The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 25, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

' w Am sasfWhft THE DAILY PIONEEO-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, JllI A COMPETENT glrv wanted tor geu. seeks a Job elsewhere. Such, however, is yyATCHES, THE DEADWOOD PIONEER rousework. Apply to Mrs. Unas. wn not the case, if you wish to get on tbe force there, you hare to rustle that is ner. No. , van uureu oi. It U a mistake to suppose that advertising has got to be disguised or covered up in any -way. The plainer and franker and more business-like it is the better the people like It. If a woman wants ribboss, 6r shoes, or a tailor-made gown, or a piece you hsve to put on your digging clothes WANTED A good Scandinavian girl :for take your candlestick and go to the hoist .nH wnrk Rnnulre at Mrs. Harri when the men are going on shift, go to fBSTABLISHED JUNE f. int. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. Franklin's. the foreman snd tall him the kind of work you are looking for, ad ask him for a job of furniture, or if she is likely to want It or Is in any position where she will probably want it before long, then the de Fine.,, Solid Gold Jewelry, FOR SALE. Of course you do not Jxpect to get on the nrst trial, so you are not aisappoinieu scription and price of that particular piece of goods, is the most attractive form of FOR SALE An upright piano, new and in when he tells you, "All full at present tfiack Hills PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING 00 After having spoken to the foreman, you good order. Mrs. L. B. Miller. step back and take"a position near the Sterling Silver advertising to her. o A PATRIOTIC VIEW. O. M. Osbon of the Howard Spirit, whose son died at Manila, writes the Ar shaft, where you stop until the men have VOU SALE CHEAP Twelve horse-power am else .rie-JaV,-r-4.rv-. iTFlr boiler and engine on wheels, in first TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: AILT Eviry Moraine, Except Monday Om Year IW-OJ U Months Om Month LW all gone below. Repeat this every morn -nrtiMon. Eunulre at Electric ins: and evening. Be sure and auk the gus -Leader: At Special Prices f( foreman for a job a few times bo ii ' Light house. WEEKLY lulled Every Thursday. Om Year t.H sal Months LN r nT! for SALE Howard's Addition iXt 20 W at ths His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining stored aa Second-Class Matter De4irood Postofflce. the Dudley spring, In the First ward -: AT : "I noticed in the Filipino organ of your city yesterday a letter from one of th lioyri in Manila excepting to the fciuteiuint In a former issue of the Spirit that "the boys would stand by their flag und would not desert their colors in the presence of the enemy. My authority for the opinion expressed was letters from the firing line one of them a letter from W. U. Amos in which he took every unkind thought about Colonel Frost, ex- familiarize him with your appearare. After which you simply be on hand when the shifts go to work, and If any man is sick or off duty, you inay get on temporarily. Once your name is on the ray-roll, if your work Is uulefactory. you stand a good chance of permanent employment. Perhaps there Is a vacancy caused by some man quitting work or being laid off for cause. In that case, if vou have been rustling Derslstentlv for a is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE A. F. 8NH wmmF Z ' Mm U fl',svF!rVT au.y REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judgea. DIOHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANEY. FOR SALE Three of the best ranches on aesWp Bear Butte valley. 160 acres each; over Main street, 11.000 Improvements on one; will be sold J resesd his 'delight at t.he rhango good while, you may get the coveted po at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer Times office; garrison duty to actual fighting and told sition, but It apiiears to be an unwritten v.ltb. great gusto how they "put it all law that you must do some rustlinK be NETTIi A LESSON Th- metropolitan papers are say . - a treat ileal about a ires censorship and ot the niggfrs." I quote: fore you can get a Job. At present th.'ie FOR SALE Desirable residence lots. is probabily at least a hundred men rust Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's free press and otherwise expending "At 8 o'clock, February fT, we made a charge on the niggers and took their works. It was sport to throw it Into ling dally at the various hoists belonging lot o wasted energy. The