The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on November 3, 1900 · Page 3
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 3

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1900
Page 3
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CERTIFICATEOF NOMINATIONS, .-ROHIBITION PARTY. REPUBLICAN PARTY. s l'l i' i: Residence. Address. Thomas Fitch L Rrnun , ,...tor Milbank, S. D. Canton, S. 0 Miller. S. D, . v. - phoHns Thomson . Mllbank, S. P..., Canton, S. D Miller, S. D F-iclle r-jiiri hi', S. Pierre, S. D Arthur H. Marble I' Mlt Fourche S. D. ,.teBl,u . . . i D Nt K Charles H. Burke... Pierre, S. D. Presidential Elec Presidential Eli-Pre-sideutia1 Kle. Presidential Kl.v Representative i Congress Representative i 3knKrti.s !CrOvernor Lieutenant Gover Secretary of SI..1 State Au.iimr. State Tn ,i..iir. r . Superintendent i Public In-iin tion Colnin i.m miirr S.-hw.l an.l I'u lie ,.- s 1 -it' ' in t)ad wood , S. D. Eben Vi. Martin .... n'" S II. ! D Charles N. Herreid.. George W. Suo H .1 1. S D Dead ood, S. D. Eureka S. D. Springfield S. I). Radtield S. D. 1'ierre S. U. Kurt-ka S. U Springfield S. D Redfleld S. D... Groton S. D Freeman S. I). . ....'ii;illt 1 eiry. ",. .... O. C. Berg J D. Reeve... John Schanber. John L. 1'yle .. 1'itM-re S. li. e - ... . . Hurou s L Huron, S. I) I A 1 I K. E Collins. THE MUSIC 6F A DAY. Splendid Concerts Rendered by the Visiting Bands in Deadwood. i'ui.i. tin' time tno Deadwood band ;'.a,.'il u wt Kume lo tho incoming special ui the Llkhoin, at nooa, uyiUl !;, u.ioi' and tmute ot the calcium i.-lits woio goue and the last Eo-;. .ui i audle had come down a common il l.. 1 .a.iv.iioJ was full of music. . .. .i t.h,. best bands in the Hills i;t:i:;ik'.s of Rapid City, the Belle i imln , iVi i v, K. of P. of Lead, and . .eiuoiul hands, played on the street Mm . and in the parade. Between ; in , tli.- Salvation army played the : ... ;.! -;ni. "if Anybody '11 Be !i! ,i 1 Tliore It's Me, Me. Me." i li e l'l iiplo who followed the brass . ;!. iudiiiit the small boys who ... . il nl Meatus on tin horns, were int. lit t,i ho haiipy here. The band i i ; was ex, client and as inspiring tli" w(atli.r They played good I I., liioin'.l tunes like "Marching i i : it i..oruia." "Auulo Laurie," "The S' i sp ni vlcl llantii't ." and "Colum-; 'a" an I llllr din v.nh modern march- ,m. I :vm -tep Two fife and drum .u;;i'd to the martial character i: tin' i,uu-lc. I I wit.-, a nnti'pable fact that dur-i i'i.. ,1a v not a single band played N i: on il Hymn or Sousa's "8tars ' ill. I Stripes." .he ..... u ,.r Vermillion. S. D I'ierre S 1) i Wilinot, S. 1) I I'ierre, S. ). ; David Eastman.. I're.-i.le:,: , Hi- President El. Presidential j, PreBideiit nl Ei. Frank L. I Cocq, Ji 1 tlarrison, S. D Harrison, COUNTY TICKET. Llewt'llen V. Jeukina Henry T. Cooper.... Edward H. Warren.. Jolu N. Hawgood... Lead, S. D Whitewood. S. D. Spearfish. S. D ... Iluld Mountain, S. Box Elder, S. D. . :ih . i!t.i-. mail!. i i.ta- Lead, S. Ii. Whitewood, S. I). Spearfish, S D Terry, S. U. Nemo, S. I). I-ad, S. I) 1 Terry. S. I). Deadwood, S. I). , 4Mb : 1 It.l'f- e 1M" JNE CENT A WOUP ,., 4'!' -:lt - ' .John Peterson '.mos I'atriquin j l- red loten Henry 1'. Lorey I.l.ibn Wringrose j i illiam A. Zink : Sol Star Samuel C. l'olley Frank J. Washabaugh I Arthur A. Moodie. . . Lead, S. D Terry, S. U Lead, S. U Deadwood, S. 1... Sparfish. S. D... Deadwood, S. L). .. Dtadwood S. D.. leadwood, S. D. . Nemo, S. I) i;.t ": ' " ' ' ,k uf ' 't Mi .t":1"'' Advi l I 1.