The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 26, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1899
Page 1
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r Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. I. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MOIJXIXd, JI LY 2C, 1S99. FIVE CENTS. ITION DEFFRRED GOLD AND COPPER ORE Filipinos of northern Luzon to lay down their arms and support the Inited States. It is believed that his action on hia part will inaugurate internal dissensions ju lDe ranks of the rebels on the slaml. as Archaj is a Filipino of high stamlitin unions the na lives. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. f (in - - ctneration of Ingersalls Lns Will Probably Four of the Principal Stock no one on Deadwood has ever had any suspicions. It has been penetrated for thirty feet, and the tunnel is not yet thru it. 11 is a, fissure, anil there is no way of estimating its extent. That it will become a producing mine there is no doubt. The members of the company now iu the city announce t In i r determination to open it up full, aji.l reduction works will be erected by the company in the near future. The company lias all the funds roiuired for development purivses. mnl has ihe assurance of i In no. essai y capital to build a reduction plain. The present plan is to put up a smelter, for which there is a holders In the.Oetroit and Deadwood Arrive . n To Have Evans Removed. WASHINGTON, July Spec ml T-i Occur Tuesday. j ubi says siroiiK pressure h being applied Of Been Put Off Out They Are Much Encouraged to have Coiniulssiuner Kvans transferred to some mhcr .1. -pm tin. ni l'lotesis from I'tiioii veterans liac male an impression upon the piesideiil, and in all prnliability a new (iimmtssfiitiCT will tie named tieforp the meeting i,f the (iraiul Army of the Kcpiililie at I'hiladc Ipliia him s.-pii mlier. deration of Grieved Bpieildid file IV H hill tlitt-t- huhdird teet Over the Outlook on City Creek. Relatives. of the ln.iuilj of the tunnel. It Is ilso likely that itiere will be a railroad at ilu mine within a shod time, as an extension up City creek would lx- highly feasible, anil FERRY. N V., July 23. Special. an1iaiiiiiMl thin would not involve any great expense. The .viaicoini iHecallunt. or Chicago, presi Kruger Has Resigned, LONDON. July :,. Special. A Rueters telegram from Capetown reiterates the story that l'i evident Paul Kruger. of the Transvaal Republic, has resigned. dent: K. H. Murry. of Detroit, secretary w tie incineration 01 me icmauu Dertolt - Deadwood company's ground reaches clear across City creek and to the . H Day of l'eoria. and J. H. Johnston Lcoi- Robert IUere"M v"'""" summit of the mountains on both sides of New York, lurge stockholders of the De ih plana were temporarily aban- Offer the Following- Unheard of reductions in prices ftr this week, all new and- Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 1 6c and 25c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. AH the latest Children's Hats in Straw and Muslin at 60 to 76c worth from $1,00 to $1.76 Bach. Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts. 100 Summer Corsets at 26c each, value 60c. Check Nainsook at 6c per yard, 200 pieces of French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c per yard. 20 piecesCold Satines at 10c per yard, value 26c Irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c per yard. 60 doz Children's fast black Hose, sizes 6 to 9 at 10c per pair. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. The site for thep roposed smelter would re troit & Deadwood Mining company, arrived m deference to the wishes of .nrf dauehiers, wh refuse to quire bui little grading, and there would Charged with Election Fraud. WATEKTOWN. July 25 SKvial. Kreu in the city yesterday, unci are going to spend some time here looking after Ihelr be dumping room for years to come. In Lit dead. All the plenums or ine Ilrooks and James Finn, two fanners liv minng properties. They expected lo ar the meantime the tuunel will be continued until the copper ledge Is reached, and the rive in the city Monday, but they stopped l women has been so far In Ithu ben lne e"Jeavor of 'hose the funeral arranKements to ing in the uor western part of ihe county were held for the circuit court, charged with election fraud. Tho case is a novel company will then have not only the gold off at Hot Springs a day. and visited the Wind Cave. I'pon their arrival here they ore, but the copper as well as the iron, for possible