The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 27, 1900 · Page 5
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 5

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. SATURDAY. OCiOBKR 27. 1900. PROHIBITION PARTY. CERTIFICATEOF NOMINATIONS, REPUBLICAN PARTY. (Martin & Maron. Attorneys) m. a No. v::n. IF. J. W'ajhataush, Attorney ) Fi-RLCLOSI RK NCTlCi: j Where.Ls. Roliert A. Keller and l.u. 11a M Killer, Ins wife, did 011 ilie l.:th day of, Presidential Elector ' J Sykes Wilson. Presidential Elector. IE. E Ostroot Badger, S. P. Hradl. y, S P Hrookiiics. S P I) Huron, S. P Badgfr. S. D Bradley, S. P Krookiim-s. S. P Huron. S. P Nam;. 'Residence. Addrees. - nl Elector. May, IV mortgage to the Bank ef Spear- , I P. s.i, a corporation. p secure a certain r.o , g:vn hy ltoPert A.. K. II. r and I.'i. 'l.i M. Thomas Fitch Milbank S P A. H. Brown Canton S I) r... P'mnil Klector,. P. Huron, Huron IT' r Kk-clor. Miller, S. p. Charles Thomson Arthur H Marble I:.d!e N. C,. Rude A. H. Reed... O. A. Harpel. . M Roners K. J. Carlisle.. K. I'wis N J. I (avis. . . . J. E Canilde.. , a Elector I'1-'"'1 i a ,-utaiive :,',iive Charles H. Burke. Ktd,ri ...I Milbank, S. P. ! Canton. S. P Miller. S. D. P.Belle Fourche, S P. 1 1'iorre, S. H. i Peadwood, S. P I Kureka S. P. ' Springfield 1. P 1 k.tlti. Id S. 1) Sioux Falls, P. P BrookitiK''. S. 1' Lake Preston, S WessinKton Sj S West port. S '.' Sioux Kails. S P. Hrookiiis-i. S li Preston. S t W. ssintlon Sp. S i. Wostport. S P. a-tlew.Ki.i. S. P APPLICATION' FOR A PATENT. F S Imu.1 diliee. Rapid City. S. P. Oct. S. lt"o NOTICE IS HEREBY C.I YEN', That tho (P.liit a li,,i. .Mining and Milling Company, ' l! (rea-urer and. authorized agent, Choi S. Owen, whoso posLolIlee asl-'r, . 1- Inadwood. S. Il . has this day filed its a 1 1 , , . ,, 1 ion for a patent for the (Irov-. :V. Fremont. Elk horn. St. Clair. New Year u I W. . ! .a No 1 lode mining claims, !-.-aiM:i' e,, . ujth s'lrfaec ground as.-lier1- '. - n. situated in W'hltf-w (X k1 1 ' 1 ' t;. '. Law 1 1'tiee ( ounty, S. I 1., ' !' -i.,-..t ty the fi. I'l notes and of-' I I ' '' a I '. ill this otllce as Ixit. No. ' I ' '" :..! ' 1 '.: : h range 3 . ast. IP Presidential Eleetor. Presidential Elector. Represen'ative i n C.wi Kress Representative i 11 Congress ICiovernor Pieuienant (Pivernur S.N-reta: y of State. . State Auditor , State Tre.tsurer. . . .Superintendent of I'-'il f' l.'istrue - Con' ' 'ou:i'i:s-i r of S. I:,,.! and I -1 j ! . - In- l.ind- Ebeu V. Martin . . . . Char!' s N. Herr. id. K. Her. the follbwing deenhed r, .il es ' tate. lying and heing In the C,ni:.iy of Itwrenee and St.ate of So.i'h paKota, an 1 in the City of Spearfisli, to-wit lt No Otle (1) of Oilisnn s p.i .1, , 1,1 ll;, lo ll , plat of C.llison's lots 111 Pie .-11!, ! i-noi of the S. W. i, of the S W. , of tea (I'll Town, six i.'.t, V rim" two ,-1 east IP H M . said plat l.elni: r.M-o'.!. A in Hook Two I I I ae II, lie l-l ,.f pi, 11 - II. t : . em, e of 'tie r,-i-'. I ,.' ! I o' - ,! ' I . ' v. renr tun".'. Seii'h PaVota wit- h sail in.. I :g.i-e was d'.P :, : I. I i'l : o" i f,.!l I I'ieire, S. Il I Pea.', iv.K'd, S. li Kiij'. ka S, li 1 P'tllii;liel. S I). iK.dll.ld S. li 'it 'Hon S I. , Pr.'. ii-in s. 1 1. (asilewood, S. P H. H. Curtis . . . ' Y'.uVonior C,eorBe W. Pnow . . of State.. V- ; rhell. S p. ; Mltehell. S. D Ceo 11 or . . ir. . .