The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 28, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1899
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MOUSING, JULY 28, 1899. (Martin & Mason. Attorneys ) NOTICE OF DAY FIXED FOR HEARING OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Patrick O'Brien: You are Informed that I have expended la labor and improvements upon the Chance and Ch&nce No. 1 lodes or mining In the County Court of the County of Lawrsncs, State of South Dakota. IB the matter Of the Estate of Dorothea claims, situated in Carbonate mining dis MARY A. DOWNER H. D, i'ractue l.iroiTed to the Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Eye and Ear. Glares Fitted. Hours !i a. in. to 1 v rn Office in OlyEl pic Iiulldill. Dead wood " Sou:h Daiota. Bohulx, deeeaaed. Pursuant to an order of said Court, On the 19th day of July. A. D. 1899, U hereby given that the exeeutors Of Dorothea Schulz, deceased, made to the said Court, and filed iu the uftti e tber. i.r. uu said da', a return of sale made by I hem NOTICE OF LEABJE. 1 Notice Is hereby given that the Dakaka Maid Mining company, a corporation, fcav leaneii unto several different parties W southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of thai Dakota Maid lode mining claim in Strawberry gulch, Lawrence county. South Dav kota. All parties furnishing material for use upon said Dakota Maid Mlnl.sji claim or performing labor thereon, am hereby notified that the owner of aaw mining claim will not be responsible M any material or labor furnished at the ha stance of any of the lessees. , Dated. Strawberry Gulch, Lame county. South Dakota, August Itth, UM. DAKOTA MAID MINING CO.. Owner. By JOSEPH KINO, Free. I . I l :. A l l . ' ncys.) ."TI' i: ui-' --KTT! " ! T ' ' tfVOUNT. I', lie ' . ,..!i, I'ijuini' of l. Vt i ' iK. .1,1 . , Hot Springs LIVERY STABLE F. B. SMITH, Manager Good -Pdgs and Saddle Horces at Reascnalle Jiates. TELEPHONE 3STO. 55. Burn on Klver Avenue HOT SPRINGS SOUTH DAKTOA. M Full Line nf trict. Lawrence County, South Dakota, at least one hundred dollars per year upon each of said claims for the years A. D. 1891 . IM2, lb3."lW4. 1895, 18, 1897 and 1898, all of which was done for the purpose of holding the said claims or lodee under ttc provisions of section No. 2324, Revised Statutes of the United States, and acu ar endatory thtfelo, for the periods ending December 31st, 1891; December 31st. 1 SHU ; December 31st, 1893; December 31st, '.894; December 31st, 1895; December 31st. ly.'ti; December 31st, 1897, and IH-cener 31st, 189S. and there is due from n the llth day of July. A l Iv.c.. under a previous order of said Court, of the fol lowing real estate, ami for thu following um to-wit: lyis 1. 2. 3. 4, and rt. In nrb-rTii WOOD CONTrAGT TO LET the city of Speartlsh. to August Semi hard!, for ll'.'eo (Ht. as will mere fully ap you thereon, to-wit: Ou the said Chance pt;arcfrm said return, tllc.l as alun -aid. and to which reference is hereby made for f in t b. i particulars. lode or mining claim the sum of four hun And lu.ti. is hereby fuittier kiv.ii dred ( $4iiii. Vu) dollars, on the said Chance lode or mining claim No. 1 the sum of four hundred $phi.mii) dollar, or eight ihat Moil nil. the 31st day of July. Hi-' m:.t.. t . ..f Wllil m H. hun. '.red impimkp dollars in all, -- . i. IV'.. ,ii to i)'. I.M k a. in It 'he Ci.'ltl i;....iii if -ai. I Court i.u arc hereby notHlcd tnat If wltmn at pca.Hwwld !! -I.'d :..I'M' le e ' ninety cm) days from the service of this ( 1 . . -' i 1 1 1 : .-1 1 1 . . r ..r c,. .-statej noti. e eu fail to lonlritiute your portion v. ' I . ti : 1 '..r h. tim . 1 r . -1 1 1 v i i !. 'i y i:--. . 5 if -a;-! . .),.t n.liture ;ls co-owner with th Jii-i rxgiied during each of the years above std ill sail eslale may appeal and 111. intlcll object ions to the colilll inal :.m .)