The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 10, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1900
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. I 1 1 ' I i V . .i . i . . . -. . . . . . . - . i . . . i. i II LACK lllLLSh S I !.V FIVE CENTS. RATIFICATION AT BR VANS TOWN : BEAR BUTTE MINING DISTRICT .,: li. I, , lo: t, ,. GOEBEL SLAYERS CALLED TO TRIAL Cases Taken to Georgetown on Change of Venue From Frankfort. VI ,1 in h.el ' ip i.i-i: ' I ." II I'deieall. C iis i , . Robert W. Barrell Writes in Mines and Minerals For June. Today Will Witness Carnival of Oratory at Lincoln Nebraska. i I,. n. it. nun :,. ; link.- : ; .i .. ,. .Ill .11111 ' ' I Stales ..,; ' l HI t t J i II III I hi ,., ,; 'lit . I 1 1 : i st v . ii-i n - ., i Sar W II l';.,J I'.:': pla. I'll mi t, ; , active in i, i, d ! ' 111"! .Ill,- S.atCs, r-. -1 1 - ,.1 1 i j !.,!'.' loading into ! in.- si, . i,i,,l the e . v. 'i,, U-. -. '.' a ! ni i' ' .1 t iiat la- had i.. i, h. d ai, I u:,.: ill, d th:,' '.el I'll' Ml t to 'Hole . if tie ait i ' i i I on the witness Is , po toil to he plesellt present trial u : i ! I efe 'I O ui luring tin i Ad and ntln i s oi ,, i u , ; stored ami nlun , In iron hand I am ,,,; I m-rn!Tni'-iir of i , Many Populists Urge Towne Town is Crowded and Deputies Are Afert to Prevent Trouble. the Interesting Discription of the Bear Butte Mining District. to lap. I 'in,- Remain in Race, nation is mi,- ot .Ate " d w '!!i ,o 'o th. Tii. -.. ur.r, :tv mi, 1st .lull !u i ;isoiia l.p. i Gold Democrats Support McKmley. NtC . ( HK .li.'v 'u - . is now pi.ntiiallv . erlan; that tin gold Uem its will not in mi mat.- a thirl t ick !. and the nha i mowing among th. in that tin ir dutv is to support I for on. j WASH look fin' I), N't. I t i.N. 1 1 il'. s and bodies of er:i.t,e ai,, I , ei ; ,ck mentione, b.,vf vvtucl .,i..-t ale tl.e two other formations n ai i, i i reel ,oilF. IhllHlde of tbost 'ol mat ions to the north and east, the maseive lnues,(,nes of the eai boiiiferouo'occnr. the older for mi.tionti mentioned above dipping under t he i.i. Pljo mineral deposit s of t be d is r i, 't Uuy be depended into three different groups, two of Inch occur in t U, Can,. I.riiiti, and the other in the eruptive nn, lir.'i'ciated roi k. The'-, fre,Uetit lianilfof ipmrts oecurrilig in the a ivluieati ndiifts tla! tmgbt be classed as another form 1 but none of these ,uartz bearing strata apparently curry enough viiiue fot tnem , Sp.-i al It in ,u in- I M, Kilil, and lioo... v. It. 1 certain that tin- In, initiation ha-,,y V -Special Adlai j l,'' il',l not to unit the action nf the ,, , presidential riomin.-- i utli-r power u, i tin- , 'hans ,,,, ratic ticket, at riv.-.l I now existing n, I'hinn T.,. LINCOLN jlcvenson ' He was glv- ' U," inii'iii oimuu.s n.i. i. . . n, hnois .rre tod;t man followed ' ominu.- io ,ii,i i , -i n I , ,r . , n i , n i - o, US reception. m a tr-TiH-ii' i.v speeches I. Hi- an. Steven- I China as loin: as the -itnation d. Stone. Williams, i ma nds it. S. . r. t.nv l;,,i has d. , ,, W. OIl-; Crazed by Mosquitos. 1 WKTON. S Ii . .lulv P. Sp. , ,al C II Sk. k. 1 on.- ol the wealth i. -t farmers of this loutitv has goic to dm ago to submit to an operation U ll!i h 11 IS hoped Will telleve llllli of pain i. -suiting from mosiUito bites. The hit, s of the iu-e. t- cans. , a sei i oils r-w ill 1 III; ill the tie, k vvllii ll Wa- !a I huh t tie- knile was us. d lse, Without lell.f. . 1 ll I tin' HgOllV liKi ilii ,1. , ( V.N K v . .1 ai;, ; , "'1 'a 1 A -ie, ial t, i m of t he Scot t ' " in' v . ii , uit i ii, H i , on v .