The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on October 10, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1900
Page 7
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1., ... .1 TIIE DAILY riONEEE TIMES, DEADWOOD, 6. D. iJijWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1900. Miss Harvey NOTICE OF BgnW- Mrinday in November, being the b"' . v.nih- next, at ia ttut lay TEACHER OF PIANO. men """.mK. held 1 orec an eit.-N e county sever' liirren STUDIO, 30! DAMS BLOCK S. D. DEADWOOD, Pluma caonl house. W J. Sheckle, euj.. M. A. Bkkmai), W. H. Ward, Roeds -School bouse. (5. Jonee, J. 8. Pratt. ,D. R. Thompson. Supt. Ruby BaBiDT-Goldea Kward, boardinj hom-e . Wm, Grenfell, Supt., , Thomas Mi-KU). L. M. Wolf. Spring (Yeek. 47 School house. Josiah Corey. Supt., Samuel Johnson, ' S. U. France. School District l, School house. Eeter N. Bamba.ll, Supt., Eims Lane, Sortn Hansen. S;-arf,sh No I school house. 1 . Craig. Supt... S p. Morrell. Henry Court. Si. (,tige School house A. Funo-. Slip: . I-iac Forest. John Bre-Un. Terrv Miners" Prion hall I'at Mel tonne!. S-,:pt Hi' hard chapman. Juliu Lund- (F. J. Waahabaugh, Attorney ) FLRECLOSI KB N0T1CK. Wberea, Robert A. Keller and Luella M Keller, bis wife, did on the 13lb day of May. IS'aK mortntage to , the Bank of Spear-tsh, a corporation, lo secure a certain iio'i g'.vt-D by Rotiert A. Keller and Luella M. Keller, the following described rea es-late, lying and' being in the County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and in the City of Spearflfh. to-wit: Lot No. one 11) of Gibson's lots, according to the plat of Gihson's lots in the sub-division of -the 8. W. i of the S W- '4 of eetlOD te; 110) Town, fix if,, N ranee two 1:1 east B. H. M.. said (dat being recorded in PrrtY Two U pae nine 1 ( of plat" in the oflee of the rci:i-tr nf deed- of -ail Lawrence 1 ounty. South Dakota, whi.h said Tiairiat'.. ' a- d'il recorded in the oth. e of the ret'-it ' of d.l-- of said I-iwr. n muniy 1.1. the lTtn day nf May . jn (Moody, Kellar, Moody. AU'ys J MORTGAGE SALE. Dtfault has been made in the payment of the monty secured by a mortgage dated the lath day of April, A. D. 189!, executed by Mrs. Archie H. Smith and Archie H. Smith, mortgagors, to W. H. Bryan mortgagee. The amount claimed to be due upon taid mortgage at the; date of this no-ti.e Is the sum of five hundred ami thirty-five dollars, atd ten dollars attorney's fees. Now. therefore. cot..e Is hereby given that by y.rtue of the power of .-,ale- contained in said mortgage, and duly leiordtil." and in pursuance of ASSESSMENT NOTICE. New La- Plata Gold Mining company; place of business, Deadwood, -S. D. Notice is hereby given, that at' a meeting of tne board of directors of the above named company, held at Deadwood, on the 17th day o? : September, 1900. an assessment (No l'l or one mill per share waa levied upon the outstanding stock of the ' lompany. payable immediately, to Neil M TJonough. treasurer, at his ofti. e in Deadwood. S. D. Any stock upon which thifs assessment shall remain unpaid on the -"th day of October, 1900. will be de-liii'iuet.t and advertised for sale, and unless payment sba" have been niads before. Will be sold at auction at the offii c of th" treasurer, in Deadwood, Vin the 10th day of N-ivember, 1900, at - ' "" 01 lo. k p. m . to pay such delln- W lefl, r(.dential electors, emUv. in congr, 0" ant-governor. auditor. . O"9 -ve treasurer, f ,r- ev eeneral. . od ,"r;'I;t(,W of public iwtnic- CW ' tino- ,1.1,.1mr of school ami lutlH- One i lands i..(ka.,l iummissioucrs. ITL' T. Mi rra an-l Tweniy-x . Jji. . s. IV.. r J l.ra . the statutes m sinh case made and I IkK,h ''J provided, the mortgage will be j cKDnjl,'!1'"l. -I an ! r !.:!, 0 hundr, ,1 laid . ith y 1 : 1 t: ..rtnitte v. : her.