The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 1, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 1, 1900
Page 4
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THE DAILY PlONEEK-TIMEtt, DEADWOOD, ft D- SfiNDAY. Jll.Y i, ! posited by the electric current. Gold . ! and silver are deposited on an amal- .: I..... i Iintli nt I ale i The Tin.' metallic mercury. niter or lower I Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver ;; IThe Union Assay Office link 111 . ll. i to SepalUte Will i etui i. .il - Mil', t ion. tl) lie Used OUT ! , . .-.I I lie i;lS . .(I lies .hl I'eMUlill A DROP IN PRICE. istnl)lis!ied 1889. . 37 Lee Street Dead wood. :: Will ( C'niTi-ft KYmiIioI Iiuth ! . . r-i r- r i Uiiici look l,e V.U. il 1 or II No. Goid imp hnv h Pnit. I.lin;!"!!, M "1 II. - i 'I lian He I'irw h ( I u 1 m . ill's Vl'll he'll', iif lil'i i olldi'l inl 1 1 1 ii -. r n lll.'Illll reu'aill ana Al.l. .1.. 1. 1 r .., .-, ,,koi ;h r to Tin: offick. :'; : i Ii Seebick a n in nt net's, an t-)c d Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions iromthe French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of Deadwood's millinery merchandising thUweek will M. H. Lyona Co. f; t. i ill. i fill , . n ril f,.r . Ian,. I In bae!. I ,' i;-.-. i.. Ml,! f...,i:eh. i. a I lie , .11 I I r e:i - AKciita for Ihe Klliknibdurfer $;!D.0 Typewriter. -- r ll lie A v i danii in hail I here loci 1 ed a I bad in . rv .'dli'leii. e j but I I a- lie W ill. Id ! thai ,.i.- ,..-!. .1. 1 tie w.l - '; 1 1 : 1 1 b I metal, ami hllli I...-.II.- III.' prcrlillls by mj le lie became ' in heart mini al sicker ainl e MINES AND MINING. I lellgl !i 1 1 1 -1 e a lie I was marked l mi his pari. Ill- .J a day u Imse closing ban ili-riiurHgeiiicnt la.-l piece el bacon i stick oi gunpowder ilit mi i . -1 T v ii-. -il up. i he ore to he there, the iii i cr I'm ility on further to get at il. was eaten, his las nreil and bis , re Still be believed but he reengni.ed his pn rl of i r, ing Gold in Kansas. ti Iiiim heen .so iiinrli talk about by li as has the and last be an attractive arrray of "first hats" and small hats for street and shoplng at popular prices. i ' " . 1 1 1 il g 1 1 el i heni:-t i i. . ii 1 1.. il I ! I r i , (.: .- Mr Wall is at hfs plant, w ork for i lie i:i.-e he ha.l Kansuh mid that t;ii- lias laid claim tr, unrli m. v;i- etv of things." naid A. oil' i a.- . a ; " in Iie.-pd ; loi ii : III I a that sorn ' I If !' Till Saturday, June 3 , MINING AND FRUIT RAISING. and buy your Shoe-- at Chase's,. Ym will yet a 2 per cent on ALL Ladie'-s. Men's. Children's Suvial and Inl Disc .tin unt of shoes. Lonely and out of spirits. Jim at sun .-I he stoiiil ill the dour of his cabin looking for ihe la-t nine 'Her the s.-ene ,,f his useless efforts, when down the winding trail ..line a stranger a-tride of a broncho Taking in the situation at a Elaine, the man reined in his cayu-e and called out lo the lonely ligure in the .abm doorway. 'Say. pardnor. n h:it w ill you take fur thnt j played mil claim of ntir-'.'" "Hope sprang up ami gleamed from j the miller s eyes a- he lirinly replied: ! Played I Iuiil: It'll take $1.IHW),- j oon cold to buy me out ' ! "The straii'cr slowly gathered up 1 lie i reins. M il :.. yoii Js." he said ten- tatively. "'All in ashv 'lueiicd I lie late pro- j Kpeeiive millionaire eagerly. j K. Williams, a New K ti avhuK man in Om.'lla, "that tile iieople have heroine accustomed to adiliiiK a, Kiain of Ml i io nil Kansas .stories. Ilowewi I am in position to verify the reported disroveiy of Kohl in Kills. Trego aJld Cove rounlie- I have jnsl returned from u tour in that district and in the counties mentioned there are lame ie jwmlts of shale i onfaimiiK Mic.iks .f gold. Indications- also denote the presence of zinc in paying iiiaiitiiies. (vices d thin shale have been taken to Denver Prices for One Day Only. Black Hills Miner Investing Money""'in Mississippi Fruit Land. John Wise .one of the owners of the Monometallic Gold Mining propel i v in the central Hills, visited Dead wood during the past week. He dialed that he and his partners were sinking a shaft on their ground, and cre taking out some good looRing A SI .50 Shut-A S2 50 .- line S1.60 S2.40 ynu will ret for $ 1 .20 A S--()0 Shoe you will od tu, vnu will ret for S2.00 A 'iw ytm will o-et I,,, A S.v50 Shoo you will yet for S2.80 oi- They have not organized a com include evervtliiii" r riVl, WHY!'