The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 5, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY F ION E EH-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. -THURSDAY, JULY 5, m " men." In asking the people to en- tri. s with whi, h either of the con dorse tilt' republii an j.arty tor its r.- tnotin.,' parties may be at war shall cor.l of business jj.rospority, .-table : not dm :?m t!i- ronuiuuation of mi, h cui rem y and at h- Ann-ii. ani-nj. war. l; si.::.-ri d or allow,. .! to com, MY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY Wrak Women Mail? TTappy by I.lin K. I'MiMcm.'. ifitaMe t ini io u nil -l.n.r- from Two Who Now llav Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co. i in !: mni'i- or :,a:. . w i I I I 1 1 . 1 oil o; a ! . i r t :.' on n i it 1 1 o 1 1 1 I r- re"T)'.''r4. tint 'I"- i. llir at to ,io-i"i;'- !:.- s.Iwa.. s 1 T r J i 1 1,.. auk . f.t I .! i j i I i ' i 1 t : THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1S74. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTAUI LSIIKIl AI'KIL CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. PIONKElt-TIMKS I'lliLISHING CO. s l : ::: n'.-i'-'tv to nr. v !l MIM. lo m: Ma.-.. F-rvKnAM : -I' "as n to 1-ave a r'. ,!. I bad i i: ;,!:. id t i.r. .- ;. ;. is a iri as . a so w r,.'e to ;. ."i to t;t..l ot Ayres & Wardman Hardware ConiranVi I - V. Wo, ' i a ii : 'i ! it 'i !,.- ; I :. . . ; 'A Pfe io'vvi;,;- ..'irViiai a.,- vice nod taka:.-mdWk. K. I'Vohlinm, V..,- table .. a.;...-. mi i b'-ran.. '..,u "'a. r, f 1 1 1 it n n 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 mm I., act. !a. lar.V Ui- ION: daily- i;v:y, 1 t M-- day, One Year 8iX Mouths -M HI .:o- )oy. t l.c i- 'V . d ".ir ionic II,- is a, i - . . a 1 1 in ami oat 'la .,- !..- tl'.'atV I I: fat. bca'.thy Vahv, Hardware .in .I.I! in t' . .- I . ; I A . I . ! 'I I..- i.- One Mouth lu'J ' a 1 1 ' " i-: m i. WEEKLY-l:ui-l Every I h ;i i .-al.iy :M,!ii, - . !. :..i.- :n ':, OH IVill - U'J .: V I ha 11 .it tl!-l l'-i .o -. . M. ( la;, ton w as I t .1. .:: : - an I f ir:: ..- h m ii.-t. :-. Mr t Oni Uinitirv I Y i i i 1 .in . a lelala ! l' -i L'. . i m n ha.! 8lx .Months. I ;s t, , , ,u r 11.. Mi;. M i xi. v I v h I t., Jo '-ce, N. V. From Orateful ilrs. Lane " 1 n. A k M t:. I'INhllAM : I wrote yi hi a '.-ter suiije time i ,i j. 1 1 a lily o! r: i . ( than I" at KnUTOl as rie'oii( Matter at the nio-i -.i. tlv tin- mhh' a.- it u 1 i a .' . oil of ;- i:i'. rvje-v with Se-r.l.ny of Stat.- I'lawon. (In Sep. t.-tiiher. Ispi. ('rami. ton wiote () I. oi'l I'.-ilm.-rstnn. the l!riti-h prom i.T, as !..llow: Air ("layloii. limine; re- Dead wood rostullii I :n lor roll lilt ss in. n . the com I. :io '1 jil :i t;i 1 1 f " wasfjibo'it 1 I .".'mi. or Supplies.. , - ''" ""' "' l"ll;im "ll''"1i:i.-l.-. in., lo rail ii,i, him at th. in, the s.ini.- ranl...ii.- in 1 V.y ami ; ,, m,.trt ,,f uif,,1(,f REPUBLICAN TICKET. E- I....Li0.r.f I"1 1 ivoiui-u.. ...II.. I,,,...,. , ,1 g-o, statiD' ray ease to you. I had pa; us thronr-h rny bowels, i WILLIAM M. KIXLEi". "," ...... .. .... ........... - t with, m,- frankly and con Illltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll t of the headache, and backache, felt lind For Vice President- ! " ,"M" ;l" ' "" M.l. nt ially upon th THEOUOKE ROOSEVELT. '"i- It .shout, 1 he reniemher.,1 proposed passage arr, iss the istl.miis j las,, that in lVu; th. r- wan no fusion I ,;, w.,y xi, ...,,,,, a11 th. Memliera of Conartios- 1 of H, .