The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 31, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

r . The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tiiies. 25th YE A ft. LEAD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WKI . KSI A Y, (KTOI5KIJ .'51, 1 100. FIVE CENTS. Carl Mobers. contractor and builder, moves and raise3 buildings and builds i SEmANNUAL housi-.s on the Installment ilau. The public are welcome to set estimates, and ho makes a specialty of undertakings where inechannlcal skill la necessary to Injure a successful completion, tf FALL AND WINTER - g EACH DEPARTMENT OF Ol It VOT?K IS IN CHAKrjK OF A SPECIAL 1ST. Wigh Grade Photographs ! Pictures Fniargcd at Home DISPLAY POLITICAL PIANO PROPOSITION. A Piano to Give Away. Until Novembi r 1st, I will give the AT CJIICAOO PRICKS ! following five propositions to select BLACK HILLh PORTRAIT COMPANY OF FINE MILLINERY D. No. 6 East MAIN ST., LEAD, S. from: First. If Missouri gives to W. J. Bryan a majority over William Mc-KInley for president, I Will credit a pun baser with $50. Second. If Nebia-ka gives W. J." Bryan a majority over William Mc-Kinley for president, I will credit them with $71. CAPES and JACKETS, LADIES' SUITS and FURS, And Seasonable Dry Goods. Meeting of City Council. Monday evening tli; city council of Hearst ;it l.--ad Hotii j;uti'-s :nv heli in high i s t ii i I iy ail ulm know them, and they will leave l.i;il ihi. evening with the best Wishes for th, ,i future and a sale retuin Inline. Load met in Hpeclal scisioii at the City hall. Mayor A lit presided and Third. If W. .T. Bryan Is elected president and William McKInW Is defeated. I will credit them with $100. speak in the Lead Opera house Thursday night to the Slavonians of tins oinmuiiity in their own language. of his nationality are especially invited to come out and hear the of the republican party advo eated by one of their own eoufttry- 111 el all aldermen were present except I. Z. Putnam, who is very ill The in j Fourth. If Joseph B. Moore Is I elected to congTess and E. W. Martin i Is defeated I will receipt in full. COMMENCING ternal improvement committee it ported that Fox street in Washington Will Be Buried at Calumet. The remains of Ernest Tamhlyu. who died at the Lead hospital on the 2tith ot last month, wer shipped on addition had been opened for travel OCTOBER 15 land all grading completed. Fifth. If South Dakota gives to W. J. Bryan a majority over William Mr-KInley for president, then I will receipt In full for the piano. You can select from the (""nickering. The Kradlng of East Addie street between Wall and llleeker streets Inyratitude. t Chief of Police ( ; i ii found i about a thousand dollars in checks ! mites and money. Later he found the j iniiier and returned the property. And continuing thru the season. Jwas discussed at some length and a I Vose & Sons, Wegman. Schomer. Ca- I KU T-: V.. nr. 11: i t notion by Peterson prevailed that th Inst (veiling's Flkhorn for 'aluin. r . Mich., whi le interment will In- made. Fred Tumbhii. a brother of the deceased, arrived In Lead .Monday from Calumet and took charge of the body. The deceased was a young man about i'.'.i years of age, and single, and was up to the tiiii,'. that he was taken sick I lie man took his property Hid i iMisnuiy or weiiiiiioil picii'in. residents along this street between wall and Bleeker streets be officially and will maKo prices Tower than you can buy them enst. Ynu talce no notified to meet with the council next diil not even thank the chief, offer ' him a cigar or tell him to go to h 1. I hut put it in his poek.-t and walked ' avvav. chances to lose and five chances to win. S. R. SMITFL FYlday evening, November 2, for the purpose of consulting ami di terinin- about three weeks before death, em In again asking you to favor us by inspecting our various lines and assortments, we do it wiihth the assuram o that you will find Our showing of Artistic Millinery, Nobby Suits and Wraps, Choice Furs and elegant Dress Materials and Trimmings, will surpass all previous effort, and we believe be the most complete and varied in the Hills country. ng In reference to the proposed low- ployed as a i ai jient'-r at the new eyanide plant of the llotiiitak". He ring of grade. Motion also prevailed tluit the an Property for' Sale. The one-story brick building on Main street owned by Charles Ander- At Englewood. A r publiean ully will ! Fnglow ood ne Saturday was taken down with tvphoid feer Id at elling. horities notify all property owners md up to a short lime before liis I James I'. Wilson and other long the Deadwood road between the I dress t he meeting. will ad on, back of the First National bank, j is offered for pale or rent. Good business location. Good term s, ,in be death he was considered to be improving; but a i liange for the worse Id D. C. depot site and Maillard's ottllng works that they must build Harry Col on left itenlav morn came and within a lew hours ho passed away lb' was spoken of in Idewalks In front of their respective. secured. Apply to Mr. Anderson for further particulars. 