The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 20, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1900
Page 7
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fJLH. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1900. CERTIFICATE OF NOMINATIONS, REPUBLICAN PARTY. PROHIBITION PARTY. I (F. J. Washabaugh, Attorney ) F(-KE LCiSl HK NUTIC-E. I WhtTMU. Kcibert A. Kell. r and Lu. 11a M I Keller, his wife, did on ihi) 13th day of j May, ly.fc. mortgage to the Bank ef Spear-rsh. a corporation, to se. ure a criain no'.1 given by Robert A. Keller and Luella M. j Keller, the following described real estate, lying and being in the County of I Lawrence and State of South Pakoia, and 'in the City of Spearlish. to-wit: Iai No one (1) of Clibson's lots. a. . or.ling in the plat of Gibson's lots in the ut, -diMsmn of the S. W. of the S W. of section ten (1U) Town. t i',i. N range two . i east B H. M., said plat I . lug record, d In Book Two CJI pair.' nine i . of plats m the Otlice of the t-eirtster of d.e.'ls of said Lawrence eonii'y. South Pakota uhi.h said (Martin & Mason, Attorneys ) M. A. NO. 1234. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. I". S. Ind office, Rapid City, S. D. Oct. S. li0(l. -, NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN, That tho Oolden (Jate Mining ajid Milling Company, by i's r-atitirer and' authorized agent, Charles S. Owen, whose postafllee (address is Ji.adwoo.1. S. P.. has this day filed its appli.alioii for a patent for the tirov-er Ft.-monr. Klkhoin. St. Clair, New Year .id W.ed. in N.i 1 lode mining claims, b.-.irii.g gel, l. nidi suifaee ground as here-, inafter sh.iHii. situated It' Whiten, -d Milling liistrut. Lavnen.e (ounty, 8. P., and designated by i In- field notes and affinal oti file, hi this office as I ah. No. ' ' ;.aii'-hip " a..: :h range .1 east. B. H M Said I -,. ; ing desenhed I I'resj.Iential Eletor i Presidential Elector. 1'residential Elector Presidential Elector I Kepresen'ativ i n j Congress Representative i n' Congress, .- 'Uovertior Lieutenant ilnverno; StM-reutry ol Stale. . Sta'e AH.litor Stat.- Treasurer. . . Sllperllli etld-'llt of 1 'nl . 1 1 lnstni, - ' ,oh .". .'..nun,, , loner of . h,.ol and Hut,-L.,ii-s .... I J. Sykesj Wilson. E. E. Ostroot N. C Rude A. H. Reed O. A Hariel Biulger. S P.. Bradley. S. p.. Hrookimrs. S. Iluron, S. P Huron. S. 1... Badger, S P Bradley, s. P. Brookiuts. ! p Huron. S P Name. iResidence. 'Address1. Thomas Fitch A. R. Brown Charles Thomson Arthur H. Marble. . . ! Mllbunk, S. ,. I Canton. S, Ii lential oi" - I Milbank, S P. 1 Canton, S. L) . . .J Miller, P. I I' Belle Four, he, S wuial biei-i"' F' ial Elector Miller. S. D. .. I-ell- I' j.ii , Ii Huron. P !.Lt,dl Elector. now"- ,,,.,P pdenu" M F Rogers. . . . J Carlisle. Ij-w is ... . sioux Falls. S. 1 'Brookings. S. 1 Ijike I'reston. ' Wessinirioii Sp. Wesiirt, S p!. S. 1 Sioux Falls. S Brookings s ! Like l'r--:o'i ? W. ss.l iTt on p i-ji..r i a .1. i. : s Charles H Burke... Pierre s ii I Eben W. Martin 'Dead wood, s. j, Charles N. Herrei.l . . j Eureka S I. : Pierre. COM""' .. ,n K N. J J E BfPfaDf' Pavis. , . C.amblei. . ; Peadwood S 1 1 Eureka S. I.. .. Springfield S I l . ! K xlfl.-l. I S 1 . . . Pierre S I ' ' Pl.-n .- S It . Hu:-.,i, .-' I. Co nTr- Governor uunJ ,, State, etary Stat .W':",r,r state; utorm-y '" "' " )( superm""' " ' George V. Snow. . Springn. Id s. 11 Curtis.. it ". Berg.. K-dtl,ld S. I. I 'I rot on s 1 . I Kit, .in, ,n S i Huron s n . J. I . Halves . . John Schanb.-r. John I.. l'ylr. . . Mitch.- ll'Ol't e.l e,. Of the .,- conn:.. ,. Book nr. on pair-- ' w!,i. li -:i as, icti- ! p. ar ! a t. r e' 1. an I I'.,:' .hih r. of !,., Can ,1 id.. I a -de, I it the H- .,11. Kb.i Hi a. II. y. S P . . . 