The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 10, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOD, a D- TL'ESDA V. J,iu 1 Accnu ff npntc Onlrl nnrl Silver .arn- value in koI.I us tin- mioxidized. hnu:i:-; ha' no airt-ciabh- change in lie;., i:.!-. in i . i ! i J during ovulation. !.;!., ii..ti-'-s of this kitiil oi lurk In i M ; r.i.-pi li.'.l con.-Nh-nibly at h, . I Tiion i 1 1 1 1 Uiu!i a I. ii liuiii- At- FSi il iThe Union assay OfficeI I f: No 3: i.-i hi i hums crmi? 1 1 -m i" i s the i'n I i I ;is:; ;i .1 1 a 1 !' iiii;ililv I l.ili- iii ilmlio ! .. I llloll li ill it, Ml- '. :.T : I,- .1. I!. . a.-!. I i .. ;.. ill ,. ' Established lss Lee Street Deadwood. 15.. t!: V:i! ( " L'-niv: Kr-.:.!:- ! ( ".;v L'..itiv: K'r-:.::- I .el', ol I Ik n.ti .'urination ' tin tuniii'-, ;t i: . 1 Gold ana, Silver For 50 ; i o:n w tin h i rents. at. N Al.l. S. UN ...... .i ! r. KOI (JUT TO Till- OFI-TCK Seebick .ttitmuiu cs an c-xjifiM: ot Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of Deadwood'a millinery merchandising this week will M. H. Lyona Co. ot i ,i, U. Oi lale year.- lie- nold uodui lion ha-- nun' I f i mi another i lass of ore' .indies that an- found in the large body of eniitne ihi I, or rhwdite on I'nionj Hill. These deposits an- evidently! s'oiinliin in formation and arc found j i4Vw1r? Agents f.jr the 111k kcijh.lnrfi-r J.i.V'") Typewriter, t. l.wiiK along fractures, or perhaps, dike walls .which fissures the main body r 1 ot rhyolite ui I nion Hill m all direc MINES AND MINING. tions These fractures ui walls h .-sure the rock in a nearly prrpendh u-la l direction, and throng, th.-m have circulated forming mineralized waters rock, forming a deposit oi clay cirry which have decomposed the ad.accnt rock, forming a deposit of clay, carry hel-Il (J:;.- I merM, as tli li'-jval h.-, I it ilistui banco n much less be an attractive arrray of "first bats" and imall hats for treU and shoplng at popular prices. tlm ila (War I il,-:!'iT"' lias fa rtliei c,n. 1 j-oc i' N i and. "t.Squ i.tlv probaldy Ik m b;y Jitlle liaiiurin For Saturday July 14. HEAR TK'TTIO M.STKif 'I iCpritinui'il from first I 'at;.'.) tbiH district hen now in a corrugated condition, oinl corrugations bmng long rolliDg swells, ther.t bing two different Tste.iis of ththe corrugations, upproxim-fttel? it right angles to each other. Tlmfe is Hjipnrentlv uo faulting of the rocks, but thev are cracked mull ilirec-tinriH evidently due to I lit KtrHssnti liy these, corrngat ions, These vertical cracks Mm 1 (insures are termed "verticals" hv the Miners ill the district, ail it is ing oxidized iron and silica. TheBe deposits are generally only narrow bands running along the tddes of the lissui'e from a few inches up to two to three feet in width. Nearly all this ore so far produced has either been treated by the pyritic .smelters at Deadwood or by chlorina-lion. '1 he grade of ore from these deposits is extremely variable, changing from several hundred dollars per ton to less, than in a lew feel without hardh a perceptible change .n the appeal eii.c of the ore to the eye. .Many of these deposits of decomposed material have been found to contain Special prices will be offered on all Ladies and Childrens Hose Corsets and Handkerchiefs. Prices for one day oniy. of tin- link tc t'itt l.orth ami cast mm h li.-.Miml llvo area in which milium has alreauy bn carried on A.; Ihi'ii- is now only a comparatively .small porton of the district laptnil with the Cumbrian, the rest heiiiK eroded, here has I u. without doubt. much moie on- Horn these d.-poMts eiodiil and lariieil away b tlo-stieatns that th' ie was h It bi-lnml ni the hills as lln' now are. It has been .-nine i.n. now since this I'm mat ion has luodm ed any valuable or,, bodies altlioiii;h a wr.i ion ! saieralib- ainount oi ,,-v . Ti i'in-i:t j win k has I" n dole- in t Ii.- ,,. 'ii.-" ox .-I i:m n.-u I -no ,it -. Now Oc Hose for r."..( .".He :!iic Hose for '.".cSric for 10c. for L'ii. Hose Hose Corsets for 10c. T.'ie Corsets fjiicjl -' Corsets $1 Corsets for fiac. 1 Corsets Sjc$;i Corsets $'. ors-ts J:io t' '.' Waist h where these vert ichIh intersect, the ion-tads of iiiart.'len wild the limv shales that the deposits nf ri" have been found spreading mil on both sides from the tin litu' ot I landkercli irt i sold ;it prices that wil ;t-st en Cottle ( ur L'ntiri' I t lll'Ill .lllll (! .'iill IIU (.'