10-2fitf ropertles. It was decided that the city treasur- high terms by his ai ciuaintaiii es in this city. He had previously worked a, the Kildonan mill, at l'lum.i. for r should collect all dog taxes. From shot iw x of on until the first of December a or Bi Brick Store i ing for Chicago. i l'eter Kappa of Terry is the proud father of a new baby boy ihat arrived at his home yesterday. Miss Cora, daughter of Charles Di' kiiison. writes that she has im- ' proved vry nim h since she arrived in Cleveland, and had gained eleven i O' I i bout two y ears and was well liln d 'liv bis leilow workmen one dollar will he charged, and Dressmaking. At the Parisian Dressmaking Par-room 'j, over Monheim's store, they are prepared to do first class dressmaking. They engage none but ex periemed persons in the business and fill work iti inrntil'int to be The brother of the deceased, on the part of the family, wishes to thank j those who were so kind to the young man during his sickness and did what they could to help him bear bis sick- I ness in a land practically among strangers. : I j class. Orders from the pounds in nesn. Th,. third sloiy wall.- of the new iter that date the tax will be two ollars. Two ordinances wero introduced for rst reading. No. 124. which propos-i to license all plumbers ami drain yers, requiring of them an approval ind of $500. No. 125 has for its trpose the regulating of the laying id , connecting of sewerage pipes country given prompt attention. lm hutel ;;ie well under way. ' I .Mrx. .lohn F. Kruger left, yesterday morning for her old home in Germany ! JULIUS' RESORT. A Big Registration. J Yesterday was the last day of regis; i where she will visit for some time. Henry Monheim in his regular irh -IHa nuhliu.. uauar a nil aAlnwiiitr aly a licensed plumber the privilege tiation and Lead has registered near three thousand names. The First making these connections. These or- nance swill have their final reading Julius Itebsamen's beer hall is conveniently located In the basement beneath J. K. Searles' meat market, Main street, Lead. Business men's lunches at noon served every day. Here you can always get the best of hot soups and the cooking Is Just "as good as mother used to cook."The famous Anheuser-Busch beer constantly on tap. A quiet, orderly, up-to-date Gentian beer hall. Visitors from the DickinsnnMay Furniture Co.; HEADQUARTERS FOR I the next regular meeting, next SIDEBOARDS CHIFFONIERS BEDROOM SETS QUEENSWARtT and GLASSWARE tanday night, and will undoubtedly Iss. The council then adjourned until ward registered i48; the Second. S40; voting precinct No. 47. which is the new voting precinct made by the See ond ward. 400; Third ward. tl'O; and the Fourth ward, 47.j. These figures appear to be almost out of reason when first considered by the older residents, for the largest vote ever recorded In Lead was In 189; when the vote cast was about 1700. But the clerks of registration claim that ldajr night, when they meet In eclal session. I Wal Paper space makes the announcement of special sales upon next Saturday, and it will cost you nothing extra to note them and may be greatly to your interest. C. H. Kichescn and brother left Lead yesterday morning for Lincoln. Nebraska. They received a telegram the night before, stating that a brother who is conductor on the B. & M. between Lincoln and Crestou, bad died very suddenly. J. A. Berger is making special sales upon young ladies' and gentlemen's footwear, and makes a few mentions of the bargains he is making for his UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS- o surrounding country, as well as citizens generally of Lead are invited Barry-Evans Marriage. HCTURE FRAMING to call. 9-18-tf rToday at noon Mr. Thomas Barry I.;iro,st :issnHni,.nf in tnoeit,- specialty. d Miss Mamie Evans will be united tf marriage by Dean Redmond at the ereat care has been taken In register- Monuments. AGENTS FOR WHITE All new styles in WINDOW SHADES sewing machine kldenc eof Mr. and Mrs. Thomas lodman, on Bleeker Btreet. in lng, and when viewed from the great number of people who have drifted to Lead in the past year, the on'y ueorge j. onyder has the agency for Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln tht.t has erected so many uth Lead. The wedding Is to be a I J tf ftftftftftf; rtftfters ?tfi;?tfs let affair and only the relatives and ward that seems out of proportion Is patrons this week in his regular space the Second, and granting that to be 1 in this paper. Vv-e call your atten- few most intimate friends of the btractlng parties will be present. stones In the Hills. Those In want will do well by calling at No. 27 Gold street, or addressing Lock Box 655, Lead, S. D. 7 2-lm the evening Mr. and Mrs. Barry hi leave on the Elkhorn for a two two hundred large on account of repetition In registering the Slavonian residents, whose names are very much alike. It would still leave 2800 registered. If we can base anything upon the registration. Lead will poll from 2200 to 2500 votes this year. three weeks honeymoon trip, ey will go direct to Chicago and and A-ccicioia-t ! km there decide the balance of the p. When they return they will i ..Insurance., j THEO. E. GESKEY. ! tke their home In a pleasant real-ice in South Lead, both the contracting parties are III known In Lead. Miss Evans j been reared in this . 