-. Ill, 1,1: .i;.Nrr ,tii.ii i!i K-hh lliali i.t 11.00 pel month Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Nemo, S. 1J. Deadwood. S D. Ieail, S. I). ' 'S 1' A I'.a ,. will.-r spaniel pap 5 t. " I'll- " on Ida, .. t . il. small 1. . I., ii v. if hai on id:, si . L her-'' w -'i-l or return to Maloney's a i il : I ), ad wood. unci' ic n;i: .s. i t;-av Nj'.iif. I . 1 WANVKU-HtLt- :I)eadod, S. D i U ad, S. I) j Spearfish, S. L). .. Spearfish, S. I), j Spearfish, S. D. lleln M. Bennett... Charles K. Zertiug.. Alonzo S. Gates Kdwurd Cachelln Neri I". Hipley William Quimby Tons of Gold. V- ifitlay was httlllon day at the ti,,-dak, . and the Tribune says that at liiptn.-nt. niaile gold bricks ,t have been shipped from the t e-tak sin. e it betran operations, i i : by tlie Highland and Dead-...11 .1 i,i The welsht of a gold I, inns from 13it to 141 pounds, iKin-' an nveraRo of about 140 find;. Tills moans that the Lead i v mines have shipped out the enor- s amount "f 3(.ri,2G0 pounds or iily one hundred and eighty-three ui -i of the pure yellow metal. The ti. - on the present levels will not v, ot Ked out In a century, something iat t an bo said of very few dstrlcts. , of lli- l''-;"'e .Spearfish, S. D... Spearfish, S. II.... Lead, S. 1) HI " .i Spearfish, S. D. Lead, S. D. Deadwood. S. D. SIHtr . "nl Ju; p. ;i. .. 1 .-! - - eh Ji- N (,f:':, r.n.c . ! Nathan Colman. . .'. .. Deadwood, S. I). i I Joseph W. Bailey Galena, S. I) . i Jo.slaU I". Stout Dtadwood. S. 1).. . ( W. G Stuft Lead, S. I) . Jam") W. See.or I.aluua S. 1) DEMOCRATIC PARTY. . 'Galena. S. I). I Deadwood. S. I) j Lead. S. D. . I Galena, S. I). W'ANTKli. A I in,' . ut lie iV'h V I I .nt. .street , Di-a.hM i-i WANTKl). C ii i lor j, ). work at .No. 1 .1 a- I "i glesiilc. MALI IILU' W . i 1. nu'ii to M-n our ii . h inn oils. gr :i '.. I'.nt: nishes. Sill. II.. nl Adrt'ss. t'.-nii'ii! If. iih.:i land. Ohio. mai. k ii i: i -1 w . 1 1:: men to si ll inn I. in ..: I ulii i, at i in' in I. a varnishes. S;lt n i Aililri'ss the A t ;i in i ' Cotniiany, ( 'li'M la tel. l'l. Rapid Oily, S. I). . . Watertown, S. D .. St Uiwrem e. S. 1). Canton. A D John P. MoElroy. Si I John W. Martin John M. King Fred 11. Hacon sideii". j l-a 1 .1' 11"' ..... , Lead, S. O. Ik Maverick ' - ' it !i t ' ' : i : ll.ii ' .lit EH. iiiscnori: .i iii, . i, i . i ! ., fur live years. VISITORS Rapid City, S. D. Watertown, S. D St. Iawrence S. D. Canton, S. I). Lead, S D. Vermillion, S. D. Sioux Falls. S. D. Mission Hill, S. D. Heela, S. I). Ipswi' h, S. D. Chamoorlain, S. D. Mitchell, S. D. , u:aii . utt Joseph II. aiuule. . . Andrew E Lie Burre H. Lien A. L. VanOsdel Fred H. Smith Frank J. Trary Charles I). Tldrlek.. Aimer E. Hiti hicx k. ....nti-lUllt Vermilliou, S D. .. Sioux Falld. S. D. . . Mission Hill, S. D. Heila, S 1) Ipswich, S. D chamberlain, S. D. Mil hell, S. D ui Siai ,u. Aj.hlnr..... - . f 1 1 . ... ral . t,. IK ;;orit WANTKl . ttiit 1'" work. Hla-k II, l! ' VOI'NC MKN. I'm hi.-loKlle explains Im'.v vv bur trade, niailt ti 1 1 . ber ColK'tii', M n. in-a; ! A I V V ,u.l. lit IliSUUl' - ( in ist. t hin t h -Holy Communion at a in. Kvcniuj,' prayer. Holy com-ii, a a ion ;it 7:4.) p. in. Anthem, "And I am Al. ha and Omega." Sunday hool, p. m. Daughters of the K.tif meet Monday at 4 p. m. George C. Ware, Kg. tor. o Low Rates West and Northwest. lan y Tuesday during October and November the liuillhgton Route will . li tn 1m ts at tho following remark-aldy low rates: (laden. Salt Lake City, Butte, Helena, and Anai-onda, one way, 23. tt;ipl $10; return limit, 30 days. Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, 'i tin ia ntnl Vancouver, one way, $28; lo'in.l trip. $13: return limit, 30 days. 'l i l ets and information at all Bur-, i " ton ticket offices. City Creek Hand Laundry. All work done to order, gathered :inl delivered. Mrs. C. B. Storer, Harrison Thone 85. Webster. S. I). M. II. Aa-sved r I T 'Ulllllll"""" ' Webster, S. D. Wllmot, S. D. Chamberlain. S. D. WANTKL). I AGENTS ., . a. I . '. .1 f I.I.I.I-I.- - in.! in Mf .-il v lie Laii.ii-. . al . waul , Wllmot, S. D Chamberlain, S. D. Edmund Cook W. T. IaFollette. i i,t d im Nt v. siuiiit COUNTY TICKET. and disstrht uiauageia the Provident feaving I York. Libeial contia. t aulred. Apply lo K A. Hi Maverick .r XMh i!i tn-i i luslii't ... :iior :'.-ln '5o M 'ii C:. , Dea wood i Iiiitr'ut ..... i), i.i "-rnla- Lead, S. D Deadwood, S. D. .. Greenmout, S. D. I,ead. S. D. Iacl, S. D ve IMll live '1' 1 , , ..... , . I u - Lead, 8. L. Deadwood. S. D. Ureenmont, S. D. Iiad, S. D. Lead, S. I). St. Onge, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Lead, S. D. Whitewod, S. D. eral agent, for North and S kota, at Yankton, Suuili I) WANTKl). Tlnrr mil housework, two i koi.s a i. ., , dress and one ko.h1 .,-Good wall's to a . 1 . A ; ; i .. Conklin's Iutfllii;-ni : i, . street, Lead City. STRAY I'D Fi inn il;.""l. .!-('emit I a 1 Cily, om '.! siKit on witliei's. had I., d i 9 years old. It' the I'm : r live 1Mb l'iat . .. u..,.... ilia- live 4Mb Di-it John A. Gallagher... ' James Conzett J. B. Fairbanks I ! A. C. McKinney i Theodore E. Geskey In. Cardinal James B. Harris K. N. Ogdiu.. A. C. I'otter F 1 ore nee W e rt in an . . Thos. W. Thompson. A..W. Merrick John E. Sullivan i Charles E. lMvis Charles E. Johnson.. A. E. Monahan ' Daniel J. Toomey Notice l n. i'i- is over 13,000 of state school otiey on hand In the county treas-ji to loan on school bonds and im-imed fairn lands In Lawrence coun-Appli. ation (or loans should be ,i in this offlco son. W A ZINK. County Audltoi. prK (i v inn is- - Schools St. Onge, S. D ... Ieadwood, S. D. . Ieadwood, S. D.. Lead, S. D Whitewood, S. D. Whitewood, S. D. . Deadwood, S. D. . Iead. S. D Deadwood, S. D... Deadwood, S. D... Iead, S. D Spearflsh. S. D... Whitewood, S. D. rt.a.urer I I, ncjasu'i ui i , j . . 4 i.i ir Ship's ' Allot nov N s N N -.'. .,'.. . A, 3 e bURE .wjwkr I -1 '" 1 :-,r 1 C '' 1 ' - " ' x '" ' r M a i.d ".. 'd. I , lu K o 1. , . . .11, . . IL.II j ..a t. .nil-, . an i.-.l I'la. . vmar g " JU''' '' "" '' A '"r 1 J U I. if l, I'" UEBar g t'.f .-I'lclildU. d Sa: al.ij', .g . p: in.,!- 'alei a. al 1 JtTa. M ( , ;.fa'ed 'D I'll, Willi Ml g , oi. - at '.wwnwn. jjw.!wuijtfjswwy Deadwood, S. D. Lead, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood. S. D. Lead, S. D. Spearfish, S. D. Spearfish, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. . oruner t if y me wlieie tn him to ni- at C n;-. I will pay lor the I Ross. WANTKl). -Foui Ion . Fehlhaiisen. WANTKl). -Sitoii I wagon, :'.',! in' h II 713 Main street. CommU.MoniT 2nd District SpearflBh, S. D Deadwood, S. D... Joseph Cook Patrick H. Early !,.,H,. f IK.. l)n,.A 6th Justice Dial. . PEOPLES PAr.TVr 1 , . (Lll. ( U, D. U. PresidenLia.1 Elect t . , Rapid City. S. D. . . Watertown, S. D St. Lawrence, S. D. Canton, S. D CHEAP