-af Ha: Tan: Charle, r-hiil F Sup' . J.iiiun Terr . . Two Itr School h, l"l S'H.i . li . I' J.:! phi,. x representatives. iii-lKe. ,.'.'.-'- auditor. ;;';.r ,.f dec.D. . treasurer. a--: pear foreclosed by a rale of the niortpact"! premises theu.u described, at public LEGAL NOTICES i Martin ii Mason. Attorneys I NOT1CK OF SHERIFF'S SALE ON EXECUTION. Slat., of South lakoia. County of a' rell. e. - -i . Andrew Ko-andcr. I'laiuliff. John O'Neill. Ivfeudaut. Noii.-e is hereby civen thai by virtue !an e,M-uiion to me dirc-ted and delivered and now m inv tuind". issucl out of the , lei-k s ..fhee of the circuit court. EiKhth nil cir. uii. County of Lawieuce, State nf Sni;h liakota. uikiii a judgment rendered in said court in favor of Andre Ko--aad.r and ,o:ain-t John O'Neill, on the -:h dav '.' S.-plemher. . I. l!Mi. 1 have I,-, ad iii-ui the fellow ins d. scril-ed prop-.:. ,.f -aid .l.feli.lai.l. lowil: All your '..-.i.-i, 1:1 aid lo On- jadement nf John i i . ill s Hardin MininK :ol Mal'.ufa. - i-,, render. -1 in circuit lourt " .,,i'fl -.. inn -:v m 1 do. ket. d ihcin .i S, .:.-n.l.. . :.lh. 1 'opet her with a ,,,,,.,1, s d ie Hi,. ti a.nd iheieuniier. and all ;it the propertv upon wlihh cm -,' ,., - ,i.l ra-e of O'Neill m Ha in -.:: a- ! at -o; ! -i. -a: I no- i.k ! " Hnndr. ' naire - l: v - thr. . p.- ". d . I'harl.-. t v a--:i--ii:nei ' f d. ed-.' ..Ri- e Fnr'v 'wo 'IP ar-d win i; S- h.K-1 la,'. am ,0v Jhre Due 1 One v. "i.e : On" on-- on- ' 111:" O:.-' " (!-' ' 111,- ' r -he r I 'pi r i'aN. John Woikmai M . 1 -a;; irl. I in . Whi'ewood F.i A lei- Su),' i . ran : l.'k 11a' i re 1- auction at me hoti.-e in the t Dakota, on t):. 1 l"io. at - o'i i that nav. Th eon rN. i !,rney. ,. 11. !tnt f qu. of nt assessment, together with costs nl vert ising and expenses of sale. 1 hool-. nd w now !-chin 1. .I'l l ., front door of the court ty in Deadwood, South ..rit day of November, k in the 'afternoon of ninrtuacil pn tiiie-i tl.e County of'.iie nf South Ital;nta. 1 ii hi w. r ...I i i I T : in-: d :t ' L.t.-or. iirvfvnr ,i;-ur'- f th .oiis'ar-b-s W.-. I-. S Supt F Mail Si...-11-h ' Maik- - I are -it uateu 1 I letu .-. in the NEIL McItoNOnnj. Sec. 1 First Pub Sept. r.t. lfjno ) DELlNlJI'ENT SALE NOTICE. Cni ib n City M.ning Co.: phe of iMii": s. ( 'ent ral ( 'it v. S. I ), Win. l; :M .li: ninniissioiicr and ale desci.b.-d as follows, to wit: Heginnini; at .'1 jioint of the northwest ((inu r of the property owned by one. li !' following propo.-t-.i ..Ji" . nisi i t n't mil : - nf the Calistilul 1. d N. Now. !:. tha' i).. -a v :h. - -1- at 1 h 1 1 1 1 loth day 1 0 lo I; op. th.. front 1 lead W 001! rem St.i Hal- Kit p., Fa I :i ,i.,i i:,iin!aeiiiri' i; i o. na- i George Staple I. i:. Albright ii'iiniii. W'-d ., :,-. , nni-n.liii' n' to tin "..'..1 ,i ,,,ii lo the repeal .if Al- i.i-m; The i:ni.:ic 1 lalli'l. aler M..,,li,.i, Helena Fieenieli:. K. V Notice 'I'h. re is delinquent upon tl,.. following describe.! stock, on in--1 o'li.t of assos.-iii.. nt No. DI. levied August 7. Lino, the several amounts set opposite th,. names of the r.-spectivn -ha 1 holders, as follows: 1. -, . t Ha: f- I . I r. ad- . 1 -he Constitution, wliii li I r .. , uinufaiiurt- aiol sale of i Mid oei upied by one. lor dw.'lltn ; put poe.s. Ioiil: the -outh side line nth of Ihe Black Hills railroad track one hun- 1 lo:; i foot thence in a 1 t ion along the east I. ml. K- v-ume. ravion. Ki.,.: K....1- ore And a! men'- Shall repeal'"' Shu-! "' c: itiii t tide - ' viiles 10M1 v control Amen In sev-t-r.i 1 - he in'1"' ' Endow pom' Km-bonus "! i-ir.ri. -1 It'1! Dak' ! 1.' a- ::' Ma. F.1l-:ii a -UllC tl: of an alley k Fort Fieri', il ro.l niul thre -p. d Al.A.lnde- IT mill I 111-- nih.