The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 3, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIAIES, DEAD WOOD. S. D TL'KSDAY. JULY 3 . 1304. DiWspap.T published TTi paper being th le-aiest tht claim. LEGAL NOTICES. Ruby Flat Mining Company. Tin; undersigned stockholders of tli ID: by Flat Mining company, repp seiiting a majority of the apital sto i ot said company, do hc.Tid.iy call . ,i nig of tin: .stockholders, to hi; he! at the oil;. of the secretary, No.4o Mam stie.'', 1 l aid wood, South Dako'a ( ti. Elder, Attorney.) M. A. 12US. M. s.'.N'o l.'.7t AITLICATPiN KOIl A I'ATKNT. iEI.I.mi:.T SAI.K .NOTICE. DEADWOOD L.iai inn. r. li.ipid (',: So. I ml: April fin, 1'.' " giwn Anna 'I'll Permanently Locatefl In the BlacH Hills. LEAD AND DEADWOOD. LEAD CITY OFFICE in parlors of Schutzo Hull, ling, out Bakery, No. M Main street, Lead, Mondaj.-l Thursday and .Saturday af feiuoons from 2:30 to S::;d i'. in. until su i t .i 1 ! idllrcs can be pccincd permanently. Mi laughhn & McLaughlin, Attys.) M A. No. IN 'Idle; I'.MTKh STATICS LAND Of-I Ii'K, itajid 'ii, South Ua,kot.i, June :, M'bl.H' ATION FOtl A I'ATKNT M 'II '1. hereby given that laakey Hoy liuid .M;i'it,i; ' 'oiiiiany. a corp"! atioii or-iiaid and existing under and by virtue ' ilc l.i.i- of the Slate uf South Dakota. , - "" . id !r x of w ha !i I- D. a.l I. - ,,,'ii I ' ikui.i, by Austin J4,,N n, duly I ' i I . . i i .' I iig'HL vWlit-e I'O.-l 1 1 1 1 1 1 i ' addle-.-i ie.,,1 a .,..!, .oiil h I lake', i, Ii.k III.- I i '. : : - . i 1 1 ; 1 i . a ' Ion for a p.i ' en ' f.jr i I .'' '. . , , ii", i i-j .'. i i 'v; 1 1 is , . ipMi, i . m- a i.l ip; : hii. ,ir :'. i i : of 'In- ( i.i .1 oe 1 1. inter .1 i.:i a i li.iila. lallle iPn..iii.l No r-ir N. 1, Yank.-.- it. .y No i. aiikev i: o Ni. ::. Alliance No 2. Yauhev It.iy. I. nil- Hill and lanle Hill No .' iob--. I iit is hd' ' Denver Butto foniand il Lincoln, Omaha". Chicago, St. Josepn , Kansas City. St. Louisaricl all points east antl south Mining p. in.. .Monday, July . 1 1 1 i i j .- of electing i in s and I ransactit i lie s - ,i - piny come 1 wu,l Fn poOotlic add I . - i-. ,. has Ih.- d.i v ill : i .:i'-t ' f..r h'-'s ;t:i I ! ' i ' ' D .,f ilc- a-i:..i I ,.", Ml II' i.l- n.'.-i .- t-Miuhd : f : 'i i : j i 'd i ' i V'.' h :' -i roan ' v uf I.. i a : r, i- I anrl an "cue, P'.fll, Id v., . 1 In," I Alia 'i ' i nil: we H HIT. iiaki:k i KKItSA.MICX. Dakota. June n i: . JOHN .11 Idl': . Soiilii ! I n. i i . i lid - m i ' : olfo i il pint mi III. I S: il.- "'S., .-I; I i.ik I V O, I'. Id liu'e i .III I a 4 I, Wt.'l a oaily. l,)t s, r"l". Driiah.i i 1 1. . ' II H I r;-. t'.ln- I'tll'O t.j it l :," l. ii. ing ! Pi this olll ;n lei 1 1 i : il vciim or iniiieral .lijioilt i . 1 1 a a a and sih'-r. loeilier uitli sill taee iii.ii.. ...i l all oni,,,.- - 1 l' '"'.-a. So ' "h anil i;iih. " t, . i.iih. ijoo. .2.,; ground West Local .Ir'v ... Prior Hill Mining Company. The nn.l.Tsiimeil .stockholders of tho I'rior Hill Mining company, r.-p NN 1.1)1)1' I. -I anii.g nt e.,r No 1 a -dial.' i". k , ei iiii.iind i.r -.I..-I. i in .-led i i;::4 -a ti n - I ,. . .,n r S N'.i 7 bears S Ts' pi K 1't'i ,; fe. f In i . i r N'.i ' . survey No 3n - JO p Sue 1:1 M da 'bill M,, Spearflsh Highland M.uv bide bears N" 271 7' 10 ins 1 I'-sentini; a majority of the capita! or-i stock of said company, do hereby call -4 ID No. -"4. Erieght Si fcl ;..,. -her N "'' W. 11 v feci tn cur- I t N'd 2; in. lie-, s ;v or V .-,1? 7 fed l.i.oroor No then... S 29 W W. 0'! t - .. ..... , . ii i i . . ill and Edgemont .. m" f . . -i , J -' a. 1. 1 , .... , , , rKi Ha,,, Victory Mining company. I'rintipal jilari' of luisini's s, Deadwood, South Dakota. Location of works, Carbonate. Law nine i oiinty. Sutilli Dakota. Notice.