-' 1 1 S P John P hanh. r. I John 1.. IM,. .. x, 1 'o-ri . ' Pierr. . - Huron Ml' 1) ,p 1. m ai . . Hradl. : P S It!,,.!. IPadl. v 1. rue M 0 ! I ' N.. I PC I llig de-criPi'.I E Collins E I M 1 : pi: NATIONAL SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I I nii: or ' e. i . u ' - . ' . on 1 1 -. . on 1 lie ', H, ,k nil, II m l: 011 p.o;,' 'a,, hi;. ! I. !::, !i -ill ' as i j n . 1 1 ' , '!i -p. a r t v a 1 !i le. 1 1. r . !..! .1' a, I F.c 'v 'wo , ..1 Fub- I n r : 1 nine al I lie S. 1 '. ,,f Sees, in IS, ." N Pa nee L' an, I 3 HI, :,r IP a, h H.ley EL. tor. Hol.ert W llaire. 1 AP.-rd. . AI.elde I 1) P. P. I ; i 1 Ea-tii;a-. ! Frank I. I - l ,1 I, ell. t ., -l ie. I, . Fl ankfort. , Milnanli, S Pr -!' . Pr- I. I, Win Wallace Sw an . I Frankfort . S P Fran, Is A I wood . ' T in Brooks ! v li, XI- I w .. I I I, 1:, 'la riify Ilia! tile foreiroi n t' ate l' III ial I, tii, hi, to lie held Nioeinli, r idli hand and oil), i;U tins l''!l, day u . : " 1 . h. ii. P. '. w. - hi. i',,r. ' ' ' 'letlee ' " 11.. . S 'I l-ngih -1 ; ." 1 1! - s p i;rn-r i' W. ." (o j I-; I. lew. !! ii 1' ' ',! .:, ! II' i.rv T - ; -r I s K.I Aar.l II Wiji.ii. '.Ii.jn N. II ..'.n ...I I J.ihii p. ; i .-.-ii Auditor in and f F .1 ! M P , I . I.. .. I, S N It 1 . ! , ,1 -, ! , ' 1 1 ' ,-i a '! 1 1 .' ' '-"- :' 1 for t"in r .I . ! ' ; ', ,w t t 1 1 , ' 11. -' i 1 : 1 ' ' ', - '1 . ' ! ;; i 'l a,-, w ' Ia I , f Co .,!.., ! - or 1 - a ' 1 1 . 1 ' ! 1 . - a'l' linn on Sat 1 1 .! 1 . 1 1 P'lh ,l:iv of Nov. 'tut. .-c. 1 : : I 1 ' .1 . lo k on that ,l:pv in the f,,i- 1. c tlio front door of tin- limit h.,', 01 1 1. tulwooil. in tho County .,!' Paw roil . Slnff of r.onth'i to -.1! i-i ill,; .iiiinnrt 'loo :is ;ilr. (i. il. in, lipJinu- . M f. es an. I ,,,-1- of s:i!e Pta.'.l 1 1 ri 1 1 r -Tdh. 1 !' 10 M TT PI.I'NK I'TT. Sliei-lff of I.awren.e CoiTntv. P. P. V. ,1 W PH HACniI. Atlornev for Assignee of said Mortgag' ( Hrst Puli. Sopt '2 fi. 1 I'm! I Ph.n .:t Tree K. si-' 1..-I a I Willi 1 ', : X r,, '- Sur : i'i n. e N. 4ft 1 e s 1 r : - 1.0.1 rt Amos Pa! rnpilti . : Fred . Henry P. I..,r, y. . I .li.hii W 1 1 11 gr 1 ' IVilliain A. Z:nk 'Ail Star 'I Paniu. 1 C. pull' v I' 1 fi C i.. .. ; S 1 . . I'. a.U...i. P. Pp,.alll-h. S Pealwool P I'. ad I P. en line -'I Peall lode iSur. l::, 1 . then, e I 1 p.i,.. . Pea Floo. I "..! I " al'.".. NelllO. S so 1: w :'ii 1; ft: V l:-o v rt to the , lalniiiir i::o :t ft s. mn y ,'ind I.", fl . 4.T P .Prank J. Washal augh 1 ' ' I Arlliur A. M.K.'lir. . . ' N ""I. p. p. p , s p: tp - ,' of 1 1-1 n nine , 4.' W from ill- 1 1 1 I'- from dP.overv; makliiL' a total Watch This Space And:'-:' C, ; k - f Courts. . . yia;.''-. A'torney. . . County Judge Com. Iv .V-s.-sor. . . . S,.rlu:. t.wni of Schools fori'iici' PurV' yr ; Comin:--i"",'r -"" pistil' t just f It"" l'''a,-e Jin-tire lMt.. jucti. o of 111'' Peace Justice Dist. . justice ,,f the Peace f,th Justice I ist . II. -It n M. II. mi. it . . Charles E. Zeriiug. Alonzo S. dates. . . . Edward Caclulin... Neii F. Ripley I lea, Ik 0,1, p. l. P. a. I . S 1 1 Ppearfi-Ji, p 1 1 ; Pp. ariish. S li. ' Ppe.iiTi- h. p II , I,, a. I. s n Poadwim.l. p i dab na. P Ii .... 1 1. ad w ..,.! S 1 1 I.e.,'1. p 1 1 (Pino:- P li . . . I 'railwiM,,!, S 1 ' I Lead, S p. Sp, ariish, S 1 1 Speartish. s p Spoarti-h S I L. ad S Ii I'eadwiN.d S P Call na. S 1 ' I lea I wood. S. I , !.,.ld. S P C. ilen. 1. S 1 1 leiU-th of irtlH :i ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line and containing in n;,; acres EI.I-J I lOlt N LOPE - Beginning at the S. W. C,,r , whetiee tho Cor of Pees PI, IS. I'i and LM T f, N . It ; and II E H. II. M .. Pears P 7.'