( AND men : i. ui. it, your interest in said lodes or niiiitf i; l,unis will U-come the property I he iaid s.ili . and may tie ncani ani iti-iv . induce w itn.'SSCN 111 sllpirt of 111" "I' of th. su!st i'.i r, your cu-owier, who ha.s mad. tie irffuind exi.i-nditures as requlrti by -aid el inn No. J.llM of the He.viaed -0 IMRKET. .HiHTelephoneNo 69 ,on Tejephctie No. 3. WAIN STREET. DEADWOOD Tadiesi elephone No. 187, (BHrt Bill" rbone.) n&l attendance at your resl-'Texpertsorlal artists. Jle the wduBive agents for the perfect air Tonic and Dye m'agei to bo people of Dead- We bav numbers of tefltl-of the most flattering ch&r- tfK HIUS TELEPHONE, 187. B. M. AIK1NS, TTORNEY AT LAW Riom 1 Syndicate Block, jiDWOOD, - BOOTH DAKOTA 0t fff4 . JOS, FORD, i.tTOTIOlM'ESIIIIS.- ll H.llS. I i.i ' I'd Julv l.i. l'i. frank J. w ash ii n;ji Ju.'U:e of ClHIIlly CnUlM I First l'ulilicaliiiii. July 21. 1S99 I Slgtjit.e-(rf the United . Slatjai We want to contract ith reaponslble party '.o furnish us (cutting and hauling from lands alloted us by government) rivr TiiofSAXD cords wood. HOLY TEKIUUt MINING CO. K.'.v! .ne, .... South Dakota. , Maude Warner MaGFlietriflue Will receive PUPriS In Vocal and infitftimerital Husie at hoj rest deuce. Ko. 20 Denver Ave., Dead wood, S. IX flu Deadwood Restanranl Formerly the Chicago Best Meals in the City. Open Da and Night. ItmtKKT M (1E.VT (First I'ub. May 17. 1899.1 ' '! II i .' ' !. .-.i . d '.a.- ren-.'. , . .1 ,i n 1 pi .. !' cd : l-i anr5. hi. 111 .... I . out" 111- ':: ,1 ..Hi.' . f hiK .i'! !! ii i -1 1 ,i i. mi .' .i i.1 i ' . . i 1 t hat: c- :i i . i- r. ct . ' u I ' ; u : ,. .1 ami ii..: I n !;n : ne tb d.i i . .! Angus'. D.. I1 " bell.g .1 da. of a :.'ll,l .if. .1.11.1 . uiirt. Iij VH nf In Inly term. V U... I ? - J . at. in u i l.i. k a in . at Mie court rimm of sail court al the Cl'y of 1 i. a.l .will , in s.ud I..I1. li ld . i ba- I . . ii duly ap- eil, ted by the Mllil. iH'l. fill settlement of said final aci omit, at wbndi tune anQV idaii any iKi'son iiilcicsted in said estate ' n ay appear and tile bis exccpi inns in writing to the said account iilul contest the h.'lllc. I ll NK .1 W ASH UlAUC.H, i: i al ) t'ouuty Judge Dated July 22nd. 1899. ( Fill Pub July 23, 1899.) NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting of the stockholders iCninville (i. Ilemnett, Att'y.) SUMMONS, Foil ItELlEF, COMI'LAINT nf the Golden Reward Consolidate! Gold FILED X State nf South Dakota. CountK of Law Mining and Milling Company, for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing year, and tne transaction of such other business as may come before rence. SS. Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. said meeting, will ne held t the office of Florence M. Dangler, lVaintlff. vs. Clarence S. Dangler, Defendant. The State of South Dtkota to the above named Defendant: the Company in the Citv W Deadwood, Ijtwrenco County. South Dakota, on Tuesday. August 1. 1899, at eleven o'clock In the forenoon. E. H HARRIMAN, Pres't. WM. LETSON. Ass't Sec'y. tFlrst Publication Julv 13. 1S99 ) You are hereby summoned and rogulred to answer the complaint of the plaintiff In the above entitled action, which will be filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Cir LEGAL NOTICES. cuit, In and for the County of Iawrence and State of South Dakota, and to Berve (Edwin Van Clse, Attorney.) SHERIFF'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY' GIVEN, That by SUPPLIES Fishers Bazaar, 663 Main St. Woodchoppers Wanted I can employ six wood cb.oppers. .Steady work. Going wages. Ill HOISINGTON.. Keystone. Souib Dakota. Turkish Powder! Knovn in Arabic as "THE DELIGHT Ob HAREM." A scientific discovery; prescription obtained from the Sultan's own physician. The secret of the Intense sexual vitality of the men of the eastern races. Prevents premature organsm an i prolongs the pleasures of life. It Is not a drug taken internally but Is applyed externally, with an effect