1 La' K. E Collins. I ia id Kai m.i Frank 1- 1 V.Tli.:'l, f M , NATIONAL SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. lion r "f it - ,'omnn- - 1:1: l.K li ,- the Sfbool I In, h y -i;.ii..-i-t W. I lain W in Walla, e Swan K Fran. -is :i"'l ' t.el i. e! VV-r.!-. : Frank'-: T :li II' S. I 1 S II i :--id. v.-.-d-- I-' I itlkt , Md:-..i. nut It the S. El. Hi. t w. , !'' : i; THE DAILY riOKEEii-TlMEB; DKAPAYOOD, r s.s s li i, 1 and J . I W 7 1 -I . ' : ' h. nee S. no ui u.ll ap I .1 I . ! I M o. .;. I ,1 ,.. . ,.-'1 N :". !'! K r : .-hH''r - s :,: w. ; .,1 a ;:h Cm. nd . t , her, a- Sta'a 1 . that V,.r, h.-l 1 ' LM.-t"' no,- , ''hi) 1, ',ih I.. Wb Sui1 d' ,1 Instr 1-' live k..:: N I.: al b I -! L :i:. ti c-..u, -.,!', ' of 'he i' i I.' .id. .- W'l.l . .Mo .e.,: I,.;, I .1 I Me . P. -. I-:: t. : I.e., I - I T. in. S I.e. ,( S I le.fl ,M,. ! l t,ve 4" ,l.',.eA. lb'!, P I' I.k.l ' Henry T c...pcr . Kdw .U'd II W " John N. Mil l',"'-l JoilU !' ; l"ll rn.- I'll :-' i i i 1 1 Fr.-d I Kit . n II. in y I ' l.oiey John Wmigros.-IVnliam A Zink.. Sol Star tho i I Imh ave iv 'i. F.Mi iT i: P.:. .;i 1 'I i. nn , l 'on hi S:i t . r ! Inv nf Nov. -nili. ; 1 '"id i- k on ti:if .Li. in t1,,. r,,;-,.. f i out dniir of tl;.. eoutt !: lvv.Hld ;i tho C.itHit- . Stnto nf routh Tin Lot a tlie .'ininvr.t ilu.' as :i'i.i. id, lie; .iii. s ; Torn S I I 1. ,elA...l -I I. .l,i S N d. nil, : of Until. -n. SlMMI-tU' , e I ' : w i: I-: : ;; f: t., wilht Cor N'o.- .'. ur lllell.-e N. 4d" s- i:; .; i;,i n ? :: I'.lirl bxle (Sur. iii!,: I ' id. fie. Kll ll..l 1, led. i. i: r le Co- So in, linling : M !' ::n lulling ; M ! .iherifi Treatfur''1 RfgiSler ": ' ' Auditor . clerk of '"'"'' State's A"" : County .)'-- - County A- juperint' i.-b n: Schools ' on ln 1 . 'hen, e S ' n 1 Do i, . Ida. e 41" ll s 4.:' ti f b. irinnlni: , W from ills, f'otll dis.-.i V. IL" W I'O (; ft: W i:'.v v ft t,, the laimini; K'.ot .1 ft. S. inery'an.l 1.". ft N 4". iv. making a total along the pi-esnnie.l tied. es tin.! , o r- nf sab- 1 1!.,.-. I 9e;,t,-ni!., '' . ", f ! 1 . 1 '.,.," M TT I'lJ'NKKT T beiJT ,,f La'ireioe c,)llriIv S i F J W SII H a rc.ii.. Attorney for ssiene,- ai.l Mortgage 'Flrpt I'tib Sept "il Piob i Coroner surveyor lengih of iiifi :: ft dii-1-.IIon of tlo- 1,1. P K'C, a, r.-s. , lu..- ami e.iiitai -lid District . JllStlOe Ol ' lie 2nd JllStiee 1 IIH . . lllStK'e (II 'lie I e.i, e 3rd Juste "t lustice (ir Hie I cu e j i Mal l i ii ,- Ma.s, .1! , I ! i.rney SJIKUIITS SM.K State of Simili llakola. ''..nlitv rein-.- s, llenjaniin S 'l.i i, r iff Law - 6th Juste ' I'l.-t ,.ui. ..1 'I.e I e.t. e Jll-I... Pl-I 'notable Vnntald- '; Samuel C. I'oll. y M.-a.U.....l -' . . ,,lu,,. ,, ' Frank J. Washabauirli 1 ' .mi,i. s . . i,,', , ., I rlhur A. Mobile.. N.-m,, s j. N, , 1 Helen M. ltenne't . . I ,, ,! s (, I ., Charles E. ZeJ-ttin;'."T-a.i; 'Sr'". bml S . Abniiio S. (iates .. SH-arli-h. - I'.. S; i,i, ;, Edward I "in In 1 i n . . . Spe.i; li-li. ji s j .. ;,rti-l. s 1 1 N'eri F Ripley . ''e,,rli. , Sp.vir!:-, - I Willi.uii Uuiinby. . . l-.;,,!, s ... .' I : Nathan Colmaii I -;!! o.l ;.. , li.,,,.; y i, ! Joseph '. ll.i. lev (i.ib n;, C.lI. i,., s i Joedciu C. Stout M.advMKil. s ! ' .,.., i,,j. , W ;. Sltlft IMid. S i' I ..-ad. S 1' ,I;uiip V. SiTiir . I Ji'.liMia. S I (I. ibei. i. S i DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Iohn I' Mc-Klroy. Sr Itapid du. .-' i iu,. c,,,, John V. Mil it in V.ii. now, s ; w ,u. -row ii S John M. Kim; r.-,.-- - n . ,,,, ,.. , .. -r, . t II H. iron , ' '-in'o:, S i i i ..,.i,r!. , ; , l,. .b H M r. I- .id .-' ! . . i .... ; , Aii lr.-u K I..- v ''Hill ... - v.-: : dl ..- ; llui r.- II. I.I- n j e-'i'xi I'dl- - , . s, ,,,). . , . .. V.,ii'k-i i M - i.e, ;;- , , ..... ihJ Fr. .1 li Sun: ii ' " ' 1 1 " i ' II.