-r materials - mat. 1 .id claims bein K situated ill UK W in rs umler cx.liHive .I'"1 ratine.17 al: . . ..f M-lirlii. "V. Sec. 1. isfv fled, sale 1 1 Th- S: one -' i " I., ra - l-tl.l; Miin.v, S 1 1 : i W in. h .1- j n l In- in..' 'i until o.!. 1 southerly dii ud 1 ounty and state. : Mondsiv. the ..ih .lay ami-, al-.i ! -,:: ! . lam: Tun Hit ' . I -hall ,,1. inh. - , ,m V :i 1.' ' f 1 (,f the sta'e shall iino" ,.f the lVniianciit Si hiKil an-1 " , in of school cor- I'M'ii ;,r the hour f in ,b Kir la. M NTT n.rNKFTT Law r. t- e ' ". 1: i: ' -. S. I sa n f -aid dav. at the frctit $.-.1.7.-. 2 2.. l.-...r,2 1 12 r,o 8 21 o.f.l o or. Maloney, IL M. . . 2a,uuu '' I. Malon.-v. K. M . . to 000 Maloney. 1 M. .. fnht -T M.-Cillis It. ; .'al. I so Maloney. It, M :i fil!) 1 v.. Mi Ciliis. it 0 c.or.r. ' tl 1 Slitinon. Kd 1 urn) a no union ' iale. couniy h. .11.-1 in -aid viunlv -aid viunlv I'll , l , iiirt f ' wsnnrc,i ant I the null', title , mini. .1 defend - .f U lay ,..1 ... -.11 -, hrst morlKatres upon -''""i i::n lan-ls wiihin thiir 1 inii' A' term v for ' Fll-t Pub -t -I it if 'lie al , tlw al. . !v of res!" ' ' ; bove d. -icrihe.l pro) -iudtnient . and costs, ' 1 iiel to ., -ni-fv aid side line of what is commonly known ! as the South Kxtension of Mol fit root or the Kirk mad two hundred and ten 1 2 1 0 feet, th.-ni e in an easterly di-' rection two hundred and twenty-eight. (22S) feet, theme in a northerly direction alont: the west side of' properties owned by Henry A., Man and John Staples two hundred and i twelve (212i feet to place of bopjn- 1 ning: all of which is in the southerly part of Lend City, and across the road and eat of the public cemetery under sin h reiiiauoo- a-. may provide, hut wo farm ee.l one thousand dollars 1" n. finn or rnr;K)ra'ion. ,ove araeiidiiiciit to the c.a- -J A t tonu vs. 1 i in the Iil-'sI. loan i-twll any oi.e i' s'hall Fiiiii'i"1' ntinK to 11:11 l-'i one hundred and .-ime dnPal'i and twelve cents. In-r with all aecrtiinc eo-ls of ale and' -t on the -aine from the lMh dav 1 Fowler t Wl In the ('in n;t Judi' ia! C,i '1 11. t tl. :h. iit ti t-1 .1 . oai t of the and iinn in the investment ,o ,lai j AiriTtinless payment shall have been ' made on or before October S. 1000, the same will bo sold at the office of ' the treasurer. J. It Lelleail. Central 1 City. South Dakota, at 2 o'clock p. in. j of said day, to pay said delinquent as- sessinent. together with costs of nd- " Eighth of Sicth Law: eip e hool and Knilowiueni ... .,,ent P'!. at Hie rat- or . per annum, at public auction to the Jt L roved an.1 "ratified? f S. 't. I'l. with.u tor Mltil'f. rTh. Il, of county 111 . .i... t. .11,.., -imp- mi iti; h, -t tad. P i tor ia-11 Dakota, county. Gai lit-' M TT I'U'NKETT. 1,-HUIia"'! urn I"."- r, have V A. Nil In of election I.,..,, in, 1 lilies C ill of Law reiice Ciiunty It RR1S. Ilepury. She r it 4 Boul.l.-r Park Si tiool hoiH. l!v I M i M .1 M, t't ising and expenses of sale. N Tl. LeHEAF. Secretary. 1 First Fnb Sept. 23. 1900 ) in.' Sill. . 1' . - '"lMI pom ell Attorney. I'laintiff's i resilience I'ratl, u. Pratt It. S . h I! ? Intnl. Sup'- 4 1 1 Fir-: I'uh- ' ct B-ar C-Eil gar S-Ellin-f r.-n 11:1 Sunt.. I'- Crav v r Ilallt'.on's Motel relefsoll, J H in Lead, Lawrence county, State of South Dakota V. IT FRYANT. Mortgagee. MATT FLT'NKKTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. South Dakoa. MOODY, KEI.T.AH & MOODY, Utnrneys for Mortgagee. (First Pub. Sept. IS. 1M)0.) il'mwlev I.affev. Attorneys ) Lelteau. K. (Iivuf. 11 J, WVather- hi.ol holl i Man 111 Masoiorn"-y: SHERIFF'S S LFJ. nf South liakota. County ' Crc'il. 