truly remarkable. FOR MEN ONLY ANTISEPTIC; perfectly harmless; corrects oaLd cures sectual weakness. Onco tried jm will not be without them. Sample S'nt prepaid 25c. 5. for $1.00; 12 for $2.0. TURKISH PtWDER CO., ! O. Doi '90. Douver, Colo. a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the sulsc'riber, at his office in virtue of an Execution to me directed and delivered and now In my hands. Issued out Dead wood, In said ( ounty and State, wltn in thirty days after the service of this summons ution you exclusive of the day of the Clerk's office, of the Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit, County of of sin h servic e; and if you fall to answer tC. E Davis, Attorney.) SUMMONS. The State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial Circuit, sh In the Circuit Court In and for Itwrence county. Jacob Goldberg. Plaintiff, vs. A. J. MelJiln. whose Christian name Is tb plaintiff unknown. Defendant. The State of South Dakota sends greetings to the atiove named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of Jacob Goldberg, plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby served upon you. and serve a ropy of your answer thereto upon the subscriber at my office In the Post Office building in the city of Deadwood, Iiwrence county. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service if this summons, exclusive of the day v' service, or the plaintiff will take Judgment against you for the sum of $310.92, with Interest at 7 per cent per annum from date hereof, besides costs. Dated. June 26th. 1R99. C. E. DAVIS, Plaintiff's Attorney. Lawrence. State of South Dakota, upon a Judgment rendered In said the said complaint witliin the time aforesaid. Ilie plaintiff in this action will apply to the court for the relief demanded .1 ... l,in.'iriL alt lllll Court In favor of Slyvester C Fargo, et al., and against Clint Dotson on tho 27th day of October, 1894, and after their houseliold pwxJf. disposed f SiireipaMible auctioneer. In the complaint. Dated June 24th, 1899. GRANVILLE C. BENNETT, wards transferred by the sheriff's bill of sale to Edwin Van Cise. trustee, I have jtgacSt. - HaniflonTel. 55 riaintiff's Attorney, Dead wood. So. Dak levied upon tho following described real property of said defendant. t o-wlt: That part of Mineral Survey No. 1JII8 as en The defendant In the above entitled action will please Uike notice that the complaint in said action was duly filed In the office of the Clerk of said court, in the Citv of Deadwood, S. D.. on the 26th lered for patent at the I'. S. Land Office in Rapid City. S D . April 1(1. W99. known 1 ('l bfl"" Dln OTROYAL PILLS as the Dotson Plaeer and described as fol notice or- l?:ase. To all parties performing labor or furnishing material upon the Toledo and Denver Lodes of the Omaha group of mining claims near Squaw Creek: TAKE NOTICE. Ttmt said claims are being worked under lease, and that the nmlersigned owners will not be responsible tor any labor performed or material furnished upon said premises. C. T. TAYLOR, E. C. SMITH, Owners. I'ltOPOSALS i'OK liONDS. The auditor ir Lawrence county, .South Dakota, invites sealed proposals up ti Aug 111. 1899, for the purchase of $112,-(Ki'l of its bonds described as follows: Date July 1, 1899. payable In 20 years with privilege of paying after ten years. Denominations $1.0tM' each. Interest 5 per cent per annum, semi-annually, principal and interest payable in New York. Object of issue, to refund the balance remaining outstanding of an issue of J37r,.-O'li) in per cent bonds due July 1. JS99. The county having heretofore retired S-63.-uOu of said issue. These bonds are in sued strictly ir. accordance with the la and there is iibso-nn iiiu.aiii.ii as to their validity. day of June. 1899. GRANVILLE G. BENNETT, lows: Beginning at tho SE 4rner of the Attorney for Plaintiff claim for corner No. 1, whence The SW corner of section 19, Tp 6 N.. R. 4 E., B. H. tFlrst I'ub. June 27.) Cii inlal wltk Mm rtblwo. Tk 'T M.. bears S 23 de 69 mln 30 sec E. 4034.9 ft. distant; (hence S 87 deg 16 min W, ta ittmp pwiwm.i". ""'""" . - "MM Ihr I.