The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 2, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. a TEAR- DKADVVOOD, B. D. (BLACK HILLS), WKDXKSHA V JlOliMNll, AHSl'ST 2, IStMi. FIVE CENTS. All (he aritihJatfs nit u o.'ivcui ion . mj I'.ir art l loin 9 J 00 000 -00 0-i-0 0 0- -0 0 0 o-c ft TO DISTRUCTION Intern Fast Mail Runs Transport Grant Sails A KLONDIKE VERSION Louis Minzer Returns From Dawson For a Visit of a Few Months. M MI.A. 1 or I ii in; s. Vinil.i, 4 ug. I.-Spe. ili ! r-J, .,: Dill II..K..I I. Mini,. ,o:.i l.ll Till- llil!is- I ui 1 it y iu'I' I hi illl. I l.I.iho V nl - l .:ii.n"n ' ! Into the Des Moines River. at the place to prepare a cup of coffee nothing but sage brush, and it is Indeed t leak and desolate. He approached a man who owned mining ground, and mention,.! that he want.d to I n Weil." the man replied. "I will sell I liae a claim here that has yield.! tun thousand dollars in gold aliea ly. aicl you . an have it " Mr. Miner win to work with a pan. mid from thtjfiisi panful of dirt be look thrtc i cuts. Prom lie .-..on I lie took about two cents and ,i I a', at 11m he -111 n..' weigh If. He w-i.Tkr.t tnerc rur sonic time, nttb a""shove! an t pi. k and finally nifui nud i lie fellow tlt.ii I,,, uiil-l have worked out all the values himself. In fact, he left t ip IIMti el's. s ';! in xt. dniil Persons Killed, Seven Dewey Sails Again. TKIK.-TI". Auu 1 Sj.,' m Ili-iie) - ,i : ! ! I. Mm I'o! . ,i . -I am i Is ,i i ;,kc a 1.1 . I iii to and Train Goes He Will Return in the Fall Begin Working His Ground. to Splinters. Colored Guests Refused Nome full i on ::n I-.! that i here w as not any pay .'.m then- .and in cumpaiiug h.s experu II. e rtilll lll;ll(if other 111. 11 who is- ;il T M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. OlTVr the Following Dnheard of reductions in prices ft r fnis wt-tk, all new and Seasonable Goods ChiLdim's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, lDcand26c each, worth lrom 25c to $1 each, and thet is--what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. All the latest Children's Hats in Straw and Muslin at 60 to 76c worth from $1,00 to $1.76 Each. Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts. 100 Summer Corsets at 25c each, value 60c. Check. Nainsook at 6c per yard, 200 pieces of French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c yaid. fill I I i A . I IImii. uj: 1 S !io! c!s oi : In in y h: i- i u.-. iibiii .1 .1. leg. it. s w iin ;iri tc r. the i l.l l Fellow .-. i oa . nl I'm a I. IRC lilt o alien ', k: si i. (Si Iowa. . " -j,ere killed and seven seriously in- ,,,reck on the Northwestern west lUt mail this morning. The scc-.0 had been rei.ui rum the track, and rail at tbe approach to the Des river bri'lse The train whipped Ij the curve Koh'K 'l ,lu' 1111,1 " fif,v uliour, and the engine plunged in-. ited the plat e his opinion has Iw-en t tin firmed. There are a great many people at the capt .and they are fighting with i a. Ii other over i lie claims, there being ten men for ever laiin Tin- soldiers are in there now. and will endeavor lo restore order. The only lllat k Hills man that Mr. Minzer saw at Cap. Nome was William Tierney. who was prospecting in that region. Mr. Minzer says ;i. flates is driving a pack train for one of the transportation companies, and is making a hundred antl a quarter every month. Tom Sjiarks is dealing bank in one of the saloons, for twenty dollars a day. John Manning Is rutinini a saloon, aud. dance hall tor Hurry Ash. The latter Is rich, anil is still making money, as he owns a large amount of nier. The cars were smashed to I and the engineer and fireman wished under the engine. The e- messenger and ehief postal elerk Jsc killed. The wreck ia a bail one, require some time to clear away. EY GAVE OTIS THE GROAN. Governor Lee's Letter, SltUX KXIXK. Aug. l.-Spe.-ial.-1'rl-atc John I Howe, of f'onip.uiv ;. ,,f Huron, has written an inicroling letter tu a trieiel iiiinieil A II. Itotit, of I Jan-cistm, Minnehaha county, in whit b the inaiiiier of procuring ihii signatures indorsing (iov,'s letter to the president is revealed. The following is an etirad from the litter. Some of the Uiys are doing a great deal of kii king iiei ause oilier regiments ure sent to Manila lo rest up and we are kept on the firing line so long, but of course kicking doe.