The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 28, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 28 18$1. , ' l : MONET FOR FIREMEN. A"Mti..M"M 1 1 1 1 1 H-a . i in 1 tj 1 i-ua (ISSKHD ANY HOME The ibllowlDg la the official distribution A CHANCE FOR ARTISTIC GIRLS The directors of the Original School of Industrial Design For Women, in New New York City, are offering a free scholarship in each stale to some young woman L nid hand and foot to 5 lomebolddrudpery. scrub- 1 tO"" . .t,,.:n Hav in. of tax to fire companies A berdeeo , Alcester Alexandria Armour - MONEY SAVED $325.16 18.14 32. 2J of ability whose circumstances are such lr?out. Women, why do idoit? Break away from 88.75 Belle Fourche 30.S1 EThard old fashioned way 3 doing your cleaning with oap- that she is unable to pay for instruction Mrs. Florence E. Cory, president of th school, has authorized the Hon, Kirk C 1'hillips to make the appointment in this stale. Uridgewater 14 40 Bristol oq 1 We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. .. Britton 34.21 1 lie applicants must be eighteen years of Brookings ; 65 i anton S5 1)5 Pfcft ' or older, must be patient, industrious, possessed of taste and a fair ability for drawing. The intention must be lo be Centervllle 4S OS we also Have money in buying goods in JL Chamberlain 2S '', Clark 41 come self-supporting in the arts of prac tical design upon graduation. haa proven the emancipation of hundred of thousands of other women. Why not yoursr Let Gold Oust do more of the work. nn Ha t icar uiko IS ill bioq Powder 761. r. healthier, save money and many an hour of worry. I he school, which is in its nineteenth year is noted for its thorough, practical 1 YMiri"l'hP' large quantities. Tuis is made possible since, we have six large stores in which to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cash discounts. ut package. Km buy ou Dadw9Ml Dell Rapids Elk Garretson Groton instruction in applied desien. its graduates 66.23 45.43 27. SO CHICAGO ST. LOUIS NEW VOta BOSTM IK. Fairbank Company readily obtain positions in the design i 'Wilis of factories, many being now employed as designers for carpets, wall pa- 74 14 2.02 Hitchcock We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only T tor CASH. Our customers need not pay for other Sal locals. and imagines part of the time that he is not prmgs 106.70 er, silks, book covers, furniture, etc. This scholarship may be given to any an a tui , ami itl l ine lime itiat ne is peoples , bad accounts, Consequently J-you will r South Dakota girl meeting the few simple loeeive injury at some ones Lktpperi to ipp ff.j . ... ,.Hnn requirements. Applicants are requested nanus, ne win De sent away as soon as Howard , 38.51 Huron 186.56 Lennox 20.73 Lad City 365.19 Madison 120. l'i Mellette 17.07 Jj UT 00t " . , o t thM Hnlz- L tef ana m nnd big MONEY SAVED to send their names to Hon. Kirk G. Phillips, as soon as possible, as it is desirable that the appointment should be made a Ut lunch, go to FranK u&tk. sufficient length of time before the begin possible. FOR SALE A 4 room house in Hidden Treasure Gulch. Cheap for eash or instalments. Enquire of the owner. James Dahl. James V. Owens, of f'hadron. formerly a lieadwooil Grirlleimin. who w.i one of the old timers here, but is now located at ning of the ensuing school year. Milbank 82.91 Miller 211.46 Mitchell 159.13 Parker " 51 32 Hot Springs water costs 75 . rmotol Rnrlncri State papers please copy. Clothing Shoes, $ jor; me euie o- ttr, 5(1 ants; the celebrated IiKI'AKTMKNT OK CRITICISM LEAD, July 27.. 1SW 'arkston 55 53 'ierre 102. SO ,n liter, 25 cents; fresh jeliTered to any part of the BY BUYING Dry Goods and Editor Pioneer-Times : I'lnnklnton 13.24 Lnericiu Express office. Har- I enchsp you a copy of an advertiseni, BUtk Hill', "I taken from a Head wood paper ami wouii ('hadron, was In (he city yesterday and" the day before. lie is the representative of Itrinard, Itichardson & Carpenter, live stoik merchants, of South Omaha, Nebraska. Hice & I'olley yesterday received noti:-e Notions at U it the Holiner. i Iflitock, cdty bill poster. 