The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 12, 1900 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1900
Page 7
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Lead Daily Pioneer-Tiites. th YKAK- I.L'AU. I. lil.ACK HILLS TIU'KSL.W MoK'MNi 'X I'M, FIVE t'ESTSi i CAD bEWER SYSTEM. nt INOR MENTION. est.!-. F.r ti D . . The fcr August 1. to Pass t..,c Ca"ert .-e Proposition. tpon . in hi ii i hi i i ii M inn is a mi i ii . . , -. ;.i e-loll Are We 111 I I I i II, li- 'I I .,1 ,,,1, all a- f '''' ... -i, iii. or are we tn About Ladies' Fine ' Footwear Hearst Mercantile Co. N us 1 l ;o N M:l! Si. LINES CARRIED. Dry Goods, Caipets and Draperies. . Millinery and Ladies Ready-To Wear Goods. Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes Trunks and Valices. Groceries, Hadrware and Mine and Mill Supbes. .j,, KO-t '.' TlliS is till' .,, i, d on Wednesday, i i i;e . j ia I elect iiii :t qua i !'! doll.o i in.- ,i j. , h. tile pavlnelit lit 1 1 1 . -1 e .,1 7 l.miin iii .i -, ,,,i , illK til 1 1 ( ill ;i -ill li.-l.-ul ,111 I , , , vtll"' ' l.P11"1 ' i..i-,i-iv 11,,11-miim. 'eii'. tliat iii ih,.. inn,. ,,i ,1,, s 11 " '- ... ' . , i M U ! . . it - i, I i Import s the women do tile greater snare of shoe nu mg it seems only iilin e ourselves on " ""' ""i"i ' m will l- standing most Low, I ml I'KJtlt ie dealer should ..iter larrel to ln-r likes uud natural that piogi I -orablv for the proposition. Then.. y ,.l-ell .. .... i sewer .svstem. The l .1 Ul St 1 . .1 t-'oUji-l 1,11 -i ana . ,t,u C, a ...... .. " , d ! ,.r Ha ns. l',,ti,i i;n..i has nOW rcacneii .1 i;umuun u, , i,,,,.i!,il ai. 1 the whole 1 vtf fie ' ' re located within a comparatively Ii-aiiioii-l Can.;. No .'. 1 . i K of I' li'dds regular inc. ting this i-m-h iui; f ill att. tehui. .- i r. irn-.-t. d. Imall ramus, i m- t,.8e minih. r lias increased with the sitnm to in. i t ,, . Ul, , .,. eel its ohliuat ions We do not l.i-ln w that 1 1, , 1 1 ul . many property munis ulm will , i to paying this small additional t,, when they . onsidei th,- ,,.n, tits to lie lleliveil tic nil th,. pi oh is 1 1 loll -,11, 1 the working .lasses surely , a ,t object tu haviim nun (, th,- part tin n ol neeesary in tin- 1 1 nist i in i n m lieiiiK spent in H in plo iin nt of hi lior Ther.- are man v ot her la 1 1 n aide ai Kiinnnrs to the proposition in tint, we have not heard on,, anam-t jt that is nasonalile at all and th.-y will he duly hroiiht In lure the puh lie Ictwi en now and the day of elec t ion. .nnlation and "' pi-seiu con W . - ' U -I : . ;;i . i; -, , . . . , . t I . . , tM - '' .',.., a . -I I ,i in I . i mi I In I I . iin. - i I, . an ; I g . .and will a 1 i a -. no . u I O: - - ' . ?e. ,l ,1s 1 ,o! I- I , ,, ; ;,s W. '. .! I.l! the .ne o'f.-l. -I Tt '.'. , I ! a No 1 ,e in., in 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 at I: a- ' "Ii- too lllllnelii.l to . ii te: : 1 1 T 1 1 details now , but at a ' bit date a i oiiipl.-te ,..s, riptniii of . games ami pi l.e- will In gi.n ill ' ' - ' ihiiinis ot , , ;t per The d 1" ' lit I OII1I11 , , e. s ,nd . .-HI lie as ' i ' ' . o w s 1 ii .- on .1,-1- Tom I ii i -g oi :- W Trew eeh I .. Kim ri. U . I I o 1 ' . C. inn s W ill M, ttlei Wi luc ''oiiiioll Woiiain llaiinali .lake Thompson 1 i I ! i ora t ioiis ami I' i u 1 1, g.-s N '! i ' W e.-K .l . ( 'oil Sll I I i II II 1 ! e. I V. -- .lollll W'llllglles . I i I I , g i SO! ' t of Sport s 7 "-in. 1 1 In n w List o. Sports. ; : - s, bill . i I., m Is .. ,,, , I. 'I i-' War - stake s High IT you ate li.H.king for a gin a! smoke ask for Chainison s MONARCH Jdition itter ami leave it in tin hbe as!" hi, strictly mi. oii-ii.ade , :g;..r. F.itorvm w hims. In no brain h of the shoe btisi in -s din s the need of the' aitistie make itself felt more keenly than in the woman's wear, and it Is here that shoe art predominates. Tan colors are more eagerly sought for than ever this season I'atey estings and s.roll dessignsare also very popular, as are the extreme plain shoes free from ornamentation of any .1. -scrip lion The pleasing and tai mating .