The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 28, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIlfES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1899. IfUmmiNNIIIIIMHMI MMMT t WH IMIIIMIIIIW MMlUm IMIINIH MIMMMtM food for seven dajj-aainouiiced by the Bur Ilocton route. The regular rata bar bMn cut In naif br the Burlington for LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S these Sunday excursions. Tickets to Hot Spring and return may be bought next Saturday (or $5.20 from Dead wood and 15.45 from Lead City. LEAD S. D. 1899. " JULY 28, Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocli3 are now complete and full in all Departments I STATE I'KEKS. The Yankton Press and Ihikotan, the paper conducted by Senator i'ettigrew's private secretary, sides with .Surgeon Warnc asiiiiust Col. Frost, and says he is at the A Iad a nil Oeadwocxl eaniw, a few of whom ronld play ami others could not It v a.s hirt a Iuiik stnmli' but it was hot while it lasted and the Lead boys had mueh the bent of it all the way thru, in fact they had all there was of it for t.hey m'lieiallv put out the down guleh lxys before the could reai h Hie first KUuuysack. It oly coniiiiuiil two and a half Innings for the KINK IIUK'KS The two business l.lix-ks it'ow imuUt ruii-titructioD for V. A (iustiurJt ami Emil Faust are koIhk u IJke niuKie, ami ;il he present rate they wirVsJit- imii!'ter! In a ery short time. As many men us run work are beliiK presK! Into service .ujtl 11 in astonlbhiiiK to how fanl the work proKressetf. 'hn completed these hhH-ks 1 head of the regiment for the purpose, of ' profiting by the victories the men have achieved. Mr. Pettigrew is evidently trying to play a new game with the reginieiif and it would be iuieresting lo know just the game is. I'retty soon, when the boys come home Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wrap9 and Suits, Carpets, Trunks afad Valeses and House Furnishings. will preseftl a beautiful aplx-aram e an I I mmon they lost all their bulls. This wa with banners Hying, drums beating and Class and Oils, breasts swelling high with the eonseiou will be buildings Ihnt any eity in any country would be proud of. The Oushuret Mock will be ocruplid by Mr. J. A Herder as a department store, and Os aru Silver very agre aide to all concerned particularly the defeated nine. Tne Lead nine m ute 17 i uns ami tin ir op(ouei are credited with a goose egg. There is no telling where the score would have gojie to had Mine and Mill Supplier ness of glory justly won, they will feel like kicking the outfit that has been char will move his stock of clothing Into the Faust l-uiidiuH- .Hot Lei !!! i ItuuLiJ "i( balU M into the wilderness there was ten dollars in the game for the winners. At the pavilion acterizing them as tools of a tvrant tuil painting halos around the heads of tle enemy. Above everything ebse the American soldier despises a traitor. MINEIIS WILL, I'LAY The most interesting game of base ball f this or any other season will be pulled there was dancing all the afternoon and evening. The music was by Irof. Kmo's With utiequallod facilities for buvinj? and soiling we aii your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. THE peerless orchestra, l'rof. James Ityan, the btmt prompter in this section, was at his post of duty, and without him the affair would not have been complete. The train NOTICE. I hereby give notice that all school orders issued and registered prior to January 1, ISM, by School District No. 8, will I.e pair! on presentation at my office tn Central City. Interest on same will cease 10 days from this notice. C. K. WEEDON, Ilsl. Treas. Central City, Lawrence county. S. D., July l'.'th. 1M:i. (7-iO-lm) Off on Sunday afternoon on the Lead diamond betweeuthe uppr and lower level miners of the Hotuestake. When we sty tie most Interesting game of the season we do not mean that there will be more finer points, but