726 Rapid City 135.75 Redfield 49.86 Salem 29.49 Scotlanad 43 23 Sioux Falls 762.67' Spearfish 60.76 Springfield 20.50 NEW CANDY STORE. Fine confectionery, cigars and lotiaccc; (tf.) WHERE THEY 4 a fja, 4 CHASE'S Bew tt the Holiner. also nice cool drinks. Full blood Irish setter pups for sale. ocll untMr um xamtned for glasses la bi A. F. Snyder, the op- etarft. err & Berry Block, Deadwood. I t t I f..t.i ii t f f i f i,HU I I 1 1 I I that the supreme court had issued a writ of error in the ease of the State vs Evans, of Belle Kourrhe. who was convicted of stealing cattle, and sent to the taste penitentiary for a yeaf. A certificate of probable cause has also been Issued, and Evans will be allowed to come back to Butte county and give bofids, pending the hearing on appeal in the supreme court. I'Of that tired feeling is ez- lifagreeable. What Is far jj know, by a fair trial, fiStrsaparlila entirely cures Lk em nausea, sick head-Mat, D. D. 8., dentil parlors Sturgia 76.56 Tripp , 14 58 Tyndall 43.03 Valley Springs 10.25 Vermillion 95.38 Volga 7.97 Wateretown 21.96 Webtser 80.40 Whitewood 16. 6S Woon socket 22.78 Yankton : 242.92 Fourteen towns were not given tax for the reason that clerks did not comply with the law requiring filing of statements. The money is obtained by a levy of 2 per cent on the gross receipts of premiums paid for fire Insurance, each town gets credit for the per cent actually paid for In Hon. J. L. Kamrar, a leading attorney of Webster City, Iowa, arrived in the city yesterday, accompanied by his daughter. He was met here by Captain C. V. Gardner, of Piedmont, and accompanied to Lead, where he was shown thru the mills and other works. Mr. Kamrar was a candidate for the gubernatorial nomination in like to have your opinion of that kind of advertisements. T. W. KKASI!3K. The .drawing qualities of the advertisement depends wholly upon the tastem of the proposed customers. It should attract those w ho mix their food and drink, those who take fine candies, tobacco, nice cool drinks and fresh puppies from the saic dish or at the same meal. It sbould catch practically all the trade of the populists but is more than likely to drive away the democrat who always takes his'n straight. Its appeal to the fastidious republican stomach is of doubtful value. o REAL WARM WEATHER REST AND COMFORT There is a powder to be shaken into the shoes called Allen's Foot-Ease, invented by Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y., which druggists and shoe dealers say Is the best btbul bank, Deadvood. IrMp work a specialty. ntd work and engraving to p tbi Jew else Satisfaction DEMOUTH'S "ARK" INCORPORATED. Will sell Goods for Cash Cheaper than any House in the Hills. Ah Immense Stock, to select from, both New and fceoond Hand. No. 70 Sherman Street. - - Deadwood, S. D. Iowa two years ago before the republican convention, at which Governor Shaw was WD.D. 8. Modern Dentistry nominated, and ha came very nearly sue flat admlnlaiereJ. Eighteen ceedlng. Had he secured the nomination surance by the people of that town. The table above is interesting as showing the there is little doubt but that he would jan. Rosenthal block. ID. 0. 8., Crown and Bridge A. OlTeas gas tor painless amount of insurance carried by the town have become the chief executive of Iowa. of the state. limXk. Orer Phillip's Pbar- YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS National Encampment G, A. R. PHILADELPHIA, PA-, SEP. 4-9. thing they have ever sold to cure swollen burning, sore and tender or aching feet A k conducting a flrat clasa jaatt Derby. J. p. Hymer returned from the southern For this occasion the Burlington Route CHUM I FINK OLD NEW Some dealers claim that it makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It certainly will cure Hills. will sell tickets on August 31, Septem 4U CHEESE. FOR WELCH C. C. Polk, of Sturgis, spent the day in ber 1 and 2. Good to September 30, at one corns and bunions and relieve