'A IN K 1 n'l n: y :-i 1 ' ' r ASSKSj! M 1-:T NOTICK. I'. S. (Irani M 1 11 1 lit: loinpaiiy: place of business. I ii'ii'liiiiin!. Soii'li Ihikota. Ian ation of works Carlinnat". Law-rein 0 county, S. 1 1. Notiiv is IhT' Iiv f.'ieii that at iiieet-' inn of the .1 1 11 1 tors of tlm above-tiaiin-il cciinpaMy hcbl at tlm oltic of John Hau-mil. y in llcadwoml oil the 4th day nf Oc tober. :., an assessment. No. "I' one half mill per share was levied upon the capital stock of the company, payable i 111 11 1 1 1 i ; 1 1 1 to John ll.i'stali'V. tlm treasurer, at Dcailwooil. S. I. Any stock upon which said ass.'-s-ii. -iit shall remain unpaid m the Tth day of November. I'.mo. shall become lituiuent and be advei t ised for salcati'l unless payment shall have been made en or before, will be sold at public auction at the office of John Haesaloy, in Dead wood. South Dakota, on Saturday, the 24th day of Novomber, 19U0, at th' hour of 2 o'cloi k p. m.. to pay said assessment, together with the costs of advertisement and expenses of sale. f Law- , 1 Wischnieyer. State l-.-tl'- Sup ! wax. Bert C. Nlchol. Defendant. The State of South Dakota sends greeting' To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of lie' above named plaintiff, a opy of wlib h is herewith served upon you. and to serve a copy of .your .answer upon tin-subscriber at his office in Dtadwood South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or tin- ,1 School house. M W. Ufa Kline Arnold. .ImiiH Kilddv Wever. Plaintiff -1 (Vir.-i'! per. Sup' ta Mining ' r--. .. . l- - si-niHi o n-.-. - Itellj. Illlltl Soll'll l'l Nlilice jn ,,, li. C. Harper. Jacoli Simp-.m enpany. 1 1. fen. hint 11. "That by virtue eavet . heiVI y giv James 11 HoRcrs. Supt . FJ F toj,- M Trotier. me duelled and de 1 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY j ACTION. j State of South Dakota. County of l.awren.e. In Circuit Court. Eighth 1 of ,111 F.eeull(lll liver. -1 and now i of llie Clerk's ofti ICinht Judicial IT my hali'l- i 'sued out. of the Cir- nil. Court, nit. Cnuniy of Law- C I'. H ir-Trt.-der. 1 lo.-rsi 1-r. HuKK'ttisoii. home. C. Crow creek SchiHil Homo, gravies. K A W'iilcman. Lev CarlMinate - II t, ' I- 'sua. Supt.. W. .1 Uineley. James rn.u. ,uu lt Ward --Host court for said com- plaintiff will apply to tin the relief demanded in liakoia. noon a id Court in favor l ml acnin-i South ! Judicial Circuit. ' rellce. State nf Soul iudtinenl n nd. red in of Ki n lainin S. Wevei A. McAllister. I- HanllnK. Ja. , I'l-fr A. lac bin t. plaintitfT. j i 1 i.iloita Minim: Conipanv on lb" "ah dav SehwiiiK. I)eadood. I'd Ward Craves James H. lioneis. E. F. Seaver. liullditn:.. Isaac M levied Upon property of ! of June A. I'. I1'''''. I tin I the follow iiiu described P said defendant, to-wit : 1 ah i-ieht tit!.- and interest defendant Trotter. n.iulwoo.1. .".d Ward-City hall. S. ra; I'KOI'OSRIi AMF.N'tiMF.NT To the Constiiniion of the Slate of South Dakota'. To the -people of the State of South Dakota. The SlOh LetPl.-iiure of the St tie of S.iuil: Dak-it. i at the sindon thereof heu'tin ntnl In I I at Pierre, the cappa!. on January " 1'''!'. .Tel conchnl. d on March .1. -. ri. D'.'i. prunes,.,) the following amonilinent to ihe Con jI 11 ut Ion of Ihe state viz: A Joint Resolution Proposing and roe-Iiik lo an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota and Suh-" '.niendment to a vote nf the I'" ol'ln He ft Resolved bv the, Heusn of Reprcrn-t'lllveo. (ho ,tn foneurrlne' SFC v Qt'FCTIOV rnIITTrn. Thnf nt tti" nevt crpernl election In this slate the fello'vlne tirrtnsd litinti'lmiflt to (hp Constitution nf i'h wtTi,, o' Juth rv..Uota 'which Is herebv flerood fn. shall he "iihmll-ted to the electors of the state for their approval, which -amendment when unproved und ratified shall become a nnrt of the Constitution Article twenty-elgRt CR) thereof AUriCLR XXVIII SF.C. 1 The several counties of the slate shall Invesel hn moneys of the Permanent School and ?!n- den-p.ent futl.ts In t.onds nf s.