---There is ibdiniiueiit on the follow illit lies, tilled stuck, Oil lie- i oiiiif. ni' asses-mi nt No. !l, levied A ; 1 1: 1 L's, Ifioo. the ainounts set oppo--ile the name.-, uf the shareholders as lollow--: No. Cell. Name. Shares. Aint. 7.'!. Dr. M. lintel's ... ...nnd $ 1'il.ih) 74. Dr. M. liters . . . l jinn 4.00 7ti. Dr. M. Koits . . . aim L'.On 7.".. Dr. M. Rogers . . . arid L'.OO 1 Kb IC. I'. Peterson . . . L'.OOh S 00 l.'a;. John A. Taylor . . .".ODD 20.00 17!b S.W.Hamilton.. 5,000 I'O.OO ISO. John F. McLaughlin l.OOn 4.00 1ST. Jonti F. McI.taiKhlin lO.Ono 40.00 lftD. Sam Whiting ... a. odd 20.00 191. John F. MeI.aiiRlilin.47.42." 189.70 192. John F. McLaughlin 1 ODD 4.00 193. John F. McLaughlin 1.000 4.00 194. John F. McLaughlin 1 .000 4.00 195. John F. McLaughlin 1.000 4.00 196. John F. McLaughlin 1.000 4.00 197. John F. McLaughlin l.OOo 4 00 198. John F. McLaughlin 1.000 4 00 199. Julius Robsamcn 7.0D0 28.00 L'iid. Julius Rebsamen 2.000 8.00 201. D. D. McLaughlin.'U.i'iOi) 1.TS.40 202. Dave Laird . ... 15,000 fiO.00 And unless payment shall have been made on or before July I t. 1900, the same will be sold at the office of John Trelter, Deadwood, S. P.. to pay said delinquent assessment, together with . osts of advertising and expenses of sal... Jl'Lirs REUS M EN. Secretary. First I'ub. June 20. 1900. t trains arrive a.s f.,llov ' M ill r"d81- (lailv? j- No. 2nfi Sr,..:,rfi,h -r-, excenf s ,, ?.. Tr;,ln' daily a rneetiiiK of the stockholders to If held at the secretary's office, 4 ''.7 Main street, Deadwood, at 2 p. m . on Monday. July It, lyuo, for the purpose of electing a board of directors and transact such other business .u may come before the meeting. D. R. bjlORT. JOnN UAKEK. JUI.irs RKHSAMEN. Deadwood, S. D., June I'Oth, 1900 11 lt No. 27,.1. Freight f ..t to ennnr N t fh-n-... P 9V nr f. ; :il n feet to curlier N. f. then'p. ST. l!i a;' K. 1 ' r fee' to i inner No (I. Ideiilbul v eh en'rier - f. of A till a No 2 lrxle of ti., ,,. -Heni- V 1."' ?.:.' R .14!V 1 feet I, Sn 7 iheiup. N 2717' E.295.6 --i . i ' V ' t"I id i " "f tieicln n t n s-N.VA NO 2 LOOK t'njlnnn.,; t cottier No 1 a "halo roik i in "lih inoaml of fon chis el, i i x ' t',4 .ii-kt riirmr Nn 1 p irvcv n itiiHH Vfnry I .ode N. f 02' W e I 't U -" l 'v "oi "Jj. 7 hears P. 8b tr ft y.Sl i thnc SO" V. 4S8.8 fPt to rorn-r K 3. thfnc S. St'.ir W. 227 2 feet In firnt X. thenc NT." Sundays ,!s ..''1' J.V 11,1 Sleeping, din,,,, ..i . e've3-- 52 "ii. 27a a. 7.s. an l i,oe feel in width le--peetively, siln.iled in 'a r Imj ua t e Mining In-iriet. IjHr.-iH h eoutity.. Souih Dakota, and desisnattHl hy the field notes and otti- i il plat on tile in this otfle.. as Lot No. 1 pi-;, in township five 1.'.) north range two 21. east, Ii H- M. I lll'.-un veyed I . Said lot N'.i Hut; heitlgde.s.ribe.l as follows, lo-wit. liKXKRAL JDK HOOKKIt I.ODK I)c-ginning at tairncr No. 1. whence L'. S. lo-iniioii Monument Nn. SI bears N. Sff 04' K. 2:;ibf 4 feet distant, thence S. VI rat' V. :'2 feet: thence S. 7SJ 4H' V. 2a'.l 1 feet; ihence S 44' K 14"S.T ftvt; thence N. Vf :,!' K. :tl?.2 feet; tin ii'-e N. :, 17' V I p''i t; feet to place of beginning. M AtiN A (IIAKTA I.ODK. Heginniiig at corner No. 1. whence I'. S. Location Monument No 31 bears N. K2' .r.4' E. 3.".0:bS feet distant: thence N. 83' 00' E. COO feet; thence is. 1 44' E. HOST feet; thence S. n: ."i'V W. tinti feet; thence N. Pb 41' V. 1 las 7 fet t to dace of beginning LITTLE ll(i.'.NZ NO 2 LODE Ilegin-hing ;it cotuei No 1. whence I'. S. Local ion Monument No f'd hears N S2 ",! 17 :i.