. 4IC V. I'.-.r, :i fi; thence N. ) P E I L'ss 4 ft. thence S. f.n" r,r E. P'.L' fl; tlieine p n;- F K n'ii.4 fi t ror. No 4. IdeiitP nl with Cor. No. 4 Fremont lod.' of I his Pur.; tlienci S. 4a 4L" W. I - fl: thenre N ral" r.P V. .Via fl lo the Ida. .. of I,, ginning; claiming IL'TIH ft N. I'C r.v 1: and 1 s fi. p r.l f..".' V. from diseov, ry; making a total length or 1288 4 fl. along the pr.siim.-l direction of the lode lino and eenlaliiing 17 4-0 acrc. Jusii. of I tie l'eare for the 1 William (ui-mby j Nathan Column . . . j Joseph W. Hall, y . . I J.ksinll C. St. Hit. . . . I w. :. stnfi Jame-i V- Se nr. . . nist. 7th J-i-li. rcu.-la! le foil -.!' Ton (Martin A- M.uson. Attorneys 1 SHERIFF'S SI.E Plate of Smith Pakota. County of Law renee ss Benjamin P. YVcver, I'laintifT s South Pakota Mining Company. I lef. 11.1:1 tit Notice Is liorel.v giv.n. That l.y lrtue of .111 i:eeulioll to Hie dire, ted and lle- livM-.-l and now iii my hands, issued out of Iho Clerk's office of tile Cltvllil Colllt. Eight lildi'ial Cii'-uit, Coiinly of Inv-renee. Stale of South I'akola, upon a Midirinenl. r, ndered In said Court In favor ,.f H. nianilii P. Wrier and against S0111I1 Palo. 1 11 Mining Com pa ny on I lie n't' 'lav of .lull,' A P. 1VO. I h.uo levied upon ill" following desi ri!', d real properly of defeiidanP Low i! : Ml ri -lit . til !' and int' r. st defendant 1, ,1 on ' he 'oh d iv of .1 1 s',-, or at DEMOCRATIC PARTY. i I'l.MII LOPE- Beginning at P. K. Identical with Cor. No. 1. Elkhorn Cor 1 . 1 1 I i"n U',,1, .I'M,,, .-'' I..I.M.I .1,,'ii: P .P i:iro .I'.lm W Martin. Jolin M Km-', l.'re.l 1 1 Ha, "ii . ... i.::.,! Eb.dnr ,', . -.,1 Kl.'.'Ue ....,, Elector ., El''""' l'ri 1-Pros I'r-l'r. - lt'-i'I I'" 11' 1 ' .. i!.i!IV 'h H 1 II i 11 Ml' lod" of this Sur : 111, 'lice N an" aP W. .t fl tlieio " N L'7 " fa',' W. ;,' 4 fl : thence N' :'!' I: CIS 7 It : thence N L'n" HP K. i'-'1 fi : iheiic,. s. r.p .p ran 1 rt ; Con',' p 4 r,.-,' w. i:'s t rp , h,,. Paon "f ! i'Mii'ii-: claiming TIC. ft N". 42 47' R. rioiu di eoiorv and 1 fi p (-" 47' w. f" l -eioerv; plus I its ft. P (1 I.-,' W.. '"'king a loiai I. 11 -rr li of PlT'l l fl alone Hi" pr.-limed dir. ml,,,, ,,f th,. lod.dine anil eonta !ni ng I 't .::: acre i: I.'" lr Pt-li. s p : : s !P'I S ' 1 li S. II li.ivel lull ,,f State.. 1 ,r Pure II l.i' '! A. I. 1 11' 1 'I I p", 1 n. s ii . I'ranl. .1. I v I'liai !. s I 1 Ti l-Al.ner 1". Mi'' A'l-I ' I . Announcement of S. R. SMITH 1 n . P ler I ' V. . !.-!. , , S II W iPm.l. S II . Cll,'InPe-l.,-. .1 M II Aa-v. ,1. . I I . ' lalniniel Cook . JV. T.'oll, P any (line ..ul,,e,iient tin 11 to In Ho- fol-lo.iin.: piol."ity,, In Law renee , ,,imlv s 1 1. "o mm in, he-; of Iho mil," of 1 he main Sp. arli-li , r. . k heing all of Ilie water-of said creel; taken from said , re, k at a' point where a dam is const 1111-i.. ami at hi.-h the water s turned from said creek I11I0. (he .lit. h and flume of the South Pakola Mining Company L'P'O yards aliove Hie 1. ridge of the Cheyenne cro.