-. ! i - ! I-', ml.- .1 Tim.-i I :- - ,v - i, s i , A . . ; , Charl.-s l 'Iddr" I- '" c -i' - ! ; ,,.,( - c l.n, - I-:. Hi'. In-,, k ! - ! ' 'i- -I ; i M II A.i-i-d A'.-l.-!.- - ;. ,.., I..-,.. ,, Kdniiind Cook . ; W .lino ? . !v -,-:,.: , V T. Kal-'olbli. . I cbarnn.-il ,:n s 1 c h.un i.- I , : n S ' r mstilMllMl ri Presl'ient ,.i: r.n ' "' 1 have dm idf-,1 to go one better than on any former proposition, on PIANO SALES. Until October 1st next, I will give any one buying a New Piano of me the choice of the four following propositions: -V 1st. If Joseph H. Moore is elect-ei to Congress and K. W. Martin i8 defeated, I will credit them with 150.00 ..... Ii William J. Bryan Is i--i President nd Mc-ts,i..e, is defeated, I will .cit-Jii them witn $100.00 J.' '. Nebraska gives Bryan m- majority McKinley nir President. 1 will credit them with $ 75 00 4ih. If South Pakota give.-Hryan the majority over M -Kinley for President. I will Receipt in full for the Piano. You can have ymr elioka from the CHICKERING, V05E, WEGMAN, CABLE, KINGSEURY OR WELLINGTON PIANOS. S. R. SMITH Presiili ii : . -i 1 ., j ICLKHilKN T.OPE Begiiming ,-,t the S I W Cor, when... the Cor. of Sees 1:1 is 1'' and L'l T r, N . It 2 and : E. II, 11.' Mo J twi-s s 40' w i;r,:.r, n ft; 1 hence s ' "' "-'' k lss t ft . then.-e s. r.ic r.e e. I n.L' fi: then.-e S. :!7:- r E. VW.i ft. to Cor. No 4. identical with Cor. No. t Fremont ; lode of tins Sur - thence S. 4 1 42' W. 1 L'-o ft. then.-.. N ".n" :,F W. .".i.". ft to the pl.u e of I., ghining: claiming 127(1 I ft N. 4 : I' and is ft S. a ' frnIn j dis. ,.v. r ; making a total length of 12SS 4 ft about the pr, direction of the 1 lode line and eoni.iiiiiiig 17 420 acres. ST. ' LAIR LOPE Beginning nt S E. 1 . with Cor. No. 1, Elk horn '.-do of tills Sllf : Iheliee N. all" ', r W. .1 "i.-ii. e . 27 W. :.fis 4 ft: thence , N -d I-.' i'.4s 7 (I- ll,..,,,-,. S. 2o 111' E I"'' : ft . then, .- s '.11" r.r e itot 1 n ; h. in.- s' t: - 1:sy 1 fl ,,, ,f b. L-; '1 11 !!,e ; , in i III i trir 7".'. ft V -12 17' E. 'ion. ,l,,,..rv .-int in;: i f. s U' 47' w. '' d'" V 1 ' I 'Us , is fl S 0" la' W . making a 'olal l,ii:-lh of 17'! 4 ft aloni-li" pr. -urn. -I of the lodelinc and cont'C'iing r: tl.1l a, res FW .EM! LOI'E Beginning nl the S, W c,,r with Cor, No. ('. Mine l,,.e i.Sur No :'v, wh. ru e the i orrer ,,f .s..,t,,is M. 1'. ifi ,-,, i-i t - s- ( '-' and .'! E B II. M bears N S7 7.2" W. i;:i'.C..f, ft. then... N, s" 12' W. 2,hl." ft. to Cor. So 2 id. i, thai with (,,,-. No " P.epre-ifii .i - - e 11 I'orire. ReiT''' li' i 1 ' I'otlKle-- . SuU-h !Mkn'.i 1 1 ii i t i 'o'ni'.iii 1. f. ti-lan Not u i h v j;t Til . That l.y iipk' of .in i;.'iuti.Mi tit nif Im-ftcl ;inl I i vpp" 1 1 1 nl in w in in y .ui(N, i ssncil ni r nf ihf ri.-rk's .fli of th.- Cln uit f'oni f, IliL'ht .1 U'llfj;il circuit. "unty of -ri'itcc. Si, iii- (if H'tinh t;ikM;i, upon ,i .jmlmni'iit n ti'lt-rt'd in -ai'l Ccuif In f;t vr r f Mriij.'itnin S Wc.t-r .itM ;i;iinst Sou : ft l;tkot.t Mining ( 'otKjt.ut v on th T.'h i;iv of Imho 1 1 ivr, I h i ... 1. ti.o:) ih- f...w,tii.- .l-rril'. '1 i'. ill j-ro;-, My ..f - ii-l 't.-f i.. I. in , tit-w it Ml rtrli'. Mil.- ;iii.l M i. f. n.f.iht !i i l ) h-- ': ' 'I iy I in-'. 1 o- .i ,i n v ' i in-- -ut ti. nf ., ; , , in I Tn f-l l'v lii pr'.i rf v Mtuat.Nl ; n I ,.i u nth ' i olllllv, S ) I'll I.IKI ini ir, of The UlittT f '' in, 'i i n S m ,! i ti - h (?((); T i r i ur ;i 11 of ilu- uait-r- of -; 1 1 1 1 ct.-.'k 1,11,111 from s.iiil creek a' a j.oint where a is coiihtrui -t! ati'l .it hi' h the w;iter fs tuno'tl from ai'I ' n t-k into the 1 i r c h un Ihitne of th South Pakota Milling fmnpaiiv :io-i yarN ahoe ifi.. I.ri-U'p of Ihc t'hry-ciitH' !