-.o:i X feet distant; llldlee S Hf, ' :.o' U' 2S Ii ftfl, thence S. ;i- E K',:t .1 feel . ihenceS 24' E. li'.!l.!l reel, thence V V! ' "')' K. i:t!i feet ; thence N Hi ' 44' W I i!s 7 fee', to place of beginning. Mi'l'llt'i: No 1 1,1)1 !: I'.eginning al 'ortiiT No 1 whence I'. S I to . 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 Mini-'I in No 1 litars N S2' 7.7' K 2oo.", t feet diSl .1 ' ' lire S S2 ' .'iH' V. 'I'll! feel , r"t'.mln -.- seats free i. ua eoir on .ill ,k... trains. way and ipik,i. ., . J Ri. gage checked to 60l'i r or inrorina,!,,-: ,in... , ,, , tickets, call ,, ,,r u J, , ' .' ffllP! til Hester A Mining Co. The undersinnei'I i tockholJors owdhis and holding more than unc half of ihe Genera! I'.cs-, . ftp , "YH SR' R. R?S.l feet to roroor No. 4; tnpncP.N. T I "If 81 3' K. 4 2 feet to corner No 1 snd plirp , stock of the Hester A Mining Co. do hei by call it nieeting of the stcK-kholders of I. I. n-N'TI.KV r,"l: HI' lid . Tl! INS Ii .;- u 1 1. r. DR. TODD, Office in Waite Block, corner Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D., daily except Monday and Thursday afternoons. said Hester A Mining Co. to be held at ihe Aineiiran National Hank office in I lead wood, S. II., on Saturday, the 7ih. day of July, l'jno, at 12 noon, for the purpose of (dieting .1 hoard of directors and for transuding any oilier husiniws tiiat I t.. . .. -1 ,,f In I'l M II I I't' I o e presume- eui.i 'il in"- I. .,!,. 11,,,. of ihe Anna helm; N. ?t '.' fin-P .ind of 111'' Vlill'l I.O'le No. " N' "" 'Y . ii" K Aren or tinn l.o-le t "'it" acres, nnii No 2 bode 1 :'H fiiTi': '"I'll area of - I ilms r. rial ;i,.rp. Var. at nil corners' of il N nirvov 1' K I'll.. 1,k itinc ,f t .. mines I - r't'onl"'! ... . of Hi" If.'itl't l" of fieeds of K M'Wiii'ii AN I.E i: exepr I-.C ep' :.,. Daily. Daily , 1 i.tilv, ' IJl " J W. 1 172 2 feet . N Hi. i may ruperly come Ih torn I tie ineetnik' This i all H made as provided by staliite-, of South lii.kota on aeiocnt of nii elect, an havini; tiei n held ut regular llnio mid mi ad loll cneil or other tlleelltu; for that par- j pose having b. en ordere.l hv t lie direct' : s I ated. .Illl.e 7. 1 " I Mirris i-'rankhn. K . Phillips 1 l.OMene- P t 111 bonks 1 and I ... i.Tlivlv ill .k. :; and fl2 re-pec-i . ;,,v 'l'h" 11 l.'liri'L' rlaionnts are nil J . i... mid ce Hi Oro fiirlin M P ! : j ., , i, llir'iland V:rv M P ?M; cther. ' i . v a ri. 11 ii It pov n ! j j j j I ! s : ' 7.H' I. 1 Pi feet ; Ihetlee N 2 I 1 1 2 feet . thrll. e N V! ' "." E I", I hell, e s ; I-; s2 2 fe. I ,i l.ei-i a ii i u u; V NK E V in IV No 1 I. "I )E Dailv I 'in P.- . Daily ''.CP Daily Dailv Daily. Dai! .-. Dailv. - ,.11 . i 1 1 ' . i ' i . -i . j -.. , i II p. He I. V. 17. Ailanie If. It. ''ollins. Will Pell i" uf s.i M una and en i N'i I" ii;i:-' a i eti: in i No. I . w hem 1 at. Monument N'o. 21 .e.i-s N ::' 7 f t .li-Miii i !i. u. N 1 Martin Mason, A I tornev s I MOUTH At IE SALE. W hereas, default has Iceii mail,, in the payment of the money so tired by a mm t ",;mo daii'd ihe l;:ili day of July, A. D. Is7. -m i Ob d by John M . Laualilin and .l,bi" Mcl.inuauai. hi- i ii then.. 111. be ,.- ... i.'i tb I. Old oil.- . r.rlirv e III" P"'"" N 7 W. 117 p: i; 2 f". i N 'l lie olill'St, Illo.St sill cessl 'ill .'Hid III oieplislied Europe iii-Anierl. aii edii-'ated j i fj .-s i t.i ii aid sijic.enn mi the Ar.ici l. an cunt incut in all branches of Meili. dm' atal Surgery, I'.pecial, , otn-jiia all .1 ,'iml 1 i II :;e i II 4 di.e'is.