-IW T S72.2 ft to corner No. 2; thence N 32 deg Ifi mln W. 14-8 1 ft to corner No. 3; thence tmj Attorneys.) ft -J N 42 deg 17 min E, 745.8 ft to corner No. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE. To the defendant above named: You will please take notice, that the summons and complaint in the above entitled action were tiled in the office of the clerk of the circuit nnrl at Deadwood. Iyawrenee county. South Dakota, at Dead-wood, on the 6th day of July, 1899. C. E. DAVIS, Plaintiff's Allnrney. Deadwood. South Dakota. (First Pub July 7th, 1899.) 4: thence N If. deg 01 mln V, 9S0.H ft to corner No. ".; thence S II". deg 44 min E ! i 0(10 ft to corner No. 6: thence S 6 deg 38 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence. In Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. Stearns Company, a corporation, Plaintiff vs. min 3d sec E. 1344 9 to corner No. I. ihi place of beginning. Also all that portion of 1Ot No. 776 lo M. S. No, 7711 1 known as the Coe Place situated between corner N'n. 1 and Nn Is 48 i'Hirs Oonorrkw na mtr. th liritiarT Ol-jr John Shannon, as administrator of the ..-(otn if VA 5Viiniiiri .l.'e51RJll ' John 1 Mai . . . .1i MIMU raaae a wen man or ram, .. thy nuni ?""IlljT I Monti, of ALL Drurtfinta, Treber. as executor of the estate of John 'I of same lying west of Smith ''reek In Smith's Gulch, all in Whitev.ood Mining Hermann, deceased, and Daniel M IITnn tier District. Lawrence County. S !' And that I shall on Wednendiiy, the Ifith Defendants. day of August. A. D. 1899. at the hour of HI INDAPO Til It fibKlT o'clock, a. m.. of said day. at the front door of the Court House in Demi wood in nun, IWK A. OnOBOK, Sealed proposals for these bonds or for anv part of them will be received at the office of the county auditor up to noon August loth. 1899. No bids will be considered unless accompanied by a certified check for two per cent of the amount of the bid. payable to the order of Treasurer Lawrence County, to be returned immediately if bid is not acopted. Right is reserved lo reject any or all bids. For further information address W. A. ZINK, Auditor Lawrence County, Dead wood, S. D NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale In the above entitled action on tlue 29th day of June, A. D. 1899, and ai; execution issued upon said Judgment, the subscriber. Matt said County and State, proceed to sell a HINDOO Bev is1. Tl ' Dwdwood. . ii. 2AN k GEORGE the right, title and Interest of the above named Clint Dotson. or such right, title o 1" J"" "WLfi 'JKCiK .i. Interest as he may have had on October 27, 1894. or at any time since, in and to rtl.ri k P"-i.1:3 oniokl, bat NOTICE OF FORFEITURE To I'liai les Ml Von a-. luiitJied ihat ihc undersigned. ci.-CH . - -- K'lVo ev el l.-l in l ibor and !ui)iioveineniH u)uiii the Gen. Sheridan lode mining claim, situated a little south of Gaiden City, hounded on the south by the "Edna " mining claim, at least one hundred ($lii()0iii dollars per year for the years 1896 and 1897. which was done for the purpose uf bidding mild claim under the provisions o; Section ::.2t Revised Statute U S . for the periods ending December 31. 1896. and December 31, 1897. You are further notified that If within ninety (90) days from the service of this notic. you fall to contribute your portion of said expenditures as co-owner with the undersigned during each of the years above mentioned, your Interest In said claim will become property of the subscribers according to the provisions of said section 2324. EBEN W MARTIN.. NORMAN T. MASON. Deadwood. S. D. , July 25. 1899. (First Publication, July 27. 