- , ipposii i vol.-. wlie, , a.s this I nv,.,. San .uan, u ith r-carl to whi.-h and sleepy all the time, was troubled ; with the v bites. I followed your I ralviee, took our Vee-rtabie Com-pound, and it did mo lots of frood. 1 now have a baby garl- I r.-rlainly bo- ' Covernor-r i.puoii.ans mioii.-.i as rompiro- a j,.,y an a 1 1 i . I y lately e i v Main St. Deadwcod, S. D. inn, 111 lu ve 1 would have miscarried bad it C. N. irERKiEii, or .M. -rniTsuu. vi r made. I:. -si, I. s ' i r.-as. .1 t,y liii.iiimnce . bad re not 1 e.-n for Ly ilia E. I 'i nk ham's 'ef.n- ri, is, Air. niKiii nan inane a lour oi,,,.,.,, f.,,M M ,. ,.:Ijj.lh Hreuon a I, w ,,ls l fore the dec I v,. is j, appears, upon his own j responsibility and will t instnic- tal'ic ( , .in pou n , 1. Iliad a very easy time : was sick only a short time. I tn. nk your medicine is a cuiKi-nil to women in the condition in which 1 w htt. 1 rccom 1 1. en. I it t o a 1 1 as the best I IOIIS rit In r 1 1 o 1 1 1 I la- late or t he AN UNHAPPY COUNTESS. A I ' ' , 111 I '.I! is letter ,r. sent a.l in mi -I i a I ion. siii.-,!. on the p. ii t of tl" I nil. .I,- Slates a treaty Anna Lieutenant (Jovernor UEU. W. SNUU", of Lion lluiuiut. Secretary nf Stat. ' U. C. lIKKIj, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBEIt, of Hut, 1'insna. Auditor J. Ii. KEEVr.S. or Drown. Attorney (ieneial JOHN L. 1'VLi:. of 11. nil... Supt. of I'uhll.- I nstni' I ion - K. L. COLLIN.S, or Clay. Com. of S. nr.,! Puhlir! -- Ii.WlI) KASTMAN, of Kolaris. Hallroud Cuiiinissioiiei FRANK LKCOCy. of lnTuglas. medicine for women." .Mils. MaKT ! La.n I., Co tec, Teliu. 'beil, I. w bo mi!. her birthright for a w I'll the -t iie ot j, araun.i. w hi, b mess ol Cast, -llano pott mo. was a lh- latt. r i nits to the I :i,i, , Stat.-s LIVERY FEED Al SALE STABLES. Good Saddle and Di-ivn.g Horses Furnished. Heavy nrb)B Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy team wk or to move household goods and furniture. Dry woc-d f,,r delivered. i . -. 1 1 1 ot a a , I , i i.e. ml i n therein th i a, e . oiii-'e last Suiiil.i y, .ill-l w on I o n it, ii h n-viT i : ii -1 liini I ot ih, ! i - h i 1 1 l, . i n , I " else out , :l ,, . 1 1 lot 1 1 ' I in tlmiknu tin- 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 iiit. is or in,, i i ' t ion day or iiiih .-Ulll. If OU -ee o:- , mo. ! at a n w h 1 I San Juan, n,,- ih purpo-e ot joiniiu th'- IU o o. raiis by a , ,,nal across tin '.i.i . be, ii pil in Id" but for the la, t i hat .-he put h. r lingers iulo tl,,- lire wnli .aim premeditation. 1 1 . i- a. iui - it ion of a doubt fill 1 'r. i j 1 1 title. i-l b ni ii.-. ' Now Ulie- tile I,, at I he -i!.;tle GEORGE BENNER. has proved but sorry . ..nipen.-a t ion , II-' further 'I 111.- pies 509 Main St W 1 . .1 . I a '.mi v.ou hi ,t n;. - know I will s. - . i 1 i hill. i : ' I ..n:i ..Ill -a . ill I 'i i e ; is I: ,"U Iha I 1 1 ; i. v .- mo -lit,il'-i t In . I I I I II I 1 1 , I ' , o., to the (,, i - a 1 1 1 I ! : , i ' I , ; i , i ii:.- oiih. 1 1 i m i ! e u i ' i if lb.- ;,,o: mil ' - -I. ill ol I lo .1 i - en, tent upon her iWen, v, a :!' lit lie face -",'1 i'i to il'ilii ate a il . i I 'tit treaty has. Mr. Cla.vton remarked, I'la, i-d the ;ov, niinent ,,, the rnit,-, Stat, -.- in a ino-t i Miliaria .-:nu situ., lain. Vo I km. A'. . - that . -'o ,-rnia. 1,1 1 lis 'A l,;e- , ,,, v ., ,,,, an if y :a Hi.- - i:,ia-, ;,oi know luat What Cur FI.-uj Stands For. .'.'