The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 21, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 21, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Lead Daily PiONEER-Tinns. THE I'.LACK 1NI.LS i, SI'N'M.W. "!'!'. i '. I ' 1 L 2."th YEA I.'. LEAD, I). I i i : i i; . S EH I -ANNUAL FALL AND WINTER 1 I. I.; fHigh Grade Photographs Pictures Enlarged at Home DISPLAY ill in.- I. - .-' Hi .1 l.i l.l! . . I;.. I. -AT C'illCAdi pkmcks IBLACK H1LL5 PORTRAIT COMPAiNY Cai- ( li.iv. 11!. 1. 1 . '!' - 1m.ii. . p...!- u: !!! i! I:..! I.i Alwbri -, ( out. a tor and b-:i! 1 i'. ami rni.--V.-i buildings and build-on the installment plan. Th- are welcome to get estimate'-, makes a specialty of undertak No. 6 East MAIN ST., LEAD, S. D. OF FINE MILLINERY CAPES and JACKETS, LADIES' SUITS and FURS, And Seasonable Dry Goods. llOUSe pilbli'1 ; 1 1 1 1 li I 1 ! -. I I . ing re inechannical skill is nece-insuie a Kuccessful coinple ings wh sarv to .be k. t- ami ('a;" -, i ailed I'liniZ' -a'lini tit uhh li fur stvh-, hi and mal, haM' no equal.-. I''' a t 1 r 1 1 1 1 u in n I h I i lot i- tin- r,i pita in tin- plain iiulil I.;. M'ei ii iH ( of .Mr. Hal ¬ l'.i I.- an- l.,id :'inl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an' ;! mall of 1 1 - i le-lllt ill a k who bant Stingi-. he capacity (i. ('. I.onp. a drag clii iiTi-iitiv Ikiii employed Ims lie. n i-jigagi-d ill a I. low 1 --.-!( II nil es.-al m niu.-i ij moil tit of good. COM M ENCING h l-'loyd Hum n in tin-In- will npi n in t In' new ilrug store Spa i go biin k . That Contempt Case. I-.'il. I'ionecr-'rimes: Willi i - f . -1 OCTOBER 15 Lead. Services tit Christ chiin ii w be at t ion. l' ' Tin- -.okthvi:sti:i:x link." r i K. A: M. V. K. R-. is tlie direct line be- t ivi'i'ii 1 lead wood and OH A M A. CHI- Cf '(.). till eastern point-. I .,. jn; si .-,ireil if ear h'' 11 ' 1 1 11 ;''" e you. M.t hk. ly 5 on funvr ('" hk-iMii Ki.di.l I .s-;.:.. Ctin- litf.- i what you ca! and g..-- He- oin ' flumach .crfict rt r 1- tin- onlv ; prcparatlj.i known that r-omi'lctely 'I:-jliesis U clnsr-.s of food-; tlmt Is why it rums tlito worst ra-i"i of tin i get ion ami FtomarhP troubles after rvcryt hing , el-p hin f.iib'il It may 1"' taki-n in all i-fniilii ions ami cannot Ii . 1 1 ' bu: do ym: , Kooil. Kirk C. I'hilllpfl. held as follows Kvcning jira. And continuing thru the season. A GASOLINE EXPLOSION. A Well Known Citizen of Lead Sus tains Serious Injuries. ICiU'l.V yi'-hlnl llil.V fill I'lHKJIl I'. II. IVtiTsnu of l.rml was llu- i' 1 1 III (if a gasoline explosion anil as a result 1k lies at liis lionie liailly luirneil alioilt t he body ami less. .Mr. J'etel-Kon ami .1. A. Tobe.v liave been doinn assessment work upon property in Hie vicinity of Iteno gtileh, which Is lip ill the ISald .Mountain district, anil their cabin Is jn lteno gulch. They have a shed built onto their cabin In which they have fitted up an as-Baying outfit, anil the furnace is heated by gasoline. The gasoline boiler had sprung a leak anil when it was lighted by Mr. I'eteison. who was in the act of making an assay, the explosion followed Immediately and his clothing was saturated and took fire, and he was enveloped In a sheet of flame. His partner, who was just I nee to a recent" article published in i the Pioneer Times about the Tribune contempt case, I wish to say in fairness to Mr. IMwards that the objec- ' tionable article was written by myself, without his knowledge, and was ' also printed without his knowledge i or consent and that he was in no wine to blame for it. The artl le J w as w ritten under a misappi ehen- j I I j I 7 -tu this evening. Sunday m I i i