The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 29, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEH-TIMEgf SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 29, 1899. COMPETENT girl wanted for general simultaneous, deafening, magnificent. Yes, Robert G. Ingersoll has exploded yATCHES, housework. Apply to Mrs. Chaa. Zoell DIAMOND1 In the senate, end democratic senators would not permit the and-trust clause of the McKioley law to be Inserted in the ner. No. 8, Van Buren St. many harmful heresies and sophistries, but the true Christian religion is the ul Dlngley law. Men, our Illustrated Catalogue explains tlmate mission to all the peoples of the That Is the record; the evidence Is offi THE OEJOWOOtt PIONEER BSTABUSHBdjI . 1871 THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, M77. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. how we teach Barter trade in 8 week earth, and will endure while time lasts. cial, within the roach of all and incon Mailed free. Moler Barber College, Min E. A. HORNBEItGEIt. ceapolls, Minn. testable. It shows, as the record has done in many other questions, that democratic actions are Dot in harmony with -Fine... Solid Gold Jewein What the Rocks Said To Me, I have read the stories of the ages past. wtlh democratic professions. A compart FOR SALE. son of the McKlnley law of 1S90 and the But the gathered treasures and wisdom of PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO Wilson law of 8ii4 will convince any In FOR SALE An upright piano, new and in veetlgator that the democratic party, with them all. Seem like a tale that is told, A dream of the night, good order. Mrs. L. E. Miller. Hryan as one of its most prominent an 1 zealous leaders, stepped in and gave the TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION : 0AILT Bi ait Morula, Exoept Monday One Tear f 10.00 Sax Month i.00 FOR SALE CHEAP Twelve horse-power Compared with that which the mlgbty trusts the opportunity to grow and ex Black Hills Gold ifoj Sterling Silver Novell At Special Price fen Next 20 Daj lKjiler and engine on wheels, In first Ob Month LOO pand. Tim democratic party Is the party class condition. Enquire at Electric 7EEKLT Issued KTery Thursday. Ob Tmt -00 SU Heaths LOO of talk ami professions, the republican party that of action. Relief from the Light house. rocks have this day said to me, From every lofty height From every cloud-cupped peak. From Tvery mountain fastness, The Spirit of the rocks came forth end preached to nie. It said, "(J, man! I am the Life of Life transgressions of thetruata will never route from the democrats. It can be hoped LOTS FOR SALE Howard s Addition- at tfc Ills addition to Deadwood, beautifully tattred a Second-Class Matter Dead wood Postofflce. for only as the result of republican action. at ; located on the Park bench, adjoining It can be hoped for, because for the first time since 1890 the republicans will have Ages before the Chaldean poets saiiK, the Dudley spring, in the First ward Before the mighty pyramids were rearcil. is now open for settlement; see plat and A. F. SNYOE the power In the next congress to re-enact prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE (lie previsions for the protect!! of the Before the first rain drop ever fell, Yea, before the first ray from yonder sun REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judge. DIOHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANEY. public which they enacted In 18110 and Main Street. . FOR SALE Three of the beet ranches on had forced its way to me, near Rutte vallev. 160 acres each; over I was! which the democrats repealed In 1804. o ADVISES AGAINST FUSION 11.000 lmDrovements on one; will be Bold The seers of all the ages have come to me for light, at a bargain. Inquire at the Plooer Times office. "The state committees of the Top, democrats and ilver republicans have issued DEMOCRATS SAVED THE TRUSTS (Burlington Hawkeye.) And what thou find'st in me, Kind henceforth forever in thyself, a call for alnt convention at Mitchell S. 1)., in September, to nominate a state FOR SALE Desirable residence lots. The Christ! The Christ tat before Abraham was, The democrats are evidently preparing to pose In the coming presidential election Judicial ticket.. Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's . a the saviors of the people from the The pop father in South Dakota, Loucks, The Christ that in Jesus was. The ever-living, never-dying Christ wickedness of the trusts and are making has quit the party and joined the repub DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln Av Find thou within thyself. frantic efforts to make It appear that these Meatus, the step-father. Judge Moore, enue. Ingleside: lumber furnished to The storms of life may rage, his paper, the Lead Call, la urging the build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) institutions are the result of republican legislation and policy. Always trying, In But with this consciousness in thy heart laborlngmen to form a new party based on of hearts, labor lines. , true demagogic fashion, to profit by any My peace eternal shall be thine," A Big Cut on Cook Stoves Why Buy a Second Hand These facts being conceded, then a duly devolves upon the democrats and that is udden current of popular sentiment, tbey want to make it appear as If the opposition FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at Terry, S. D. For further Information enquire of C. W. Ronan, Prop. (lm.) J. H. JOHNSTON to call a convention of democrats; of dem oerats who believe that a man can be bon to trust is the regular, genuine article cf democratic doctrine, and are vociferously A CHEAP HOLIDAY. Spend Sunday out of town. A brief rec eBt whether he labors with his hands or demanding legislation against these com FOR SALE A Z H. P. Otto Gasoline engine, tank and reservoir complete. Pioneer-Times. bination, which Is all the more easy for them to do as they themselves are not his brain. As the matter now stands, I do not see how any democrat can take a hand in the convention at Mitchell. In this fall election, the democrats in South reation will do you good. You can do more, and better work, next week after a little rest. There is no more delightful place to go for a little trip of this kind charged with the obligation of making the FOR SALE House and furniture. En Dakota have lost all in advance, except than to Svlvan Lake. It is just an hour's quire of Mrs. Edward George, upper Terravllle. law. But In raising thl demand on which, by the way, tbey have no monopoly. Inasmuch as tke desire to regulate the trust, where legislation Is needed, la self respect, and It behooves them to kecg, fiUge r(Je over p,ctUMQH. roa(J that If they want the respect of the pub- from Custer. The lake covers an area of Stove When You can get a New one for the sam money, -COME AND SEE US. & Wanta Hardware Go. He." James A. George. FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine and fifty acres, and lies at the very door of the hotel. The cost of reaching this, the prettiest spot In the Black Hills, 1 alight John A. Bowler sold himself and party name to the pops in 1896 and this same universal with all parties they quite forest their own record, which is a common democratic fault. And this record is entirely against them, for It shows that, but for democratic action In congress, a strin blower, nearly new. In perfect condition, no further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. James A. George did all he could during The Burlington route ha cut th regular rate in half, and will sell round trip tick lyres the campaign to ratify the deal. Now it seems he is repentant. It is, however, a ets from Deadwood and Lead tor $3.15 every Saturday this summer. These tickets great stretch of the imagination to call FOR SALE A 4 room house In Hidden Judge Moore the step-father of populism. will be good for seven days, giving week's pleasant outing. Treasure Gulch. Cheap for cash or instalments. Enquire of the owner, James IKihl. The Judge got onto the band wagon after iCIni). Lardner. Coruin and others hai ' Pf Vf fff f Wf VffVVVVf VfffV WW WW WWWW WW WW www built up a party and had created a sub stantial band wagon. His sincerity can be ONE GENT A KGhB FOR RENT. safely gauged by his readiness to desert gent national law against trusts would be In force today. To the St Louis Globe-Democrat belong the credit for bringing out this record of democratic doings. The republicans passed the law alluded to In 1890, and the democrat destroyed it In 1894 and defea-td It re-enactment In 1897. The proof ot these assertions is within reach of everyone. It Is distinctly set forth In the laws passed by congress and la too plain to be disputed. In the McKlnley tariff law of 1890 was the following section: "Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwises, or conspiracy. In restraint of trade or commerce among t after the first defeat. FOR RENT 5 room house with bath com Advertisements under this head ONE plete, new paper and paint. $12 per mo. 67 Centennial Ave. ROBERT O. INGERSOLL. Bold, fearless, wonderfully logical, i CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run lea than one month; three line. 81 00 practical, convincing reasoper, an elo per month; payable in advance. FOR RENT 17-room boarding house, va quent exponent of the truth as science cant by July 20th. Enquire of 0. F supports it. A ruthless fighter against the woven curtains and webs of ancient Shoes Witt a Reputation Our Boys 5eal"Skin Seamless SHOES! WANTED HELP. Ong, Pluma. and modern superstitions and sorceries WANTED Six good farm hands. Apply WANTED A bright, Intelligent woman for pertaining to real religion. A champion to Stearns Lumber yard, upper Main St. of morality, pure love, family sanctity good paying position. Call at No. 721 Main street. Noble Building. honesty, nobility of character and virtue of every phase. A pronounced defender of one of the fundamental principle of all FOR RENT House with nine rooms. In eluding bath. For particulars inquire WANTED A chambermaid at the G1U- true religion, the golden rule," "Do unto at 17 Van Buran St. more house. I Are noted lor their wearing qualities other as you would have them do unto roe.' A - social Hon and a household friend. The on great harm this powerful Furnished rooms at the White House, W AN TED Good cook at Soldiers' excellent for school wear. Horn at Hot Spring. Bath ant Electrlo lights. Rent f 10 per month per room. Fine view from every man has done the Christian world is, that he ha instilled hoto th minds of thous the several states, or with foreign nation, 1 hereby declared to be Illegal." Nor was this declaration all. The law eontslnlng this most sweeping provision mgainst truU was pawed In 1890 by a ot of 164 to 143., . Every vote for It was republican, and ever vote against '.t, xeept two, was democratic, ' It passed the senate by a straight party vote of 40 to 19. The only bill ever passed by eon-Crew in the direction of tearing up the trusts by the roots, In every state In the union, and In every shape and form, received almost unanimous republican support and almost unanimous democratic op position.' Jw,- $ i it i 's Then th democrats got : Into power, and controlling both house of congress and having the executive, they proceeded at oce to extend to thetruata the greatest act of friendship they have ever .received from any source. No one waa more prominent in' otflng this than William J. Bryan, who waa a member of the L. C. VERPLAST. room. vt api Tlfljj Housework or washing and Ironing by the day.,Bnquire at No. 11 ands, not as capable of self-government a hi mind was, the doubt, in a diety and a hereafter. Tom Paine say. "I believe STo. QO &JiomxxetT St, Fllmor. ttllltlUUItll MIMUMtltltll "n FOR RENT Six-room house. Just newly papered and In fins order, at $18.00 par month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 401 William street, or at TOTJNQ'3 office, Lee in one God, and I hop for happiness t- Wanted A laundry girt at the Belle yond thl life." Fourche hotel . Ingersoll reasoned and Implied a doubt street (tf.) WANTED By small family, no children, ot Ood and a hereafter, that was cold, hopeless and despairing, and could not tc bky. NICELY furnished rooms at a furnished or partly furnished house pn accepted by the majority of warm, throb- rated at Noble block. 721 stain street, Forrest Hill. Address with full par bing human heart. Hi logic on that FULLfeR BROS & MeCUMSEt MRS. OARR. ticulars, Pioneer-Times. point would enter the brain, but the heart nn a Ifnt WMnev a . -. J FOR RENT Three furnished rooms suit inAiniibniui can aoa (tree) samples on way and mean committee, and on , of ( GEDDES OLD BARN.) New Carriaires and Bnortries. ' Best DriTiii and able for housekeeping. Enquire ot Ole which several earn $200 and $300 each would expel It Feeling, Instinct of -th civilised being, yes, even the . savage knew better. That Ingersoll has brushed away many Injurious fallacies from Chrls- Trramer and champion of the Wilson Lackous or at No, IS Taylor avenue. season (now approaching). Protected Boarding Horses by the day week or month a Specialty, ground, cash corns.' on season's trade. tianaity, the world can thank him for it. IA T r 1T71 XT VV - ' FURNISHED ROOMS For housekeeping, . V .VII, . . U AW, A, That h has imbued many with a doubt of In the Miller block. 