The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 28, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 18&9. TRY ALIEN'S FOOT EASE Assaring 50s Gold and Silver A powder to be shaken Into tbe shoe. HIS LIFE WAS SATED. Mr. J. B. Lilly, a prominent citizen of Hannibal, Ho., lately had a wonderful deliverance from a frightful death. In telling of It he says': "I was taken with ty Your fee feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting phoid fever, that ran Into pneumonia. My ! feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Esss. The Union Assay Office, lungs became hardened. I was so weak I It cools the feet and makes walking easy. You Can't xQet Away couldn't even sit up In bed. Nothing Cures swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing helDed me. I exoected to soon die of mn- ' nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieves sumption, when I beard of Dr. King's corns and bunions' of all pain and gives New Discovery. One bottle eave mat rest and comfort. Try It to-day. Sold by 'Soih NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D. 'Will Give Correct Results of Gold and Silver for 5Gc. relief. I continued to use It, and now druggists and shoe stores for 26c. Trial ROM TllJ'J FACT that am well and strong. I can't say too much package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olm In Its praise." This marvelous medicine stead, Le Roy, N. Y. is the surest and quickest cure In the 0 ''Very T-W " . one iLrcicLLfig -viUt usyets q NEIGHBORS ATTENTION The train leaving for the picnic at Wool- world for" all throat and lung troubles. Regular sizes, 50 cents and $1.00. Trial On All Samples tfjrought to the Office. Established In 1889. drug stor. vllle will leave the 13. & M. depot at 9 bottl free at K. G. Phillips' M- H. Lyon & Co o'clock, the 27th. All neighbors of Dead- Every bottle guaranteed. o wood Camp are requested to attend In or der to win back the banner. Agents for the Blickendarfer $35 00 Typewriter the Best (Advertisement.) BLACK HILLS MINING REVIEW. Machine Made. Proposals for Cast Iron Water Pipe. Sealed proposals will be received by the und'Tfiirnpd until 2 p. m Saturday, July Special Edition for 1899 Will Be Out, In July. The management of the Black Hills square deal, for w tell you exactly what you. art buying. We try to rnahe an honest profa so that tle buyer may come back to us. Our Prices Are All Right. Big values 7iitched to Htm prices. T cat's the ivay you find it all througlh our unsurpassed stock MINES AND MINING r" I I i I Cm "!. for the prompt delivery F. O. H. I I, A.. 1 .u- i u . Mining Review is preparing to issue a special edition of that paper sometime during the latter part of July. This edition will far surpass anything of the kind ever published In the Black Hills. The support already given by the business wood of the following desi-ribed material: 4:50 lineal feet 10 Inch Cast Iron Water I'lpe. 3250 lineal feet 6 inch Cast Iron Water I'lpe. L'OOO lineal feet 4 inch Cast Iron Water ripe. And such "specials" as may be desig X. G. Johnson at Hill City, 8. D., la ex- THE LIVING OF LIFE. cissiv agent and headquarters for the rich vertical tree milling gold mines and cop men of Deadwood, Lead and the surrounding mining camps and by the lead per properties of the Southern Hills. Bev nated in the specifications. The right is reserved to increase or diminish the above quantities ,and to accept or reject any or all bids. of , z ing mining companies which are operating oral prospects as promising as the Holy Terror was are for sale on reasonable In Lawrence county, has of Itself warrant If when the spring hath kissed the earth so warmly That, smiling, It breaks forth in blushing flower. Thou dost not feel, each year. Life's deepest yearning,, -And Love's ecstatic, magic-wielding power. Thou hast not lived. 