! : r 1 1." . hi-Tlru 11 Has is I ais- .1 The Ladies Bazaar ' II" I,. ,i . 'A .i I-. ,,.j. , ., -i, - : ih" - .: ,.,!,,-. ,,: , 1 1 I .1 , and a i -hi i ii.. , ,,i -, a, , :., -- . u i ' . I -' i - -1 ' . t ' i b I .. I. Si, 1, I p b-lily lo I, cth ! uiuiiov'il bv , ,,ii .a- i. "i . . nMji. Is i ' I I Ol 1 1 I pal the ( 'oUli'e- - I 'a - ' ' 11,11!' ll" '- loilli i i 1 ill' I " 1-1 ,1 Ui If, - J i ; I lb a tit ail'! lc-s i a I i th I Willi h r : i and 1 b" inn el I ban as she in Jibe 1 1 mil i , of tin- 'I'i i bun, , w it !i in . a do, n ! -.1 . it two or t 1 , i , - ;.!'. 1 1 '. j .'.ii ' i i an a,.,:, 'a e ; 1 1 e n . , p. i : . 1 1 u 1 1,1 m lie','. , p ap.-r 1 In EXCHANGE OF TAFFY. l?eraiisr an Elmlish university am IIS-I its Otherwise llllll olll men, i ment hy bestowing an honorary ilr gree upon the American ambassador as the price of a jonilar speech, an American unu ersary lias illusi ra led 'e'ipro, al li.iii.-ry l.v . .nil . i 1 1 n n an honorary dem.. upon 1 1 1 Ibsii.-h .mi hassador. Harvard has only its labor for it-pains. Lord I'aiincelote was In..! in the school that teaches a diplomat'.-business is to net all In- can out of the natiin lo which In- is icre.litcl for thi." bene. in,1 nation h,.- represents. Secretary Hay is of th,- opinion that in this ra-mc ioie is pa t niast.-i . Pauncefote will :o;r,e for um ,. al least Willi Swift that, a-, to r.ciiini t-al a ml h. p.. ri I ;, .: I 1 1 j -i , "I'i - an i 'hi i i..iin" m i ! . That Hal I, -r 1 1, - .. i, ,,i j,. .; . I.omI I'aiin. P ,t:- ... i I u i ii reK)i-cl I,,;- Ii i p, , . , ; u, ,. , , i , talelll I'e.'-el S III-. i I. III., i ., Btri 1 ly u u ale or. a.- ,,'U . ' i , on i;i t,.k.-ii of sovriviiuity, it stands for ' - imb-. .. h!.. i ;. . ii..;. p. to I, ni, ,- ,,nd . --.lality. i!i;o I'm What our Has is to the nation, llos-t- Hi r- Sioaia, ii Hitters is to the imll- 1 '" -a.- : . : 1 1 ; 1 1 . inasmuch as it not only uiws v' !' v. i I';-' 'loin 1 1 in your ailment.-, hut ' ' ' w h ; .- ;,-, i . , t j your system in .-udi a tiiaitti : " " t'aat ti;.-y cannot r Vi: n. Wla-n j.n;.- ':'" I'nit .-, ...... I; ...... , ot of o:., r.'k-isTsina; i '"'I a ', i a i o i , , , a ft. ; i .itii.;-. or v. In n , ' i ,, : c zz Silk WaiStS fur this wcyk :a :i liar- zr. New Dress Patterns f-r s,,,-;, - . a Summer Goods in p.-iv.-iK-, m.-:--. j: Ikihi-. ;uiil all I ;t--li.i:ial il.- !a!i'. s ih' -m- at'.il shirt waist-. Tailor SuitS l"r . -w. . Cdi:.- J el -.- ami tiptoe !a'. I in. u I 1 1 1 1 1 . I : i li, I' am h: -u! '11! . . M i in lie Th' aif ail I; Mrs. Nott, - - Main SI. IkaJivood ! HO I i : vi .'is that yi.:i " ' ' '- i'. -!' ;.. v.ei t ' v it . i .-.-a u-.e it , 1 1 i ; 1 la al-b" i- 1 :'. ! i 1 1 1 . 11. C i Enl Jia I.- Ti I '.',':'. , '. . ! , . ' i : 1 1 ;! i , ! i-. n ."!.- '.il' a b, .- I h i ; a a ' -1 if it 1 THE LOl. NVCYS. The ,, partuie ol ' :i,- ! ... i ; o eonti.l' III 1 111, .. ..i.i i o, i can- in people, ami ha p, i in ui j 1 : . u ' , show.-, In, ,v 1 ii I : , ,i , a 1 , ail to in. a. a ,,- or diiuin: -h one , om fort in life. I In- p., .. ,; , I.,.' . . n . eet a c li.'li i ''. ..- ; ; it mm what, w r it ma .' ba . . i, n to l h. president al W'.isiiiimton. cad whii, they were treated with courtesy ami consideration bv those they , amr in with during their brief .-i;.v in the country, it is dirtinilt to s, wherein hey Kaiivd anything by their visit. The American people are s'H- I. i on ; . .oii-a I '-, n, ', i.-in.,.:; u ;; - ' .' . 