The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 2 DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), Tl'ESDAY MlilJNINii, Al (iI ST 1, 1S!I9. FIVE CENTS. isi one Killed and seven wounded. The Washington volunteers l.oiv the brunt of BIG " MEADOW BATTLE 0 THE HEROES ingly accepted his judgment. While ihe party was at Stoneville the captain noticed his men .holding subdued and earnest conversaiions. an. Tile suspect the fighting on the American side. ed that si Miiething was brewing, lut never' Land Utah Volunteers Account of An Indian Skirmish Big Cargo of Gold. SKATTI.E. .July :(l -S,eria-Th steamer Al Ki arrived today imin Alaska with three million dollars in gold. 10! r given An Ovation At of Which No Record Was Ever Kept. suspect.,! what il wa.s. and was uol suH-clently interested to ask When it came time to mine camp tow.u.N Dead wood Fred Willard. May. Owen.- and Howdy ..ppi ..ached the . and infi.i ! 1 hint ill it they had ni lude.l t,. e,, Pa,1. ,,,, Tic San Francisco. Thirty-Day Furloughs. WASHINGTON. July ::i S,i,, Tllo-c .'ii - ti 11' nieruNeis ot ttie iirsl l .dura, I I eiinfiit In eatnp. a!, .cl' ville an t pi ping. Ti. In a f w w ek was Hi iil.n, Sloll-b. nger nap l.lllle Mls- . i 'on from larch to the Presido , Storm of Roses and Laurels. A Furious Engagement While I Lasted and Seven Indians Bit the Dusk. I Iv souri. and in a w e-Stonev ille and the c i pt al u knew l h. re was I od In; how Willi.- .,,,1 1 I If.pillg -Oil the , ! . . U. gao hi ,esent reminding i In ..ill, ever, that ihcy must n,,i thi,,' , s H'opyrighted) Who llesil'e to IV enlisl ill , ,.. r,.Bj. nielli of volunteers l.rini; i n-, d at Kurt Uigan or elsewhere will In. iinill,., fill lough of i hit das al'ie, .., ,m. in which to visit home and' friends lfun-being m ni back to the Philippines. I'n.ler the rules of the war department a soldier in the regular army who re-en-lis-t.s at the expiration of a previous enlistment is entitled to a furlough of ninety days after re-enlisting, and the ninety days are counted on as a pari of his new term of rtrlistment, but, under the circumstances, the volunteers who re-enlist for Ihe Philippine service will have Inn FRANCISI'O. J"'' :;1 SptMial.-- ... r,i. ,1 Vt'SllTlhlV on I. IP Heading in the northeastern part of Hancock disembarked today, and what is now Butte countv, South Dakota M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. OfTer the Following Unheard of reductions in prices fcr this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 16cand25c each, worth lrom 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. All the latest Children's Hats in Straw and Muslin at 60 to 76c worth from $1,00 to $1.76 Each. Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts, 100 Summer Corsets at 26c each, value 60c. Check Nainsook at 5c per yard, 200 pieces of French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c per yard. 20 piece sCold Satines at. 10c per yard, value 26c Irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c per yard. 50 doz Children's fast black Hose, siaes 6 to 9 at 10c per pair. M. J. Werthheimer & Bju Itf Nebraska, an. I ltaltery A and and running southeasterly into the Chey enne Indian resorval ion, towards th j gf tie 1'iah Artillery marched down on ihe t osen at iimi Th. .-aid t hi v had no i lea of anything of ihe kiiei. ami the captain started for thy Hills without a suspicion. ' No sooner was the leader out of sight than the othwr four saddled up and set out not for Tie creek, as they had Informed the captain, but for Big Meadow, where they expected to find a great number of beaver. They had a saddle horse, iK transport to ihe Presidio this Moreau or Big Owl river, inlo which il Tbe noise and enthusiasm along empties its walcr during the spring frejfil ets and after heavy rains, lies the Bi L at march was almost without a b fifty thoutauul people lined the Meadow, so named from the magnificent thirty day furlough, owing to a lack of L ind every whistle in tne naroor hay lands that stretch away for miles on time .as II Is hoped to get the new regi apiece, two pack horse, and a fine run Lj its gladsome greetings. Hun- either side. It has really