1 nil, Telephone or write for particulars. ed the publication of fifty pages of reading matter, illustrated with a profusion rroposals to be addressed to the Chairman of the Dt-adwood Water Commltte, care First National Bank. Deadwood, where the bids will be opened. DEADWOOD WATER COMMITTEE, D. A. McPHERSON. Chairman. (tl.) John S. George, president of the Holy of new half-tone cuts. Already about forty-five hundred copies of the edition Terror-Keystone. Mining company, ot Mil have been subscribed for and only a par waukee, and George E. Yost, who is also Interested In the company, and whose tial canvass has been made. It will be If when each season comes In turn ao necessary to Issue at least eight thous home to at Theresa, New York, left HlTl Proposals for Digging Trenches, Laying Water Mains and Covering the Same. Seal- i p'-o;-i w;:' :!(. c; , . i t,y fuc strangely. Men's and Boy's Clothing, Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. The Pioneers of 1876. City last night for the east, after spending severe! days at Keystone. They came Unfolding Nature's laws In beauty and copies U order to supply the demand. The special edition will contain a great many half-tone cuts which will be new to shrined. eut principally to attend a meeting of Thou art not thrilled with full, profound the Black Hills people and some of the the executors of the estate of the late John CO. beet known mining men will contribute ar- J. Fayel, for the purpose of settling up the Sain of the estate. Mr. George, Mr. Yost, tides on various topics. Among those conviction That these are thoughts of an eternal mind. Thou hast not lived. and Phillip M. Ranney were named uy Mr. undersigned until 2 o'clock p. m., Saturday, July 29, 1899, for digging trenches, delivering pipe from cars, and laying water mains and covering the same along the following Btreets, the approximate distances indicated as follows: Along Main street from the City Hall to Fish & Hunter's about 2000 feet, 10 Inch pipe. Along Pine street from Main street to Sherman street, about 650 feet, 10 Inch pipe; to be laid under Deadwood and Whltewood creeks. who will write are: Dr. Walter P. Jen ney, who will furnish a descriptive ar tlcle upon the early history of the Black Hills up to the present time; Dr. F. Wil If music never spoke to thee so sweetly,- liam Ihne, president of tbe Technologi A poet's thought, soma dream of paint er's eyes, Fayel as the executors of the estate. Mr. Banner is general manager for tbe mining Compaq at Keystone. .Messrs. McCallum, Murray, Johnston and Day drove over to Two Bit Wednesday aid took in the mines of tbat region. Testerday they visited the Honicstake. In Lead, and obtained some of the ore from that mine, which presents a remarkable Along Sherman street, from Lee street cal school, of Chicago, who will writet descriptively of ths phonollte belt; James TOMBSTONRS. IRON FENCLM But thou hast found thy soul In nurture to Cemetery street about 1500 feet. 10 inch pipe. trembling Along Bumham avenue, from Main And taking wing, as 'twere, to Paradise, street about 600 feet, 6 inch pipe. From the hydrant on upper Main street Thou hast not lived. S. Lawson, with a quarter of a century of experience In copper mining, will treat upon the copper formations of the Black Hills; Samuel Cushman, who needs no introduction to the Black Hills people as MONUMENTS Foreign and American to Whcalen's, about 1000 feet, 6 Inch. Along South Williams street from Its similarity to the ore from the Detroit ii menosnip wnispered not to thee ao Junction with Main street about 600 feet, Aeadwood tunnel, on City creek. a mining writer: Frank McLaughlin, who fondly But tbat thou was a brother to thy Col. M. H. Day is devoting his attention st present to the development of some copper prospects in the southern Hills, and Is MARBLii and Granite friend, will write upon the free-milling and refractory ores of the Black Hlllls, showing the difference between the two; Curtis Alexander, for fifteen years head chemist at the great Kansas City smelter, upon men pipe. Along Williams street northerly from Shine street, about 1500 feet 6 inch pipe. Proposals to state the price per lineal foot for all the work complete and to Include the making of all necessary connections with other pipes, tbe setting of gates, valves and hydrants, and making connections with tbe same. Depth to be 8 ft. ( in. from grade to the top of pipe. Uplifting and enshieldlng him in trouble. Jso at work on a ledge