-, ho good. We, have a few radical populists in our company and they are always ready to encourage everything of that kind, and you know bom it Is. It is like ad Istaie; It Is catching. Another thing that there has been a greai deal of kicking a,tioiil Is that the regit:., ii' : not sen: home right away, of i-iiuise tiie majority of the bu s would like to go home they fi-el that the work o fihe volunteers is about finis-hed The rainy season will be uwin us in a few weeks and no aggressive campaign can be tiioitglit of iluiing the rainy iieriinl The X 20 piecesCold Satines at 10c per yard, value 26c 1 Irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c per yard. 150 doz Chtlren's feet black Hose, sizes 6 to 9 at 10c per pair. O W. J. Werthheimer & Bro. ? ' on either strike it or you don't strike it." said liuis Minzer. who returned ye-terijay from ilawsoh t'lly, in speaking of tin country. ".V man must not think lie is going to the Klondike to hud a mining i la i m t hat will make 'at leaiil a living' for him. He will find Uial it will pay him $-." or $100 a day, or it will not pay him a cent, aud tho longer he works it the poorer he will become. I never in my life saw so much wealth alid so much iKivcrly irowiled into so small an area as 1 saw around Dawson City. I never saw men making tin money that some men were making up there, aud at the same time saw more poverty and dlstrosa than I ever iniagintd before It is a country wbeie the conditions go to the extremes, and a man on one claim may be taking out a tortune while his neighbor is short of pro-visions. And the law of the country la a farce In Its effect UHn an alien. An American must pay a royally of ten ceuts on the dollar for what gold he takes out; he must pay a miner's license of ten dollars a year, and he must pay fifteen dollars for recording a claim. A claim must be recorded every y ear, ami at the end of the year the claim still belongs to t.'iL queen. A man is never sure of his rights. In fact, it sometimes looks as if there weie no lights for an alien, for he may work a claim one year, complying with all the requirements, and the next year he will lilt.) thai some one else recorded it- possibly for an uncle or a cousiu. who lias inn yt t airiel on the ground." Mr left lieadwood the fofv pari of last March, anil went directly thru to Daw, mi t'iiy He landed in Seattle a few days ago on board the Carolina, .that has -oo oo o valuable mining ground. John Scollurd ha been putting up a restaurant, aud-ex-pected to have it running within a short time when Mr. Minzer left there. It is a large building, and in a good location Frank Goody, of Lead, was in liawson at the time Mr. Minzer first reached there, but he returned lo the I'nUed Statin on the vessel with Mr. Minzer. William Loei paid is at liawson, but is not doing very well. He Is. however, conceded to be one of Hie I. est mining men In the country, and Mr. Miner knew- of his being calbd upon lo make a report on some giuiiinl for a ileal ihwdveig a hundred anil fifty thousand dollars. Volunteers Show Displeas-tit Their Former Commander. SFRANCISCO, Auk. 1. Special. Six nd Xebraskana and several dozen tdunteers attended the Orpheum tint night, at the invitation of the (Bent. During the performance ol Otis' name ab mentioned by an nd the entire contingent of soldiers M with three groans. o isade Against Faith Heaters. 3H. Aug. I. --Spec ial. The .,tat.-ItHealth has deeliled to inaugurate Bit against all faith healers and 0 out of the state. There have Heen many deaths of patients for tie healers are held responsible. ruuj-UTSiru-urinnTrir nrr.' n-i-JtnjiJiUruuuvruij ttt i r r . tvi T-i i nl itt n i nnn I 5 WA L mm WALL MM! 'Som tiraefi her narrow kitchen wall 5 Stretched away Into stately halla." . Aftcr the Trespassers. I'lliKKE, Aug. 1- -Wcial - The land t ommiiisloiier s iitlii i' is making gmxl use of the appropriation given to it last win wi.ik ot l he sol.llers. inereiore, win mostly lie garrison iluli. ami that the volunteers have in do. 'Tlie enlisted to light, and in, I lo be bored to death with red tape. They also believe that the backb. ne of Aguinablo's army is broken. and that there will not in u h more hard fighting ami that the teg'iilars are well able to take care of wbati v. r fighting there might I-'o tin It is net to be wondered, therefore, the viiluiiteeis want lo go honijy hut I think the majority are willing to bide their time till the government can send transportation and the regiments can be sent home' in the order in which they camp, j tor. to keip a clerk, or depmy on tin- road to look after trespass umii the state lands The work is beinjf iiusbeii and two men Tills happened to Maud Muller, but my price on wall paper tnake It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entitrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you alxmr the handsome designs. You are especially Invited to, ee them. - , - - V" ' ' - PAINTS! PAINTSt Now la the time to paint your