-. iieltl ih r of a system uf specific un dicat i. m by v ! ii 1) he positively cures ail , 'i',i bie lotto of PRIVATE!, CHrlONlC, BLOOD. tovIN and DESTROYING DISEASES of MEN. SYPHILIS and Notice to Creditors. of John !!. ( )lson. i! ascd is heieby i.'iven by the : ! adminiM ra tor of t he est ; It. DImiii. il." eastal. to li of. and all persons hav : HI i: -t .it. Notb i ibTsicrile of John I i cibliir.- t'l w lb to W rv'. 1 1 ii ' y ol I ..1 u 1 . tr .. I). .Mi 1 ciiaibl. 1111 a, ... and ia.. u as 1 ... in ib' 1 111 I lie 1 ."-.1 - I r 111' ib-i i , til' file 1 .'. 1 . .1. . . Stat.' id South ,il: I a of tun! t 2,1 avs, 1 ! i i 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ni In ,il I in Count ,i: I Dakolii. in I claims .itainst 1 1 1 said tleooaseil I i ,!iil'il tiieiii with til" necessaiy vo'ii iiets. ui.oin four months from 111.' !ir.-t pabliciitaui o; this noti -. I H v Pi."., po'd'-h. d ..- p..c' '.. idw bu said in iln ,d. , E at Ilea La wren adtninNt rator. Count. of K : ,t Pah M , loon ) N i.: Dili- . . I ).,::. Da i ' v . 1M b. . r. ; Da ' . . . D 1 ; : . , -et p: 'no: n DEPOT: Streets. to tin wood S. I ; Pat, is::i. I I d at Doadwoitil. S. I )., Mav 2. ,!.. N b U" 1 " S : 1 f.- h"H" VENEREAL DISEASES in all stages; STRICTURE, HYDROCELE. VARICOCELE, GONORRHOEA. GLEET. SPERMATORRHOEA, LACK OF SEXUAL VIGOR, I M POTENCY in YOUNG, MIDDLE-AGED and OLD MEN and all IMPEDIMENTS to MAT RIMONY." (Moody. Kellar A.- Moody. Attys. I State of South Dakota, County of :;:',.: s feei th' m e N WALTER S. SIMPSON. fe II E 1"' Lawrence. i:kN :.:ne i: r, thence N. 3n' :.",' E 7. Ii feet. i Administrator of ihe estate of John In County Court, within and for . a-UiHd a:.i fcj H. Olson, deceased. (First Publication May 30, 1900.: Arrives. De?rJ 11:11 ih. 1 pane i)'.'. on the l.'fth day of July. li7, al I o . bu k . in . a lid Whereas, no a' tioii or pi o. c, , ilia's at law or ot ihTWIm: have been instituted to ii com i' the debt secured by said mortgage or any part thereof; Whereas, on the L'fJud day of August, 1SS7, said mortgage with the note secured thereby, was duly assigned by the said mortgagee to James A. Wells, which assignment was duly recorded in the oflice of the register of deeds of the said County of Lawrence, S. U , on the loth day of September, J 887, in book til, on page 5. and whereas said mortgage was by said Wells on February 23, 1900, duly assigned to YV. D. Drlsklll, which assignment was duly recorded in the office of the register of deeds M. (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, Attys.) to place of beginning "lANKEV HOY LODE. Hegintiinz at "orii"r No. 1. tienre C S Location Monument No. 31 bears P 07.' f.n' I-:, 2S7.3 7 feet distant : thence S. vr f.O' V. 1124a; feet. IllrtlC" N. XT 1 ",' W. 27f'.'l feet, thetlre S. V".1 PC 127,1 i feel: thelirr P. :" 1 7, ' K II t'l place of 1 egi n'N iau LITTLE HILL LODE. licgi n n i n g at i era-a- Nn 1 whence t' P Location Monument No. 31 bears P. r.!C 2a' E. 243(1 2 feet, distant; thence P. V! :,,V V. 7.111 feet; thence N. 3' 37' W. 14S2.S feet: thence N. N ?, 7.0- E. r.;. feet; thence P. 1 12' E. Ml7 2 feet, to place of beginning. LITTLE HILL No. 2 LODE rtegln- ; . a ra :r,.ft. Trough trains in '"hii aia,, St j ! tleapO, IS. W I I h l ie: nectinlls for nil west and south. ; niiint nnd Din. ilia DLPDT:'i Whllewood. Pa and iiiiiTinedi.ite ts.27i a in. Hello l'oiiri. Ip- . . . Whi tew ood only . . Except Sunday DDI Olufcf SUMMONS. In the Circuit court of the Eighth ' Judicial circuit, within and for the . County of Lawrence, South Iln kola. ! Daniel Murray, Plaintiff, j vs. ' Peter N. Hanson and S. II. Bowman, j whose true name is to plaintiff imp I : i.i i cl said county. In the matter of the estate i Alice M. Guild, deceased. NOTICE. OF TIME APPOINTED FOR PROVING WILL. ... Pursuant to an order of Bald court, made on the 26th day of June, A. D. 1900, notice Is hereby given, that Saturday, the 7th day-of July. A. D. 1900. at 10 o'clock a. in., of said day, at the court room of said court, at Dead-wood, In the County of Lawrence, S. D., has been appointed as the time and place for proving the 'will of said Alice M. Guild, deceased, and for hearing the application of John Guild for the issuance to Fred Guild am 1! 