-iing of said Spcnrflsl) creek: APo all the valors of the Last, fork of ai.l Pp, ariish creek, t.eing r.fld Inches; and all the f illers of Ice Box Cre. k, being '.T,n inches, and l.elni? more fullv dosrrllied in adilit ioiial certilleate , Piled Fet.ruary I4th, l't, and recorded in Hook hi. pag.n I'll! and ri'iL' of tho roe, it, Is of till' lieclsler or poeils of La vreiice enuiilv. So pak .1.1-gother wl'h all dams dihho and flu mis used in connection " Ph said w ater and water-right A part of the aPovc de- W. Pilot S II. Cham! er lain. S. NEW YE Mt LOPE Heel,i!lu.. nl the P. y. Cor. ideiiihal with r,,r. N,, (i Mine lod,. (Pur No F'.M : wh, nee the lorrer of Peelions P!. pi ;,,! n4 f r, N j 2 and n E II II M , Pears N S'7 r,s' 52" w. i;'.'m; r 1 ; thence . k" .12' w. :i!ip7 ft. to Co-. No 2. Id, nlical with for. Xr ?! Hopkins .bo ISur. No 121!i; tlmco W.' ii7" :t' e. ;:i;r,.7 u . thenee- n. 71" 47' k. :is7.n ft ,to Cor. No 4, ldetiti. il -..ill, Cor. No .", Cniicr lode, thi-i survey ; thence S on" H' K. 7H2 (I fl , thence P tc S2' E 1 ft them e p. .pp - 1 r, ft. corner No. '. Idelillcal wlih Cor number 1 Fortuna lode (Pur No. 127i;i; thence N. 2 So' E. S.'i a ft; til, nee P. Ml" - r,7 g f t . (heme p r,',' .-,,r v r.rti; fl ft; tin nee 8. 44 IS' V -1;.-. ft to the place of hegi nn 1 11 K : (il 'TV TK'KKT John A. Callauli Jallll'H ( i lizett.. J. II Fairbanks. A. C. M. Kiiui. y Lead. S. II . I loadVMxid, S 'il,1, 1 1 1 1 1 f , 1 1 1 . Lead. S. H.. Ivad. -S 11 i;. To a '"" At:.: y ; nJ.. yiipei in'' '' "l l-iii lie 1 1: t ruo - ti'.a Comiui-'ionor nf S, h"..l 1 :i I I'lil'- lir Railroad Caaiiiia- Sllile Si li.itut' atU lM-tli- t State Si naior XMh Distriet State P.. pi . lit:'. - live '".li I'i-it State Hi ,t, .-iellta tive -lili 1 H -it State It.-i'i-eseula- tive Mh His' State Kepre-seuta- ttve 4Mb I Hit Sheriff C.iunty JiulRP Clerk of Courts SuperillteBilelll of Treasurer Register of Deeds. . A if 1 i t or State's Attorney Surveyor Coroni r tanning tail s ft s 7P 4f!' W. nod 41S You Can Bank. ji-s follows, to-wil: liegiiinlng at a point of the north wiwt ixirner of the iioperlv ownid I.v I ii:" Staple-., and occupied l.y one 1 E. All.i-iglH. for dwelling pnriKisej. running west along the south seril.ed property Is the saaie w a ter-rlgh 1 s I y III - lr,,, . j, ..p. .1 mveyod bv Co i ipc e - K II ret tell to Win. t,,in lo,,,.,), f UU7 7 fl .i. Lead. S. h. Peadwood S P ', r, ,11 in, int S P Lead. S 1 1 Lead. S p St. (luge. S P I Ii'.I'IwomI. S. 1 I P. adwood. S. p Lead. S. P. Whltew-od. P. P by ileed ilntid No- UemeH ,10 ..f ,i... 1...... I,... ...... H .'anieron as trust side line of an alley Kout-h of the voinlier Mh. IsM. known a the fir, ei Hills A- Fort Piei re railroad track "lie li;1,.k ;in, ritv or Lead Pom pan Theodore K. (lesk.'.V C. Cardinal James II Harris. R. N. ('Kd. 11 A. C. Pott, 1- hundred and three (inn feet thence In a "i 1 mi.-,', s 1 1 . . I i.-ad wood. S. 1 1. I load'Aood. S 1 1 I.e.i I. . S. 1 1 valor-right on Ppearfoh creek, said de, d b"inj recorded in Book at page fi. of th'. records of the R-r'-i-.l,T of PecP of Lawrence Couiiiv. P P. and w lib h properties w , re a fterwards conveve.l to Angus- on getting the bent In the MEAl linn if you get it of ROGERS & SON Th. y alway? have a neat, fresh stock to select from, and you can lw.