no valley, and menu in shape at an early date and ready ning horse, called "Nigner," owned by Cap & fomen pelted the soldiers with the course of the creek may be followed tain Willard and lloone May jointly, and to be sent to Manila. The re-enlistment cannot Makr place L uid many placed laurel wreaths with the eye for half a day's ride by the animal that had just cost them three hun Jlf necks of the returning heroes. however, until the men have In eu muster cottonwixxls and willows that grow and flourish along both banks, and appears in dred dollars, and was valued highly. The ed out of their present organlaiion U Shatter, Governor J'oynter, and gor Bells of I'tah review the troops four men followed the Little Missouri for the summer like a ribbon of green; in the Presidio- The health of the return winter as a gray streak, seaming the prai alioul sev enty - five miles down its course, and then struck across the country for llig lie for miles. Twenty-five years ago it ers is generally excellent, and ir wild itli joy at beiiiR landed Meadow. Tbey located their camp a short Has in the htart of the finest game coun listancc up the creek from where the old American o try in Ihe wast, and was a rendezvous for beaver and other fur animals; today it is Deadwoo-l and Bismarck road crossed. were soon having great success with their En Route to San Domingo. Four Good Claims. COLORADO SI-KINGS. July :!l --Special. -The I'nc.xpectod, the Tiger, the Happy Year and the Josephine, four well-located claims, were formed into a company this morning thru the efforts of Dr. II. T. Sill. The new company will be incorporated in Denver. Monday, with a capitalization cf 1, Mid, noo shares, of which fiiiii.niH) will be treasury slock. The properties comprise twenty-five acres of land and are located traps After they had been there a few- ROl'TE Tl) SAN DOMINGO lays they felt so highly pleased I hey were S1XGTON. July 31 . Special1. The encouraged to send into Dead wood, lo aptain Willard for provisions, that thoy jfpsrtment reports tharhe New ()r-udllachlas are both enroute to San night n main a little longer than they had originally intended. The provisions were on the saddle between Raven hill and Bull tales Has Been Overhauled. sent out to them by the stage that was tl-n making .riilir Dips between the B!ack hills aril Bismarck, and with il an 3 ETOUt. July .11 Special The over- wholly given over to the owners of herds of cattle. At that time its temptations were trying lo the hunters and trappers; now a few straggling deer and antelope are seen, but all that remain of the greut colonies of beaver that lived along the bed of the stream are the ruins of old dams and beaver houses, with the stumps of the trees that were cut dowu by the sagacious animals'. Hut the hunters and trappers were trcspassei-s the instant they std foot on the Big Meadow twenty five years ago: It was on Indian territory, and white men were (orlvidden lo liter upon it. If they violated this injunction they were liable lo arrest and punishment, and the reservation was under the patrol of a system of alert Indian police. The inducement to invade the reserve and take out a few beaver pelts precipi at. .non ti um to hi cautM'i.s. and guard h of ibe captured Sinish war ef-fm Mercedes, has been completed. igninst attack by Indians. The on n re hill and about l.ooii feet from the John A. Logan property. The Sheriff vein runs thru the I'noxpci ted and there are many other veins running Mini the other claims. A tunnel cuts one of the properlies for I5oo feel. Them J:m never been nun h heavy development work on the claims. They are valued at from Jluo.nnn to J lr.o.ono. nuel in now preparing for an ex- ceiled i his advice tailor facetiously, for they had not seen an Indian, iimi a sign of one. -line tb"y had been on the reserva mise. 0 Jig Quartz Discovery. tion, and they thought the possibility of an nt'a' k was sceedlngly remote. But an attack eaii,. wholly uney perie 1. and lo'in.l them entirely unprepared for n. An option on 7D.O00 s hares of the slock at 10 cents a Bhare msj realised this morning. Extensive development work will be at once begin and there is no doubt that the properties will prove to be good pro f ALL PAPER! ML PAPER! 