90 1 J .am '4 45 p s of said county on May If.', 1900, in known. Defendants. The State of South Dakota sends greeting: MoLaia-'liim All;'; J ! ( McLaughlin a book 142, page . ; ning nt corner N . 1. w hence W P. I.oca-! lion Monument No. 21 bears P. r,!i 2V E. I 11 ".11.2 feet distant ; thence N. S3" Tail' E. I t;n,l feet: thence N. 1' 12' W. 14S7.2 feet; thence P iS "o- V cm fed' thence P. b 12' E 1 "7 2 fe.-t i" id ice of l.eL-iniung i', )II I 'ONKiRMAl Whereas, the amount claimed to be AH'LICATH i.N due upon said mortgage at the date of ; com position TION of To Peter N. Hanson and S. H. Bowman, defendants: ! I .,'i't of if.- l'c.:-l You are hereby summoned and re- I AuLsnrook of letters testamentary, ! ql,ir0(i to arnswer the complaint of In I he I IM I a ' I States fur lie- V. tilt' Disll ii I i.l S c In tin- m;ii i .a i -i. in I .':-.": ;:. Dakota. I! Map! M l'a: when and where any person interest-1 pijantilT above named, which was filed ed may appear and contest the same, i j tne fn( e Qf tne dork f the cirruit 1 ,t Mi V'" f 'S-i i'-.i'ilUv. !CjrT5 , "j this notice, is the sum of three hun- dred and twenty-five dollars princi- j pal, and $S9.G9 interest, making in all '. $414.09. one hundred dollars attor- ! ney's fees stipulated for in said mort- j gage. i Now, therefore, notice is hereby 1 given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, ! and in pursuance of the states in suih i ase made and provided, the said. Magnetic vajiatoia 1 ." bat. ;-!7 t ; ,, . ; .. , ., I 7aacr,.: Magi: . '"na1 I . . 2" 7'.:'. m i : Little Hon.itiza N ). 2 In I". 7.72S ai rn; itliur No. 1 lod". 20. .'.".."i acres; Yankey Ilov No 4 lode. 20. "'7,2 iiiaia; Yankey Hoy No 3 lode, 17 77-1 acres; llianee No. 2 lode 4.7.1:; acres; Yankey Ilov lode. 3 347 aire;; Little Hill lode. i7.;i acres: Little Hill No 2 lode. 20.4'K acres; Total area of survfy, IP. 474 acres. The pr'.unird course and direc I! i'.,:.j:.J Dated, June 26th, 1900. I FRANK J. WASHABAUGII, j Judge of the County Court. Attest: SOL STAR, Clerk. j (First Pub., June 27th. 1900.) 1 I (Erawley and Laffry. Attvi 1 court within and for said Lawrence ' county, at Deadwood. South Dakota. I June la. 1900. and serve a copy of your answer on the subscribers at ! their oflice in the City of Deadwood, , Lawrence ounty. Sooth Dakota, with i in thirty days after tht? service of this . summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take judg- lianki 1 1 1 r . To the 11, a, i. .le jink., of the Did: I tilled Stat, : , South Dak ".-l Deailu,. 7.1b day ol J-.' ward Mi I i. it; . ! . : tion o' The lode lines and tin' nninl.iT of on 1 mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale 1 fed .f li'ied O'l pi -h side of discovt-rv Die bide; end. rae"! iii this survey ar. 1,5 I of the mortgaged premises therein In County Court, county of Lawrence,.'- Clqln nf Gnnlh nt nlnlil 1 follow!, to-uit- Il 'n.'ral Jon Hooper lod described, at public auction at the front door of the court bouse, in Dead- t wood. County of Lawrence, and State In the matter of the estate of Hugh ' !m'nt "gainst ou for ninety three and McGovern, deceased. ;.".