-,vs eot jd-t hat you want. LEGAL NOTICES- southern- direction along tho east, side line or what is commonly known as Ihe South Extension of Mill street or the Kirk road two hundred and ten CJH'l feel, thence in an easterly direction two hundred .'fnd tyenty .ight (22S) feet, thenoo in a north-orlv direction along tho west side of prop Klorenee Wertnian . . ' W lute" (.!, S. 1. les YV. Tot,p et al and I.v them to the-I Whitowood, S. P. Thos. W. ThnilllHilll.l W IlilewiHid S. 1 ). South P.'ikoia Mining Companv. Al-o the I leadwood, S. 1 A. V. Merrieli.. 1 '" .,'.,,- line, nun con- tatlnlng 7 mo ai res. WEEPON NO 1 LOHE-neglnnlng at the S W Cor . wh, nee the Cor. of Sees 1-1. is. ' and 21 T. ', N. R. 2 and ft V. H H M bears N SI' !P 4- w. ;: I ' f t -then,-,, N r.d" :t,p - .1 ft. tiience N. ?7 2.1' E f.'W 7 ft. to Cr No. 2. Identical with Co- No .p fi,,l,e Wed.;,. 2 lo.le IM. p 1 ."t'fi : tin n(. v. r.i- r,!' w 2s 1 rt '' em o v. t 4-,' k. irl.f, fl Ihenee V "V E. 1"27 -I ft; thinee p r,n" .bp 1; 407 2 fi; thence p. r,7 ?; V, .Id:, 7 rt. to cf. Vo. s with Cor No 2 ."w Y,nr l"de ,f fills .-urvey: tln'iie,. S p t,x y l!77'i fi. to Co. plm-o of beciimlnir .dalin-'"" f N' E- from '(--eoeerv nnd "' n I f P- 17 .'"' W ,.,ls' 171 '. ..- ,,. w at. r-rle'ht located Iv W. IF C.mnron, on o.dob, r 2s isnn, ami re- erties owned by Henry A 11:111 aim aonn rllt I le.ldw ,km1, S. 1 I. Lead. S. I iieadv. ood. S. P Ilea,'1. S. P Lead. S. 1 1. Spearlisll, S P Lead. S II I i.'adiMKid, S. Il liraduood. S Ii. Pead, S. I 1 . . . Sp, ariish, S. 1 1 John l-l. Sulli aji . . . Charl. a K. 1 lan . . . Charles K. J. din -1111 . A. K. Mnnahaii I laniel J. Toliiiu v . . . orded Nov. '1 P'l':, !;i!;,-n from Pp, arfl-h rook a! a dam about of a mile below !io Clicv, cr-,o-sinir of '.-''id i ieck ami t.,,ui "-, of a mile 1:11 st renin from Hi'' ,iiv, ami '1-. slle of (),,, II X- M I' P. . ,-, v.. ,.. , ,-e. k l a. the W, .-'-'"' I s 11 -pear! Joseph C.i.,1, -p. art 1 aunty A-sissor ConiTii : - - inner 2nd I)is:r;it JustKo ,,f the Peaee t,i!i .Pi-i ii-e 1 list . . . -h. S. P .,, l' s I 1 Pn b ( Martin k Mason. Attorneys.) ,. ,.,.,,-pt Court of Hie I tilted State.. Piw.i-.,,. Pot net of -.l' '- ;';. ,.,.;. r ,-f Villi am To lor. ir pp. 'I' MKI-.'l IV. ill-' CPF.H- ,!-! l-v d ? ';-, F II,,' ml r. -old. .1 I f . , -e paiiiei; 11 i:.n :y . . . . 1 '-a 1 ,,, : PEOPLES PATTY. f. 1 1'. 7 r, ft r ihe I'l , ., r ci 1 .- -I (am P ",l ''I 1 1 I . I ' ' I - mal r." a t',',,1 1 -,i,M! "" I'" 1 dir. ' li"li .- - ail ,1 ,,, - ',, 1 r, ,., . 1 1 m 1 : ' ' "' " 'li..t'"ll '!. I,, ' F 1- Staples two hutidlded and twelve fi-ct to place of beginning; all of which Is in the southerly part of Lead City, am! a.nns tlie road and ca-t of the public Pi I,, ad, Lawrence Coun'y. Siaie of South Pakota. YV. 11. ItltY YN. Mo'lrac . . M NTT PLC N LETT. pperi'f of La w r, n-e Count v. S Pal 'la. Mii"PV KELLYi: K Yli'OPV. 1 'ortie'. for Mm icac, , !'ir-t Pub P- ;! is 1 1 ASSESSMENT NOTICE New i.i Plata (Pel V. ; n : ng -. ei 1 1 -a 1 , y . ),!.,.. No : .. ii lief by l lv. n Iha! a' a no , t-ing the boai-I 11' -11: '"-: of Ihe ill.-." nam. I . .rtti't.i.v. I ' Id a' p. ad ..ood. on Ho 17th ''.v of Sap'-uir P an a-se s- tlll'Ii: 1 .'.', ' 1 I of on,- 11, ill per 1 hare w ,. --eyl. d upon Iho on I -t.a r d , I. g s!o,k of lib t-i 1 a.-r. s. of .Ii '11. mini s h" IP I're-i. !'!,!, .11 p., .a j.- . ,!, . ., Presain.; i,i Id. . tor. .Inlm ' p,r I'resid. ::ti.,l Klei tor. John M. Kins.. I'rer:d' i, Pa! I-dietor. r, , 11. P.a. .,; liepri '. niativo i n , r.,nir,es.H Jo-.-l ', II. Mo, Kepre.. a;.'.: ive i n 1 r.:i.