1899 I the above described property to satisfy yrKjs anft Counselors at Iiaw, said Judgment, and coets, amounting lo Two Hundred and Seventy-four Dollars Mtafkn, a-C.nd Dssdwoed. S.iD, ft and Ninety-five Cents, together with all accruing costs of sale and Interest on the VseTSnteBoom No. N 8jdloe Aloek. vMMatU stMsand federal Owrtl. Plunkett, Sheriff or ucwrence touaiy, State of South Dakota, for that purpose appointed, will sell at public auction at the front door of the Court House, in the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, en Wednesday, August 2nd, 1899, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate In the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and directed In said Judgment and Execution to be sold, and therein ddescribed as follows: A certain lot or piece of ground twenty- same from the day of th toner, 18.' 1 WILOOX PHAHMACY Deadwood A. t "A Una, BSfaDue and Bankrupt Iwi at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, at Public Auction to the highest bidder for earth. Dated. Deadwood, S. D.. July 12. 1899. MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence bounty. EDWIN VAN CISE, Attorney for Transferee. five feet front by one hundred feet deep, ... . , , a a. , . tltuatea about tnree nuaarea ana uny itoi ,, , K tha IWwlnm n hntnl. in the r MANHOOD RESTOREDvSSS i nrn. . ....M.mft!iwa&k organ). . . . r,sl wth (Frawley & Laffey. Attorneys.) In the Circuit Court, Of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of the State of South Dakota, within and for Lawrence Ciunty. Lizzie Nace, Plaintiff, vs. Eldon Nace, Defendant. THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA SEND GREETING: To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff whkh will be filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lawrence County, South Dakota, at tne Court House in Deadwood, in said County and State; and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their offlae in tin Smith Mek in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence County. South Dakota, within 30 dtys after the serving of fhls summons on you, exclusive of the day of service; and if you faii to answer ..,a mmniiint with.n that time, the plain Town of Portland, near Green Mountain, .... . . i. . . 1 1 .i (Edwin Van Clse, Attorney.) NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE. BY VIRTUE of an order and decree of together Wltn tne two story iranie uuuu.-ing and Improvements upon the said prop- iv awxA halnir ttiA nmnortv imiMl which the County Court of Lawrence County. has been Bituated, and Is now or so much South Dakota, made on the petition of the undersigned Matilda Hooper, guardian of the persons and estate of Leslie B. Hooper, Verue L. Hooper and Wynne Margie Hoop thereof as may be sumcient to satisry sahlJudgment and costs, amounting in all to Two Hundred and Fourteen (214) Dollars and Thirty (30) Cents, with interest tbexeon from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of sale. NOTICE Notice Is herebv given that I have leased to the Dakota Mining and Milling company an undivided one-half Interest in the following nml mining' claims; The Lucy. Mono, Lucy Fraction. O-Z, Rell Penobscot and Day Fraction lode, situated near Green Mountain, ill Whitewood Quartz mining district. Lawrence County, South Dakota, and that neither the undersigned nor the said proper! Ira will be liable for any laU.r mnterials. machinery, tools, or sup). lies in the working of said mines Dated Dadood. S D. June 12. 1S99. JOHN fl. LUCY, Owner. er. minors, for an order to sell the Heal kMMIU.. CCPIDENKli th.oniy J"";e2u7Jg KiTwi not efll permoit. 1 liI.lffIl!-P.O.JlMW.lnKl,ll:l),l,, Estate of said minors at the regular May Term. A D. 1899. of said Court, to-wit South Dakota. pSlNKUmfl PALACE PHARMACY, Dead wood. on the 29th day of June 1899. I shall, on or after the 16th day of August. 