there will be more of them It does not mean that It will be a scrub .aune for there are professionals at work service on both the Fort 1'ierre and Bur-'. llngton was complete, the trains running every hour, so the picnickers could eonie '' Lead, S. ID. Jn both levels and will play bail from start to finish. The miners will be given a day off to witness the Important contest and go as they desired. Refreshments were served on the grounds by the association and all wants were supplied Taking It altogether the picnic was the most successful one of the summer and the committees are more thna satislled .with The Famous Black Hills Summer Resort and with the others that expect to attend, M ia doubful If the grounds will contain them all. 5. R. SMITH, BLACK HILLS MAPS. Wall Map showing geology and topography of Black HQls of Boats Dakota the results. The association furnished Ice water and coffee free and this liberal privi-lefe was overlooked by but few. THE UNKNOWN Dealer in and Wyoming; 13 colors. Price J1.64 The play entitled the Unknown was Mwndered In Lead Wednesday night ty Pocket Map showing geology same as above, containing a complete description Some talent It was given for the benefit Fresh cut roses and carnation for sale. Mac. the Saddler', Lead. (tf.) Dr. Booth, an osteopath Lst, Is about to of the mineral and otbr resources of the Sylvan Late Hotel. Elevation 6,200 feet Dry air. Hot weather unknown. Mountain scenery unsurpassed. Harney Peak by donkey. Boating on the Lake. House Is new and modern In appoint' Black Hills; cloth cover. Price $1.26. open an office In the Anderson block. Pocket Map of Black Hills, plain, con Carpets,- Crocitery, Carriages, wagaas, Pianos, Organs, Efc. The Pioneer-Times U on sal at L. D. tainlng a description of mineral and other of Christ's 'Episcopal church, and was got- tea up by the ladles of that society. They bad a fine attendance but not the, number thai the production merited, but this is iuet-o Jfie fact that there ia so much going n In the social world just now. Those present were well pleased with it and a t ranger In the audience, one capable of Jacobs' Baser, where you can also get resources of the Black Hills, paper cover. Price 40 cents. the finest amoks In town. (tf.) ! SEWING MACHINES W. T. Qranim, thed rummer, was In menta. Send for souvenir view. F. B. COLES, Manager, Custer. S. D. Map of the Black Hills. Price 25 cents. For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES. Lead with his grips yesterday. Oblorodyn Cough Mixture will cur For the best Make I sell a clilcJlng, actually forgot that he was Batoning to atnatuera. They cannot be complimented too highly and the reporter Singer for 32.5o. I sell a,GO0DSE' SATURDAY EXCURSIOONS TO HOT! ING MACHINE like cut WanuiJ TIME TABLE U only lorry that he wa broke and could not be present to give them a proper send infill SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Spring and return at oae fare. for ten years for $25.50. Undertaking a Special that cough, or w refund the money. L, P. Jenkins, druggist. (tf.) The police court dealt mercifully with two plain drunks yesterday. House bought and sold, money loaned, general Insurance and notary pabllo. Vie tor T. Jepeen, room No. 1, Cotton ft Andrews block. Lead. B. 1 (tf.) C. W. Deltrteh and daughter. Miss Hoiredge and Miss Durant, who have been DEADW00D. $6.20, for the round trip. Tickets good te Lincoln. return seven daya front date of sale. Thai omahar Chicago St. Josvpti, KanaClty, S. R. SMITH. LEAD, Elkhorn train leaving Deadwood at I p, m. is the popular train to Hot Springs, Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt Lake City, 8an Francisco and all points west as it leaves after the dose of bualnem sight seeing in Lead for a few dare, left 8t. Lo trie and all hours. for Spearnsh yesterday to see what they points oast and south. could see of Interest In that section. Train Leave a follow: THEO