-hool coennr- nllon. state, countv and munlelpnl bondt or In flrst mortarc'1 u"nn pood improve.! farm lands within their limits respectively; under surh regulations as the legislature may provide, but no farm loan shall exceed one thousand dollars to any one person, firm or corporation." Tho above propude umendment will be voted uiion by tha people at the general election to Le held In the stale on Tuesday, the day of NovemU'r, A. I). 100. The proposed amendment will be printed upon the ballot, followed by the words: "Shall the above amendment to the con pimi-, r .1 T. Mi I more. Harry Oel.eniv JOHN BAKER. See. ' had on the .'.th day of June 1 any time subsequent thereti ; lowing properly situated i .on 11 1 r S II- III flllO 111. lies lVa. or at in the fol-Law rente ).' the water j vs. Wiliain Yni kiirin. I'aul .Tentges. Jas. ! P. Hynier. Kdward C. Danlelson, John 'I'lebei-. William R. Dickinson i and American National Hank. De-I fondants. ' Notice is lici' by eiven, that by Virtue of ii judgment of fore' lo'-iire and j sale in the above entitled action on i the 22d day of September. A. T. 1000, .Wt'tVAV.' Frank'-Hup. W. Smith. DeailHooil. 4!lh Ward A. E offip S. KixMiigslierRer, Oeo. ti L. Faust. Elkhorn Montana Mill. K 1 plaint. Dated at Deadwood, S. D.. Aug. 20th. 900 FOWi.FR & YHITFIELD, Attorneys for Plaintiff. To the above named defendant: You will please take notice that the summons and complaint In this action was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, at the court house In the City of Deadwood. Lawrence countv, S. 7).. on this 29th Supt., I'. I". Hitiliaril. J. S. Phelps. ' Elk Crek Station Dunhar's store tls- iof Hie main Si.arfish creek being all of 'the water of said creek taken from said J creek at. a point where a ilam is constructed and at which Ihe water Is turned from said creek Into the ditch nd Hume I of the South Dakota Minim: Cumpanv ! "ion above the bridge of the Chey- Walter L. Vercoe, M. D. . !. EYE AND EAR SSS'i Occulist B. & M. R. R. Dogwood. S. D. . . Tel. Harrison. rar. St ran felt, Supt., Alex lHinbar, Mar John-on. Enelewood -It. & M. Station, (his X i-l- and an execution issued upon said judgment, the. subscriber. Matt Plun-kett. ,-hci iff of Lawrence county, state of South Dakota for that purpose ap- creek i enne Crossing of said SpeaiTi-h Flast fork of 1 M-.i nil Ihe waters of tin .".no inches: ar.l 1 ni.l Siixnrfish creek, being son, Supt.. I'has. Johnson. Hen Landis. Galena -K. of 1. Hall. Tat Mcllrrniott. Supt., Sheridan MePratney. 1'. W. Garden City Hoarding house. .lack Little, Supt.. Joseph, Kellar, A. 1 Tlurns. Oayville School home. K. T. Korosier. Sunt., John Mireen. E. Flow. pointed, will sell at public auction t 1 day of August. A. D. 1900. all the waters nf Ire Box Creek, being IT.n ! i,.i,..u unit hciti2 more fullv described in ith.. front door of the court nouse in Htl' ! ,i,iiiinn:il eertiriciite dated February FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Plaintiff's Attorneys (First Pub Aug. 31, 1900.) 1 ..1 u.ra.iW in Hook '14. nai'es fW'.t l-esidenci W. Toole of Golden Cate Mrs. Whit Aaron Anderson, Sunt.. ( I and f''.'