-:vM ! ,i ,-,. K. I.. Cvenir p,,,.,(, -j p;,.:i. r ,,r in 1 1 I l!o- la'h -ail Wil-1,. I l.ltii- - or lo- of C'c lOjtc..; . i'i 'I I -If s I 1' "euii mini iiovernul' A. p. :uiii d "' 1 '"' ' 'ouoi v p 1 1 . in ! I 1 it'-- .... p. .; .. 2' 'i. - !..P. ' ' I": ' a:' 'a ' . a re on Iho north 1 ' M '-' I.'".; 1 P. al. C ,1 , p ( ) " I .I'd I ..IP'A'I I. !'- I mi 'he south '' ' '. M ' s (Whin,. P' an M 3. 'V-"" ' ' ;,1 I. '. 1 M i ,:-; (,;bpn '' V" : 1 '"m Yl S KM (Acute No. 4. M ' II,- t) - , !' . on tin Se eieiaiy of State. ' .,,', b- I; out door of e " 1 : day lo, k .11 a' I cr'-l- I-'l-"d It. S'llith.. LK.K J- 'J r.i. v . 1 Charl. s It. -f, AI.ikt i:. Ilireli. . it (. OOFllp.,- v. (civtMe Puinc'I nil el v Iti All! -VIC jpor 1 'Ii i' M-.:. I ' r, tit his idli' "111 I i' ad - , h. Mr. I lot A P 111. 1 d II t TTT" . , II We- lod, 1 n' i.e I ii" I an V runt. ftate Auditor State Treasurer Alturney Ceneial. . . Suin-i-i, ii, :,,,, nt ()f 1'ulilio lnstruc -tion Commisii'iiier of Shool and 1'iiP-lic Uimls Railroad woo ! S P. Ac- -!" -k upm whii'b thi-; a.s a slial! rem. 1. 11 unpaid on 'he : 1,1 1 1 tav UilM-r. P.ion. will he d'-liti'iuent and tiss-d for sal.-, and unless paymi-n ,n i 01 lo : I'iniiiro as may il.,-! aiini1 ! ,:" o. -civ- r-. Ii;, ' I 1- I into V p, Aa v. d. - I e-l, a, .1 01 the -bov -I. -- 1 i r- - 1 - I ' 0 p., : M"S 12) foil' d'd'-'s niol fir!iiv. i P'b 'dl aeeriplig cos' . I he pi opei le Pefore s..i,l ri.'iiiiii;. CI.ANYIl.l.i: C BENNETT. - '- . ! 1 1 in mg ad '. crs, 1 y ""'' or -n.-fa-'? d 'o li!,. Hi, ir adverse lo g ..:, r of tip. I'nited nt Pa), Id City, S. I). hundred an I '1 t w-o . ,-nf t 1 ogel h o s;,,. ;,,oI ti'. r. V:Pin IIS Willi ' ' X Paul I' IMmniid C.Hik. Ilie cnoo. 'r..r ,bo ; . S P .ri s. ! P.T '.011:10.' in. (. f, ice in Batik rup'cy. 1 Pali. P.'ck APSEPPMENT NOTICE ".'h .p,v r.f .lane. V-',.,. r,t 'h" ra'e o I V. T. Ijal-'ollell,' ChamP-Mani. Poll ll I ", ivu , ,is- p,.r,Hl of publim-e- ' ! 1 . v will be barred by vir-' v:s ,,,; ,,f the statiit"g. . ,it nor n-inom t Pi'.bli.- Vllr-'l'.n '",. Ml" tl':-'h"St M lder for Cadi ;'"' ;' CillNi'V TP'KKP I Pi'.d :.' Ileal wood. P P. O. tobrr 2nd ! p.00 M TT PLIWK'TTT. I PI'erlT of Pniiri"!"- Countv j Bv JAMES H II TtTtIS I A K ; A RPNER. R.'glster. IT IP HEREBY OPPEREP. That tho forego! : g noii, e I... published for a period of six'-.- da, i in the Daily Pioneer-Time, a newspaper publish, d at Dead wood. S. P. a flit hear, st aid claims A. K. GARDNER. Register. L, ad. P. P-I.O.ld A. Mid. S P. C reer.mont. P. P Lead, P. P-Ix-ad, S. P- have P.-. n piade before, will be sold at auc'. -n at the office of th" iroamrer. In IVe.'ol-i o' d. on th" P'th day of Noy en ' .... lfiO,- vt 2 ni o'clock p. m , to pay s:p h '!-linipi'iit assossinont, togeihter wi'h costs of advertising and exyp, ns"S of ae.. NEIL Mel)( i.N'OFt; 1 1, S.. (Firs-t Pub. Sept. I'". i ll'rawley LalTey, Attorneys I notick to ovsi:rt OF land hf, FORK TAX l)Ei:i) SHALL ISSl'F,. To William K. Jones: You are hereby notified that on the 4th day of November, ISSo, the following; described piece or parcel of real estate, taxed in the name of W. E. Jones, and situated in the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, as follows: Ixt No. 6, lie- Popilf y Plaintiff's AOorneys. (First publication Oct. .1. P00.)' State Senator 3Sth District Sute Senator 38th District State Kepresenta-'P'e 15th j'ist.... State Representa-live 4Sth Dist State RepresenU-ve 4Sth Dlt State Representative 48th Dist.... Sheriff County Judge!!"'