The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 6, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1900
Page 2
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FRIDAY. JULY 6, i90o. $I,'.nO for improving his property ut public exjionsc. When people can afford to buy pot- THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED Jl'NE H. l7-. Nc Gripe, Pain a toes file 1'iiiTiier t.s better prices for thi'iii. That is the rea.-cm why last r (I-ri''ii:fnr'. nu irritation of the in--.--:.'..- ... v nr !-. roinpt, thorough i ( a-.:.M:r-, w lull JgU take Hood's Pills .- ,.u oy ail Jrut:its. ii cenus. Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co. Nil,'' truths of ill ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 fiii'.-i'ii's potato (top was uoith $ 1 t,.j''0.- THE BLACK JIILLS TIMES j ' ' ' a 1 1 . I : -: 1- iluii- :,'" i'lirl-Ii sl.iji-. j taoi I I he put ,it' p p ul 1V).j. i . pu !j! j ah ;n fh--:r I'hii.i ! ! V! ,r ., . I I' T In. f II. i,'. j i ipi.i.i j.i.-tto: u uiul I U '' ..... , , (. ;. n:',t.,.:,! in-". I 1 ''' ' aI f!..- .Mu.ill.-t ..I tin- ! . ; 1 1 1 h 1 1 .:,. ,1 - c' ' 1 ' : "'."' V.-t. Chair Successor Ayres & Wardraan Hardware Compv ESTAHI ISHKD Al'KIl; 7, 177. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. PIOM:i;h-timi:.s n kusiiinl; CO. i " i i THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. us a1) :el Pa I M. Is ami a a 1 1 1 "'I"'""""''IIIIM TERMS OK srUSCItri'H'JN: li - ! ; -t . i; Em rpt Moil- I l-'r.m lol, p. i i at ; h mi t :. , p. r !,. .el . a Jaii'i i. ;. . 1 . J I . T M Kihh v 'a i- DAll.v i:.iy .Moinii.K. day. One ear. 61x Mouths One Month WEEKLY l.MJ( .1 Kw-iy la: in a - ' j'l t !,. !,.!' ,!,.,.:iii;:t. !. $ 1 ' ; ;VW !. l.tjO ; lliinHlay; l'i At ! !.. : :-l.t to . Hal aial !la I.alior h.i- ,oo Hi, Hi l-.-rs J.lllir a.-lliel i, ,U ; i : 1 1 I up this year. 1-Y'. I at I ' ' 1 1 uai'is ,,t .: 1 1 i a I Mo '. ft i a lioiliitiK "1 'ills ui.rth il'i por leioi iia ri-ns. in t he laM II .',0 Jier relit These - a-t i. . il. I . Heath, llaindd One Year - u0 ' ,,,, ,1,,. ),,,,,, Ti, 6ii Months. 1-uOl ,,,,, V..MS MS , 1 Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Mi Wa at.-riM t- i : n ' , minim; district. Iroin the i. p.iii ol Hi.- agriculture, alal may he The settlement ol' tile lllf ti, lilt ies at tie- Saiiioan Inlands uas om- of the 1 1 1 1 ili im a r it- in. idi-nis which terminated happily under this administration. . . .. i li"ii' a I" Catered as Second-Class Matter af the, pai t;io nt a, , epted as ahsoliitelv leliahh Deadwood I'ostoflke. A FORMER GALEN AITE. Well to the front in the French cap tab v Senator Morgan admits that some of the leatures of the Chicago platform are rather socialistic. Senator .Morgan is not a Republican camjmgin orator. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For I'resideiit WILLIAM McKl.Ni.Ei'. For Vice President THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Himiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii The pillowing extra, t is ffSH the Fon imi shipping interests, it 'is as .-i-rted. breathe easier since tin- re-pnhlnaii national i (invention has eoiii.- and gone, because it did not -,,ei ally endorse the jx-tnl inn ship jiing lull. If they think that tin- fail me of the reni bl k alls to endorse that bill means tln-ir condemnation of it. tney will be. very disagreeably disappointed next winter when -congress meets again. Fanners who grow flax should recollect that the Max crop of the Cnited States was worth 1 m per ceent more money last year than in I MC Main St. Deadwood, S. D. I ' n v er Ti tnes Sun. .linn- 21 : I'AKIS. June ' i It is safe to affirm hat Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Walsh .! Colorado are the most popular in, t it -a lis in Colorado tonight. This otcinoon National Commissioner Walsh and his c banning wife gave a 'light ful afternoon on the Seine, v bo h. ni all its appointments. Mir-a-seil any ,n t , rt a i n nieii t given in Cotton growcers icalize JTl'.ooii.iHiu i more money tor their crop last year trenuous- j ,i;m , i,4-y did in IV.",, that was the re- President McKinley ha ly urged the fulfillment of every cam I ill of opening the mills. Membere of Congress LBEN W. MAKT1N, of Lawrence. CHARLES H. liUKKE, of Hughes Governor C. N. HEURIED, of Mcl'herson. Lieutenant tioveruor GEO. W. .SNOW, of Boa lloiume. Secretary of State 0. C. UEllU. of Spick. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMliElt. of 1 1 u t,. b i csou. Auditor J. L. REEVES, of Hruwu. Attorney General JOHN L. l'VLE. of H.