'Some times her narrow kitchen walls Stretched away Into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my pricea on wall paper make It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock la emtltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. Tou are especially Invited to them. .. . PAINTS! PAINTS! Now Is the time to paint your house. Remember that my store is headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer than any paint made. Corns in and Kt color cards and study color sffscts. The Old Reliable DruHt, 3CITY, Idaho, July 31. Special. HJSt quartz discovery in the his- the state has just been made on j fc (reek, near here. A rich ledge of IpW bearing ore has been uncovered,! They were j i j -1 thinking of starting for town, for they were well loath d with pelts tated one of the fiercest Indian enguge , ducers. and were well satisfied wi'h their veiiiiu 9 liienis ever fought on lite frontier, during Tbev were all silting around the lire-of the year of 1ST'.). Bill four white men look part in the fight, and II was of short dura their cainp one morning talking of t'lk Ing up their traps, when ?uddeiilv a bund tion, but It wits desperate while it lasted of iifLy or more Indians rode into vie.v iatareout in all directions locating f i I Alger's Last Day In Office. HJHKGtON, July 31. Special Rus-LAljer apent his last day in the war clearing up the routine of and bloody. The men were four of the Knct known characters in the Black llills proiind a clump of eoitonwoods, coming over a slight rise in the ground, heailt-1 in the early days, and their bravery was never brought Into question; but they af directly ror the camp at a full run, every Indian yelling as if his life depended upon terwards acknowledged that they had not Main it. The four men reached for their ri KIRK G. PHILLIPS, i been altogether devoid of misgivings as q ueaawooa, to the outcome while the fight was In pro Stmt Shooting Must Stop. gress, and would have felt easier had there ties, and tumbled into a buffalo wallow, a few feet from the fire, and immediately began shooting, with deadly effect from the start. The Indians pulled up at the p. Texai, July 31. Special. A First Ward M. E. Church. Dr. Clough says that if there bad ever beenany doubt about the wisdom or organizing a church In the First ward, it was all dispelled Sunday. But that It was pitiful to see that Sunday school divided up and being held in sections a part in the lumber sheds near the Elkhorn track and the balance crowding the main hall. If the people who have money could see this there would be no lack of ready cash to Immediately build the projected church. E. P. Hadley has done wonders as superintendent and is supported by an able corps of teachers. . Rev. Ciiddings U a lorn organizer, who has achieved marvelous things this conference year. A fine Sunday school, a congregation larger than its place .of worship, an excellent choir, an energetic ladies been a few more natural advantages on WI of rangera baa been sent to Lang- their side. They were Boone May, Che famous express messenger; George Owens Mnpel the cowboys to quit the first volley, and circled off to the right tflrearma in the town. The cltl- shooting as they rode. The four men in terrified, and the state deDart- (Continued on Page Four.) and Jim Gowdy, two well known hunters and Indian fighters; and Fred Willard, of whom it has been said "If he is afraid of determined that the senseless THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK m fcoat cease. mvthintr nn earth I don't know what it is." To men acquainted with that quartet it is difficult lo conceive that an Indian, or o Iron Piping For Cuba. "OSSBCRO,, pa.. July. Special. - thipnient of Iron pipe for the Cuba, water system, consisting a band of Indians, should' attack It. But .ho attack was made as a surprise, and Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1 899, $642,815.00 i"1 went out from here today. aid society. ,a competent board of stewards, and wide awake trustees indicate an exceedingly prosperous church. The new-building is getting under way. came near being successful. A party of trappers and hilnters. consisting of the four men just mentioned, headed ly Captain A. M. Willard, went out from Dead wood the fore part or that winter., and spent several months in the region of the Little Missouri, trapping. Waver anil killing buffalo. Late in the winter Captain Willard concluded that he would r -turn to IVadwood. and the others came with him as fai as Stoneville. There the party remained for a number of days. TUe patix li.! heard of the fine hunting and trapping on the Indian reservation, aw ay to he east of-Stonrv ille. in Dakota and several times il had hen suggest. 