(1 tlKl lie- hau I In- .nlj.e . tit n up I $1 p'T ion or i hreabout s. lissiires and Irai Hire, no moi . lle lock Along lb , m , . o . , nft ln nrt i,l!.i s ,, ir i In- i i . i !.- Main St. Deadwood S. I). Biire until in la'-.-i the bodie Were UD feet or llliiln in Hidll 111 feet III height Tim regu hit' as I . i tli mi' o -a ; r,v i as to Hie. r ori'ii n i n m i lie s,i i CHASE'S Where They Sell Cheap. t ol W !' I; a poi ki Is , i.s. I on;ro . ,11 1,1 I e m . i urn ,i h . i i ii ni q ; I ' i ,111 ' I s j, , , I,.., i. tln-n. Iiuwc, of ; 1 1 ' I ; i i i ,' i i .ei t'l Hie -I . - Cllll I II . iii 1 i; : I V Custom Ore ' i I li, i . . . i n d . i : The llll.l in ui. ot in . I. li i . e'P"si I j ! 1 t tl tie Ih'Kv ri i iiu Hi ' h" . or on the conl ra. t bet a ;i:v in iv iv i.ii-(l t (i t ri'.'it iIO 111" el lip si. lies ' ha. iinln d l'ei ll , III ai cha.'li Intra, ti l veral hi ll Of lll'l; Cv.Tiiuk' u'(ic'c at n .Tsunalili' raiis Golden (j.'ite Mining cK: Mill IIU till loll ,111.1 1 l.e The llepd.- It s 111' I his probably piodiicod sc thousand dollars wort haps as urn. h as half half r 111! ompany. ' . I lljll I il ,1 ' ll ! b or contact . I 'nnseij nenll v in . l- v.. . .1 n g t liese iniiieM I he 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- were U-1 il n pi n I he fiaill" Hour i 'f . pl.ll t.l te .11.' I fo'ioMi'.l the rorrneal lour, and .-Weils of tie formation Waking them have a grade in places o1' from live t" tell dn(ree.s fiom the 1 1 1 1 1 I -Zvntal, lii'Hl up the hill and then down. As the entire formation, however, di-pn to the mutt, all of thttse cm ruatioiiH are drained liy IiiiiiihIh from ihat direction. The mines that have produced the bulk of the or r the llicbmonj group, on the south side of Hear HuUe creek, and the Branch Mint ami Florence, on the Dortb side. Theee properties ur situttted Jtiht below the town of OaleiiH. From fHirlr rehaijle sources it appenrs that the tobil prodtictioo of thene various deposits ban bnD in the neighborhood of unv I le a a! ol lb U one I. in. i nl . i . o I. in in ilia; III I 11 1. Ill piolit In First Ward, Deadwood S. I). lb. Mill il.' d poltioll oi Ui -d at a a million. The class of deposit in extended over about illbl be output fiom tbi the district has DO YOU KNOW 1 bat llu'ie are from 2500 to C000 different drugs and preparations in any well regulated pharmacy, or al- n. 1st as many as the average number of words in use in ordinary conversation in the Knglish language? DO YOU KNOW That to become perfectly familiar ; to know their dose, the different -compounds and many classlflca-' tlons, to know which Is poison, ' which is harmless, which will mix; .to know when two or more harmless drugs when combined will produce a violent plan.', inn and trealniiil on a large scale by stamp null and copper plate amalgamation, together with concentration to catch vhatcei value that the same period of years as that fiom the silver-lead deposits of the cam-briiili. but is lias been veiy irregular ill amount, from practically noihini;. duriiiK some years, to perhaps $IOii. (Hill during the years of srealest pro LIVERY FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. (GEDUES OLD BARN.) New Carriajres and Bopies. Best Driving and Saddle Mn Boarding1 Horses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. ninth! escape .1111,1 luniuai ion. lint by repeated mill tests on average lots of such inaterial not only has it been found that the total value contained in he rock is much too small to cover the expense of treatment, even under Poison the most favorable circumstances, bnt I that it is also difficult to extract a' very high percentage of w hat, gold it j duction. The eruiitive formation within the Hear Butte district i.s in 'the shape of a somewhat circular body a mile or more in diameter, from which long irrgular onuues of the eruptive formation fringe the main bodv ot the erputive rick like teel of a huge circular saw. but in other places they project in comparatively narrow dykes and tongues upwards of two miles in