The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 13, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1900
Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-TVies. lIVl-('KNT.S. 2wth VKAl;. IJ:a1. . I. i I'.i.At K 1111. 1. . i i i;i a v. t I '. Mil . v "ithvi:.-ti::: i. !.''.: " r m ' i: i: t... : : 1 - i 1 i i ! : ; 1 ! : i: SEHI-ANNUAL FALL AND WINTER i;High Grade Photographs j Pictures Enlarged at Home ! DISPLAY AT CHICAi ," i'K'K'l IBLACK HILLi PORTRAIT COMPANY f OF FINE MILLINERY No. 6 East MAIN ST.. LEAD, S. D. CAPES and JACKETS, I. :'- i: I'h .'! : Residence for J l.iliv e,ects w LADIES' StllTS and FURS, And Seasonable Dry Goods. w hn h tll- illn.H: sin Sale. to lr.Ur the drill e cm Ad a bargain. . fit. 1 m 1 :: 1 w hilt ill- .lei ulnii: bel'ol . lend -V ll'Ti pin I ) lie . I i ill III lain- linn- ill loi al . 11,1 .lie ( 'al - ami offers his Mi ret for sal.- at oil .1. W. Oirrun ;i: lor tl..-: c-nLllill.-ll id li.iii.ll.- the base gi.-al. dis 'lni-i- ha.-! sill' t of Ills stoj.e m I. REPORT OF RICH STRIKE. Kilpatnck Brothers Strike in Bald Mountain. Tin: TnliiiiK' mi)s Unit word li.-. lici'li R-ic-hi-l al llnit utticc- lioin an ;iu th fiit i c source to the effect that tin-American Milling company, common-ly known as kilpatrirk Hiotlif'is, which lias an immense traet of land sum. 1. II iiu-iil a lai g lm-ni . a. ant f ) - 1 1 1 ) l f 1 1 ii- en lot lung a This ha.- been a age and as t In: 1 1 j , i i William liai tnh'i (i ami blot ln-r. u n ha e he n mi a i.-n In I Inn old home in ltal for mwiuI moulds, js expected home tl)(la . Joseph Seedall is expel ieni in a Vi'eat ileal of trouble with a tunc h COMMENCING ai c- ell d for d Hour . till to Monuments. merge J. Snyder has the agency for Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln thi t has erected so many stones in the- Hills. Those in want will do well by calling at No. 27 Gold street, or addressing Lock Box C,j5, Lead, S. n. 7 2-lm c goods, en has dec.-td.-i trrprising f i liii OCTOBER 15 in the Jiani .Mountain nisirni, nas dis-and ami out the clothing drpai-tim -nt ami continue handling this hiamb. usr all their room lor Loots shoes, etc. And conti thru the season. -o- That Joyful Feeling, W'lh iln- i-hil.iriitiiij n-p of lia Putnam, Fourth ward, is deal of trouble alderman fioin the experiencing a gieat with his hand, of liei.llh an, stn-jij;!h an-1 In t l i a I il.-anli- of paralysis of tin- light side of the lace, but is able to he around most o ft he time. Lead was isited yesterday by a lady traveling salesman, Mrs. Winters, from Jackson. Mich. She was .selling ladies' winter garments and proved quite successful in Lead in plaejng orders. Carl Mobcrg is busy moving and raising buildings, ami has about all he can do. in this line. Mr. Moberg is a mechanic in his line and is meeting with marked success. James I'. Wilson and Thomas Iv Harvev wont out to Nemo last even : at last Kir tick it rich. The American Alining company .sunk a diamond drill to quaitzito pome tinio aso at great expense from a point high up in the mountain. They then moved down onto S pear-fish creek and with the best of machinery, a double compartment shaft was sunk a distance of about 400 feet to quartzite. Then a drift was started from the bottom of the shaft on the quartzite to penetrate the bill. Some gouge matter highly mineralized was struck at the face of the tun In again asking you to favor us by inspecting our v.u.u.h line and assortments, we do it withth the assurance that mhi will finj Our showing of Artistic Millinery, Nobby Suits and Wraps, Choice Furs and elegant Dress Materials and Trimmings, will surpass ai! previous effort, and we believe be the most complete and varied In the 1 1.UU i-umitry n. s. wlil. h follows the use c.: Syrup of Fig, is unknown to the f.-w who have nor prig:-fc,l h. yond the nl.l-timp medicine-! mi 1 thr cheap substitutes sonictirr.?' of-fciv.l but never a.-.-epted hy the ,,dl- tn-f.u-iiie,! Ii::v th,. genuln.-. Mann fa. I in by the Califnriii.i Vis Set in To which mention was made s.