1899. sell at private sale the real property situate In tiff will aply to tke Court for the relief in said complaint demanded. Dated at Headwood, South Dkkota, the 8th dy of Jul'y. '.S9- FRAWLEY &LAFVEY, Attorneys for Pleintiff. frt rim ahnM ti;i m1 defendant: -Take Rfmedy Co. GonK Dated Deadwood, south DaKota, juue 30th, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. ")(iaxiitoHl)utyvv Plaintiff's Attorneys (First Pub. July 1.) NOTICE OP FORFEITURH. To Elijah P. Fowler, administrator af the estate of Ellen Shannon, deceased; Thomas Donovan, James Donovan, Mary Parker, LUiie Donovan, James F. Donovan, John T. Donovan. Minnie A. Donovan and Charles Donovan, heir, at law of I A Cl 1m. Bh.nnnn HjUIAAJUmI ! John H- notice rnat the plaintiff's compralnt in this action was files in the office of the Clerk of the above named Court, at Deadwood, HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOB in said County atld State, on tne imn nay of July MM. . . NOTICE OF LEASE To all parties performing labor or furnishing material uirtn the Mormon Chief Lode, 139: TAKE NOTICE: That said claim Is tsp-Ig worked under lease and that Ihe undersigned owners mil not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnlshel ujHin paid premi-es hugh McCaffrey, henry si ssenhach. Owners. r'KHWLIiI K llATf Dl, j, Attorneys for Plaintiff. (Frist Publication July 15, 1899) ( Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) LOOD POISON t AVilW-fAV t TKRTIAKY BLOOD POISOh PERMANENTLY CURED U 15 TX) 35 DAYS. You can b tiireated at home for to mm Lawrence County. South Dakota. iles rlhed as follows, to-wit: The southwest quarter of south east quarter of section twenty-three (23) and north west , quarter of northeast quarter and north half of northwest quarter of section twenty-six C'6) containing 160 acres. Also, northwest quarter of southeast quarter west half of northeast quarter, northeast quarter of northwest quarter of 'section twenly-eigl.t 1281. also southeast quarter of southwest qiiarlel and west half of .-.oullleast quarter Of section twenty-one 121). All of said land being in Township seven (7) north, of range one 111 east B. H M . in Lawn-nee County. South Dakota, on the following terms, to-wit: Cash, or part cash and part time with approval security. Bids or offers must be in writing and may be left al the otlict of Edivin Van Cise nn Lee street. Deadwood. S. I or filed in the office of the County Judge, or delivered to the undersigned i-isuiially. Dated, this 27th dav of July. A. I . lv-. M XTll.n -. HOOPER Guardian of the Persons and Estate, "f the Minors aforesaid. I First' Publication Julv :, 1 ' I Shannon, administrator of the estate of SUMMONS MONEY DEMAND CUM ot I1VT FT!. Jell VA, a nl U Ha win HWHUMI HlUieW DUU' State of South Dakota, County of Law non and Joha Shannon, heirs at law of t," A ..-a A DhDp nnn .ImvUmI. Slid tO thMT l. ' . fr mt here w wi' rence. BS. " .,,.ii-n I, and each of their legal representatives or In Circuit Court, Eisntn Juaiam vu.u. not under sam GUaBANTI . u - HER CURT, IODINTfl POTASH Jf ,h"T ppER-COLOR-Piwum 1. ana 111 THROAT, PIMPLW, wrrB lames A. Ogden, Plaiatin, vs. If. E Davis. Allnrney. ) OT1CE H-' SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT AM, 1 iSTI'.lDl'TIoN. You are Informed that I have expended In labor and improvements upon the Spring Electric Gold Mining & Milling Company, the County Court of the County oi In The State of South Dakota Sends Greet- and Lloyd lodes or mining ciwim, JLM ated in Whitewood mining district, la Lawrence county. South Dakota, at least $100 upon each of aald claims for the year i . u a luiva m a m n i ipiiaani . UK IU luc " . -.. i ai nimmnnpd ana reautrea Lawrence. State r s. '.th Dakota. otice of settlement "f tinal account anil distribution. l Ihe Matter of the Ejntate of William W. Iddlngs. I icceased. OTCTjRB. Thl. 1mm baa always BAFFLED THE bbjul. v DCNBNT PHYHCXAJI& ... 