at ', o'clock: i buir piai tice ev, i v 'i lin day fight, lOv, (I. (i. W'a 1 1 i, n it . Lorin Rogers, a carpenier eniploy-i ed at the new cyanide, was caught be tween timbeis yesterday at the cya nide .mil sustained a badly bruised leg. His injury was dressed by the I Homestake physicians. I Mike Wi Allen and two brothers In again asking you to favor us by inspecting our urioii-i ines ;ind assortments, we do it withth the assurance that you will gnij Our showing of Artistic Millinery, Nobby Suits and Wraps, Choice Furs and elegant Dress Materials and Trimmings, will surpass all previous effort, and we believe be t fie most complete and varied in the Hills country. o Residence for Sale. Lilly expects to leav sion of the facts, and would not have been written had the truth been known. M. 1). POLK. City Kditor Lead Dailv Tribune. the V. J. went over to Garden City w here they Hills and offers his residence on Ad- Dressmaking. will spend the next month or six weeks doing assessment work upon a group of twelve claims owned by- Messrs Hallorai.. McAUen and fur- ilie stieet for sale' at a bargain, i Call on .1. V. Curran. agent. lu l.Tlw Monuments. ! George .1. Snyder has the agency ! for Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln thi t has erected so many stones in the Hills. Those in want will lq well by calling at No. 27 Gold Bie Brick Store , coian brothers. j Chris .Ionian, formerly of the firm I of Jordan t Co.. nutchers in Lead. I was iii yesterday from his present I home at Tilford. He is now engaged in the cattle trade, buying and ship At the Parisian Dressmaking Parlors ( silecessors to Miss Covet lei, located over Monheim's store, they are prepared to do first class dressmaking. They engage none but ex perlenced persons in the business and all work is guaranteed to be first-class. Orders from the surrounding country given prompt attention. . 0 Mrs. Han O'Donnell left for belle Kourche for a few days' visit. Mike Oeisler ha-d his left ankle sprained badly yesterdav while at street, or addressing lock uox boa, Lead. S. P-. " 2-lm X-nlESID outside the door, ran into the cabin and got a blanket and just as Mr. Peterson was coming out of the shed all afire, he wrapped him in this blanket, and In this way extinguished the fire, not. however, until 'Mr. Peterson had sustained severe burns. One of his artns is In a very Iityl state, and both legs are also very badly burned. He was brought to Lead in a conveyance and taken to the Homestake hospital and later to his home In South Lead. While the Injuries to Mr. Peterson are very serious, he will probably recover In time, providing there are no Intercurrent troubles develop. At the time of the explo ping cattle to the eastern market, and reports things coming his way. He will return home today. All arc cordiallv invited ; ' the services at the First j i In rch tinia c. i i s Wor t acmes are for i lie tunning DICKINSON & MAY FURNITURE 0 That Joyful Feeling. W'th t lie ohilarating spn?e of n niwdl hPL'th and strength and Uiternal cleanliness, wlilrh follows the use of Syrup of Figs. Is unknown to the few who have not progressed In yond the old-time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometlires offered but never accepted by the vell- Informed. the genuine. Manufactured by the California Fie Pyrup Co. i ai'end Uapti -t i ' 'nlT-. : h - Step .' -on 1 1 ; II' S I work in the mine. Mrs. L'dward Martin has returned I from a several month's visit with In .I. e enmg A tine niiniit. set afire but was ! n,M 'biugnter at nicago. sion the shed was extinguished by Mr. Tobev also.! -" ""'"I- one or the popular pop- I to Jesus. Fit j ".'