-.clle. Supt. of Pulili'- I us true t ion - E. E. COLLINS, of flay, ("om. of School an,! Public Liucls - IiAVID EASTMAN, of Itolaf s. Railroad Commissioiier FRANK LECOCy. of 1 ouk1ii3. I' bv A mil c a ns sun e the opening paign promise made in the rejuibliean plat form of 1 v;. In this he has been supported by tin- representatives of LIVERY FEElf AND SALE There iron trad- STAB , l I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 t 1 1 III ill tile S v i ai ii -e more t han Tin i e u as no pro-I bos.- ,a v s. -ult has been I -'oiiu , and tin onm , of a valuable char faith kee with tie- mi. i h ,-i:i-latioi actel a- well ,o Good Saddle and D-iviLg Horaea Furnished. Heavy Hore an1 Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy t0m work or to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood fur tale anj delivered. The (Inn,,--' pig --tail makes fin twisting material for those person who have been so persistently at worl i hi I he lb it isii Lion's tail. : Mi,- opo-.lion. The dav was sim- p!v perfect. Olle III tle tines! of the , ar. and the banks of the Seine v. ! lined With people of all mition-liities. who cheered the two boat 'oads of Americans as they steamed down the far famed river, with the iiieiican flags living ami the band l-Iaving '"Columbia." The entertain no lit was in every wav unique and tlioioly elljove.i by the "Oil guests present. .After an elegant bincln-on -erved on board, (laming was indulged in and a most delightful afternoon was pass, ., a- the boats drifted along thru the inviting s, cm i y of the Republicans have not made a parti i-sue on tin- shipping ipn-M ion and they wisely refrained from mak ing tin- shipping bill their own do maml. All they asked lor.i ami all GEORGE BENNER. 509 Main St Larni' s leimelit pa i 1 1 ? v j s uihi ir of electing for the ex-I lemoi rat L- the loss of w as President in 1 vi. t In -oils. they were justified iii demandin their live stock alone. propel' legislation. Congress must be depended upon to. supply the method and "it it into execution. The democratic is the only party that makes a specially of plot. ting foreign interests at tie- , xpen.- of American interests. s, -me I lu re were ui'-, lit in addition io all the national and state commissioners, a oonsid' ruble nurnbr eof Colorado people, including a number of former residents of Denver. .. McKI N LEY AND ROOSEVELT. The caiidnhites jilacoil In-fore tie peojile of the I'niti-d States hy tin- n-puliliian national coinention on the lst of June, litiMi. oiciipy a imipne position in (lie history of American politics. liolli were nominated without a single dissenting Mite. No par allel to this unanimity of thought and action is to lie found in the roionls of national conventions in this country. Both candidates would have been nominated by acclamation did not the time honored rule recpiire the formality of a ballot. The reason for this remarkable accord in the choosing of the republican presidential ticket for the campaign of 1900 1b not far to seek. In the ease of President McKinley a renomina-tion was a foregone conrlit-sion almost from the moment he took the oath of office on the 4th of March. I st7. This certainly was only made more cer A Republican victory in Nebraska this year would be a fitting climax i for th 1 'eiiioerat ic canijiagin on fal issues. imnrmmmwmmfflwmmwwwmmmmnfirfflrrffiiiE The Ladies Bazaar Silk WaiStS for this week at a baro;. 3 5: New Dress Patterns for spr-iny r.wr. Summer GOOdS in Percales, Meiverizcl C.inr- 3 hams, and all fashionable fabrics f-.r summer dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS fr everyone, Come ami s.'c. 3 I Mrs. Watt, - Main St. Deadwood iuiuiuiuiuiuauuiiiiuiiiiaiuiiiiuiuiuiaiiiiiiiiiiuw j Since bis arrival in Paris Mr. ; Walsh has been indefatigable in his Air ttr :m"s I'l-lnrn to I hi 1:iy ;is,ss-r! An Atneiiian ran through Paris the other day tigliiinu: himself with and razor and succeeding at every jumn He will die, it is announced but not we hope, before it is found out what particular part of the xjiosition tails ed him 10 do it. His secret should be wrenched from hini in the inerest of the other visitors. o There was more important legislation transacted during the last session of congress than in any other similar ieriod. At the next session two of th most important measures will be he N'icaraguan Canal construction bill ami the restoration of American shijijiing. enorts to entertain his tollow countrymen. He has been especially solicitous in his endeavors to make all Coloradans feel at home. The has answered one of his pet arguments. Mr. liryan is not growing poorer. same is true of Mrs. Walsh, who. w ith her husband, are certainly iz.e,l by the American colony in There is no encouragement for tin-foes of the