1 All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, 0 - Music In Our Public Schools. We are glad to learn that the board of Education, at its meeting Friday night, took some action looking to the employment of a teacher of vocal music for the coming school year. A committee was appointed, consisting of Dire, tors Wring-rose and Gol(iterg and Prof. Si rattan, who are given dire, lions to tngwge the Thousand Unionists Out. pKAGO, July 31. Speclal.-Flfteen i unionists are out here, f wral thousand more art expected to f tomorrow. I Incompetent Motorman. t T0RK, July 31. Speclal.-rour fj, " UI,e4 nin '"' 'njure" 1 here yesterday. The ac- ,. 'tkarted te an tnonmfwent motor- DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porlo Rica, Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Parts of Ihe World, all Acts gently on the ttacher for -a roup! of days in the week, if the course of ,f..tly can ! arrwttfced so Kidneys, Liver lowest -Jrfcet rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted lor promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers $oifier' Home Besieged. as to admit of ': time for Ihesr lesson which- 1t would m can eui' be done. The teacher the loanl has In view is a that the camp he moved over there Captain Willard had endeavored u courage this, and had pictured the AND BCWELS the govern it involved, for not only !fli!i as s ii and Mlo gentleman of high i eput at iop. teacher of voice ami insirutiie responsibility or collaterals. IS DISTINCTIVELY f i eanses the System of ocr r"b- as a compos, i Tlie EFFECTUALLY lie schools wil g.eaMy pleas..! it the action of the board shall result in the Introduction of singing as. a permnnent feature in the course of study - r- ment exercising exceeding vigilance to kper away Ihe trespassers, hut the land was full of bands of hostile Indians, and a small party of whites could expect hut little quarter ftotn them. It was at this time that Chief Sitting Bull, of the famous Sioux nation, was on the way back from Canada, wbjtber he had " flown with his tribes after the Custer massacre. The Indians had fared seTerely In the qneen's of Banks. Corporations ami Individuals Accounts solicited. NOT1CK A F & A M ipondonco In 7-it0cl. Ooxx NOTtW, July 31.-Speclal.-Yel-i ; broken out In the old sol-WHapton, near Norfolk, and "Wal dozen case on hand. J three deaths before the physi- ko01 d'coered the condition .. A Met quarantine has been H'tad nothing will be spared Ut W Um dUeaa., to Recapture Calamba. V(t m attacked Calamba, the . iSal Uk by G!rJ Hall last "ttack ttem,ted l reUke th" town 4 from the sarta and jataaeoua, but th natives were Jlti kan lotM. MdMt ,,. ! 644 fleli ! American ! Deadwrxxl lodge. T,ml3r cnmniunicario!i Ka. 7. A. F. & A. M -bis. Tuesday, even- M. M . ) 1. 1S!!. Work in th DIRECTORS nvited to ni, degree. All Master Masons are . C ADAMS. 1 UAU , PERMANENTLY ,T5Bc,;ucT& Buy thb 6CNVINE - mh f o ay (LiiufFG,StfOT(s V2?K "SYB rot au av u omitted m vuatnic JOHN TREBER. BEN BAEH, View PresldeaL attend. By order W. M. GEO. M. REEVES, Sec domain, and" they were coming back to accept the government's bounty. They were hungry and poorly clothed for the rigorous climate of the further north, and were In bad humor. Captain Willard laid these facts before hi men, and they did not argue the question any furtftr.,and aeemi- HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrwaMwaL SELBIE, Cashier. Bismarck Ton WedeUtaedt, Osteopathic Specialist wrt Physician. Office, 21 City Creek. 4

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