.' of th--" records of the Refill Oak . to ii..n.u ..f tjiwrcnin eounlv. So an l tluni. s w an r an 1 , above de- B..t her with all dams, iiitines used in connection with said water-rights A part of -Hie (Fowler & Whitfield, Attorneys.) w a'cr-rit'ii's eril.e.l IWOIiertV IS th eoiivi've.l bv (Purge K. Itrettell to W:n In the Cin uix c ourt of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of the State of South the city of Deadwood, countv of Law-j rem e. and state of South Dakota, on Friday. October L'f.tli. 1000, at 10 ! o'clock in the forenoon of that day, :tho real estate and mortgaged ptcm-' ises situate in the county of Lawrence and state of South Dakota, and directed in said judgment and execution to ! be sold, and therein described ns fol- lows: j An undivided '1 interest in r.p.d to the Foian lode milling (lain), situated in f!fe :i Mountain Flat and bounded on tb" north bv the Clinton lode, and on the south by the MiCnvern stllutlon In relation to the Investment or i the Permanent School and Endowment Cameron as trustee ny fleen uaien .no- I H. Dakota, within and for Luwrcnie i Funds be upproved and ratltled?" Immeillati ly to the left of which shall be pruned the words "Yea" and "No," each 1 the Green -..-nd Comtnliv irk said del a' paL'e '.". f QUILT FACTORY MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Manufacturer of all klndi of quilts from the cheapest to the very finest to be found In any country. Also recovering of quilU and make sofa pillows to order. DOWN QUILTS Down quilts or the finest make a speciality. 14 Carney St. old phone. 178 your order is respectfully elicited. Thomas Hart. Hathaways School hoine. John Slit'. Supt.. James Deaeey, E. T. Pirkeiinn Lead, 1st. Ward Society- Hall, hascment. Frank Iii, Supt., J. W. Rouse, I. .1. Kennedy. Leail. Cd Ward, nest of Hloeker street, caest of Stone street, and south of Main street City Hfll. John Hluett, Supt . .1 P. Peteres. John Walsh. Jr. Lead, 3,1 Ward Itossio 4- Vereillino M. L. Uiee. Supt., John Quail. W, i: Scofrgan. Lea'l, 4th Ward HnmeRtake Iyxltrin House. Curlev Simmons. Supt.. John Heaa. Fred Fillion. Mmrrnain Meadow- School house. Am-u Peterson. Supt., A. L. JuiNon. C.ilhert Toner. Ml,. I'ia. known back and Lend City or water riidit on Spearflsh Peine, recorded ill Honk '''' tp., records of Ihe RlO'i-l La-' rein-e ( 'oiiiit v. S 1 1 . a couoty. Arthur E. ..Simpson, Plaintiff, vs. Eva Simpson, Defendant. i-i. r of ii.-.ii- "t and w hi h prop-nveve.l to Ancus- erl ii s w 1 re a fi erwards preceded by i squure in whleh the elector can place a truii to Indicate Ilia vote. F.bMtois desiring lo vole "Yes" will place asoqi pun ,.i".N,. fjo.u dq) djojrfq be,ojj desiring to vulo "No" will place" crojs 1 . fore tl.e word "No." Haled at Pierre, the capital, this 1st day of August, L'O". WILLIAM H. HODDLK. Secretai" of State. Topp et nl and bv them to ttm iko'a M'tiing Conipanv. Alio ihe ;TV lo.ated Iv W. H Cameron, tess W Souih 1 waier-r Irustee. Oclolier Jl-i. 1s:..1. a in I re- 011 11 SpiarPsh The State of South Dakota sends greeting: To the above named defendant: You are hereby summo.K'd and required to aii.iwi,' the umpkrnt of th above named plaintiff, a 1 opy of whb li Is herewith sen d upon you, Mini to MouBitain Ranch Mountain It a 11 ' corded Nov ''. In'CI. taken er.ek al a dam about 1 the Chevenne Crossinc of- aboip a, of a mile "'" -' I 1 mil" below id ere, k and .111 fiuii th" ,v M It. K. C.lTl Supt., nouse. v. j) Fredericks let nr. A O. Mil lor i U'. Sl'M MONS bue 1 tie-Ill' of Nemo MoCauls James X. II FHlr TJ . , m II. Parker. Ally.) KEIJEF COMF1, VINT FILED. ;outh Dakota. County of ayt. St, tl. ihe P, M-11 by ('.. cn H' INKS .-.'M'l Supt Supt. i:. no "II 111 serve a copy ot your answer upon the ! p-it. of ,i, d navenuai. i. h Stevens. Perry l.wls store. Wm. Suckon Ja'nes Trollman. J. F Harrington Portland-Klclevo. r P- M,i...o subscriber at. his olfec in Deadwood, j aw , , in Deadwood, -.1 - ept if -a f b. ss. Coin t. sn-.r 1 1 Cii- Eitlnli Judicial I 'lie I' Cf.'lipi lo , I al .'nn'larv : Hook ''I pai!" Ihe I'l.llinll tin a-id ' 1 1 1 1 '.net i. 1 'l.-icf ! 'pi I'll In: I. Ill'l::-v I Hop,- Slaughter. Thomas F. Saunders.' . ' Ci- nit . int. i An undivided n interest in and to . 