house. Remember Chat my bore la headquarter for all kinds of palnte and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface andJlaat longer than any paint made. Oome In and get color cards and study color effects. The Old Reliable Druolat. now been coiiiniiswioneil s a government transport. The vessel had on board three Indians Still Out in Mexico. B, Mexico. Aug. 1 Special- The In reached here that several Mexi-Hbwn killed in the region east of ItteYaqui river valley, by the re-i Indians. The troo are hurrying woe of the outbreak, and the cav-rUHery will be. used to put down bruit. t 0 are now out lookiug after such cases. Mr. t; ('. Biumey is looking after the work in the northern counties of the state and Mr million dollars iu gold, besiden probably ; million more, scattered among the pusscii gei-s. at from fifty to a hundred ounce. W. A 1'rather is doing the same class of The chronic kickers, however, are not sat apiece. work in the southern counties, and the returns show that the collections in the case which are being rounded up by the "1 saw some fine cleanups," said Mr Minzer last night, while telling of his ex deputies will more than pay for the addl iefled with that, ami have tried their bes to stir up dissatisfaction among the boys and get everybody converted to the idea of denouncing the war and the policy of the administration. The other day some of periences. "I saw one man cleaning ': tional clerk, without considering those Main Street VlV C PUIl f TDC I Deadwood,S.D. imuv u. i hillii o. who are hustling to secure leases on land they have used, before the deputies get Destructive Hail Storm PAUL, Aug. 1. Special. Wide fcitrnctlon by hill prevailed yes-a last night In the Dakota and oU. A hundred and forty square ' wopa wore destroyed, and It it i Uw Ins W xceed en mil Urn. and when he was thru be had a pan full of gold dust. He really had more gold dust than the pan could well hold, and be the the boys got a paper from the states around to them. Such a clerk has been and ia it was Gov. Lee's letter to the president, demanding the immediate return of got another pan. The gold he took out while I was watching him weighed $37,000. needed is the department ever since Its organization, but no legislature has ever made the necessary provision, up to that of the Uflt session. Beside the rounding the South Iakota regiment, with the rea I asked him how much work that repre sons "for his demand. Of course it simply sen-ted, and he informed me that six men 1 aet the kickers wUd. Tbe letter was read had been shoveling two days. That was up of the delinquents, the clerks, while out are taking topographical plats of the THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK and reread and Oov. Lee lauded to the at the forks of the EHorado." Mr. Minzer located a claim on Sulphur creek, about thirty miles from Daweon. and b intends to return to that region this fall, as soon as the snow flies, to put In th various tracts of state land and when that portion ef their work is completed, the records of the office will show what class of land is to be found in possession of the state, and this information will tie of great benefit In fixing the lease prices in the future. Another feature of the land department winter, shoveling into his sluice boxes. He Dead wood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895. $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 was sick with the fever for thirty days ter he reached Iawsrn City, and wti in In. IcKinley Improving. iCHAMPLAIN. Aug. 1. Special. Kin' it tlll Improving in health. w present rate, will soon fully " former condition. 'Mian Scientists at Law. Aug. 1. Special. Mrs. Eddyi diOf tbe christian science faith, feodant in 1 suit for $250,000 dara-epbine Woodbury, also a noted l Ue plaintiff, and she alleges 1 Wdy'iibeltod tier at a recant the olentlsts. Robs a Congressman. EI Aug. 1 Special. Congres-trtl of Massachusetts, was ' tw). T thousand dollars at s-LUrht The Belgian detectives skies, but they did not stop there. They put their heads together and the result was that a paper, the heading of which was in substance like this: "We. Hie undersigned, soldiers of Company G. South Dakota infantry, United States volsnteers, do uphold and sanction the action taken by Gov. Lee In regard to the mustering out of the volunteers after the Paris treaty of peace has been signed." And then the work to get every member of Company C commenced. It was laughable. Every kind of persuasive argument was used and many signed it to get rid of them. They did pretty well they got about forty out of our company, and they were proud of it. They were after me five