()iii; of sai'! Sptarfi-h iiek: S'.I'H l. Mel- Mi r r ,i-'ir- r . lliiriiev In 1 1 . I .1 . ilien ii li li ii n r el I'ulll. In, 'in -nun . . tollinil.-, loner nf S-hiK.I .i:id 1' ib-lii: I-.i'ld- Railroad runirnis- ' Hopkins bxle iSur. No 12".'.); Hi'iieo . fioner . Al-o all tht waters of tjie Knsf fork of ! E :ifi.". 7 ft thine,. . 71" 47' j.;. B ciU'N'I'V TICKET stale sna;.ir ;:m1i ' District ' Stat Senator dMh i John A. "JjilJat;!!! r Jame.-t Conett District fl to Cor. No 4. v.-iih Cor. No .'. C rover ble. this survey : thence S. tkii' S' K. 72 ('. ft; thence S. k" 1:" E .1 ft thene.. S. 22" 4a" W. l",l ft. to corner No. ",. I.lentieal with ''or number 1 Fort una lode iSur No. 127C.I: thence N. 2 35' E. ST. r, ft: th. nee S ko" y ft: then.-.' S. etc r,,i' W r.i.ti 'i ft; (hi nee S. 44 IS' W 2fi.r. ft to the idace of Ix-ginning: . l.iii'iiiig 'I'M v ft s 7,,' i.,' w and US 9 said Spearlish ens-k. being r,ofi ineh.s: and all the waters of , 0 l Cre. k. b. lnir IT.11 iiu-hes. and being more fully ,b s.-ritied 111 additional cet.t i flcale dated February 24th, IM'-t. and recorded in Hook !H. pages :X1 and :'a',2 of tin records of 'he Register of .,f Law rem i' ci.utiti- So Pak ,t.i-irother with all dams, .lit. lies and !1uui s used in eoni.ect Ion with said water and nater right- part of the above de scribed proper-tv is the same wa for-rtirh t s K. ad. S ! I lend W. ld . I ;r.--in t S s r State Ht til "-I'll t ;i - Lead. S i I lead wood. S II ' I J ( In el: in, nit . S Ii 'Lead .-' 1' I Lead. S I i live I'-th .Hit Male Kelil.-,ent:i- J. It Fairbanks A c. McKinney LEGAL NOTICES. uve 41 i ii-.t Por.oogh, ttreasurer, nt his office in Dead-wood, S. P Any slo. k upon whi' h tills assessment shall remain unpaid on tho "(nh day of ()c-tolx'r. ll'ii'i will be delinquent and adver- I ThuKlore K. i;ek. I-.i.l vi.. l.y Core F Bret tell to Win. ised for snie. and unless payment shall : 11. Cameron as trustee hi- deed I.Ted No- j ft N SC" 4' E discovery: making a lotal length of 14o7 7 ff along1 the scmed .Lr.s-tion of the ble line, and ro.-- talinitig 7 ll" a. r.s WI KPOS NO l LOpErWginnlng at SI HiiKi S 1 I lea.hso.Ml. S. . M.n Ii & Moody. Attorneys MOKTIl ACE SALE. !c. Cardinal ! James H. Harris K. N. Ogden.. ' A. C. I'ottcr. . . have been made liefore, will lie sold at vemb.-r Mh. P'iI known as the Or.-eii-auetion nt tJio office of the trox-surer. In ba. k and l-ad Ciiv or Lead Coniii.-i,y Pond wood, on the loth day of November. , water-right on Sponrflsh ere. k. said dw-d 1!i(KI. at 2:.''i o'clock p. m.. to pay such do- 1,,-ine r-i.t.l,..l in Book 1'' a' Paire CO, of limiuent assessment, togethtet with costs the records of the RgePler of peeds of pefault has been made in the payment I of the moiiev secured by a mortgage dated Stale Kepr.i nta-tive ;h lust S:aie Heprei.-nta-live -Isth Di-n Sheriff bounty Judue Herk of Cmiru. Suparintendent of Schools Treasurer Raster of liwds Auditor State's Atn.rn, v Surveyor Ilea.lwoid. S li Lead. S . ... Whilewood, S. I. t.,l...,,... U.lM , . 1 i of advertising and cxypenseR of sale.' NEIL McpON'OrOH. Sec . .IThcw. W. Thoinnson.!wiiiiewo,.d. S. 1) St. (Ml ire. S ll I lead v,mhI, S. I i. I lead wood. Sl Lead. S. 1). Whitewo.1. S. II Whilewood. S II. IieadwiMKl. S. i. U-ad. S. 1 1 lleadwood. S. ! I. I leadwood. S. 1 I. la-ad. S. 1 1. Spearlish. S Ie Spearti,h. S. 1 1 I lead wool S Ii . . A. V. Merrick I lead wood. S. li. ..John E Sullivan . . l.ea.1. S I' .. Charles E. Ifcivis ilieadw.KKl S. 1 1. . .. Charles E. Jnhnsnn.. 1 ead nod. S. H. ..A. E. Monahaii I-ead S i I the l'.uh .lav of April A. P. 1W... executed ' by Mrs rehie II. Sniitht and Archie II 1 Smith, mortgagors, to W. 11. Bryan, mort 1 krak,,.t, The aniount claimed to Ik' da. upon said inortgaw al the date of this no-I ti.