.. se 1 1 1 - r , M i ha- e cba- ." .. I . p in t!:" i I'r -;liy.-i an j e.i school 1 i r I I I; i ll ser ic 1 nltst farmers of Centennial Prairie, j was in Lead yesterday. I Mrs. Radford, pastor of the Congregational church of this city today, at We carry an excellent line and make a specialty of Sideboards, China Closets, , Rocker Wall Paper, Picture Framing, This department is thoro in every particular, and is in charge of I ' . I'leaellll - 'H II ; p. in. Thurs m. Cbriliaii Teaeliei s and 1-anlea vor. ii : Prayer meeting. Mr. I'eterson has heeji working for the Homestake for many years and laid off a few'- weeiks ago to attend to his assessment, work. Himself and family reside in South Lead. . l To Advertise the Hills. Col. Harrows of Omaha was in Lead yesterday with V. YV. Powers, the newspaper correspondent in the Hills. Mr. Barrows is engaged bv the not n morning and evening service. Mrs. Hen Stone, who has been vis Ring friends at Fremont, Neb., for the past month, will return home today-Miss Margurite (tibbs. who has been B. K. btone, an experienced Harrison Telephone Res. 298; Store, 227. wrtataflEiMii JULIUS' RESORT. ; Julius Rebsamen's beer hall is conveniently located In the basement be-; neath J. K. Searles' meat market, I Main street, Lead. Business men's I lunches at noon served every day. i Here you can always get the best of j hot soups and the cooking is Just "as good as mother used to cook.'The fa-1 mous Anheuser-Busch beer constantly : on ,tap. A quiet, orderly, up-to-date Gentian beer hall. Visitors from the j surrounding country, as weL as cltl-j zens generally of Lead are Invited . to call. 9 18-tf quite sick dicitus. is with now an attack able to b of appen up and around. Burlington management to write; up ! day evening. T lln; Morning subject. , "The Soul's Thirst and Sat is-fact ini, ,J j FVening subject- ('brist and N : I inns." All invited. .lanies Hedge, who for some time l time and until lecently published the Hot Springs Star, having had a lease upon the plant, has moved his family to this city. .Mr. Hedge has rented I a cottage a few doors south of John Spargo's residence in South Lead j where they will reside, i William liartolero and brother ar-I rived in Lead last evening from a vis-j it of several months in Italy. They j also spent considerable time at the I Paris exposition and talk quite enter- tainingly of .the many interesting the Black Hills. He will furnish C. Campbell and .7. W. Curran enough Interesting matter to fill a drove out to the vicinity of Ouster fifty-page book concerning the great I Peak yesterday, where they have niin-mlnlnif Industry and general growth '"S Interests. and outlook of this portion of the' Miss Mattie Gibson and Miss Mabel Henry Moneeim X-iifo and Accident ..Insurance.. west. He is visiting all sections cf . Oilli-t. teacher in the public the Hills and yesterday was up at -s' l'ools of Spearflsh, were in Lead yes-Bald Mountain and vicinity and In the ' terday upon a shopping tour, afternoon was in Lead. He will re-1 There w ill be a special meet in,' of main for several days in the "Uills ' tnt Hegree of Honor, Monthly evening, and the facts will he published ' October 1.".. to inspec t roll's and make THIS WEEK in this hook, setting forth the past arrangements to go to Spea.' BARGAIN THEO, E. GESKEY, history of the country and the bright "'Prospects that exfst for. the future cannot help but "be of great advantage to themtnlng interests of many Mike Halloway. who has been working on the Fort Pierre steel gang has resigned and gone to Guernsey, Neb., to accept a position with the B. & M. Friday 1 Satuoday