-ii.., I,, i , to, I. iv tor n, ,. I,,,,! ,,( Voutsev. Combs. Whiltaki r. Caleb Cowers, and Mavis, ac, used of th"- assassination of Civ i leu Co. In I. --h,. case was brought b' l c on a , hang.' of i nil,. fln, I'lankloit The town was tilled with people tin-, inorniiie Two deputies stood at II:. ,,.a, of the mum stair w.ivwav into the ( ouiT room. and -' al to . I . V I I V one w ho enter. -, t he room for concealed weapons When Illicit V. liarr. !, wr.tu p i. Mines lllel Minerals, describes t lie silver lead ' 1 1 u n t r y - w 1 1 1 c 1 1 lies JO miles buutb uf the distncl described liv Mr. liart Imloniaw u the M.n ii- K. .1 i re I tit it The a; 'H. al i, ,n . the liiack llilis. covers an area of several hundred square miles, so Mia' "he must specialize the se,.',i,,n to w hich reference is made, if in 'alien in t be mind of 1 he reader is aimed a! . What Mr. P.arrel savs decs not y heref, ,re. uB, Town' and "'-'!'" ,;atic and !' i conferem e I av is. The demo -j''1' not-to send nm more troops i' i mi -M leaders are holding ! I'hilipl'ili.- and .;. (..nation- . ,u- r the vice presidency, I tinue for the sending of troop.- from I Hit. I Slates. Th,-, under o i , ! . . it,, a- i - to! sk. ke mi - Uilll o ill'Ill ill L'o to .Nagasaki. Manila but will I,. ... for Taku be. allie i raed I to I'" classed n. ore ,lep,ni. At leant : I Inn..- of them have heen f .ui.d :,, ,i M, I up to t he resenf t line Of the till hll'elelit g ro.lpK ,.f dei.os llB mentioned, the two oivun -mg in tue ' cainbiaili are bed.l. d. I be lowest is found i on "hat is termed the lower contact h,.. , i t ween the c unrl.itc unit shales just n bo e 1 the arehaean scIusIh. Above this contact .occur tMo beddttd depot He, I he aiVlfir! i lllhait 1 (Ml feet Vert wit 1 1 V above t he tirst' i contact, and the upper Jtlll to dtlil feet , j veitieallv higher yet. It wax these depon I i'h which firsl attracteil a".-nliaii m tbi , distn. M some IS veins ago, and from' to Mr. Ifiirtboliiineiv's distnc'. for 'hey a i - t lie , lis! net sect n,t. s of th.- c.aii.t , v . S,i v- M 1 . I '.arrei . 1 he I'daek Hills of South l'akota c,,u-sis' of an Uiiift e v 1 1 lent lv independent from that of the Koekv Mountains, ami and it is , mil d, nt ly expected that lr Bryan ,.i ask Towne to withdraw from th' l nist ticket in favor (J( Stevenson. monster democratic and populist noting will held I-i'()ln loinor o niglit and a carnival of oratory anticipated It will be called to irdi-r in the afternoon, and will continue (Inline t!ie evening. Bryan. Stevenson and Mavis will he among thr speakers. Towne Urged to Stay. Populist leaders are urging Towne Betting On McKmley. NKW (i(K .lulv i'i Sp,,i.,l The hettiim i h-m. in has In-gun to take chance- on lie- , oining presid. n Look: to the Cloth in i w lrdi t lie greater iitnoniit of the valuable I orfc has been obtained which 'his district j YourSpringSuit? t,i stav in the presidential race. They I has produced. ! I liHve divided these heihle.t- deiMiHits .ontend that unless he does there j This Year into two grim pes, accord m g to t he char j in ter of the ore. which they contain. j The deposits nhi.'h occur on the low- i will be no chance to carry South Da KOta or Kansas, and perhaps Nebras- . Tk ... .livitt. th.. ..I...- W U ik. ,.N i i,a. in... M.'j.".- ... .... .... vw ga in t'l . j est caiiibrain contact have jiriMluced very ! little ore. The ore consists of hematite I ; rind carbonate of iron, together with fca!l i)UHiitltie of lead and galena car-1 rung gold and silver values, the gold I ! value predominating w here the ores carry ' 0 Owing to the rise ill tilt! price of Wool, aid conse.piently id woolen fabrics, there has been much juggling this year by some manufacture of men's wur woolen fabrics. It is tssentlally impi itant therefore that you should lime all the guarantee alid protection possible with the suit you are buying this spring, that it is what it should be. You can accomplish this, not only bv biiving Honi a rispei table r tail nier- ors equally between I owne and Ste'enson. Pettigrew Is Not Enthusiastic. CHICACO. 