EXCURSIONS WE8T Via "The Northwestern Line." i in October 23rd and 30th, Novem-i.r ihh. l lth. 20th and 27th, ONE WW tickets will be sold to the fol- o'.vitu; points: I'nc TKI,I.O, IDAHO. oill'KN. UTAH. iii:i.i:na. mont. t; I UlSON, MONT. At the very low rate of $23. M. To I'i lUTI.ANO. ORE. . Sl-.ATTI.IO, WASH. SI'OKANE, WASH. TACOMA. WASH. Only $2 S 00. oi i . spondintly low rates for tks to'itid trip to all above points. ( all on V. A. Hampton, City Ticket ' nt. for particulars. John P. McF.lroy, Sr. John W. Martin. .. .John M. King Fred H. Bacon Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Representative 1 n I Joseph B. Moore.... Lead, S. D Congress Representative 1 a Congress Place & Stewart Props, Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State.. FOR SALE.. FOR SALK.-lloiis. !i"l I " fount of removal S 1 avenue. '' -1 FOR STLK. One n.-ai l i w N Dodge crusher. an 1 im i baigain. J. I'. 1 1 " S. I). FOR SALK- I lea', ii,: : houseliohl ooil.- at v': " FOR KENT. FOR KKlt.-Tl1.'-Mt.-. 1. '' lodging lions'. Iii'p.n.- : Rogers at Malom V a . i: Vermillion, S. D Sioux Falls, S. D ... Mission Hill, S. D. Hecla, S. D Ipswich, 3. D Chamberlain, S. D. Mitchell, S. D Andrew E. Lge Burre H. Lien A. L. VanOsdell Fred B. Smith Frank J. Tracy Charles D. T.diick. Abner E. Hltehoek O. U. .- Dad wood. S. D. Vermillion, S. D. Sioux Falls, S. D. Mission illll. S. Hecla, S. D. Ipswich. S. D. Chamberlain, 9. Mitche41. S. D. Webster.S D. Wllmot. S. D. .'.(., .i:r -t tW Auditor Suue Treasurer.. : . . . i - M. H. Aasved 1 Webster, S. Afwrney oeneral Superintendent of Public Insiruc - Uon Commissioner of . School and Public Lands Riilroad Commls- Edmund Cook . Wllmot, S. D I W. T. LaFollette. . Chamberlain. S. D. . Chamberlain, S. D. ioner C U Uordtr at H . 1 ; ' flee. t ' T. J. DC WD, 'hu, , OP r.: JfUil D 2Ck t,! J : ') M Ofjjf, at. ' I'. dtililii i f.,r tl" ,ikl, ',:-u K. R. V9r us Prices Gnletd I.e. Si. I.I. COUNTY TICKET. v - - a John A. Gallaguer.. FOR RKNT - l inn loom 1 water, $10 per moir.h. i ' i m Teraree street. FOR RKNT. New 7 room I James Conzett.. J. B. Falrbnks. A. C. McKinney. L-mt . it. flits Forest avene'. ui baths and all inoilftii in .pn Lead, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Greenmont, S. D. Load, S. D. Lead. S. D. SU Onge, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Ueadwood, S. D. Apply to Pioni er-Tie f OFFICKS FOR RKN I'.- 1 le litif .-: .1 titid f Li' V In Theodore E. Geskey C. Cardinal Ji.mes il. Harris R. N. Cgdep, A. C. Potter an d best located, steam If electric lighted ofl'ne.- in th are for rent at low pi in Lead, S. D Deadwood, S. D.. Greenmont, S. U., Lead, S. D Lead, S. D St. Onge, S. D ... Deadwood. S. D... Deadwood, S. D... Lead. S. D Whitewood, S. D.. V hitfewood, S. D.. Deadwood, S. D... Lead, S. D Deadwood, S. D... Deadwood, S. D... Lead. S. D Spearflsh, S. D... Sun Senator 38th Dlatrtst State Senator 38th district Stato RepresentA-'le 13th cist State Representative 4Sih Dist State RepresenU-Ut 48th Dist State Represinta- .ive 4Sth Dist.... Sherifl County Judge!'.!!'.'. Clerk of Courts.... Superintendent of Schools Tfeaaurer "Slster of Deeds.. Auditor Slits', Attorney.!!! Surreyor . . . Coroner ...'