1898, all of which was done ror tne purpose j uu a ( c D " , to answer the complaint of the above named Plaintiff, which will be filed in the office of the Clerk of the above entitled " . ... ,. aa a..,i. link nl ji and to Notice is hciely given that Edgar E. lough, the administrator of the estate of court ai Lirnu-uui., serve a copy of your answer uPonthul)-H of holding the said lodes unaer me provisions of section 2324. Revised Statute, of the United State., and acts amendatory thereto, for the period endln December 31. 1898, and there la due from you the urn of $75.00 upon each of .aid clalma. v,. . h,..Ki- nn.lfl,wl that if within illiam W. Oiddings. deceased, na rena-i.A ami t.rfiphlnt for settlement, and ed in said court, bis final account of his NOTICE ' Work on the property of the Ella Eldon Gold Mining Co. is now being done under contract by A. C. Tlppie. Henry Braseh. and J, F. Ourley. who are solely responsible for labor, materials, machinery. iool and supplies employed thereon, and neith ministration of the estate, tne same De- ready for distribution: and mar. ninety day. from completed publication of lureday. the 10 day of August A. D., UUIBUtJ, UI. ... ' . - -- o uus notice you isu io wuiim mm fA nnnilllilN U MVWB- I - 1S99. being a day of a term of .aid eonn. er the said company nor the said proper to-wii: of the July term, A. v.. 1899. at iu er with the undersigned during he year ties are liable for any part thereof. THE ELLA ELDON GOLD MINING CO. seribers. at their omce, in mo Mason Block, in Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the Plaintiff will take Judgment against youforTwenty-four Hundred Eighty-wven Dollars and Fifty Cento, with interest at the s rate of 7 per centum per annum, from the 1st day of June, 1899, besides the costs of this action. . - Dated at Deadwood, S. D thl. rd day of June, A. D. 1899. 4l2teL?HjUzx Plaintiff. Attorney. To defendant above named: Complaint in above action was filed In ... . h. nark nr thm svhova en- BY E. W. MILLER, PKES r.4 mo vnvlaant IbH men. nf .theTeot of the Sit t r.Tl"0 te tbla dUea-eren when uiida to treii WlwaUUi M atl eould could "4 b'ARS .f our toowa tolr ewielrea, DurU. fTL op to imitate eor 5t twntr alffveot concern, bayei .urted up 10 1 k JJ22 b7 """""" uoc,: 1 Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, J WOKBtoOTOT Ctt bM permanently cured thousand, and ft nmtdo toe apeedr cum, honesty and latogrity. DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O, METHODS. "4 ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURBS 1 b ,; i on appllc-ilon. NO pRANCH OFTICEB C:;?C1U0N;D0LURS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. 3 EEEDT COIPaJT 1928 Hasonic ..TfiffiJle, CMcaio. Dl. PROPOSALS FOR BIDS UM. tr foundation. Walls of TriBltT M. above mentioned, your im claims will become the rroperty of U.e subscribenv your co-owners, whe nave mads the required expenditure aa required by said 8ectloo UU. Central City, 8. D.. May . ISM. J. B. LeBBAU. ZOKLLNER BROS. A. A. JACKSON. (Tint Pub. Hay U. ISM.) o'clock A. M., at the court room of aaldl court at the City of Deadwood, In saldi Lawrence County, has been duly appointed by the said court for final settlement of said administration account, and for distribution of the assets of said estate, at which time and place any person interested la .aid estate may appear and flla bla exceptions in writing to the said account and contest the same. FRANK J. WASHABAWJH, .. County Judge. Dated July 18th, 1IM. First Publication. July lKn, . E. church First ward will be received till Monday. July 31. Speciflcatioiie can be mi at he residence of Rev. C B. Gld- lfl0 UU1W w ,w titled Court at Deadwood, B. D.i on June dings, 47 Burn ham avenue. Privilege of rejecting any and ail bids will be reserved. rm.m, Mian!. rnrh r.n -urea E. p. hauls T, President Beard Trustee .v fcu, jLaWxPlalatliT. Attorneys-- FirK PublloaUoo. Jnne . 1W.) J 1 ' fc. I w.--v I feat $ w Bat It was aaas. tor. g

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