instantly sweating, hot or smarting feet. Allen's fare for the round trip. This Is the only IKiCARONI. THB BEST XllfltO PCR POUND, Alr-KHD NEW CHEESE AT ISC. train that runs into the Union Depots at Foot-Ease costs only a quarter and the Inventor will send a sample free to any C. L. SlEWERS. Gunsmith, Locksmith, Chicago, avoiding all omnibus transfers. ItUDABD CASH STORE, 48 W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Agent. o RANGE HORSES. Pfcrntrly occupied by Dr. f nat Inquire of P. D. address. e ATTEND COLLEGE THIS YEAR. Never in the history of our country was there a grander opportunity than the present for educating young men and women. What an auspicious moment for those who are just now on the threshold HEADQUARTERS Barrett A Zimmerman, Midway horse the city. D. M. Leadingham, of Blown & Bigelow. St. Paul, is In the city. Miss Estelline Bennett returned from Keystone and Hill City. Misa Flossie Knepper of Sturgis, visited her brother. Earl, yesterday. W. S. Heekart of Spearfish passed thru the city on his way to Omaha. Mrs. Dufrasne. of Sioux City, mother ol Mrs. Broulette. of this city, left for her home, after a visit with her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Twldale of Hastings, Nebraska, arrived in the city and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George V. Ayres. BICYIXESs market, the largest rang hum dealers In " U1 (It instruction In f i mm work Tuesday and FOR the northwest, hav commodious factl a mi Williams street I tie specially arranged for handling rang of life. horses with large corral and pastures In connection and with their stables midway between Minneapolis and BL Paul, whers Grand Island Business and Normal Col BICYCLE SUNDRIES. AND jJulW with diarrhoea will be f'fcsipsrienc of Mr. W. M. "Houi Dorr an cs, ProrJ-jl I H ays: "For seToral I a constant sufferer range horses can ?s disposed of to a bet' lege has for fourteen years been the leading Institution of Its kind in the western states and last year more than twice as many calls were received for Its gradu ter advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. Transfer, St. Paul, Minnesota. MiB Agnes Moran of Omaha is expected to arrive in the city today and will remain tt frequent attacks com- ates as could be supplied. Everything ne NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS f1"". and rendering m for three weeks, the guest of Miss Teresa Gels. cessary for a successful start in life is taught Business, Normal and Shorthand courses. Expenses low. Board onlyl Bids are invited at the office of the un Man at this hotel. About traveling salesman kind- dersigned. in the new Waite building, un John F. Pyle, attorney general for South til 7:30 p. m., July 31. for moving approx $1.50 per week. One years time given on t n i vm Dakota, accompanied by his wife and child ren, cajie up from Hot Springs. They be imately 1300 cu. yds. of earth from an up I1Y LilAlitlJ tuition tf desired. College Record sent free, or for six cents will send elegant .m. tf s-nits of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk G. per Main street lot. The right to reject any or all bids is re Phillips. Hri all rvs-agrkna1 nrnfWMrV "an bottle of Chamber-P &otar and Diarrhoea Rem-, arsrlso and delight Its 4lta. Whenever I felt I would fortify attack with a few doses dy. The result has i "factory and almost com-m tht aBJotlon.- For sals served O. C. JEWETT, Architect. catalogue. Address A. M. HARGES, President, Grand Island. Neb vaj a. f whim jva j a ol value. A large stock of c Mrs. Fred T. Evans and Mrs. Harry Clark, of Hot Springs, and Mrs. Spauldlng, of Sioux City, who had been the guests (It.) o FAREWELL MEETING of Mrs., Edwin Van Cise for several days unredeemed pledges atsur- Erisingly low prices. All usiness strictly confidential The Oaidwood Lou Cfflci. Lieut. Mamie Slckler of the Deadwood MAN WANTED. corps, will farewell on Sunday, July 30. it doesn't matter what you want a left for Hot Springs. , o STATE AFFAIRS. (From the State Register.) On Monday, July 