'the Ida. Elephant, tattle Cinnt. Last: Chav.'e and I..vt Cbntice Fra tion i lodes, nf illinium claims, situate, 1 on-the we t, -lope of Terry peak and , I bounded on ' the f by th" ' 1 Young America 'Mining company's j ' propel t y. I ) th.. nl.o'.e d"s-' ' da d e'-iin'.s ' situnt. ! in tin- Wbitewood Mining District Lawnn-e county. South Dakota.' togetl ! v i'li nil .ippurtfyiances :ind , ini.pno etneiits theieimto belonging, or so n;', li th. t'of as may be sufficient j to s.-i'T-Ty sii'd jiiiltiient and costs.! j arr.ouii'inL- in nil to Four Hundred land S ventv-Tv.o '4721 Dollars and j ! Seven tv ( 7ii ) cents, with interest therenn from the date of said judg-1 South Dakota, within thirty days alter the service of tins summons, exclusive of the dav of seiviie, or the in I iff. '. d l.v . th' il.r. I K. (I' Oil' i i t In Ilie Cree'K ,1 (. :: Pelt . ': Itr. Hell nv n -t r.a 111 the -eeond ( 'hi-vep ue id l.'tweeU l ir. . n'nack ,,1. pa f from a point .''"' van the bridg.. up ream 1' rrns-iinir on Sp. arfish said point and the he -ad . .!. d wnter-richt its! PIANO Pill ?, i ' said re '" Is. ml that I sh ill on Sat of November. D 1'"" pi ,,', lock M of It 1 lav-hour of at the lav the a' ii.' id dav. Court House in said front door of th 1 in sell all th" County and Stnfn. pro. plaintiff will apply to the court tor the relief demar.iled in said complaint. Dated at Deadwood. S. D . Aug 29th. 1000 FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. To the above named defendant: You will please take notice that the summons ani complaint in this action was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, at the court house In the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. D., ( n th's 29tb dav of August. A. D. 1900. FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Plaintiff's Attorneys. menf and all : accruing costs of sale. ! Deadwood. South Dakota. Sept. 21.; 1900. i MATT PLFNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County, j FR AYVI.EY & LAFFEY. I richt title and in'orest or me an.oe na-mdo defendant in and to the ihnve described propertv to satisfy --aid jmlKmPtv. . and rostn. amounting to ijthst four hundred and eighty dollars and eighty-two cents, together with all accruing eoets (eorge M. Itelteder, Deft ndant, The State of South Dakota, to tho above nai.ied defendant: You are In n-by summoned and r-ouireil to answir the complaint, of the above named plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at his office In Deadwood. Lawrence county. South Dakota, wit hi t th.rty days after the service of thU summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service, and if you fail to answer this complaint within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in-the complaint Dated at Deadwood, S. D., this 24th day of September, A. D. 1900. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Above-named Defendant: You will please take notice that the of sale and interest cn the same trora mc Plaintiff's Attorneys. , at the rate 01 dav of June. lNfC, at -Public Auction r cent ner annum to the highest bidder for eash ik.ieil nt radwood. S. p. -October 2nd, ASSESSMENT NOTICE r (Ju.-en Mining Company, MATT PLCNKETT. place iA Prl- 1 fO'1. busiia Sheriff of Lawrence County. Bv JAMBS B. HARRIS- No' s. Deadwood. s. o. . is hereby given that at a mee-inir board of directors of the above i- i l T..l rt..,! en Deputy. of th NOTICE OF FORFEITURE, to C. M!"Fuilerand W. A. Beaudry: nana ! .ompai.y. ncci m i - - the 4ih day of October, l'"0. an assessment (No O. of one-half rent per snare , Plaintiff's Attorneys, i First publication Oct. 3. jfoO ) levied upon th ositstanomg. -hh m I have decided to go one better than on any former proposition, on PIANO SALES. Until October 