length from the main body. That these tongues are true dykes CATES IRON WORKS does contain. Consequently, the future outlook for the production of ore from this eruptive formation seems to lie entirely in the character to those that have already produced ore and been winked out . I REVERE RUBBER GO. I INGERSOLL SERGEANT DRILL radiating from the main body of the CO. I t To know which medicine will antagonize the effect of another; to know jail the antidotes for all the poi-; :son and many hundreds of : other things which are required to ibe known in the druK business? - iDO YOU KNOW That it requires years of experience jto learn -and that those years of. 'experience we have had Is for : j Your Benefit j iVhy, then, take: chances, when It; - will cost you no more to get your 1 I Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists I 0, F. PURNELL I Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. j S8 : medicines pure, fresh and properly: I filled at the miiliou dollars. Tlio budleu of valuable ore are only found along the course of the verticals, but not continuously. In many places these verticals have been followed for long distances without encountering any quantity of good ore, and it evidently very uncertain when an ore body iu to be encountered. The general character of the rock along the verticals where no valuable ore occurs is silicious iron ore, the iron occurring principally as hematite, and' carryng a few ounces of silver to the ton, generally under ten ounces. Thousands of tons of rock of this character have been mined in following these verticals and sorted from he richer ore, and now lie upon the hillsides in Jrge dumps. These dumps coj.taj ftrtl kvuired thousand dol-ajn WMt l JllTr, but up to the fdMBtttaidtlltrt has been no method "' discover which 'will extract the silver from tb' ore at a low enough cost U aakt it profitable. It seeing more than probable, from these ore deposits being found along tvbtr the verticals intersect the rock that tike solutions carrying the valuably Mistrals' forming the deposits must HiY flowed' from below through these flMurnn or verticals and upon reacaake&TefnWJ'mbr easily rtrbto rPhftles pver the more mas' sht StraU'tof ruartzlte must have flowed out and deposited their values in ther present condition. It th flow of mineral solution was great, it' the shale's where the verticals fiiMvre'd them were compact, it would bo natural for the solutions to , seek a hlgtrr exit and so form another aytUm ot deposits in .a more favorable ! rtratnn of shales above. This seems to be a reasonable explanation of tker being more than one horizon of orw having the same char-acter) -- Ore ot ttls -character and forma- tto.UL-.hM- beenj formed. in,this dlstxlci wherever the cambrian formation Is still to be found capping the tops of The. Old Burlington Man Leaves. lal. I'. oinan. who has been an nuineer on me Burlington and Iiead-vvood (Vntial roads for the last several years, has resigned his position and gone west. He left Deadwood hound lor Cheyenne. WToming. and from there be will probaldy continue west until he finds something that he is pleased with, liis wife is still in Deadwood where she will remain tin-til her husband is located. Mr. Oilman has been the engineer on the "Five-Spot" the famous heavy weigi.i locomotive on the D. C. ore train from Bald Mountain. The last few days he worked he had the oix Spot." the new engine that the company has recently received from the Baldwin locomotive works at Phi.. .a, built much like the Five Spot," except larger and heavier. The "Five Sjot" is taking a rest, and is in the hands of the repairers. "Shorty" Moore succeeds Mr. Gil-man to the ore run. and James Shaw takers the engine that Mr. Moore has len running. There were a number of friends present at the train the night Mr. (Jilman left Deadwood. to wish him well and shake hands in parting. I Palace- Phaiacy j eruptive reck and not in ;:u sense a portion of an overllow. ! shown by following them as they cross .1 t p gulches. The line of cont;e ; bet we. n them and the surround'iii: count iy rock Is comparatively a straight line in passing up and down the slopes, proving that the dyke cu:s i'ne other formations in a