trouble ''lth to this company. They come into the hoists before the shifts go below and place DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln v. ths metropolitan press and war corree pendent. Is that they have mistaken lib enue. Ingleslde; lumber furnished to the black devils. At 3 o'clock a general advance was ordered. They chasedthe coons three miles in two hours themselves where they can readily be seen bv the foreman, and wait until the men build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) A Big Cut on erty for license. They Imagine that they arc the whole thing, greater than the xhe rest of the regiments did hare all gone down. Should there be aulmlnlstration, war department and gov excellent work. Our officers are man short, the foreman will step up to FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at ernment They have been allowed to all c ra ok er Jacks. We may have one of the rustlers and say, "You can go Terry. S. D. For further Information Cook Stoves -violate the rule of war aa well aa the some more fun In a day or two, but you down to a certain level," naming it, and enquire of C. W. Rdnan, Prop. (lm.) rulea of propriety and decency. The cor can bet we will hold all the trumps." such a man will be your partner. The W. R. Amos in Howard Free Press of respondent who slapped a general at Santiago shoud have been courtmartlaled ad (hot. or at least Imprisoned for a party addressed goee to the store tender, gets his supply of candles and goee down. As soon aa all the men have been sent FOR SALE A H. P. Otto Gasoline engine, tank and reservoir complete. Pioneer-Times. March U. Even the Press editor would have concluded from that letter thai W. R. was Why Buy a Second Hand below, the foremen follow. When the long term. , and the smart aleca who tried to crlDDle Oen. Otla should be thrown enjoying the "sport," and looking onward Stove When You can get cage on which they are descending disappears below the collar of the shaft, the FOR SALE House and furniture. Enquire of Mrs. Edward George, upper Terravllle. to more "fun." But that was beore the Fox got into the chicken coop. The writer does not criticise the boys for want waiting crowd, knowing all chances of em New one for the same money, ployment on that shift are gone, imme diately disperse, only to return the next FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine ana shift. Some rustle for months before get ing to come home. On the contrary he desires their discharge. They can come now with honor to themselves. They have made a splendid record. Have ting employment. Some are more fortu into Manila Bay. The impudence and as-am ranee of the yellow Journals and their representatlvees Is outrageous. As Oen. Sherman once told a would-be interviewer regarding the campaign of Gen. Wolsey In Egypt "Trust the man on tka ground and if he is not the man you want, get someone else." Oen. Otis may La fussy, but he Is on the ground and the administration knows more about him work than the newspapers. The correspondents should be taught a lesson. COME AND SEE US. nate and catch on sooner, but the major blower, nearly new, in perfect condition, no further use for same, will soil cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. ity get weary of waiting and seek em ployment elsewhere. It is rather discour ji Ayres & Warflman Hardware Co. whipped their enemy wherever they could find him and have upheld the flag until It Is possible for the government to relieve them. This has ben done as rapid -as possible done In spite of the efforts of tbe Press and its disloyal crew to dis aging for a man seeking a Job to find fifty or sixty men at the same place on the FOR RENT. same mission. It makes men appear to be more plentiful than work. The situa FOR RENT 17-room boarding house, va courage and prevent enlistments. The Ml cant by July 20th- Enquire of O. F. Ong, Pluma. regiment has done Its full share of the tion was aptly expressed in the writers hearing a few days ago by an Italian, who said, as he turned to go away: "By fighting, hits had a. hard campaign, and has fairly woo its right to relief. Neith damn, more mans stay on top than go WANTED Six good famn hands. . Apply er does he reflect on those whose names below." Yours, &c. to Stearns Lumber yard, upper Main St. appear on Fox s manifesto, although be RUSTLER. THE NATION'S WEALTH OF GOLD. United State Treasurer Roberta dellv-red Jhx. address yesterday before the convention of the Maryland Bankers' association' ia which he made an interesting plea for a larger use of gold coin In ordinary ht.siaess .transactions. He suggested that banks could render effective aid in this direction by paying more gold over their counters, and .