-loo ($9.1.65) dollars with interest Notice Is'hereby given John McA r- j thereon at the rate of 7 per rent per thur, of Iavrence county, state of South ; annum since the 14th day of April, Dakota, has filed with Ihe clerk of this !00. besides costs. bankrupt a nd i lo lb,- ,,, itf I . exaniin, d .a i a lots, and bad I .lie of his pi up 'inc. N. a' 47' W. ltafifi fed; 2" in feet nor-:h''ilv and L'afi.ii feet southerly from discovery. Macpa f'harta lt.. line. N. lti If V. 14'ts; fed: 2',i f et t northerly and 12n7 feet southerly ftom discovery. Little nonnnya No. 2 lode line. P 1ia 41' E 14'' 7 fe t: 700 feet northerly and 7f'S.7 fed southerly from discoverv Arthur No. 1 lode line. N. 6' 2fi' W. 1 1S2 2 feet; 110 feet southerly and 1372.2 feet norther e; has ire a ,-! a h-t n! ! : I ' FIGHTING DISEASE. Let all who suffer with any form of SYPHILIS In any stage. Sexual Weak- ".'.V.. 1 Dated Deadwood S. D.. Jun6 13, mun aim uutr' b liio nuiuiuiDusiui ut oukj estate to convey to said petitioner, an un !,y law. lie o. tm to tie!,; Less or destroying disease of any na 1900. McLAUGHLINr-McLAUGHLIN. Attobieys for Plaintiff. (First Pub. June 15, 1900.) ly from dDrovery. Yankey Roy No. 4 i,. liccn aort!i:- cetalitors, as ivijU! fered terms ol 1 iters, whii ti In in-ed in writ in g by a of all creditoi- lode line, N. fi 2fi' W. 149S.7 feet; 100 feet niitv in numH ture, who are weakened In mind and body, melancholy and despondent and northerly and 1398.7 feet southerly from discovery. Yankey Boy No. 3 lode line divided one-fourth Interest In and to the Hungerford and Maderah lodes, altuated on the eouth side of Annie creek near the head and about 4400 feet southwesterly from Portland mill. 1n the Whltewood Mining district, Lawrence county, South Dakota, on the ground that the petitioner la the real owner thereof, and that laid decedent, if living, would b compelled to , , laims on the road to IDIOCY, INSANITY of South Dakota, on the 4th day of August, 1900, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. The mortgaged premises are situated in the County of Lawrence, in the State of South Dakota, and are descn.ed a3 follows, to-wit: The southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 19, and the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 20, and the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 29, and the northeast quarter of the i rtheast quarter of section thirty in township seven north of range one east B. H. M containing 160 acres of land. Dated at Deadwood, South Dakota, . this 16th day of June, A. D. 1900. i - fnrd N. b" 26' W. 1498.7 feet: 400 feet northerly and 1098.7 feet southerly from discovery been allowed, wlihli inauw' and the GRAVE, take heart before It Assesment Notice. Alliance No. 2 lode line. N. 4fia 48' W. sents a ma ioritv in amount nf 51 is everlastingly too late and place American Oil Company; principal place , otisiilei-ation 4 188.6 feet and N. 4 39' W . 1000 feet. 255 feet northerly and 938.6 feet southerly claims; that tin make such conveyance; and that Satur themselves at once Implicitly under the care of Dr. Todd, religiously con his crefiJ from discovery. Y ankey Boy lode line h. nil id hv tilt bankrupt to day, the 14th. day of July. 1900, at ten N. 85 14' E. 564.9 feet and S. 86 30' E. . u ' ,," eciire,i is ttf o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of 630 feet from discovery. Little Hill lode a regular term of this court, at the court room :hereof, In the court house. In the line. N. 3 37' W. 1482 S feet: 1382.8 feet IUI B W llU.lf LKUIII'i ' property on w hich their oirity i lit.n anil nti other Illolielt.V. Wherefore, the -3id Edward McDkJ aid. resoet tfully a. ks that tn. of business, Deadwood, South Dakota; location of works, Weston county, Wyoming. Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of the above named company, held on the 5th. day of June, 1900, an assessment (No. 9) of three (3) mills per share upon the capital stock of the corporation, was levied, payable immediately to the treasurer, Walter E. Smead. at his office In the City of Lead, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid oa the 20th. day of July. 1900, will be dellpquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment (ball have been mare before, will be sold on the 17th. day of August, 1900. at 2 o'clock p. the office of Moody. Kellar &l v .D. DRISKILL, Assignee of Mortgagee City ox Deadwood, In the county of Lawrence and state aforesaid, has been net for the hearing of said petition, when and where, any persons Interested in said estate may appear and show cause why said petition should not be granted. Dated this 7th. day of June 1900. Frank J. Washabaugh Judge. (First Publication July 8) northerly and 100 feet southerly from discovers Little Hill ..o. 2 lode line. N. 1 12' W. 1487.2 feet: 1462.2 feet northerly and 25 feet southerly from discovery The location and additional location certificates of the lodes embraced In this survey are of record In the office of the Register of Deeds of Lawrence county. South Dakota. In books and at pares as follows: rSeneral Joe Hooker lode. Book 110. page 75 and Book 151 pag 185. Magna Charts lode. Book 110. p-ge 75 and Book 151, page 186. Little Bonanza lode. Book 103. page 439 and Book 151. paee 185. Arthur composition may I .'i;tit"",,i court. June ".th. 19oo K)W;, M.DONAU !;p' Attorneys. (First Pub. June 20. 1900.) fiding in bia bonor as a gentleman and confidently relying upon bts (kill as a physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY CURE YOU. By his wonderful, intelligent and marvelously skillful treatment all signs and traces of Sy-pMlis and Impurities of the blood are tboroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh', the bone3, the marrow and the entire system are cleansed, purifled and renovated, mental, bodily and eextial vigor are renewed , and the patient is restored to the duties, Joys, and pleasures of life. LADIES will receive the most dell-AILMENTS, IRREGULARITIES, IN-FLAMATIONS DISCHARGES, and ACCIDENTS peculiar to their sex. 8YPHLET1C and all diseases of EYE. EAR. NOSE and THROAT suc SUMMONS MONEY DEMAND COMPLAINT FILED. State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial Moody. Lee street. Deadwood. S. D.. to John Jennack. (R. C. Hayes Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Lucy A. Henley, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the under pay said assessment, together with costs . . . . .-ai- circuit ss. 27 In the Circuit court In and for Lawrence No. 1 lode. Hook 92. page 612 and Book 151 page 184. Yankey Boy No. 4 lode. Book n?. page 614 and BooklSl. page 183. Yan-Vev Bov No. 3 lode. Book 92. page 613 and Rook 151. page 182. Alliance No. 2 lode. Rook 83. paste 564 nnd Book 151. paee. 186 j -.a:,-! f0 of advertising and expenses of sale. By orJer of the bocrd of directors. WALTER E. SMEAD, Secy Please notify the secretary of any change of address. county. : par.. signed Charles Henley, administrator of the estate of Lucy A. Henley deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having Jobn Gray, plalntin Has a first-class , carriages and is I kinds of city w, a funerals, etc., will tention. Call V" ' 8a. TS. Robert C. McSbane, defendant. The Stats of South Dakota sends greet- lsg: y anKy Bov lode. Book 83. page 449 and Rook 151. oaee 18?. Little Hill lode. Rook 1 44. taee 461 and Book 151. page 1S4 Llt-'e Hill No. 2 lode. Booking, fiage ,160 and Book 151. page 184. Paid claim are bm r.ded