41 Lee street. tariff law of 1894. That law killed the complete and effective provision against trusts in the McKlnley law, substituting the following section, which had no prU-alcal use whatever: , "Every combination, conspiracy, trust, agreement or contract. Is hereby declared j a deity, whose moral nature will not soar above that doubt, we must blame him. That Ingersoll, deep In. hi soul, beyond "Great Haste is Not m ttn run ket Ltelmonlco restaurant furnished. None but good competent par all his eloquence of expression to the con Always Good Speed. ' ties need apply. F. D. Smith. to be contrary to public policy, illegal and trary, did not feel Ood and know the possibility of a hereafter, I will never believe. void, when the same 1 made by or be ZMany people trust to lack I! Arc You Prepared? FOR RENT Two furnished rooms at the I have read most of his writings, and have fa pttll them through, and OfC tween two or more persons, or corpora' tions, either of whom 1 engaed In Import' Holxaer, sultabls for office or cham her. " neara nim lecture la Cheyenne- In 187, I j. a J r Ing any article from any foreign country on "The Libert V of Man. Woman anil I ' - w w . tiysi Child." His magnetism was superb, hi j dllly-dilly in 'matters of Fine weather has come at last and Into the United States." ' It will be seen that the Wilson law Urn Ited the law to Importers alone. . More listener, enthralled, yet It. was ruination JiealtlU With it VOlf Can FOR RENT Two rooms opposite the Bui' lock. Enquire at Pioneer-Times, only, by contrast with that . wonderful I , ft- t 'nr. over the McKlnley law had pfaced a heavy champion of Christianity, George H. Wend- J wumpiwi miracles. W tTl- penalty upon trusts of every kind and ev llng, who, as opponent to Col. Ingersoll. I Ottt U VOU ate " TIO QOOd," FOR RENT Two large, nicely furnished erywhere In the United State; the Wilson law swept this safeguard away. Mr. Bry rooms, suitable for housekeeping. U Lin. coin Ave-. Ingleslde. In Ubbrsry hall, at Pittsburg. Pa,, sway- Keep the liver, kidneys, bowels ami ed one of the grandest, most Intellectual I blood Wealthy by the use of Hood's Bar- - . . . ... I sanarilla. th fanltlms hltwwl nnnA.. an, who now assume the role of a St. now la the time to get that pair of Burner Shoes., My Stock includes all of the latest end neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices and bar stock is the freshest as well the largest in th Bill. oo to : George, called to slay the dragon of the uuieuvn vver saw snem piett. wiia ITS l ' ' f ."t, most eloquent delineation of th. tenets j WSSSS 'tlSta HoL' FOR RENT A new tenement , on Ingle- and working of the Christian religion I rllhv It cored me. My neara Urta also trusts, worked and talked for the success of the Wilson law incessantly. He and stopped." W. B. Baldwib, 1(4 Oak Street, that any mortal could be capable of. The suignunwa, new xora. slde.. 4 rooms, besides halls, closets, bath and wood house, electric Kghta, and all modem. Improvements. Building absolutely frost proof. Rent $11 per month. F. Knowles. truth, the beauty, and the Godlike achievements of Christianity, were portrayed with an overwhelming eloquence that his fellow democrat in congress tore down, the wall that shut out trust and they cam trooping all over the country as the result of the democratic overthrow Tired Feeling r"My appetite wa capricious, my liver disordered and I era. tired. Hood's $arsaparUla relieved It all. It cored a friend of mine of female weakness." Mas. Jsaars A. Miaajra, Clayton, Del of the law of 1890. If ore than this. the dWCdS daUafxitil carried his audience la transports of Joy, and mads every listener thank Ood that he was, or had. the opportunity to be, a Christian, At .every point scored, : and WArn,ED-sascETUJUrTCTjS. ZIPP'S. democrat In th last con grass prevented the restoration ot the provision against trust in the present, the Dlngley tariff. Tke republicans had no absolute majority there were hundreds that night, the outburst ot applause was spontaneous. WAJTriD-SeooBd Band Ooods at No, tf 11 - ' .zt Beef's Wlbewe Ihnetlls; tlx aaMnHMtea; n f-'T otSrTic to tk Ttth Hood't sgjupriTia; Sherman St 8. U Conant mHmomttHfH i

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