(tost with concerted effort the actual circulation of this form of money could be greatly increased. But granting for argument's sake that use of Is confident luauy of them would not FOR RENT House with nine rooms, in have signed It If the facts had been be eluding bath. For particulars inquire fore them. It is easy to read between the ONE GENT A WOKD at 37 Van Buran St. Shoes With a Reputation lines that this tool of Pettigrew was sent to Manila to get names regardless of Advertisements under this head ONI FOR RENT A good house, with seven the misrepresentations that it might take rooms, and all conveniences, situated to secure them, and It only Uustrates CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run less than one month; three lines, $1 00 per month; payable In advance. gold ia evsry-day business operations i hew readily malice, when not burdened by on Lincoln avenue, Ingleslde. Pioneer Times office. would be as desirable as JMr. Roberts be-1 loyalty or hampered by regard for truth Our Boys Seal'Skjn Seamless WANTED HELP. Furnished rooms at ths White House, WANTED A chambermaid at Bath and Electric- lights. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine view from every the Gill- SHOES! more house. room. Ueves, It Is doubtful whether It could ever .to established and maintained. Ths peo-Sto have became accustom d to paper currency; they find it safe, convenient and efficient and as between fold cola and notes ooverttble. Into gold. ..they would choose the lattsr seven times .out of tea. "Whether they" might not prefer the gold after having been schooled Is its ,um is problematical, hut the tact as at .present Are noted lor their wearing qualities Horns WAN TED Good cook at Soldiers' ht Hot Springs. can place well meaning men In a false position. To have sent the volunteers home at tbe time ths Insolent demand was made would hsvs Involved a disgraceful lowering of the, flag, a cowardly surrender. It could not be dons, Ths parties behind It knew It could not; and they inspired H, aot to relieve the regiment, but to embarrass and annoy the administration. Ths boys wlM learn when they come home how much, and how little, they owe to the American copperhead. O. M. OSBON. ' FOR RENT Six-room bouse, just newly papered and in fine order, at fit. 00 par excellent for school wear. WANTED Housework or washing and Ironing by the day., Enquire at No. 11 rUmors. month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 40 Wfl Ham street, or at YOUNG'S office. Lei treat (tf.) L. C. VERPLAST.i Is that they discriminate la fsrar .of ;ths No. GO OlaoxriraEin St. WANTS D-"-BIlllerd and Pool tables, ons of each. Must be In good condition NICELY furnished rooms at rates at Noble block, 711 Main street ana reasonable la price. Will bay or paper currency la aa overwhelming majority of fastflag, ' ' v---'..- Ths situation of Jha United States with regard to . gold, is entirely ' unexampled. This country holds snore gold than aby other nation la the world Its ; stock MRS. OAKR. i rent Address, Box J, Terry. (ft) FOR RENT Three furnished rooms suit for a ranch. WANTED Man and wife Apply to Pioneer-Times. able for housekeeping. Enquire of 01s amounting to XBTfiAM.OOO, as against Lackous or at No. U Taylor avenue. Men, our Illustrated Catalogus explains how we teach Barber trade In I weeks. Mailed free. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. FURNISHED ROOMS For housekeeping, In the Miller block, 41 Lee street. FULLER BROS & McGUMSE (GEDDES OLD" BARN.) ! Hew CaniaiB ail Biola. Best Mmi ani Safldle I Boarding Horses by the day week or month a Specialty THE S. P. SOLDIERS. HOME. '. Minneapolis Journal: Re. Vt'. 