with them. Should , nor reconciled to their loss one. II appears a school election was held fluxes, if the copper vein keeps the promise went at once to the company's tunnel at it makes at the surface, where It has been District No. 2S for the election of a Lot will occur Thursday morn- clerk; there were two candidates. Fred exposed. City creek, and spent several hours, taking stock of the progress that had been made there. Mr. MeCallum and Mr Murray have Brooks and Joseph Konde; in the count of The Detroit & Deadwood compauy Is cap lit funeral service was held at tne italized at JJ.oOii.OOO, the stock having a boen here before, the former spending sev vote jaines ruin acted as tenor, anil an afternon. John Clark Kldpbfn par value of one dollar a share. Malcolm oral weeks here last winter, and the latter L) L Smith read from Col. In- nounced Ihe vote as ." for H rooks and 6 for Konde. Nothing more was thought of MeCallum. of Chicago, is president of th remaining during the month of May last iwkt. But a few friends of the the matter till several days after neighbor; Mr. Day and Mr. Johnston are visiting company, Albert F. I'eck. of Detroit, vice president, Ft, 11. Murray, of IH'trolt. t present, and all ostentation ltd. of Konde expressed surprise at the results Hie lilack Hills for the first time. slating Ihey had voted for him. So far The Detroit & Deadwood company is en o secretary; and Frank C. Andrews, of De trolt. Is treasurer. The directors are Ho there have been thirteen voters who testi titled to credit for the persistence it has M LEAGUE CENSURE hed they voted for Ronde. Finn and shown and the excellent system it has fol mer Wararen. of Detroit; It. A. Murray Brooks waived examination. Secretary Holds Out Money lowed in developing Its mining Interests In the Blac k Hills, and is to be congratulated two Bit. Hugo Iteid. of New York. Ainon the prinicpal stock holders may be men M Belonging to Him. South Dakota Wool Production. upon the magnificent strides it has made Honed J. H. Johnston, Ludwig Niscon within the past few months. Like all mln J. Feterson. T. T. Held, and O. M. Wil HUOUS, ,Inti., July 25 Special. nuiitis, juiy 2a. special Small con es whose mines are in embryo liamson, of New York; Franklin A Luce, hretary Shell, of the Epworth signments of w ool are yet coming in w hich ingj co m panic It Has hail all 11 kinds of obstacles to contend of Chicago, an! Dr. Leon J. Williams qjvtinnnnjvjTJvuvvruxruuinjir uvrujnjjnnijnjivjnsunjVvW of keen censured by the board of will carry the shipments from this point with. The company first began operations London, England. to over 000. 000 pounds for the season. The hnUunlng n yalties as superin- 5 in the Hills ly securing the ground owned largest pan of the bhlpinents from thi k publication of League liter- i ne company nas paid out a large sum kit was not entitled to ihem. by 1' II. Smith, in Two Bil gulch. Then station comes from the ram lies on the west of money in ihe Black Hills for develon i clean Breast or tne wnoie ment,, and is having all of its work per of the river, where wool growing is lie coming mote and more of an industry ev formed by day laborers at present. il purchased the Barrett estate of one hundre acres on City creek uithin the city limits of Deadwood. The company has been at work in Two Hit gulch for about unld that he had no inten-jssty. The board did not ask Iwtlon, and it is believed that ery year, and where sheep are beginning contract was let during Ihe fore part of to vfe with cattle as wealth producers June for running the tunnel on City creek bo In office. a year, has sunk a srtan to uuartzite, nas but il was abandoned shortly by the cou The actual shipments from here up to the loth of this month were 476,470. From tractors, and one of the officers of the coin equipped il with every modern applauce known to scientific mining and has run Dakota Lieutenant Dies. Blunt Ol.ti-IN pounds went out. and the lit pany stated yesterday that all work in the FALL PAPER! ffALL PAPER! 