111?.. July 10 Special. " Senator I'ettigivw of South Dakota, is In the city, naving just arrived from the Kansas City convention. The senator is anything but enthusiastic over he candidacy of Stevenson, and is rather of the- opinion mat a stronger ihoice cmilil have been made by the democrats He says, however, that the populists will withdraw Towne !rom then ticket, and will support jf-venson loyally. 0 any considerable value. Tneserond group of l-dded ore deposits, occurring in the upner con'iietH of the cambrain uart.-ites and shales, has produced the bulk of the ore in this district. I. ike the ore of the lowest contact it consists of iron chant, hut by bin in ; sin h ( lo'h ing as Is made by a wholssale tollor f hose reputation is too hljch andworth too much to him to permit A him to take advantage of an op poitunity afforded by an unusual situ- f atlon. 'the cloths from which clothes are made bearing this lahel T 1 ) High Art Clothing. oxides wnh some carbonate of iron ami j ea l, but in pla-es where the best bodies have liven discovered large amount of giih-na have occurred. I'nlike the lowest on! acts deposits, this ore contains Iiear-1? ts eotue value of precious metal in CZARS MINISTER KIl.I.KK j never fail to come up to the high sttmdaid den anded of them by their tailors. SIO.OO Up. S5.oo Up. : S15.00 Up ! S15 oo Up. s I op uoais irom t Business Suits from J Cutaway Suits from Frock Suits from Minister I is of Itus: ia K.poit.-' Murdered at Chinese Capital LONDON-. .! it ly it). Special. -News has heen receivil of the death jf iKe Russian minister. Degiers. in Pekin. at the hands of the Chinese fa , -atics. This information has been 'onfirmed hy late official dispatches WASHINGTON. I), v.. .July 10. , Special Wu Ting Kang. the Chinese m.nister called up,,,. Secretary Hay j today to tniuniunicate to him the inn j imts of a dispatch received last night biIwt. there being rarely more than niere traces of gold, but the silver values running much higher the average total Va:i" of the ore from the Ion cm contact. 1 h.-se different d. .posits have a par- ' entlv been formed in a similar manner an I n rider similar eon, i it i ,ns. but owing to the different character of the ore theT U1.I-' have been formed a' difT-reni per I, ids. The whole cainbriati format on n, (Continued (in I'age 1 i a.-l.. I. fcl. 1, si. ROSENTH ALS PALACE J Deadwood, S. I). t I I,, I 1 h' M. I n size thev cover an eiliot ica i area about 1 Hal l ie, t loll M it '1 I . vorito at tour to ,,ic j fJO.IMIll to $.",."i" h,i III,.- l .11 i,, . ti mad. , K .'in. i "0m Snaglau Ti. director of railways Md railway telegraphs in southern China. This dispatch-continued the food news r , eived from the consuls -Murday. that the riiembers of the le-fations in I . kin. with the exception la .n, ! 1 1 10 miles north ami south by oil miles east mid west. This uplift, as shown by Henry Newton i : his report on '.lie Black H I i l. prohahl v occurred af'er the Cretaceous pariod. Since tbi. uphlt tig tool-: place the rocK formation- have been cob Ki'dd I'lesidellt . : .. ...... 1 5 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK letting "u i a 1 1 s i i ompany li-as C:t ,,i M K.n . I .-III I ., .... i,. N a Vie-; ,t, li! . an H" 'i i :oii tie -. V I t HO ti -i oaron nu Kettoler. the German,! f i Hie K Deadwood, South Dakota. ,A DEPOSITORY FOR THE best om- j cr -.led over iarger part of the urea until I the formations now left nxposed are prin- ENCAMPMENTj ,. , ( ... . ; v Archaean. Cambrian, and Carbon t BEER AT MILITIA STATE. he ,'ent ral port ion of t he area. roiiij. CITS', COUITTV 4 Temperance Christian Women s -'uisier. , re alive and safe. July ... following is the translation of -e cablcg, am : "On July :! two lt-wtlons in I', kin we're still preserved ao- all the ministers safe from rebel lious troops and rioters. Had' attacks suffered many losses. Imperial S-vernment is proteding. but meets difficulty in doing so. It is feared food and ammunition fs exhausted. Sheag." ilch.'H in the more out- Over Ii. ! ll''' 'h 1,,WHr Union Indignant 1 . . ..... s hi- I.e. n , e.l lliv it .'rie Id i Drafts and Letters of Credit Ia&ued, Good ia All Parts of the World. near of tin stir,-,,! . at Cnnp I.iim- SnrinutieM ov.