0. B. Clark former commander of the South Dakota O. A. R., and a man who is noted for his loyalty to the old soldier as well as for his eminent fairness In politics, has recently made a statement concerning ths cutnagement of the South Dakota Soldiers' Home at Hot Springs. He defends its commandant, a populist appointee, from many of the charges "made against him, but muss op the case as follows: I havs no special fault with the management of the institution. Over a year ago, I told Capt. Una that I had three criticisms to make of his conduct. - Ths first one that be ought to be more coa-slnedarte of the poor drunken, boys, that FOR RENT Del monlco restaurant fur ntshed. None but good competent par ties need apply. F. D. Smith. IUO,tOO,000 in France, Una pext largest holder. Our holdings Increased last year at the rats of $5,000,000 month, and In June alone of this year ths growth was $14,03,521. . Ths gold la the treasury has Increased from il8,4,714 on July 1, 1892. to $246,000,000 on July I, 1899, sad ths flow still continues. " To retain this colossal trWsure of gold In this country In order that U may serve as ths basis and' balancing power ef our currency system Is ons of the most urgent duties awaiting congress. ' Ths first step WANTED By small family, no children, m furnished or partly furnished house on Forrest H1IL Address with full par- - ticulars, Pioneer-Times. FOR RENT Two furnished rooms at the Holiner, suitable for office or cham ber. t;tttttttftttttMMMtM FOR RENT Two rooms, opposite the Jul lock. Enquire at Pioneer-Times. I: Arc You Prepared? they needed protection from the ; home; secondly, that he was too rough in b's "No Eye L&e the ' Master's Eye99 i Yon are truster of yoar health, and if you do t not attend to duty, the blame is easily located. If your blood, is oat of order. Hood's Sar-saparilla will purify it . FOR RENT Two large, nicely furnished in that direction should be aa outspoken declaration for the gold standard. There never was so auspicious a Urns tor this Important legislation aa the present. The country Is on a. gold basis today and the thing to do is to keep It there. That Is to be done by an enactment distinctly pro Tiding that all obligations of the nation rooms, suitable for housekeeping, ti Lin coln Are., Ingleslde.' Fine weathtr has come at last, and speech to the boys; and lastly, that he was too free to get his name Into print While ths majority' of the O, A. R. are republicans, yet they all waive political considerations and are willing to stand by Col. Linn providing he does the right thing by the boys, and all wish him o succeed. I believe Col. Linn Is doing aa well as the average man would do under the circumstances. WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. shall be payable In gold, and that all forms of our currency shall be convert! It ia tbe specific remedy for troubles Die into gold on demand. When that Is WANTED Second Hand Goods at No. S i ... ........ j mimmu , ... luu iiwgmimui Sherman St 8. L. Conant - " accumulation of gold now gathered In now is the time to get that pair of mer Shoes. - My Stock includes all of the latent :i and neatest summer footwear- ; No where can you find the samegoo for less money. We always lead wM it comes to Good Shoes at Low W"1 and oar stock is the freshest as well tbe largest in the Bill. Qo to . this country will remain here. .- lost. v. oi the blood, kidneys, bowels or Iyer. Kidney - " My kidneys troubled me, and on advice took Hood's Sarsaparllla which gars prompt relief, better appetite. My sleep Is refreshing. It cured my win also." Micaaax, Boils, $473 Denny street. Pittsburg, Pa. . . Serofutoua Humor--1 was to terrible condition from tbe Itching and burning of scrofulous humor. Grew worse under treatment of several doctor. Took Hood's SarsaparUls and Hood's Pills. Thee cured sue thoroughly.'' J. J. Lrrru, Fulton, N. Y. The man who Is not afraid of work, and uui,,- waica ioo, or tiger eye, with who always does his best, is ths one who 'gold links, between a W. Martin's real vill gradually rise abova his fellow-men. denes and the Eikhorn depot Leare at . RUSTLING A JOB , Thinking that perhaps your readers would be interested In knowing the steps necessary to be taken In order' to secure employment at ths Homes take mines, 1 will giro an outline of the established method. I suppose the majority of people " entertain ths idea that if a man wishes to get employment with that company hs goes to ths foreman and asks for Martin a) Mason's office. In his sndenror to esrn mors than the amount of wages paid hlm.jSe proves that ZIPP'S. n is worm more, ana me tact Is sure ot he recognlied by his employers. He does Ms work faithfully and conscientiously, end this Is ons Instance la which honesty deserves to be and Is rewarded, LOST From Ingleslde, oa Thursday, a Bght sorrel horse, shod all around, with a hackamore.. A liberal reward wffl be paid. Chat. L. Chlniquy, H Washington a, Deadwood. a Job, and If mora hands are wanted hs (eta a Job If there are no vacancies he Baedt m K rare BttU ti i the Ma-hrttarlnf aa4 J tt--fi f with Hood's 8trpMi;)I II Miiiin'i MM M M t tt

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