v--vv v v a;:asa a: , partially Developed properties. There Henry Monheim has just placed on ANTHONY TRAUT is to be 100,000 copies of this book! sale a handsome line of ladies' suits. sights witnessed by them. They wi-re ghul to get home again. I Mr. Haryey ilirs. h the well known ' mixer of fine drinks who has been en- ! gaged with the A. Klein and Pat Mc- 1 Hugh places in Lead for several months, left last evening for his home ' at Norfolk, Neb., to arrahge, It is said, ! for the starting-of a swell resort In ' the City of Mills. Mr. Hirsch Is a ' hale fellow well met and a rustler, i and should he start a place In the up-gulch city, will undoubtedly meet ! PRACTICAL PLUMBEB DR. TODD. Physieiai and Surgeon FA-WCETT BUILDING, No. 11 Mill Street. LEAD.S.D and Steam Rtter LEAD, SJ. DAK GOUPDEnAl!Nj CON- PKOF8J3SIONAL CAI ' AD -FIHEMENTS A"iKNDEO OFFICE SPECIALTItS. . -n TEH with success. Henry Schnitzel lift last evening for Chicago, where he goes to receive surgical treatment for a trouble In his head, and will be absent a couple of weeks. He has made two o: three trips during this year for the same purpose and has received great benefit, although he Is far from being cured. However his physicians entertain no doubt but that a permanent cure will be effected. The fam YOU HAVE LEAltNEI) OUIl COST MARK R. K. MORTON, M, D. Practice devoted esclus'"ey to diseases of the Eye, Ear -Throat Reading Glasses and Glasses tor the Relief of Headache and Poor Vl!on, Accurately Fitted. iFFICE IN FAUST BLOCK, (wver Dickenson's Drug Store.) OFFICE HOURS 10 to 12 a, m.; 2 to and 6 to 9 p. m. AT THE OUTING FLANNEL COUNTER AND - FLEECED FLANNEL COUNTER. The 20c Fleeced Goods at 15c. ..The 12licFleeced Goods at 12c The 10c Fleeced Goods at 8c The 12c Outing Goods 10c The 10c Outing Goods at 8c The 8c Outing Goods at 6c The 5c Outrng Goods at V2c GOOD FOR BARGAIN Friday and Saturday ONLY AT HENRY MOMIEIM'S LEAD 8. D. PRIMARY, SECONDAKi TIAKY 8TAOKS, )( "Venereal Diseases In Their Most Malignant FQIF r,-wr,,-w, nr DIIPTURE A AND And we tare learned that we con not sell Cloth ing in a Basement v PILES, RHEUMATISM, GRAVB KIDNEY AND BLADDER PLAINTS. Gonorrhoea. Gleet, Bubo AND GET OUR CLOTHING AT COST, and COME MARK. Lowes. Sexual Weakness and Impotency in '"Young V J Steve Zerega Wants to sec rou , when you are in search of WINES. LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And If yea knew his price on these goods, you would want to see him. I've Got It! You want It ily oI Mr. Sclinltxel are now visiting in Chicago. (Belt Continued on Page 7.) o Smoke Cuba's Choice, union-made cigar. Best 5c cigar in the market If you ar looking for good smoke ask for Chamtooa's MONARCH trictly union made dgmr. Fftory In May block. Lead. I l.haVe a salvo that will beat this werld for piles, and if you don't believe it, try it Apply to William Tonkin, Lead, S. D. . - lm Houses bought and sold, money loaned, general insurance and notary public. Victor T. Jepsen, Room 1, Cotton at. Andrews block. Lead. & IX tf . ".-'; - -1 , ST0 B0WEI" DISEASES OF EYE, EAR. THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER ACH, DYSPEPSIA AND ,N TROUBLES. HASES WHERE THEY-SELL CHEAP NASAL CATARRH. I"-- include v L. D. Bailor, M. D.....J. U Each, M. D. ' DRS. BAILOR A E8CH. " Diaeaaet of th Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialty. Glasses Acurately Fitted. OfficaNo. 119 Main St orlelnal sdenUflc cure, i ' j No. 5 disHT East Main Street, remedies and treatment in orl Xet' Get Toeether 1 Yours fur business STEVE. cases $10 per month. - Consultation Free.

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