. Clerk of Couth... Superintendent rrf John A. Gallnpiier. . Lend. S ! , James Conzett Petdivood. S I).. J. B. Fairbanks (Jre. nmont. s. l' .. A. C. McKlnnoy Lead, P. I 1 Theodore E. Oeskey ' Load, S I) C. Cardinal ' St. Ont;e. P. P James R. Harris.... pejlwood, S. 1 . . . R. N. Ogden I lead wood. S. P.... A. C. Potter.... ! S. D 1 Pt. onge, a. P. IPeadwood, S. P. I Deadwoud, S. P. Lead, P. P. (W. II. Parker. Attorney ) SUMMONS RELIEF COMPLAINT FILED. SUte of South Dakota, County of Iaw- rence, ss. t Circuit Court. Eiahth Judicial Wrcnit acnools Florence Wertman Whitowood, S. I).. . Treasurer Thos. V. Thompson, v hitewood, S. P A. W. Merrick IPeadwood. S. H John E. Sullivan I Lead. S. P Charles E. Davis 'Peadwood. S. P Register of Deeds... Auditor States Attorney.!!!!. YVhitesiood, P. I). White" ood. S. U. PeadwoiKl, S. P-Lead, S. P. iieadwood, S, I). I (eadw.wl, S. P Lead. P. P. Ppearlish. P. P. Ing part of Omega lode lot No. 7'd. ! (Imrgla Roodor, Pla.ntlfr. was sold for taxes then due and de- V8- , Unnnont for the year 1894. at tax ,a.e J- "0 aboTe by the treasurer of said county to named c-u ndajit: Lawrence county, and was by snid j Y'ou are Irrehy summom-d and required rur baser duly assitrncd to P. L. ( Ul answ-er the complaint f the aliove natti-' , , . . .. , ,,iii , '.'1 'diitiiLT. a copy of which Is hereby fPbl.s. who is now the lawful holder .-ived ,,., you an(1 to 8n.e a of Charles E. Johnson.. Peadwood, S. I).'.:. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate, of Micbaal McMonagle, deceased. ' " Notice Is hereby given by the under-edVned administrator of the estate of .Michael McMonagle, deceased, to the treditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four tnonths after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at his residence, 21 Burnham avenue. Dead-wood, or to David Brown, hia agent of Deadwood, In the County of Lawrence, S. D. Dated September 27, 1900. JAMES ATCHISON, Administrator of the estate of Michael McMonagle. deceased. (First Pub. Sept. 29. 1900.) urreyor . . . Coroner Cnn-i. p. r.. aionanan i,ean. m. Assessor.... J Daniel J. Toomey. . . I Spcarfish. S. P.... mhsioner 2nd i . . . P.lver CJuoen Mining Company, place of ,ii :ro-s. I ion d w . Kid , P. P. Notice is here' v given that at a meeting, of the hoard of directors of tht at.ove named lomoar.v. held at Peadwood, on the 4th dav of October. lfiuO, an assessment (No. .1), of one-half rent per shtire was levied' upon th" outstanding stock of the company, payable Immediately to Sheridan McBratnev. at Criilnra. S. P.. or J. YV. Carse at the Anierican National Bank, Peadwood. P. P. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 10th day of November, 1W0, will he delinquent and adv.-rtis-i for stile, a'.rt unless payment shall have heon made before, will be sold at auction at the American Natioral Bank,, Peadwood S. P . on the jath day of No-,.miir pino at 2 HO o'clock p. tn.. to pay Hfri dclirrpier t assessment, together with ,csti itf idver-llnr and eTocnses of sale. PHERIP N' MrBRATNEY. ,Serrefary. (Mocdv, Keilar A Moo.!y. Attorneys M OTtTfJ AGE SALE Pi-fault has been made In the payment of -the mnriev en.-ured by a mortgage dated the 1'"h dav of April A P. P'1''. executed by Mrs. Archie IP PmHM and Archie H. Smith, mortgagor, lo W. H. Bryan, mort-gag.