-e is the sum of live hundred and thirty-five dollars, and len dollars a4toniL' i ''Vow therefore, noff.-e Is hereby given i thai I v vim f the Kwer of sale .011- 't I'm. I n s;U.l montrage. and duly r.H-ord-i ed' and ill pursuance of the statutes in i ,-u,-i made and provided, the said ' oroner l.av. ren.-e County, S II . and which properties w r afterw ards c, ,; ey ed to Augu-t."-. W Topfi it al. and by them to tlie South Pakota Mining Company. ,,o the 1 water rlrht loea(e,l l.v W. B Cam., trustee, on (v i..b. r 21t 1'Tt. and re- l cord,-. Nov '". IVil. taken from Sp, arflsh ' cr.-.-k at a dam al onf 4 ,,f a mite t.. bo-, ilu. Cbevetii.e Crossing of s..,,l ,0 e.-k and a'. out "v; of a tnib- ut s.:-i;tin from :(,-I....;, atul trestle of lb" H fi- M H I! ' .cross sail cr.-ok s., the W,-sier'i i I'l i,-. r Claim rn!. d ,v Ceo 17. It-, -it, 11 the s i ,.r the Cor. of Sees 11. P. l' and 24 T :. N. R. 2 and 3 E , B. H M Ittiarx N. U". if 4" W. fiOC-l !) fl t hene,. N r. . " ,:;-1 w. i ft : (hence N. '.V -' u '!' " f' lo Cor N'o. .1, Identical with Cor No 1. Col, len Wedge ''n. 2 lode iM. S 1.1!, I, I; t'.ell. .- V .M " .".fi' W. 2'IV 1 fl ilaneo N 4 4.'. E loi; r, ft : (hence N .- "i E Hi27 4 f Co n.-e S. :,(l .!',' E. 417 2 fv 'h. iii e s i.7' ::' w. it;:. 7 ft, to cor. o. v . le. with Cor. No 2 '."v Yinr I. I.- of this survey; tb.tice S. I.' ..?,' W. 1177'. fr i., th.- jdare (,r i'eKii,ning: elaiin-: ir loo f, N 47' fac E from diseoerv rnd p. a: 1 f, s 47" .'(I' W. ,liis 47 !t s; . 17' W making a t,,ia lenglii of 1 P7 (I fr i ; i'ii' the pr. sun,,., dir.-. -lion of Ho, lo.ln le M-.d e,,... II.IIU' 1" II", a r-w (Fil-st I'ub. Sept. 19. PKI0.) .I'r.wb-y A. UilTey. Attorneys i 'NOTICE "I' SIIF.IifFE S SM.K I'.V M'TloN. S'ate of South Pakota. County ..' Im-, in Ci;. mi Coutt. Eit'lith .In. lb oil ' ' i r. nit Pel. r A C ihiir-i, plaintiff. SM-artish S. I1 ! Spearlish. 1 ' . , Ilea.luoi.d S Ii 'ounty Assessor I laniel J Toonn-y i-ommison, r nnj ,Di9trl't loM.-ph Conk Justice of the lvaee 'Ik Justice Hist . . . ' I'ali ick 11. Early PEOPLES PARTY. ' Ian rv "rd u It. I pag til. ll t the ed. : the , Presidential Elector. John I'. M. Kirov. Si Kaput Cm, . ti-1 r. . ol d, ,1 i ii re, or I- , eepl 1 I,I.. c,,,p CddeU Pelt o,,-.- E Br, l'i II A orkman Paul J. litL'e.-, la- I' l-bl w ai d l ' I laiuelsol, , .lohn Tt - lli.l.i 1! 1 M , k i 1 1 - o 1 1 , a lid Aln.-l l Han.,. I i.-f. ndi. n : - - hereby u i veil that . .v iC ue of ,' of for. lo,ure and in th PresideniMl I'l.-.-ior i.-n., - i...: M-. i.-iu-e ill I.e ', .re.lose.1 by a -ii.- of ,ii,, 1 1 i-;m,-.l in-, inis.-s t herein il 1 1- , puhli. an. 11. hi al thi' front door of oiirt bouse 111 ih. City of P.-a.lw.x.d. , 1 i.-ikoi a ...11 Ibe .Ird day of Novetn- 1 ,, ,,'. ... k in the afternoon of .lav. I be uioi-t irau'.-d pr, tnises are aric ion from IF lb ri r I ,,: said eof Seb, II of Hi. I. d i y C '" t'eit I .Ki' E. at . flow 11 St Lau i - n Callloli. S that r CI.-, nl . d .u t l , d d.,v il 1. d loll Presideniial Elector. John M King... Presidential Elector. ',-, , f.,.. Kepresentai im- i n 1 Coneress ; ,j,,seph I! Mom. Represcntaiive i n " 1 Andrew E. Lee. '-overnor Hnrro H l.i.-n in i. bow- lb-),. c k and .11 tie- L a mt an f Liwr. t L.-a.l. s I- . -erii,il!ion. s i . p 1 said lu.lcti, i sh.-icf . William 1 f vmcr !..r , ,ii: N . Not il'.e a judgni' il! ,,vi. Sept, ml issue)V tu-Mntt PI slate of appoint, d t he froi city of ! '-in,' siai- (lot-atier L foreliwn i ; i p i . i i 1 1 v . s- n Wat.-rt..-.'. ii. S 1 1 : I. iv. : n- .S. ' i 'anion. S I Iclu.-d S il '.--ni.!'i ! S I ' Si. .11 F ill J. S 1 l. Mission 11,11, S lie.l... S H i. h, S I i Caliilier!:iin. "S MiieheM S I' lbs. ribel e COIlMiy -r. am ''' '' - 1 '"' .'irea of f I kM acr.s. ,..fond ' I'M ',; .., i, f the,, niines a:-- ,,- , . , , ,,. - "i !, ,' II Hie office of the I( - r of .:-,.,,M " d ..f l.,,'i it'y S H, in . nl i. I, ' H'1 I'-'c -' '.v. :'s''. 