-r the a. turn M i Teiiiperane.-n 1 1 ui-r to stop kO-NDON. July 10. Special The I Wom-ui s Cliristi. TtinH Savs it learna (mm a nrivnte nrooii of SlU in-ti' Id a private COLI-ECTIOITS to Promptly and ge fipm Carson that I.i Hung sale ot b. Ji A itonHorl th' Intelligently. .ving portions ot ine ui is soon mo archae'in rocks standing nearly on edge varying from HO degrees fr, in t he hori- Z , lltnl to I I M O.l lJl'I. Mug UDCOD formablv npou the er.Hled edges of the arehaean is the Cambrian, capping the higher peaks anil reaching1 the creek bottoms hs one travels outward from the central portion of the hills. The emiibrin ari l all the later formations are conform-lile and gently slope toward the plains. The Bear liutte mining district i situated in the northern portion of the liiack Hills about eight milsin apouth-ermter.v direction rrom I l. adivood. The Acts gently on the r and o' I i intoxicating na'tional L-uaid in i amji ,,..,( wa- sent to Ailju---lI-!!l:!I,oII-. but he liquor io tie here. A pn tant C.em ral :8 Kidneys, Liver J LIONET" FTJR2TXSHED Colonel San-in. at of Chicago. ,t, ati's ,hall not paid no attention t born of the Kir.-t ! savs women and To anv extent and Bowels 1 bcirrowers names or warranted liy o illatera Vlju-aiif ib tieral Fitz run his . ant rUAN5E5 TME YSTEM K r FFFFr.TllALLY FFFFCTUALLY simmons nt.-rfere. J i app all iys lie xv 1 1 1 r .men in, ' and tie- w, - -rl C Th'' I acliief settlement in thedistru-! is Galen 'e-;r. i)bptL nV ufb- r ' Accounts solicited and ' tin N' TTtmfrt4 lit vw- r-cvt-'- . : LiDrresnonnRnnR iNvnen. Mg has telegraphed to the Chinese Bl-ister in London, urging him to re '"est Great Britain to approach the "ted States with a view to issuing ' Joint invitation to co-operate with e British government in the main ance of the Chinese empire and establishment of a strong govern-nt oji a solid uasis, these powers tmiting in an appeal for the sup-of all the otner powers. "Jh HA' Nb" July 10 Spetial D- Meiklejohn. assistant secre- o' ar, stated in an interview We Saturday that in his opin th. r 1 nitel States should assume -leadership mong the European H !! 'n the preBt CWnese crisis, otlk Tx!te1 n abK)lute overthrow t r!l dynasty In China, and enasUsemeait to arenge the riite ' tt American and other t to the.goveni'ir if !' wonn n say th- y - I from Covertior Taum ' at times the camp i-chalian d-'bam li more pla, .- of military in.ti OVcRCOMES The fa t t is. .. n.hles a cacti an it does a n.tion. Our k-no; experience in the Black Hills :s at he service of intending investors. h4B,TUALWNST"T,OMj3 ' 1 UMU DFDUAUriUTIV J PERMANENTLY f i 3 lT5BFKlrJ0Gfri:PCTS.! Futrbesiilfs. there are rhe srrv.ttt settle--ments of Vargina and Strawd.-rry. In this district a vat quai t.'.y or eruptive rock has !wen forced up through the arehaean and later formations, probably at the time that the last uplift of the hills occurred after the cetaceous period forming large bodies and dikes of erop-tiTe aDd breociated rock. Thee bodies of eruptiv rock do doubt extended much higher originally than tbey do now, penetrating and Assuring the rooks of later DZHSCTORS Society Today. The Ladies' Aid So. i. ty of the Congregational church will meet this afternoon at .:30 o'clock in the pajr-. h.ircTl Business of lm- W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TRKBER. our the &ENviiNt - mnt o fey (u&enuTg top(. HARRIS FRANKUN. Pre. BEN BAJER. Tic Ptm. WM. 8ELBIE, Caahler. all I Ul Ol mc 1 portance is to be transacted and the ladies are urged to be present

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