-e. Tlio amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage at the date of this notice is the sum. of five hundred and thlrty-ftve dollars, an 1 terr dollars attorney's fees. , Now. therefore, notice. j hereby given th-at bv virt'ie of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and duly recorded, and in purunne of the statutes In ouch ma' and provided, the said mor'raL'e will Ie forec'cel by a sale of tho mortgaged premises therein . decr;i-ed. at public auction at the Tront door of the court hoii. in the Pity of Headword South Pakota. on the 3rd day of November. lfifO. at 2 o'cloek In the aftrnoon of that day. Tho mortgaged premises are situated In the County of Lawrence. In the State of South Pakota, and are described Distric P. P. -pear :ts . Joseph Coolt. FVpiartish. S. P of the certificate of-purchase. J I1.1t ; your answer upon the s:i)Kcrl.tcr at his ln IieadwrwKl. Ijawi-eni-e. count v. POPULIST PARTY. Presidential pi, said (axes then due ami delinquent amo'tnted t $1.20 have been paid, with interest, penalty and 10-P ac- P. S. P. intohoi" k Sioux 1'ills, South Pakota. within thirty d.avs after the s - -e e ,.f this summons en v.-:. -yc)u-.-.. of the ay o' such service, and if you fa,! Presidential Elector! Thos. Thompson, Jr. Hitchcock. P P .. Erwln J. Tracy...... Pioux Fall". P. I'... Kettle Halvorson Plsseton. P P $.71, making a total amount 'a- answer this complaint within that tirt- P ssctori, P. P. 1 Hand County, S J. J. Sell... Hand County, p. P . rossnrv tn redeem of 11.91. ami in ! t lain. 1,1 will apply to the court 'or th? , relief demanded n the compb-.i-ii ad iiCrin thereto, the cost of servi o of I Yankton, P. D. Pated at Peadwood. S. p.. this 21th dav this notice, totrether with rib h inter-! I Edmond F. English. 'Yankton. P. I) ..... fohn M. Pease Mt. Y'ernon. P. P ... i. E. Stair.. Mitchell. S. P 'red Nystrum Lwiston. S. P P. "raiaential Elector rtdential Elector "epresentatlve 1 n Congress Presentative in Congress jfernor Sf?" of "state!! Auditor IVTreasurer...... "Sntendent of Mr. Vernon, ts. i Mitchell. P P. I Pe w i-ton. P. P. i. p. r. Oe WOO. Tank Stout Fleetwood. 'S. P : '' 1 P ,vi 1 n Co., S. P, Frank W. Bailey 'pavidson Co . S. P of September, A P. PfiO. WILLIAM II. PARKER. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Above-named Defendant: You will please take notice that the summons and complaint 'irf this action was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled, court at the court house In the City of Peadwood. Lawrence County, South Pakota, on the 22nd day of September. A. D. inoo. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. Sept. 25, 1900.) t as may a";rue after Piis date, r u t bo paid, that the rir-ht of re-(Irmptbin expire and d"o-! for 'aid Innd lie made within sixty dnvs from the completed servi. tr of this notice. p. L,. nmn Holder of Tax Sale Certificate. Dated at Deadwood.S. D., O L 23, JPOO. 0. I. Husaboe 1 Trent. S. D. . Notice There Is over $13,000 of state school money on hand In the county treasury to loan on school bonds and Improved farm lands In Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed in this office aoon. W. A. ZINK. County Auditor "missiOT.'",;,"" Uc Una, commla- Trent. P. D. Brookings, S. P. Iewlston. S. D. L I. Stearns. . Brookings, S. D. Lewiston. S. P.. A. D. Blundin.

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