-iTeits in low shoes are equite lie oud a pen pi. lure. Thee lasts have a tendency to a little more fullness at the toe and posses very graceful lilies. They come nearer the anatomical reiiuirenieiits of the toot than for nianv seasons pa t and it is to be hoped that it will be a long lingei mg st le. J Misses and Children's Shoes. The extreme hard wear given shoes by little finks has been a tin -in.- of mm h thought anil study on our part We have slim-ii to sc. me only tin- very best of material-, and turn has been given the lasts, that nature's work may not be inter feii-d with ill maturing tin- foot tr(,ets and alleys ot trie city, to he hashed lloun """ th'' l''('l'k'K l'han ...,ni.,.. f ) . r -1 1 tllf eltv whenever tori iuu""- L avv fain ' oiiie.s. i in inuuei Jloupvt'i. Hashes into iioies.aiiu pass- May Idia k, tf l-'i' d Hams ,,o s employed at Coln'11, Cuinhiiiei Co s ami wile. ill h a i I'M Hut. S;,i i:m- t hi - .. ! tei noon to he ai--. n? w.-i-k . Htr.ry"s as.-ay oilne and la-lioiatoiy is ini-.ti d n. th'- t.asi icetit of Faust's nfw block Iad. and In i- i' i to fill all ordeis in his line, ff wavs and lies 'here to decay and tl Eerm- "I un ions Kinds ol tev.-r. Uhtheii.1 and in iinpai, trie. Central K. of P.'s Install. ht-alth condition ol the c ity. Local- Lils, ,.w.,Hlll, , , ,, , ,v, i st al i, , f(Us vie are w. -should lie one f tl,e uf ,,.,.,. () ,;,.,,, , ,,.,. ,mi,,. kaltbiest localities in the fotnitiy, I :it (-. ,,tial City The 7v. of IV haiid of aIKl it h a proper sewerage system , Wlt 1,l.f,(, .i,,,,.,,,,,,, ,- AMIiut i hove Siyle is always'a. prominent feature tiiir lines of dress shoes are pariii ularly strong in ail tin points You are invited to visit the shoe department of lai i ;". x .i i dash J.'u Wilha-n Cainpli. II i -s i , -1 ,. v al das . leilnald.' -'I.iil ,,ii.l :: ,n tio!;i t ' : : a .i ' i i -1 1 1 i ii i.iontht I i.i k s uf !' - !i j,Me is no uoiini i Knights fro,,, that eitv were in alien, I I;!:,al -akii.-ss Horn l.-vers and oth. , I ,, , W;ls ;s() , ,.,,,.,.,. u Mill -Iimmsi- arisitiK from the .H- noin Ten v and I load w, and the .1 filiation of tilth would he practical j ltv , ,,. Ullli.,. .s noii. vn.,l out and lie of rare o, ,,, Uli,, h(, IMMa a, ,,,,, ,.x PrrABllSHED thinking iiioiiml lianimi-r. sack nee. llli'- I. Hlltlllg shot wlleelbal TOW i-ee m eased pig line Hie. leg.'.-il I a ' Oft for Sand Creek. ' i 1. i g. i a in I t a in 1 1 ami I ) .i u oivlses li lies llllellts Wi re s,. v,.,l Li"' mt.Hni. I " v- 1876 i,,in asiiin eyeiy properly own as m il as ol her i it i.-ns - h, ,u!,l 1 jwUAUTItb 22. ami a social time onioved The in siailini; ollic. r wa.- .1 C II, n i is and tin- tollowiiii; is the pei son in T of the ol'ti' i-i s for the i-iisu iim P i in M. W. I Wilmarth ),ai'-pri'li- I'no'Uh in tin- ciiy and it-witan-1" le illini; to me- n-, -i in, :i -' ii i ,i ' ior tie- pay iHst id mo ! -t and principal I hat :!l In' in in red in put t in in the sys 31. It is estimated that $I.Voiiii lould ciiniplete a thoro general sower I' (' liliott Allien C.-sseimer. V C Charles Henley. M. K I K Harry. M. I-' Thomas OCoiinor. il. A. - J i 1 1 Ii it l.onpie, K of it. and S. II. K Mullen. ('relate yartoris. ystem fur l.ea,, The city this year as an assessesseil valuation of over a Lead, So. Da'fv million dollars and mis will bi tk.- I I iin d aloi in li.-i g.-i s . slab 1 1 - i . ii! . oiiipos. il a pa ill t hat b it I . I i ''ill I V est e I la V IUI II II I llg I I II S I'll . 1 eek They expel t to III- all sil' IWO I'I three Weeks all'l lliHe inade i-n-i i pu pa ra t ion for a royal good tune. They liiiir a 'complete camping outfit, with all the luxuries that inn- could wish lor. even to main Chinese lanterns to be used ill Iii ighteiiiug the locality of the i amp in the evening. Another party to leave Load for the s, -lie destination yesterday morning was composed of I' A. (iushurst and wife. ;. K I'etets and wife, and Miss H.illd They expect to be abseil! but a !. w days, but they. too. went pie-pa d to haw all the pleasure that co ud he obtained in i amp. llg and f i s h i ti e along this popular trail of pure miniiiiain water in which the festive Iim iiiiain tronl ilaits to a l,'-1 fro. and w !