B. GESKBT Real Estate. Loan Tie Dicta Cob Furniture Ne. tot. V.Ubuled Express, daily, and Insurance, all kinds of Legal writing mm Hot Bprlngs, Lincoln, Omaha Chicago and all points Blast. South and West 2:30 pm SPECIAL EXCURSIONS done. General Agent of the Union Sav o HEROIC RESCUE? The Tittle craft that floats upon the usually calm and placid water of Woodlake, as not allowed much rest on picnic days, ai picnickers don't always use the best Judgmeafa leading It with human freight TeattSftlay the boat started out from the seat dock with all on board It could car-rg, wen under the moat favorable circumstance. When far from land a storm m up and the boat began to rock upon ns troubled water. The lady passengers Breamed and pledged thesielv then and there that If ever they stepped foot upon land again they would never leave It. The 'water began toeome in thru the upper dark and theisftot pulled madly for ah ore, last the passenger who watched him knew that hi efforts would be in vain, and they stood with pale face waiting for the craft forrader, lut the am time tried to coa-maim the fair passenger With the prsapecU shipwreck. The boat went down' with mm Ne. 110. Looal, daily exoopt Svxlay ings As.'n. Good Uts men wanted as "oUdtora. j -DEALERS IN Bald Mountain and Spear- flah l:npm PiUaburg, Pa., July 30, 3L. Ths above Is a partial tut of soma of WL tOi. Freight, dally except Sun- Ii. B. Orton, soeeeaeor to Beemer ft Orion, Is constantly receiving new Jewelry the more Important excursions to bs Furniture, Crockery i Glassware aad offers better ineooameats than any other firm In town. Special attention Is called to his fin watea repairing. (tf.) given by the popular Burlington rocte, during ths summer. For fail Information as to limits, data of sals, tfcksbs. eta., oall at passenger flapon. Everything Strictly up to date" and prices that cannot be b A Year at College Free The Pioneer-Times will give a W. T. ROBERTSON. mefrst Agent free scholarship at the Lexington re- ' Mi 1 male College, Lexington, Mo., to be voted oay. Hill City, Cusrer and and Bdgemamt 7:60 am Sundays this fr-tght leaves at.(:00 a m Train arrive as follow: Ne. ML Bastsra Pass'ng'r, Dally .U:M p m Mo. tot. BpearOab Train, Daily, except Sunday 11:06 am No, 103 Freight, Daily, except Sunday 11:00 am Sunday this freight arrives.. 6:51 p Bleeping, dining and recMnlag chair oar seats tree, est all through trains. Rallwa ad steamahio ticket sold and baggag becked to all points. For Information, tins) tables, maps suid tickets call on or write ' to J. FRANCIS, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Nob. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. J. L. BENTLEY Commercial Agent the most popular girl in th Black JOHN ELMEHK, Undertakers Embalmers. House Motef aii Repairer. Hills. Arrangements have bean mads wkh th president of the college to tarnish to th winner of th rteeeer-Times scholar hip, for ono year: Ml) oh teard, but in the sight of land. A avrtaln pasesngsr whose name w ( could auft learn, rescued the ladle In a manner Chat wa a romantic as heroic, and one By one they were taken safe to land, water snaked but not oherwiss injured. There su-e no death reported, r Several kodak Aeuda were upon the scene and took snap shot at the situation, . . ' . ' -. AH Work Done Wltb Promptness and dljrpntVh Board, room, fuel, lights and serves' Lead. South DaU No. S Main St. attention. HIAWATHA PARK. - LBAD.S. a Tuition In Literary Department, " Lesson on Piano, -Lesson In Voles Calltvo and Slnghes. Lessons on Violin, Mandolin, Guitar. Lessons In Elocution, Delsarte, and Pay- -SEVE.Vl'h ANNUAL LOO KOLLIN'O D. C. TRAINS BETWEEN DEADWOOD The black hills Hcnlo association of Lh AND LEAD. LBAVB DBADWOOD. Jlodern Woodmen held the seventh annual Jog rolling yewierday at .the beautiful leal Culture, ' II Dally, axeept Sunday 8:06 am Daily 9:30 am Daily, escept Sunday 10: 30 am Daily .13-1 n.m Gates' HogIt and Opc