2' o :-7 ...,,,1 I. pru-o r '-, p. " -' i -. . -1 y I h a Ifoining .daims are ,on the north rd ,l,i v and'. M S. 127'". (pearl. C. o i c e i : r Siou Kails. S !i ! r ! 1 "e lit. -I re i -ii ' , -n Cro- - i n i' or, ; -, a :T- h , i said p, :t e d the h. a l " atr-e r jL.i,. and ..-.-ord. 1 II, of r.sords n.d that ! shall on :,' Nov, -nl,,- I i 1 - -I i. Bo. I- Mission Hill. S I He. la. S. 1 ' . . li t P.kol-i for Hint nurpo. .11 ssdl at , ul, lie an, -tin 'i al d,,or of the (mill ho'l-. in t hi .. -ad w ood toiinly of Lawn-riee if S.iufn I laKota, on Erlo-.v ' ' ' ird.-iv Hi.-at tlo A. L. VanOsd.ll Fred B. Sniiih Frank J. Tracy Charles n T.dii.k. Aimer E IIUch.-.Kl. Umtenant' (bivernni Secretary ,,f State. . ste Auditor stat Treasnn? Attorney (ieiierah Niteritrtrtidcnt ,,r Ipswi, h. S !.... Cbamberlai n . 1 ,,,,..-,.,1 in the county or Lawrence. 111 1 no - S :C ..f South Pakota. and are d.-s.-ribed as follows 10 -wit Beiritiniiig at a point 1 i,f th.- norihw. -! ...iner of the property ' own.d.'by one Ceoru- Staples, and o. eu-j , by one I E. Albright, for dwelling I purpo-es. i-iinnitig west along the soi.'h j 1,,,,. of an allec south of the lll.e k .Hills Kr' l'ieire railroal track one hnndrcl nti-1 tluve il'C) feet theme in a , southerly direct 1011 along the cost side line , of what is e.itninonly known as Hie South : E;.enslon Mill street or the Kirk road two hundred and ten CM") feet, thence In I In o'ebi. k V M of said d.V, hour ef at Die j in said ; .Mil's,-11 s 1 1 !. k In the ; fr,n. ,i, 1 hfj! Conr' Hons ;t.'i. I'.ini, at 1 .f tb.H day. Hi 1 esta-to an-1 1 - d ''! '-"".i to p, fn nn I he . I premises situate itl the county mortgai t)Iic ,i,,n. . I M II 1 and I'ortuiia .. 011 the ...uth ! M S lo'tx 1 White Slari M S.v n o el 'al I.hI.v) m S, liv; ifjol.len Nl. :, ;:nd-M S, in-14 (Agnte Nn. 4 t " ,1 'at! persons .liitnitiL' t-I...ii of stii.l inirics or sii.'j-o. al.- r.ti'.iire.l to tile their adverse with the Register of the l ulled W..I.-I. H- Aasv.-d right li'b' and inter. -f of the ateoe liain'b' defendant in and to the above d'- j s. rib.-l prcipertv to satisfy sai l iitde:nrt,t I Wedu-e lode) A -IV any p. rrmird olaousi W..-t.t. S Wilinot S '"uimisjioni.r f l kool ami l-ub- I- ' Lands..-.. JE.lmun.l Cook R""d ComniLs- I easterly dtre.-tioii two hunure.t ami of Laiio-n,-.' and s'ate of South Pako.a. and directed in sab! judgment and ex.s-u-tion to I,.- sold, and theteia described as follows An ur li' ided '-, int. t-..sf in and to the Foran I.mI.'. rnmiiig claim situated in Grcsen Mountain l-'lat and hounded on the I " and ftvts. amounting to ($iai;i2) four hundred and eighty dollars and eightv-t...o cents, toiretlii. with all accruing costs of sale and Interest rn the same from the j Wlllllo'. S I I Ch.ltliberl.ini. S. ii j tyenty-eiirht (L.'s teei. inenee 111 -a 11011,1- i10"" ... T i.!,p,1ite Chain bei lain. day of June. Is'i.",. at the rate of 7 COUNTY TICKET north by the Clinton lode and on the ,.r wnt per annum at Public Auction Stat Serum. ,. T" ' south the McC.overn property. , the h!rhft f.idder for cash. alivnliil interest in and to the' t,at,,i nt p-adwood. S. I) . October 3n,l XtiKt ---'john A. Callatfier. . Lwi.l. S. I . . erlv diri' ti.m along the wesi sine or properties owned by Henry A ltau and John Staidis two h'undrded and twelve 1:12) fe.'t to place of beginning: all of which Is In thn southerly part of Lead City, and across the road and east of the public cemetery In lad, Iawreii.e County. State of South Pakota. W H BRYAN. Mortgagee. Slls lHlid Of'et. .11 Rut, id City. S P. during the si My days' period of publication h.