or six times, but It did them no good. I gave them my reasons for not wanting to 'sign, but they J whicbj is being closely looked after, is the cohesion of delinquent Interest on money due titm purchasers. There are delinquent In a number of counties, ami tliese. iintleHthe advice of the attorney general. the hospital. He had been there but ten days when he was taken down, and after he had recovered sufficiently to get arouni his doctor informed him that it would be better for him to get out of there until winter set In again, when he would probably be strong enough to stand it Mr. Minzer say a man oertainly goes thru a trying experien. t in getting to the'Klnu- Branches of Banking Business Iicig proceeded again.--: tc b ii th- f cancellation of centra... ami in Transacted, lits for the tleliutiiieiii in:errst due. ctl II This kind of pre-ediiie will soon leave dike. altho aad smooth sailing all -.tie way in. He liought a cheap horse at Ska.;- f the state lands in the sold list, un DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rice). wav. and iigging up a stout sled, loaded less tie holder is showing' an inieiiiiou ol Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Parts of the World, at ...r. nt satisfied I have learned later eiA? his part of the contact. about seven hundred pounds of proviilous and set out. He got thru from Skagway and that that the paper . i sent to Ixe otavting the TrJjst Raises the Price of Coal. thev are now tuning on COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted for promptly. We are Dreuared to Furnish moniv at Reasonable! in th. .nher companies, auu. -h- ''HITAO, Aug .-.eiil. The coal btllll iui"PI ,.thle eel evervb.,.ly to sign in order to "Wing the matter. SoliciastioTriumph. KLSf Aug. l.-ipecfttT.The i BeT-a has resigned, as a result of 1 election. The resignation of the Srted as a cUmat for the sort um ph. lo!Phin in a Collision.. t:usf kas ordered t unty live cent in- Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrower f it .imear that all the soldiers have to Dawson In twenty-six Jays. He travel cd the gi eater portion of the ilisi am e -our the ice, alonrf. a trail in the know The weather was very favorable while he was going In, altho he encountered one or two excessively cold days, wlien the thermometer registered seventy and eighty degrees below xero. During one of the cold days per ton in th. price of anthracite responsibility or collaterals. i turned pons. il This advance took plae today. IS DISTINCTIVELY Causes Worry at the QutF?nal. yORKING NIGHT ANT)' DAY ROME. Aug. L-Spe.-ial.-There is f.-Ar The busiest and mightiest little thing the wind came up, and Mr. Minzer froze r was made is Dr. King's new life that ete pills, z Accounts of Banks, Corporations and Individuals1 'vary pill is a sugar-coated tab- bis cheek bones, that being tbe only frost bite he experienced in the north. When. Mr,. JMInmer left Dawson he went down to St. Michaels .and went from there uje ol health, . that changes weakness solicited. Oorrcspond onoe In trltod. into siren gth, listlessness Into energy. brain-g into mental power. They're wonderul In building up the health. On- across to Cape Nome, to report upon some mining property for other parties. Cape i , in the quirinal. that the arbitration compact adopted at The Hague may result In Jibe reopening of the question of the papal territory and papal sovereignty. H I said that the cabinet is worrying -and this worry is reflected In the pages of the indignant liberal papers-leet the pope, according to the determination of the peace conference and supported by Belgium, Austria and perhaps France- may aolic.t tbe arbitration of bis holin"' claims to Itone. la that .vent. Italy will count oo the tupport of Great BritaiD.. -v, UiL l.-p8ciai.whiie 8tmts dispatch boat. Dolphin, " ""J118 rtver at a rapid rate with. ferry" boat The 1 wly damaged, and the Dol- " crushed in. Secretary r.bor Dolphin at the time isios- 'y'and Democrats. ' J18" Aug. 1. Special. The T keen. arrtTini all day from irt the ,ute4 to attend tit Sold br Kirk O. Phil- DIRECTORS: . E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBEHV It 26 wits per box. lips, dtigglat. Nome, he says, has been "altogether overdrawn, and he is not of the opinion that It will ever be a good mining country. It reached by boat from 8alnt Michaels, the HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrasJeW. BEN BAEJL Vlca PraaMaat. J Bismjrck Ton Wedalataedt. Osteopathic gpaclalst and Physician. Office, II City SELBIE, CaaaJar. distance being aoewi a itwnn enty-flve miles. There to not enough wood Creek.

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