Cnited States in the republican iilatforni. Idle men. tramps ami Coxey's armies furnished but poor markets lor farm jirodm t. Paris tonight, because of their unicpie. charming, and in every way. delightful afternoon on the Seine." The writer hereof was traveling down Mallory gulch, in the Hear gulch distrbt. in July. lSTtl. and went down into the creek bottom to inter view a lone man whom he discovered shoveling into a sluieehox. and who said that he was Thomas F. Walsh. We both subsequently settled in Catena. Walsh and partner building a cabin on the hillside bac k of where the Oro Kino or Two Ib-ars mill now stands, from whence they went to I.eadville in November or December. '7S. C. B S. Wf'vc Get It! Yon want It! Let's make a deal. Our business transactions are strictly coufiden-tial. We've got the money, jou want the money, so come and see us. We have on hand a large stock of unredeemed pledges at prices far below their cost of manufacture. tain by a chain of events which served to Hhow how wisely the people chose in the elei Tion of lS!hi. and to foreshadow the popular demand that was to make Itself felt with regard to a second term. Just as William McKinley was the logical candidate of his party at a time when hU country was suffering the Jiangs of bankruptcy and ruin as the result of running after false guides, so was William McKinley the logical, the inevitable candidate of his party at a time when his great mission of restoring prosperity stood accomplished and when new and trying problems growing out of unprecedented and difficult conditions required for their safe solution, the same clear brain and the same lofty statesmanship that served Washington exercised the veto power twice. Monroe but one time. Lincoln three times and McKinley four times. Tolerance and confidence in the coordinate branches of the government have characterized the actions of our greatest presidents. Hon. John R. McLean is going abroad this year and the Ohio delegation to the democratic convention will have to pay its own way 'I Us renders the heavy charges Of the Kansas City hotel keepers all the more distressing. Thee situation hunter is gradually becoming obsolete. The situation hunts the man. o WILL REVERSE HIMSELF. Pierre Capital: A number of )oi-ulists in the Hills and over the eastern part ol the state are drawing on Judge Moore nis letters in his fight against Judge Plowman four years ago. in which the fact was emphasized that no judicial officer is eligible under constitution, to hold any other elective or appointive office. Moore is now just in -e position that No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office. Kindergarten for Deadwood. Miss Julia Phillips of Galc-sburg. I Illinois, will ope n a kindergarten in If we abolish the organization of large corporations ami partnerships we may revert to the days of the spinning wheel; making rag carpets at home; mowing with scythes: and making horseshoes by the village blacksmith. the parlor of the Congregational ch ireh. Monday, July 5th. She is o graduate- of the same institution represented last year by Miss Glaze Strong, the Kindergarten Normal sc hool, of Galeshurg. Ills. Miss Phillips will be ably assisted FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Plowman was at that time and the same argument is being turned on him. But they will have to do a lot of explaining after their convention. Judge Joe .oore of Lead City is out after the congressional nomination from that part of the state, and will get it. No other populist in the Hills has so strong a following among the labor voters and the pops of that section dare not turn him .own. He will com from the Hills with a delegation instructed for him and with such a demand the eastern part of the state will not dare refuse him the nomination. Then will come the explaining, and the kickers at the pres by Miss Edna Wayne, who has been studying for the past year in the Chicago Kindergaren institute. Miss Glaze Strong will be with Miss Phillips for a few weeks. 'United States Depository the country so well In its time of trial. Hence there was and could be no candidate other than William McKinley. Equally patent and potent reasons Impelled the unanimous nomination of Theodore Roosevelt as candidate for vice president. No other man considered In connection with that office so filled the public eye and the public mind. Civilian and soldier, citizen and man, student and ranchman, scholar and rough rider, his character his name and his record appealed Irresistibly to American appreciation of brains, energy and pluck. McKinley and Roosevelt a wonderful combination of abilities and qualities! Match .om if yon can. The July number of McClure's Magazine contains several notable features: among them a story by Rud-yanl Kipling, articles in W. J. Bryan, on Railways in China and on our diplomatic relations with Great Britain. DIRECTORS: T. J. ORIBR. P. E. SPARKS P. A GfWl'RS1- d. a. Mcpherson. 