-'-'-of. or they will lie barre.1 by. virtue of the pp. visions of (he statutes ! A": K. C RPNEH. Regi-t. r. IT IS HEREBY OltPEUFP That h" foree..iinr-Tii..iee be publish. -.1 for ,t period of sixty days, in the piv l' s. a n".vspaK'r puMi had at iK-a.lwiMr!. S. P. an 1 nearest said' i laims A. K GARDNER. Regp'rr. phant. Little Ciant. Last ( hance pion MATT I'LFNKETT. Sheriff of lwr.-nre County. i ''hance 1-i-actioii lo.f -s. or m,:i i'S, situated on the west slop., of , eak and Niunded on the southeast i S. li IleadvMKid. S I). Creennii.nt. S. II Ia-ad. S H. I !,D',trlct I James Conzett Deadw,,.!. S i aw Repreenta- j '1Tth cisi . . . . j. n. Fairbanks (Jreenniont. S H Stl Repreienu- C,4" Wt A. C. MoKlnnev Lead. S An i Eva. L and Li mg 1 Terry 1 by the proper1 All"., uated i I Jwreti I MATT PU NKETT. Wiling .meriea ruining company Rv MMES B HARRIS Deputy I'lainitff's Attorneys. (First publi.ation Oct . 1300) Sheriff of l,awroji.e ( ounty. miuid i.hkoij. MOOliY. KEU.AR A MOOPY. ttornevs for Mortgagiee (First I'ub. Sept. IS. 13f' 1 1 la-a.1. S U. the nlmve described claims sit-the Whitewood Mining Pistrict, county. South Pakota. together - ,,.a inn iTheodore E. (Jeskev Iead. S. H Sl Repres,nta- I MA 1C,L ... St. Onge. S. I). P. Cardinal st Omre. S 1' JaniM H tturria !1.,u,I.,hhI S. H R. N. Offden neadwoixl, S. I A. (j. fottn- Iad. S. 1 Florence Wertman.. peadwood, S- P-Ueadwood, P. Lead. S. U. Whitewoo.1, S. P. Whilewood. S. P. Peadwood. S. P-Lead. S. P peadwood. P-Ieadwool. U. Irfud. S. P. with ,,11 appurtenances ami improvements therein'o belonging, or on much thereof as rata 1-c sufficient to satisfy said judgment and costs, amounting in all to Four Hund-.d and Seventy-Two 1472 ) Hollars and Seventy i7ii) Cents, with interest there.. a from the date of said judgment, and all a.-, ruing costs of sale. lie.-. ,:..(. South Pakota. Sept. 24. V.'(0 MATT PLl'NKETT. She-iff of Tjawrence Coun'v FL ' U LEY A LAFFEY. I'laintiff's Attorneys staff 1 Q Schools .... Tourer .. Jr of Deeds!:: W Attorney..'::" "yor .... xr )r Assessor;" "loiier 2nd ' Thou. W. Thorn pn A. W. Merrick John E, Sullivan.... Charles E. Davis Charles E. Joh ( Martin Mason. Attorneys. I In Hie Idstrict Court of the I'nlted States. Western Division. Pistrict of South Pakota. In the matter of William Tudor, Jr. Bankrupt In Bankruptcy. NOTICE OF FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS. To the Creditors of William Tudor. Jr., of Mystic, in the County of Pennington, and Pistrict aforesaid, a tnkrupt. Notice is hereby given that on the ISth day of October. A. P K'OO. the.said William Tudor.' Jr.. was duly adjudged bank-ruirt. . and that the first meeting of his creditors will he held at the office of the undersigned. r feree in bankruptcy, in Whitewood. S. 1 Whilewood. S H -Deadwood. P. 1 1 Lead. S 1 Deadwocxl. P. 1 1 IieadwoxMl. S. IV. Lead. S. 1 Spearfish, P. U... Spearnsh, H A. E. Monahan NOTICK TO CREDITORS Estate of Michael MoMonagle. ir-reased. Notice is hereby Riven by the nn r-signed administrator of the estate of MichaeV McMonagle, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons havin? claims against the said deceased to exhibit' them with the necessary vouchers, within ft. r.r months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at his res!-dence, 21 Burnham avenue. Dead-wood, or to David Brown, his agent of Deadwood. In the County of Lawrence, S. D. Dated September 27. 1900. JAMES ATCHISON. Administrator of the estate of Michael McMonasle, deceased. 1 (First Pub. Sept. 29. 1900 ) j Speaxflsb. S P. irpearfish. s. P. UanJel J. Toomey... Joseph Cook (W. H. Parker. Attorney ) SI MMONS RELIEF COMPLAINT FI LEI I State r.f South Pakota. County of Lawrence, sw. Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. Ciorgla Reeder, I'laintiff. George M. Rewder. Pef.