-veial days ago. While at work in the Home-ntake ma. him- shop a pie. c of iron fell ami struck the bin k of his hand tearing the (tesh. Hut little was thought of it at tin- time. Soon after blood poison developed and has continued to grow worse, altho yesterday bis physician thought be had stopped the run ot the poison. However his arm is affected nearly to the elbow and he isonfinccl to his home.! The- chief clerk of the accounting department of the Burlington system, arrived in Lead yesterday morning and wen- shown around the city by George Beerner, ticket agent in Lead, and J. L. Bentley and Dan Reagan of Deadwood. They started from Chicago ten days ago and have visited at Denver, Omaha and other Bi Brick Store nel when it had been extended but a short distance. At a distance of about 500 feet wuat appears to be a Yery extensive body of rich ore was encoutered. The assays are very high and the pre so far as it has been explored gives evidence of being quite extensive. The American company has spent more money for purely exploration work than any of the recent organizations in the Hills and the good news of their find is received with more than usual Intev-est by the public. ing where they addressed a large gathering of residents of that plac e , and vicinity. Much enthusianis pre-vailed and the speakers were heartily , applauded thruout their daily talk. The Oermania club voted at their meeting Thursday evening to give ; two entertainments during this I month, one to be a ball, and the other a progressive high five party. The dates for holding these events have not yet been decided. Henry Iank?.U was married to JULIUS' RESORT. Julius Rebsanien's U-rr hall is conveniently located In the basement beneath J. K. Searles' meat market, Main street. Lead. Business men's lunches at noon served every day. Here you can always get the best of hot soups and the cooking Is Just "as good as mother used to cook. "The famous Anheuser-Busch beer constantly on tap. A quiet, orderly, up-to-date Oennan beer hall. Visitors from the surrounding country, as well as citizens generally of Lead We Invited to call. "9-lS-tf The Twentieth Century. When a few months more shall have passed we shall tiieti stand at the very tllleshohl of the twentieth crl- tnry. ami the nineteenth will he n thing of tin- past. It will, however, he known as tin- century of invention and discovery .ind annuiir some of the -'leatrst of tb.-s,. we ca iitruthfully mention I lost. -tier's Stoma, li Bitters, the celebrate,! n-mi-ily for all ailments arising from a d isn't d. -red stomach, sin h as d sp.-psui. indigestion, (lain- t l points. They were over at Spear- Miss Almena Tuenker. at the Fir Baptist church in Lead Thursday evening bv Mrs. Ida Sherman-Woniel- DICKINSON & MAY FU1ITI1 GO. We carry an excellent line and make a specialty ot Sideboards, China Closets. , Rocker Wall Paper, iiku anil came up yesterday morning. They will go to Hot Springs from Deadwood. The personnel of the, ' parly is A P. Wnitcoml) K F. Gay-lord. (I. S. Cooper of Chicago; J. S. Barnes. .1. D. Snields. of St. Joseph. Mo., and R. Larimer of Omaha. Joseph Sucll r.nd wife are in Lard I mm Hancock. Mich., and stopping at ihe Homostake hotel. Mr. Sn.-JI Picture Framing This department is thoro I came into the lulls in the seventies i n charge 0! every particular, and I lein y. constipation and biliousness. It fcf. R. stone, an experienced Harrison Telephone Res. 298; Store, 227. has b. i n one of the greatest blessings to mankind duriim the past, fifty V-ar--. :i- a health builder. Many physician.-; i'.-, on, mend ir. Take their advice, try n boMle nml be- convinced, but be sure, to u'.-t tbe genuine, with a Private Revenue Si. imp over the tie. k of tile bottle. DR. TODD. ANTHONY TRAUT The II. & M. was one hourt late last evening. Mr. Thomas, a druggist of Niobrara, Nebraska, was in Lead yesterday. A baby girl was born to the wife of James Kodda, of Washington addition. Supt. Cirier and Richard Blackstone drove out along the line of the Spear-fish ditch. Miss Hdith Cook went down to Surgis last evening to spend today with her parents. J. C. McLemore is expected home today from Ann Arbor, Mich., whre he went a week ago. Born to the wife of John Swihart, yesterday, a girl. Mr. and Mrs. Swihart reside in Reno gulch. Moses Hloom Is in Lead soliciting for the Minneapolis Tribune. He expects to remain for several days. W. D. Parker, who Is employed as chemist for the Deadwood & Delaware of Annie Creek, was In Lead .yesterday. Two carloads of steel to be used in the building of the new hotel arrived yesterday and was being hauled down to the hotel site. 4 James Meddaugh and family are now at Roseburg, Oregon. He reports being favorably Impressed with dorf. Miss Gussie Woods was bridesmaid and William Yeager was best man Tliey will make their homo in Lead. ('. V. Harrison, who conducts a cigar factory over Monheim's dry goods store, has leased the room now occupied by W. K. Perkins on Mill street, and will occupy it as a cigar factory and will also do a retail business. He will take possession as soon as Mr. Perkins moves, which will he tbe fore part of next week. William Pickerel who has been in the Hills for the? past three months left yesterday for Ashton. S. I)., where he