of excellent mar- So far thy power and thy fortune might Ids. J. L. Bentley has a sample ot the J. H. CALE, Agi at N.Cota's 6601 Main St. DEADWOOD, S. D. (he marble in his office In fils city that 3 the cyanldlng of Black Hills ores; W. U shews up in good shape. It is pure white, The right is reserved to accept or re Faust, of Central City, upon the cement formations of the Central City district; suid the grain Is very compact and uniform. ject any or ail bids, er to divide tbe It Is lound in the southwestern corner of C. W. Robblns, of Custer, who will write at length of the mines in Custer county; 'Pennington county, a short distance wst ! Orevllle. awards, or Increase or diminish the distances along the above streets, in which mains are proposed to be laid. Bids to be addressed to the Chairman of of the Water Committee, care First National Bank, Deadwood. DEADWOOD WATER COMMITTEE, D. A. McPHERSON. Chairman. FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS 8150.000 and a number of other prominent mining men who have partly promised to assist In getting np Interesting matter. There will also be a write-up of all of the mining districts in th Hills giving a history ot ,extend. Thou hast not lived. If thou hast never loved a soul so deeply. That for Its peace thou wouldst not glad have died. If thought or mem'ry of that loved one's vision Hath not e'er since thee blest and purified. Thou hast not lived. If duty ne'er hath called to the so strongly That thou wouldst not hav battled oa It aid. And. standing bravely all alms It need be, Defied what fortune might tor thee be-. tido. Thou nasi not lived. th mines and their present development Aetna Powder Go. Some of the aewer companies will also be written up In a descriptive way which will be entertaining both to th Black Hills people and those residing outside. DIRECTORS: O. J. SALISBURY, T. J. 0JUBB.P. B. SPARKS. P. A. GU8HUB3T D. A. McPHERSON. Djnainite and Black Powder, Keystone sad Hill City districts and Cus OFFICERS: ter county will receive especial attention, th desire of th publisher, and editor of th Review being to mak this Special Pwsjtdn....(X J. SAUSBUHY Vlc-jre1dent T. J. ORlhTR Cashior ....V. A MoPHEKW Asatet ashler... J. 8 DEKhUN to AN Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, If Joy or grief of man bath left the Edition oover tha resources of th entire Black Hills. Arrangements hav been rx. - mad tor selling th papers at th Omaha eoldly. Th pain of beast, ths song f bird abov, ' J WYOMING GOAL MIES ttoorgs M. Nix, general manager for the coal and railroad companies, at Aladdin, 'Wyoming, announces that the machinery for the main slops of the coal mlna Is In place, and Is being used for hauling out the ore. The slops haa a slight Incline, s4 the or Is hauled out In cars, by means W hoist and cable. ' The incline was so gnat that It was a task for a mule to wtf tha ears out ,and the hoisting mi-toblnerv has been substituted. . Antarit Johnson. Jstely ot th coal sines of Wyoming, hat recently been ap-gtftated superintendent of the coal mine, and has entered upon hki duties. He has for ths past twenty years been connected with th coal mines at Rock Springs,, Dta-. xnondvllle. and other places la Wyoming, ad Is said to understand his business thoroughly. '' t ' '11. NU says he Is taking out wul right Jong at the mine, and U finding a good market for It. The coal is ot prime quality, and ia giving excellent satisfaction. The drill that has been running for some time past, hoping to strike flow of artesian water, has attained the depth ot UA feet and is sUll In ths red beds. The drill has been In theso beds for 500 feet. , nd there Is no' Immediate prospect of getting thru them. V Exposition and oa th trains leading Into Omaha. If thou hast not ths tender heart-throb, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY. Th prlo ot tha papers will be 25 cents pitying. Proclaiming kinship of a deep world- per cepy. Joseph R. Lehmer 1212 Farnam St, Omaha, Neb. love, THE BRITISH AMERICAN COLO ' Thou hast not lived. More Colorado Excursion;, VIA BURLINGTON ROUTE. One far (plus $J.00) for ths round trip AND COPPfR MIKING CO. If thou hast schooled and trained thy soul Assay Offloe. - so nobly. Exalting It with each reflntn grace, Mining General Suppliq to Denver, Colored Springs and Pueblo. Tickets on sale August , ( and 1, final return limit August U. That thou might'st yield each thought and . LIS , HOTT, Manager and assay. Bo. il Bfeailwsy, taxi wood, 8. D. Ik NtH Bonk Will da s otctnlh amount of custom work. BpealaltUat -mjt of O-ppm- ore'by eieetre esy proms. Wet amii dry testing. 