-n.'snt. The Stabe of South Dakota, to the above irsirrr-l fn4ant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above nam- 1 plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby .lived upon you, and to serve a copy of vour answer upon the eubacriber at his oilio in peadwood. Iawrence county. South Dakota, within thirty days after th,' s- - t . ..f !his bummon? on von, -xclur.w .f the day o' uch service, nnd if you fa, t 1 at.swer this complaint within that tini the tlaintilt w',11 apply to the court 'or thi re! rf demandid In the complaint Patcl at Peadwood. S. p., this 24th dav of September. A. D. inoO. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Above-named Defendant: You will please take notice that the POPULIST PARTY. (peadwood. South Pakota. on the. 31st day Thoa. Thompson. Jr. , Hitehcx k. S I' Erwln J. Tracy Sioux Fallf, I Kettle Hal .Hit.hemk. S. I'. !siou Falls, S. r Sjspeion. S. TV .'Hand County. P J0"' Elector i(U Elector til El.tor Elector !nutive in j?Ba3 Iwutive in' J- J- Sell Hand Countv. S ii. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Sii -r OiK-en Mining Company, pl.n '' of buii"',v. m-adwooil. S. P. N-'.." i hereby given that at a ni.e'ii.ij of t-.e i-oftrd of direeiors of the at-ow-nam- l . held a' 1 ea.! w o...l. on the I li ,'ay of Oetoher. l''K. an a-e-w t '(No .1). of one-half rent (itr shaj.' wa-leviel ilium the outstanding stock of 'h -compat.v is'iyable immediately to Sh,-:.2a i McBmtney. at Oalera. P P . or w Cars." at the American Han', . Den-Wood. S. P. .AnyVtook upon which thin assem-r.: shall r.-main unjiaid on the 10th day of of October, A. P. I'm", at ten o clock in the forenoon, a: which time the said creditors may attend, prove Iheir claims, ap point a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business, as may he properlv before said meeting. (7-DANVILLE (;. BENNETT. Referee in Backrupti y. Dated October 1.1th . I'""1 Edmond F. English . YanktoD. ?. P..:.- Yankton S P M. Vernoi , S. P. Mitchell, S. Tc ,Iwif,ton. P P. Fleetwood. ?. P-paAi-lson Co.. S- P lohn M. rease E. .Stair.....'.'. ''red Kystrum . . . rank Stout...... Frank W. Bailey. . ' Mt. Vernon. S II .. Mitchell. S. I) ... . iLewiSton. S. D . Fleetwood. S. P . ILtovidson Co. S. P rrent. P P. Notice There Is over $13,000 of state school money on hand in the county treasury to loan on school bonds and Improved farm lands in Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed In this office soon. W. A. ZINK. County Auditor. iMtruc- & commi;:" ASSESSMENT NOTICE. New La Plata Gold Mining company; place of business. Deadi ood. P. -P. Notice ij hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of the above named coropany. held at Peodwood. on the 17th cay of September, 1!H0. an assessment (No. 9) of one mill per share was levied upon the outstanding stock of the oonjpai y, paysble immediately to Nell Mc- 0. I. Huesboe. 1. I. Steam. November. 1900, will be delinquent and 1 summons ana complaint in this action adv rtis-xi fr sale, ana unless payment was filed In the office of the clerk of the shall hnvc been made before, will he sol ) above entitled court at the court house in at me'icn sf the American National Tta-'k. I the City of Peadwood. Lawrence County, Der.daoo.1 S P 4n the 30th day of No-. South Dakota, on the 22nd day of Sep- ypp.ber 1'"" at 2 W o'clock p m:. to pav I temtr, A. D. 1900. Mich 'Vo-Hiuort a'ment. together with WILLIAM H. PARKER, ic-stsi of pdve'-in? a"d eipcnse? of salt. Attorney for Plaintiff. SHERIDAN McDRATNEY. Secretary. i (First Pub. Sept. 2$, 1900.) Trent. S p. r,ro--k:rirs. S. P ! :s: D- ... Brookings. 5. P ... Lewiston, S. D. .. r ... A. D. Blun4iB

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