'Some times her n arrow kitchen walla Stretched away Into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my price on wall paper make It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock la en tit rely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are especially Invited to see them. . PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time Co paint your house. Remember that my store la headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer than any paint made. Come In and ret color cards and stud color effects. The Old Reliable Droxtfat, several hundred feet of drifts from the tie station of Harrold. in the east end of future would be done by the day. as II was !MiC18CO, July 25. Special station at bottom of shaft. The work on cf the county, sent out 61,760 pounds. The more saiisiactory. ami tne coiiiaiiy was wt Morgan City has arrived here price this year has ranged from 14 to 1." City creek has been in progress but a rew Lien tenant Jackson, of tb enabled thereby to maintain a better con trol of its work, months, and a tunnel has been driven into M Dakota, died en route from the side of the mountain .10a feet, and a kftseatsry. Two other men The benefit that will accrue to the city cents per pound, and soarte of the owners biought la over 18,000 pounds. A number of sheep will be shipped lo the market this year, the first shipment being -sent out shaft has been sunk 63 feet near the s nccumbed to the same ail- of Deadwood as the result of the discovery of so vast a quantity of pay ore within the apex. The City creek tunnel Is In ore a distance Tuesday of this week. corporate boundaries can not be estimated of 30 feet, and assays from 14 to 40 a ton have been obtained from it. The ore is It will mean the employmyent of a large number of additional men, and will be of Visited the Exposition. a One grained pyrites, for the most part. Maln Street 171017 r pint I IDC f Riot Remove Otis. fo.J!y V. Special. A Wash-! the Herald says the prest- etsation to remove General lawand id the Philippine Is- M. J. Morgan returned yesterday from Iowa, where be visited his wife for ten considerable importance as a matter of prestige, not to speak of the enhancement and has been pronounced an excellent ore s ueaawooa, 5. ij. v- v g for smelting, the sulphides being of value days. On his way back he stopped off at of property valuation. The Detroit & Dead as flux, reducing the cost of treatment to Oman and saw the Greater America Ex M torn, thoughts alone thia wood company Is a substantial Institution, and Is composed of some ot the best men in the minimum. A Colorado gentleman in position. He was expecting to meet J. E. the city compares It with the, oris from the Ford at Omaha, having started from Dead- the country. That it is substantial has Culbertson mine In Boulder sounty, Colo wood In his company, and leaving him at Lincoln, where Mr. Ford branched off for I rado, which Is treated purely as a concen been proven by the way it has paid ts help and liquidated all Its obligations according to agreement and its permanency is tratlngf proposition. He was exhibiting Kansas City but he missed him in some THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK t ttae aw but they have been 1 btore Order In Cleveland. 1D. July 25. Special. A regi- arrived today, and the elt- Wiet In the city. The are still acUve, but there turbance. way, and took in the exposition alone. He I specimens from the Culbertson mine yes arrived at upon considering the excellent proposition H has on hand. The expense sars the exposition is a orettv good show. I terday. and it could not be distinguished from the ore out of the City creek tunnel. but there are a great many empty build of continuing! the City creek tunnel will ings on the ground, as a large number of be far more than offset by the values that Other mining men who have seen the ore say it would undoubtedly work well Ui a will be taken out, and when the company Is ready to begin mining in earnest It will the exhibits have not arrived. The section set apart for the Pllipino village Is still vacant, the Filipinos not having ar e4 In Dakota's. Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 concentrator, altho no tests have ever been made upon it with that process. The Culbertson ore possesses a grain about like undoubtedly line up with some of the best in the country. rived yet, altho they are on the way. The Cuban village, he says, is a good represen- I the coarsestound In the City creek works, 'a.-pecial.Mot winds "touts. Dakotai have damaged f S per cent It la estimated mtx ' tht two Dakota and week nfty million bushels. tat loo and the "reconcentradoes" convey yet it has been worked for years profitably, by concentrating to about seven to one. At Sylvian Lake. Sylvan Lake Is enjoying a large Influx of a splendid Idea of the conditions that prevailed In Quba recently. Many of the Cu The Detroit, ft Deadwood tunnel is 303 visitors this season. The arrivals this ev bans have not recovered from the effects ening numbering 37. The trip to the top kmw From Cuba. feet in length, and is a perfect model in its construction. It is timbered for a distance of 131 feet, and the remainder of Re length It is in rock whose character doesn ot re All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, of Harney Peak is enjoyed more than ever, several parties of ladill and jtutlemen, having go,,. 