'i a i i . 1 .''..-.: i d,'i; I'.li- a, i ,,.;ri.a: -;-- ra 'ii - l.v 1 1 . i : i j i In- I- re.-.. I'd- I h'liuolo -I;. it home, uitooi: ah '.- . - i m. a:: u i; -. who p i - . 1, : - w a '. : I ;i" I .a i ' le X. .1 .- The Deadwood Loan Office, .. h -I .!"!'. I. M i' ft action and Laird lode, ! .'I s , . ! n t-iins ! !-; i .. -.- i.l'-nt ! find . him la . i.d.. THE HISE-SELVA TREATY. (June 21st, 1849.) flciently busy with their own tro ibb s IllPt now tn nulla, ir T,vol,.,tlo tl,..t i ' ha lae.11 asked several tittles THE ONLY DEMOCRAT. J , Mark W. S!n at.- in tie- Wao ow:. The Woman's Part, i'liblm opinion: It to im tbii; ; . I 1 1 ; i n i -. dnln'- I t..) m -., ,..,,. t her.- is h it one iloniooi :i; ! : t in So it li ; t bo-" !i i , , i a, ! t - . -. ,e:r - . -i i ' ' liakotii. and that is iiivs- if. .1 mi tlnnk i . --..-ir. An' I did." of tin- ih-niori'.iti'.' party tailing -o fi.r 'She s.r s .ri -et t'i. yv al c'Y by 'from srace as to hold a. i-tat-- co,;,- ( on ''sol tion on an island and that surrounded j ' V. s. sir. but 1 b t h-r listen to '. ni onlv bv water! That furnishes one ' tu off." ... . I FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. since 1 spoke at Custer what .vas the Hise Selva treaty The facts are these. Elijah Hise was the charge d'affairs, or secretary, of the Anieri- they would care to assume any' of hose affecting the Boers in South Al-rica. Resides, from latest reports the Boers are not in a position to be reason wny i am an a ijuandary as to aided by sympathy, even if it took j (,an 1,'"atlon ' Nicaragua. He was a where I am at. ...ere is another an unusual form of activity. Before dem0(rat- Afu1' Mar, h 4- KH4f- (,t'n United States Depository A Choice Necessary. "William. Hirky wants a little brass cannon for the Fourth of .Inly." "Well. Helen, the onlv question is: Shall we let his be a patriot now or snail v rf him prow up and fight for his country in case of another war?" TLink of tne old denioi -ratio party be-in dictated to by a man who has been its arch enemy for twt nty seven years! 1 can hardly believe my own senses Hid you spy who will I vote for? Well, you have me there. ; don't want to vote for McKinley. and. under the crcumstances. I cannot vote DIRECTORS: T. j. QRIER, P. E. SPARKS P. A GV -'nRST d. a. Mcpherson. 0. J. SALISBURY, Preeld(Dt O. J. 8AU9BURY I Cashier nFNMAN r Vln.Pr.. -r t noin-D ASS1SI. uabuiei r Thirty-six Steers for Sale. Twenty-four of which are one year old six two years old and six three years old. Any person wishing to buy good well-bred stock will do well to call and se them at John T. Wright's pasture four miles northwest from Custer City and one half mile from Berne Siding on the Burlington Road. Taylor was president. He was elected by the whigs, the anti-expansion party of 1S4.V49. By oar war with Mexico we got a large sea coast frontage on the Pacific ocean. We had no ralroads then, and we had to transact business via Cape Horn or the Isthmus or Panama. 