- i t In- sill rounding si .-m-i gi. , ! to a degree. Ol'R I MM ION SK LI NIC OF Summer Dress Fabrics I WW I- V Enables us to continue List week' s;ile ;it less than COST PRICK. As this sale iiKluck's all nr theo. e. geskey Foreign Exchange. BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loans, Rents Collected and Ttaxes Paid. Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued U all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and From all U. B. Points. Steamship Tickets tn n1 from all parts of the World. Cahln bertha tr served. U. 3. Passports secured. European Consular and Notorial Documents. 11 East Main St Lead, - South Dakota chnvt lines you cannot helji ln-inL!" interest! ,1 in price's quoted and values ottered in ; Lawns, Dimities, Foulards. Galateas. Piques AND OKCAXDIKS: g The 3c value 12lc. The 15c value hk. The 12', value Sc The HV value 7c. Summer Corsets at 25c. All Trimmed and Sailor Hats Jr at one-third off. P Remember tnis Sale is for this Week Only. g Houses be .gt.t ai. (I si.pi, n.i nt-y leaned general, ins', : a in e .,t ! tjny public. Vii n r 1 . I-;-m :. H- i:. 1. ( Vtt.- & Audi, ws l ie r. la ad. S h ;f Mi-- !. na I, ill'.- I la. U I .. I li 1 1 ! Oil- ill-, . : i i - 1 1 on last I'M .- P:i lilittoll : I '111 I ' h ii .lUo Sin will i - .1 w it ti h. r 1 1 in le and iv t '! Ill la a d ! ol a 1 o '.'!'- ol lie ill i 11 - Miss M I Mi Killing l.-:'l last . , n- lim f'U lier hoiie- at li,i. ;, i l ii U toi her bone I la;. Spinms Neb., after isir:n- the pa-t lie weeks with h.-r latle-i ,M M-Klll ney iii this i it Viex. Fins' has : . d ; f the stoic loom with Sa.'h C,!.'i.-:' tt,.- i.n-fectioiier, on Ma n ct.'tet, I.eaci, ainl will have (in sale 'l.e !,i,i st of i nt flowers suitable fi r ..i.y "asinn, at all times. Z-12-lt , - I 1 i 1 . ! I A !-ll '.a - In II I !! nig ad lor th.- pa-: tun e;iis. h it umi i-steid.o - I'.urhimton lor her loiini-i he mi al uaf Iowa Sin- intend-- top.,nc en at ui oi a for a short i-:l with M -- Maa- l-aiiunit fo: ni.-rl.v oin- m On -e b- i - m 'b.-bead s. Iiool- 'flle ' I'I .'.II"1! -o oi A ntone Nisi, h and w it' o) ad w bo dn d from diphtheiia Tuesda was mo n a iri ate Inn :al . st.-. .a ( Hi the Itli of July, the s , ai old sou oi the sa iin- fa in 1 1 v w a - 'ana'd Tin I a re tw.i , hiMi'ii in Oe- m in 1 1 v but ! (;, i a : e ii si- i I 1. .Ma : . ' nix bad charge o! the two fi.r,-i a !- rtliur l. 'f' i-a i' ii of K'ut Worth. Texas ami Kug.n. i'.akei bookkeeper at Kildonan 1 1 1 . II in I'luiua were in bead M-te!ia looking over the -itv Mi hi ftebau. fi . ii in ' into 'he Hills in the Tus with bis parents and lived at 1 leadwoo I until In moved to Texas sunn- tw l.- w-ais ago. He is now identified with a !.ir;e lumber lonipnny operating m that stale. He has not be. n mi Lead for twelve ,-ai-s and In- expressed hun-elf as much surprised with the rapid growth and the immense improvements having taken pla.. during that time. The old timers of tin- Hills will remember when tin- father of Mr. Iieffebam Ii was killed by the Indians while out with a bunch of cattle he-yond Spearfish. aft. i a desperate battle. Mr 1 i.-ff-ha in h loft last evening foV his home after being 'in the Hills for two months' isiting his mother who r.-sbb-s at Sp.-ai fish. DR. E. S. BUGBEE Hye Sh-x'iasist. Dfri.e In Hailnr Hlo.-k, LEAP, S. H Firemans Picnic Ht Where They Sell Cheap. Tin- Fi,,- Ii. na'tiiii i i ..f bead "ill I Harrison Phone 273. No. 5 Main Street Lead IllRck Hills I'boue -u. Money to Eat. I l. I e a re few people so free W It II ti.' ; money that they will eat five iloi al gold pieces How 'a-l I .ad hi'- a money eater. Al Mercer's ,-teii t:.