0y donkeys and held picnics . "-epeclal. At a meet- Ust night it was of taelr privations and sufferings yet, and present a startling appearance. Mr. Morgan says he saw A. W. Lowerre, formerly of this city, now of the dry goods department of the Boston Store. He also saw Mr. Matthews, who at one time was In the em- quire timber. It nyis In on an incline or ""fPfc Prudent McKlnle, k. i ... 3 per cent, Is of ample height and width, and does not vary a fractional part of a - ..moMtately fulfill the lUlo in tht Junta resolution foot in direction in its entire length, show olov of W. E. Lowe" in this city, ana is now living in Omeha.- on its crest, an experience never to be forgotten. -The. weather has been cool and pleasant, rowing and moonlight parties on the lake, dancing In the pavilion, singing, etc., being the chief amusements. Everybody brings, besides a grip, a camera, as the scenery cannot be taken away, but the views are an ever constant source of satisfaction. At the hotel are registered. DRAFTS ISSUED on China, MaiCis, Haven, Porto Rico, Africa, Eagland, France, Germany and all Paris of Ih World, at lowest -arfcet rates. COLLECTIONS Made earclully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals. ltPe o establish Cuban ?nTio Months. . ; JlJ .-Special.-.Word "ty announces that he Ut ttn September 30. Last Lecture to Ladies. Mrs. Keyes, who has been visiting otn er towns in the upper Hill; In the inter cut of the Viavl movement, will deliver h?r among others: H. B. Young. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Smith, Deadwood: J. N Nicholas, Port directly from ing splendid calculations. It cuts the formation at an angle of about 45 degrees, .he objective point at the time It was started being the copper vetlcal, that crops out on the apex of the hill. It has been estimated that the copper vein would be reached at a distance of about 800 feet from the starting point of the tunnel. Two shifts are employed In the tunnel. The work has been and is still In charge of James 8. Lawson, superintendent for the company. The rock In which the men are working at present Is very hard, and difficult to drill, but it shoots finely, and a shift is able to make good headway. The tunnel Is ventilated with a fan. that baa been Improvised at the Lead; R. W. Jenkins. Mr. and Mrs. R. S last lecture in Ifcadjvood Thursday aHqr-noon at the Methodist church- o Bought New Hose. Rose, Hill City; 8. F. Emmons. T. A Jag-ger. Jr.. Mr. D. Irving, X. H. Dalton. E The city council has bought and received B. Richardson, U. 8. geological survey; Mrs. T. V. arlock and child, Mr. and Mra Indfviduafs!) ! Accounts of BaTiks, Corporations and 1000 reet of fire hose for the. department. The moat striking and useful feature about solicited. the nose Is the Anderson automatic coupler Oorrospo ud onoe In A. J. Jones, Mrs. T. W. Delicate. Custer: Hon. J. Sterling Morton. N. 8. Harding, Miss Grace H. Harding, Nebraska City; Judge Isaac Powers. Mrs. Powers. Norfolk; Win Visft Schley. - J- W.S July a.-Speciu. -, "wired a letter from W th. latter aaya Viatel, after the r toi la Washington. u'-3' Rival Active. SJ 2-peclai.A ;Hong , Ur escaped from t Hot, Kong, aad fc anil tailing upon the DIRECTORS: by which the couplings are made In an Instant and without the use of spanners. There are no nipples on the couplings- to retard unreeling or crack "the shins of the boys while handling It A depression is Mr. X. K. Griggs, and Miss Griggs. Miss entrance. The incline of the track is sufficient to carry off any water that may be encountered, and It is also so great- that loaded can runa itself dear out to the JOHN TREBER. Pearl Powers, Lincoln. W. C ADAMS. HARRIS FRANKLIN. Presldaed. BEN B.'.ZM, Vice PreaJdoat. made la the eooplln and the nipple la on dump. the apaoner. tho a spanner will not be SELBIC, CasMar.f Bisaiarek Toa WedelUedt Osteopathic FieclaUit aed Physic! aa. Office, 21 City Creek.- " The face of the tunnel fa all In ore ,and It iVnAWsVisisjie reveals a body of ore of whose existence seeded except In rare cases where u coupling sticks by frost or mod.

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