! x.. Wait Till sale IS NOT on OCT OF DA TIC Shoes. It will in the Shoe line. You will want New Shoes for the FOURTH. Juno and line them on that daw You will save nionev. pany, but several friends have gone in together and are develoniii" the asNivers and the reports are cncoiirag- i inn. I have learned while there that representatives of eastern syndicates have been there for several weeks quietly buying lam!, and it is said more lip. w a s I In- res ii 1 1 1 so. "'The claim's yours,- mi the part of the mine "U iii t . losed the transaction." New York Tribune. Main St. DeadwoQd S. I). CHASE'S WhlPffeL ground systematically. Mr. Wise made some money out of mining property In that section of the Hills a year or two ago, and lie has i (nested sonic of this in fruit lands in . ae state of Mississippi. Ho has , had orchards set out on his land since he than 70,000 acres have changed lunula. "Negotiations aie now under way j SAM HOUSTON'S SECRET. i II.- I.rll III.. Wife and .loinrd I Custom Ore tin- licrolii'H la a lvat-ry. , lv th purchased it, and they are not yield ing, altho he expects to begin to derive some income from them (luring the next year or two. He was in Mississippi last winter, supervising the improvements of the land, returning to the Hills this spring. He says the season of strawberries and other small early fruits has passed, and his neighbors are now picking early apples. Mr. Wise aid his hist prospecting in i..e Mark Hills in the vicinity of Hear gulch In Hlack Duties, near Sundance. Ye are now prejKired to treat oitim on-: Cyanide proees-s at reasonable r.iUs. Golden Gate Mining & Milling First Ward, Deadwood S. I) "A mystery in which the American people were mice deeply concerned was that which shadow ed the life of one of the most remarkable characters of the country." w riles W illiam i'erriuc in The Ladies' Home Journal. "Ill 18-J'.i Samuel Houston, or, as lie called and signed himself. 'Sam- Houston, was governor of Tennessee. It was in the midst of a campaign for re-election to the gubernatorial chair that Tennessee was startled by a report that he hail resigned his office, lie had been mar r to establish smelters in the shale country. Kills a .sprightly town on the l"n-lon I'.u ifi' railroad, will probably get one of the smelters. It Is located '.n the (enter of the embryo gold fields, and if the primpef-t pans out. Ellis may become n rip roaring mining camp. The deposits are said to lie .100 feet thick in some places. Farmers out there are now more deeply Interested In prosperctive raining than In agriculture. Kansas capitalists never accused of lielng slow are nctively engaged In snapping up bargains In the shale district, yet there la plenty of opportunity for others to get In on the ground floor, provided they do not wait to long. , .! I'll. . - U Ido you know That there are from 2a0u to 3000 I different drugs and preparations in I any well regulated pharmacy, or al- most as many as the average num-Tber of words in use in ordinary conversation in the English language? DO YOU KNOW That to become perfectly familiar to know their dose, the different ; compounds and many classifications, to know which is poison, which is harmless, which will mix; 'to know when two or more harmless drugs when combined will produce a violent 5 s in lSll.i. He gave up mining in that section, anu went Into the central Hills. He took a course in Hie School of Mines, learned something of technical mining, secured a number of good cliums. which he afterwards inerested eastern parties in. deriving a good consideration in the tranasaction. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. 