0 0 ) W. F. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. PACKINGh-Ratabowand full line manufactured by the Pee ' ,.. each emotion : . Ia consecration to th humaa race; If thou hast grasped th truth ot God so clearly t :- - That thou dost see him la each atom's strifs; r--.iv . 1 PLANTS FOR BALE . Having decided to quit ths Hot House Rubber Manufacturing Co. BELTING Rubber an&Leather Belt, Dressing and Lace Lea I ' .. into nrm-w'3 E business. I will sell about-2040 plants of Yards' are being built at the lower end of the town of Aladdin, on ths railroad If thou hast ear tor what an Nature's all varleltles for what they wUl bring. - speaking: , HOSE Rubber, Steam and Water. . MttU loadlnc. tor shipments. Ttasro Is That Llf Is Love and Love Is quivering V-', - : i A. DANIELS, - Deadwood Greenhouses. large territory to th west, southwest. BOILER AND PIPE COVEEIN(Man"W and northwest that Is patronising Aladdin, CIGARS and ths railroad company aspects to do ' Ufo. Tha thorn hast IItwL . LOUIS B- KHBJCH. ' Colorado Springs, Cola ,4 i . T M0RRI8 HICKS. . . House aemaen aad Carpet Fitters. iult srbtwliiess 4n th way ot stock ship Asbestos, and Sheep Wool Cement, Hair Felt, Mineral wo WASTE-White and Colored Cotton. RO PF. "Boeblinjra" Sted'and Iron1 Wire. Manila and Sisal C1VC A ments this summer and fall. . . The yards that ar being put up ar going to be win clean carpets en th floor with their Mr. Enrich Is on of th gentlemen ew pro ciass, restarts, ths original salon; mall, having but on loading chut, but or vtn taks tham sp and eleea ths oU whe I interested with R. C Barnard la a they will serve the purpose nicely, and enterprise abov Lead City. He makes ao rUWJJJSK-Lflm & Bands" Black Blasting, Caps,- Etc i "y , NAIL8 ',Peason8,, Cement coated. way. Best refsrsaoes. Can at phono Pioneer Times. ' j? ' pretensions to literature, but writes merely rui hav a long driv for th cattl owne's t that part ot th country, who hav heretofore loaded at Bello Fourche, oa th mkhoro. of on th BurUngtoa, west ot tor pleasure whenever ; th spirit dic OrCOtMFOftl EOOFDJQCIN-ayiorslOld Style" and other tates. : , ' Sem Dayjxrjursionti v VIA BURLINGTON ROUTE. Sundance. ' '-' To Hot Springs and Custer. Tickets on J0$ SMOKERS NOTICT OF SALE VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS sais every Saturday, good for a whole Ar grand, but Ekla Eruptions rob lit of week. Only one faro for ths round trip. . brands. All of Above in Stock at Omaba. RAILS-Steel of every description. BOILERS Engines-l-Automatic Stokers. UININGr And shop tools,. bolts, Correlated Iron, Etc TRY OUEj ' I will sell at publle auction at th Cliff Hons oa th Dead wood -8 pear fish road, at I o'clock, Saturday, August 5th, 189$. one Tou should, "by nil means, taks the : Joy. Bucklen's Arnica Ealv our them: lso Old, Running and Fever Sores, TJ1 train as It U ths only one that arrives at the above resorts before dark In time for -eri, Bolls. Felons, Corns, Warts, Cuts, AJAVIS'SONS 5 CO. MAKERS the evening gaieties. " BruUes, Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, harness and buggy, belonging to Albert B. Dale, to pay th keep of said-harass aad buggy and Up robe, from starch, 189$, to Chilblains; best cur on earth; drives out T!n and Aches. Only IS a box. Cor J0HNG.W00DV,KRDj For shipments direct from) factory'J J A reeoUbie caUuutlo tost can b ro date of sal, unless sooner paid. MRS. CHAS. TRAVER. WHOLESALE DiSTIsr jsjwanteed. Sold by Phinrps fitestwea. lled upon to do Its work thoroughly COVNaLBLUFFS.IOWAl Ilood'a Pin. Deadwood, S D., July, IS, 18?3. J reg!sts. '- -' uaAi,jr uuairanteea special ww ana Inquiries Solicited,-

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