalty. SING YOU Prop. TH Arcade Peter Lvcklunu. Prop. Is where you cet that delicious drink known throughout ths country as Anhaus-er Buach you know beer. A alee lunch constantly on the bar. Best brands of drinks and dean always on band. Lm strMt, DsstdirooX Mr zJK HI i..', in.- .... j . v . . , ; ferp MANHOOD RESTOJDiiii i W.S fflJ 3 J tlo. ol fame I r-ocb 1 " 'n- !' s .,-!,. L ..t SI .r.bood, l .WWf W i.l IL.- --arl' '.''. v.e.i nehUllT. Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. It art I tkualy di pests the food and aids Nature In strengthening and reconstructing the exhausted digestive organs. It is the lait discovered digest-ant and tonic No other preparatioc can approarh It in efficiency. It instantly relieves and permanentlyeares Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach. Nausea Sick Head ache,Gatralgli,Cmp, ant all other results of lm perfect digestlotv Prepared by C C. OeWKI Ate. . For Sals by K. O. PHIkUPS, v m m 1 ijZri MV..r.. UlCb if nCilCtl-V4l ie, " h. )JTU. . aftcr z:' -p

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