.' fntr Asessor!!!! l?HniJsIoner 2nd Lwd, S. D. quire of 0. C. Jewftt. Ko'.ia 2"-' Waite building. Florence Wertman.. ROOMS TO RKNT AT M )I KR TI-" GOLD, GOLD, HOW IT C- LITTERS1 LL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME. But to the Experienced Eye BLACK h.'LLS GOLD t6 THE REAL THING. Made u;- in all kinds of Jewelry Watches. Chains, Rings, etc., by BUTLr B The Jeweler, " The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. otu-anizeal under the laws of South I'ai.oU. owns property between Deadwood on I liutabaiia Gulches, near Lead City. We a,ie now developing this prop- . i : v '.- have millions of tons of medium made ore In sight. We have a tunnel proposition. We aro selling stock to develop the I "petty. vV have a few more shares at 17c. Cor particulars call on Aaron Ander-at 'in- mines, or Central City, or- a . i . ' re - CI.AHIATOn COLD M. & M. CO., Rooms 313 14 I. L. & T. Building, Dea Moines, la. o John Jennack, T!,. well known hackman whose i-arn Is that Imposing structure on corner of Carney and Pin itreeLs, Is prepared to furnish the finest rien In the city for funerals, (tlHn? parties picnic crowds, etc Residence 'phone. 83 Harrison. o Estray Notice. T.ik. n up at my ranch on Centennial lYairie, one black and white row, about four year sold, branded "I . r. N. " Owner can hare same by. proving property, paying for this ntoice and expense of keeping cow. W. O. HEAKE. Postoffire, Deadwood. 8. D. Dated. (Vtober 30, 1900. o Oystertl OystersI Oyster I Served in any style, or sold by the can, at Frazier's V ienna Bakery .Ulan Tho W. Thompson A. W. Merriok John E. Sullivan... Charles E. Davis... Charles E. Johnson. A. E. Monahan Daniel J. Toomey.. Whitewood, 8. D. Whitewood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Lead. S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D Lead. S. D. Spearflsh, S. D. Spearfish, S. D. PRICES. Suites of living room-- ,i. the WAITE BKILDINC. ea. h f n nished witlj , steam In-at ; eh- tti lights; batli, water closet, lavatory; hot and cold water, arc for rent at moderate and reasonable pri es WiU be pleased to show thm to anyone who may be Interested. O C. Jewett, Agent. wnct Joseph Cook I Spearflsh. S. D POPULIST PARTY. Thos. Thompson, Jr. Hitchcock, S. D... Erwin J. Tracy Sioux Falls. S. D... Kettle Halvorson... Siseeton, S. D J. J. Sell jHaod County, S. D. Hitchcock, S. D. Sioux Falls, S. D. Siseeton, S. D. Hand County, S. D Yankton, S. D. Mt. vernon. s. D Mitchell. S. D. Lewiston. S. D. Fleetwood, S. D Yankton, S. D... Edmond F. English. FOR RENT On " Ing!"-i'l". b''r with seven rooms, with burn I' tken at once, ten be l.a l nt ?!" pet month. Inquire of J. V. of flee in Martin & Mason bio k. SIX-ROOM house lo'rent. S-i') Upper Main street 2w John M. Pease 'ML Vernon, S. D. L. E. 8tair j Mitchell, S. D Fred Nntruni Lewiston. 3. D.... eDtiai Elector rdtial Elector TOdentlal Elector . "WenUal Elector. 5itatlTs In Consress Weae&UtiTs Is -Congress , yweraor of State! ! Treasurer...... rintendent ot Jj"e Instrac - and Pnb- Fr&nk Rimit . I Fleetwood, 8. D. Davidson Co., S. D LUNCH COUNTER. IN ED HEALY'S PLACE. N K I AM) CLr AX. ;.'crythfng pertaining to , n h. such as Lobsters, Oyst . s, Salmon, Baked Beans I'i.kles, Chee?e, Bread and Butter, fea and EXCELLENT COFFEE. H. F. LANDER. Frank W. Bailey.... Davidson Co.. S. D. unTurnlshed FOR RENT. Three rooms and bath room for light Trent, S. D. O. I. Husaboe I Trent, S. D housekeeping. Inquire 55 .Forrest arenue. oL-lm Brookings, 8. P. I. L Stearns.. FOR RENT. A new five-room bouse with bath; 68 Denver arenue. ti Brookings, 8. D.. Lewtston. 3. P.- Lewistoo, S. D- A. Dl Blnndln.

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