The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 25, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1899
Page 8
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 25, 1899. OM.. ' EVERYTHING IN RIBBONS. SHOES SHOES- SHOES THE CITY. -on I ii;d . Everybody Waiting for It! This mean a genuine bargain sale in w&og the ribbon line at Ackermann's. o o x x . Our elegant fancy colored ribbons were Ribbon Sale tt Ackermann'i. 60 and 80c all go at 26c. A now Una of fancy stock eolUn and WMt ribbons at lira. Notts. Our regular 76c and $1.00 at 35c. See display of ribbons In our window. o o x x What? Th first bet recorded In Dead wood on Our cut prices on trimmed goods Just tka International yacht race, of one huD ore-half off still continues. dfrsd dollars to serenty-flve that the Co lombia beats the Shamrock, was made at ACKERMANN'S. 673 Main St. "Bloom's. The parties concerned were buying those one dollar shirts now on sale at Freeman Knovles' New Weekly Paper fifty cents. 2 x x n a u o o x x to W n w w o o X x co en Percr Bros., of Two Bit. 8. D., want 10 Our Shoe Wants to W. L. Nell, D. D. 8., resident dentist, office over Phillips' pharmacy. J. V. Hobbs. U. D., Fort Valley. Oa.. ays: "I haTe been practicing medicine twenty-five years and know piles to be one of the most difficult of diseases to cure, woodchoppera. Will pay $1.26 per cord. Wanted A laundry girl at the Belle "Equality," Fourche hotel o x o X 2 o x 1 I A 1st I rl Notice of last lecture by Mrs. Keyes DUt hmT known DeWltt'e Witch Hasel will be found in another column. Salve to cur numbers of eases and do not Mrs. F. W. Ambler and son, of Chicago, hesitate to recommend It," Be sura row and Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Black, of Omaha, get "DeWltt's;" there are injurious ooun-are guests' of Mrs. Hex and Mrs. Cotton of terfelts on sale. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. Forest Avenue. JOLITZ & LYNCH, successors to Charles Mrs. Keyes will return to Dead wood Sasse, 686 Main street, dealers in fresh Tuesday evening anil may he found at t lie and salt MEATS, FISH and GAME In sea- First Number to be issued August Subscription $1.50 Per Year in Advance. a w o o X X to CO n u w o o -A o o X x to co H CUT FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS AT MRS MATHERS, 418 WILLJAMS ST, OPPOSITE M. E. CHURCH. Dr. Bowman has returned Deadwood, to remain permanently and resume hta practice, and will occupy his old office over Sec YOU at Bloom's Vlavl office, 721 Main street, Noble build-1 son. Send your orders for prompt dellv Ing, for the reet of this week. ery. Both 'phones. Deetken's drug store. Dark room for camera and Kodaks at 66i Main Street. Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy, Flshel's Basaar, with complete equlpmtn' Open to every one who may desire to use There Is a time for ail things. The time to take DeWltt's Little Early Risers It UtJHEBE they are conducting a special Shoe J Sale commenciEg July 17th. Included in I CO CO OOK HERE! Nobody is selling such good pianos for so little money and L CO CO o o X x rr CO easy terms as C. E. Hawley. Do not al this sale are the Celebrated Flareheim and Douglaa BE GOOD TO YOURSELF and good to O ,GHT HERE. Buy no piano until your friends. When you treat a friend to 1. you 8ee the only regular dealer, C. Whiskey, give him the best. HARPER E. Hawley. No. 639 by Bullock hotel. Whiskey is the beverage for your friends Qur baby hM been CODtlDualIy troubIed and for you. Sold by Carr A Berry. Dead- wUn collo ud cholen ,nfantum glnce hu wood. 8. D. blrtn BD(1 all tnat we Qoujd do for nim a,,- More horses were being loaded at Bells not seem to give more than temporary r-Fourche yesterday for shipment to the lief, until we tried Chamberlain's Colic, eastern market A gentleman from the Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since east recently purchased five hundred head giving that remedy he has not been on the ranges near that town, and be is troubled. We want to give you this testl-shipping them In small bunches at a time, monlal as an evidence of our gratitude, A number of school teachers from the not that you need it to advertise your vicinity of Spearflsh passed thru the city meritorious remedy. O. M. Laws, Keo-Sunday on their way to Hot Springs, to uk, Iowa. For sale by all Druggists. low anyone to aecetve you, but always see Is when you are suffering from constlp-tion, biliousness, sick headache, indigestion or other stomach or liver troubles They never gripe. Kirk G. Phillips. Vhe most popular place In the city during the heated term is Ed Hart's swimming pool In the Carr A Berry block. There is mora H-J ury to the square Inch Shoes, in TJp-tc-date chapes. his pianos and prices and terms. You u u o o a x owe K to yourself to do this. No. 639, by Bullock hotel. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND CO CO cicl H W O O X X ln that pool than can be found at any seaside resort for there Is no broiling sun. PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. JIBNCK CALL FOH IT. If you want a nice lunch at any time, stop In and see Cacy at the Lobby. Coffee no sand, no 4ast or skeete-s. Just try attend the Institute in session at the CHARLES BASSE'S old reliable MEAT Wt.. nnint Tha mia UIbbaa Htholl... ... Prices as Quoted Below: $6.00 Shoes at $4.90 $5.00 Shoes at $3.85 $4 00 Shoes at $3.25 S3.50 Shoes at $2 75 $3.00 Shoes at $2 35 It and rolls for a light luach ln the morning, 16 cents. " " hahkbt, at G8S Main street. Is now Phlll'P". lAura Shannon, Joele Shannon, owned managed by JOLITZ & Mabel Gilbert. Rhoda Kemper, Mattte LyNCH. Flah. gam. and poultry always Gibson, and Mabel Louthan. They bad m leluon. by teIephone. sou, driven over from Spearflsh. 'phones. (tf) J. L. Scott, who lives on Miller avenue, Dr. sLrlM slH. w. n.n,.,.i. Pure, clean blood and a hralthy liver result from the use of DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the "famous little pills." They cure constipation, biliousness and sick headache. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. Furnished rooms at reasonable rates by the day, week or month, at the Holzner. SCO u o o X X V CO co u u 0 o X X co co 1 I CO CO a w o o x x co co aU FOR A PERFECT FIT, SEE CHARLEY MIXJSjy FRENCH MUSTARD, HOME MADE TOMATO KETCHUP, SWEET $2.50 Shoes at $2.10 $2 00 Shoes at $1.00 A Fine Display of these Shoes will be on in our show window. AND SOUR PICKLES BY THE QUART Complained yesterday morning that some ,y iocated ln the offlce formerly occupied OO had entered his residence Sunday bf the osteopathic doctors In the Martin light and had abstrscted 218 In currency & Ma80n buding. 26 H Deadwood street, tiont the pockets of his trousers. He said Itv Searlee Searles are well known th doors bad been securely locked by his thruout this country, having an office at wife Sunday night upon retiring, and en- L)D00ln and Omaha for 10 years and are & RAMSEY, THE TAILORS.1 Gun-shot wounds and powder-burns, cuts bruises, sprains, VoundB from rusty nails. Insect stings, and ivy poisoning quietly healed by DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve. OR GALLON, NEW CROP JAPAN, ENGLISH BREAKFAST AND GUNPOWDER W W o o X X co K TEAS, PORTO RICO, JAVA AND MOCHA COFFEES OF THE PUREST ESSENCE, AT STANDARD CASH STORE. 48 SHER-j MAN RT Positively, prevents blood poisoning. Beware of counterfeits. "DeWltt's" Is safs 3BtnLoOOnVEB and sure. KIRK 0. PHILLIPS. a"Vn"allt.!Z b"n"lf Ut" A- Fr. NAULTEUS, tie eoua-h hadn't hajn narl..i i. v. ' o o x x CO CO ci J H U o o X X x co trance must have been pained thru the .pcdallsts of national reputation. roof of the kitchen. There is jio clue to .. .... Mrs. Nott offers special reduced prices the offender. ... , this week on all muslin and cambric Governor Stanley and staff and Mr. Pol- iingerle. Thla , not a plcked ovcr 8tock laird and wife, who passed thru the city tut con9lstg 0f entirely new goods recelv-8aturday on their wi to 8pearflsh, passed ed last week. Cambric night robes, hand-thru yesterday, on their way out of the somely trimmed in embroidery or lace, re-HUla. The private car In which they were 0uced from $2.00 to $1.00 and from $2.50 riding was set out at Maurice station to ifas. Prices on other garments cut oyn: . " . ; I PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND sad mflu.tlni nf tttnnmmnAm - 661 Main St, , wwuup. rni nnrsT Uvea Ona Minute Cough Curs cures! o.r p.mhw.-. w... ...... coughs and colds. SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES 8HOES--SH0! KIRK O. PHILLIPS. Dr. Gluthe's Celebrated Trusses on hand. twelve miles above Spearflsh Saturday ev- J proportionally. , enlng, and the party spent the day there "I have used Chamberlain's Cough sa my family for years and always , Sunday. Governor Stanley was not feel Ing well yesterday, and ha therefore did not get very far from his car during the wiih good results," says Mr. W. B. Cooper of El Rio, Cal. "For small children ws tad it especially effective.". For sale by time he was in the city. q. Captain Walnwright and Dr. doing, of all Druggists. m mm the First United States cavalry, at Fort 1 GIIIEIS i ne uurungton bag just distributed a Meads, and Charles Franc is, of Sturgls passed thru the city Sunday, the two former going to Van Couver barracks, In Washington, to purchase hones for the neat little time card, for the season, giving the excursion rate from Deadwood and other northern Hills points to Hot Springs, Custer, Sylvan Lake and other points along the route, Uie limits and ths stop overs allowed on one side, while th other aid gives the elevations of