1st next, I will give any one buying a New Piano of me the choice of the four following propositions: 1st If Joseph B. Moore is elected to Congress and E. W. Mar- , tin ts defeated, I will credit them with 150 00 -ua li William J. Bryan Is ihm President .nd Mc-iv.tiie, Is defeated, I -Ul credit them wltu .... . $10000 rt " Nebraska gives Bryan U- majority over McKinley for President, I will credit them with 75 00 4th. If South Dakota gives Bryan the majority over McKinley for President. I will Receipt In full for the Piano. You can have your choice from the , CHICKERING, V0SE, W EG MAN, CABLE, KINGSBURY OR WELLINGTON PIANOS. eomi aey. payaoi inuui-uiiri. . Midlia-tliey. at fialw'a. &. J or j XaTlCE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Michael McMonagle, de Car-.- at the American Mattonai ruie.. summons and complaint In this action was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entltTedcOnTt- at the court house in the City of Deadwood, Dea!"d. S. D. ceased. ' 'You are hereby notified tnai I nave ex-I pended In labor and Improvements upon jthe Monto Cristo No. 1. Monto Crlsto No. :2, Monto Oflsto No. 3 and Impire lodes, or mining claims, eMwUed la Ida Gray Mining district, Lawrence county. South Dakota, at least $100 per year upon earh of said claims for the years lSfsS and 1S99 of IJ2O0 upon each of said claims, all of j which was done for the purpose of holding the said claims, under the provision of Section 2324, Revised Statute of the A: v stock upon wtucn tnis ai-in'' " Notice Is hereby given by the under shad remain urtpaid on ne n'm "' t isrunra rountv. South Dakota, on signed administrator of the estate of No. 'iil er. 1W0. will be rteimquen: ami acL't is-sl for sale, ana iinlisn paymer.t shall have been made before, will ! soi l nt avian at the American National Bark. Tn dwioil. S. D.. on the 30th day of at 2.30 o'clock p m . to pay the 22nd day of September. A: D. 1900 " WM. H. PARKER. -Attorney for Praintif!. (First Pub. Sept 23, 1900.) Michael McMonagle. deceased, to me creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary United States, and acts amendatory thereto, for the period ending December 31st. and there is due from you tnereon h linquei t asmen-t. togetnr ii'j j r.f r-dver'Ssinr and expenses of sale. SHF.RIDAN McBRATNEY.'ary Caution -Notice'. the sum of $132. 6 upon each of said elalms, or $533.33 In all. You are hereby notified that If wlthm ninety dan from completed publication o this notice you rail to con- l vouchers, within four months alter the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at his residence, 21 Burnham avenue, Dead-wood, or to 0avid Brown, his agent of Deadwood, In the County of Lawrence. S. P. v Dated September 27. lc-PO. JAMES ATCHISON, , Notice is hereby given that certl ficates No. 11, 12. 85, 100, 125. 86 H 101, 126, 118, 122, 128, 111. 116 and-129 of' the Prior Hill Mining company, were on the 22nd day of September, 1300, sold for assessment No. 5. JOHN BAKER. President. D., A. SHORT, Treasurer. Notice There is over $13,000 of state s. hool money on hand in the county treas-cry to loan on school bonds and improved farm lands in Lawrence coun- iy.AprJJ.aU.p.?3-.lsr....l shou,d be filed In this office soon. W. A. ZINK, County Auditor. - ' " S. R. SMITH triDUte your prvpui uon ui u " - -e- ture as co-owner with the undersigned during each of the years above mentioned, your interest In said claims rtll become the eproperety of the subscriber, your co-owner, who has made the required expenditures a required by satd Section 2324. - M. O .TONN. f tFlrst Pub. July 12. 1900 ) Administrator of the estate ofMrcbtre J McMonagle. deceased. (First Pub. Sept. 29, 1900.)

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