1 In the Central Hills. W. 11. Daugherty of Kochford. was HANDSOME HILLS NUGGET. in Dead wood Friday and the night be Poison INGEB SO LL-SERGE AN T DEL CO. ! i ' fora He stated that there was more mining going on in his part of the country this year than he had 6v?r To know which medicine will antag ried to tlie daughter of an Influential family. Three mouths afterward she returned to her father's house, and her husband resolved to pass the rest of his life in I lie wilderness. "Houston betook himself to the tribe of Cherokees in the Indian Territory, lie adopted their costume, appearing in all the trappings of an Indian brave, letting his hair grow down his back and visiting Washington with a buckskin hunting shirl. yellow leggings, a huge blanket and turkey feathers mound his head. No one could Induce him to reveal ihe secret of his metamorphosis and his abandonment of the ways and habits of civilization. He married .i.iin alter be emerged from his Indian life, ami be lived to be an old man. dying in the midst of the civil war, but no one was ever able to persuade him to unlock the mystery of his life. Nor w ould his first wife, who also married again, throw any light ou the nivstcrv." Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 5 0. F PIIRNFII . Samuel Moll Exhibits a Bit of Placer Gold Worth Twenty-seven Dollars. Samuel Moll was exhibiting a gold nugget in Deadwood yesterday that weighed $J7 .".ii. and was taken out of Kuhy gulch, in . Hare Butte district. This is the largpst nugget ever taken out of the gulch, altho two nuggets have heen taken out before weighing one of them i'.Vl. and the other' a little over that. That was in tin- early days. Mr. Moll is working the placer ground of the gulcu for his twenty-M ft v season. He owns a little less seen befoe. James Cochran is run-nig his Huntington mill steadily and has a:i independence in the property. He has a good ledge of free milling ore that .iverages well, and with small number of men imployed. and working pyst matically, he Is making money. The f; raily Mill Is also runnliiL' steadily. Work is continuing on the long tur.nel on the old Apex or old Standby. - 1 IM SfeB I Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. onize the effect of another; to know : all the antidotes for all the pol- son and many hundreds of : other things w h' h are required to be known in the drug business? DO YOU KNOW j That it requires years of experience ; to learn and that those years of : experience we have had is for 5 Your Benefit j Why, then, take:, chances, when it I will cost you no more to get your ; and ti'ere is considerable placer mining in the district: The. The Krai Thlnu. liaisy itakiug her th st meal In the Count ; i - Mamma, what is the matter wit li ibis curia ;n jelly V Mamma (i i a whisperi 1 1 ush, dear; I' s real currant jelly. hicagu Tribune. Inipruilnu Kat'h hllillij( Hour. "That liille boy seems as busy as a bee." "Yes: he lias hives." Philadelphia P.ulletin. ; medicines pure, fresh and properly i FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Fine old California "Wiycs mk li a- Sherry, Angelica, v Port, Muscatel. At $1.50 Per Gallon or 60c a quart. Fin til Pin Mil uOMlrfrei&D). Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. 635 Main Street Deadwood. than twenty aires of patented ground jieiries until the water lias had time i er. No. 401L. His possessions hegin near when- gulch runs into Hare o cree , and runs up to the Portland mine, owned by the Kuby gold Mining company. Considerable placer mining was done in the gulch during the early days, and Mr. Moll now has it practically all to himself. He stated yesterday that he was working under the disadvantage of a shortage of water this year.. " I think the supply of water I have would run thru a three quarter inch hole." he said yesterday, while he was snowing his nugget. He says he holds the water up as long as he can, until TTe gets enough to run his sluices for awhile, works as long as the water lasts, then goes over to the house and eats straw-in the gulch, designated as Ruby pla-to accumulate again.. v filled at the Palace Piaiacy ilUFaiistPlL ill : Proprietor. ; MIMllllllllf.llall ,1,11 ., LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a power to be shaken into the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the agj?. Cures and prevents swolen feet, blisters, callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-Ease Is a sure cure for sweating, hot, aching feet. At all druggists and shoe stores, 25c. Trial package FREE by mail. Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Roy, N. T. Aetna Powder Go, NOT ELECTRO-CYANIDE. Opera House One Week Commencing Monday, July 2 Manufacturing Jeweler and Dynamite and Blact Powder, Best Black Hi lit Gold Jewelery Repairer (iccr ;e S. Jackson is at Custer looking aHer hia mining interests. He owns soino promising proucrty south-wes'. of town, and has a force of men Ht work, W. D. Parker, a proprietor with B. C Cook lu the cyanide plant at Gayville, at the tuts f the old Hildebrand mill. . is the orusnlting engineer and chemist for the Detroit and Deadwood company at the new cyaialde plant on Anaic crek. rL Mr. Oiovenjao; ';&o as In charge of the Kaltlmore i Deadwood company 'j operation at Gayrllle from May 1. 1899 until May 1. 1900, nd then resigned bis position, and left for Chicago, Is back at Gayville, and It Is asserted that he Intends to remain. Th Spearflah Gold Mining and Milling Company has contracted with Stearns & Company of Deadwood to furnish lumber and timber for the mill and other building, to be erected on Calamity gulch. Stearns & compouy are also going to furnish the lumber for the Detroit & Deadwood companys cyanide plant on Annie creek. iftensrs. Hopewell Clarke, Nels Sanddahl. of St Paul, and Thomas Fitzgerald of Pine City, Minnesota, were shown around the mineral belt Friday by O. V. Pryce. Yesterday they went lo Squaw Creek. These gentlemen are looking orer the Hills with a Tiew to becoming Interested and interesting their friends here, and Mr. Clarke was particularly anxious to learn something of .the "Phololite Belt" if possible He Is an engineer, and Is also a member of tne St Paul commercial club. ' P. M. Wall, of the Spearflsh' cyanide T.lmt was 'la Deadwood Friday.' Ho has been taring some difficulty lately 1 n V eeplng his plant in ore. tie Is run-T.'r.g at pesent on ore from the Diridend - '; h is being shipped from Portland . . ..... , . .i THE I BUTLER New Process at Mystic Is What Is Know As he Electro-Chlorine. H. 13. Dibble, of Mystic, who was in Deadwood yesterday,' slated that the new reduction plant recently erected at Mystic Dy F. H. Long and associates and generally spoken of as an electro-cyanide plant, is not an electro-cyanide plant, by any means. It Is, he says, an electro-chlorine plant, and the process is not a new invention, it having been used in England more than fifteen years ago. The patent Is on the apparatus employed at the Mystic plant Leaving out a descrip Fuse and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies. THE s .JEWELER, In a Series oi HiGH CLfiba PROD L . T.ONS. Special Scenery ami K" Monday night will be l1' ' Spider Leg. There is no war tax on Spider Leg Tea. hence we are selling it far cheaper, speaking from a quality standpoint, than any other tea on the market. The next time you order a bill of groceries, order a sample of this tea and you will be sure next time to order a supply of It. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. . comedy W. E ADAMS COMPANY MARRIED LIFE. A great line (if -pctia!!.. 651 Main Street. Deadwood. S. 0. acts. Prices 25 and "at cents To Celebrate the.. LADIES FREE ON MOND.Vi - - Motherhood and the daily household cares demand a mild tonic for the housewife and mother. MAULT-KUTRINE Is test and easiest taken. Made by the An- Reserved seats on sale ..' : Bazaar. Glorious Fourth tion of the crushing machinery. Mr. Dibble says the system is as follows: There are three tanks of iron connected by pipes, for drawing from one to the other. The top tank is the miser, the middle tank the converter, and the last tank the filter. The fine ore is admitted to the ton of the mixing tank with salW caustic lime and water, and is thoroiy mixed. Then It passes to the next or middle tank, and Is here, acted upon by electricity, liberating the nascent chlorine, which dissolves the gold In the ore.. . The gold assume the form of a chloride, which Is broken up and the ralne de- H. Richardson, heuser-Bnsh Brewing Association. That assures its merit. Sold by all druggists. Steam Plant Wanted. The British-American Gold and Copper Mining company desires to purchase a steam hoisting apparatus, with which connections can be made for a sawmilL The boiler and engine mast be of 85 or 40 horse power capacity. Enquire of or address C. A. Bronson, superintendent. Galena S.D. ' :-'" . v.;- .A --. - .., . .... Buy your firecrackers, flags, bunting, &o, at MAX FISHEL'S Next to Zip Shoe C. store. - RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No, 28 City Creek. Lee re orders at FUhel BaxarSfslaSf HAVE. YOU A HEADACHE? Try ear headache eapeolts. , PALACE PHARMACY.

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