0. J. SALISBURY, ent will have to say they never meant it and don't believe what they have nomination. OFFICERS: President 0. J. SALISBURY I Caahier VioPrwldeot T. J. ORIBR I Ast. Cashier Thirty-six Steers for Sale. Twenty-four of which are one year old six two years old and six three years old. Any person wishing to buy good well-bred stock will do well to call and se them at John T. Wright's pasture four miles northwest from Custer City and one half mile from Berne Siding on the Burlington Road. Democrats who assert that the republican national convention u.-i not endorse shipping subsidies find in the republican shipping plank nothing to find fault with hence" their annoyance. Republicans are satisfied. o The democratic Nashville American warns its party managers that it is useless for them to attempt to carry Ohio this year. The American has been investigating conditions in the Buckeye state. I J. L. MARCOUX'S j Spider Leg. There is no war tax on Spider Leg Tea, hence we are selling It far cheaper, speaking from a quality standpoint, than any other tea on the market. The next time you order a bill of groceries, order a sample of this tea and you will be sure next time to order a supply of it. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. What Our Flag Stands For. Wherever the American flag is raised in token of sovereignty, it stands for liberty, independence and equality. What our flag is to the nation, Hos-tetter s Stomach Bitters is to the individual, inasmuch as it not only gives you freedom from your ailments, but protects your system in such a manner that they cannot return. Wrhen your stomach gets out of order, causing you to belch after eating, or when you are so nervous that you toss about all night, unable to sleep, you should certainly try it, because it will strengthen your stomach, steady your nerves, and and induce sound healthy sleep, and for 4ndigestioo, constipation, -and- bili-ousnes there is nothlngto equal it. Rheumatism is also counteracted by What the country wants, without a dissenting voice, is legislation for the upbuilding of our merchant marine in the foreign trade. The republicans voiced this sentiment in their New Undertaking Parlors TRY MORAL SUASION. Instead of bothering about ordinances, or statutes, or other things confeiing upon the city the right to protect the lives and property of its people from the fire and death traps known as the Wentworth and Key-atone hotels, why don't the mayor and city council try moral suasion? Mr. Selble the agent and part owner of these building, Is a conscientious, pnblie spirited ciCren. a large property bolder and would not knowingly wrong th community or any member thereof. If the authorities would wait upon him and lay the matter before him In all its dangerous hldeous-ness. ne would, no doubt, remove the cans of bia twn free will. He may not fully sad erf tan d the serious responsibility resting upon the owners of those deatb traps. Let council-men and those Interested firs their eloqttnc at Mr. Selble. The city Is not In condition to . pay an exorbitant prlca for an old trams firs- " until It . pays Tom -Wblttaker Wc-sl. No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Xeateet and most "complete in t':e All Embalming- done bv an expert. John Jennack. Has a first-class outfit of teams aou carriages and is prepared to do all kinds of city work. " Calling "parties, funerals, etc., will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. 83. The Democrats in North Carolina legislature have jammed thru a bill disfranchising the collored voters. Now they can resume the discussion of government without the consent of the its direct action on the kidnevs. governed." Only Funeral Car in the Black Hills-1 Filed for Record. Joseph K. iGlbert to Emma Gilbert quit claim to lot 7, and lot 8, block 6, Sannyside addiion o Lead; $2500. United States patent to Great Eastern Mining company for the Bright- x ICE! ICE! ICE! From pure spring water delivered in any part of the city in any Quantity Family trade a specialty. Bell telephone 19L - JOB LAWRENSON. Telephones j nxo. so The Vermont democrats are for free ilYer. The elecoral vote of the Green Mountain state will be recorded on the side of a stable currency and continued prosperity. Calls answered promptly Day or Night.

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