31, Capt. and Mrs. May 21 Lee Street 2 i , soa styUsk sad good, "WyatHawtsyg, Noi tt. Lieut. Marvin, accompanied by the com nnrinnnnji n nnnAn ruuiifuiwininnnniuinrij-nnnnflo " nrr Oiru man for; it doesn't matter whether you want a white man or a black man, a large man or a small man; there's a man In Deadwood who want to serve you. He's raJes or LeadCity, will bold a special meeting. After meeting Ice cream and Indications from many sources indicate .v.. o .,, f stain Roddle will be Just the man you want, and If you Insert cake will be served. Everybody Invited. vvvvvvvvvwrrrVrVnnrVrVwrV vvvvvvvvvvvvrfvvx CTJ-T TT T77VTT,T.n rATT.AV IIWI OWlIJ " the next candidate for governor on the republican ticket. His friends will insist oin hi running. During the year just past 1170,147.12 has been loaned to the various school dis an ad in the Deadwood Pioneer-Times columns today that man will call upon you tomorrow. BISMARCK'S IRON NERVE 'uai iHOBa. ... L6, ' Wrtdsat dentist, Jknnnacy. r , T T OUAJUNTEE) PUM W 0, TH" rSX BTJTTia OF TBI TBM UOHTKST TBM XABKTT TOBJa, 41 SHXBHAJf Waa the result of his splendid health. Indomitable . will sad tremendous energy trict and the people direct on their farm STILL MORE COUNTERFEITING 1 he secret service hs unearthed another are not found where Stsmach. Ursr. Kidneys sad Bowses srs out of order. If yos want these siwsJItles astd the sBeeess they band of counterfeiters and secured s cuantity of bogus Mils, which are so clev er.'y executed that the average pereoo bring, as fir. Ktngt New Ufs Pm. They develop e-vsry powder of brain and body. Only Mo at Kirk O. Phillips. 2g?s y)um uwruu and help some worthy young'lady to secure a year's schooling in one of the best colleges In America Good Education. Absolutely Free of Cost The "PIONEER-TIMES" ha made arrangements to present to th most popular of Its young lady readers, that is the ons whs secure the highest number of votes, s free scholarship for ons entire year in ths Lexington Female College. This offer includes absolutely free of cost, board, room rent, laondry, tuition in literary branches, viurlc, art, elocution and physical eat tors. - would never s aspect them of beln epua j0 fcoesssors to Charles tous. Things of great value are slwaye by the different counties out of the school fund, which means that over 110.000 has been paid In Interest. A decision was rendered by Judge Gaffy at Pierre a few days ago Involving the salary of a register of deed from the Black Hills, to the effect that registers ars not entitled to l,JO0 a year unless the receipt of the office reach that amount This holding virtually decides the astion recently brought by Register Snow against Sully county for an annual selected by counterfeiting for Imitation, ud QAKS In sea- notably the celebrated Mostetter's Stom art Bitters, which ha many imitators hut I Mmb" Prompt deUr do equals for Indigestion, dyspepsia, con stlpstion, nervousness and general debil ade reatenUy for the re- ' Jdk. w. . iy. The Bitters sets things right In. the Wri tsa Mat. ol the Yoaaf Lady rw t VM few ben. CAUTION. Deadwood, July 20th. 1899. To whom it may concern: All persons ars hereby notified not to purchase -of Paulina McLaughlin certlflcatei Noe. 51, 35. 86. 42, 43. 44, 46, 46. 47. 48, 49, 61 and 52, in the Yankee Boy Ocdd kilning company. Said certificates stand Is hsr nam on the books of ths soenpany, bat I am Us, real owner of the sams. JOHN T. McLACGHXJN. stomach andw hen the stomach Is in good salary of $1,200 In favor of the county VOTE gj?-! order It makes good blood and plenty of It ( NAME. MRS. LIEBMANN. Choice Cut Flowers and Potted Plants, L ans. Hs J. at pre! lt,hPlUI. and is ta , lVect of the fall te Wth hallUcInUons, Address Honeer-Tlmes Free Scholarship Burean . In this manner the Bitters get at the seat oi strength and .vitality, and restore vigor to the weak and debilitated. Beware of counterfeiters when buying. 1 always on hand. Orders for runersj. society emblems promptly fllled.

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