all the government, to be sent to tha Philip pines, and the latter going to Portland and ther surroundlns; points on his own ae count, for the purpose of making con bracts for horses to be delivered to the officer. points hi the Hills reached by the road. It la a useful article, and Its distribution will save a world of Interrogations on the Captain Walnwright had tho order for the purchase of tho horses, and Dr. Ooing, part of tourists and others. ' who la the veterinary surgeon for the Oeorge Story and Miss Nettle Mother, I First cavalry, will sxsmlna the animals of Bell Fourohs, war married yester Ever Offered in the Blaek Hills Will be Held at the "BEE HIVE" of W. E. LOWE Deadwood, S. D. COMMENCING FRIDAY JULY 21; And Continuing Until all our Summer Goods are Sold. submitted. ' day forenoon ln ths office of th clerk of court lit this city by Justice N. Col men. WHCN OTHKRt PAIL CONSULT Th Omaha World-Herald would do well to study up on geography. In its Sunday H8GI.SEIS morning Issue ther are a number of half tone cuts of notable freaks of na ture that exist around the Black HUla. StAKLES & SEaRLES Main Office Among them are the Devil's Tower, th Horsho Bend. Signal Butte, and Lover's Leap, and they are all described aa scen Lincoln, KsLv SPECIALISTS IN All OUr 60 And 7Rn T.arit' w.i.. ery near Crawford, Nebraska. The Devil's AH our 15c, 20c and 25c embroider Kerrona, Chrrale) ashd Tower Is not within 250 miles of Crawford, a 1 i-2o and 20c at this sale. and the fact is, the other freaks ar not A WEAK JIEN Ladies' and Misses' Hose at till au ally. within a reasonable dtatanc of Crawford.' ;. ",' ": "' : f w v v aio ti wilt go at thla sale for 25c each. AU our higher priced Waists at about half prtoa. ' All our Summer. Ogandiet and Lawns that told from 25c to 40c, go ln this clearing sale at 15c a yard. . Ladles' Linen Skirts that sold for 11.00 to 12.00 tor 60c and 11.00 in this sale. All our blu andll ght print worthto od 7c, go In this sal at 4c per yard. A Una grad of bleached muslin at So Per yard ln this sale, worth 1 1-t. Also th extra heavy unbleached Muslin st 6c a yard, worth fc. 1 T.ji. n...b Pimm sultl tilt Mrs. Helen M. Sachs and her mother.' All privatodlNSSsa and disorder of men. Treatmeat by mall ; eoasolUtion frea. hrphllis ewred foe lif . All form of female wib seM and Disease of Wo isjuioa iuva suu for 19 and 110. in this sale IS. rto Ik n Mrs. Kelley, will leave August Jrd for I A An line of Ladies Spring od Sum Spokane to become permanent residents of I Jackets at Just half price st this that place. Mrs. Sacha feels that Dead- ElsctricitYiaZtu. wood Is too smaH a Held and tfaat the op portunities ' will be greater in a larger placa. During the year aha has been a Xnihles as to (rnarsntee to tir all eases careble of Ui torn, thront, cbeet. ttomarh, llrer, blood, kin and kidnrv diveaseo. Lost Mm hood, N If tat resident of Deadwood she has given her smiMlone, iitdrocvlo. varlrocele, Uoaorraaa, fcict, H -'. I Mala and Rrrtat t iters, Diabstss nd Brirht f Diwi.-. s)o.OO fur a nMsf CATKHi, 1. liat MAT1KB1, DfSPKFSlA tfJ11?8' Jmsses and Childrens Shoes lower than ever before professional services for every nubile en tertainment that has been given for char r i r milis we cannot care. ity and has mad friends of all who have Stricture Etata made her acquaintance. As a pianist she la brilliant and aa an Instructor on that Instrument she has few equals. She also ' Pf (!lT!f TtQulrkly cured without use Beautiful Mill. UUriUiitof the knife or without de- rii tention from buslne.ia A pauileaa, sure petent MiUinersT ' tne ce ased 1683 WUi arid permanent cure. . , All who are sutTertng from any CHRON excels la her methods of teaching Frenctt and German. She will make her last appearance in the city at the musical Frf- n iiuais.vrs or whatevw nature. A fiiendly talk and consultation will cost Our entire atonlr rf "M day evening. jou Doming and may be the meansn f ut. in? you much suffering and possibly your 1 :tt. If the Doctors cannot cure you they at ACTUAL COST rt, X".t,rf.0ys Ulotmne l 06 0UW" A CHILD ENJOTS m prnmpriy ieu you so. All medlclnee -ti pleasant flavor, aentla action nt 1 ; ; UXXIO 0(110. ., 7 soothlnc affect of Syrup of Figs, when la I need of a laxative, and If th father or I IT f FT r B n I if rm mother be eoatlvs or bilious, th most nirnisned ache office. f rnrnlnntlon and ronsnltaf Inn free. KLKCTK1C1TY SPECIALLY APPLIED U 'h in EXAMINATIONS and TREAT-V K NT. Call on or address, Drs. Searies & oarlea. Drs. Searles & Searks If'i reedwood St., fd etalrwar" east of Tostoffice, Deadwood, So. Dak. " ,i gratifying rssults' follow Its us; so that LOWE- th bast family remedy know and vary family should hav a bottlo, Uaa- ufmctursd by th California Jl Ryrna Co.

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