'city from img girlhood and has a large circle j friends. She is a daughter of the :e John Evans, who made the first Ti strike on Yellow creek several 'its ago, and has fallen heir to a nfortable fortune. Mr. Barry was j many years a resident of Central Jy and for the past several years 3 been In the employ of P. A. Delayed One Week. Rev. J. A. Salandt of West Stafford. Conn., who has been called to the Congregational church of Lead, and who was expected to fill the pulpit November 4th, informs the . church he cannot get here before November Uth. o Slavonian Orator. Thomas Polich, of Chicago, an orator of national renown among his countrymen, the Slavonians, will Suits, Skirts. Jackets, Capes OX THE BARGAIN SQUARE. Friday 1 Saturday OF THIS WEEK. Lead. Soutli Dakota j tion to It because we wish to have our readers take advantage of all opportunities. Charles Fohrman, the mining man, left on yesterday morning's Burlington for Chicago. Alderman I. Z. Putnam's condition remains about the same and he is no more than holding his own at best. He has been unable to retain a satisfactory amount of nourishment for several days, and this faet makes his case all the more serious. Henry Schnitzel ' and family returned home on last evening's belated Burlington. Mrs. Schnitzel and children have been visiting friends in Chicago for a month and Mr. Schnitzel went there about ten days ago to" receive medical treatment for a trouble he is experiencing In the head. He did not receive the relief he had hoped for, and on this account his wife returned home with him, -al-tho she had expected to spend the winter in the east. The sixth annual ball of the Alert Hose company occurs this evening at the Miners' Union hall. The best of music has been engaged and everything arranged for a pleasant time. Firemen from the surrounding cities are especially invited and everyone is assured of a royal time. Five prizes will be awarded at the masquerade dance In Hallowe'en night, given by the Clan Stewart society.' One prize to the best cake walk couple, one to the most comically dressed lady, one to the most ANTHONY 7RAUT PRACTICAL PLDMBEB and Steam Rtter Wanted! Wanted! J. P. Smith, successor to Roney & Smith, will pay the highest price for Secondhand Furniture, Etc. When you are buying and want bar-Rains, call at his place of business, just above Miners' Union block. Main street LEAD, SOUTH DAKOTA. LEAD, SO. DAE bOUPDEriAIN ll 2 3 4 5 6 T 8 9 O R. K. MORTON, M, D. Practice devoted exclusively to diseases of the To every buyer of any article of the above Hues for $7.00 t'OU HAVE LEARNED ! OUR COST MARK or more ONE PAIR OF Kid Gloves Eye, Ear Throat Reading Glasses, end Glasses tor the Relief of Headache and Poor Vision, Accurately Fitted. OFFICE IN FAUST BLOCK. (Over Dickenson's Drui Store.) OFFICE HOURS 10 to 12 a. m.; to 4 and 6 to 9 p. m. 3 Clasp, Best Gloves--ALL COLORS. SIXTHH ANNUAL BALL ALERT HOSE CO. WILL BE GIVEN Wed. Evening:, Oct 31st HALLOWE'EN NIGHT, AT THE OPERA HOUSE. Chamberlain's Orchestra will fur comically .dressed gentleman, one to And we hare learned that we con not sell Cloth ing in a Basement the lady wearing the most original costume, one to the gentleman wearing the most original costume. Get your suit ready and be sure and win a prlie. Friday and Saturday COME AND GET OUR CLOTHING AT COST N MARK. , - . ONLY AT f Henry SchmtseU assay office and la Steve Zerega Wants to sec you when you are in search of . WINES. . LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And If yov knew his price on thes. HENRY MODEM'S nish the music and James Ryan of Central, has been secured to do the calling. Executive Committee Thomas Neary, Jr., John Crist, Joe GiUett, C. R. Bunker, W. J. Secor. Floor Committee William Harvery, Joe Pheney Fred Shackelford, E. R. Russell, A. Mochon, William Bender. Reception Committee Harry Cool-idge, William Lyon, gam Patrick, Joe Pedro, John A. McDonald, Elmer Garrison, y. W. Eoerly, J. L. Marcoux, WlUr Tldd, P. a McHugh, Mike WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP 3HSES boratory ii locfcted tn the basement ot ( atwt's new block, Lead, and he is prepared to fill all order in hli line, ft . Alex. Rose makes a specialty of trees and shrubbery of any kind and sixe. Cut flowers on hand. Orders solicited from all parts of the Hills. ala street. Lead. . tf I hare a salve that will beat this world for piles, and It you don't believe It, try It Apply to William Tonkin. Lead, S. D. - r lm LEAD 8. D. L D. Bailo M. D.....J. L. Each, M. O. DRS. BAILOR A E8CH. Diseases ot the Eye, .Ear, Nose and foods, you would want to see him. I've Got It! You want It :o. 5 East Main Street, Let's Get Together. Throat a Specialty. ; Glasses Acurately Fitted. " i , . offlct No. 119 Mal&St : STEjV Bowen, i,. : , - -. - - I .- - ' '

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