has been engaged to teach in the schools at that place. He ha? taken a great many photographs of the numerous points thruout this sec tion during his sojourn here and will have a nice collection of views to remember his visit to the Hills. The Christopher Columbo society of Lead floated their flag under the Stars and Stripes yesterday from the flag pole of the Miners' Union hall, in honor of the clay, October 12, 1492. when Christopher Columbus first landed on American soil. The society is entitled to credit for the patriotism PRACTICAL I and at one time was a resident of I Central City and later of Lead and is remembered by all the old timers, i His home is now in Michigan where he has for many years been en-jagrcl in mining as one of the bosses at the mine s. He is a gentleman of nearly seventy years, but does not appear to be much past fitly. He lias been i layly successful in accumulating a portion of this world's goods and is ! now 'living in retirement. Hit and j his wife expect to remain in Lead I for a few days, when they will return ' home. Physieiaii and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No. 11 Mill Street. LEAD, S. D Steam fitter and LEAD. Millinery SO. DAj MORlOiN, M R K I'rac-tjce PROFKSblON AL CALLS AND OON-FI ft EMENT3 ATTENDED. OFFICE SPECIALTIES. OPENING. iut -el to 1 cit'VUti 'I p;is" tbe PllSi' PRIMARY, SECONJliAR'i. AND TBK TIAHY STAQEW Classes ,c and to First and Foremost in the field of : medicine is Hood's Sarsaparilla. It j possesses urn qualed merit and cures i till diseases cause or promoted by im- pure or impoverished blood, im Iud-I ing rheumatism, dyspepsia, catarrh. I All liver ills are cured by Hood's j Pills. 25c. ! Smoke Cuba's Choice, union made "Venereal Diseases' Eye, Ear . RMiMn? (Ila.s-the Kt'litf of II-Vision, Accurat' ! OFFICE IN' I ' (Over Die-ken?-OFFICE HOL'H-S-10 to 12 a. 111.: 1 .Iteil M'ST I1L0CK. Store. I 3P 1 ;,i li U 1 - -.'' Zi:ki;c,a Saturday,Oct. 13, ,- cv ii.-n vi 'U 3!t Wants to t': 1 c O , In Their Most Malignant Forms. STRICTURE, RUPTURE AND PILES, RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COMPLAINTS. Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bubo, Unnatural Losses, Sexual Weakness and Impotency in "'Young and Middle aged Men. DISEASES OF EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOM-ACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. NASAL CATARRH: Dr. Todd's original sclentlflc cure, Including remedies and treatment In ordinary j cases $10 per month. Consultation Free. SALE ON HOSIERY, in sc .i '1 1 WINES. LIQUORS, no niCARS You are respectfully invited to attend and view the swellest effects in BIG REDUCTION, V. ""i.-contM- cigar. Pest 5c cigar in the market. "Cuta" Choice" is famous for its flegant flavor 5c. Ask your dealer. For Sale of Lease. Two hoisting plants. For particulars call on Kmil Faust. Lead. lli-S-lw If you are looking for a pond smoke ask for. Chamison's MONARCH strlctl7 union made cigar. Factory In May block. Lead. I have a. ftlvo that, will beat -this world for piles, and if you don't believe It, try It. Apply to William Tonkin, Lead, S. D. lm Houses bought and sold, money loaned, general insurance and notary public. Victor T. Jepsen, Room 1, Cottou ft Andrews block. Lead. S. D. tf Henry Schn.tze'a aBsay office and laboratory is located In the basement of Fault's new block, Icad, and he Is prepared to fill all order tn his line. tS Alex. Rose makes a specialty 'of Afld ir yoa mew 1. goods, you would aut to I've Got It! You want" Let's Get Together FALL FOR ONE DAY. STE Yours for busino- Millinery Ladies and Children' 15c hoseor 10o. Udle 20e ho for 12tio. Ladles' 25e hoe, S pair for 60c ' Ladle' and Children's good Wool Hosl for 20c. - ' Ladies' SOo Casslmore and Saxony Hon for SSo. , : Our entire line ef Women's, Children and Men's Hosiery at price equally few for this day. - f.-l, ; . 1 Ijifo and Accident j HENRY MONHEIM'S; i Insupanc trees and shrubbery of any kind and sise. Cut flowers on hand.' Orders solicited from-all parts of the Hills, atain street. Lead. tf Carl Moberg, contractor and builder, mores and raises buildings and builds houses on the installment plan. The public are welcome to ret estimates, and he makes a specialty of undertakings where .mechannlcal skill Is neces L. D. Bailor, M. D. J. L. Fsch, M. D. SESI WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP O!1 DRS. BAILOR A ESCH. ' THEO. E. GESKEY. Diseases ot th T i,"Ear, Nose and Throat Spec!-- s ' Glasses Acl. Fitted. ' No. 5 EastIain Street, sary to insure, a successful completion: . - - , , XI . Office No. 119 Main St 1 4

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