- oflii is situated ill the hack part o' tin- building ami raised n-n-nil fi .t above t he main floor l r M y . i- tin- cashier had inaiP change foi be,:, Tn-tbawav who is employed a- of the ib'lks III the slim- and f !,. latter stood below I be ol'fii and 1 - i mil bis haiid- to a 1 1 b tin mini : : oin the i ; i s 1 1 n i Mislead of ha i ' - I I Utile 111 til"' I eg II III I lllolli I,,: . i s 1 1 Myers dropped a h -. ibd-.n gold V'ei e into tin- hands o' Tr lliaway. but like many a f'all play . : Jn- did not get his bands i loe, I. enough. shining com passed thru bis hands His nionh was pa.-tlv opened and the coin slid then r. and down his throat before be . e ild cough it up Now ne poses as ti - money eater and is wondering !.... be is going to get even on that I- al of gold. The i nid-Summer COBWEB 6 hold it - a uni. .1 pn ne al Homier' pa i k in lb ;.':e i ml and . i-ning of July 17th. Kv.-ry (I .111 biikit.i; to a plcriiut time for 'h- entertaimien' rif the i.tizens of l.ead an I '-ii ng tii-i.i. u and re.-ide -t-i fi'iin I'e sii-i u.i cn-g country wi'l ! g.V' 11 . ai.fnl l'leu tion. K-ni ,'; the pla. e Benders Park Kxerutiv-? Commit t--: Kred Shtifk elford. Ni- k Trewe. k. .Ii., Th.un.i-! Brownlee, t. A V1 and l'et r CLEARING SALE! Always the Best Load's I Loading Monuments. iboige .1. Snyder has tin- agency foi Kimball liros . the momnm-nt linn n' Lincoln that lias erected so many -ones in the Hills Those in want v il do well by calling at No. JT Cold -t or addressing lank I'.ox ;.".' ., ! SI) 7 II' 1 in Resort . No, 15 East Main Street ICAh t We take our regular si ret anrcial inventory August 1st. in order to reduce our large stock to the lowest possible figures by that date, we are po;ng to start our summer clearing sale at once, and with the hest values and lowest prices Ter given in the Black Hills. Our entire stock, in every U pat tm. nt. must be reduced, and to do this we are making sweepinc redintions in prices reductions that will prove or much profit to you reductions on new, tylish and upto-date goods of all kinds and every description. Clothmg, Hats and Mens FurnL;nes. pry Goods, and Milli-awy, Shoes of all kinds for men. mn and . hildrer-.-all are deluded in this great Mid-Sumn. r Oaring Pale. Firemen's Reunion. The ('. ; i!t T Hose boys in1'- mak-prepai ations to tiw- a grand blowout next Moti'la.'. e.iniig at their parlors in Central. Tin- boys were s in tin tr . oi.'' - i'1 la-ad on th" Ith. and th. l' "l lO the i i.ght t !n!ig"l.y tn- tireiiteii of the surroumiiiig 'I In no - have a A Rare Bargain. i I..- I'pstill' Brothers, who own 'he N igt;et restaurant on Mill street, are .! ng an immense business, so nim h i:i fact, that they have worked until ii rm-diate rest must be had. Nearly " meals are served every day. but business must be disposed of with-i delay. This is a rare bargain for .iiit one desiring to go into the ti-t. iant business in the hest town ip i... State of South Dakota. Full par t.rulars at the restaurant. tf Steve Zere(;a WantstuM-i- you w!n-n you ;ire in -search ot WINES, LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And it you kru'Yv hi prices on these o-orwK you would want to see him. I've Got Itl You want It! Let's Get Together. Yours for business STEVE. - and the mention to reputation firein. n m tn tney WALTER McKAY, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office May Block. Lead. S. D, ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD, SO. DAS be assin. j are preset.-. J. A. BERGER Special attention Given to Regrind-ing and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work F. UNDERWOOD. Kaglewood, S. D. Lurch Counter. At the Derby lunch counter, in charge of Overton Wagner, meals and special orders are served at reasonable prices, day and night. Tlerney A Berry's place, Main street. Lead. tl LEADS. D.

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