BpusIicp Lesson la Painting. Drawing. Pastel. Lesson In ' German and French, V - IVoodvlUe park.. The weather threatened to stop th festivities the day before but Lessons" In Bookkeeping, Shorthand and clear sky yesterday morning gave ev Daily 3:00 pm Dally, except 8uoday 3:16 p m Dally, except Sunday 4:2 p m Daily 6:30 p m Dally, except Sunday 7:00 nm Typewriting. GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co Pally Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. Practice oa the Piano two bourn per day erybody' confidence In the weather for the day and did not change their plans, but took their umbrellas and macintosh ea and throughout th yeac ' Daily, except Sunday 340 pm Dally :oo pm Daily, except Sunday 10:30 p m Th scholarship will Inclnd a railroad went. . Many went as early as-1 o'clock In iifiAV UUJJ U1TZ. ticket from Deadwood to Kansas City. Jte morning, but a usual the majority Special Daily, axeept Sunday ........... 1:35 am Fine crushed A coupon clipped from the Ploser Dally :66am Dally, except Sunday ....H:aa went near the noon hour. ..The early goer unused themselves wandering thru i the Times' will oount oae vote. ' j ' :. '. Subeerlptlons paid in advance will eount: Doily m11:N Daily, connect wltn Eastern Our New Design Win interest you. strove and over the hills and on 'the lake autll afternoon when the program was ear- passenger - 1:1s s m sled cut.' At two o'clock Rev. W. D. At Gates' High Grade Rolls Dailly, except Sunday ........... 1:49 pm Daily, except Sunday 4:48 p m Daily I:6S p m Daily, exeept lands T:t3sm x month; $1 to votes. . j t months, 5S00 votes. i year, 10600 votes. Weekly 1 year. 1 00-80 vote. ' ' Delinquent ubcriptions collected by water cf Rapid City offered prayer, aftor whlch Mr. Poole,' on of. the most active Daily, s"r 3anday trxt p m Woodman In the Hills made the address of uany i npa the contestants will eount th same a ad Dairy, exoept Sunday ............ll.Upm welcome, at which tim he Introduced the vance subscription. Contestants will be NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Bates' InjroTBl Vasnsrs. Tfcsy are tlia Stantfari. - Adonted hv tho HtmMtalr Minioo; Co furnished blank subscription receipt and apeaker of the day. Rev. J. C. DuVaL of Keys tons. When the Woodmen announced Xhat Mr. DuVal wa on of the best posted jnea on. woodcraft in the Black Hills, they T.U. sL.T. K JL THS NORTHWESTERN UNS. DEPOT: Between Deadwood and Pis authorized to reeerr and receipt for moneys. ' ,:. ; . The contest will begin Jaly M and end August IS. ' ' v V School opens September 19. Streets. '-.-:: did not exaggerate the matter la the least , . Trcmaln Steam Stamp Mil, The Prospector's Friad. , .;:. Fooneen tauloimes descritw o, Vi.- f,t:... Arrive. Departs. Xjt the reverend gentleman mad a mas terly address, bearing upon the origin of he protective order and what It Is today. Tnrougn trains te umana , Chicago, Bt PaaL Kin. aeapolla, with close -coa- ectlon for all points west and sooth, at ITe- atoat and Omaha ..... Ham ts DEPOT: Lower Mala Street Whitewood, Stnrgla, Rap. - Id, Cbadron : and - later- OHO F, PURNELL Sole Agt . ft n - j- j Z"' -, . Office Opposite 'LllockHotel Oil ' U IllUlU W onus It. DuVal saw the hand of God in the work that the society la doing and surely .jnone will dispute hi statement, Tb jleld amusement were very Interesting, WILL BATHE IN TUB BIO PLUNGE. It Is likely that several hundred people from Deadwood and Lead will spend som of their Sundays this summer at Hot Spring. Especially will thos who' cannot get away for a longer time take ad- mediate potnU l:Usm IK a a ..-specially the base ball game. The miner Belle .Fourche 1:36 am 11:00 a m ferrii.-: - ' eUT?N AVE.. CHICAGO. ILL& T:3 a 4:tt n m were selected from the Woodmen of the vantag of th. cheap rate wry S.rarday mtaSS: nitewooo eaiy LT.PWF-lH SaKa'PT , f. -! !I.J i Til i,i WS3tSr

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