narly pel peudUular direction. The lot k of the eruptive formation belongs to 'he rhyolite group, and in places contains many large srystals of orthoclose. numbers of them showing twining on t'ie Carls bad type. Nearly all of the eruptive formation is in that portion of the district where the sedimentary rocks of-the cambrian and later formations have been eroded consequently he archean schist and slate'j aud thrs eruptive rock, are now the contact formation at the surface, except in a few places where some of the long tongues of the eruptive rock N penetrate beyond the exposed archaean rocks into the cambrian quartzites and shales. In many places the eruptive rock contains what appears to bo brecci-ated schists and slates from the archaean rock. In places such brecciated rock predominates, while at other points no sign of such material is to be found, over wide arears As the slates and schists are easily broken and shattered, it lsto lie expected that at the time of the eruption much of it was thus mixed with the erup ff.L Faust Ph. G-J FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Fine old California Wines suli a- Sherry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel. At $1.50 Per Gallon or 60c a quart : Proprietor. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Prior Fifle old Pore WHsbr ttf Brandy fni Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. Hill Mining Company;'' Prmci 635 Main Street Deadwood. pal place of business, Deadwood, S. D. ; location of works, two miles westerly of Elk Mountain, Lawrence County, S. D. Notice. At a meeting of the board You Can Bank.. Aetna Powder Go, of directors of the above named cor poration hbhl in Deadwood. S. D., on getting the best in the MEAT on the 9th day of July, l'MO. an as Dynamite and BiacV tive anAJormed and Je-present brec sessment, (No. 5) of two (2) mills per share was levied upon the capital stotk of the corporation, payable mm m m m m mur lins if you get it of . . .. ROGERS & SON They always have a neat fresh stock to select from and you can always get Just v. hat you want. Java Immediately to the treasurer, D. R. Short, at Deadwood, S. D., or to Julius Fuse aod 14$. Eleetric .Baiiris. Battery Snppiies. and Mocha cia. Upon Union Hill, extensive prospecting and deep shafts have been sunk in thia character of rock la the Union Hill shaft the oxodized rock continues down to about 300 feet m m the hills in places three or four miles from Richmond, showing that In all probability, before the Cambrian rocks LEE STREET, - - DEADWOOD. Rebsamen, secretary. Lead, S. D. , Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Monday, August 13th, 1900, will become delin Coffee W. ADAMS wnuu Tie CiiF Dray Line JNO. FELDHAUSEN, Prop. , The best for Morning, Noon and Night. makes a specialty of moving all kinds quent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 3rd day of September, 1900, at 2 oclock p. m., at No. 27 Lee street, Deadwood, S. to pay such delinquent assess- were so largely eroded, these verticals and ore bodies along them curred oTtr. a district covering fifteen square mil 01 or more. Such-ore bodies and verticals may also occur further o the notth and east where the cambrian still overlaid by the carboniferous, but it la not to be" ex- d that conditions existed for the "on of ruch bodiea to any great - from thost that have already ot heavy machinery. in depth and then changes into oxidized rock carrying disseminated iron pyrites,, into which a diamond drill hole has been sunk to a depth of 300 feet farther, giving a total depth of rock explored from the surface of 600 fee vertically. This entire mass of frock contains evenly distributed a value of approximately ft per ton of gold, the oxidized rock carrying the . J lit, ;- . . . : . - . , - ' - . H. RlCHAKUSON.- RESIDENT , PIANO TUNER- FOR JALBBT ' . ALSO. la prepared to do all kinds of movlnz ment, together with costs of adver-1 ot household roods, nlanoa. safes. etc tialnt and expense ot sale. "I with safety and dlsnatch. No. 28 City Creek. J. BAITEMCH 1 BIO. gsjafls . JULItTS REBSAMEN. Sec I Office Phont US. Residence Phona 196. Lear order t FUhel Baxaar

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