piflv on the ef hv M. P. 1376. Alliance lode, and M. To Robert u. Hcenane, defendant: You are hereby summoned and required Application for Lltiuor. IJcense. . To the hon. Mayor and City Council of the City of Lead, S. D.: The undersigned hereby applies to claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said admlnis-tator at Central City In the county of Lawrence. i Dated at Deadwood. S D. June 9th. 1900. Charles Henley Administrator of the estate of Lucy A. Henley. (First Publication June 10 1900.) to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will be filed In the office of the clerk of the Circuit court within and for said Lawrence county, at your honorable Oodv for n lieonsn tn ! s 1 Union and t'nlon N'o. 1 lodes sell intoxicating iiminr, r retail i n"r eoundaries. if any. unknown Thirty-six Sua Twenty-four . : ' six two years . old. Any per- well-brml sto. k v se them at Joa'. four miles north" and one half n .. on the Turnr.-?'"1 within said city, and states that his j nrln .d r..CuZ. name Is Louis btorls, that he resides l Macna Clar'a. Little Bonanza. Arthur in Lead, South Dakota; that he in- N"o L Vankev Bov No. 4. Yankev Rov No. tends to carry on said business at ir iM"ir S? i.T!l't7Bo5r' ut" H1": SPECIAL sAiLRDAY EXCURSION Via BURUNGTON ROUTE. Deadwood, South Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subscribers at their office In the city of Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of rervlce. or the plaintiff will take judn-ment against you for fifteen hundred dollars, with interest at 12 per cent per annum since January list. 1S99, besides costs 211 West Main street, in the Second to fi,e' thpfr ,0-ve'rs. claims with the Reg cessfully treated. URETHRAL STRICTURE promptly cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. $10 per month for treatment and medicines. TAPEWORM expelled, RHEUMATISM, STOMACH, LUJG, LIVER, KklDNEY and BLADDER diseases cured. ' ' PILES and RECTAL diseases positively cured by RECTAL MEDICATION alone. -RUPTURE" radlcallr cured by an entirely : new,' . ssie, painless and bloodless method. Consultation free. One fee ' for treatment and medicines. ' . ward of said city and that he here ister of the United States Land Office at Ranld Citv. In the eotmtv of Penninrton One fare for the round trip to Hot Springs and Custer everySaturday, good to return on or before the following with presents a petition signed by iii A. T T7 nl.-.r J 14 ua n' ' . . lMted, April 9th., 1900. Mclaughlin Mclaughlin. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the above named defendant: Please take notice that the complaint In the above entitled action was filed la the of clerk of the abo-re named court on tits 11th. day of April, 1900. - Mclaughlin Mclaughlin - , Plaintiffs Attorneys. .(First pub. May a, 1900) P'ate of South Dakota, during the sixty dsv nerlod of twb! atlon hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the statute. A. K. GARDNER Register. Tt Is hereby ordered, that the foregoing notice of application for patent he published for sixty days In the Pioneer-Times a dally newspaper published at Deadwood. Lawrence) county, South Dakota, the said 20 legal Toters above the age of il years, showing that your applicant is a person of good moral character and one who can oe safely trusted to engage In the busines.8, or .calling, of selling Intoxicating liquors at retaTL Dated, this 20th day- ot June. 1900. tp j M LOUIS STOBIS. ABSTRACTOR . DR. FLORA H. STANFORD Homeopathic physician. Office and residence, 174 Williams street I Morphine, liquor and tobacco habits treated. gyadlcats woea,

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