1 will quote some of the articles of the treaty to show what this live democrat done, but which was thrown away by the whigs: First; The Btate of Nicaragua cedes and grants to the I'nited States, or to a chartered .onipnny of the citizens, as the case may be. Absolutely, all the land that may be required Ibr the location and construction of said canal or canals, road or roads, etc." article V. The government of the United States shall have the right to eVect such forts and fortilk-ations at the ends and along the lines of paid works and to arm and occupy the same in such manner and with as many troops as may be deemed necessary by said government for the protection and defense thereof, and also i J. L. MARCOUX'S the situation in China obscured the Transvaal war, and left he public very much in the position of a reader who has lost one number of a serial story, Mr. Kruger was upon the point of departing for come unknown location, and his army was doing the best it could unde very rying and adverse circumstances. .Message of condolence at the particular Juncture then reached would have been irrl-tatingly tutne. If the Boers wished to assure themselves that they may come to his country and receive kindly treatment they doubtless have every reason to congratulate themselves upon their visit, but exactly what good expressions of sympathy are to do them, when the Britlt-'n are in victorious control, it Is difficult to determine, However, if he envoys are satisfied with their trip, there is no early reason why any one else should complain. e : The platform of the republican party this year Is as strong as was the .demand - of the people for the unanimous, nomination of McKinley and Roosevelt Of the president It said: "Walking untried paths and facing unforseen responsibilities, President McKinley hat been in every situation the true American patriot and the upright statesman, clear In vision, strong In Judgment, firm in action, always inspiring and deserving the confidence of his country- O. E. S. No. 23, DEADWOOD. Tegular meetings second aDd fourth Mon days at 7:30. All members cordially Invited. ANNIE I. PHILLIPS. W. M. LILLIAN G. HATCH. Sec. New Undertaking Parlors "No Eye Like the Masters Eye' You are master of -your health, and if you do not attend to duty, the blame is easily located. If your blood is out of order, Hood's 5ar-saparilla will purify it. is the specific remedy for troubles of the blood, kidneys, bowels or liver. Blotches "5fy Uce used to be covered oxth pimples And blotches nd 1 suffered from continuous hecUche. Hood" s Srspri3jL 'quickly removed the dose And my is smooth. Hive no more htAdAches." F. H. Seibert, Hdjtvnond, bid. 'j'jj jjij i.i J Knights, Fall In. The captains of the respective companies of the Second regiment, U. R. K. P., will report with heir company in fa.. ,...(.- .ess. July -4th, at 9:30 a. m. at Armory of Diamond company. EDW....D McDOXALD. Major. No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Neateet and most complete .n All Embalming- done by an expert . Only Funeral Car in the Black Hills-1 for the preservation of the peace and neutrality of the territories of Nicaragua, to whom pertains equal rights a sinherent to her sovereignty. "Article VI. The public armed vessels, letters of marque and privateers and the private merchant and trading vessels belonging either to the governments of the subjects or citizens of nations, kingdoms or coun- fr V " '- --'' f Spider Leg. There Is ho war tax on Spider Leg Tea. hence we are selling it far cheaper, speaking from a quality standpoint, than any other tea on the market. The next time you order a bill of groceries, order a sample of this tea and you will be sure next time to order a supply of it STANDARD CASH GROCERY. k f!alls answered oromDtlv Telephones -;Bell -0. so lll""' t, - ' uay or JNigrnt. Ml i f MH ctt Itrmt lit. : t mum liilfctlf 4

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